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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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people dead scores of people in the hospital. vigils from texas to ohio this morning just like we saw in gilroy after are shooting that happened at the garlic festival and we've had a lot of reaction coming in from political leaders both locally and on the national level attack were expecting and we'll talk more about this in a minute. >>the president himself donald trump to address the nation in our 7 o'clock hour. in the wake of the shootings over the weekend he tweeted that he's looking for a strong background checks. he says he wants that sean background checks of gun users he's made promises like that in the past and has come through we'll see what happens the first of these 2 shootings over the weekend. >>happened in el paso and that's where we go live to whitney wild for the latest. >>at 21 year-old suspect is sitting in a local jail this morning facing state capital murder charges. now we're learning more about the lives that lost and the and measurable difficulty will be to try to. >>i laugh now parents live.
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jordan and andre on john doe parents of 3 young children were among those killed saturday. they have dropped off their oldest at cheerleading practice before heading to walmart to do some back to school shopping. they died shielding their 2 month-old son. >>maybe paul was recovered from the crime scene with his mother on top of them and we got word. not andre head jumped in front of his. his wife to protect his wife and son. throughout the whole circumstance. >>86 year-old angie and glispie was in the store's checkout line when the gunman walked in she had been on the phone with one of her sons just minutes before they spent hours waiting for word about her sunday they found out she was among those killed. army veteran and bus driver arturo ben of the dust age 60 was known all throughout the community according to his niece. she described him as someone who would give you the shirt off his back 7 mexican
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nationals were also killed saturday in the border town, mexican authorities are looking into possibly requesting extradition for the suspect. >>so don't settlements up a little the decision will be made when the time comes but no one should be surprised because to mexico this individual is a terrorist. >>federal authorities here echoing that idea they're considering bringing a case under domestic terrorism. they're also considering filing federal hate crime charges and federal firearms charges that could result in the death penalty live in el paso and with the violence. >>and then the other mass shooting that happened shortly after the one in el paso was in dayton. 9 people were killed. many more injured and sent to the hospital they were gunned down outside. >>of a bar, yeah ended in a broader just sort of night club part of the neighborhood there the vigil as you can see here in the video was held. it's called the oregon district that's where the people were killed sunday morning. right around one 30
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the gunman started shooting as daryn mentioned near a bar surveillance video actually shows police on patrol nearby responding to the scene in under a minute. the gunman though in that time was able to fired dozens of shots killing a number of people before police ultimately took him out policehshot the gunman about 30 seconds after he fired his first shot, but in those 30 seconds he took 9 lives. >>i thought about the data he's like stand over top of me like star she met a guy so the to say to everybody that was i. >>this is my town and this is where i hang out with my friends. i mean i i it could have been my friends it could've been me and my family. >>you can just go and buy guns and you know not even be registered or not eating qualified you know they can just walk into a gun store and buy high powered equipment and walked right out of 2 people in broad daylight brought night. i mean on singing like this has got lose their life they have children, hard working people. all it was join tonight on the tail in the day.
