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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 9, 2019 8:00am-8:58am PDT

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every hour up and say good tuesday morning up. reset reset. for more news, this just in yes, it's asked this is going to be a great hour everyday alright weather and traffic. let's start pretty much what we're used to at this time of the morning to you i mean you know traffic heading on today there are probably confused. because of the floor i think it does ig get you a little bit but for this tuesday, just for everyone. in everybody is i
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wish it was wednesday, but it is still tuesday, we're looking out there and clear skies overhead you do see those cloudy conditions down below from signal. >>the cloud cover is what most of us are sitting under this ki definitely a cloudy to start and that's keeping temperatures down in areas like redwood city hayward in san francisco, oakland, though you're right at 60 and some of our clear spots like concord fairfield in pittsburgh. the chip 61 right now so not too bad of each of these areas in fact it's really not that anywhere across the bay we've started this morning with just a little cloud cover calmer winds than yesterday and look where we're going to end up really comfortable range of temperatures do enjoy this. nice weather while it lasts because i'm talking a hot weekend on tap still to come. erica. >>good morning, john. i mean if you're heading out to the peninsula and taking the fam the tail bridge you can see still looking slow here. we're
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looking at a 22 minute drive from hayward out to the peninsula there the high rise also looking a little slow. the dumb barton bridge. a 24 minute ride if you're heading out to menlo park there traffic moving slow and heavy as your entering the bridge. so here's a look at our other drive times around the bay on 6.80 from pacheco to danville just under 20 minutes on a and on interstate 80 from san leandro out an lp is you're looking at a drag time just. half an hour in a senate back over to you james and darya thanks a lot, 82 and dozens of nurses are on the picket lines right now instead. >>of in the hospital tending to patients because they say the turnover rate is bad and it's hurting and they want the public to so we've got crawford's will trend out there with their cameras to get their side of the story and we'll earlier said this is not an actual strike. >>this is not a strike you see
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the workers behind me and their family members the nurses many of y have a shift they'll walk and so if you have an appointment at good samaritan a region medical center don't worry abto say ultimately this impacts you because they're overworked according to them and understaffed here is one of the nurses there jennifer wrote us. why according to you this place as a much higher turnover rate and the other nearby hospitals, white. well we want competitive and so that we can provide optimal patient care for our patients. strong strong contract. well ensure that the hospital invest in or staffing. so it's about money. but ultimately it's about the patients and the hospice emitted information to us and according to the hospitals on did at the peak thousands of dollars in penalties because their sadness over 1000 meals n it. it increases the chance
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that he we don't get adequate rest and meal breaksiaurses ass they claim this hospital and regional medical center just in the span of one year. >>they lost 20% of their nurses compared to other hospitals at 3%. the hospital did reach out to us and they say they're not happy with the picket lines. they said that they will continue negotiating and we have learned their back at the bargaining table on thursday back to you all right, thanks a lot. well. >>8 oh 4 and new this morning bay area billionaire tom steyer announced he's jumping into the 2020 race. >>if you think that there's something absolutely critical try as hard as you can. and let the chips fall where they may and that's exactly what i'm doing. >>my name's tom stier i'm running for president. stier known for his high-profile efforts to impeach president trump. >>this just coming in months after stier publicly announced that he would not run so he could concentrate on ousting
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the president despite becoming a national voice on the impeachment issue stier made no mention of it on his campaign announcement. and breaking news at the same time we see that billionaire jump in ross perot. has died the self-made texas billionaire who twice ran for president, he died early this morning after a five-month battle with leukemia, he was 89 years old he ran as an independent candidate in 1992 and in 1996. >>also in the news this morning locally here you can no longer buy flavored tobacco and cigarettes in livermore. >>city leaders just approved that measure last night kron 4 sarah stinson is live now with more on this new law. >>yet livermore's the first the tri valley toake this sort of ban against the cigarettes and flavored tobacco similar to what san francisco did about 2 weeks ago. livermore went a step
