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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 1, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>senator kamala harris and joe biden clashing over health care on the national stage will break down last night's democratic debate. >>morning to you the first a l. daria pulse and i'm james fletcher the last month though some are upon us. >>things are winding down pretty soon people be back in school zone the clock is ticking and the road to probably get more crowded once that >>nice little summer break in traffic of the hot and the last hour in san francisco that's gone. so check in on the bird is most of them are. it was a little misty there. yeah for me anyway, definitely misty not just for areas right along the coast either, but all way inland. you may be turned on the windshield wiper a time or 2 bridges might not be packed at the golden gate bridge at least, but it is packed with fog you're seeing that low lying cloud cover.
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>>sitting just above the bridge level see are encountering a if you're driving through the hillier areas or right along the coastline, especially nevado and half moon bay right now visibility is below a mile and it's going to stay that way for a lot of the day this is what we've got at around noontime today look at how that fog maintains itself are right along the shoreline and through san francisco and a stream of it even sitting right through the golden gate while most of the bay area this for plenty of sunshine this afternoon. the closer you get to the coast and don't expect as much of that sunshine later on into the afternoon. so temperatures today are going to have a pretty wide spread from the 60's at the coast were will be a bit on the greater side to those 80's further inland a touch cooler than yesterday but plenty of sunshine yet again for east bay, south bay and most of the north bay, i've got more on your still to come rob a very busy commute across the san mateo bridge it is coming to a crawl was found out of hayward you see the brake lights here creeping along. >>heading over to the
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peninsula. these folks are they're doing pretty well they don't have any major problems to worry about so if you want to get on out there and join them right now you're looking at 14 minutes from hayward to send the tail but that is going to go up bay bridge traffic pretty busy on the open side behind the toll plaza expect the slowdown from west grand to treasure island the suspension and skyway not so good cell being pulled over by chp for not obeying the traffic laws don't to be that person 60 minutes for the bottom of the maze off to fremont street will check more coming up in a thanks a lot of to let's go to our big story now the fbi appears fairly certain at this point that the shooter. >>in a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. >>acted alone. there that's the latest as the investigation unfolds let's go to the scene once again kron four's will tran standing by at the fairgrounds where again it's going to be close they think for what may be one more day we'll. >>possibly one more day
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definitely through today, maybe even through friday, they have to meticulously go through this location which you see which is why you see behind me it is still there's a checkpoint there only people for authorized to go inside are allowed to go inside and even if you're an investigator and you have a civilian car. they've been asking people 3rd early show me your identification because they want to preserve this scene, let's get back to what daria was talking about certain the fbi seems to think that there was not a second person associated with this gunman, 18 years old send tino legan before all of this before yesterday it was the gilroy police department they kept saying they don't believe there was a second person but the new development is they believe now according to the fbi that there was not a second person involved. they went to his house in nevada where he staying for a few months. briefly there. they don't know why all of us and he went to nevada because he's from gilroy and reportedly they removed a lot of items
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from his location from his house in nevada, including a bulletproof vest some other forms of writing some ammunition that they are taking back to process at this point if you're wondering you're not the only one if you're wondering what's the motive because the fbi simply they don't know either which is why they're bringing experts they're looking at his social footprint to see what was behind his mindset before he burst on to the gilroy garlic festival on sunday bypass the metal detectors by cutting through some fence came there with an assault rifle. he was fully loaded james and ari as you know because they found a duffel bag by the creek with ammunition because he was shot and killed there's no chance to interrogate him which is why the fbi. they are still trying to find out exactly what was going on a lot of rumors are circulating they're trying their very best to quash those rumors. some of the reporting that's coming out of there. >>is is wrong. we're not ruling anything out obviously that's why we're asking for here is science. units us
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expert help pretty high confidence that he is he's the only >>some of those rumors that they we talking about is that maybe you read this radical islamic thing or a he looked at that booker if he was a white supremacy was rumors are coming out and they say they simply don't know at this particular point but all options are still on the table back to you. thank you very much well. >>6 oh 5 right now and people who went to the festival are going to have to wait a little longer before we get more news about what was left behind anybody can see if before their stuff is there and go back and get at the family assistance center offering to support to the people who are impacted by the shooting says that they can go back and reclaim their property that's what people are waiting for. but they are working the fbi is working on getting a plan together on how to get people reunited with their staff hundreds of people