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>>authorities have identified connor bets his own sister megan was among the victims killed roadblocks are still set up in front of a home where the shooter lived in ohio. >>and as james said we are waiting for president trump to address the mass shootings here we are at 6 oh 4. so we expect him to start speaking around 7 o'clock this morning when he does we will carry it live right here on kron 4 will also be streaming in on our kron on on a mobile app so you can go to kron on dot tv to sign up for that if you don't have it. we also want to take a look at weather and traffic on this monday morning. it will begin with your commute problems but following a hot spot. this morning, robin yes, i have a big mess in the city of oakland a hot spot for east bound 5.80 it's sort of halfway between seminary and edwards. >>it said crash that involves an overturn camper and it looks like this campers in pretty bad shape that was destroyed. >>cheddar there's debris all over the traffic lanes the other vehicle involved in this crash run off the road over ert
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lanes are close what a mess we have it's not impacting the westbound commute just the eastbound side. so you want to get on 5.80 after everett's if you can use city streets and hop on the freeway after the crash. you'll be in pretty good shape because it is quickly backing up and it will be on 13, we're heading over to the east shore freeway because we have 3n accident here as you make your transition out of albany are maybe to the richmond sandra fell bridge. it's east bound 5.80 to west excuse me 80 east to 5 in the west right at the split and it looks like crews are dealing with this one as well. it is backing you up into berkeley, they got the left lane open, but it's going to be slow from berkeley to albany are slow trying to get up to the 5.80 split so another trouble spot that you need to keep your eyes open for the bay bridge traffic looks pretty decent it's crowded. this is the norm back to from west grand. but a great drive across the upper
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deck you're only averaging 14 minutes and t spots coming p in a bit john robin you can see all those clouds over the bay bridge as you can across most of the bay area this morning. we are off to quite a cloudy start to this day foggy in many places. >>that includes timber on where your view not much of a view at all just yet visibility and nevado oakland in half moon bay right now below a mile so do slow down as you enter those roads this morning santa rosa and napa not going to be looking much better torture 8 o'clock hour just around the corner now into the afternoon today fog as you would expect becomes less and less of a thing with some afternoon clearing but as that ap and you're going to notice a little less blue to those skies that's because we're holding on to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions today now thanks to this cloud cover your temperatures are going to be a little cooler than they were this weekend falling out of the 90's and back into the upper 80's for a lot of our inland areas. coast and the based and steady in the 60's and 70's more in your forecast is still ahead. darya james
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thanks much. >>66 and now let's get to the latest in the mass shooting that we had here in the bay area in gilroy yeah, it took a number of lives one week ago that mass shooting is that we saw the weekend's officee at the tragic reminder to those in to work are still dealing with their own grief that this problem is not solved kron four's will tran is joining us with the latest from hillary. >>and the saddest part james and darya it wasn't even the worst mass shooting that we saw in one week. 3 people were killed in gilroy 16 others injured and they still don't have a motive. we're talking to people in gilroy this morning but first let me give you the very latest on the investigation, the investigators are still at the gilroy garlic festival grounds and they were there over the weekend. the fbi along with local law enforcement agencies are still treating as a crime scene as they continue to go through that location processing it looking for evidence we do know that
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exactly one week ago. i should say one week in a few hours sunday at 5 41 in the evening. an 18 year-old gunman bypass the metal detectors went through a fence and then started shooting at people and it was only about 90 minutes away from shutting down for the year so that was the 3rd and final day people ran for their lives at this point they don't have a motive behind this a definitive motive. yes, he looked at extremist views in certain ideologies, but they said just because you look at it doesn't mean that you were motivated by that. but we do know with certainty that he used an assault rifle that he used that he bought legally his provide car in gilroy just to get reaction from that we saw gilroy and then over the weekend we saw 2 more mass shootings. your thoughts what did you tell your family and your kids are. i'm frustrated. because i'm just says watcher, i'm not able to. be part of the solution. so. the only thing
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we we as a citizen pass to do >>casting change. the change has to come from the top. so the heat tape has got no place in this country that's our president sent. and yes to keep his books. do you feel safe now going out to crowds you went into the store do you feel security or is it always. >>now it's nervous time for all of us. i feel safe. >>ryan cent is a one off awful situation. it's happening more and more in that mitt vests. arnold, the us. so that's where i don't feel comfortable. so he obviously feel safe still in the bay area despite what happened in gilroy. >>i can tell you there is a walmart how chilling is this