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other banning all tobacco sales, 1000 feet from a school or a park and that is because they want these products to be far far away from children. this all came about after they got a survey the results from a survey called california healthy kids that showed the cigarette usage reached a 30% among livermore 11th graders in the 2017 to 2018 school year. that was a rapid increase from the year before the survey also showed 72% in livermore 11th graders believe it is easy to obtain these e cigarettes know speaking out against the ordinance was alameda county tobacco control collation and several owners of tobacco retail stores. down the community talked with several people how to say about over 20 people a lot of d does affect me and the other saying thank goodness i'm against the cigarettes and any kind of sale of them in my city and then i spoke to a few people just a few said you know what the government should not be able to tell me
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that i can or cannot by these types of cigarettes or anything for that matter take a listen to one man. >>this country is built on that freedom. i don't believe the government's got any business. telling people what to do in that in that regard. k. >>and continue to say you know he doesn't think that if cigarettes are going to harm anyone however people who are in favor of the ban say the cigarettes are harming children. now there's about 61 retailers in livermore who currently sell these e cigarettes and flavored tobacco an aso in 30 days, so it's going to be a huge hit to their businesses and we're hoping to catch up with them see how they're feeling see how this is going to impact their business for now live livermore sarah stinson kron 4 news good enough, thank you sarah. >>8 oh 7 is the time. and a teenage boy is dead. he was shot and killed in san francisco. we knew was a shooting when we reported this
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yesterday on the kron 4 morning news but now we're finding out who the victim was it was a 15 year-old boy found at 24th and cap streets in the mission district he'd been shot. he's identified as dave on ham from san francisco. police did try to chase a car that was spotted leaving the area, but it got away. >>another big story this morning. we are hearing from the family of one of those who was injured in a crash a deadly crash last month in the caldecott tunnel. >>2 people were killed and 5 were sent to the hospital when a wrong-way driver under the influence, slammed head on into another car on highway 24, 25 year-old darryl london is now paralyzed in fighting for his life at a hospital in walnut creek. he didn't deserve this that. >>and they know they deserve is a special night we're live someone else's life in jeopardy. way driver and his passenger were killed in that crash. a 20 year-old.
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>>died in a shooting at san francisco's yerba point a neighborhood early sunday morning that shooting happened in the area bought a abd streets right near interstate 80. the victim's name hasn't been released and no arrests have been made just yet but we'll keep you updated on the story. a suspect in a stabbing and shooting last week at a home in the valley for dairy of sonoma county has now turned himself in eduardo lopez cabrera was booked into jail for assault with a gang enhancement. the attack happened on valley ford wrote last month that's where deputies found a man with serious knife wounds to his head sitting in a vehicle and another man with a gunshot wound to his leg. deputies believe the victims showed up at a party. that's where a fight broke out leading to this violence. lopez cabrera is believed to be the shooter in this scenario, 2 others were also arrested earlier this month. >>8 oh 9 and in the east bay for apartments were damaged in a fire that broke out in newark. in the 6,000 block of joaquin maria was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, 2 of the apartment sustained major damage and one
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dog died in the fire. 8 oh 9 and fish and wildlife services wants to drop all one and a half tons of poison pellets. >>on the farallon islands to kill rodents there have been 60,000 my said that have invaded the islands that sits 27 miles off the coast of san francisco. here's what they look like it has never seen a mouse the islands are home to all kinds of the marine mammals and seabirds a native plants. >>and there's a concern over that these mice have caused a glock of aig a logical damage and they think that poisons the best way to kill them. but then what happens to the other samoa who are against this are saying that this will in danger. >>seagulls seals and even humans. >>happening today, a federal appeals court will hear oral arguments on the affordable obamacare also known as now the us department of justice doesn't support the law and a group of republican lawyers are now looking to overturn it all
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together. california attorney general javier becerra though is leading a group of other attorneys general who are backing the health care program. matter may eventually wind up from the surgery. the trump administration's been working on a different plan to replace obamacare but so far they have an official officially released anything just yet. it's a the and still ahead. >>and san jose's mayor is calling out the genie for having total control over power blackouts we're going hear what he has to say. and days after the 2 major quake shook southern california residents are still on edge. we'll tell you what they're doing. outlined spotted strolling through a bay area neighborhood will tell you where. >>and if you're out strolling this morning you're doing so with some pretty comfortable weather. some upper 50's to low 60's now across the bay. i'm talking the rest your forecast ahead. >>highway one oh one up in the north bay are looking at a 25 minute commute from novato to the
