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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 9, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>and thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher got lots to talk about this hour we'll get to that should probably talk about weather and traffic first though see how things are going out there and what are we seeing out there what's a little busy year compared to the same time yesterday we got some construction going on and already a traffic collision that's causing some backup. >>more and more people back to work today decided to take monday off from us and notice nothing about the weather this morning right. it was >>call i mean it just yet that's kind of nice his we don't have to register teeth it was no fog. >>that the wipers i didn't see the way i did feel when i decided and yet. >>i was in chile. i think we covered this day in history. this one we're just going to sell or. >>right through it which it really is a day much like yesterday except with some improvements, not as much fog not as much wind. not as much
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coastal drizzle all things that we were talking about yesterday foggo to burn up pretty quickly and then it's going to push back in tonight, pretty typical for this time of year really when you think about it as for today's temperatures are going to be just a touch warmer than yesterday as we're starting the day with temperatures very similar to yesterday's by the afternoon though we're talking 60's 70's and 80's which we didn't see a whole lot of yesterday maybe one or 2 out there in the east bay. i'm talking more about what you can expect for your tuesday afternoon and for the rest of the week to still to come. erica. >>good morning checking in our bay bridge camera heading into san francisco here right before that holds you can see. it's gotten more then what we saw we last checked in here. the cash lanes moving slow their long line a fast track is even slowdown there. >>the carpool lane looking great though to 12 minute drive from the maze out to fremont street to san mateo here's a quick 12 minute drive if you're taking the san mateo
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bridge this morning traffic's looking pretty light here you can see that even on the high the rise, it's looking good and checking in on this traffic collision it still looks like there's heavy traffic there on one oh one south in san francisco. earlier there was a vehicle that was on its side blocking some of the lanes so you might want to leave a little earlier if you plan on taking bad and out here to the 24th you're taking that it's looking great right now there's no issues it to win 11 minute drive from walnut creek 2 of the 5.80 daly city if you plan on taking it to 80 to san francisco looking great a drive time under 10 minutes and on 8.80 from san leandro out oakland a fast drive. diane james, thanks a lot it's 5 o 2 and today, dozens of south bay nurses are going to hit the picket lines to bring attention to the high turnover rate. >>to hospital a nurse is say that the high turnover rate is affecting the care that they
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can bring to the patient's kron four's will tran live there with the latest on what we're expecting today will. >>the you can expect no disruption in service, the picket lines will begin at 6 o'clock in the morning a good samaritan as well as regional medical center. so you can still going see your doctors and your nurses this will happen throughout the day they want to send a message to the public that they says they're administrators are not helping them out they claim that they're losing so many nurses at a rate about 20% compared to other hospitals at around 3%. so they're overworked understaffed and they say ultimately that impacts the patients we have reached out to the nurses, the representatives to get comment is if you have an appointment you will not have any disruptions because this is an informational picket and not a strike back to you. >>all right, thank you very much, we'll 5 oh 3 is the time and this morning. family of one of the people who was
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injured in a crash last month in the caldecott tunnel that 2 people ended up dying in that crash 5 others were hurt. and it being sent to the hospital all this after wrong-way driver. under the influence slammed head on into a car on highway 24. taylor's sacking has the story. >>now because of someone else's mistake. a lot of his choices in the future no longer has to be he's going to have to work them out. this family and i are very supportive when darrell london known as daryl to friends and family. >>is now paralyzed and fighting to recover from severe injuries. chp says a suspected drunk driver headed down the wrong way of highway 24 slammed into london's car late last month initially some alum. >>brain trauma time a subdural hematoma it was you know really worry us for the beginni spine spinal cord injuries. tea in a e. when you walk again.
