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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 17, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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diverting traffic away from the ramp and now they close all of the east 5.80 so no one's getting through they're forcing traffic off the freeway just as you get to this exit. so you will have to use city streets and work your way through richmond. over to the next exit there just east of harbor once again a special traffic alert in place for richmond east bound 5.80 harbor. lanes closed to investigate an accident involving a pedestrian that was struck by a car in the 5 o'clock hour. no other details on heading into richmond e of you this morning do be aware in do leave early if you're heading out of richmond into the north bay, this is not impacting west bound 5.80 west 5.80 is open the usual crawl here from richmond parkway and are averaging about 13 minutes to make it into the north bay that is completely normal bay bridge traffic, lots of it is stacked up from the maze here into san francisco and busy all the way over to fremont street because of an old crash at the fremont street exit
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involving a box truck that struck the guardrail the route was close it's back open but we still have 2 lanes blocked on 80 a similar remains in place for this crash to it's going to be extra heavy from treasure island. so you know what to do plan ahead and leave early or consider bart we'll talk about some more slow downs coming up john. >>well robin skies, pretty clear compared to yesterday this morning. it's kind of an in-between between the crystal-clear stuff we had a monday in yesterday's a very foggy conditions. here's a look across the bay got a flock of birds that hanging out over alcatraz right there you can see the city of san francisco just one of our spots that is looking at a few clouds and visibility, not an issue as any cloud cover you are seeing is sitting atop the bay instead are and on its own nothing that you're going to encounter today that should be slowing you down weather wise it's all just going to be traffic that will be doing that 60's 50's to start this morning by the afternoon ahead of us 02:00pm today, 60's
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70's, 80's for your daytime highs, not looking bad very similar to yesterday in fact more on your forecast is ahead darya thanks a lot and now let's get to more breaking news that we're covering police in richmond are investigating a deadly shooting. >>that happened near 18th and chancellor they found a victim who died from their injuries. we have no other information on this man who was shot and killed. >>overnight a carjacker has been arrested following a high-speed chase overnight with the chp that what from san francisco all the way over in oakland. police say it started as a couple as parking their car near o farrell street just after 2 in the morning. san francisco police say they were approached by a gunman. the thief demanded their keys then jump in the car and drove off now the gunman was spotted a short distance later by the chp and they chased him across the bay bridge into oakland. that's the funding of crashing the car into a car on seminary avenue and was ultimately arrested. >>a top story this morning
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that we're covering a noose found at stamford on campus near a building where students are at summer school staying for more on this. let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson she standing by live at stanford this morning, >>yeah that news was found in the bush behind me this is a role of student housing here at stanford and this one of the houses cold cullum bay. it was found in the bush right there and as you said summer it's summer school students are here. the the students staying in the house right now our summer school students and their high school during a surgical program. so they they just moved in 2 days ago, so there aren't aware of this but definitely a disturbing take a look at what was founded deputies responded to the report over the weekend saw this white rope approximately 3 feet long with the loop that one and suspended from that bush. stanford has released a statement saying we feel it's important to state that a news is recognized as a symbol of violence and racism directed
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against african american peoples such a symbol has no place on our campus. they went on to say our community values we do not. we do we do not deal with discrimination or hey they do not put up with it on the stanford campus. now this is being investigated as suspicious. but if more evidence comes to light it could be classified as a hate crime. a stanford and ministers are hoping anyone with information will come forward and the stanford acts of intolerance office is investigating now again this house is named columbia a and usually when it's of the hour actual school for stanford. they have this is a vegetarian house, they'll so talk a lot about civil rights and things like that they have they do not cook food in their house. so it's very interesting. style house one that has a very concentrated. lifestyle so i'm not sure that has something to do with it but i know that administrators are looking into the motive and why someone would do this for
