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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 8, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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and we've got traffic that's looking like what eric and one thing we definitely see more cars out on the road on but no major hot spots so far but. >>it is foggy out there so i mean that could slow things down an apartme >>once we have to deal with that again people had 4 days off in a row in some cases so it's a foggy want to get back to the grind this morning looking outside at the bay itself looking out from the north bay at san francisco, not that you'd be able to tell my side told you as erica mentioned as foggy out there that fog really settled in across the bay resulting in low visibility at times now along with that fog we are off to a cool start this morning, we've got windy conditions we've got foggy conditions in some cases some coastal drizzle and then these 50's and 60's for your current temperatures which is that all right shelly on its own but chad and all those other factors such as those winds and that's when you really get the bite to the heirs you're stepping outside fairfield at
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times today winds gusts will be well in excess of 25 miles per hour. so you will want to keep that windbreaker with you that light jacket coming in handy for this monday morning this afternoon though temperatures into the 70's which is below average for this time of year still going to be warm enough though that you should be able to get rid of the jacket enjoy some sunshine later on today, a cool one but not too cool. 2 i just hit the t shirts ready to go i'm talking more about what to expect as you head back to work for the week ahead in your forecast, first let's get a look at that traffic with erica. >>good morning. john definitely seeing more cars out there as you can tell now on our camera here looking at the bay bridge if you're heading into san francisco. we do see a long line forming at the cash lanes there. the fast track lanes aren't looking too bad though in car pulls looking great right now going smoothly through. that 'r from the maze to fremont street and from crockett to
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the maze 16 minutes, castro valley on the 5 80 to the maze, it's a drive time under 15 minutes, so looking good. we're actually in the green there and other drive times on the peninsula here on highway one oh one from brisbane out to san francisco. it's a quick 6 minute drive and on the 2.80 from daly city out assets under 10 minutes so, and no major collisions or any hot spots right now for now i'm going to send it back to you darya. >>thanks a lot of breaking news from overnight a man died in a shooting in san francisco. the victim was found around midnight at 24th and cap streets which is in the mission and police said tempted to chase a car that was leaving the scene but they lost in the pursuit officers are expected to release more information about this fatal shooting soon. >>now to our other top story this morning people in southern california are combing through the damage through the rubble. in the wake of thousands of aftershocks that have rattled the region since friday, 7.1 magnitude quake melissa rainy
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has the latest. >>people in parts of southern california on edge in the wake of back-to-back earthquakes. the first on thursday a 6.4. followed by another even stronger one friday night registering at a 7.1. sunday officials in kern county the epicenter of both events. >>they are working to assess the damage and recover quickly. >>now it is time for recovery. so we will. now move into the recovery process. all of our roads. and concrete such as sidewalks. have been inspected all of our roads are in good condition. there and you can travel up on all of them. >>officials say there are no fatalities or major injuries. we're successful. >>in the operation and any time that we can you know go through some like me you know reported fatality. a major
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injury and i suffered structural damage that was a significance. i want to say that's a blessing in america residents near ridgecrest have experienced over 3,000 aftershocks in the past 3 days. >>leaving people uneasy as they try to resume a sense of normalcy. >>there's another one right now aftershocks. >>i'm melissa rainy, reporting. >>well coming up in about 10 minutes we're going to get another look at the damage. in a live report from ridgecrest to stay tuned for that. >>california's emergency management operations center in sacramento is working around the clock after those earthquakes in southern california, dozens of state agency workers are monitoring the conditions and they're gathering information from cars and san bernardino counties, cal fire is at peak staffing levels keeping an eye on the weather and the fire threat. the national guard has 200 troops helping the effort on the ground and in the air surveying the damage as well