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>>girlfriend alexa tao tao and his cousin, derek or yell are still stunned by the news saying this could have been prevented speech let's take a look at this a real like and they didn't believe that was real that this is actually. >>that happened i don't want to be a beat saying you the driver had it's just there's so many resources nowadays to avoid driving theirs. uber there's lived and it's just frustrating that people are still choosing to drive while under >>both the wrong way driver and his passenger died soon after the accident. london had 4 other passengers in his car all family and friends in their 20's. his family says 2 of them william temple and william bernardino are still in the hospital recovering, but london's injuries are the most severe he didn't deserve this that. >>and they know they deserve is a special night we're live someone else's life in jeopardy. london's family tells me he's now waiting another major surgery, but the doctors had to put a hold on it. >>because of the extent of his other injuries. he's just not strong enough right now his family has also started a go
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fund me page to raise money for his medical bills. you can find that link on our website in walnut creek taylor this app the kron 4 news. >>5 and a teenage boy was shot and killed in san francisco, this is a story that we first told you about yesterday on the kron 00:04am morning news, a 15 year-old boy was found around 24th in cap streets in the mission district. he has been identified as dave on ham from san francisco police tried to chase down a car that was leaving the scene but it got away. the 3rd suspect in a stabbing and shooting last week at a home in the valley, 40 area sonoma county has turned himself in to authorities and lardo lopez cabrera was booked into jail accused of assault with a gang enhancement. the attack happened on valley ford road last month. deputies found a man who wound to the een stabbed in leg there. deputies believe the victims showed up at a party where a fight broke out lopez cabrera
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is believed to be the shooter. 2 others were arrested earlier this month. >>and a 20 year-old man died in a shooting in san francisco's here. but when a neighborhood early sunday morning that shooting happened in the area, but the faa seo and the been the streets that's right near interstate 80. the victim's name hasn't been released yet and no arrests have been made. california lawmakers are moving forward with the governor's proposal to help utility companies pay for future wildfires when their equipment is to blame. governor gavin, newsome proposed the measure partly in response to pg e's bankruptcy and role in recent wildfires. the bill provides $21 billion to help utility companies pay for future welfare costs. the money would come from utility companies and from a fee that california is already pay from the energy crisis decades ago while fire victims that we spoke with though are divided on the issue. there are many people still struggling and financially even if they have insurance that. >>i hope you don't forget it so there is less oversight and
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less accountability in this bill, then current state. >>supporters say the bill will make sure that victims get paid and protect ratepayers from skyrocketing costs the bill now heads to the assembly for a vote later this week. >>the mayor of san jose is calling for the end of pga knees total control over power blackouts the utility has permission from the state to cut power if it decides that the weather conditions oppose an increase wildfire risk. the california public utilities commission says the blackouts are a last resort. mayor sam liccardo says without oversight from local governments he feels pg e's public safety power service program is not trustworthy. i am concerned. >>that this is not an agency that has safety of my community or anyone else's community and talk foremost in their mind. and i have very good reason to have those concerns based on the last decade.
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>>p plans to give they say 48 hours notice if they need to shut off the power. in the east bay for apartments were damaged in a fire it happened in newark in the 6,000 block of joachim area as around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 2 apartments sustained major damage a dog died in the fire another dog was rescued, nobody else was hurt. >>fish and wildlife services wants to drop a. well one and a half tons of poison pellets on farallon islands to eliminate the road an invasion. there's nearly 60,000 mice on the islands, it's it just 27 miles off. the coast of san francisco is home to marine mammals seabirds native plants but the mice have caused an ecological nightmare a lot of damage fish and wildlife service's believe these poison pellets is the best approach because it's the most effective. >>if you at the site.