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now live at stanford sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>another big story that we're following this morning a former h and school employees n facing dozens of sexual-abuse charges kron four's will tran is following the story live from walnut creek. well. >>specifically dario 32 counts of sexual-abuse charged against in the wannacry police department they're arrested this man here let me show you this picture. he's 60 years old his name is paul fielder he's not even from walnut creek instead he's from soon city but investigators say last week he arranged a meeting with a minor in walnut creek investigators are waiting for him and that's when they pounced on him and made the arrest he's been he's held on million bail because of the gravity of the crime. now they say not only is he guilty of this that for years he's been in kicks exposed to children because of his
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occupation. >>that he was a youth sports coach and solano county as well as a campus supervisor, and at least one high school in that particular area, although they're not giving the name of that high 32 counts and they believe according to investigators that he's been sexually abusing a minor. under 14 years old for several years. james darya. all right, thank you will. >>on the east bay swimming instructor is facing child-pornography charges and jail right now on bail. 18 year-old james half was a swim instructor at the wave in dublin police say they found pornographer e on his electronic devices. he has since been fired from his job. new this morning oakland has banned the use of facial recognition technology by city employees that means the police cannot used saw the software or use it even if it's used by other police
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agencies city leaders approved a deciding limitations of the technology. the lack of standards around its implementation and its potential use in the persecution of minorities. oakland now joins san francisco in banning facial recognition software. >>do people in fremont are concerned about a homeless navigation senate is being planned in their city kron four's christina tape cho is live there with more on why this is controversial christina. >>yeah, it's a very divisive topic here in town the city. fremont proposed a temporary navigation center one of many here in the bay area, the city of san francisco is doing the same right now they have 2 potential sites for it. one of which i actually i'm standing e into station and emailing letting us know that they are going to talk to city members saying that they are not ok with it. now again are quite up in arms over this online there's actually change dot
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org pe fremont homeless navigation center away from homes and schools and right now that has well 00ignatures on it going up to their goal of 10,000 signatures. the city is between 2 locations for the center the parking lot at fremont city hall which i've mentioned over in the back area for the dakota surplus property which is least area next to reagan nursery. now these 2 locations are within half a mile from food services and bus stops that can help lead people to bart residents who have signed a change org petition do not want to see the center go up near the dakota surplus property, sitting it's too close to residential areas. >>thousands of homes as well as half a dozen schools. now according to the city the temporary navigation center provides a 45 beds. >>and up to 6 months of housing for people to get back on their feet into permanent housing, the navigation center will be operated by bay area community services will provide 24 hour staffing, they're the same organization which provides staffing 2 one navigation center in berkeley to in oakland. now the city
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says building this navigation center is actually in response to him growing homeless issue here in the city of fremont they say over the past 2 years. the homeless population grew over 25%. now on freemen to the website that actually states that the staff will be kind of analyzing these 2 properties over the next few months as well as taking into consideration, the communities feedback for this homeless navigation center in the 2 possible sites for it they will be having a meeting in september for the communities also voiced their opinions and that's when they will be choosing which one of the 2 sides will be the new home to temporary navigation center for now reporting live here in fremont christina tetreault kron 4 news. thank you christine. >>time now 7 o 9 coming up on the kron 4 morning news an earthquake strikes, the east bay and we'll have reaction from people who felt it and the head of san francisco based company jewel now apologizing to parents this morning. jane king will be live the nasdaq with that story and more. i'm trevor shirley in washington where a new bill could make it a federal crime to abuse
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animals, i've got that story coming up ahead looking outside this morning just a few clouds some cooler temperatures with some 50's and 60's rrtly not a bad way to start things off i've got the rest your forecast account. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area lots of heavy traffic on a t heading into san francisco, it's still backed up into the maze. thanks to a crash involving a box truck and a fatal crash