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and cal oh is expanding its aft says to communication. >>we're also moving some of our owns mobile satellite communications. not only into bakersfield to support a responders there but also into ridgecrest. >>the command center will continue to operate at its maximum level indefinitely. >>these are quick to once again serve as a reminder for all of us to be prepared for a natural disaster that means putting together an earthquake preparedness kit and knowing how you're going to evacuate and get in touch with your family kron 4 sarah stinson. isco with more hi sir. >>good morning that's live to rattle the bay area shut down the bay bridge. the biggest earthquakes second floor of the bay bridge in the eastern span just collapsed on to the first. it was a nightmare, obviously you know it was just extremely her a fix to earthquake here in the bay area that's why numbering that bringing back
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memories. there's leaks in southern california have definitely made a lot of people realize it's time to prepare for the next big one expecting to hit us in the north in northern california at any time. but the truth is many people in the bay area would not be ready if it hit today, we caught up with people over the weekend and only a few people said they have an earthquake preparedness kit at home. now in the bay area we are susceptible to susceptible to not only just first place but also wildfires during the summer so having a disaster kit is extremely important we stopped by a disaster supply shot in burlingame talk with the owner about how important it is to prepare. >>a light to keep you warm at night time you know with any disaster not just earthquake. you have to be able to get out when you need to get out the wildfire comes you gotta russia, you grab your we haven't go to a near the sea going to survive for the next 72 hours the food water. medication.
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>>yeah, those are all very important having food water medication. those are the essentials really when you do have that kid in the couple days also want to make sure you have a plan with your family and co-workers as to what you'll do and where you'll go. >>when an earthquake does hit of course you want to you know get under the desk. you know secure yourself and be. safe but then you need to plan where are we going to go what are we going to do now we also coming up with a u c berkeley seismologist says she talked to us about. >>just the fact that the ridge press earthquake, it's not going to trigger an earthquake up here per se but doesn't mean we're not ready. for the earthquake earthquake that we have expecting to have any day now so definitely time repair rather than be scared the prepared so coming up in the next hour we'll hear from her show explain more about an earthquake that we could get any day now for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news we are majorly
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overdue thank you very much sara and our continuing coverage is on line to you can go to kron 4 dot com and get lots more information under the. >>first quake tab. 5 oh 8 right now in the east bay, a firefighter was injured fighting a fire in pleasant hill that started yesterday afternoon on old rogers ranch court. >>and you can see the home that caught fire extensive damage actually ended up to the one next door to couple of roofs, there got burned in a couple who was inside one of the homes had to leave 2 cats behind. they're both rescue cash. >>it's a scene normally stays in my bedroom which is in the back of the head house. but we opened up that bedroom door because they couldn't find her and the miki i saw he upper bed i'm just hoping that she made it out ok. >>one firefighterho a grass fire destroyed 5 homes in a neighborhood in tracy that firenear royal court and
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the colony drive that these homes caught fire, they were damaged near the green oaks h% mobile home park. no word of any injuries. >>a damaged a home in los gatos it happened last night in the 400 block of san benito avenue that home was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived luckily, though nobody was hurt and no other homes were damaged. 4 men were sent to the hospital following a shooting in san jose the men were found saturday night after several people reported hearing gunshots near and a drive in hillsdale avenue. all the victims are expected to survive at this point police are still looking for the shooter. in the north bay man is in jail after he barricaded himself in a convenience store in fairfield road. it was a 3 hour standoff. it actually began yesterday around noon when the nt and then went to a that 7.11 and locked himself in the bathroom. swat and
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crisis negotiators were called in because they didn't know if there are any hostages inside. >>this is a very busy intersection especially on a getaway day. the restaurant here very full with lots hotels in the area and we want to make sure that nobody is injured in any way. >>well luckily, nobody was injured and the police were able to arrest the suspect. >>in the east bay, a man is dead. he ran a stop sign a car ran a stop sign and crashed into a big rig in oakland and the driver of the car was heading westbound on chabot wrote in college avenue that debt car was t-bone to other people were taken to the hospital and the driver of that car was killed in the crash. e second defendant in rial resu this case. he is said the so-called master 10 and the defense plans to call him to testify about what happened on the night of december second 20 16 when the fire broke out at