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>>critics say the proposal though puts many other species at risk like the seagulls and seals and even humans. >>check out this video shows a mountain lion was spotted on a sidewalk in san mateo watch the top of the screen. there goes. >>home surveillance captured this on the 400 block of 22th avenue nobody actually saw it in person. they just notice the video of it so police ended up searching the area never did find that big cat, but it offers a opportunity for police to remind you to keep watch on small children when you're hiking or traveling through wooded areas and don't let your pets out at night. now is 5.10 still ahead, a young bay area boy gaining popularity after a mome possible solution to the housing crisis t bunk bed sever days after 2 major quakes shake southern california residents are still concerned about what might come next. we'll have an update on the story. and looking outside this morning temperatures are
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pretty similar to where they were yesterday a range of mid to upper 50's right now i've got your forecast and what to expect for the rest of the day still to come. >>you're taking the golden gate bridge. both directions looking pretty good right now it's a quick 90 minute drive from nevado to the toll plaza we'll check in on our other
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>>flooding in the nation's capital creating a mess for drivers check out this new video into our newsroom. the
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washington dc metro area's been pummeled reall with heavy rain during yesterday's morning rush hour in particular the school buses. several vehicles were stranded. and a 3 feet of water that it collected on some of the roads power. sparking flash flood emergencies as well. >>they opened up on news. i knew there's no chance, you got a point you got to keep it. so this is me trying to get there and seen cars literally under water, so this is just and saying. >>yeah we're all of our high the river is there with more than a dozen high water rescues that were reported as folks were like that guy trying to get where they're going and getting stuck in the process. >>hard to believe was only right here and right. >>and now a flooding potential in the south they're looking at developing in the northern gulf of mexico could result in flooding from houston to florida. >>house hunters also there you' deal with anything about that
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makes you glad that we just have a little coastal drizzle from time to home and even less of it this morning than yesterday. >>fog is certainly something that we are seeing very patchy across the bay this morning though you're not seeing it widespread like we did yesterday and blocked out this view now you can see all the way across the bay of san francisco from the north bay right here show you the difference that just a a one-day makes from yesterday's very foggy conditions to today's patchy fog as i mentioned just a couple of spots out there showing up on the radar where you may see a drop or 2 of rain on your windshield really just out along the coast. this is our low pressure system sitting to our west now it does look like a pretty develop system and it actually is some rainfall from washington oregon down to the far northern reaches of california passing too far north for us to be getting in the mix as far as any sort of rain back here at home though we are looking at another dose of fog this morning, something that we will see yet again tomorrow
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morning as well. this is very typical for this time of year those foggy start to the days and then the afternoons that offer up abundant sunshine and that's what we're going to be sticking with in the days to come. now the big changes you're going to notice are going to be as far as temperatures go. we're are going to see a rise in temperatures today as compared to where we were at yesterday which was the coolest day of the week after this temperatures are going to continue to rise closer to average and then eventually above average by the weekend ahead of us 60's in san francisco and up and down the peninsula on the pacific side was 70's for millbrae souwadwood city at 77 woodside getting in the mix with the low 80 today and then seeing even more 80's down in the mark livermore ride 80 degrees also back in the 80's danville walnut creek in concord now one of the reasons i mention
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so much when say a whole lot yesterday pittsburgh you're about the only spot that got there. now a whole lot more areas in the bay up to that mark with some 90's around the corner for some of the same areas we will see those numbers until the weekend so do enjoy this, nice comfortable forecast well asked before this weekend warm-up as for bayside areas low 70's, the next few days before near 80 degree highs by the latter part of the weekend. that's a look at your forecast erica also that your way. >>good morning and happy tuesday we're seeing more cars as that out and about. this work today you can see our bay bridge camera here looking slow their the fast tra ashley a words the 13 minute drive from the maze to fremont street and to taking a look here our san mateo bridge camera, it's looking really light right now the high i rise is also
