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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 9, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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traffic to start the hour and then we'll get to the headlines. the roads have been steadily definitely there's also been some much traffic collisions and working to get more information on that redwood city and out in the east bay, so give you an update when i can all right. >>the weather like today. >>not bad one of those days where you might not remember drive into work this morning and >>it isn't going to be anything that causes you problems that's always nice to talk about rather be talking about that than something that's going to be slowing you down as far as weather goes. there's certainly a lot of cloud cover but that's not really making contact with the ground at some low clouds that are hanging out way above us and you can see that reflected in your future cast of the fog. there has been some beloved visibility issues if you're heading up into some hilly areas but if you're hanging out right along the coast and some lower elevations, you're definitely not going to be encountering that fog this morning, so it's a bit of good news. you should be running into any troubles.
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50's for your temperatures this morning, 60's and 70's by noontime and by the afternoon today. we're back into the 80's for some spots that were only in the 70's yesterday are getting hotter than this in the days to come. i'm talking the return of that summer heat this weekend. still to come erica. >>good morning john a. >>it is moving along slow if you're taking the san mateo bridge right now as you can see a more. we're looking at a 23 minute. commute time from hayward out to the there also looking a little sun high rise as well asked for traffic collisions, i'm trying to get more information on this on dublin on the 6.80. i lane for is block. this is the actually heading north so i'll double check on that does looks like the traffic there is a heading south as for a redwood city, there's also a collision on a one oh one that i'm trying to get more information on as for a walnut creek here to the 5
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80 on the 24th looking really good it's a 15 minute for you and the south bay here in 18 minute drive on the 2.80 from san jose to cupertino back to james and darya thanks a lot. >>happening now dozens of south a nurses are on the picket line trying to bring attention to the high turnover rates that they've experienced on the job and they say it will affect said the people who come there is patients kron four's will tran is live in san jose with more. >>here's what need to know this is not a strike this will go on for 3 hours starting at 6 o'clock in the morning and ends at 9 o'clock in the morning you can see the nurses, many of them are dressed in their scrubs because after they're done with this. they will walk into work say if you have an appointment at good samaritan a regional medical center. requirements are not impacted because they will have their workers here. they are continuing to negotiate with their hospitals they claim
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that they're overworked and understaffed that they lose more nurses at these hospitals, the other hospitals at a rate of 20% last year compared according to them compared to about 3% and other hospitals and ultimately they say when the nurses are overworked it impacts their patients and how the patients are cared, here's melinda markowitz she's the president of the california nurses association. why do you think this hospital in regional medical center loses more according to you more nurses than say kaiser are some of the other hospitals and. >>well, you know nurses that were sometimes feel that if they go to another hospital it the. and and be able to. given the care that would like to get. does are you guys getting paid comparably 2 other hospitals. no we're not. and
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that's part of the negotiation as part of the negotiations a very good i can tell you that the hospital did reach out to us. they're not happy with the nurses being on the picket lines. they claim they're still bargaining in good faith that they want to have this at the bargaining table and not on the sidewalks that too. all right, thank you very much will. >>news this morning about an hour ago bay area billionaire tom stier announced that he is jumping into the 2020 race. >>if you think that there's something absolutely critical try as hard as you can. and let the chips fall where they may and that's exactly what i'm doing. >>my name's tom sermanni for president. >>stiers known for his high-profile efforts to impeach president trump. this news comes just months after he publicly announced he would not be running. so that he could put his full focus and concentration on ousting the president. despite becoming a national voice on impeachment this year stier made no mention of it in his campaign announcement, 7 oh 4.
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>>time and this morning we're hearing from the family of one of the people injured in a crash that happened last month and the caldecott tunnel it was a deadly crash 2 people were killed and 5 others went to the hospital. it was a wrong way driver under the influence who slammed head on into another car headed down highway 24, 25 year-old darryl london is now paralyzed in fighting for his life at the hospital in walnut creek. he didn't deserve this that. >>and they know they deserve is a special night him we're live someone else's life in jeopardy. >>see all those people in the other car who were injured and then the wrong way driver and his passenger who were killed in that crash. >>man died in a shooting in san francisco's your book one a neighborhood early sunday morning. it happened the area obama and the be in streets that's right near interstate 80. the victim's name hasn't been released and no arrests been made either but we'll keep you updated as police continue their investigation.
