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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 30, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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again today. >>a san francisco, one of our areas that is starting off the day with a dose of fog you can see it looking outside and a foggy conditions, especially for coastal areas, but also streaming on into the east bay today. you are seeing some yore crossing on over to the f oakland hills right above san andro and hayward too so be a little careful slow down just a little bit if you do encounter some of the spots where visibility will be affected at times. we're in the 50's and 60's right now making their way into the afternoon. eventually some 6070's and our the hottest of temperatures today. only in the mid 80's for a few spots. i'm talking warmer weather into the weekend though still to come rob. >>checking out the bay bridge traffic on westbound 80 it never recovered from an earlier stall that was quickly cleared, but it just added to all the commute traffic already there at the toll plaza heading into san francisco. so if you're about to use the bay bridge know you're going to be stacked up from the oakland maze and it's from all connectors to 5.80 from 24. the east shore out of
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emeryville 8.80 connectors crawling 12 minutes and growing to fremont street your drive times look okay though highway 4 we had a ladder in the road out in concord it started off as a some minor problem, but that's what started your backup so 24 minutes antioch to concord and then one oh one still 31 minutes quick san jose to menlo park darya james. >>thanks a lot now let's get back to the big story this morning which was new information that we're learning about the gunman in the deadly gilroy garlic festival shootings as investigators continue to dig into his social media and his. >>computers were getting of. the clear sense of where his mental state was leading up to the shooting as going to be obviously very important for investigators as they try piece together a motive, let's go to kron four's will tran he's live in gilroy which is still a crime scene wil what are they still looking for this morning. they're still searching for evidence and there's always the possibility of that second suspect who they have not ruled out yet
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you can see how busy it is behind me with cars coming in going you can see investigators are rolling in and chp officers. >>are parked in front just to make sure that only investigators and law enforcement officers were allowed to go into the grounds and not the public as they still comb through it looking for evidence you heard yesterday at the news conference said they believe this area was even bigger. then they originally thought let me show you some video that happened just a few hours ago. they removed the gunman's car his name is it sent he know logan 18 years old this was about a mile and a half from my current location. they were there all day yesterday after believing that that was his car with nevada plates and that is important because they believed he spent some time in nevada. with some family members and in 3 weeks ago that he actually purchased legally. an assault rifle from nevada which he used during the gilroy garlic festival killing 3 people and injuring at least 12 others. they're
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also looking like james talked about his online account to see what was going through his head now that he's dead they need to peace together a possible motive, he dabbled on white-supremacist views and themes he even posted a couple of days ago, read might is right which is a manifesto of 1890 which is very popular with neo-nazis and white supremacy, so they're not saying that he was but he definitely looked into that popular he none of that popular, but that that lifestyle that viewpoint he was looking into that as well in the meantime that second suspect the suspect possibly is out there and it's making a lot of people very fearful. >>it would be nice to know suspect willie because during its no choice but to be inside should we be endorsing me what should we be doing >>so as they continue to look for that second suspect they have to piece together a motive look for evidence at this point it looks like the
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gunman's family is cooperating with detectives they're just barely with investigators that they're just as confused and heartbroken over what happened as far as sen tina logan 19 years old he just graduated from a mile from this location last year you're a high school and if you saw me yesterday you saw me and interview some of his former classmates and they thought he seemed normal at the time, nobody knew that on sunday afternoon at 5.41 he would burst in to the gilroy garlic festival cut through some fencing bypass the metal detectors and opened fire fortunately 3 officers were on the grounds at the time confronted him within a minute. opening fire and killing him and according to investigators they simply did not have the weaponry to deal with his assault rifle. but they still somehow managed to take him down with just their handguns. james darya. >>all right, thank you very will that just one minute of shooting and killing. people
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and we are remembering those victims this morning, they were obviously just within that 62nd span a family assistance center. >>in gilroy now osen for people who need emotional support getting through that you know there were a dozen people that were but there are also people who have wounds just from going through. >>the trend the trauma and escaping the gunfire called for sarah stinson pixar team coverage with how the community is dealing with at this morning. >>yeah, it's not only hard for every single person who was there that day and during that time when they heard those gunshots go off and for the families who have someone who was actually killed were injured, but also just kilroy in totality these people this festival means so much to them and to have something like this happen by someone who is actually from here. it's just it's just horrific. so that's why this family wellness center has been open up your at elementary school, it's all to help people grieve and you