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looking good and we're checking in on this collision that happened in san francisco on the one oh one said looks like may have gotten rid of the car that was actually a flipped on its side blocking some of the lanes there so traffic is getting better and we were in the red earlier with heavy but right now it's still moving a little slow, but it should get better within these next few. the 8.80 here if you're heading from san leandro out to milpitas it's looking great there's no issues right now it's a 20 minute drive. and on the dumb barton bridge, a fast 11 minute commute for you if you plan on taking that out to menlo park this morning, let's check in on our other drive times around the bay here. one oh one from san francisco out to the 80 split it's a fast. 6 minutes driving in send it over to you darya thanks aster funding for a is those affected by the 2 major earthquakes that hit in southern california. you can
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see there's a lot of damage because well, here's a satellite pictures but now we're going to zoom in down on the ground you can see what they have to do. they've started fixing ceilings and walls. here's new video showing customers making a run for it. out of a restaurant that was during a 7.1 quake and that followed the 6.4 quake that hit on july 4th. my house got hit by the 6th grade 4. so it's pretty devastating. a rescue group is helping the victims with their injured or lost pets that summit. york couple is suing a california fertility clinic after a woman gave birth to babies that were not hers. the mother who is asian gave birte to 2 nomination babies in a child was a genetic match to a different couple who were also clients of that los angeles clinic. the facility is called c h a fertility. the asian
5:20 am
couple was then forced to give up their babies too. the true genetic parents. the lawsuit says that the couple spent a $100,000 on the ivf procedures and other expenses. the couple still does not know what happened to their own 2 embryos that were supposed to be transferred. ca chief fertility has not commented. >>to national headlines. the battle continues over the citizenship question and whether to have it on the upcoming census. >>president trump is considering using an executive order to add the question john lawrence has the story. >>president trump's quest for a question just picking up steam president wants the 2020 census to ask whether responders are us citizens and its next move is expected soon i think over the next day or 2 you'll see what approach we're taking i think. >>it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. >>the attorney general has said that an executive order
5:21 am
is one possibility under consideration with president trump has said that a memorandum is another with thinking about doing that is one of the ways we have 4 or 5 ways we can do if the supreme court recently ruled against having the question on the upcoming census saying the administration had not provided a strong enough reason to include it any move to issue an executive order or something along those lines to put that citizenship question back on the senses in my opinion would be unconstitutional a citizenship question hasn't been on the census since 1950 critics say having it may scare noncitizens from filling out the form causing an inaccurate population count issues that that keeping you know. >>a make america white again. t want to make sure that people certain people. our count it it's it's really disgraceful. >>i'm john lawrence report. >>21 and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news oakland library's director is talking about the push to
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pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. >>5.24 on this tuesday morning skies pretty clear over the week observing tory where you can see a lot of sunlight making its way over the horizon now we do have definitely do have plenty more sunshine to see later on today does that mean it's going to be a good day to get
5:25 am
you are an allergy sufferer one of the reasons. i'm enjoying the pollen forecast very much lately because pollen levels have been pretty well you probably noticed yourself maybe sneezing a little bit less i know i have so that's one of the reasons we've been a getting back out there a little bit easier after what was kind of a rough start to the season remember just a couple months ago. erica. >>good morning john are starting to see more cars out and about if you plan on taking the golden gate bridge though it's looking really good right now. both directions a quick could try under 20 minutes. that's from nevado out to the toll plaza there. and it's looking clear no fog like luis high yesterday and as for the south bay here, you collisions or anything that i'm picking up it's a fast 10 minute drive on the 2.80 from san jose out to cupertino another drive times around the bay area on the 6.80 from pitch a co 2 danville you're looking at 12 minutes. and for the 5.80 for
5:26 am
tate heading from livermore out to dublin a quick 11 minute drive for you in on highway one oh one from brisbane to san francisco, you're looking at 6 minutes back to you. >>all right, thank you very much erica for your health this morning, the measles outbreak in here in the us shows no sign of letting up the number of cases nationwide stands at 1109 as of last week that's up 14 cases over the previous weekend. it's the highest number reported in the u s since 1992 cases have been confirmed in 28 states including right here in california. sarah. >>another bay area city is banning east cigar (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a parking splat. fly-by ballooning. (man) don't...go...down...oh, no! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! (burke) rooftop parking. (burke) and even a hit and drone.