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california lawmakers are moving forward with the governor's proposal to help utility companies pay for future wildfires when their equipment is to blame. governor newsome proposed the measure partly in response to pg e's bankruptcy and role in recent wildfires. the bill provides $21 billion to help utility companies pay for future wildfire costs that money would come from utility companies themselves and from the fee that california is already pay from the energy crisis decades ago, wildfire victims that we spoke with are divided on the issue. there are many people still struggling and financially even if they have insurance that. >>i hope you don't forget it so there is less oversight and less accountability in this bill, then current state. >>supporters say the bill will make sure the victims get paid and protect ratepayers from skyrocketing costs the bill now heads to the assembly for a vote later this week. >>7 oh 6 right now and the mayor of san jose is calling for an end to pg e's total
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the state to cut power if they decide the weather conditions are too dangerous. for a wildfire. the california p you see says blackouts should be a last resort mayor sam liccardo says without oversight though from local governments he feels of p g's public safety power service program is untrustworthy. i am concerned. >>that this is not an agency that has safety of my community or anyone else's community and talk foremost in their mind. and i have very good reason to have those concerns based on the track pga last decade. >>the genie plans to give 48 hours notice if they think they need to shut the power off. in the east bay for apartments were damaged in a fire that broke out in newark in the 6,000 block of joaquin marion avenue. it was about 3 o'clock yesterday. 2 of the apartment sustained major damage and one dog was rescued, but another dog died
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in the fire. wants to drop one and a half tons of poison pellets on to the farallon islands to try to eliminate the rodent problem that exists there there's nearly 60,000 mice on the islands that said about 27 miles off the san francisco coast. it's home to marine mammals and seabirds a native plants, but the mice have caused ecological damage on a scale that just can't be ignored fish and wildlife service is believed that poison is the best approach because it's the most effective. >>we're and eat it at the site. critics say the proposal puts many other species at risk like seagulls seals. >>and even humans will see where the vote goes. in national news president trump is considering using an executive order to add the citizenship question to the
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2020 census. president says he's got 5 or 4 or 5 ways to make sure the question gets added despite the fact the supreme court recently ruled that having that question on the census is not allowed they say the administration hasn't provided strong enough reasons yet to include it. critics say having it may scare noncitizens from filing out filling out that form causing an inaccurate count of the population. >>this is keeping you know make america knows hacked make america white again. they want to make sure that people certain people. our count it it's it's really disgraceful. >>a citizenship question hasn't been seen on the census since 1950. the census is taken once every 10 years information from that census help set up everything from voting boundaries to funding for government programs so accurate count of the total population is essential. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, a mountain lion spotted in the bay area will tell you where
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where is the areas and east bay congressman eric swalwell is out the first democrat to drop out of the presidential race after the break. a woman gives birth and then has to give up the babies because it turns out they weren't. they were somebody else's and now she's suing a california clinic. >>the hand as you're stepping be encountering too many problems out there we do have temperatures in the 50's some relatively clear skies, i've got your forecast account. >>highway one oh one in the north bay looking great right now, and the golden gate bridge is well if you're heading from nevado to the toll plaza to 23 minute commute, we'll take a look
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>>welcome back. it is 7.13 right now and we get a look at the weather today and see a little fog out there yet little bit of fog. >>just a touch of it it's mostly actually sitting right above the base of this ability hasn't been an issue a look at san francisco you can see skies definitely on the gray side just a bit. but compared to yesterday visibility is definitely us it really nice a look at the south bay you do have some set cloudy skies overhead as well you on the other hand are cloudier than yesterday was that's just because yesterday you had some clear skies overhead didn't really see that fog impact at the rest of the bay did for the day yesterday and as for the east bay, there's your