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know the healing process really began last night. 2 vigils were held one was held by the police department actually hundreds of people gathered remembering the victims and the people injured as we know 3 people were killed and 15 people were injured some shot and others just injured from the chaos of running for their lives at the garlic festival state and city leaders were among those who attended the vigil there's another held at saint mary's catholic church where a special service for the garlic festival victims was held. several people were at the vigil seeking peace showing community support during this difficult time and many of those churchgoers say this was a very powerful way to unite. after such a horrible event. >>i think healing in love is the only thing that's going to our country in the state that just the world is in right now we just need to be kind love one another and just really appreciate life and the loved ones around us. >>if you're looking for
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someone to talk to about the garlic festival shooting the santa clara da's office red cross and the county's behavioral health services, we'll be here at the wellness center for families. anyone who's in need of help. they will have free counseling and just have a lot of different things that will help you get through this very difficult time. it started yesterday but open back up this morning at 9 o'clock goes until 00:10pm tonight and that will be the case for the rest of the week so stop by. if you are in need of just a little bit of help during this tragic time for now live in gilroy sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you very much sara now let's turn right to the 3 people who by the gunfire that happened at the festival 25 year-old trevor. be you see him there with his girlfriend, they were at the festival. he's from new york and graduated from the college there in 2017. but he and his girlfriend were living in santa cruz and his girlfriend sarah and you know they went to the festival to have some fun sarah and the whole family
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is shaken up about what happened and as sara as we were just talking to sarah stinson now you know they're dealing with the aftermath of losing irby you know in the prime of his life just 25 years old and a recent college graduate and then there was the youngest victim who we told you about all yesterday morning 6 year-old stephen romero and his grandmother and mom or injured. his grandmother shot in the leg, his mom shot in the hand in the stomach and little steven was killed, he's the youngest victim. in this shooting. and then the 3rd person killed another young person 13 year-old kayla salazar she was there with her family as well there from san jose and apparently she had. her 2 sisters were there as well and they survive and she had stayed back to help a relative who used a cane as the shots were fired and so they were moving a little more slowly to
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get away from the gunfire and 13 year-old kayla was shot and killed a local business owner has set up a go fund me account to support the shooting victims bob man's dealership they had a booth at the garlic festival like they do in many years past as well and when he heard about what happened at kayla and you know to the other victims he created a go fund me page also for stephen romero as well. she's from san jose. >>she came into your your town and celebrated life in you know all the good things you do when you go to a garlic festival never expected to be one of the ones that don't get to go home we created 1, 4, and thank god, the people are seeing it responding the same way that they responded to little steven so their families also reached out to me and thank me in ankle there's no thank you it's it's something i think we're obligated to do. >>and another thing that can as parents are doing is organizing a vigil. we'll tell you when that happens it's
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supposed to be in the next couple of days and that way you know the community can heal and share their sadness. >>and we're also hearing from some of the victims that were shot and wounded particularly the family of a 12 year-old girl who was injured at the garlic festival and we talked about how the age of the people that were injured range from 12 to 16 9 so this is one of the youngest victims. 12 year-old leslie and raise she was with her family when the gunman opened fire. she was shot in the leg, the bullet apparently passed straight through says she didn't mean the major surgery but it will be a while before she's fully recovered and she's a valid medical center right now being treated. >>she's not talking much, she's really not talking much. that's kind of concerning maybe she does so until touch the subject. yes, so. we try asking herself that she's really saying much can you imagine that her older sister now you know to and and that she is why even talk to the family and now because she's so shaken on you just saw a second ago. mayor gavin newsome there in the video he actually.
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>>paid a visit to leslie there at the hospital. he also visited the grandmother that 6 year-old boy who was shot and killed as well we're going to hear from the governor a little bit later on he had some pretty frank words. the cameras when he came out, yes, a state and a conference for more on our coverago and you can also get in on our mobile app 6.11 right now as we head to break, here's more from last night's vigil remembering the victims of sunday's mass shooting. >>obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who are affected by this great tragedy and i'm extremely i i'm blessed to left the scene so have left that scene in time it's been a shock over the last 24 hours. >>but to see all of you here tonight. i am just so proud to be your mare a 6 year-old boy. who should be splashing sprinklers. learning to ride a bike. the 13 year-old girl.
