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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 5, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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but skies are eventually going to offer up much clear conditions. we are off to a warmer start to this day than what we had been seeing yesterday 60's in redwood city moundain view oakland conquered in pittsburgh with 50's elsewhere in the bay berkeley and delay how each at 55 degrees for your temperature livermore sitting at 56 o not that bad, but it is cool winds. breezy in fairfield and conquered well pretty calm elsewhere in the bay today. temperatures as we make our way through the course of your friday ahead of us looking nice a little bit warmer than we have been 60's in the coast 70's by the bay and a little bit warmer in the 80's in our inland areas. i'm talking more in your forecast for this day after the 4th and for the post holiday weekend as well still to come. erica. >>good morning, everyone. came too bad right now traffic is really like in fact golden gate bridge barely any cars we do see a lights out there looks like somebody got pulled over or something but how here
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if you're going to san francisco taking the bay bridge looking pretty smooth. and a minute drive from may's to fremont street they're heading out to the 5.80. >>from that school road to doubling you're looking at a fast 10 minute drive and checking in on another drive times around the bay on the 85 from san jose out amount of you fast 20 minute drive for you and if you're on the 2.80. the south bay there san jose to cupertino it's a fast 11 minute ride for you. james. >>all right, thank you very much erica back to the news now a new this morning, a huge sideshow broke out last night in oakland that video. >>the call for fewer set this clip to a showing what they say was a roughly a 1000 people. all crowded around they say it happened on high street right up to 80 on ramp. adding that there was a huge response from the chp and other agencies but so far this morning, a chp hasn't released any information about whether they made any arrests.
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>>back to our big story this morning that 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck southern lifornia yesterday, re people are obviously still on edge as potentially strong aftershocks are expected to continue for days. we have paul now with more on the epicenter in ridgecrest and how they're dealing with it. >>aftershocks continue to rock ridgecrest some of them quite strong if you look behind me you get a sense for just the widespread devastation in this particular instance, the quake, not this mobile home right off its platform. a startling morning, this 4th of july for residents in california. we were. >>ashley we woke up too late see things flying off the wall a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. the strongest quake to hit the region almost 20 years. >>was felt as far away as los angeles, a 175 miles away from the epicenter. >>everyone's been really shaken up no one wants to go
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inside everyone's been outside this fall and crush your more than 100 aftershocks have been reported and seismologist warned. >>they will continue for several weeks. a state of emergency has been declared the city of ridgecrest one local resident says his house seem safe minutes after the quake, but then i heard some things. >>directly into that with door. >>a suspected gas rupture set fire inside the garage. gas leaks in water leaks are now the top concern as authorities set up response teams and search and rescue crews. ready for any damage that may come. >>we expect we will be able to move on from this and not see too many. i'm awful things happen. reminder to tell people to get a plan to be ready. >>for an earthquake because in california we can have it any time. >>and here in ridgecrest they were prepared. in fact they
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had to transport 10 patients from a local hospital west to bakersfield and behind me. 2 residents of this mobile home park that were hit hard. they decided they would stand there with their american flag on this 4th of july because they wanted to show the world that they're ridgecrest strong reporting from ridgecrest i'm paul vercammen. now back to you. >>and while many are celebrating the holiday with a 4 day weekend a handful of lawmakers will be back at work first thing today to vote on a controversial wildfire liability bill. it would create in essence a california catastrophes council in addition to a fund that will help pay utilities for future welfare costs. the genie is in the bankruptcy process right now after being held responsible for the campfire and would not have access to this money until it resolves of course recent welfare claims without raising customer rates. however, a bipartisan group of lawmakers and fire victims have already spoken out against the bill. >>to the interim process going back to committees us and other common making adjustments.