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on camera james and area. but there's a wal-mart down the street and she said she went to the walmart yesterday and she said she was fearful for her life she was looking left to right left or right. thankfully, nothing happened so she says even now routine things like that it is a very fearful time release for many people in gilroy and the we're seeing that they didn't want to happen late. now to other communities feel their pain that they have the word strong attached to their name el paso strong and dayton strong now back to you. >>and police in the east bay are trying to solve a to home invasions that happened within hours of each other. both break-ins happened in albany. and it involves somebody sneaking in through an unlocked door or window in case got into a home in the 500 block of cain's avenue noise around 11 30 friday night there was a person sleeping inside. alan that person woke up the intruder ran off. and
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then there was another a break in on tap street. and again there was a person home at the time saw the man and intrude in and then that person took off. this is all got the community wondering what's going on. >>kind of like surprises me especially in albany, you know because it was just it's just so quite there's nothing happening is boy. you know. when you hear something like this everybody just kind of freaks out and you know like people like oh my god, what's next was going to come let you know. >>nobody was hurt. it's unclear even if the guy got away with anything in taking off from those 2 homes. >>our 6.11 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news governor newsom is calling on federal lawmakers to take action on gun control following the deadly shooting in gilroy and also in ohio and texas as well plus a smash-and-grab robbery in the east bay caught on camera we're going hear from neighbors. >>guard is making major changes in how you can pay for
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your ride coming up in a live report will tell you which station only except clipper cars. >>and this morning temperatures have been in the 50's and 60's is nothing unusual about them that's the way we usually do start these foggy out there though i've got your forecast on what to expect the rest of the day still to come. >>and i'm tracking your morning commute which already includes lots of slow traffic and a trouble spot. we have the bay bridge commute, 80 west. already stacked up beyond 8.80 and a big problem beyond 8.80 and a big problem in oakland oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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teen happening today part is starting to phase out those paper tickets at certain stations in favor of the clipper cards another reminder be ready for the change clipper cards only at the embarcadero station kron 4 sarah stinson is there now. >>bart often this is what a clipper card looks like it's reloadable to reusable and this is pretty pretty soon going to be the only way you can pay for rides but starting with one's bart station today. no longer selling those paper tickets take a look at your screen. so you can see some of the 4 stations that will be a paperless starting in the next 2 months now today, the 9th street bart station in oakland will be clip for only. alright now bart riders are experiencing them, i'm sure having to go by a clipper card. again it's super easy you can reload it. you can do it online you can call you can use one of
6:16 am
>>of >>machines at the station really nice and then inext 2 we embarcadero stations will follow and then in september the powell street station in the downtown berkeley station. we'll sonter and exit the stations for as long as money remains on it but then after that you're going want to get that plus take clipper card now the pilot program will expand in 2020 to other stations all to make the clipper card the bay area's all in one transit card as its accepted was nearly every single transportation agency, they also reduces paper waste and ever built for writer of spoken i know it's here on friday talking to people bill said it's super convenient and they have no problem with it being clipper only i think if you ride bart every day. how one and you think it works great. but if you're someone who rides bart occasionally and just visiting in town. i think that's where it becomes more of a hassle for will have
6:17 am
and staff at those stations that are transitioning to these cl 19th street, a station in oakland, they over card. he and you get on your way so again they will be there and the next stations, a full will be embarcadero for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank you sarah. >>our time is 6.17 let's get to the traffic center get the update from rob with that hot spot. >>yeah check out this a photo that we got from the oakland police department they are on scene dealing with this overturned accident. this is a camper that flipped over and now we're hearing that it may have been stolen so this has turned into some police action this is an oakland. this is eastbound 5.80 after seminary, but before you get to edwards. you can see that camper just about destroyed shattered in 2 pieces we have debris all over the traffic lanes they've
6:18 am
issued a special traffic alert for this and there's another vehicle involved too, but it ran off the road near the embankment, the camper is the problem. now the later latest update from the oakland police are saying that traffic is squeezing by in the right lane only so we've gone from having all lanes close to the right lane open with traffic getting through. i'd say just avoid it if you can go over to the nimitz take that instead or if you don't want to take the nimitz you can get on the freeway at edwards because the crashes before edwards but do near seminary, you can see here from traffic tracker that traffic is at a standstill folks barely moving leading up to the scene here. so i think if you get on it that were to be okay once again there's always the nimitz you can take that and said this is a major trouble spot that i will be tracking for you until it clears a west bound you are doing fine that's a commute direction. and so far no major delays getting by on the westbound side which is great. now you will have to sit in the typical slowdown here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we