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>>ford's of what's going on at the walmart in mississippi where there was a shooting. we have a sister station out there there are also local
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reporters out there so we're piecing together what we know at this hour is a gunman went in. shot some people inside at least one person was injured inside and they came out had a gun battle with the police. 2 people are dead. so we understand one died in the store that person killed by the shooter. and when there's one report that says the shooter was killed so he was taken to the hospital, according to one report and the shooter was killed in that gun battle, you can see that there was a reporter setting up for a live shot out the ditches trying to piece together we know that the 4 people were shot in total in 2 are dead. yeah so we're going to try and track down the latest information on that as you saw that reporters getting ready maybe we'll get more information here in just a moment to keep it tuned kron 4 for that. >>in the meantime back here in the studio we're keeping you updated on weather traffic because actually not a bad day on tap today. john absolutely not another a good day ahead of us as far as weather is concerned a lot like yesterday was which as remember stepping outside. >>was he easily a lot more comfortable than any day this weekend was san francisco
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under a blanket of cloud cover and fog this morning to watch out for some low visibility in spots, san jose now getting a good look at those clear skies that your currently enjoying well not so clear just yet for the east bay with berkeley and oakland shrouded in some cloud cover too cloud cover is going to take us through much of the morning right on top the bay with the east and south bay area's already clear out towards about blood down through the tri valley you're already sitting into the sunshine and will continue to enjoy it for much of the day ahead of you. high pressure really starting to relax across the bay area it's moving its way further further to the east and this is allowing us a little bit more of a coastal influence which brings that nice ocean cold air and and allows temperatures to be quite comfortable like we'ro going to enjoy them yet again today 50's and 60's for san francisco as well as a few other spots on the peninsula. you're going to see more 70's once you head south of millbrae through burlingame eventually through palo alto
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in mountain view while woodside holds on to a low 80 some upper 70's return for areas like milpitas santa clara's cupertino in sunnyvale all in the upper 70's a few of you are in the 80's yesterday so even cooler than yesterday, dublin, 78 for your high hard to believe that triple digits in 90's were seen in some of the same areas just a couple of days ago, oakland upper 60's wall conquered low 80's are in day in the mid 70's that same range of 70'to 80's up in the north bay, the exception being some of our coastal areas holding on to the 60's. today tomorrow thursday and friday these are your days to really enjoy the weather because look how nice it's about to be our daytime highs at max will be in the mid 80's with plenty of sunshine. after some morning fog up next at times. saturday sunday and monday temperatures on the rise taking us back into the low 90's for a few inland spots but compared to the triple digits. we have been seeing. i think we can handle a few low 90's. robert. >>thank you john checking in on a very crowded san mateo
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bridge we're tracking the commute westbound see it crawling they're starting before the toll plaza continues like this over to the high rise before you actually start to fill a break. we're at 60 minutes and growing off to one on one. we are hot spot free. we don't have any major issues that you need to worry about the bay bridge traffic it is going to be passed this back of spills through the maze. all connectors are slow carpool lanes are the best year at 16 to 20 minutes to make it off to fremont street we're checking some more numbers and some of them are on the rise and some are holding steady so it just depends on where you are heading 6.80 put shake of the danville 13 minutes, the don't barton that's west 84. it's picking up, but it's not bad 17 minutes off to o on one and still smooth sailing on 5.80 livermore to dublin and also one o one heading north brisbane to san francisco and a very quick 7 minutes, we'll check more just a bit back to you. >>thanks a lot 6.18 and today the jury will continue listening to closing arguments in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. the closing arguments on behalf of
6:19 am
max harris along with a dairy now they're you both on trial for that fire that killed 36 people in 2016. prosecutors say the victims had no notice that there was a fire and no time to escape the flames. a man is accused of not applying for any permits for work to be done at the warehouse which prosecutors say would have triggered building inspections. the judge told the jury a guilty verdict in this case would mean that a crime was committed criminal negligence was involved and that the defendant's actions caused the death. along the creek man wanted on child-pornography charges in contra costa county has been arrested in kansas 44 year-old william cashel police say had child-porn an e-mail between january and may of this year. contra costa county investigators are now working to extradite him to california. >>6 19 is the time in a legal and civil rights organization is suing daly city leaders