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♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. >>29 look at weather and traffic and the it's pretty quiet out there how are things right now. starting to go up as more people are you know that getting on the road for i wish i had some good news to tell you guys like last thursday but uh a typical workday again. >>back out on and all right and on the weather front. it does look a little better today. yeah temperatures slightly going up a little less fog a lot less drizzle lot less wind to hey all those things i think we can stand behind it definitely is. >>a nicer one to be getting outside you can see at the golden gate bridge. there certainly marine layer but as i've been talking about all morning that fog is sitting right above the bay today. so
5:30 am
it's not really causing any problems not blocking out any of the golden gate bridge is you are making that crossing and it's sitting high enough that you can actlittle bit of t coming up out in the distance so big change from yesterday. well just depends on where that marine layer sitting, and you can see it streaming in well across the bay. so you are dealing with some overcast conditions not so much a foggy start to the morning for most of us though foggo push into tomorrow morning and you could have some visibility issues out in the hills but for the most part you're not going to be looking at those visibility issues today at least unless you're crossing into some higher elevation terrain by the time we work into the afternoon we're talking a few more 80's on the map that we did for yesterday so warmer one today and we're only getting warmer from here, i'm a talking about just how warm it will get into the weekend. still to come. erica. >>good morning, john. well if you are taking the richmond sandra fell bridge this morning. it's starting to pile up there in the cash lanes you can see a line of cars of
5:31 am
started to stack and it's moving slow. but i mean the drive is still really good. you're looking at just 7 minutes from the toll plaza out to one o one after pay at the tolls so that's that checking our other bridges here the san mateo bridge looking good it's a fast 13 minute drive from the word out to san mateo no issues anywhere on the bridge high rise looking excellent 10 the south bay looking good to major collisions or anything that would slow. he had down there it's a 10 minute drive from san jose out to cupertino and on the 24 if you're going from walnut creek to the 5.80 no issues as well so let's check in on some of our other drive times here on the 8. >>80 from san leandro to milpitas you're looking at a good 21 21 minute drive. other drive times for you here on the 84 fremont to the bayfront expressway, 12 minutes and the senate.
5:32 am
>>thanks a lot of 5.31 you can no longer buy flavored tobacco or e cigarettes in livermore that's right city leaders approved the measure last night with kron 4 sarah stinson on the story for us live in livermore sarah. >>yeah, you know what city council members here livermore they were passionate about this and that their previous phone about 2 weeks ago this was unanimous and last night again they voted to ban all flavored tobacco sales as well as. those e cigarette any type of electronic cigarette devices. they also banned the sale of tobacco. any type of backover taking cigarettes too. within 1000 feet of any type of park for school so they went above and beyond to make sure that this is nowhere near children and that's really their main city council says that they they really wanted to do this band after recent california, healthy kids survey showed the
5:33 am
cigarette usage reach 30% among livermore 11th graders in 2017 20 18 during the school year which was a rapid increase from the year before. now the survey also showed 72% of liver or 11th graders believe it is easy to obtain the 6. so that's why they said no we're even sell it near those schools or parks. now speaking out against the ordinance was alameda county tobacco control coalition and of course owners of tobacco retail stores, livermore super intended in the school board they were in favor of this of course, but there are currently 16 to 61 retailers who sell tobacco products can be a huge hit to their business. so we're going to talk to them today see h they'rfeeling but definitely going to be a huge difference here livermore this will go into effect in 30 days. i'm live in livermore sarah stinson kron 4 news ok, thank you. >>5.33 and for the first time derek elmen as a master go ship warehouse tenet took the stand he is charged with 36
5:34 am
counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire in 2016. he broke down in the heat in tears during his testimony saying that he built something and he attracted beautiful people to his face. his attorney asked elmen if he feels any remorse for those who died and he said quote forever. >>directly mogae take responsibility any and show yes i do. you know, and we'll never you know forget it he's not a tough criminal is an >>and this is destroying him well and everyone >>ao minnis said that he believed the warehouse was safe and that he would never expose his children to the risk of a fire and they left their home in a lived in that warehouse with his 3 children and his wife, he said that he didn't want anyone to be in danger he returns to the stand today. a big story that we're following lawmakers have sent
5:35 am
a bill on use of force by police to the governor's desk that bill would allow police to use deadly force only when it's necessary to defend against an imminent threat or death or serious injury to bystanders. the state senate approved the bill yesterday. the legislation was prompted by public anger over recent police shootings across the state. >>a congressman eric swalwell is no longer running for president of the united states he made that announcement yesterday at his campaign headquarters in dublin. here's video of that of course back in april he announced his presidential bid pledging his commitment to confronting gun violence swalwell is the first candidate to drop out since the campaign began. he has decided which candidate, he'll endorse. i'm really impressed >>you know the field i'm not making decisions right now i look at it some talented healed, and that that was one of the challenges i think for us was not a lot of heavyweights and i feel it's going to take more twists and turns out ford not to you know being a citizen watching the debates.
