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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  July 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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about 10 20 this morning here china lake that is about a 150 miles o just northeast of la so it was felt up and down the state and beyond and damage reports continue to roll in. >>home security camera captured the moment the quake hit if you are. >>might be it so. >>this video last chattering tactics clinic near the wrest it destroyed literally everything that we had flat screens my dresses are not over. >>the kern county fire department tweeted it was responding to nearly 2 dozen incidents, ranging from medical assistance to structure fires. >>there is some structural damage to the hospital. there is some sprinkles that are leaking the local hospital had to be evacuated. >>amid repeated aftershock we have about an 80% chance of at least one magnatude 5. about a
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9% chance that something larger than 6.4 kerr could occur over the next week. >>images posted on social media show broken bottles at a liquor store and groceries tumbled off supermarket shelves. the quake also blamed for a broken water main in l a. throughout the los angeles basin people shared videos of rippling waves in their swimming pools and swaying light fixtures, a local tv news team was shooting a promo when the quake hit. i know it's going shoot you >>at disneyland pack for the 4th many rights were shut down for inspections. >>it should be a good time to remind you you have been experiencing earthquakes for the last 20 years in southern california. you have been experiencing an extremely quiet time in california history. >>this was the first t warning system and it failed.
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the system was activated 48 seconds before the seismic waves rolled through los angeles. but the threat to la apparently fell below the threshold for activation, you know the system is still being tested. >>we're going to have figure out what's going on with that. >>this afternoon governor gavin newsome to cleared a state of emergency in kern county and that speeds up the release from the state. >>alright vicki, thank you we first told you about this earthquake through a push alert you can download the kron 4 mobile app to keep up with this story and to always get the latest breaking nows notifications for your neighborhood. >>here at home happening tonight, san francisco's fireworks spectacular on the embarcadero kron 4 will be there to bring it to you live fireworks crews were out early this morning preparing for tonight's big light show kron 4 sarah stinson reports from pier 39. >>happy 4th of july, i'm here at pier 39, which is one of the biggest attractions on 4th of july because it's one of
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the best spots to see our big fireworks show in san francisco. i spoke to several tourists just in town for for the holiday and they're all excited to see the big show. >>our here for a few days for that to go but right to alcatraz innings island and then come back here and watch the fireworks it's experience in on the west coast kind of like how you guys do out here also and especially on the piers is pretty cool. >>we caught up with the crews behind the scenes working on the fireworks trying to assemble them in time for the big show they've been working on it for the past couple days at pier 50. and you can see them in the video there on a bar and they told us that it takes about 2 days to assemble a 20 to 25 minute show so lot of work goes into making sure that this happens it's all worthwhile when you see those fires sparkling on the bed and shining in the sky except for a lot of people are worried about the visibility because of the weather that we have here in the city.
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>>they heard warnings about her dog and we're hoping that's going to blow out in >>fortunately we're hearing that it's not going to be a fog out, but it is going to be a little bit foggy city expected here in july. the best place to watch the show is anywhere waterfront on the embarcadero the most popular spots are caught part because there is such a grassy area. you can plop down to friends and family and watch the big display or you can come to pier 39 and there's a few other traction but never kind of been in a place like that says 70 really cool fall lot of locals are out of town for the whole day there are thousands of people here from out of town from all over the bay area in the country just to see this grand show. so you want to get here early the show starts at 9.30 get here early get a parking spot and get a good spot on the waterfront, so you can see the big fireworks show it is definitely a sight to see in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all over the bay area ahead of tonight's fireworks in the
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north made cannabis aqi is at the moment county fair in the east bay we have gail a and in concord but first we check in with charles clifford for more from san francisco giants. >>they either saw that pier 39 actually across the street from pier 39 in the parking garage, we like to set up in this spot because it gives us such a great view. the pier 39 san francisco bay out there which of course a little later this evening, the fireworks will go off just off the end of pier 39, we've got a lot of people down here pretty good crowd, lots of folks down here already even though we're hours away from the fireworks show there's always a lot of people doubt the war, but it seems like the crowds a little heavier than usual pretty slow going traffic getting in here to try to get their parking spots early on now as you heard sarah mentioned a moment ago the concern is always what's going on with the weather. well the fog has been creeping in if you can a look over here you can see the alcatraz us right through the fog there and i would say the last hour or so the fog has got a little worse. the temperature has dropped a little bit and the wind has