6:20 am
accusing them of violating the state's sanctuary law and handing a man over to ice. the group asian americans advancing justice filed a lawsuit against the city. the group says daly city police conducted in immigration investigation on jose as school are lopez as and facilitated his transfer to ice escobar lopez is currently in ice custody in bakersfield facing deportation to el salvador. >>to national headlines now the stage is set in detroit for the second democratic debate we have 20 presidential candidates will be making their pitch to the american people again like last time it's split into 2 nights with 10 candidates. each night, the 10 facing off tonight, we're drawn at random in a lottery. we have kristen holmes now with more of what we can expect. >>good morning. well that's right just a few hours, 10 of those candidates will take the stage and for some of these presidential hopefuls this time around it's do or die. >>things are revving up in the
6:21 am
motor city, 20 democratic candidates for president taking the stage for the second time, i'm looking forward to sharing. >>the best of america on that stage because we're running to make sure that america can achieve her best i'm looking forward to being on that stage with people that are vying for the most important job in our country. >>and with the democratic national committee setting stricter requirements for the 3rd debate in september. the stakes couldn't be higher one over next 2 nights top tier candidates, eating to their lead. well news, lesser known attempt to reverse course, we're east permanently stalling out. >>my name id is still lower than for several of the other candidates, so i want to make sure that i continue to use myself talk about it is and i have for the future of this country tonight on steve governor steve bullock south bend mayor pete british judge john delaney and john hickenlooper. >>any closure are beto o'rourke tim ryan and marianne williamson, as well as progressive candidates and front runners elizabeth warren and bernie sanders we'll go
6:22 am
head to head for the first time i do not tack. my fellow democrat. >>vision of what we can do com 2020. >>now that is one matchup to watch very closely keep in mind both warren and sanders have very similar stances on so many issues and on top of that are friends so how are they going to differentiate themselves from one another without attacking each other. another person watching closely beto o'rourke who had a very shaky first round debate, this is a chance for him to really build up that momentum to prove himself get some of that energy back that we saw earlier on in the campaign. reporting from detroit, i'm kristen holmes back to you. >>and be sure to watch kron 4 news tonight at 8.30 as inside barrier politics, host catherine hainan we'll be joined by roundtable of political analysts and the breakdown. tonight's debate again that's tonight at 8.30
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right here on kron 4. >>6.22 right now. >>as we continue here on the kron 00:04am morning news we will continue to show you how the community is coming together to mourn those who lost their lives
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>>25 let's go back to our team coverage in the big story which is the aftermath of the gilroy a shooting and what's going on at the headquarters
6:26 am
right now in the community is doing and also the recovery of some personal line of lot of festival goers that left their cars their phones. their purses in the midst of all that chaos as they were trying to make for cover and now they're trying to come back and retrieve all those think healing conrad has more on that. >>thousands found themselves and the sheer panic when gunshots rang out. crowds of people were running for their lives. >>sunrise time 47 active because that way. lic festivl >>in all the chaos purses phones and keys were left behind we are just got up and ran nobody went you know i didn't go back to grab my purse or anything i just got up and ran park and the surrounding area was on lockdown monday is agencies investigated the active crime scene. >>something city officials say has to happen as police try to work out. what happened. >>what we do is we just don't know is the extent of the
6:27 am
involvement if there is any of the second party. that's what we don't know and that's why it has to remain active. hundreds of people are without their cars that were parked at the festival. >>and police don't know when they'll get them back. >>she's from down south her truck is still parked over there. we can't. you know, and i mean all of our stuff. we're just taking it day by day. >>dt mcdonald and her fellow vendor see stuff is nothing they're just happy to be alive. >>i thought was a firecracker 2 feet away from me in the dirt and i saw that are just. >>kelly barge is expecting a baby mn just 5 weeks. she says their lives are safe thanks to an off-duty officer who got her out as the gunman opened fire. >>stop shooting, a man right behind the honeybee 10. just started running opposite way.