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>>and take a look at what somebody is home surveillance camera caught get mountain a much bigger in san mateo nobody actually was out there and side which is a good saying it was the 400 block of 22th avenue caught on tape only and not in person at august because one out tape it's not take
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>>it's not wednesday. and you know what else is that banks giving because i'm going to say what did you say july 4th. and james the same thing. so it is a year we mass that 3 hi there bill. >>it during the break she confided that on sunday when she woke up 2 or least tomorrow's friday i did so i did so i was set up. also its share of a one it happens. you know how it is it was good to go against at least the weather's fine as here that look at the forecast on this wednesday. here that's all that's important every day long as you make it find exactly as long as the forecast sack here then can it's getting as long as you know the weather i don't
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>>get the forecast get outside this morning at san francisco. you do have some clouds overhead but not as much fog not near as much fog just yesterday in fact. >>that cloudy bank is certainly present a cross or coastal areas, but it's not going to last for long you're already seeing cloud cover breaking over san jose a lot more sunshine making it down there and over mount diablo it's been sunny all morning long up to this point skies are going to becbme increasingly clear closer and closer to the coast satellite radar does show dry conditions. despite the fact that this area of low pressure is going to charge its way into the pacific northwest and in the process of doing so is going to result in some showers in far northern california for the bay area we're going to feel a moderating effect of sparse temperatures go from that low helping to keep high pressure at bay for at least the next couple of days. this is going to keep us very seasonable with these foggy to cloudy starts to your morn tingsclose
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week before a big weekend warm up just around the corner. so the temperatures of about to show in the 60's 70's and 80's should be very much so enjoyed because they're not going to be so comfortable for so long burlingame 74 for your high today, foster city a nice 73. well, redwood city and saying carlos a chat and a nice 77 degrees, south bay out of the upper 70's into the low 80's for you still saying nice and even just a touch below average for this time of year as far as your daytime highs are concerned oakland, 70 degrees for your high with walnut creek and danville warmer than yesterday up to 82 we're going to continually get warmer from this point through the rest of the week. this sets us up for what you're seeing this weekend which is friday saturday and sunday's highs near if not at inland an close to 80 degrees by the day. so definitely warmer in the days to come today tomorrow and thursday are some of your most comfortable days before the heat kicks into gear. erica.
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>>cheney richmond sandra fell bridge here just before the toll plaza looking a little slow as you can see both the fast track lanes and the cash lanes there it's about a 14 minute drive from the toll plaza out to us highway one oh one asked for the dumb barton bridge, you're looking at a 25 minute drive out from to menlo park this morning and on the 8080 here from san leandro to milpitas about a 30 minute drive we have seen our drive times increasing from when we last checked in here on the south bay on the 2.80 san jose out to cupertino you're looking at about 22 minutes. and here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bank. and from san francisco out to the 80 you're looking at drive time just under 15 minutes pretty normal for this time of the morning as for public transportation here haven't seen any delays at bart recount train this strains there is a 4 minute delay. at the pleasant 10 in
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fremont stop it that is not bad at all. >>i'm going to send it back over to james and thanks a right now multimillionaire jeffrey epstein has pleaded not guilty to sex-crime charges. he's accused of operating a sex-trafficking ring involving girls as young as 14. >>miguel marquez has the story. >>laura to shuns again against multimillionaire investment banker jeffrey epstein, new york prosecutors, looking for more. >>if believe you are a victim of the net and jeffrey epstein we want to hear from you. >>the allegations over 4 years epstein lowered under aged women, some as young as 14 years old to massage him engage in and his palm beach florida and new york homes. epstein has pleaded not guilty to the charges. arrested saturday on his private jet upon returning from paris shortly after investigators forced their way into his
8:20 am
manhattan mansion. in addition to finding hundreds possibly thousands of photos of nude and partially nude young women, some of them locked in a safe. investigators found quote compact us with handwritten labels including the following young name plus name, miscellaneous news, one and girl picks nude. >>the alleged behavior shocks the conscience. >>epstein already registered sex-offender after agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors in florida in 2008 related to structural crimes alleged by dozens of young and under age women the man who headed the florida case alex acosta now secretary of labor in the trump administration at the end of the day mister epstein. >>went to jail. epstein was incarcerated he registered as a sex-offender the miami herald in an investigative report helping prompts today's charges found that a casa signed off on a deal essentially shutting down an
8:21 am