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that warehouse in oakland during a music party event, 36 people were killed. attorneys for al say that they intend to call 3 more witnesses to oakland police officers and one civilian. max harris, the other defendant took the stand last month. a portion of highway 37 in vallejo was closed while crews work on a sound wall. >>so one of the 2 westbound lanes on highway 37. the off-ramp there westbound 80 is closed until friday morning at least one lane of the off-ramp will be closed overnight with one of those on ramp law for planes, staying open. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a police chase involving stolen firetruck from the east bay we're going to take a look at how police were able to a shooting that in a minute and p officers are asking the were asked to leave a starbucks coffee shop now starbucks is responding. and at the jackets ready to go as you step
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>>5.14 right now and i had to use the wipers this you then john mention some people might i didn't but i got the win for sure drive an end. cia, wind from the south and the north and which was when the wind
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are you on the are years to take the wind where one is i think maybe the wind by self the wipers you know sometimes they just don't work very well in my track but looking outside this morning at the coast, if you are driving up and down that you might be one of those people use their wipers as they drive into work this morning look how dense that fog is can't even tell us san francisco looking across the bay. >>now skies are dry. the sides that coastal drizzles looking at any rain it's just that dense fog that settling in an out of it to be seeing it a precipitating on the ground resulting in some wet roadways at times. now we are nice and mild p and down the coast to but all the way inland into the afternoon, this low pressure to our west so no it looks like it could cause some ra bfaut it's actually just going to steer right to the north of us in will result in some light showers up along the north coast of california. what we can expect from it though is a nice moderating effect on
5:16 am
temperatures this is the way we started july so far no heat waves yet we've been looking at daytime highs in land only in the 70's and 80's and today is going to be one of the 70 degree days, coastal drizzle as you can see on future cast right here fog sitting across the day. number of starting to burn off into the afternoon before another round of drizzle and fog tomorrow morning we're going to hang on to tomorrow's fog a little bit longer than we are today. so do expect that one to be just a little on the greater side, especially up and down in san you can expect daytime highs in the 50's and 60's and a little b of areas as far as dayt highs go elsewhere in the bay also on a oraytime highs. well inland even for the south bay daytime highs won't be in the 80's, san jose only at 77 today in the tri valley only the mid 70's, union city and hayward in the upper 60's while low 60's to be expected in berkeley concord near 80 degrees not quite getting
5:17 am
there though we only have one 80 on this map and that will be for you in pittsburgh, which sounds great right, but it's also going to be one of our breezy a spots with winds gusting as high as 25 to 30 miles per hour. nevado petaluma in the mid 70's will santa rosa today at 77 degrees today will be the coolest ever forecast by far tomorrow. we start our warm up back into the low 80's on average inland after that we're right on par with average for wednesday and thursday right where we should be for july after that temperatures actually will rise a bit above average. still dodging the 90's for the most part but a warm weekend just around the corner. erica. >>good morning checking in on our bay bridge. cam right here you can see it's gotten more crowd and i mean just about 20 minutes ago the fast track lanes are running pretty smooth and traffic was light for those lanes but you can see it's starting to slow down a bit there. the cash lanes also moving a bit slow a car
5:18 am
pulls looking good though just a couple of car stolen by very looking at a 14 minute drive from the maze to fremont street and if you're taking the san mateo bridge this morning. it's looking pretty good at 12 minute drive from the hayward t see that there was a traffic collision. i 84 westbound i'm trying to get the exact location on but apparently there are multiple vehicles involved in there are some lanes that are blocked again all try to get more information on that there may be a traffic backup as for the south bay, it's looking pretty good right now in the green a 27 minute drive from a san jose out a memo park if you're taking the one oh one this morning and some other drive times around the bay area here on the 6.80 from pacheco out of danville you're looking at 12 minutes and on interstate 8.80 from san leandro out to milpitas it's a 20 minute drive james and darya. >>thanks lot 5.18 right now let's get back to the big story we're looking at the
5:19 am