6:28 am
>>well that was kaitlan conrad reporting for us police are asking people to have patience as they comb through the scene. well. >>police are still at the scene this morning and this is their second full day at the gilroy garlic festival as they continue to search for second suspect coming up we have new information we learned about the gunman
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>>we're on robin is power out there so a slow roll, not a sweet i will check in on the bridges, they are quite crowded. very good and the weather too but not much to complain about not much to complain about it, although there is going to be some nice sunny weather this afternoon. >>after what's been a foggy morning but thank you to that fog for keeping us a little bit cooler than we have been we're not seeing the fog bethel island is under some crystal clear skies can see a little bit of that glow the sunrise out the distance, i'll step out of the way of it at least really nice start to the morning for some of us especially further inland. where you are away from the fog you air that is hanging out right along the coast and then in the east bay hills to now pushing into the afternoon it's going to be a slow clearing process for parts of the day and for areas right along the coastline as you can see there's not going to be a whole lot of sunshine into the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies for areas like half moon bay right on the coastline. later on today, our temperatures will rise from the 50's and 60's where they
6:32 am
currently are and eventually take us into the 60's 70's and low to mid 80's that's the warmest we're going to get on this tuesday, not a bad way to be i'm talking more, nice weather your forecast ahead. >>robin all right, let's check in on the bridge is the most crowded lines at least we have 92 starting off with the westbound traffic and hayward over to the financial in his career falling even before the toll plaza, just to get on to the flat section you're pretty much stuck in this. all the way across to the high rise, so no major issues to worry about it's just the typical morning crawl at 18 minutes off to one on one. we're checking the bay bridge traffic and we have one little problem over an hour ago it was a stall of that sort of started to back up on the eastern span. but now it's feels all the way through the maze so it's a full house 16 to 20 minutes to make it in. i'll give you one more the richmond sandra fell it's still a free. i'm not delay free hot spot free zone and trying to say, but slowing go from richmond parkway right through the toll plaza back to you. >>thanks a lot 6.32 and we're
6:33 am
starting to learn more about the gunman who opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival. yeah we have learned that he had an interest in some radical views online we've got kron four's will tran joining us now with more on that and also. >>the festival grounds itself will. >>let's get to the festival grounds you can see behind me the officers are still here right at the entrance they're not allowing anybody to go through unless they're authorized personnel because this is still considered a crime scene they have to collect evidence look at exactly what happened this is frozen in time exactly the way they want and so they can put together a case against the gunman who is no longer here which is why they need to get into his head. and that's why his online accounts are very important before we talk about that let me show you some video from last night about a mile and a half from this location. they spotted what they believe was his card nevada plates. he spent some time in nevada with his family and then 3 weeks ago he
6:34 am
legally purchase an assault rifle in nevada, the same assault rifle that they believe he used to open fire on the crowd on sunday afternoon killing 3 people and injuring at least 12 people. his name is sent he know logan and they believe according to his online accounts said he did dabble into white supremacist themes that he did post read might is right which is a manifesto written 1890 which is very popular among white supremacists and neo-nazis. they don't believe that he was a white supremacist but then he looked into that pa that viewpoint and that he was returned ching that and even though he was researching that they don't believe at this particular point in that what he did was considered local or domestic terrorism, but that still has not been removed from the table that's still a possible option. as far as his family his family is confused. they're heart broken and they are cooperating with
6:35 am
investigators and then there's also that possible second suspect james enjoy as that they're witnesses who believe there was a second suspect possibly not a gunman. but that second person who might have helped him and might have had even helped him with the car maybe tip took him back to that carla mile and a half away from this location. and that's why they still have to try to track that person down making the scene all the more important let me step up and show you exactly what's going on so you can see people coming and going right there you can see this. the officers in the meantime showing up and look at 6. our bills vigils for the victims as well and this one here coli early labeled gilroy strong with a stuffed animals and the flowers as well more and more investigators skies are arriving to the scene. thank you don't we're also out him. >>where the gunman lived with his family remember we staked outside of his house as we watch the police go in and out of that home churchill place