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right now let's get to the big story a hot spot. yes, no kidding back to san francisco where we had a crash involving a box truck that struck the guardrail. >>so they've removed the truck, but if you look at the shot from the caltrans camera all the activity is still there ok. oh yeah there's a lot going on right and it's impacting traffic both on 80 and the fremont street exits are right down the middle between those 2 points is where the truck crash which was right here. it's been removed from the guard will but for people x sitting at fremont street you're left lane is closed leaving what leaving one lane open and for people continuing on 80 west the right lane is going to be close and traffic is squeezing by. activity in the lane closures continues to add to the back up into san francisco. when you know it's normally slow so it's going to be heading on the suspension through treasure island down the incline of the eastern span through the tolls and into the maze at how far the slowdown will stretch so some of it is commute traffic. some
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of it is a delay because of senate but overall now it's not a terrible drive. it's still under 20 minutes into san francisco. so just leave a little early tracking a major problem in richmond, the harbor. exit fear from east bound 5 80 that's the scene of a fatal accident. the car struck a pedestrian earlier this morning at first it was just a ramp that was close, but now all of these 5.80 is closed and they're forcing traffic off the freeway as the investigation continues. no other details on this crash ash we just know that a person was on the rat did not survive and they continue to investigate with no estimated time for clearing that is not impacting your westbound commute west 5.80 is completely open. the usual grind here from the tolls out to one o one at about 14 minutes to the north bay that's completely normal. 6.80 looks normal. so that's the dumb barton 22 minutes to make it across the bay in over to the peninsula and one o one not bad night minutes heading north from brisbane to 80 in
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san francisco. that's a look at traffic now we want to check of the forecast with and weather's been really nice. so far today we have seen some clouds making their way over had not really any sort of fog though, and. >>looking out over the bay this morning, san francisco looks great as does the bay bridge all nice and clear encounterilittle fog really anywhere exce south bay and for the east bay. you've got a little bit of sunshine now making its way down into berkeley still mostly cloudy at this point but sunshine is returning a lot sooner today than it did through future cast tomorrow morning, you're likely to see a bit more fog low lying cloud cover today help to prevent some of that fog formation there at the surface, but it looks like tomorrow fog will be on the rise. then we start to see that fog or treat into the afternoon more sunshine for your thursday afternoon and will be the very same way through the upcoming weekend with friday saturday and sunday all having plenty of sunshine after some cloudy starts to the days, 60's and
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70's for san francisco's daytime highs today and 60's up and down the coast you're going to notice these numbers look very familiar that's because a lot of them are remaining unchanged from where we were 24 hours ago for the south bay. it's another day in the mid 80's were really leveling out today we gradually been cooling this week but from yesterday into today, we've got that settle down as far as a change in weather goes. concord walnut creek and danville say exactly the same as yesterday oakland of one degree cooler 74 degrees for your high still in the mid 70's and still very comfortable. the at 79 with our 2 remaining 90's still in pittsburgh and vacaville today, 60's towards the coast with some 70's and 80's up and down one o one in sonoma and marin counties. this is a look at your next 7 days tomorrow, temperatures start their cool down yet again in by friday saturday and sunday. our inland areas are only in the low 80's with bay and coastal areas holding strong in the 60's and 70's. james, all
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right, thank you very much john to national news this morning lawmakers on capitol hill are launching a new effort now to protect animals. >>many of them say it's time to make animal abuse a federal crime kron four's washington correspondent trevor shirley explains. >>inside this box or more than 600,000 signatures says high schooler said the health and. >>i want to get involved and help the effort to stop animal cruelty. >>the signatures collected online by health and are all in support of the prevent animal cruelty and torture or packed act if passed into law the pact act would turn trafficking animals across state lines or the creation of online animal torture videos in to federal crimes. >>it's really an amazing to see everybody come together offered by democrat ted deutch and republican vern buchanan. it's now got more than 270 co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle, the bill isn't just one of the most widely supported pieces of legislation on the hill. it is
7:18 am