damage following 2 major earthquakes. >>and thousands of aftershocks in southern california ground it has to stop shaking. alex back is from our sister station casey and president joining us now live with the very latest and alex you're actually in ridgecrest correct. >>yes, we are good morning to both of you is a pretty quiet morning here in ridgecrest as we start this new work week. the city is in recovery mode, but they are still working to conduct a damage assessment city take a look to my left you can see some of that damage his break wall actually collapsed in both of these earthquakes and you can see the breaks are still scattered along the sidewalk here this morning. you know what else is deceiving is when you come into town and almost looks like there was an earthquake. you don't see a lot of widespread damage which can be deceiving but that's what officials are warning about they say there could be structural damage there could be damage with the foundation's they're really asking residents to report that so they can get to it in the meantime some residents do not feel safe staying inside their homes. we spoke with several residents who are choosing to actually sleep
5:20 am
outside. intense because they say they're traumatized and they just don't feel comfortable at this point going back into their homes and back out here you can see the damage again here in the meantime the usgs is urging residents to be prepared in the event of more aftershocks. they're forecasting hundreds more within the next few days it was crazy when the 6, 4, happen right because we thought that was the main one and then maybe you're dispassion you felt the 7 one that turned out to be you know the bigger one or no are you there friday. >>you know i was a here for either one and we actually in fresno as well but these residents who are here just say it was traumatizing things were falling in their homes. their dresses were falling on their beds, but they were also saying yesterday there was about 6 aftershocks reported that we're about a magnitude 3.5 or higher and they did feel that as well obviously not to the same magnitude but they are still feeling that so you can kind of understand why they're choosing not to sleep
5:21 am
inside. and yeah you i was a say you mention the people you know with things you're supposed to anchor that stuff, you know your chest where does he draw bit. >>and a have you seen these people sleeping outside. and you know we spoke with one person just down the street here i don't see right now. >>but she was staying in a tent with her son, his girlfriend and their 4 dogs and that has been the case for several days so she's helping by tonight. she didn't feel comfortable enough tallies go into the living room and stay. also at that evacuation center there were several people choosing to stay in tents out their cell. it's still a very fluid situation and people are still very shaken up after this is pretty incredible and just one more thing, i'm i'm looking at the usgs web site right now this is last 24 hours. >>folks down there at least along that earthquake area have seen over a 1000 aftershocks a lot of them, you know one and that has led to are you guys still feeling the ground shake a little bit there in ridgecrest. >>you know we haven't felt anything. well you know we
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>>welcome back 5.24 on this monday morning heading back to work with the dose of fog out there this morning. foggy windy and cool conditions in
5:25 am
some spots so keep the jackets ready to go and get the windshield wipers ready to go you're making crossing such as at the golden gate bridge which is you can see it's pretty foggy this morning visibility is hanging out right around one mile and half moon bay as we speak paying out just about that for most of the bay but is actually going to be falling lower a little bit later this morning. so do be mindful of the fact that we're not going to be getting any clearer over the next few hours if anything fog is just going to come to care for some spots in the bay before we do eventually see some clearing as we move into the afternoon ahead of us. erica. >>good morning, john wall we're definitely seeing more people out on the road here if you're heading to the north taking the richmond sandra fell bridge. we see that a line has now formed and the cash lanes there. fast tracks moving good though hits a 7 minute drive from the toll plaza highway one oh one now i am picking up a traffic collision there's multiple vehicles involved and a sig alert has been issued if
5:26 am
you're taking the dem barton bridge. i'm heading westbound on 84. all lanes are currently blocked, so you might want to leave early if you're taking that this morning, a mass the east bay 5.80 from castro valley to the maze. there's no issues there it's a 13 minute drive and in the south bay looking great right now from san jose to cupertino on 2.80 it's a 10 minute. drive and here's a look at our other drive times around the basics 80 from pacheco to danville you're looking at 17 minutes and on the 8.80 from san leandro out to milpitas a quick 21 minutes james. >>all right. thank you very much. in national news starbucks is now apologizing after 6 police officers were kicked out of a restaurant in arizona. the tempe police department says they're officers walked into a starbucks. but some coffee and we're standing there waiting for their orders when the breach to approach them to tell him that a customer didn't feel safe with them there. the officers were asked
5:27 am
to either move or leave. they chose to leave. starbucks released a statement in the wake of this saying that the way the officers were treated was unacceptable. >>and on the kron 00:04am morning news senator kamala morning news senator kamala harris is looking to help ♪ ♪ morning news senator kamala harris is looking to help ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping, you maximizing. you shopping, you maximizing.