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have a full house for you cash payers, a new fast-track or stew the carpoolers always make me jealous, they just soon right on through no delay there 15 minutes for the drive over to fremont street. we're looking at traffic tracker and some more numbers a little heavy on the e sure eastbound through berkeley and albany because we had a crash right at the albany split westbound it's normal 19 minutes from crockett to the maze and then your grade on 24. 5.80 west remember the crashes east 5 of the west looks good and then the nimitz looking good too from san leandro to downtown oakland john well robin sky. >>i'm also packed but with the fog that we're seeing this morning looking at fog across areas like san francisco, making for some low visibility for those of you that are getting outside even san jose getting a dose of it look at that right there not looking so great even in the south bay, which is usually at this time one of her clear spots now hanging on to some nice
6:20 am
clear skies at least over the east bay for. bethel island and i out towards pleasant hill. you are seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies overhead now after fog clears out this is a lot what our skies are going to look at elsewhere in the bay area holding on to some cloud your conditions today than what we did see over the weekend now it's the reason behind this we actually do have a system working its way our direction. this is the remnants of a tropical system that had developed further south in the pacific. now the remnants of that cloud cover heading our direction not really going to be resulting in any chance of rainfall for us could result in some dry thunderstorm activity just one or 2 possible and that does result and your potential of fire danger in the days to come otherwise, it's just cloudy year and that cloud cover is going to help to keep things cooler in the days ahead, not so much of the coast 60's and 70's are going to be steady all the way through your forecast. it's our inland spots that are going to be feeling this cool down first of the cooler days
6:21 am
at least will be today but temperatures getting even cooler after this temperatures in the mid 80's to low 80's for most of the south bay today and just below the 90 degree mark for some areas inland that were in the 90's yesterday like livermore walnut creek danville in concord which will be 88 or 89 degrees today oakland berkeley richmond, not much different than this weekend still hanging on to those low 70's with pittsburgh in vacaville are 2 spots that are still in the 90's just or 2 remaining areas and what will be a forecast offering up a lot less a temperatures in the 90's and more so in the 80's, especially come wednesday thursday and friday those are your coolest days of this forecast like i mentioned the band the coast not a whole lot of change a pretty consistent in the 60's and 70's by the weekend ahead what do you know temperatures getting warmer just like they have the past 2 weekends back into the mid 80's to low 90's by sunday. james, our john thank you time now is 6.21 on the peninsula
6:22 am
man is in jail now following a standoff that lasted more than 24 hours. >>it went down in palo alto in the end police arrested 29 year-old adam. alan smith after he was found inside of a home with a gun. officers were sent to the 300 block of tennessee lane near robles park friday after report of a domestic violence incident, a woman was being held against her will she was unable to get out as the suspect stayed inside and after 29 hours. police were finally able to arrest smith, now faces domestic violence and felony charges. >>happening now now on marsh creek road remains closed in contra costa county because crews are cleaning up from a fire that is burning just north of mount diablo in clayton. it's between morgan territory road in deer valley road. that's close so they can mop up from this fire. only people who live along marsh creek road can use the streets this fire has burned 655 acres it is 85% contained. >>and the shelter in place order for the area has been lifted. morning news we're
6:23 am
going to take you to the fallen officer. >>who grow up in the bay area. after the break the family of a bay area teenager being held in italy for murder is vowing to bring him back home. you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections
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6:26 am
accused of murder and now the family of one of the teens is vowing to bring him back home john lawrence has the details. >>finnegan elder in police custody accused of fatally stabbing an italian police officer thousands of miles away in san francisco, his family and a fight for his freedom. >>he has our full support and we stand by his side last week the 19 year-old father visiting his son in prison with family friend and he was ok. the tired remorseful. >>and during his 18 year-old friend debris on the telly you're off were taken into custody last month italian authorities say they killed an undercover police officer during a botched drug deal one of the teens can be seen carrying a backpack that was allegedly stolen during the encounter, the victim mario church a low rate got got married less than 2 months before his death officer aiga. >>who we understand at the time of his death was acting as an undercover plainclothes paramilitary officer.