also one of the most bipartisan. >>right now animal abuse laws vary by state with no good way for the feds to get involved. representative buchanan says he's trying to get this bill passed not just for the animals, but for the people who love them as well. it's a lot more very passionate about how their animals congressman brian fitzpatrick a former fbi agent says often time animal abuse goes hand-in-hand with other federal crimes. one of the things that i saw every single day. >>was a nexus between animal cruelty and a lot of other federal criminal criminal violations. >>violations lawmakers hope this bill will help federal authorities bring to an end but this is a close ally the doors reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>it's 7.18 for your money this morning the head of the vaping company juul has a message for parents and recession fears are rising for the middle class. jane king is live with those stories and more hi jane. >>how low darya good morning
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as middle class americans are less optimistic about their economic prospects than just 6 months ago a new report from the insurance company could a mutual group says although the majority of those polled said they feel relatively stable overall they greeted their chances of achieving the american dream as a c down from a b minus in the fall. well parents in particular were more concerned that the us would enter a recession in the coming year than those without children. well, the head of the most popular east cigarette brand has apologized to parents whose children have become hooked on vaping the c o jewel told cnbc that he would tell parents he is sorry their child is using the product because it is not intended for them. joe has had exponential row since its founding in 2015 and it's now valued at more than billion. well girl scouts are learning how to code and now they're getting badges for doing so the 18 new badges are bill before every age group in girl scouts. it serves girls from kindergarten through 12th grade as pistons learn the basics of coding including algorithm design. they also get opportunities to build means games and features the spread positive messages
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tackle important issues and promote healthy habits and check out the new emoji is that are coming this fall. the new batch of designs includes more disability thing, tim o g's. also new foods and animals and there are some saying sec's and mixed race couple in modi's as well and all 59 new emoji designs are coming to apple smartphones live from the nasdaq market site i'm jane king, thank you daryn talking and writing a whole with this. >>go back all over again. >>and 20 will take a quick break coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the prosecution and defense both rest their case is in the go ship trial will take a look at what comes next. plus the new plan bart and sfo to prevent homeless people from sleeping at the airport ander this morning an issue on the san francisco side of the bay bridge has gummed up the works this morning. robin was done this morning. robin was done with more on that in a minu july 15th is national give something away d
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morning news heading back to a major hot spot in the east bay still tracking this fatal accident in richmond. that's a leftover from the 5 o'clock hour happened around 5 40 this morning on east 5.80 harbor. we just know that a pedestrian was struck and killed on the off-ramp no other details surrounding this accident. but the investigation continues all lanes are closed on east bound 5.80 traffic being forced off on to city streets.
7:24 am
it is not impacting west 5.80 west 5.80 is open but very slow from harbor through the toll plaza we'll check more coming up james. >>sfo is adding more security and barriers to stop homes people who take bart from spending the night at the airport. sfo and barred are teaming up in fact a crackdown on the problem they say the homeless problem is creating issues with fare evasion and stolen luggage. the plan includes a second bart officer at the sfo station and added barriers to what the fare gates. >>enhanced barrier. currently there are turnstiles and can be easily jumped over with this move we're actually going to be paying for the installation of 5 foot tall 5 foot tall glass barriers that will make it very difficult for people jumped the turnstile to get in and out of the bart station. >>art at sfo will also share surveillance video and equip bart officers with 2 way radios.
7:25 am
>>investigators are examining the wreckage of a helicopter crash in hayward they're trying to figure out why it went down it happened on monday afternoon during a training flight killing the flight instructor. wayne approach or he died in his student list suffered critical injuries in an isn't in the hospital right now while and the investigators are looking at this. unfortunately they don't have a black box most helicopter, so they don't have that to help them. >>a jewelry store in the east bay hit by robbers, it's all caught on camera you can see 2 masked man comes through the door. >>and they smashed the display cases. this was an newark last sunday around 6 o'clock in the morning. the police are still looking for the robbers. in the east bay richmond police are looking for these robbers they hit a convenience store. it was 6 points express mart on second avenue you can see they jump over the front. deaths there the counter and then they got away with about $3800 in cash.