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considering aspects of the work was broadly good that we're closer than that. most legislation this complexity and the >>a spokesperson for tells us the utility hasn't yet taken a position on the measure saying it is likely anyone there is unlikely that anyone representing pga will attend today's hearing. is introducing a new beer to its menu to honor fallen police officer tara o'sullivan, it's sully 3, 4, 9, also it was her nickname on the force and 3, 4, 9, was her badge number the owner of the brewery said that he decided to introduce this new beer after he was approached by one of the o'sullivan's a former partners who both patrolled the area around the brewery with her. sullivan was killed as you may know in the line of duty back on june 19th. >>and he had some ideas that he brought to the table. i had some ideas and we work together to try to make
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something really special and approachable for everybody to be able to enjoy it and it definitely affected me personally. an unfair it. come by frequently to a pop in to say hi i that's just a little way that we can get back to the community that she work. >>selling 3, 4, 9, will be a canned and released on july 13th all proceeds will go towards the tar as a memorial fund. 2 other national headlines now the battle over citizenship question is not over after president trump decided via tweet to push back against a supreme court ruling on it appearing on the 2020 census and now today is the deadline for the administration to tell a judge if and how they plan to move forward. john lawrence has more. >>if president trump's tweet is to be believed. at the depar and commerce spent the july 4th holiday working on a way to get a citizenship queio on the 2020 census, this after the supreme upcoming census bec the trump administration
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didn't provide a strong enough reason to add a chief justice roberts gave him a window, he said. >>you could come back with an alternative explanation. and of course he called the one-off or contrived so now they're in the awkward position of saying well if you didn't believe that story want to try this one. >>president trump and his supporters have repeatedly called for the citizenship question to be added to asked the question democrats in washington. that's the only ones but it looks like an uphill battle. >>timing wise. it's really hard to get that on the right now. >>also on this independence day protests in austin texas over the treatment of migrant children in detention facilities and a naturalization ceremony, 4.44 new us citizens in washington dc you step forward. thugh the has the most generous system of legal immigration in the history. >>of the world. i'm john lawrence reporting.
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>>for your health this morning a warning actually for pet owners, the cdc and the fda are now investigating an outbreak of salmonella infections that have been linked to pig ear dog treats. so the fda says that salmonella has been discovered in these pig year treats and can infect people either from handling the streets or directly from your dogs once they become ill. a retailer pet supplies plus has recalled the bulk pig you're treated been sold in its stores. those are the kind that puts in open bins and sells individually so far 45 people in 13 states been diagnosed with salmonella related to this particular product. a man pulled from a burning home is recovering thanks to a neighbor who was there before emergency crews arrived, we've got christian jennings. now he has the remarkable story and video of the fire and rescue. >>a body cam video shows the moment clayton county police officers rescued a man from a burning mobile home and daniel
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drive monday morning before officers or firefighters arrived though dominique hearty knew he had to do something when he saw the flames from his trailer next door was a nice little run down and surely be like boom boom boom boom boom is anyone in anyone in the at first he didn't hear anything knows activision in with those last night's to this but the window that's when he heard a faint voice and the light in the window like oh wow you got it right there on the match's assume with his family. >>with no consideration for his own life dominate jumped through a window and tried to pull the man to safety are grab this >>and it's warm and cool. they got in line right up in this area so the window where there was so much smoke on at that point he says clayton county police officers arrived this video shows the moment officers got inside and managed to get the now unconscious man out. >>everybody was working together everything worked out like perfect dominique suffered a burn on his arm and
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2 police officers were injured, but treated at the scene. police say the man they saved made a full recovery. >>it was going through your mind just whoever is in there i have to give them i cannot let them like that. >>well that was christian jennings, reporting as many as 6 officers helped rescue that man. they formed a human latter really to get into the home through the window and pulled the victim to safety. we'll take a break time is 4.40 still ahead we're going introduce you to a san francisco restaurant, this perfect for the holiday weekend. and here's a quick live look outside our market there. a camera in san francisco showing is a beautiful shot, but a lot of folks will be out and about just playing tourist today on this. holiday weekend we'll be right back.