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have gotten assistance from the emotional support center located iraq are elementary and as you can see they have support dogs out there to help. but we're just still not sure when people will be able to go in and get their stuff. >>and this morning we're hearing about a man who ran toward the violence at the garlic festival to help others kron four's justine waltman has the story. >>i thought com. but there was chaos. >>as people got away. the gilroy garlic festival. >>we're not keen on less ran towards them, he's been volunteering at the festival for the last 19 years. 19 minutes left in his shift on sunday. >>everything you can see everybody running out. so it's time to be that different very yelling at everyone to get on a bus a bus is then shuttled people away from the danger. >>also the stars aligned as to doctor is looking to help victims ran into willie and since he knew the layout of the festival really well we got them to the tree area
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immediately. hospitals treating patients from the shooting have credited that quick medical care for saving lifes may have they have. >>i i just try to help. >>willie has no professional experience helping emergency situations but he has stepped up one other time before he says he stop someone from driving their car towards people we're standing on the gilroy high school athletic field, willie tells me he just feels this calling to help those in need. >>i know people need help not everyone can easily get away or whatever fearsome there's any help and i can provide that help. >>will we still cannot get his car it's on lockdown as part of the crime scene so friends and family have been giving him a ride to his job at a digital forensics company where he works in i t while the experience of being so close to violence will stay with him forever. >>like to see all out at the next >>as nothing will keep them away from the place eulex.
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>>and since the garlic festival shooting security is a big concern as the santa clara county fair is the next big community event to get under way that happens today. it does yet kron 4 sarah stinson joining us live from the fair with more on how authorities are hoping to keep people safe. sarah. >>everyone in this county and the wounds are just still so fresh with ak garlic festival shooting less than a week. now and people are still trying to heal from that i'm already seeing a ton of security effort here at this air santa clara county fair and you know the gates haven't even opened so we know that they have revisited and revamped some of the security so that's going to be really good for people so maybe they can come here and feel safe now as we know santa clara county supervisors. fairgrounds officials and the sheriff's office has been working together to revisit security plans for the annual fair this is actually the 75th anniversary so it's very
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special for everyone in the county yesterday we saw a cow carnival operators getting their games and rides in order. vendors setting up their boots and livestock getting all settled in. >>60,000 people are expected to come through these gates over the next 4 days. and with the gilroy tragedy so fresh there's renewed focus on security now we spoke with the county fairgrounds executive director about the enhanced plans. >>reviewed our security plans for the 4 days and you are working closely with. our county execs office board of supervisors in our county sheriffs to enhance the security. during the 4 days. >>the details of those plans remain confidential, but county supervisors have seen specifics and obviously they approve it and feel okay about it. the fair starts today gates open around 1 o'clock goes until 5 o'clock and you
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know what since the 75th anniversary of mission today it's $0.75 quite the deal for you to come on in here and lot of people are wondering, you know do i really want to go to a big event after hearing about the garlic festival wall. they're saying here, you know we're doing everything we >>public safety also priority at the outside lands music festival in san francisco. this is video from last year 200,000 people went the police department has not given us any specific information about any added security at the festival but they say that the police work closely with the event organizations, the local state and federal partners when they plan an event the three-day festival starts august 9th at golden gate park. >>and if want to keep it tuned to kron 4 will have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout our newscast and on our streaming service kron on we haven't downloaded yet go to kron on dot tv to find out
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more. >>breaking news from overnight. police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in antioch last night the victim was found near come follow road and east 18th street died at the hospital, they're looking for any witnesses to come forward, and new this morning 2 men are in korea in critical condition after being shot in san francisco around 10 o'clock last night in the 3100 block of mission street. that's where the 2 were found by the police and taken to the hospital, no arrests have been made. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news jury deliberations begin in the ghost ship fire trial, we'll tell you how prosecutors made their case yesterday in hopes of getting the verdict. they want. plus a fairfield council woman speaks out after a woman gives birth to twins on the streets leading to the death of one of them will tell you how she's trying to prevent this tragedy from happening again. and after the break more candidates in the race for the white house taking to the debate stage last night we'll have highlights straight ahead. and looking outside this morning temperatures in
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the 50's and 60's a bit breezy and a lot on the foggy side. >>i've got more on your forecast what to expect this afternoon still to >>and traffic is on the slow side checking a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty heavy here crawling from west grand through the pay gates so a busy trip into july 15th is national give something away day.