7:26 am
>>the kron 4 morning news more on the resolution passed by lawmakers condemning president trump's racist tweets targeting for congress women of color. they say at a certain age
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from covergirl. >>it's 7.20 it has been a rough morning whether not traffic wise 105. too many
7:29 am
problems still lingering that just won't go away a fatal accident to return a major crash coming off the bay bridge at fremont f you take 80 you need to leave extra early. >>let's take a look at the map and see what's going on here so we'll start off with the fatal crash and richmond from 5.41 we know that a pedestrian was struck and killed at the harbor off ramp from eastbound 80. all lanes are closed on eastbound 5.18 they continue to force traffic off the freeway and onto city streets with no estimated time of clearing and no other details surrounding this it is stacking up backed up a couple of exits there so keep that in mind if you plan on heading east into richmond and then heading west out of richmond you're doing fine this the typical is slow from harbor through the tolls getting on to the span and then we have a big trouble spot of coming off the bay struck crashed into the guard bill earlier this morning at fremont street
7:30 am
right at the here still blocking one lane on the rap one lane on 80 so bad back up the spilling over to the suspension through the tunnel. along the eastern span through the toll plaza which is what you see here and into the maze so be prepared for this low drive into san francisco john. well robin we are. >>at least seen some clear skies this morning even though roadways haven't been all that clear looking over san francisco eventually out to the bay bridge in the distance there's definitely some cloud cover still ringing out over head but nothing like the fog that we did see yesterday and actually it's been a really beautiful start to the morning for those of you that have already headed out and about 50's and 60's for your current temperatures this is pretty similar to yesterday little bit cooler for inland spots like fairfield in pittsburgh where temperatures are in the low 60's. instead those mid to upper 60's where they were yesterday. so we're starting off this morning just a touch cooler, the afternoon ahead is going to be very similar to yesterday a range of 60's 70's
7:31 am
and 80's for your daytime highs a lot more sunshine earlier on in fact are already seeing it between those clouds i've got more on your forecast is still to come james. >>all right, thank you john breaking news, mexican drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman. >>has just been sentenced in federal court to life in prison plus 30 years. the 62 year-old was convicted on 10 criminal counts earlier this year. the drug lord was brought to the us to stand trial after he twice broke out of mexican prisons. the guilty verdict triggers now a mandatory sentence of life without parole. who's been told the judge before he was sentenced this morning that he was denied a fair trial. guzman is also accused of ordering are taking part in the murders and torture of more than 2 dozen people. >>it's 7.31 and a big story this morning that we're following the house of representatives voted to condemn president trump's racist tweets targeting for a minority democratic congresswoman that republicans have for the most part defended the president. and last night's vote grew contentious at times we have lauren fox now with the review.
7:32 am
>>i know racism when i see it. i know racism when i feel it. >>house democrats strongly condemning president trump's a racist tweets passing a resolution rebuking him for telling for democratic congresswoman of color who are all american citizens to quote go back to where they came from 3 of them born in the u s the vote coming down largely on party lines with only 4 republicans and one independent supporting the measure. >>the first time i've heard go back to your own country but it is the first time i have heard it coming from. >>house what has really happened here is that the president and his supporters have been forced to endure months of allegations of racism the debate quickly turning into a partisan fight. after house speaker nancy pelosi said this every single member of this institution democratic and republican. she join us in condemning the president's racist tweet to do
7:33 am
anything less would be a shocking rejection of and values and a shameful abdication some of their oath of office. republicans say pelosi broke house rules by directly disparaging the president stalling the vote for nearly 2 hours to make up the gentleman's work there. interest taken out the house democrats shutting down that request the debate frustrating presiding member emanuel cleaver we want to just fight. abandoned the chair. praising republicans for standing unified. >>and i think the tone of all of those is not good for the country. the president's tweets it said go back resist. i believe this is about ideology. th iabout socialism for says freedom. >>earlier the president issuing his own defense tweeting quote i don't have a
7:34 am