5:36 am
>>the 38 year-old will now focus on winning reelection for his house seat. bay area billionaire tom stier may be jumping into the 2020 race after all he's known for his high-profile efforts to impeach president trump. he told his staff that he'll join the race. the news comes just months after star publicly announced that he would not run so he could concentrate on ousting a president sire has not released any details yet when he might make this announcement. >>the people in contra costa county were hurt in a fire that was started by a r crashed here in contra costa county at the rancho diablo mobile home park and then it sent a grass fire and that was near buchanan field airport 2 people had to go to the hospital because of their injuries but we don't know how serious they are. new this morning, a one year-old child is recovering after falling from a second-story window in brentwood. the home was on
5:37 am
princess way a helicopter came to the scene to take the child the u c davis med center. brentwood police are now investigating. >>was trying to take a selfie when he was run over by a bowl to 46 year-old jamie alvarez was looking to get a souvenir photo from his running with the bulls in spain, windy. turned into a near-death experiences, different photo, yeah and he was planning absolutely true to who is running from bulls and turns around to take a selfie how he ended up getting gored in the neck luckily, he didn't you know didn't sever an artery or that much worse for him, but understand that part of his children and he still says you're going go back i want to go again, but he says he'll do it as a spectator. >>wants to go sit here and look which. ok. >>but once once run over gored by bulls enough for i just hear clearly whole years of thing if some bulls are chasing you. >>you know little to stop to no 10 s uh huh 5.37 right now still ahead on the ground 4 morning news or to catch up with a bay area.
5:38 am
>>6 year old. who is shothis st yeah as pictures of gun viral d hour we're going to show you the moment that a gender reveal. we went up in flames, this is a warning from police. >>the hand for those of you getting outside today, nothing too much to worry about actually pr how do you keep feeling your best all summer long? start with supporting your gut health. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. so, let's make this the summer of loving your gut. activia. love for your gut.
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>>looking outside at a much
5:41 am
clearer picture than we saw at the same time yesterday we do have cloud cover, but it's sitting for the most part just right above the bay, just filtering right over the top the sales first tower right there in the distance overall a much clearer starts the morning than yesterday and the easy one for your commute as far as weather goes at least current temperatures in the mid to upper 50's across the bay area. the exception of novato and napa in the upper 40's, currently redwood city europe, 53 this is pretty similar. it's where we to worry
5:42 am
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>>44 and a 6 year-old boy from west oakland is becoming an internet star. because of his sidewalk chalk art. >>now it's gone viral he's impressive with his free hand to italy and it's captivated thousands across the country with that kron four's dan thorn now with his story. >>they say a picture's worth a 1000 words that's certainly true for 6 year-old yvonne mostly junior. using the sidewalk as his canvas. this west oakland boy has garnered the attention of thousands with his impressive dueling. >>videos of his drawings have been viewed millions of times on twitter like hear word yvonne is shown easily sketching the video game character sonic the hedgehog. >>a lot of the people reaching out from all over the world. something that we went in expecting it was just a random
5:45 am
post. >>april littlefield is to vonn's grandmother. she says divides gift for art actually came as a surprise he. >>always given me pictures from other they. i didn't know that he was actually your and then i thought they were coming out a coloring book. >>his talents maybe wowing the web right now, but graham on family have enjoyed a front row seat, it is. >>also doesn't have to trace he doesn't have have the picture next to him. he does have his own image inside his in his >>when the vase not playing with his favorite toys he spends his time drawing his favorite characters from black panther to captain america. the list doesn't stop there. and for to van this all comes naturally, you'd never had any formal training. >>no one ever encouraged him no nothing new with ever taken out here and if they drive
5:46 am