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picked up a little bit. we're still hours away from the show so anything could happen. the fireworks rita held right now you see the perfectly fine off the end of the pier there. but the fireworks show doesn't start until 00:30pm tonight, so we'll have to wait and see what happens there. others also fireworks here but there's another show over the maritime park. we can to focus on the one off pier 39, but if you're down here you can be in either spot kind of watch. fireworks now if you can't make it down to pier 39 this evening donor brave the crowds are trying to fight traffic to get down here you can watch from the comfort of your own home. we'll point the camera up in the sky there and you can watch the fireworks at home and we will be here having reports throughout the evening. but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. thank you charles and. >>and you can celebrate tonight with kron 4 watch live fireworks from all around the bay and across the nation from the comfort of your home, the fireworks display at pier 39 is presented by the city and county of san francisco. the san jose fireworks will come from the san jose convention center. we will also be covering the shows in sandra fell and concord kron 4 has
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the only live fireworks broadcast in the bay area. the party kicks off tonight at 09:00pm right here as take a live look outside talking about the weather and see how things are shaping up to the fireworks were over the bay bridge. >>it would perfect. our chief meteorologist is back just in time to help us with this forecast lawrence. >>you know that's always a very very difficult forecast to get the fall along the coastline of such a really small part of the atmosphere but boy can play a big effect under plans. that's where see tonight looking from tower so that our sitting in 977 feet the fog dec it's coming in lower than that in fact down to just a couple maybe 300 feet around parts the bay area with the golden gate bridge. all the way down right down the road so we're going to see that fog moving on shore tonight, it's going to cause some problems appear 39 aquatic park, any were just inside the bay like a will lift by the time it gets a little toward the east bay hills but certainly going to be some problems you see the fog there right now moving in
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along the immediate coastline going to see more of that as we take you through the night tonight in fact, here's latest a forecast model and we'll roll to time here you'll see that starts to creep back on shore the fog begins to move in. she's stretching right to the same brutal gap shooting right across the bay there see little green right near half moon bay that some drizzle being picked up by the forecast models that fog does move offshore that's at 8 o'clock that's what some of us to place display start of them by 9 of course the sun is down and a lot of fireworks display say are going to of course lighting off around the bay area that's not fog really surging right into the golden gate bridge filling inside the bay for 9 o'clock we'll see more of that you want to stay away from the fall you see down towards san jose, nice and clear redwood city should be nice and clear looks good of course livermore concord all those places looking nice and clear but boy right inside the bay that fog is going to stick around going to make things a little bit thick in spots of course the temperatures going to be cool there to intercept just about 50 degrees 65 should be nice and clear in san jose berkeley looking to 67. and partly cloudy 64 unclear in amount
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due looks like a little cloudy in the sauce little possibly enrichment to daryn that fog is moving in right now looks like it could be a little thick in some parts the bay area. thank you lawrence closed and you can't come in that's what people heading to several east bay, regional park said the deal was today as a popular spots. >>hit capacity. the parking lot and the pool filled up around noon at don castro regional recreation area in hayward that's just an hour after it opened to people at the park at least a half mile away. and then walk in carrying their barbecues lawn chairs ice chest kids all that stuff, the pool hit its capacity in the early afternoon and that was a big disappointment to a lot of people looking to get into the lagoon. that >>i get it that mission in all i'm not trying to get into noble and just trying to get in have a good weekend with my dad that's all there is to it. >>the park's filling up early it's pretty typical for a 4th of july on a lot of people are
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off work and want to spend time with their families and friends outside the other east bay parse it hit capacity today included del val in livermore shadow close in pleasanton and contra loma in antioch. >>i think we need money. to go into rebuilding our infrastructure, i'm not quite sure that we need money to go in. >>senator bernie sanders in iowa today taking a shot at the president's 4th of july extravaganza in washington replete with take sent a military flyover the nation's capital bustling with july 4th festivities all day, however. >>as you mentioned can visitors this year getting much more than the usual parades concerts and fireworks reporter omar jimenez has the story. >>when it comes to celebrating america's independence, their son sights and sounds that come to define 4th of july in the nation's capital the celebration is going to look a
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little different this year. have planes going overhead the best fighter jets and the world, another planes too. and we'll have some tanks stationed outside yes, there are armored vehicles they're stationary, but they're there. sky's the blue angels will be flying alongside the plane that serves as air force one when trump is on board. it's the type of day the president has been pushing for since the 2017 bastille day parade he attended in france. >>a great 4th of july in washington dc it will be like no other and to cap it all off president trump is set to give a speech before the signature fireworks show over d c the speech somewhere. >>the 4th of july supposed to be a national holiday he's making and not only political but he's making it. all about himself. it's a trump show. >>and at the end of the day it is a day of celebration. one filled with cookouts family and of course the fireworks and washington report.