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sunshine sitting over mount diablo really nice start to the day out there. skies are just going to become increasingly clear out into the afternoon. >>high pressure is sitting to our east but we're right at the edge of this high-pressure ridge. >>so we're not really feeling the full effect of any sort of heat that would be building inland, although in the days to come especially on the weekend summer is adout to make its return and in a big way now we're going to stay pretty typical and or at least the next couple of days during the week ahead, so don't worry too much about temperatures over the next few days ahead of us. we'll have some foggy morning. some sunny afternoons and daytime highs peaking right where they should be today, although warmer than yesterday still really comfortable one 50's and 60's for san francisco and a range of 60's from daly city down to half moon bay just a bit warmer than yesterday was just a touch warmer really across the bay today workinack up to 80 degrees with mountain view up to 79 compared to yesterday's mid 70's, h bay you're in the upper
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today, it's the low 80's, not a huge difference, but a noticeable one pleasanton in dublin upper 70's well, livermore in the low 80's. low 80's as well for danville walnut creek in concord while oakland right at 70 degrees. the north bay, not as windy as yesterday but not near as foggy but you are going to be looking at temperatures a bit warmer pittsburgh back into the mid 80's while low 80 up in santa rosa holding on to the 70's from petaluma down to mill valley not been talking a lot about the week ended. you can see why giving a look at friday saturday and sunday your daytime highs in lynn will be back into the 90's in many cases with some parts of the north bay potentially getting even warmer than that some upper 90's and a couple of models showing the possibility of maybe even a triple digit or 2. now as for the bayside areas temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's come the weekend. that means you enjoy these next 3 days as much as you can while temperatures to remain comfortable. that's your forecast also did erica's way for a look at traffic. >>good morning and happy
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tuesday taking a look at. er the san mateo bridge you can see it's moving heading into san mateo it's a 23 minute. drive time right now there was actually a a traffic collision not too long ago, and 2 of the lanes were blocked, but it looks like we're actually in the red a few minutes ago, but it looks like they'rektaking care of this. and i believe a motorcycle driver was involved. and we have paramedics that i went out there as for the dumb barton bridge right now now we can see that our drive time did increase or up to 21 minutes if you're heading into a menlo park. and out here on the 8.80 from san leandro to milpitas it about a 34 minute drive for you so little slow but a normal for this time of morning on the 24 here from walnut creek to the 5.80 you're looking at a about 15 minute drive time for you and checking in. the o the mountain
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view it's about half an hour, 2.80 from san jose to cupertino though you're looking at. 18 minute drive time. >>back to james all right. thank you. a new york couple is suing a california fertility clinic after a woman gives birth to babies that. our mean should durie has the story. >>a distressing claim from in elmhurst queens couple is garnering a lot of attention in a lawsuit filed on july first the couple named only as plaintiffs a p and y z to protect their identities accuses al-libi ch a fertility center and its co-founders doctor joshua berger and simon hong of medical malpractice negligence battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. the couple alleging the center implanted the wrong embryos into woman's womb. the suit claims the couple wanted nothing more than to conceive on their own. but when they couldn't they sought help from see ha in
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september 2018 they were ecstatic to learned they were pregnant with what they believed were twin girls but there for some to graham left the plaintiffs confused. their new york doctor telling them they were having twin boys despite never having a male embryo transplanted the that see ha simply said the sonogram results were not accurate. but this time it was the woman gave birth by c section 2, 2, little boys in march. and despite both husband and wife being asian the babies were not dna testing confirmed, neither parents were genetically related and add to the confusion the testing also confirming the 2 babies were not genetically related to each other for that couple. >>this whole experience must have been utterly heartbreaking. i don't think there's any other way to think of the doctor zev williams is the chief of columbia university's fertility center while he does not know the couple or the fertility center involved he does say his facility works around the
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inmeasures are taken to prevent a similar goof with the popularity of fertility treatment and embryo storage soaring doctor william says patients should be wary of places who make appealing claims we're certainly seeing a lot of fertility centers, an egg freezing centers popping up. >>that are offering cut rate prices and convenience. but the truth is when it comes to something as critical as fertility preservation infertility care. sometimes the cheapest option to be very costly. >>well the clinic was able to find each baby's biological parents and the couple had to give the children up. >>a 19 for your money this morning instagram is going to start sending you a warning if you leave a mean comment on some buddies post and what is the fastest growing job in california jane king is live at the nasdaq of those stories and more hi jen. >>hi there a good morning with the fastest growing jobs in the state personal care aides. florida says says it is had astounding growth of 460% now