racist bone in my body congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez firing back writing in a tweet you're right mister president. you don't have a racist bone in your body. you have a racist mind in your head races heart in your chest. tensions also rising for white house officials facing questions about trump's racist comments. >>because i'm asking a question. why assessors or from ireland and italy are asking about that he said originally. >>now is lauren fox reporting for us this morning coming up in the next hour we're going to hear from presidential candidate in california senator kamala harris as she talks about her reaction to the president's tweets. >>there's only a small chance that a bigger earthquake is going to hit this week after that 4.3 that shook the east bay yesterday afternoon, maybe
7:35 am
you felt it was east of black hawk and people did feel it between walnut creek all the way to tracy as far south as san jose as far north as sacramento. and there were some aftershocks somebody felt environment livermore as well. scientists say that yesterday's quake happened on the greeneville fault which is where there's just a 4% chance that we're going to have a bigger quake over the next week. >>the 4.3 certainly is a very gentle reminder in our backyard that we do live in earthquake country and earthquakes can and will happen. >>very few strong quakes happened on the greenville falls over the last 20 years there was the biggest ones are a 5, 4, to 5 a those are back in 1980 and a lot of people as we said did feel that quake and we talked to some of them, but it's just not that that big of a damaging a magnitude of 4.3. my son lives over in oakland he text me right away,
7:36 am
he's and did you feel it so. >>he killed and over in oakland i heard like that the house can moving a >>and my dogs got a little faeaked out which is it. >>more >>so what we always say it's or a minor make sure you have an emergency kit and you have a plan. >>if say an earthquake is supposed to hit you need to know what you're supposed to do and everybody does believe that we are going to get they go on at some point this was the mobile alert that we sent out a push alert that happened at one 15 we told you as soon as it happened. you need all the breaking news weather traffic. if you have to kron 4 mobile app. >>the prosecution and defense teams have rested their case in the oakland go ship trial max harris and eric elmen to both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the people who died in that fire back in 2016. harris was called yesterday to refute the testimony of prosecution rebuttal witness officer hector chavez chavez told the court that he responded to an illegal party back in 2015.
7:37 am
and the go ship and at the go ship and got into a fight with harris. the other rebuttal witness was investigator with the da's office and she testified the emails now mena and the owners of the go ship did not contain any information about the owners telling him to lie about people living there and i said. >>well is it possible that could have been a. verbal. is it possible. it could have been over the phone via is it possible that could have been by one of the agents, yeah so i i think that's completely deluded test why say. >>they went how weak man. >>the trial is in recess until closing arguments which are at this point are set for july 29th. coming up at 8 o'clock big tech companies under fire now from lawmakers about censorship. there are concerns that not enough is being done to keep offensive content off of social media platforms. and after the break a breakdown of the worst intersections in san jose and what can be done to make them better. and i've been watching your temperatures through the
7:38 am
mointtle cooler than yesterday some 50's and 60's out there more to come in your forecast ahead. >>and i'm tracking in accident in san francisco check out this caltrans camera 80 west at fremont street. >>we have 2 lanes closed after a box truck crew ashton to the guard. well, this is really role of a car company? announcer: to take your kids to and from school? announcer: we think it can be something bigger. so we have the essays from the last three parts. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on 2019 jetta, tiguan, and select atlas models.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to one of our hot spots in san
7:41 am
francisco. look at all this activity we have coming off the bay bridge westbound 80 at fremont street one lane closed on the rap it's going to the left lane if you're taking that exit and then the right lane of 80 west also close this is all because of a crash involving a box truck that happened at around 5 30 this morning. the box truck is gone, but you still have tow trucks, you have bridge crews all on scene as well as chp and it's attracting a lot of attention so prepare for a backup that spills across the suspension through the tolls and into the maze sea or under 20 minutes to make it into san francisco. i have another hot spot to talk about that a fatality in richmond. i have more details on that coming up in a bit james. >>in the south bay traffic congestion and collisions are leading to their leading cause of injury now and death in san jose. we had a south bay law firm henshaw and henry pc they hired a company to look into the most dangerous intersections. and that study found at the intersection of o'clock avenue atstory road is the most dangerous. the research focused on data that