fbi investigation, giving immunity to any potential co-conspirators allowing the multimillionaire to pay restitution to his victims. >>register as a sex-offender and plead guilty to state charges. he spent a sex-offend the victims receive restitution. >>fc's connections go beyond a call so photographed here with donald trump in 1997 2000 at the president's mar-a-lago estate also in palm beach florida. in february this year the president had this to say about his labor secretary in the plea deal given to his longtime friends. >>i really don't know too much about it, i know is that a great job as labor secretary and. >>that seems like a long time ago in a 2002 new york magazine epstein, pro fall, trump said, i've known jeff for 15 years, terrific guy
8:22 am
he's a lot of fun to be with it is even said that he likes of beautiful women as much as i do. and many of them or on the younger side. >>just yesterday, the president had this to say about jeffrey epstein's. >>well as miguel marquez reporting for us this morning abstain will remain behind bars at least until his bail hearing which is set for next week will follow the story. and still is and east bay congressman eric swalwell is out the first democrat to drop out of the presidential race, we'll tell you what is going to focus on now. and we're going to show you the moment that a gender reveal went up in flames, a new warning from
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>>back everyone, a 25 on this tuesday morning looking outside of a. airport right here at sfo bring far on this tuesday, you are seeing a out there some cloudy skies overhead. not so much a foggy day as it is just an overcast one overhead and that is enough to result in a delay of nearly an hour out at sfo. oakland san jose are sitting pretty skies are starting to clear out really across the bay area at this point. so we're already looking at a comfortable start to the morning winds are calmer than yesterday and your temperatures are going to be a bit warmer but still comfortable really nice uesday ahead of us hopefully before the weekend we're about erekat good morning. john.
8:26 am
>>and up in the north bay is actually looking really good right now. the plan taking the golden gate bridge traffic starting really great right now sofr drive time and there and checking in on southbound 6.80 from dublin to fremont a 17 minute drive time. and here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay interstate 8.80 from san leandro out to milpitas it's about 30 minutes. if you're taking the 17 from santa cruz out to los gatos to drive time of 23 minutes james and darya back. >>a 26 in a car goes up in flames trying to reveal the gender of a new baby and it all went wrong from there. this is an australian police are releasing the video as a warning not to do this take a look. the video shows the it avoids blue smoke at a few people cheering and chanting in the car keeps going keeps revenue close they are and
8:27 am
little overzealous really we get it we get it he should have stopped i guess the tires caught fire or something where i ride. >>or how cutting a cake and having some blue has carry a volatile anyway, they got the driver out everybody's fine, nobody hurt. but i'm >>don't try this at home we intend, it's just poor execution. 27 and still ahead on the ground morning is a possible solution to the housing crisis in the bay area. >>how much would you pay to rent a bunk bed.
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>>how did such a great tease on that bunk bed saying we're all talking like well what would you pay for bunk bed in how bad is it in san francisco and other cities where you can afford. it's crazy that story coming up 5 minutes from nasa states. in the meantime with weather and traffic check on the roads done well, no major hot spots right now so that i'm a pretty normal for this time of whether yeah. i think everyone kind of likes that july has been good to us so far we've had comfortable temperatures some foggy mornings at times and also plenty of sunny afternoons and we're continuing the trend today and over the next few days to today, one of those days that is offering up some cloud cover to start but skies are already in the process of clearing out looking outside at the east bay right here berkeley, not g d. lighten up 50's 60's for your current temperatures across the bay just where they should
8:31 am
be and this afternoon we're going actually pico little bit below average as far as we're daytime highs are going to be 66 for your high in san francisco oakland at 70 while san jose up to 80 degrees today. i'm talking more about a warmer weekend just around the corner. still ahead erica. >>good morning, john if you're taking the richmond sandra fell bridge just for the toll i'm a little slow there. >>as you can see the fast track lanes behind me there. and then the cash lanes a little line they're not bad though it's just a 15 minute drive from the toll plaza to highway one oh one and then bri park, it's about a 21 minute drive, so it. >>it got better the traffic out there are drive time is actually higher uh not too long ago d 8.80 from san leandro to milpitas as you're looking at 31 minutes. now in the south bay. 22 minute drive from san jose out to cupertino if you're going to be heading on
8:32 am
and the 2.80 there and then on the 5.80 from livermore out too. 6.80 it's a 15 minute drive. highway one oh one and san francisco to the 80 you're looking at about 15 minutes, james and darya. >>so the shakealert that lets us know when an earthquake is coming within few seconds warning at least anyway is being used now in los angeles county. but the app. >>did not work in the 2 major quakes they had jessica mensch has the story. >>earthquake might shaking expected in 2 seconds. >>moments before you even feel an earthquake shakealert keeps the warning we have size monitors out in the field that it's a ground motion. >>those those devices to egypt. it's really around really quickly send information to a processing ship alert. >>the phone app run by the us geological survey is in development to be rolled out across the west coast in california, washington and oregon. >>just a couple of seconds so