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>>and we are back check in in the forecast this morning as we take a live look outside doesn't look like the fox 2 big of an issue here in the shuttle i guess it was kind of floating around yesterday turned the fireworks show. john as you predicted, but that didn't seem to stop people from getting out and join it. yeah definitely didn't stop people from getting out there enjoying the day yesterday as lot of people walking up and down the embarcadero they were certainly enjoying this conditions. despite the fact that it was chilly. >>and was foggy for a are bayside and coastal areas. inland areas though are abundantly clear and even war. so it was quite the tale of 2 different weather patterns across the bay yesterday, this is your view whatever on this
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morning, it's a little lit up than usual that's because that fog is sitting a little bit lower and it's making for a nice and low over the city so you can actually see a bit of this he this morning as opposed to normal skies, definitely clear once you head above this foggy layer that sitting across the bay right now and as we make our way into the afternoon. those clear skies will prevail you're going to be looking plentifully sunny afternoon ahead of us warming conditions in the days to come we've been offering up a low pressure across the west coast really so far this week that's helped to keep temperatures pretty moderated from start to finish now we're to and uh as a in makings of a nice rise in temperatures ahead of us taking us into the upper 80's and low 90's in the days to come even as soon as today now today, plenty of sunshine tonight you will see a bit of fog pushing back inland. although i don't project that we're going to see quite as much of it as we did yesterday way into sunday just a few more clouds working their way over the bay but still some mostly sunny skies to expect
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temperatures in the 60's for san francisco today as well as up and down the coast, even with that fog you're still holding on to the 60's along highway one one oh one from brisbane down the burlingame a range of upper 60's to mid 70's and burlingame today and a few more 80's on the peninsula, mountain view among them now 81 with redwood city of palo alto not far below the 80 degree mark at 7978 degrees mid 80's across much of the south bay. morgan hill, 85 san jose 84 today while livermore over in the east bay, 86 further north we go you've got berkeley back into the low 70's after your day in the upper 60's yesterday and a rise in temperatures for danville walnut creek in concord into the upper 80's while vacaville in pittsburgh and there's your first 90's of the week back up to that ninety-degree mark santa rosa in petaluma mid 80's for you, here's a breakdown of your next 7 days temperatures are going to be warm today. well tomorrow going to be even warmer yet for some of our inland spots then comes or cool down though temperatures
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will swing back downwards taking us eventually into the upper 70's inland by tuesday. and then the trend reverses and we're boost again towards the end of the forecast that's a look at your weather for the week ahead erica, how is traffic. >>good morning. while there were minor collisions this morning but didn't cause heavy traffic or anything it's looking pretty light right now, especially if you're over to the north bay and taking the richmond sandra fell bridge. we're looking at very quick commute 7 minutes from the toll plaza out to highway one oh one and the san mateo bridge also looking pretty nice right now a fast ride for you heading from the east bay out to the peninsula. the drive time of 12 minutes and we're in the green here. if you're taking 6.80 from dublin to fremont a quick 13 minute drive. so let's take a look at some of our other drive times around the bay area. the 5.80 from livermore out to dublin
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fast 10 minute drive in on the one o one from brisbane to us after looking at a fast 6 minute drive. james all right. thank you. >>4.47 4th of july may be over but that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying barbecues and all the fixings in today's dine and dish kron four's vicki liviakis introduces us to a group of san francisco sisters who started a restaurant for anyone looking for a patriotic dining experience. like a flashback. >>1776, runs here dine under the watchful eyes of our founding i am today. it's a free house gastro pub is tucked away in san francisco's embarcadero too between the big screen tv's the patriotic paintings hang on the wall. you can order up dishes like george washington's his strong ties. sure there's fish and i have to write chicken sandwiches. for this party pot and you know you can not. rose
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want to watch it and with some the grants the luxor as and is s. and this cocktail named for a more form of president in so who's behind this restaurant with an american on a theme. i was more brown sisters from came to america. we want to embrace the american coach or the american had country. girl this mess. in making this our home apparently that has supporting you wholeheartedly. it's a family operations, including nieces and nephews and. and san francisco vicki liviakis kron 4