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personal care 8 assists clients with handicaps mental impairments or ther physical limitations to manage everyday tasks, personal care, a job growth expected to far outpace other jobs in the coming decades as americans are getting older and still need some help every day. well don't to remain the dominant on time arrival performer in juneau to drop below 80% of its fiights arriving on time southwest second best on-time arrival performance for the first time in recent memory united plunge below 70% for on-time arrivals a spokesperson blamed bad weather. instagram rolling out new features to combat cyber bullying it using artificial intelligence to see if the posts could potentially be offensive and then they'll send a warning asking the sender to reconsider instagram is also testing an anti-bullying feature called restrict that allows users to limit their interactions with those that target them so when he's or restrict poster can see and the post the user can choose to approve those comments to make them visible
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to others, the future doesn't have read receipts or direct messages either and one 3rd of amazon employees say they expect the website to crash on prime day. the new survey by the social networking at blind finds that wal-mart workers think there's a good shot there sides will crash to amazon's website did have a series of glitches last year on prime day of course all those big sales. get underway monday and tuesday next week live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back thank you jane. >>7.21 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news there you sear sen kamel harris try to sway voters in the 2020 democratic primary as some people say they still don't know exactly what she stands for. and after the break go ship warehouse master tended eric elmen it takes the stand will tell you what he had to say about the deadly fire. and here's a quick live look outside the bay w brorking their way from oakland and san francisco. back
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>>welcome back everyone 7.24 on this tuesday morning. we have a couple of changes to know from yesterday first of all not quite as foggy as yesterday was although it is cloudy out there and that has that same impact at the airports we do have some delays out of sfo, maybe you've got some family flying back from those trips over 4th of july well, do expect those flights to be a little little bit late getting in now on the positive side s a lot calmer th they were yesterday most of the bay in fact will be nice and calm today. the usual
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spots, the delta still on the breezy side, but even there a lot calmer than we were for your monday. erica. >>hey john you're heading into san francisco taking the bay bridge. it is a little cry how did but i mean or drive time isn't th 16 minute drive from the maze out to fremont street this morning. all there you see it moving actually some cars and even moving at all all to see stops there. but again not bad pretty normal for this time of the morning as for public transportation here been keeping my am bart all morning, there's been no delays at all caltrain is looking good too and just 7 minute delay for taking a strain and you're at the great america stopped or santa clara stopped they're going to send it to you darya thanks a lot 7.25 take a look at this video a mountain lion. >>and through or kind of jogging is that it does a job out for new is sam a jail home surveillance captured nobody
7:26 am
actually saw the big cap. it was i was on the surveillance tape from sunday in the 400 block of 22th avenue. police by the time they searched the area that mom line was long on so they are left just to give everybody a warning keep an eye on a small kids or your pets if you're traveling through wooded areas. >>erick almandinger master tenet of the go ship warehouse took the stand. he's charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter following that 2016 fire that killed 36 people and when talking about he broke down in tears on the stand. he said that he built something that attracted beautiful people to that space his attorney tony serra asked oh man if he felt any remorse for the 36 people who died and amanda said quote for ever. >>directly mochi take responsibility any and shun guess i do you know, and we'll never you know forget it he's not a tough an
7:27 am
>>and this is destroying him wellnd >>well man has said he believed the warehouse was safe and that he would never expose his children to the risk of fire. he lived in that warehouse with his wife and 3 children among other tenants he said that he again was a very concerned about everybody in that heat, we'll return to the stand today. >>officially banned the sale lowe's knows you're the deal hunter who does things right.