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>>welcome back, it is 5.29 look at weather and traffic on a monday when we think everybody has to be back to work the better of a most road
5:30 am
showing that are we seeing higher definitely, and fact if you're taking one of the bridges this morning, there are issues and on tell you about that everybody us network is in for rob. it's got a nice for the july that most of us is just said head back to work today doing so with a chilly start to the morning. >>and some foggy conditions across much of the bay that fog is very dense in the east bay typically at this point, you'd start to see some clearing conditions and i'd be talking about how your visibilities just going to get better and better through the morning that's not the case this morning though fog is going to stay with us for some time and at times even for the east bay. it's going to be a little dancers so as you're stepping outside to make that commute in be wary that visibility could be low, especially to the east bay hills and then up and down the peninsula words not just fog. but also some drizzle making for some wet roadways and you having to turn your windshield wiper on 50's for your current temperatures for most of the bay area all in all this is not a bad start to the
5:31 am
morning. temperatures are actually pretty mild. but once you add in winds which are very breezy for some areas like fairfield conquered down through oakland into san francisco. you do have a nice brisk feel to that air so a jacket will be needed as you get out there this morning now temperatures this afternoon will be warm enough that you will be able to step outside without the jacket at times especially inland. but that wind is going to stay with us through the day so make sure to plan on that i have more on your forecast still to come erica. >>good morning while taking a look at our bay bridge camera here you can see it's gotten more crowded if you're heading into san francisco. they're fast track. >>moving a little slow on. cash lanes also little a busy there if you're crossing the dumb barton bridge. now there was actually a singular that was just issued a multi vehicle collision if you're heading all lanes are blocked so if you plan on taking that
5:32 am
this morning you might want to leave early or find another route the lanes will probably be blocked for a while there, i'm asked for the 5.80 right now that's looking got its a 13 minute drive from castro valley out to the maze and the south bay still no issues this morning on the 2.80 there from san jose to cupertino we're looking at 10 minutes. other drive times around the bay looking good here 6 80 from the taker of danville 17 men. from san leandro to milpitas on the 8 8022 minutes. >>5.32 and police in san bruno have identified another person wanted for a shooting that happened at that and fran mall police are looking for 19 year-old d'andre gant from san francisco. 2 teenagers were injured in tuesday's shooting at the mall investigators are still looking to what led up to it. >>there's a legal component or legal parameters on how we identify gang members and how we validate gang members. so that has not been a. it's not
5:33 am
off the it's going to take us all a lot investigation a little bit more research determine whether or not we can actually. identify them as gang members and that proceed with charges work with the district attorney's office to develop that. there's there's a pretty strict legal parameters and how it inviting members and we're not there yet. >>so far police have arrested 2 other teenagers in connection with that shooting. police are looking for 2 men who robbed a jewelry store in gilroy and there's surveillance pictures of them this robbery happened saturday at this business and the 200 block of the east 10th street in gilroy the 2 men when and they stole some jewelry and then got away they ran away nobody was hurt. >>happening now and police are looking for the gunman in a shooting that critically injured a man over the weekend. poesponded to repom center delta medical center paramedics took the victim to an area trauma center. he is listed in critical condition an not released any information about the shooter. a man is in
5:34 am