6:36 am
in church street and they also searched a car that was out front. the this we're talking about the gilroy police as you can see there the fbi atf. you can see them with their gloves carrying evidence there's and there's a car. they opened in look dad. we also have some pictures is a high school picture. cent he no leg on he graduate from gilroy high in 2017. and we talked to neighbors, one neighbor taught at the high school. she says she remembers the gunman, but he was never in her class. >>but i never heard anything bad about him, you know that we hear you know. >>when students misbehave is that because they want to get around from that the kids. >>that never heard anything about him, you know pretty normal kid. why. >>respectful. >>and we also have a lot more information on where this 19 year-old but that gun that he used it was a military-style
6:37 am
assault rifle and similar to make a 47 they're illegal. in california but they're legal in nevada and that is where he bought the gun he bought it online and then went and picked up on july 9th in fallon nevada east of reno, big mike's guns and ammo i had a facebook page posts where they talked about how this was just purchase that they you know it they've exchanged type of thing online all the time though the seller says that he came in and had a smile on his face and purchased the gun didn't think anything of it now knowing what he did with that of course the owner of that shop is very upset. they released a statement saying that they are praying for the victims in the family this shows you the type of gun. that was used again that gun illegal in california. >>as for the victims, the community is coming together to remember them. those that were killed in those that were injured both physically and emotionally and we do want to focus on the victims in this those who died in those who
6:38 am
survived. >>a family assistance center in gilroy is open for those who need emotional support. kron 4 sarah stinson has more team coverage now live from gilroy. >>yeah a family wellness center has actually been set up right here at elementary school in his will act as a center for people to come to get different services including counseling to help with grieving a lot of people are grieving of those who were killed. those who they're dealing with those who are injured and they're dealing with the fact that this would unravel at their beloved garlic festival and some of that healing process begin last night there's 2 different vigils, one of the police department were hundreds of people gathered remembering the victims and the people who are injured and still recovering from the garlic festival as we know 3 people were killed 15 people were injured some shot and others just injured while running for their lives in the chaos state and city leaders were among
6:39 am
those who attended the vigil and then there's another a vigil held at saint mary's catholic church was more of a special service for the garlic festival victims. several people were at the vigil seeking peace and showing community support during this difficult time and a lot of the churchgoers there are saying is a very powerful way to unite after such a horrific event. now we did catch up with the mayor of gilroy who attended the police department vigil that's roland alaska who talks about just how difficult this has been. >>it's been a shock over the last 24 hours. but to see all of you here tonight. i am just so proud to be your mayor. >>obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the families were affected by this great tragedy and i'm extremely i'm blessed to left the scene so have left that scene in time. >>after looking for someone to
6:40 am
talk to about all of this and what you're going through you can come here to this wellness the d a his office red cross the counties, a behavioral health services will be here to provide you anything you may need specifically of those counseling services he can talk to someone about what you're going through. they are going to open back up this morning at 9 o'clock and then going till 10 o'clock tonight, so plenty of time for you to stop by if to work today can come right after and this will be going on all week long may maven continuing into next week. if the need is there. for now live in gilroy sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you so much sarah at 6.40 right now we'll continue our coverage we have many more angles we're going to be talking about how. >>politicians are focused on gun control and we have all of the information also on our website at kron 4 dot com and continuing on kron on as well we'll be back in a few minutes as we remember the victims who were killed in gilroy.
6:41 am
>>the victims and their families. how the law. prayers and support. i think you're a community. >>this is a devastating time for our community. like many other communities before us. the residents of go or will come together. grows stronger through this. we'll be better because of it.