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>>weather and traffic and it is a just kind of a regular commute those would you say you're right about that and just seeing a couple fender benders right now nothing major unlike earlier which was causing some heavy traffic in some parts of the bay area but can so far so good ok very good and weather wise that look at >>not bad at all pretty nice start to this july day yesterday was 5 injuries lee windy. >>little uncomfortable said that outside if you're out there for more than just a few minutes. >>now this morning is a lot more comfortable winds have calmed down a light breeze out right there, the golden gate bridge itself is sitting under a blanket of cloud cover, but it's not in the clouds so we've said goodbye to the foggy conditions for most of in g through their out in the distance skies already in the process of clearing out we've got more sunshine to expect into the
7:31 am
afternoon and after this morning spent in the 50's temperatures a little bit warmer than they were yesterday by noontime some 60's and some 70's and by the time we move into the afternoon we're talking about some 80's in spots that were only in the 70's yesterday. now what we do have ahead of us is a big warm up in temperatures that will take us back to that summer heat all start talking more about that still to come. erica. >>good morning checking in. am i here over the san mateo bridge. it really seen a much changed since last time you're looking at a 23 minute commute out from the east bay to the peninsula here. the high rise also at looking pretty similar to what we're seeing here in the shot. as for the dumb barton bridge here from the 8.80 to menlo park we saw that the drive time actually increased get it. again it's about 25 minutes now heading menlo park and on the 6.80 from pitch a co 2 danville you're looking at 18 minutes interstate 80 if
7:32 am
you're heading from stanley and roll out thanks a >>no longer buy tobacco that is flavored or e cigarettes in livermore know you can't city leaders approved the measure last night banning it in kron 4 sarah stinson joins us live with the latest on the story this morning. sarah. >>yeah, you know livermore is now the first city in the tri valley to pass this type of law banning the sale of e cigarettes and flavored tobacco. they're also just 2 doing this just 2 weeks after the first major city san francisco. but livermore went a step further that actually banned all all sales of tobacco within a 1000 feet of any school or park so making sure that this goes nowhere near children and that has been their primary concern livermore city council the this
7:33 am
because a recent study called california healthy kids survey showed the cigarette usage reach 30% among livermore 11th graders in the 2020 17 2018 school year which is a rapid increase from the year before the survey also showed 72% of livermore 11 caters believe it's very easy to obtain is the cigarettes. we spoke with several people in the area who live here. many people mixed reviews a lot of people saying i don't smoke so it doesn't affect me and then other saying thank goodness i i'm in favor of this and then other people saying you know it's not up to the government to say what i can and can't do. but most people would say are in favor take a listen. >>i think livermore has already been a fairly progressive city as it is so on the fact that they are taking our health into their hands is a great thing. >>now in favor of this ordinance is livermore superintendent their school board but against it and primarily is not only what are
7:34 am
they called their the flavored can't coalition but also all the owners of the 61 retail stores that sell these products. they're knockingit's business. so we're going to hope we're going to go to a couple the stores this morning see how they feel what are they going to do are they going to close down are they going to sell regular tobacco products. a big question for these type of businesses but for now many people saying they're in favor so we'll have to continue to follow this for now live livermore sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah, 7.34. >>2 people in contra costa county were injured in a fire that was started by a car crash. >>car crashed into mobile home in a fire hydrant and that sparked a small grass fire on the upper all to in the rancho the out of the mobile home park that's near the buchanan field airport. 2 people had to go to the hospital because their injuries from the fire. the state congressman eric
7:35 am
swalwell is out no longer running for president he made the announcement yesterday and his headquarters in dublin back in april he announced that he was running for president pledging his commitment to confronting gun violence. he is the first candidate to drop out of the race since the dams began campaigning as undecided which candidate will endorse the 38 year-old is going to focus he says on winning reelection for his house seat. >>from eric swalwell now to senator kamala harris. she met with south carolina voters as she's hoping to capitalize now on our post debate. momentum. but some voters are wondering what she stands for 2 law explains. >>paris on a campaign swing through south carolina. >>we will win. >>seeking to sustain the post-debate momentum. >>after her breakout moment taking on joe biden for his position on school busing. >>and seemingly missed all to comments about his work with segregationist senators. >>i was acal was
7:36 am
hu of pressure biden relented and address those comments. >>i regret it. i'm sorry friday, the pain or misconception. they may have >>will he says he's sorry i'm going to take him at his word sure. >>it's really a clear victory harris was stressed in the aftermath of the first debate to explain her own position on federally mandated busing. >>busing is a tool. among many that should be considered when address the issue with those comments to be at odds with her stance in the debate. >>in which she seemed to suggest federally-mandated busing was needed in the 1970's, leading her to clarify the next day she does n ry clea about this >>there's been no ambiguity effort. >>harris also had to clarify on health care. >>who here would abolish their private health in