8:33 am
you protect yourself it under its people take some action. >>it's already being used in southern california but no warning went out to neighbors in los angeles county during last week's earthquakes. that's because the shaking levels in their area to reach the system's threshold for sending out an alert. >>one of the steps that we take immediately with the city is to lower the basic for schadler not much to 4.5. it was recently not fight. >>there's no timeline for when the apple reach sacramento, but the group says these recent earthquakes have inspired them to speed up testing in the meantime u c davis professor of geology skinner integrate commence epare yourself flakes one of the most predictable think of our cases they have aftershocks. >>the trigger more earthquakes around them. >>well, sacramento is not on a area line. he says a large could lead to be something prob magnitude 7 plus is the sort of size that's going to cause a lot of widespread damage and far-reaching damage. >>but he says the central
8:34 am
valley would more likely see the impacts through issues with our water supply transportation systems and power outages. >>but absent supplies to be able to the on your own for at least a few days. >>well just to mention reporting for us this morning shakealert is already sending out information directly to trains and public transit systems here in the bay area so that they can slow down at least ahead of any shaking. congressman eric swalwell case you haven't heard is no longer running for president, he made the announcement yesterday at his campaign headquarters in dublin. it was back in april that he made his announcement he was going to run for president pledging. 2 reform a gun legislation and combat gun violence swallows the first candidate now to drop out since the campaign began he won't be the last. he has decided which candidate he's going back going forward the 38 year-old says he's now focused on winning reelection for his seat in the house. it's a 30 >>and the mayor san jose is calling for the end us pga need having total control over power blackouts. >>as it stands pg e has the
8:35 am
sole authority to cut the electricity in any community if they decide the wildfire risk is too high. mayor sam liccardo says without oversight from local governments pg can't be trusted. i am concerned. >>that this is not an agency that has safety of my community or anyone else's community in time foremost in their mind. and i have very good reason to have those concerns based on the track pga last decade. >>pg e says it will give 48 hours notice if they need to shut off the power of a story we're following lawmakers have sent a bill on the use of force by police to the governor's desk. the bill would allow police to use deadly force only when it's necessary to defend against an imminent threat. our deaths or serious injury to officers or bystanders. the state senate approved the bill yesterday the legislation was prompted by public anger over recent police shootings across the state. >>a san francisco man was trying to take a selfie when he was run over by a bull, 46
8:36 am
year-old jaime alvarez was looking to get a souvenir picture as he was running with the bulls in spain. so he stopped to take a selfie and and at a turning into a near-death experience when a bull's horn gouged him in the neck and practice a fractured part of his cheekbone doctor sales america we didn't actually damage a major major artery. alvarez is in stable condition right now you see pictures of them. they're recovering talking to family friends on the phone. when asked asked he said you definitely come back for the festival next year. although just be a spectator. >>so then you get the picture is he wants and hide behind the crowd if people are running, yeah, you can stuff or foe win it feels and a 36 right now and for your money, another example of the extremely high cost of living in san francisco, here's the story. you can rent. said in sort of all bunkhouse soon for $1200 a month. so you get just see just the top bunk. and you get a tv's or its called
8:37 am
podshare and they have won a post in hyde streets in the tenderloin and san francisco. we've also seen these popping up in other places around california venice, west would be a so i you would just buy the one bed there and then you get the communal living space you also get a little locker and then it comes with a wi fi and really basic food cereal podshare says she ded basic is trying to help make up for the shta francisco and los angeles. yes, we were just saying you know i think really depends on the set of people raise issues big hauls with lots and lots of beds in an open space right. so we'll see if it's successful. >>we'll take a quick break. it's a 37 coming up on the cross. talks about the push to eliminate late fees. plus we're going to tell you how. we're going take you actually to a drag show and see how it's featuring kids it's it's featuring kids it's
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>>on the roads right now there's no major collisions that would cause heavy traffic just a couple fender benders. our bay bridge camera if you're heading into san francisco ap. good you're only looking at a 13 minute drive here from the maze to fremont street. yesterday actually we start drive time for the maze to fremont street up to a 23 minute so that's pretty good but on last year out for here from antioch to concord. but