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>>and therefore you on this first day of august. a little bit of a foggy start to the
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new month today, greater skies this morning than what we had for yesterday what temperatures are going to be mild and then warm up for the weekend. yeah much like last weekend that the warmest temperatures of this forecast are we expect out in the middle of your weekend good pull weather was they were all like the staggies who have they want that. pool if you've got a for you if you don't have they see them. yeah that's when it becomes a problem and certainly if you want to go to bed and it's still hot outside. it's not the most fun either looking outside of san francisco skies on the greater side and you're going to see that a lot today for san francisco. >>you and your window sunshine and financial mission districts but closer to ocean beach it gets fog year as for san jose also some low lying clouds sittinover head that something you're in the midst of as you head above berkeley and oakland a foggy conditions, especially in the east bay hills and then out along the coast skies will gradually clear out first for inland areas, south and north
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bay will clear out behind of those areas now today temperatures down just a little bit we have an approaching cold front from the northwest that is going to result in some showers at times for the cascades to our north. not here in california, it's just keeping temperatures down just a touch compared to yesterday, 50's and 60's for san francisco today look at this wide range of numbers where you see more sunshine and mission district are closer to 70 while marina district only upper 50's that's because of that fog sitting right on the golden gate daly city 64 for you same an elder not a while temperatures in the 60's and 70's along highway one oh one on the peninsula. back to the 80's for woodside with mountain view back down into the 70's also back down into the 70's sunnyvale your briefly in the 80's yesterday, not so much today, san jose 81 while the east bay, a range of 70's to 80's the exception being. berkeley at 68 degrees today oakland at 71 well conquered while the creek and danville each in the
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mid-eighties north bay temperatures 70's to 80's for you not quite as close to 90's for vacaville in pittsburgh. stinson beach in the mid 60's today. so temperatures, yeah, they are all right where they should be a very familiar situation we've been seeing numbers like this much of this week and we'll continue to into tomorrow as well then come saturday and sunday that warm up i was talking about back into the low 90's inland after that though it's back to the norm down into the 60's and 70's and the 80's inland. much like we've gotten used to rob thank you john the normal grind here on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic. >>failing him and that's causing a bit of a backup leave in hayward heading over to the peninsula. so if you have to use it you're going to be sitting in traffic all the way over to the high rise, we're putting it at 16 minutes off to want to want protecting the bay bridge and we don't have any problems or anything cooking right now, i've seen chp out there a lot pulling folks over so be on your best behavior. i don't know what's going on, but they're out there today. you are stacked
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up here from west grand right through the tolls up the incline 18 minutes for the drive off to fremont street don't tell them that i told you that it's like our little secret. we're heading over to the east shore freeway 80 west. it's him dam road accident still hack active here. we may have 2 lanes blocked so it's going to be heavy from san pablo working your way into richmond. no singular issue for but it's causing some slow traffic on the upper shore and then mid to lower shore. you are looking good will put it at 22 minutes from crockett down to the maze, here's some more numbers and freeways for you 24 i want to create wide open to the caldecott the limits and the macarthur doing just fine from 2.38 to downtown oakland. we will ensure that. >>everyone has access to health care your plan by contrast leaves out almost 10 million americans. so i think that you should really think about what you're saying, but the reflective and understand that e people of america want access to health care and do not want cost to
6:19 am
be there barrier to getting it. >>well senator kamala harris clashing with former vice president joe biden at the democratic presidential debate in detroit last night health care as you just heard one of the big issues that they sparred over 8 other candidates, though also took their shots at both biden and harris. karen caifa has the highlights. >>diversity on full display as candidates take the stage the opposite of donald trump is an asian man who likes matt. >>president joe biden standing front and center and feeling that he's you want to present united states. you need to be able to answer the tough questions. >>especially from senator kamala harris with whom he clashed in the first debate. harris and biden sparred eyes on health care. >>the senators had several plants oh 4. >>you can't the president trump. we don't talk on this plan. >>and first lady vice president you just simply and for a democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not. i think is without
6:20 am