7:37 am
>>the changing her answer the next day saying she misinterpreted the question so the question was. >>would you be willing to give up your private insurance that's not how it such a plan and that's what you heard right. that if that's certainly what i heard in terms of dimes and supportive of medicare for all biden pointing to the differences on health care to open a new line of attack on harris. i believe. >>we should do we have to improve. >>obamacare it add a public option. not throw it out a number of the folks. any want to get rid of >>there's some south carolina voters here says approach is not a deal breaker. yet we're fine re in your eyes. i do hope is we continue to move forward in the list of having to clarify. ne>> democratic primary
7:38 am
30th and 31th we'll be covering it, we'll take a quick break coming up at 8 o'clock we're going to take you to a drag show featuring kids that's causing some controversy. and after the break a very man who was running with the bulls in spain gets seriously hurt when he stops to take a selfie there's a cautionary tale for you it as you're getting outside today and not too much to worry about we have some cool temperatures some calmer conditions overall. >>i'm talking heat into the weekend though still ahead. >>highway one oh one in the north bay looking good in both directions are looking at a 26 minute ride from nevado out to the toll plaza that after the break we'll take a look at more of
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>>one on this tuesday morning we've noted a couple differences compared to yesterday as you stepping outside this morning temperatures, not really one of them. >>but you do have a much clearer view outside such as in timber on were obviously it's a bit overcast as you're looking out at the horizon, but you can actually see the horizon which is a change from yesterday temperatures in the 50's and 60's right now with oakland in antioch our first spots to get to that 60 degree mark. most of the rest of us not far behind in the mid to upper 50's. james, all right. thank you john. so san francisco man trying to take a selfie ended up getting run over by bulls, this is a story of when not to take a selfie
7:42 am
and >>46 year-old jaime alvarez was looking to get a souvenir from running with the bulls in spain e turned into a near-death experience here are pictures of him a bull's horn went deep into his neck actually fractured part of his cheekbone doctors say it's america lee didn't hit any major arteries. he's in stable condition could be released maybe soon as today, but he says despite what he went through he will definitely go back to the famous festival, although he'll be a spectator only doesn't plan on running it anymore. >>42 coming up on the problem morning buzz, the got the most home runs dozen when the home run derby. >>and the 15 year-old american fee nama's out
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>>7.45 on this tuesday morning things have been pretty smooth. so far today as far as weather goes looking outside of san francisco skies are definitely cloudy overhead wouldn't call this a foggy want as much as just an overcast start to your day today. same for you down in san jose after yesterday's clear conditions to start your morning. we do have some cloudy conditions currently don't expect it to last for long though as skies are going to clear out into the afternoon just as you're also seeing out in the east bay, so most of us are sitting in the same boat on this one, a further away from the water you are such is right around mount diablo skies are actually pretty clear so those areas are nice and clear this morning skies are going to be a even cleared the afternoon as i mentioned towards the coast. right now we're on the
7:46 am
edge of this high-pressure ridge that means we're not really feeling the brunt of any sort of heat that southern california and the interior deserts of the great basin are currently feeling and this low pressure sitting to our west is actually helping to keep that i high pressure not out of the area not gonna resulted in the rain for us it is for the northern part of the state right along the oregon border, we're just going to enjoy the moderating effect it's going to have water temperatures. some foggy mornings, the next few mornings followed by some sunny afternoons, pretty typical july weather across the bay area as we round out the week ahead of us temperatures in the 60's 70's and back to the 80's for a few spots in the bay today livermore and san jose right at 80 degrees. each morgan hill 83 as well conquered be. napa and santa rosa also all right up to 80 degrees after your day in the 70's yesterday today tomorrow into thursday will stay pretty similar ou the starts to build into the weekend that high pressure is going to take hold across the region and temperatures are
7:47 am
going to skyrocket 90's for your daytime highs inland with some areas getting even warmer than that while bayside areas getting close to 80 degrees as we move into the weekend. that's your forecast, let's get a look at traffic with erica. >>and well this is the slowest i've seen in here for a this camera shot that we have if you're heading on to the richmond sandra fell bridge. cash lanes looking fly and found. lanes as well there you're looking at a 17 minute drive though from the toll plaza out to highway one oh one now there is a traffic collision out in oakland i just picked up here. a 13 north i'm just this is just north of i 5.80. there are some lanes blocked and working to get more information on that so might be a little slow and there if you're taking that this morning asked for the 8.80. if you're taking it from san leandro to milpitas we did see your drive times increase you're looking at a 33 minute drive right now and out in the south bay did get a
7:48 am