you. he looked at a picture he played with the toys and then he did drop them. >>so why does he do this. >>it is down >>and ask his family. his story is only just beginning. >>i want the world to get ready for the van mostly junior because he's coming. >>all right, let's check bay area roads and before you head out the door down tribal looking at that for us and what is tuesday hold in store, you know what if there was good weather for some sidewalk arts. today's the day to letter lands, no rain no coastal drizzle little bit of sunshine. this afternoon and comfortable temperatures all good to go really as far as that goes a pretty unremarkable day. but hey when it comes to whether that's kind of a nice thing looking outside at san francisco. you do see nice clear skies at least looking out at the horizon line when you look up that's where you see the clouds. >>they're sitting above the bay today so not drifting in the form of fog and causing you those visibility issues such as we did see yesterday there's that cloud cover
5:47 am
that's sitting over san jose been talking about it a lot this morning in you can see the clouds that are even over the berkeley hills that tells you how far aloft they are not really making contact with much of the ground this morning as we make our way through your day you're going to see less and less of that cloud cover more and more the sunshine just got to wait till the afternoon to see it now to our west we do actually have a pretty significant system. this area of low pressure is going to steer its way our direction resulting in an ice cold front that will pass through helping to keep temperatures moderating over the next few days but any sort of rain from this system is going to be well too far to the north up along the california oregon border and eventually up into the pacific northwest. so while we will enjoy a moderating impact from that low pressure system it's not going to result in any rainfall for us tonight, some fog pushes back inland across the bay, some low clouds and fog pulls back out tomorrow. then we look at it again pushing in tomorrow the day after that so it's a pretty seasonable forecast in that regard. you've got your grace
5:48 am
starts to the day and then your sunshine he finishes to them like we did see yesterday to see more of that in the days to come the changes will occur as first temperatures are concerned not a big change in san francisco compared to yesterday, although you will see a bump in temperatures just along the coast. the biggest rise in temperatures is going to be for inland areas taking us from the 70's to the 80's with woodside back to 80 degrees today and much of the south bay right there with yes, san jose milpitas in santa clara. each at 80 degrees for your daytime highs east bay, a range of upper 70's to low 80's and then a few low 70's to and union city hayward on up to oakland and san leandro 60's in berkeley and richmond while low 80's return from concord through walnut creek down to danville and much of the north bay also winds calm or a peer than yesterday which is certainly a nice change. petaluma you'll be at 78 getting close to the 80 degree mark now come wednesday and thursday temperatures are right where they should be for this time
5:49 am
of year. those are 2 seasonable days ahead of us after this. we actually rise above average which is something we haven't seen in a bit now friday saturday and sunday of the weekend are going to be very toasty with temperatures near if not at 90 degrees. inland. and some bayside temperatures nearing the 80 degree mark. that's your forecast we have erica in for robin this morning with a look at traffic even talking about a little busier out there. >>yeah john drive time slowly starting to increase, but it's not bad, it's actually a still pretty good out there, i'm taking a look at our bay bridge camera heading into san francisco gotten crowded. you can see all the lanes there the cash lanes and the fast of course and on the san mateo bridge here. it's a from the east bay out to the peninsula looking and good right now even on the high rise, no issues on that bridge. there was a collision
5:50 am
on us one o one south and in redwood city this is at the ranks turriff avenue offramp one lane is it closed out there and then and another issue out here in pittsburgh. route half full we're heading east at the san marco boulevard off-ramp there was a traffic collision and some debris on the road and that actually started causing flat tires from multiple vehicles, according to chp so be careful if you're traveling out there in the south bay and is looking excellent right now on to a t san jose to cupertino you're looking at a 10 minute drive time and on the dumb barton bridge here heading to menlo park a fast 12 minute drive so far looking good no major hot spots out there stuff. you're taking 5.80 from livermore to the 6.80 we're looking at an 11 minute drive time and on us one o one from san francisco to the 80 split. it's a fast 6 minute drive back to you ok thank you.