excuse senator cory booker deflecting biden has on his criminal justice record your defended the coup lay didn't you don't even know the flavor. >>and representative tulsi gabbert setting her sights on harris, you are in a position to make a difference in an impact in these people's lives, you did not democrats also debated issues like climate change too little is too dangerous. >>and we have to have a bold plan in mind it's been called the gold standard racial injustice. it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't stopped find fascinating. >>everybody's talking about how terrible i am on these issues barack obama knew exactly who i was and immigration kids belong in classrooms, not k >>as those in the back of the pack tried to make memorable moments that may boost their poll numbers and keep their campaigns outside the first thing that i i do want used a burglarizing several homes in
6:21 am
los altos jose more on the lobos and rose know. >>were arrested after police found stolen property from 3 homes. and it was in their car. the burglaries also happened at foothill college. a homeowner called the cops after being burglarized on the last and street police were able to track down the car of the homeowner and that's when they were arrested and we're taking a county jail. at $280,000 grant is going to help rebuild a taxiway at the napa county airport. the f a a made the announcement and that more recipients are getting that agency is a warning for $170 million in total to 232 airports all across the country about 23 million of that money goes to airports here in california. >>check this out a gas explosion, a kentucky killed one person early this morning see the fireball on the horizon. giant fireball shooting into the sky fire
6:22 am
officials say a gas line ruptured in lincoln county which is about 70 miles southeast of louisville. at least 5 homes caught fire from that explosion a nearby community had to be evacuated. 5 people went to the hospital. crews have since shut off the gas and have been able to put out that fire but some pretty dramatic moments captured on camera this morning. the 2 and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, a look at how governor newsom is fire prevention efforts will help the fight against fires come this summer and a man takes action during an armed robbery at a 7.11 will have the intense video and share that intense video and share that with you in a minute. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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>>assault charges are dropped against a 10 year-old michigan boy who injured another boy in a dodge ball game. they were playing dodge ball at school. boy threw the ball all and in another boy in the face and that classmate ended up they say getting a concussion. >>and it turns out also the boy who got hurt he had some type of disorder that made head injuries, especially dangerous. so his mother filed up assault charges. against the other boy in court. and this is the boy that's a mom and they that they had to defend against the these assault charges but now the mother of the boy who got hurt and the charges are being
6:26 am
dropped. and she had to hire a high-profile attorney now she's considering legal actions. that means of other this boy is considering legal will s also the dodgeball game that just. >>you know at recess, yeah, yeah, so i have pictures of this we don't have any pictures of it. >>also in the news, a father and son are being hailed as heroes for taking on a gunman during an armed robbery to 7 11 in maryland. our look at the surveillance state in a minute you're going to see a man walking into the shot with a loaded gun. they're easy dropped and then had to pick it up and that's when he put it to the cashier but the customer that wrestles the armed robber and a fight breaks out it goes outside the robber in the end gives up and runs away the customer ended up walking away with only a black eye but wow that where there's a lot of risk there you could have got himself shot. >>all do is make sure no one in this or going to have that why would fight again. my family was in here right now i was again no one day.
6:27 am
>>of the man who wrestled the robber chased him down with his truck and actually help police arrest. >>and live suddenly decided to pull its electric bikes off the streets of san francisco. >>over a dozen arrested here in this city after a protest
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>>on thursday morning and we started off. to apologize love delivering the bad news, but now i can say it's out of the way so that's good news, but we have some other minor issues to talk about on the east shore and the nimitz not hot spots with slow spots and on this first day of august, what's the weather looking like. >>foggy on this one especially for the coast. afternoon hours. we'll get some sunshine you're going to see a little bit less of it though this fog is going to be more persistent today than what we saw especially yesterday when by this point it was already on the. making its way out for a lot of the bay area. the golden gate bridge, your view of the bridge is actually pretty good that fog a sitting right above the day, but as you are traveling to the marin headlands down through the peninsula and into the east bay hills that's where you're really having a problem with visibility right now nevado and half moon bay visibility falling below a mile in each of these areas, san francisco
6:31 am
oakland and santa rosa right around that mile mark right now by the time we work towards 08:00am we're still holding on to the fog in the east bay by 01:00pm today, you still got it up and down portions of the peninsula. areas like bayview and mission district will get the most sunshine while out towards the ocean beach, not a whole lot of it most of the bay is going to get a good dose of afternoon sun before a late afternoon, the fog pushes right back into the east bay see at that point today a little bit cooler a little bit foggy or even a little bit breezier some may want to keep the light jacket on hand even into the afternoon low 70's for the bay itself 60's by the coast and still in the 80's for inland areas, i'm talking more in your forecast still to come robert. >>thank you john we're checking the drive into san francisco and the bay bridge 80 wesson is our busiest bridge right now the traffic here spills all the way back to the bottom of the maids it's been going back and forth between the bottom of the maze and the west grand exit that's completely normal. we don't