7:42 am
was collected from 2013 to 2017 and during that time frame there were nearly 8,000 intersection related crashes in the city, a 103 people died as a result in more than 10,000 people were injured. the study looked into the number of injuries at each location. you know that's helpful. >>that one person thing. this >>to think a little bit before going through this intersection maybe as yellow slow down. maybe if it's light turns green take a second. >>go and take a look around that's the best advice when it's green yeah take a second right because somebody else could become >>well no express way blossom hill, a road was the second on the list of the city 65 most dangerous intersections capital expressway. that will call avenue was 3rd. >>some 42 coming up on the buzz. >>who had the nerve to ghosts the most famous golfer on the planet. >>and how annoying is it that the number one guy in a sport doesn't even after practice,
7:43 am
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit >>and to the kron 00:04am morning news do expect some delays on traveling to return this morning, it will be an unexpected delay because it's on east bound 5.80 we normally don't have a backup going east right, there's a fatal acc
7:46 am
streets. it is not impacting westbound traffic westbound is open. it's the usual crawl, 14 minutes from the tolls to one on one. that spot coming off the bay bridge also left over from the 5 o'clock hour 80 west at fremont street, a box truck was coming off the bridge crash right into the guard will they removed the truck but emergency crews are still there possibly inspecting that guardrail so as you exit at fremont street you're left lane is closed as you continue on a t you're right lane is closed at stacked up along the suspension through the tunnel and was already a mess behind that whole. so you know just does not help traffic jam from the oakland maze. that is the golden gate that's not what we want to see why you know it's just a different perspective is showing you traffic not to bring so much like we normally
7:47 am
see the traic limit in both directions one more slow down the amendment. i'm here on 8.80 leaving family and row from 2.38 to do being cleared at 5th. john. well robin skies, they've been a lot clearer than yesterday. >>just a different kind of a cloud cover overhead for most of us. there has been some low lying clouds not really fog. but there is fog across the golden gate bridge and then down to those very far western neighborhoods of san francisco right up and down the coast elsewhere we are really seeing some clearing skies now san jose has been clear really most of the morning and the east bay still looking at clouds well on the distance but look at all that brightness now making its way down into berkeley see out things cleared up really nice as we work our way through this morning certainly a lot sooner than yesterday's clearing skies. skies will remain nice and dry, nice and clear through the day today and into tonight, another push of fog and some low clouds into the day it should too intrusive in shun slow you
7:48 am
down too much tomorrow morning either then we work our way into friday will repeat that pattern with sunny skies and a great start to the day yet again daytime highs today, righ were yesterday 60's and 70's for san francisco, some 60's up and down the pacific shore and then mixed with some 70's in south san francisco millbrae and burlingame on the peninsula 70's make their way further south on the peninsula eventually to some 80's with woodside 84, south a very similar to yesterday mid 80's yet again 70's and 80's across the east bay with hayward union city in the 70's have some upper 80's in danville walnut creek in concord while oakland again in the mid 70's really nice day are same spots that were in the 90's yesterday continue to has see that today with a vacaville in pittsburgh, holding on to those numbers really are only spots doing so come tomorrow, temperatures will cool even further, and fall even further yet into friday saturday and sunday low 80's inland for the weekend with 60's and 70's by the bay.
7:49 am
>>the best golfers in the world are in ireland right now getting ready for the british open. well, tiger is you want to get to know the course before he tees off tomorrow but not brooks keopka he doesn't practice which may explain why he ghosted tiger. >>a funny story, a texas takes a brooksy know congratulations on another great finish then when he thought he would he's. i mean what he's done in the last 4 major championships and. has been just is unbelievable to be so consistent so so solid so. he's been in contention to win each every major championship and. as do the union mine high. you know take a long time practice round i've heard nothing. and just practice before the majors. returned some practice when you see me on tv that's my playoff.