6:27 am
>>is gone too soon italian police say both teams confessed to taking part in the assault and the populist interior minister is calling for life in prison. but elder's family says there's more to the story that has yet to come out. the truth will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming out. and to our sun coming up. i'm john lawrence reporting. coming up next. we're following the very latest on 2 deadly mass shootings that happened over the weekend. >>we'll have updates in just a minute.
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>>weather and traffic for you on a monday morning back to work, yes that to trouble back to the hot spot. yeah and it's a stolen rv has flipped over and shattered into pieces. so this is a big mess. it's in oakland there. it is look at that got that photo from the oakland police department. >>debris all over the road. they have yet to upright and clear this are very they're such car involved in the crash to its off the road near the embankment. so a big problem, a secular has been issued for east found 5.80. it's about halfway between seminary and at words now at one point we had all lanes closed. the latest update from the oakland police department is that traffic is getting by squeezing by and one lane only the far right lane. it's only lane that's open. so if you get on it edrd you should be ok because this is right edw
6:31 am
i'd say you know do that or hop over to the nimitz you can get around this big mess it's going to take a while to clear we need to clean up the debris. we have to up writing clear the rv got to get a tow truck out there, that's a long process so keep that in mind the drive into san francisco looks completely normal. we have a lot of slow traffic back from west grand that continues right up the incline after that you'll get some relief on the suspension and continuing into san fra-cisco looking more bridges and more slow downs coming up john well robin that drive into san francisco, not just like a normal but also a little cloudy and i would call this fairly normal at the golden gate bridge, especially considering the time of year. >>it is foggy out there for those of you making that crossing of the golden gate. and it's not just at the golden gate, you're looking at some poor visibility, but out towards oakland up to napa santa rosa nevado and down through half moon bay. all these areas looking that at that especially dense fog this morning. you know what to do travel through that fog but it is especially problematic for this monday morning. so just give yourself that extra time
6:32 am
as you are heading out the door by the afternoon fog clears but then you're going to be noticing something else as you look higher into the rise and that's an increase in cloud cover for the day today. not quite as sunny as the past few days have been we're going to be partly to mostly cloudy even into the afternoon today. so do expect temperatures to be just a touch cooler skies to be a little bit cloudier and overall just a day ahead and that isn't going to be quite as hot nor summer like as what we have that darya and james. >>thanks a lot of the 6 32 in our big story this morning. investigators are releasing new details on the 2 mass shootings. >>that happened over the weekend have killed 29 people in all in el paso texas, 21 year-old patrick crew sis is now facing state capital murder charges that shooting killed 20 people and is now being investigated as domestic terrorism and a possible hate crime and then in dayton ohio, 9 people were killed. >>when this 24 year-old opened fire his name is khan her bets. his sister is among
6:33 am
those who were killed camille o'byrne ow has the latest on both shootings. we're talking about his son. >>13 hours between one mass shooting and the next people in both communities just psharing feelings of frustration. grief here in el paso, we're learning more about the victims were learning about people like jordan and tied a 24 year olds mother and she'll get her 2 month-old baby from that shooter her family telling us that unfortunately was found dead, but underneath her covered in blood was at baby. they're so thankful that that baby is alive there right now in disbelief. >>we have to get it stopped been going on for years. >>2 communities in mourning following a pair of violent attacks this weekend that killed nearly 30 people. >>dayton ohio and overnight attack at a popular nightclub killed at least 9 people and
6:34 am