6:32 am
have any trouble spots coming in right now so it's a pretty good commute at 17 minutes and they were checking the e sure because i talked about a crash 80 west at some pavel dam road that's out of the way but then that's why it's low so you have that residual delay leaving san pablo working your way into richmond will put it at 21 minutes from crockett down to the maze we also had a little hiccup on the nimitz rolling south it's out of the way just prepare for some brake lights 80 south from to 38 into union city. darya james, thanks a lot 6 32 in a protest against ice was broken up overnight, san francisco police moved in and started arresting protesters got proper us christine that hate row at the scene where it all happened the ice headquarters there. >>what are you seeing now christina. >>so actually right now they just opened up washington treat it had been blocked off for quite a few hours when these arrests happened police rolled in and arrested over a dozen people who are protesting actually right where i'm standing now, but if you can see they're still
6:33 am
police presence here in front of the office, they're definitely still here trying to see if protesters are going to be coming back this morning. i actually just got off the phone with officials from san francisco police department you tell me this all happened around one 30 this morning going to take a look at this video you can see the protesters where they were here on the street how many there were and you know there were people camping out that many signs decorating their encampments one of them actually was reading no borders, no bans on these borrowed plans. police arriving on seen breaking up the protest and arresting 18 of the protesters. according to police 18 people were arrested just site as i had said those 16 one juvenile they were cited for illegal lodging and then released. they were basically issued a ticket for this now one person was arrested and is now being booked for resisting their arrest. police say before the rest were given they actually a given multiple warnings asking people to leave and it was then when they decided to go ahead and start sighting. they spoke with a few members of the protesting group and they said there with an
6:34 am
organization called abolish ice, according to their facebook and twitter pages they've been out here quite a few days pretty much since the 30th. they call this segment, a block party to abolish ice. now this morning, many of the protesters arrested and having coming back here to pick up their car. so they've already been released and so we've been seeing that this morning as well it's definitely been quite active here in washington. but so far within the past 30 minutes after the street is open up actually can start seeing some cars that are going to be driving right behind me in just a few seconds so things are back open if your morning commute or it shouldn't impact you so much find something that here on the walls of the office there was there's quite a lot of our work with chalk as well as pain from those you know pretty describing their disdain against iso if you're walking definitely be seeing that and that is something that police officers are keeping in mind when they're working on the citations reporting live here in san francisco christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you christina 6 34 is the time and another big story, it's now up to the jury to decide the fate of the 2
6:35 am
men accused in the go ship warehouse fire. the case is in the hands of the jury concourses he would you and has more. >>the ghost ship fire trial has been turned over to the jury but not before the prosecution got a second chance to make their case. >>alameda county deputy da autry james did not holback when wrapping up his rebuttal argument, raising his voice when he asked the jury if this place is so safe like those people said why are those 36 people here with us today because it was a death trap. >>outside the courthouse. the defense team took exception. >>final argument of the prosecution. was an emotional chi rea. motion tirade is the last. we refuse. and the dying call us. >>it was clear the prosecution took notes on the defense's closing argument that came back the following day aiming to dismantle it point by point
6:36 am
starting with playing a video of a jailhouse interview of derick almena telling a reporter that the whole structure of his defense is pointing and blaming others. the da told the jury that it is not a defense that the defendant did not know that he was breaking the law he told the court and allied every would created the deadly conditions and was indifferent to the consequences of his actions. he also said that call defendant max harris allow people to come in knowing the hazardous condition of the warehouse and was also a different to the consequences of his actions harris's attorney disagrees it is relevant that they weren't. >>she trained to understand what the fire could dictated the jury finally having the evidence in their heads is a day that family members of the victims say they have long waited for. >>they have paid attention they have taken notes. it's in their hands now side about retribution revenge being out for blood or any of that i just open way that. >>is it just us.