6:42 am
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>>i like that cool feeling as they go to sleep sure beats s when that any day i think a lot of us agree with that one nice to see this cool down after such a warm weekend will join for a few more days to that fog that you're seeing in san francisco, one of the science of the cooler pattern that has shaped up across the bay, a nice influenced pattern across the bay area keep things a little bit more comfortable high pressure that kept us so hot this weekend skies across the south bay a lot clearer than in san francisco. you do see some cloud cover aloft but also some blue to the skies just as you're also seeing out into the east bay, a mix of some low clouds there's mount diablo kind of seen in the distance and also a little bit of brightness shining through those clouds that are hanging out really all across the bay area but the thickest of them right on top of the bay itself out the coastline and then into the east bay hills skies are gradually going to clear out today, we're starting
6:45 am
mostly cloudy for at least are in london south bay areas we do have a mostly sunny afternoon ahead of us. high pressure is loosening its grip and then the place of it we do have nice n shore flow keeping factor. temperatures a little bit more comfortable and keeping the ocean influence across the bay today you're going to notice that is reflected our daytime highs even into the afternoon 50's and 60's for today's temperatures right along the coastline, some 60's and 70's out there if you're driving down one o one from brisbane down to berlin came in further south on the peninsula, mostly mid to upper 70's, although woodside 80 degrees for second day in a row south bay, mostly in the low 80's, although again split of supper 70's now to for sunnyvale cupertino santa clara milpitas which were in the low 80's yesterday, same for you in dublin, you're falling from the low 80's to 78 today further north on the east bay, san ramon sharing that 78 while walnut creek in danville 82 oakland berkeley and richmond. all in the 60's 70's
6:46 am
and delay hope aneesh an antioch with vacaville one of our warmer spots but compared to the triple digits this weekend. feeling pretty good at 86 degrees. today tomorrow thursday and friday, not a lot of movement and temperatures here so these are your best days to enjoy outside. and into the weekend we will be seeing a warm-up it's not going to be nears warmest this past weekend was. but noticeably on the toast, your side, especially come sunday and monday robin thank you john we're checking in on the golden gate and traffic is. >>well the picking up a little bit southbound into san francisco. but a very quiet and we like lyon 20 minutes nevado to the toll plaza. we're checking the bay bridge traffic and it looks nothing like the golden gate, we have a big backup here is spilling into the maze. the carpool lanes are fantastic as usual, but the cash for years and fast trackers you're going to have to sit and wait a little bit longer so it's backed up on 2, 5, 80. shore and the nimitz will put it at 60 minutes it goes up and down throughout your morning commute. but at least you
6:47 am
don't having hot spots are major issues in the minutes are checking out 6.80 15 minutes for takeout a danville the nimitz picking up to no problems 31 minutes in san leandro to milpitas maybe take 17 it looks pretty good out of the santa cruz mountains heading north into los gatos you can make that drive in 24 minutes, i'll check more coming up back to you. it's happening over and over and over again and they're dam watch. >>so with all due respects their me that idea that somehow this is being politicized because people are sick and tired of this and don't want to go in and see a grandmother lost a 6 year-old or 3 year-old i've got a 3 year-old and a 6 year-old and you sit there as a human being for getting governor and try to explain away the status quo, we've got people that are complicit in washington dc are doing a damned thing on these issues, a damned thing on these issues and their pundits that back them up and the money that's part of all of this shame on them. >>he was governor gavin newsome there was some fairly
6:48 am
strong words aimed primarily at conservatives. he's calling for tougher action on gun control following the deadly mass shooting that we saw in gilroy some lawmakers are also demanding a federal ban on assault-style guns. kron four's washington correspondent alexander lemon has more. >>cell phone video from the gilroy garlic festival shows people panicking and you can hear the rapid gunfire in the back. he said officers responded within one minute. still in that time. 3 people were killed at least a dozen others hurt our deepest sadness and sorrow for the families who lost a precious loved ones. investigators said the officers who responded were armed with their handguns. >>the gunmen had an assault rifle our law enforcement officers are being out outgunned the outgunned officers were still able to quickly shoot back and killed the gunmen but christian jaime with brady says when a gunman has an assault rifle. it's not a fair fight we're talking
6:49 am
about tactical features that were specifically designed for the battlefield, a federal assault weapons ban was signed into law in the mid 1990's but the law was written so that it was only in effect for 10 years. >>and congress allowed the ban to expire in 2004 california democratic congresswoman jackie spear reacted to the shooting by calling on congress to renew the assault weapons ban and senator chuck schumer addressed the gilroy shooting and another shooting over the weekend at a festival in brooklyn. >>there's no words for the senselessness of these tragedies which continue unabated while the majority leaders once again refuses to even debate. common sense gun laws schumer criticized his republican colleagues for failing to call a vote in the senate. >>on the universal background checks bill passed by the house of representatives in washington, alexandra lee mount. >>active shooter drill is happening today a california high school in san ramon