8:41 am
if some traffic 24 minutes if you're traveling there and a look at some of our other drive times around the bay on interstate 8.80 from san jose to milpitas. >>it's about a 10 minute drive and have a look here. some of our other drive times around the bay don't go anywhere. we'll have more loca just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>because they think it bettors the community. you will be charged. if you actually just around to keep the book but the point is you can return it late without a fine library fines to started. years ago, libraries were much different than they are now. the oakland library believes that fines are just basically now there are a barrier affecting people with economic disadvantages. so yes, you have to bring it back to still be a free tempe police did not want to bring back to the library because they knew they right in this case of better late. >>than ever. that kept by the fence outside of an all-ages drag show in denver on sunday about a dozen children participated in the show crist and leon has the story. >>music chills. the entire warehouse as the show starts
8:45 am
that the show isn't your typical dance recital at mile high comments because underneath all of the litter and makeup. >>our young performers of all ages, some of them in draft these kids are so brave and they're so courageous at that age for elizabeth mitchell, it's been difficult to have her granddaughter be part of it all i am a christian. >>and because i am a mother a child and because my granddaughter performing in this today, there's a lot of emotion and a lot of conflicts for me. >>before the track show began sunday evening a crowd of protesters took to the streets with their megaphones and low forms in hand we feel we need to protect ourselves in a defensive manner. >>we're not we're not promoting any kind of violence or hatred one side advocating one >>the other side advocating another these kids are wonderful kids are being
8:46 am
terrorists, they're being loved it while shielding the kids with parasols and earmarks as they walked inside i did not realize that i was going to have to walk through our drive through protesters. they're screaming the most of lee file things. it's going to come into that. saw today. she always choose what she believes is right i have to stand out and say that kind of porting the show has been happening. the first saturday of the month for the past 6 months. well outside today, you are looking at some cloudy skies so far but skies definitely going to be clearing out. >>into the afternoon but still dealing with some overcast conditions out there, san francisco as well as san jose of seeing that cloud cover so far san jose itself is starting to see those skies becoming a little bit more blue and look at this change over there and snow you do still see those partly cloudy skies sitting below but nice
8:47 am
and clear up above something that we're all going to taste of on into the afternoon today. so sunshine the afternoon comfortable temperatures high pressure still kept to the south of us we're right at the edge of this high-pressure ridge were actually being have been kept pretty moderated due to this area of low pressure that's going to be working its way our direction it's to helping to keep temperatures a little closer to their seasonal averages. a nice comfortable next few days before that high pressure does have a chance to overtake us on into the upcoming weekend and in the process of doing so tempetoday's weather something you got to enjoy a know maybe overcast right now, but 60's up and down the coast will be greeted by some sunshine this afternoon, some 70's from burlingame of tamil break with the brisbane at 64 today and a very comfortable range of numbers on the peninsula palo alto 76 degrees redwood city and san carlos just where you want them to be at 77 while the south bay a little warmer
8:48 am
than yesterday up into the low 80's campbell 81 cupertino in saratoga sharing that same number with pleasanton at 79 while livermore back into the 80's but just barely write at 80 degrees. oakland, san leandro in castro valley low 70's well walnut ee village 82, while sonoma and napa right at an 80 up in santa rosa, let's break down the next 7 days have been talking about how just how hot it is going to get this weekend come friday saturday and sunday we're talking low 90's in some inland spots if not even warmer than that some model runs are showing that we could be flirting with the triple digits in a few spots up in the north bay so be keeping a very close eye on how hot those temperatures will get as for the bay itself. we could be seeing near 80 degree day time highs along the bay, so big warm up in the days to come enjoy the next couple of days of mild weather while we do have them. erica, you. >>i like those temperatures, i'm looking forward to the weekend john as for our roads
8:49 am
right now. >>the one o one. >>in the north bay is looking really good. we're looking at a 23 minute drive time from novato to the toll plaza here. but in the south bay and there is some heavy traffic here from san jose out to menlo park are looking at a drive time over an hour others, no major car accident that i'm picking up though, so it's just more people out on the road to this morning and the dumbarton bridge, you're looking at a 22 minute drive time from the 8.80 out to menlo park checking in here on san leandro to milpitas is just over half an hour for your drive time and on that one oh one from san francisco out to the 80 year looking at a 15 minute drive time not bad at actually pretty normal and let's check in on on a bar, 10, no delays all morning cow training also no delays in just 5 minutes. delay at the san jose stop there if you're waiting for an east rain and send it to you darya.