6:37 am
>>both derick almena and max harris faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter if convicted on all counts they could receive anything from probation up to 26 years in prison in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>this morning. we are hearing from city leaders in fairfield after a homeless woman gave birth to twins near dumpsters one of the babies died the other is still in the hospital. the babies were found in the parking lot of a business. their mother is now also in that hospital as well city councilwoman, kathryn moy says that this could have been prevented and she wants to reopen a shelter for homeless families that closed nearly 2 years ago. >>this is where the pregnant women come. she would not be on the streets. be wouldn't it. i'm going to advocate to have it reopened just can't sit like this been vacant for a year that woman and those children. she should have been here.
6:38 am
>>police say the mother will likely face felony charges for child endangerment. in the east jewelry artist is asking for the public's help now at finding her stolen merchandise that's worth about $20,000. they're handmade jewelry made with vintage pocket wristwatch dials you can see samples of them here. there are only sold various markets around the bay area. the jewelry that was stolen from sarah kickers van she admits she was exhausted at the time she left the goods in her van parked on 44th street and add line in emeryville about 650 pieces were stolen and now she's left with just 30 pieces left. >>has taken its electric bikes off the streets of san francisco there say they're investigating and updating better battery technology. in a statement lift thanked writers for their patients. lyft says this point it's unclear whether the bison the batteries were tampered with or vandalized. they've had no reports of anybody being hurt the new eve bikes had already
6:39 am
got a 100,000 rides since launching in the bay area last month. out of the peninsula where a new canine in san mateo county is sniffing out guns tex is the first of its kind for the south san francisco police department joined the department in february and recently became certified in the detection of firearms look he found a gun. texas handler officer adam kerrigan says that he has always wanted a canine partner and as gun violence and crimes continue to rise. it's important to have tax on the staff. >>cops and you'll still right at it you'll just look at me and that's his cue of telling me that he's found something and these are real guns that we use these are not these are all guns that have been taken off the streets. >>founded the colony finds in the shelves event at all this primarily he's used for search warrants to sniff out residences in cars, he can also find missing people don't help officers in arresting people as well. >>with more fire prevention
6:40 am
efforts as the weather gets hotter and drier across the state. governor gavin newsome checked on one of the 35 statewide high priority. vegetation projects. he says 33 of the 35 projects are expected to be finished by december despite some obstacles. the governor also signed an executive order for the hiring of 393 extra seasonal firefighters. >>one additional body. >>gives you an additional body to carry hose swing a tool reduce the workload stress on all of the other 3 that are typically on that engine. >>state leaders say california is pouring more resources into preventing and fighting fires this year that in recent decades. a woman from president was in the hospital now infected with the west nile virus. right now she's too weak to walk and even feed herself and no one knows exactly where she was infected, but has been does say that she did get a few mosquito bites well celebrating the 4th of july in clovis investigators are now looking at a few spots there and also in fresno try to
6:41 am
track down where this virus is emanating from. >>navy fighter jet went down yesterday in death valley and rescue crews are still trying to find the pilot the jet crashed near naval air weapons station china lake. and a 7 tourists from france were there watching and they got minor injuries by shrapnel when this plane crashed in an area. that's called star wars canyon. and that's why people go there because like watching star wa%s you get see the military pilots making their way through this narrow canyon with these really cool maneuvers and this case. the plane went down. coming up more data breaches are concerning for millions of americans. details you should do. if you just found out you've been hacked. and the giants are red hot want to make a play want to make the playoffs of play for the last we'll see what happens. the trade deadline is met on still with us. plus coming up at the
6:42 am
7 o'clock hour pgd response to accusations of delaying repairs to the transmission line that sparked the deadly camp fire. >>and a brisk morning for the city's stepping outside here in the next few minutes 50's and 60's is where we're sitting with breezy and foggy conditions for some your forecast is ahead. >>and there's a backup waiting for you at the bay bridge toll plaza if you need to use 80 you have to work your way through this heavy traffic at least from the bottom of th you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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>>it's 6 44 4 get a look at the weather on the first day of august. yes, lot of people with pools are saying can we didn't really get a summer we want some >>we've got another chance this weekend least for those of you with pools last weekend now this weekend with flaws or with a c yet be happy. people their head of the family he did not do want to enjoy that kind of a poll weather and then some of us that just want to go to a too hot too long into the night it becomes a problem they exactly exactly of today is not going to be one of those we are nice and cool and we are actually pretty foggy to this kind of weather just make sure to go back to sleep on a thursday morning. a look in very cloudy over san francisco where it's mostly just some low cloud cover that streaming on in across the bay area this morning. it is resulting in some low visibility, especially along the coastline, though. >>even down in san jose you've got some cloudy skies to start