little slow here as we're seeing more cars out and about this morning. it's a 22 minute drive from san jose. how to cupertino and checking in other drive times around the bay here interstate 5.80 from livermore to vasco drive time and a 15 minute. at 15 minutes, not bad and on one oh one from san francisco out 2 of the 80 it's about a 14 minute drive back to you. >>and take stitches from his father. >>in the home run derby, the only bay area slugger the race couldn't keep up. >>with the competition, nobody could keep up with vladimir guerrero junior. >>it looked like roddy that's what i call him. i looked like he was going to following his death footsteps hall of fame father. he won the derby in san francisco in 2007 guerrero a total of 9 the one homers
7:49 am
more than anybody else. but he came up short in the 3rd round with 22. one. of rookie pete, alonso who hit 23 homers with time to spare so alonzo wins the derby and the $1 million prize. all-star pitcher justin verlander says it's no wonder we're seeing so many more homers in baseball these days. >>the walls are juiced he says it's no coincidence that the ball is flying farther now than ever before. and it's made by raul things the company that makes the ball's is owned by mlb which wants to see more of offense because chicks are the only ones to dig the long ball sluggers fill seats. pictures obviously don't like it. mlb commissioner rob manfred admits the new ball are more aerodynamic they seem to be producing less drag. homer's
7:50 am
are up a whopping 60% from 2014. just in general conspiracy or coincidenre manfred says scientists are investigating the cause has it in the meantime, we'll continue to see the side effects. serena williams is even closer now to her 24th e.s killed the competition at wimbledon yesterday and she just finished her quarter final match at about 7.15 hour time it wasn't as easy as this one, but she won. so now she moves on to the semifinals and the american who ousted serena's sister venus has reached the end of the road at wimbledon. but what a wild ride. it has been for 15 year-old coco gauff she went from relative obscurity to the biggest stage in tennis and made it to this. the 4th round match that she lost yesterday don't worry. we haven't seen the last of her. she says this
7:51 am
is just the beginning. >>i think just putting in the work. flynn raise my confidence because i knew how hard i work in any way shots i can make was possible. so and only 15 and this is like that not nearly died and development game like. and i started tennis's i have i'm so excited to see if i continue to work right i can do in the future. >>and she says it has been strange and thrilling to have fans of her own and to be congratulated from people that she's look up to our lower life like michelle obama and venus and serena who paved the way for so many just like the american women's soccer team, the 4th time, a world cup champions now landed back in the us but it's not the end of the role for them in their fight for equal pay all the publicity. they're getting can all the help here's the new cover of sports illustrated co-captains alex morgan and megan rapinoe are trying to
7:52 am
score their next goal in court. they are suing the us soccer federation for discrimination because the losing men and make way and more than the winning women. >>so evident more today than ever that we do need to use our for what we believe in and for the unions that we have i think we've been able to die an agreement. i think everybody's ready this time i think that we have. >>you know put this whole movement on our back and done so so beautifully the entire team. i think the conversation serves been moved to the next 7 i think everybody's ready for it excited for it to be honest. >>i would say so the best soccer team in the world deserves the best paid all d y. they are eating it up had a great time partying as you can see here posing for pictures and with the trophy tomorrow, although get a big parade in new york city and that it's on to the espy awards.
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>>for your money this morning, another example of the extremely high cost of living in san francisco. you can now rent bunk beds that's how tight housing has become it's in a communal space about
7:56 am
$1200 a month it will cost him it's called podshare located at post and high streets in the city's tenderloin neighborhood people pay to use one of those beds pods as they're called that will be your living space in addition to that you get a laugher to get access to wi fi and some basic foods like cereal and rahman and some toiletries as well the woman who founded podshare says she's just trying to help make up for the shortage of affordable housing in cities like la and san francisco. but the question remains are you willing to pay 1200 a month. 4 of top longer the bought my right just pence. >>is it more expensive for the top of cars have of you know i i would say the bottoms but would you rather have the bottom. yes, i think i would too and i have to with ladders. up in the next hour. the another very city votes to ban the sale of the cigarettes we'll tell you where. >>and a plan to get rid of mice on the farallon islands, it's stirring up some controversy though we'll tell you how some say this plan could actually cause health problems for some of the other
7:57 am
animals on the island and for the first time we're hearing from the family of the man who still recovering from the tragic dui accident that killed 2 other pe every hour up and
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say good tuesday morning up. reset reset. for more news, this just in yes, it's asked this is going to be a great hour everyday alright weather and traffic. let's start pretty much what we're used to at this time of the morning to you i mean you know traffic heading on today there are probably confused. because of the floor i think it does ig get you a little bit but for this tuesday, just for everyone. in


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