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>>well there was an early 4th of july fireworks show outside the coliseum after the a's game versus the twins. let's start at the bottom of the 4th twins already up one to nothing. that was until chris herman stepped up to the plate areas drilling one left field. >>and that drives in chris davis evening things up at one apiece next and in twins backup, byron, but marcus city at the plate. he was about to take over the game good contacts straightaway center that keeps on keep it on up and over the wall all a's tire on simmons 12th homer of the season and the bottom of the 8th a's leading 3 to 2 bases loaded percent in again. the former cal star putting his own fireworks show. putting up one for the fans grand slam. his 4th career grand slam by the way open wins this one with a final score 72. williams she advances at
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wimbledon after winning in the second round meghan markle was on hand actually for the match and there she is. >>with the hat. serena facing 18 year-old ca van and yvonne took the opening set but after that it was all williams a 23 time grand slam champions controlled the match. and triumph in the end insets 2, 3, it's now on to the 3rd round. we're still faced. julie is there's a live look outside san francisco international airport we've got a shot for you here start. >>i don't think it's going to be foggy enough to cause delays will have to wait and see once the sun comes up in the airport start reporting the airport start reporting its schedule. we'll let oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>welcome back we are looking at a your current conditions still on the foggy side this morning just before the 5 o'clock hour looking outside you do see some foggy conditions at the golden gate bridge, but you can still see the first dust pan out there if you look really closely in the distance. now today going to be yet another busy travel day as lot of people take to the airports, good news for you is we have a new reported delays yet even though there are some foggy conditions out there that will be changing i'm sure of it so we make our way through the course here morning ahead of us temperatures right now 50's and 60's just a touch warmer than yesterday was oakland conquered. redwood city in mountain view all in the low 60's to start you can see that sun to warm up across our temperature change map here novato a showing off a war just 5 degrees compared to the same time yesterday oakland
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here in livermore not really some you'll notice too much with 2 to 3 degrees up from 24 hours ago, but a sign of things to come our way a warm up this weekend eventually taking some over east bay neighbors. all the way up into the low 90's today and tomorrow. erica, good morning. >>while there were some minor collisions, but it didn't cause any heavy traffic and it's a non injury collisions. we don't really have to worry too much if you're heading on the road because traffic looking really lights and in fact the here. >>if you're taking the golden gate bridge, both directions just a few cars strolling about out there. >>quick 20 minute drive from nevado to the toll plaza and if you're heading into san francisco. looking like we do see a little bit cars out there but still traffic is looking excellent right now and like it's in a minute drive from the maze to e green right now i haven't detected any major hot spots,
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we're looking at a fast 10 minute drive on the 5.80 from vasco road out to and so look at our other drive times around the bay on 2.80 san jose out to cupertino you're looking at it. 10 minute drive for you. >>time now is for 55 the search continues this morning for the texas woman who licked a carton of blue bell ice cream and put it back in the display cases as a walmart a woman and her friend walked into a store last month on the same day that video of the incident went viral and since then officials have been trying to identify who she is and the man that was with her in the video. >>incident is being investment can refill me it's a very serious offense. if you think about all the implications. and it would affect consumer confidence in the products that you buy. you understand why the legislature's classified so highly. >>there are some concerns about google's packaging. the company says the ice cream
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freezes to the live to create a natural seal. they say and doing the seal in the store would be hard to do. and noticeable. all right, it's a 4th of july tradition like no other nathan's famous hot dog eating contest in san jose native joey chestnut once again conquered it at coney island. the ad dirty dozen for sure chestnut feasting away on >>way to a 12 mustard belt you start down 71 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to win. it's the 4th year in a row that he's even at least 70 hot dogs last year he devoured 74, so we didn't beat is personal record, but he still. >>8 enough to win. his main competition. matt stonie he came in 4th place at 46 hot dogs, a distant. fourth-place mets tony top chestnut back in 2015 but has come sense. the
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kron 4 morning news fire crews across the bay area were out late last n
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>>causing grass fires across contra costa county we've got details on how crews are battling the fires. tonight it's all caught on camera. after july the significant to you maybe have the day off i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher yes, the holiday weekend continues. i'm sure for a lot of folks if you're watching this is early this morning. why. >>but we're glad to have kind guy john america with weather and traffic. how the roads out there this morning, you know it it's looking pretty nice right now, i'm sure a lot of people are still you know sleeping from enjoying the holiday now. >>ano


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