jail after he stole a fire truck and then led police on a 3 county chase here in the bay area take a look at all started at the oakland fire department. the man apparently stole a truck from station 23 at foothill blvd firefighters first noticed it was gone at around 10 30 saturday morning fact investigators on him quite sure how the suspect got into the station because they say there was no sign of forced entry. but here you see the fire truck being pursued on the freeways they followed it. in the vacaville and that is ultimately where polict were able to disable that truck and arrest the driver. yeah and luckily, nobody was hurt. no word on what charges that driver is going to face. >>it's 5 34 in the south bay police in sunnyvale found a credit card skimmer at a gas station. it was the sunnyvale car wash and 76 gas station on east el camino reale it was hidden inside a gas pump and
5:35 am
they found a during some routine maintenance look at that they didn't find any other skimmers no word on how long that skinner has been there or how many people were affected but if you got gas there you might want to contact your bank if you think maybe you were had by that skimmer bay area senator and presidential candidate kamala harris has unveiled a new billion home ownership plan for african-americans it would address the us racial wealth gap by focusing on housing discrimination and financial literacy in black communities. her plan will help ion american she says harris made the announcement saturday while speaking at the essence festival in new orleans. i am leasing a new plan to start closing the wealth gap. after generations of discrimination, get black families a real shot at home ownership historically. divers of wealth in our country. under the plan
5:36 am
homebuyers who are impacted by red line and will be able to apply for federal grants for up to $25,000 that money will help them with closing costs and down payments. >>well a man accused of raping 3 women in the 90's made his first appearance in a sacramento courtroom over the weekend. mark man to fell is charged in the assaults that happened in sacramento and yolo counties he was a sacramento resident and criminal justice lecture at saks state when he sexually assaulted 2 sacramento, women davis student now at the time investigators only had dna evidence which they preserved over the years. he's now in the been denied bail. >> several victims other heinous mh about ns and he's been away it. >>he's charged with 7 counts of rape. maddah fells next appearance in court is at the end of the month. >>it's 5.36 and this morning we're hearing from rideshare drivers about the big change
5:37 am
up over at sfo about where they can drop off and yes since they made these tweaks to where these pickup spots are the mayors of both burlingame and millbrae have written letters to the airports and hey what you did is now causing congestion a backup in our community or 3 batters to make a better yet crumples will bellow explains. the new parking lot holds 244 parking spaces which sfo believes will help alleviate that congestion issue at the south end of the airport but drivers i spoke with say there are several other issues they want sfo to address. >>this forcing it's very nter t old tnc holding lots at the south side of san francisco international airport sunday. we're still sitting ducks on millbrae avenue. >>traffic it's really that was a coming up the freeways of that to be there for hours when it was just the areas over there it made it so jammed up that it was a complete traffic jam to the point where literally it was a parking lot he couldn't get in or out as a foe is hoping this
5:38 am
new law on the north side of the airport. >>will eventually even out that congestion. >>about it more cars. >>while getting inside the new holding lot to wait for ride requests is a breeze. drivers say the way to receive those for us as much longer. >>is it's just waiting times sometimes like over one hour. >>a lot of drivers in town ant they say the real issue is with the heavy congestion they face as they go to actually pick up passengers level >>this should have more than one pick up in the >>you can those in the parking lot they want but you still need to have more than one lane in one lane out on the top of it or it's just going to forever be like the consistent traffic jam, they feel like we need to reopen at the lake. if there's some part of departures level or somewhere else on top of like that to arrive scenario. >>at sfo noel bellow kron 4 news.
5:39 am
>>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news big win for team usa during the world cup for any hear from the players in just a minute.