7:50 am
>>so he's the number one golfer kept it is in the world and he doesn't practice. >>some people just have the gift sort noise a lot of you know it always practice winks >>it slows down the game. i don't want to see wagle i want to see you do your thing 50 million times just take the ship. it could be a great shot, you just wasted that's only got one good swing and i got to make it out yeah, the okay, no no we should not golf together in a little really any support i don't want to see you like if you're a if you're and playing pool when you can walk around and do this do this do this and get it. now. >>really bring the bridge out i do it all. i talk maybe a couple times part of it's the psychological game to try to get your head and you're going stopped even line up putts i think the whole plumbing say everybody is all you know,
7:51 am
caroline it just hit the ball pitched the crash is lost in the air and see which way the winds i understand you know we talked about how he gets up at 3 or like last week is get up at 3 in the morning or 2 in the morning. so he's had what now and how many boots for surgeries on his an and his yeah, the guy's 43 he's like an old man he's like an old body of an old man. actually see what you look like his old man james, there's an app and you can see how you're going whether is it which is really fun if you like the baby-faced assassin it and then you know the bay is anymore. this plus further klay thompson, let's check it out. his beard looks good. could be in check out joint now doing wade he posted himself old and currency could really see it. >>okay or you do really young
7:52 am
people with the south like the jonas brothers. >>is that we're. >>is it kelly pierce brosnan a great job with the hair and everything well in some cases other cases doesn't touch your hair, let's look at lady gaga kept her hair the same. she looks like an attractive older woman i think that one came out really well katy perry. i liked how she looks very like that like a nice old lady looks very friendly on a. the ages 5 shooting a look at old in that shot and and then i think we have barack obama there so when you're read it doesn't look like your grandfather like to say is when you do it yourself actually john did it for both of us did he send yours the middle it's for i can't stop looking a laugh and a during the pentagon. now you notice, i'm not showing it like. >>put this on tv but i. a creepy and i just looking and looking and it scares me the
7:53 am
even changes. making is that gross actually looks like you look like not, but you're younger see the younger you are it's what it's cancels i don't like the way kept it's it's like keeping the hair. re receiving like on track. it's like we're back here in my chair are you know it seems like you notice that we didn't we didn't share the sewer going like why didn't you show it wanted to i didn't show up because i want to show it about the flying man could just go out with a flying manned. flying man has abated and the event that away to fly on a report will show you video as we go to break because is that it is for real as flies easyjet packets in france, he's able to do it they showed it off at a military show the video. >>he showed it off at a yet a military sing in france, the guy really is flying blowing my it's come true, look at. is the
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>>the next hour police are investigating a noose found on the stanford campus will have a live report on the latest in the investigation. and a second bay area city has joined san francisco in banning police and other agencies from using facial recognition software. woman 13 years 2 of his wives are immigrants. he is not as enough of a racist.
7:57 am
>>republicans coming to president trump's defense over the racist tweets about 4. congresswoman a color. we're going hear more from these women who say the president is doing nothing wrong.
7:58 am
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unicorn to get stuff you want. just become an aarp member! get health tips, learn about the latest tech, have nights out at local restaurants and more. get your aarp membership today. >>local news station. good morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we want to begin with the traffic news
8:00 am
that's a big breaking story for us this morning couple problems now let's go to rob and once and for the latest and as we enter a new hour, the crashes are wrapping up right now we head over to richmond first. >>this is where we had a fatal cras' that happened in the 5 o'clock hour east 5.80 at the harbor way off front we know that a pedestrian was hidden chilled on the route we don't know the details surrounding that crash or if the person was wrought walking at the bottom of the ramp or involved in some other traffic incident but that person did not survive and so they have half of lanes blocked here on the east 5.80 since then for our they finally wrapped up this closure all lanes are open iis 5.18 harbor you are no m long th area. it never impacted west 5.80 which is the usual crawl right now so we're looking at 14 minutes here ombig hot spot coming off the bay bridge in sa


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