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>>protesters not happy with the president brought out the trump baby balloon, the infamous 20 foot tall balloon depicting the president as a baby in diapers was in place near the washington monument earlier today, the national park service did issue a permit to the group behind the below code pink to display the balloon on the national mall, however, the agency did not get permission for give permission for them to fill the balloon with helium. so it could soar in the sky as it has and other demonstrations. coming up law most of us. >>star celebrating the 4th of july lawmakers are preparing for a controversial wildfire, while liability bill vote tomorrow. some say it goes too far to protect utility companies. police are. >>and for saying the new boating regulations today in discovery bay, what is being done to keep 4th of july celebrations in the delta safe. >>and we'll head to the marin county where crews are getting ready for the big fireworks display their little bit later tonight and a lot.
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>>a picture from washington dc fireworks in the nation's capital are under way we'll be covering our own fireworks here in the bay area later tonight, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel.
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>>the july celebrations are well underway on the east have hours before the skies lit up with fireworks here tonight and crown for sale of the sec, a joins us now live from or in county with how things are
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shaping up there. taylor. >>it's a beautiful day here at the marin county. live music coming up. we had games. we have entertainment so much to offer and you talk a little bit more about that is gabrielle a the with people it wrecked or so. all right well we have a ton of things going on of course because its 4th of july. we have the fire. but the great thing about the marine county fair is we have 5. the theme this year is over the moon celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. see there's free carnival ride. price admissions to people come in and everything is free the concert the carnival ride. as you mentioned there's a lot to check out here i can just see the tents going on and on and on down that way and some right over there, but. preparation goes into this, i know you've been out here for
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a couple of days but how long did it take to prepare for something like that. one full-time staff member that works all year just on the pair and then everybody out conversion and for just about 3 months what makes this pair. so special can tell you that first of all it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and second of all we're really unique because we have a a credible art program. and so the fine art and photography exhibit is one of the best in the care industry. i would also because this is a community gathering space for everybody feels welcome they leave their trouble behind the gate and they come in just to have fun. as you mention to it then going on for a couple of days now, but i'm sure the turnout is actually largely day be of any idea how many people are here today. i certainly do i think we're close to 30,000 right about now and we will pry probably
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go up a couple of 1000 if not more for the end of tonight. lp want people to know at home about this pairing about tonight specifically july 4th celebrations here. first of all be safer. island pavilion that that evening and it's going to be a great show. about that we heard today soundcheck earlier, we know that they start at 7.30. and you can expect the fire a 9 day which we are going bring a right back to you guys at home so. >>i'm not gonna miss out on any of the 5. >>taylor i love that show because in particular the water behind you if it's calm later tonight and not windy get the reflection of the fireworks on the water almost like 2 fireworks show tape who's playing tonight, beautiful. this plane tonight is joan jett plane charity plate concert.
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>>of the content is playing and i'm not sure that anyone else going after that i know this afternoon we had. action suit with an elvis could cover band and they were great. you guys have some bigger acts coming up later this week entail we sure do so we have still paul tomorrow night. we have joan jett in the black hearts on saturday night and we close with cheap checked. added to that end of the combat, and a lot of fun on out here we'll check back in with you guys later back to you. >>fireworks in 80's, rock and roll can be that all right, thanks taylor. and reminder officials are urging people to stay away from treasure island to see the fireworks because a it's been a great place to watch the show but there's a lot of construction going on on the on right now in fact uh they're building a lot of housing. so there's no place to park or get around on the island so authorities again are asking people not to go to treasure island tonight to watch the let's take a live look outside right now.