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so now you can fill every corner with fragrance. upgrade to air wick. >>welcome back and happy monday we're definitely seeing more cars out on the road if you're taking san mateo bridge. actually looking pretty good right now 13 minute drive out from hayward to san mateo there. but if you're taking the dumb barton bridge on the other hand there
5:42 am
is a traffic collision more mow multi vehicle traffic collision. this is westbound m all lanes were initially blocked but since then they did open up one of the lanes. finally, an eggo thick an karen, karen you've got to try this. breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo?
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♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. >>i 44 right now and us women rule the say that way. >>yeah they won the world cup. 4th time in a row and i sit on that now they're that melting
5:45 am
ice and nobody's at one oh one other nation has won back to back like these women did by defeating the netherlands, final score 2 to 0. there's megan murphy now and she also as one of the best and the golden ball because she scored the most goals actually she and alex morgan scored the same rickles right you know did it short amount of time. so she wins that and really by getting the gold involving she's the best player which she is. >>we've done exactly what we've set out to we've done exactly what we want to do. we say what lll of us really i know that my you know voice sometimes lotter you know in the arms in
5:46 am
a dynasty yeah dynasty dynasty just like the warriors were just like you know the in football, you have dynasties like the patriots team anything when your goals speak for themselves 26 goals in this year's tournament that set a new record. >>for a single edition. >>of the women's world cup now all they need get paid. that the final piece you need to solve their for so what. >>and watching them in really cool to see them take it the second year in a was not yet second arrow for in total and it was nice that happen atm out with our time which i'm eating our kron 4 morning news time. >>because on the weekends we also get up really early so it was no doubt that right. is on man was a fun match. exactly what's not going to be as fun stepping outside this morning yet look how about his reality i like going from that to the foggy start to the morning we have but here's a bit of sun life for you to get this morning started off with a
5:47 am
been showing you all those foggy shots up to this point. >>so why not show you a little bit of the clear skies that we do have above the bay from the lick observatory where you can see our first light of day above the diablo range out there just east of san jose, not a bad view and a sign of things to come later on once that fog that we're dealing with right here in the bay does this set a bench allee decide to part ways with us later on as far as big picture set up is concerned we're hanging on to this nice mild trend of weather this low pressure area to our west a looks pretty ominous right rth of us and will result in a few showers right up along the oregon border where we are actually seeing a few showers as well this morning. it's going to help to moderate temperatures towards the middle of the week may even result in a bit of cloud c a big boost in temperatures come the weekend just around the corner as for today, the coolest day of the forecast ahead of us foggy conditions up and down the coast and you see that coastal drizzle there
5:48 am
as well baugur a treat at times today pushed back inland tonight. that's when you're going to see that coastal drizzle making its return then come tomorrow morning this is at 08:15am very much though a foggy start to the day for your tuesday fog is going make its retreat can sunshine into the afternoon. and then another push of fog come tomorrow night and another round of coastal drizzle some not just tonight but into tomorrow night. do expect some windshield wiper kind of weather g to be quite thick und 50's 60's for your current temperatures so that tells you how little temperatures are going to be changing into the afternoon 50's and 60's for the peninsula along the pacific and then 60's from brisbane down to burlingame mixed in with some 70's in foster city saying carlos down the mountain view at 74 degrees today, upper 70's for campbell los gatos in morgan hill as well as san jose today
5:49 am
at 77, dodging the 80's for much of the east bay livermore pleasanton in dublin of the tri valley only in the mid 70's today which is much below average for this time of year enjoy that cooler than average weather as well for danville in concord in the upper 70's with pittsburgh are only spot on the map in the 80's which sounds really warm. but once you factor in winds gusting as high as 25 to 30 miles per hour because it will be a breezy day. it's not going to feel quite as warm as those temperatures look after today temperatures will be on the rise, not just inland, but also by the bay in coast climbing back into the 80's for tomorrow on average in london 70's by the day will peak around seasonal averages come wednesday and thursday before warm weekend around the corner nearing 90 degrees for some inland daytime highs in the upper 70's in some cases, right along the bay. that's a look at your forecast we have erica in or robin this morning for traffic in a lot of people back to work this morning erica, good morning, you're right about that and