8:50 am
>>and surveillance video captures the moment that a man fell from the roof of a car dealership on to a car below. >>and then he gets up, i mean it looked really looks like he avoided major injury but came flying down on that car this is in fort myers. the car dealer ship found one of the cars was dented when they open on sunday and that's how they figured out what happened then they looked at the the video and so what happened the owner believes that the man used a ladder and climbed up on the top of the buildinghen for whatever reason jumped off. >>by somebody would. go off the front end of the roof is makes no sense maybe they were just goofing around him that is pretty dangerous thing to do it is amazing that that this the new knocked unconscious. >>they told police about what happened they don't know if any action is going to be taken or not. the 51 and as we head to the break, let's take a peek at the golden gate
8:51 am
bridge a little gray out there and traffic to cut the usual for tuesday.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>>welcome back e 54 getting close to 09:00am now if you're out in the east bay been seeing plenty of sunshine. so far today, well, here is a bit closer to the coast have been on cloudier side that the fog year side musher way up in the
8:54 am
hills where you are encountering some of those clouds temperatures in the 50's and 60's as we speak, but looking at a lot more 60's out there now such as in mountain view livermore in conquered as well as fairfield at 61. oakland san mateo and dublin all at 60 degrees while berkeley and san francisco still holding on to the 50's. erica. >>good morning john while traffic is starting to get a little lighter, especially if you're heading out to san mateo from the east bay here in taking the san mateo bridge as you can see. >>our drive time has gone down there to 17 minutes from here to san mateo the high rise is also looking better and then on the 6.80 here from dublin to fremont you're looking at a quick 16 minute drive know issues no major collisions that and picking up at this moment and on interstate 80 from san leandro to milpitas you're looking at a drive time just over half an hour. daria. >>thanks a the back to back women's world cup champions
8:55 am
are back home in the us from france and now they are fighting for equal pay. here's the sports illustrated cover that features co-captains alex morgan and megan rippee know the united states has now won 4 of the 8 women world cups, yet the women earn significantly less then the us men's team does or the man who when the world cup in fact the women's national teams is suing the us soccer federation for discrimination. i it's so today than ever. >>that we do need to use our for what we believe in and for the unions that we have and i think we've been able to die an agreement. i think everybody's ready for a sign i think that we have. >>you know put this whole movement on our back and done so so beautifully the entire team. i think the conversation serves been moved to the next 7 think everybody's ready for it excited for it to be honest. >>yeah, the women are ready get paid the same as the men
8:56 am
and they travel to new york city tomorrow to celebrate their big win with a big parade through new york. >>the next hour of the kron 4 morning news and other bay area city votes to ban the sale of e cigarettes will have details on that coming up in a live report and amanda plan to get rid of mice on the farallon islands is stirring up some controversy will tell you why some people say could actually cause health problems for some of the other animals the island and for the first time we're hearing from the family of a man who still fighting for his life after a fighting for his life after a thanks for the ride-along, captain! even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv.
8:57 am
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>>thanks for waking up with us in the finest hour start to loo sometimes. those analysts yeah, you know what as long as we know it's tuesday. it's really matters and that really weather though has been very co-operative so far this morning yesterday. you remember if you got out early early so it's foggy. >>little bit of drizzle and some pretty breezy conditions too. this morning we're taking a step back really from all of that you still got some wind but not as breezy as you can see on the flag there at the golden gate bridge, which is in clear still sitting under some gray skies, but cloud cover is already beginning to part ways you can still see a bit of it hanging out all the way into the east bay this afternoon, plenty of sunshine and this time around it's going to be hanging out a little bit longer even out towards the coast before an
9:00 am
eventual push of fog and low clouds yet again into tomorrow morning today itself is going to be a really nice one yet again and i do stress you want to enjoy this. nice weather while we've got it because we do have a big warm up just around the corner. i mean 60's 70's and 80's like we do have today. i definitely good chance to get outside and enjoy it while last i'm talking about that weekend


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