5:51 am
>>a california man now facing a year in prison after pleading guilty to stealing the country's oldest living lever 19 year-old a keen us cause bar was looking to keep the lemur is a pet when he stole from the santa ana zoo after hours. the next day though he change is mine and put it in an unventilated drawer and abandoned him in front of a hotel with a note explaining that it should be taken to authorities. isaac was returned unharmed to the zoo thankfully. cause bar now facing. an additional $100,000 fine as well for the misdemeanor count of unlawfully taking an endangered species. his sentencing hearing is set for october. surveillance video captured the moment, a man fell from the roof of a car dealership onto a car bolo take a look ow. >>yeah we will replay that for different angles. actually the car appears to havhim from more serious injuries deal next morning with a dent on
5:52 am
the roof and when they want to look at the security video that's when they spotted the man. the owner believes he may be used a ladder to try to climb on to the back of the building the roof back there to kind of strange. >>by somebody would. go off the front end of the roof is makes a sense maybe they were just goofing around him that is pretty dangerous thing to do it is amazing that that this the new knocked unconscious. >>yeah police were obviously called no word on whether any action will be taken. but i'm say they have a clear image of the personnel track him down. right as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside the got the golden gate bridge with some low clouds overhead not nears foggy those it was yesterday.
5:53 am
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>patients either yesterday or today and. >>for those of you that may be picking up someone from the airport. well this is what you got to deal with we do have a pretty solid delay out there no big surprise was just how overcast it is above sfo right now. it certainly isn't as much of a foggy one as it is a cloudy one but that still has an impact on your visibility. temperatures in the 50's currently for most of the bay area, a chilly one up in the north bay though with napa petaluma novato in saint helena, all in the upper 40's with berkeley at 55 in oakland, just shy of 60 right now erica.
5:56 am
>>happy tuesday john we're seeing more using the richmond sandra fell bridge here as you can see behind me a little line here in the cash lanes fast seeing more cars there. in good though you're looking at an 8 minute drive from the toll plaza out to highway one oh one in the north bay there was this traffic collision in redwood city not too long ago a vehicle is blocking a lane. it looks like now the reigning store fav a new off-ramp there is close but one no one is looking great there as you can see and no issues for you if you're commuting there now westbound 24. it's a quick drive from walnut creek to 5 a just 11 minutes. james. >>all right. thank you very much. coming up. news the plan to get rid of mice on the farallon islands is stirring up some controversy will tell you why some say it actually could cause health problems for other animals on the island too. and for the first time we're hearing from the
5:57 am
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play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums >>and thanks for joining us. i'm darya pulse. and i'm james fletcher is let's get the hour starting here with a check of weather traffic and then we get to the headlines in a minute how the roads look at looking like your typical you know tuesday morning i do got to remind you to be careful
6:00 am
when you're driving there's actually some debris on the road and multiple people reading over and got flat tires out in pittsburgh this morning so be careful out there for way to start your day on mike and those are all right, thank you early. be there floods fires and never fun at least, but have any tires this morning. pretty nice day so far and we're going to hold on to that nice weather through the day too cloudy skies to start you can see the clouds actually from above here. >>over towards to know where those clouds of sitting right above the bay area this morning. not really resulting in foggy conditions for most unless you're driving through them up in the hills nevado and napa are seeing some of our biggest visibility impacts this morning while areas for most of the bay are actually sitting right under that cloud cover some mostly lo


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