5:50 am
yes i am filling in for robin thisor day off. >>taking a look at our bay bridge cam right here. it is crowded there if you are on the fast track lanes or the cash lanes as you can see traffic's moving a little slower than where at about an hour ago but still we're this is pretty normal for this time, it's a 13 minute drive from the maze to fremont street. the car pool lanes are looking pretty good there as for richmond sandra fell bridge here we see the cash lanes we do have a line of cars there formed back but the fast track lanes are moving pretty smoothly right now 8 minute from the east bay out to the north bay now. >>if you are taking the dumb barton bridge. there was a vehicle collision not too long ago they originally had all the lanes blocked but since then 2 lanes have reopened but it is still a little sleep can see the red there if you're heading westbound the accident actually happened on the high rise, so you might want to leave a little earlier if you
5:51 am
plan on taking that this morning as for a southbound 6.80 looking good from dublin to fremont its a 17 minute pretty normal for this time of the day and then out in the south bay here we're looking at a 10 minute drive on 2.80 from san jose out to cupertino here's a look at some of our other drive times. it has increased in some parts of the bay area there on 6.80 from pacheco to danville a 19 minute drive and on the 8.80 from san leandro to milpitas not a 20 minute 25 minute drive for you james. >>all right, thank you very much erica to national headlines this morning, a mother and her 3 children are dead following a house fire in washington state and cell phone video shows the massive fire. at a mobile home park in port angeles saturday, a neighbor said she called 911 after hearing a double pop that sounded like fireworks. a second trailer also caught fire. the man inside able to escape through a window. >>i was scared out of my mind
5:52 am
because the breeze is blowing towards the east. ought for sur after another isis king ago like dominoes falling. >>we do know that a person of interest has been arrested the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we'll take a quick break at 5.52, here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge where as john mentioned it is a foggy start to this monday morning we'll have a complete look at the forecast and an
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>lots to choose from in e% theaters this weekend we had a superhero movie we had animation music a fighter too little some for everyone david daniel has a look back at this weekend's top 5. >>a lab made the top 5 for the 7th straight weekend earning million for a domestic total of 321 million and a bill comes home fell from second to 4th place stealing away with $10.8 million kept the musical fantasy yesterday in the 3rd place. >>helped me get out of here of you what my foot after 2 weekends on top toy story 4 felt a second but million push the animated adventure past 300 million domestic. >>spiderman far from home
5:56 am
stormed out of the gate grabbing million from friday through sunday and a domestic total of 185 million. >>the best six-day opening ever for a tuesday debut in hollywood, i'm david and. now 5.56 coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news, the cleanup continues following last week's massive earthquakes in southern california will be live with the very latest. >>and a man barricades himself inside a very a 7.11 are with a gun will have details on what led up to that situation. and fire destroys 2 homes in the east bay and now investigators are trying to figure out how it started. lol hunter who does things right who's arrands you want. so, happy hunting. air wick take in fragrance inspired by nature
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for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. >>a lot of people on this monday morning or maybe you still have a little time off i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher like robin. there other yes, we got erica keeping an eye on the right, i'm filling in for but i got to admit what i like about this shift is avoiding the traffic unit has a you can definitely tell where back to the regular workday mars piling up been similar already
6:00 am
issued right so more on that to come in the second is a to work that you know it sounds like it and being greeted by your typical july weather. >>you little windy. >>i hear cy leung way up the fall, a core and at the golden gate bridge probably in full effect this morning if only we had sound effects on this camera right here. you are looking outside at those foggy conditions really settled in not just for the golden gate o well out into the east bay where visibility in napa oakland and hayward is hovering right around a mile right now to make our way through the morning it's not going to get much better over the next couple of hours. so don't expect a lot of improvement right off the bat around 9.45 getting close to 10 o'clock napa you've got some clearing at this point as well as from concord on over


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