6:46 am
still some brightness making its way down into the south bay though you're right at the edge of that cloud cover and then down to the east bay mount diablo looking good crystal clear skies, your influence from that cool marine air that's making us so foggy an areas right along the bay. i'm not especially for inland areas, you're still going to be into the 80's this afternoon albeit not quite as warm as yesterday was we are looking at a more of an influence from this low pressure system an advancing cold front that's really just skirting to our north again keeping high pressure for the most part from building back into the region at least until the weekend when temperatures will have that chance to rise again, especially inland as for today just a touch cooler than yesterday 60's 50's back along the coast. some of the cool stuff. temperatures right around the golden gate around marina district is that fog is going to stay in place through the golden gate into the afternoon. elsewhere though it 70's and 80's such as on the southern end of the peninsula
6:47 am
and then down into the south bay where sonny bill returns to the upper 70's after brief stints in the 80's yesterday, san jose 81 degrees for your daytime high today 70's from hayward fremont 80's in the tri valley as well as on up through conquered waller creek in danville oakland and san leandro low 70's well, berkeley holding on to the upper 60's with fog in the vicinity even into the afternoon, vacaville in pittsburgh, not quite as close to 90 today. you're still hot spots in the bay area though santa rosa petaluma and nevado all in the 80's along with sandra fell right at 80 degrees today and tomorrow, not a whole lot of change here so our first few days of august, look at very alike what much of july brought us then come saturday and sunday if you've got the pools and you're in london. this is your days of these are your days to get outside and enjoy. 90's inland. the hottest temperatures of your forecast before we level back out to seasonal averages ended pretty cool again by the middle of next week. robin.
6:48 am
>>alright, checking in on one oh one just a few minutes ago we had a little bit of crowding southbound a leading up to the toll plaza that's why wanted to show it to you but it did not stick which is good and so your drive in from the north bay will be a good one so far 20 minutes that's quick. that is right on time accident install free novato to san francisco. but then we have bridges like this the bay bridge 80 west. a lot of heavy traffic here from the maze carpool lanes look great but the cash lanes and fast track lanes he going to be sitting in traffic so also heavy up the incline but it will thin out on the suspension, this is not bad this is normal at 17 minutes off to fremont street. we're checking some more numbers of a look pretty good. let's head down to the south bay look at the guadalupe parkway a little having a little crowded, northbound between 85 1 on one, but only 11 minutes, no issues for 8.80 san jose to milpitas 5.80 looks great livermore to dublin and then to 37 a quick 10 minute trip from 8.80 out to want to what are you. i love it it's 6.48 millions of
6:49 am
americans are worried about their private information after finding out about data breaches like. >>the huge won that capital one just revealed this week meredith wood explains how you can protect yourself. >>safely securing your data online. it's a problem that's getting worse. according to the federal trade commission. the latest data breach targeted around 100 million capital one customers in the us and 6 million in canada. a 33 year-old female hacker from seattle is now in custody. the company says it's unlikely the information was used for fraud. they also say that no credit card numbers or log-in were compromised. but if you're a capital one customer concerned that you may have been affected. here's what you should do first check your e-mail the company notified its customers of the data breach they won for free credit monitoring services to those who are affected. check your accounts look at your statements for suspicious activity. if you find something odd you should freeze your card if they've been impacted by the data
6:50 am
breach. >>if they had their information stolen and they lost dollars in some way official in my office know that helps us look at whatever potential next steps are most appropriate while state. >>and if you find suspicious activity you can also freeze your credit. this ensures that no one will try to take a loan in your name. it also means that no one can access your credit report. so if you apply for a loan you'll have to unfreeze your credit and once you get credit monitoring you should turn on the notifications so that all activity under your i d will be sent to your inbox for today's consumer watch i'm meredith wood. >>then introduced in the senate that aims to fight social media addiction. the bill, what did ban practice is frequently used by top social media sites to keep you engaged like you to miss auto-play or snapchat feature that encourages users to send photos at least once a day. they get you hooked. the bill gives social media companies 3