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>>and get a sense of how things are shaping up for tonight, this is the bay bridge toll plaza great time to come into the city if you're trying to get from the east bay to the san francisco area over here no traffic and it looks like the skies are pretty clear over the east bay hills over there. >>east we're looking west that's you're a pilot would be ground into that because the fog is really coming down low so that could be the big problem tonight, the fog is really hovering just a few 100 feet you can see they're looking toward alcatraz back towards san francisco about that that fog very thick out there already this evening and so it's only going to come up as we head through the night now and that means if you're headed out there to some of those displays blood treasure island they would want to go they're going to be right in the middle of all that fog too on you can get an idea that cloud deck you see moving over the marin headlands and look at how just is in the surface here so give the pier 39 aquatic park, those places well and the fog been looks
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like for tonight for the fires, his latest a fireworks forecast overnight tonight you can see some patchy fog filling into the bay as we head through time, 8 o'clock or so you see the fog along the coastline already making its way inside the bay little drizzle maybe along the coastline to the 9 o'clock you see some patchy fog inside the bay more that stretching into the bay. you're san francisco as well and then after that of course that is going to fill in more so, but i think it affected the fireworks displays along the coastline just inside the bay and then many spots inland still looking nice and clear outside right now you see that fog and most that really just a low cloud deck so as not to be able to penetrate the interior valleys but will affect those displays that are near the coastline and the coastal water so watch out for that just inside the bay as well that sea breeze carrying some low clouds on shore right now to 14 miles per hour and temperatures go 20. it sfo 21 picking up there just a little bit sunny and bright in the san jose very comfortable leaving their nice evening enjoy your 4th of july in livermore 80 degrees 85 in concord 76 degrees in leyland or 79 in san anselmo 56 and cool off of that fog in the
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san francisco. so plan on that more low cloud and fog overnight tonight with some drizzle near the coastline even for the fireworks displays tomorrow should be mostly sunny and bright and the holiday weekend look mostly sunny and a little bit warmer too. >>thank you. lawrence coming up 00:45pm tonight, if you have pets, you don't want to miss the story after the break. we talked to an expert about how to keep your animals calm and safe. this july 4. >>and you can call him joe you can call on jobs to still call late for dinner, another mustard belt, worthy performance from the human eating machine out of san jose that's next. thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go,
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here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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>>it is a 4th of july tradition at brooklyn's coney island this year than aced nathan's hot dog eating contest featured 2 previous mustard belt winners going head to head on the men's side, including defending champion and san jose native joey chestnut karin caifa has the action from the boardwalk. >>meters came to coney island for the all american contest of who can eat the most hot dogs and in 10 minutes and this year it was all about the returning champions on the women's side miki sudo taking home her 6th title in a row with 31 hot dogs and buns. competition by a wide margin joey chestnut a big crowd
6:26 pm
gathered at the corner of surf and stillwell this morning to see you take home the coveted mustard belt and for the women, the pain felt roughly 2 dozen competitors between the 2 fields and it was the ladies first with making pseudo making her been for that 6 consecutive title all-time best year came 2 years ago a 41 hot dogs and buns or to use the official stat h d these. and chestnut did come in as the one to beat 11 of the last 12 coney island titles in his win column coming into today actually you can make that 12 of 13 now, but this year the only and interrupt chestnut street was in the mix matt stonie top just not in 2015. he also holds world records in mojave and pumpkin pie eating just not came in with 49 world eating records to his name and credit growing up with 5 siblings as part of his training. now nathan ays the hot dog eating contest dates back more than 100 years to july 4th 1916 the rules and regulations around today's competition put in place. why major league eating. at
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brooklyn's coney island i'm karen caifa. >>it's making some changes to make its programming more kid friendly, what they're saying will no longer be featured in their original shows still ahead. >>if you are watching fireworks tonight in the east bay we have got you covered a live report from concord coming up texas 6.30 that 6.4 earthquake that rocked southern california. >>it was felt as far away as nevada will have a report from las vegas coming up. >>as the nation celebrates his birthday a live look now at the fireworks display in orlando florida.
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>>and he put ground started shaking the over just a little earthquake and then it hit hard. >>our top story tonight at 6.30 a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit central and southern california this morning about a 150 miles north east of los angeles. this is video from inside a home in ridgecrest near the epicenter of this searles valley quake is what is being called you can see cabinets from shelves. the quake lasted about 10 seconds. according to has been more than a 150 aftershocks as locally so far there are no reports


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