6:50 am
police officers and first responders will be on campus this morning. at 08:00am for the training if you're in the area of broad more drive at that time today just know that this is not a real emergency, it is a drill you know is a timely drill and it's horrible that this is just a regular thing for a high school students these days. you know that high schools have seen an increase in threats on campus at this one in particular last year just a matter of weeks. there were 4 instances of threatening graffiti found on the campus of california high for students were disciplined. none of the threats turned out to be credible. school administrators are also going to install more security cameras. and now the story of 2 high schoolers marine county this time from the bay area that are accused violence. an italian police officer who was killed the 2 teenagers from the bay area. they have talked
6:51 am
to the police about what had ap and try to defend their actions. this off you are not off to the side plainclothes police officer here is the funeral for him yesterday he was stabbed to death this 35 years old his name mario rega and he and was very just 6 weeks before he was stabbed on the job and here the 2 high school is for marine county that are being held in italy now accused of this murder 19 year-old finnegan elder an 18 year-old gabriel, natalie, your earth. they graduated from tamil pious high in mill valley in 2018 there and in a jail now in rome. apparently it was sparked by a drug deal gone wrong. they got fake drugs everybody took off and scattered because the cops were called in the teens took off with the back. and a pit and a cell phone and
6:52 am
apparently called that another number from that phone and said you know give us the drugs and we'll get you back this backpack and these off-duty police sorry plainclothes police showed up to the hotel room and that's when the violence the investigators say that it was elder who stabbed the officer, multiple times. he says elder says he stabbed the officers because he was afraid that he was being strangled. and the judge noted that there were no and all marks on his neck sauron and his neck or anything. both of the families had say they haven't been able to make contact with their sons and they are defending their sons. it is 6.52 and coming up in the 7 o'clock hour. hundreds have gathered as you know to mourn the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting we're learning much more about those 3 people who were killed. and we'll share that with you as
6:53 am
we continue we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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lowwe do it right too with who dstylish collectionst. that pull it all together. so you can rethink your bathroom without rethinking your budget. >>6.55 getting close to 07:00am and a look from sun all shows those blue skies overhead that so many of us are waiting for look out there for her rise in line than you do see some of the clouds sitting across the bay that much of the rest of us are actually in right now making for this great start to the morning that we're currently seeing 50's and 60's is your current temperatures mountain
6:56 am
view, san jose pittsburgh unconquered all in the low 60's while really elsewhere in the bay we're hanging on to those 50's at the moment compared to yesterday were a little bit cooler from oakland on over to livermore and up to fairfield do expect temperatures to be not really a noticeable difference stepping outside but enough to take us in some cases from the low 80's of yesterday to the upper 70's today. robin. >>thank you john checking in on the bay bridge traffic, it's still pretty heavy into san francisco. it's going to stay like this for the remainder of the hour into the next hour so get out there as early as you can when you get closer to the toll plaza you notice that some of the fast track lanes right down the middle we'll start to open up for you so that's going help you save time. but it is still backed up through the maze. we still don't have any hot spots are major alerts. we have seen increasing numbers for the south bay, san jose to menlo park north one oh one 42 minutes and san jose northbound to cupertino 14 minutes are pretty good. look at morning bent chains. >>coming up next our kron 00:04am morning news, hundreds
6:57 am
of people gather to mourn the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting as we continue to learn more about the gunman himself and more about the victims. we'll have team coverage with the latest in the investigation coming up. at the top of the hour.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>washington sprinklers. the 13 year-old girl. who should be experiencing her first crush. sleepovers. for new school clothes. a young man in his 20's. beginning his career. >>this morning family and community members are mourning the deaths of the 3 people killed in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. we will have complete team coverage in just a moment. thank you for joining us. i'm james fletcher and. >>i'm darya folsom are going to get to that live team coverage in just a couple of minutes first before you head out the door we want get a update on weather and traffic john. >>it's another cloudy morning as you're stepping out there. a few clouds streaming all e


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