6:51 am
months to end these practices it would also require the creation of features that would let users set time limits for the ap's because you know you get lost you go down. >>and before you know you look at the event on youtube for you know for let's talk about barry baseball's san francisco giants. they've been red hot for weeks now and following the trade deadline. it looks like they want to make a run in the playoffs, mad bomb. >>is staying put he's not going anywhere front office decided not to trade him. and with dji's 2 games back in the wild-card race there in actually get position with bumgarner as an anchor in the pitching rotation while the giants kept him. they did end up trading 3 other players to different teams. as for the giants game itself yesterday against the phillies here's how it went down buster posey hits a 2 run. homer here in the 60's and then pablo sandoval steps up to the batteries for and he gets a solo homer as well there's that shot at that. 2 batters later we had kevin large
6:52 am
you're about to see this here he hit a two-run home run to so the bachelor on fire. final score 5 to one giant with the wind will take on the phillies again this morning at 10 o'clock. >>and he is on the other hand loss to the milwaukee brewers 42 at the coliseum with the loss the a's fall out of the lead. for the second wild-card spot the a's play the brewers again today at 1232. coming up in the 7 o'clock hour major changes could be coming to the police departments all across the country. we'll tell you who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance?
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>>welcome back coming up on 07:00am now a lot of you probably about to head out the door and as you do so, here's a little sunshine for you if you do happen to be under some of the cloud cover over parts of the bay. bethel island looking really nice and clear nice sunrise over there in the east bay for conditions not quite as cloudy as they are right on the bay. now this afternoon expect plenty of sunshine in land just like you're already seeing. but cloudier conditions hanging out especially closer to the coast now tomorrow a similar data today, very comfortable, nice clear skies in the afternoon a little bit clearer than this afternoon is going to be for coastal areas. the weekend will come along with warming temperatures again not quite as hot as this past weekend was. but back into the 90's will go 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, pittsburgh conquer dublin, all in the 60's burke leave san francisco in timber on in the
6:56 am
meantime hanging out in the 50's right now robin. >>thank you john back to the bay bridge with traffic is still at a crawl all heading into san francisco so be prepared for a wait and a lot of company in crowding here at the toll plaza as you work your way and that will continue up the incline through the tunnel along the suspension and i just got word of an accident looks like it's already clearing though right at fremont street. so that is not helping your commute in are almost up to 20 minutes, no hot spots are major problems the numbers are just on the rise highway for now up to 25 minutes antioch to concord james. >>thank you robin coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we're fact live in gilroy's investigation into the mass shooting continues, we'll have the update for you plus we're also looking at what the santa clara county fair is doing to make sure people are safe as possible. as that fair gets under way today and more candidates for the race. the white house taking the debate stage last night we're going to highlights coming up in the next hour. here's a quick live look outside and get the san mateo bridge where actually
6:57 am
traffic's moving fairly well at least in with some sunshine in the distance, robert winston to keep us updated on where the hot spots are this take a look at your forecast on this first day of august we'll be right back. covergirl exhibitionist mascara. volumizes like the #1 prestige mascara with lashes full and defined in one coat exhibitionist mascara from covergirl.
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kohl's. and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit >>thanks for joining us on the first day of august, i'm darya
7:00 am
folsom that i'm james fletcher let's see what kind of day this is shaping up to be john with the weather and half a second robin with a check of the roseanne hot spots so new month same will slow down. the averages are pass we'll check in on the bay bridge is a crash clearing at fremont street. >>to help the commute coming in it's pretty the same whether to exactly no big changes along with a brand new month we're keeping with what we're familiar with which is foggy during your morning sunny during the afternoons. >>a cool start to finish but not too terribly warm. another comfortable, one just around the corner now conditions are certainly cloud here this morning than they were yesterday at this time yesterday was one of our clear days today is going to be one of our cloudier ones out along the coast to see the golden gate bridge certainly on the gray side that's the way we're sitting for most of the bay area. it's mostly low clouds but you are encountering those clouds making for low visibility. right along the coast and words falling below a mile currently fog is going to stay with us a little bit longer today and cloud cover along


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