injured more than 20 others. tragedy that officials say could have been much worse. if police hadn't responded so quickly had this individual. >>made it through the doorway of with that level of weaponry. >>minute catastrophic injury loss of >>13 hours earlier and 1600 miles away paso, a 21 year-old suspect is accused of gunning down shoppers at a walmart killing 20 and injuring more than 2 dozen others. authorities are looking into a racist anti immigrant document posted online that's believed to be written by the shooter, a hate crime and domestic terrorism fusion cell. >>has assigned personnel on this investigation. president donald trump says his administration is providing whatever resources are necessary to officials on the ground in both communities. >>he says he will make an official statement on monday morning we've done actually a lot. >>but perhaps more has to be done. but this is also mental
6:35 am
illness problem if you look at both of these cases, this is mental illness. >>and people here also believe that more needs to be done we've seen so many members of this community coming here to the scene. >>to bring flowers to bring and just to remember the victim says 20 people we see people gathering. rain and just doing anything they can to some ford everybody in this community because it is going to be a difficult week ahead, reporting in el paso texas coming over now. >>thanks a lot camila and coming up we're waiting for that president to address the nation on the shootings, it's supposed to happen. at 7 o'clock in when he speaks we'll take it live right here ondkron 4 and streaming on kron on. and those 2 shootings in texas and ohio happened just 6 days after the gilroy garlic festival shooting that killed 3 people and injured 16 a fundraiser was held in sunnyvale for the youngest
6:36 am
person who was gunned down 6 year-old stephen romero, his mother and grandmother were shot and injured. a lot of drivers waited patiently for the opportunity to support the family at this event first responders work with the families of all of the people who involved who are killed to try to help them. >>i have a 7 year-old boy 10 month-old daughter so could have been it just really hits home when it's when it's somebody that age at this honestly doesn't deserve that. i just felt like we had we had to do enough. >>so far the effort every $67,000 on line for the rim, errol family. >>of the garlic festival shooting we have governor gavin newsome now calling on federal government to take action by passing stricter gun laws. the gilroy shooter managed to bypass california's gun law by purchasing the assault weapon in nevada and then bringing it back across
6:37 am
state lines. federal data shows in recent years. but in more than half of the guns recovered from crime scenes in california they were actually purchased in other states. so now governor newsome says it's up to the federal government to take control of the situation. >>we need a national background check system we need to close the gun show loopholes week. we did it just the of certainty that you can't even rent a car at 19 little drink. but you can buy a weapon of war and gunned down 1215 people. it's absurd. i mean that's extremism and the current the made in this country. >>nevada is the second largest supplier of guns recovered from crime scenes here in california. number one on the list is arizona. in the east bay, the fbi says they found a gun that was stolen last month in oakland, the fbi reported this semi automatic rifle loaded magazine and a jacket with official fbi markings were stolen from a special agents car in the parking lot
6:38 am
of the hague and burger shopping center. the agency offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the recovery of those items. the fbi said in a statement the weapon is no longer a threat to public safety. the fbi didn't say if the ammunition and the fbi jackets were also recovered. >>take ab caught on camera in oakland 2 guys drive into this lot at lake merritt. watch this taking a peek in the passenger side of this parked car. and then the other takes a look inside. they smashed the window grab the back. and take off now what you don't see is the backpacks owner who's actually sitting in the car. yeah when this happened people live and work in the area of these burglaries saying this just becoming an ongoing problem and some of them spoke with us they didn't want t reveal their identities. >>belongings in there they're getting out of the car and they're really making it. >>that's another level it's scary but it's normal. i feel
6:39 am
like we see or hear something about this every couple of days. >>they are asking in the neighborhood for more police presence we reach out to the oakland police department we have got a response yet. in the north bay police are on high alert there been a dozen home burglaries in sandra fell 14 homes broken into. >>in the past 4 weeks. all between 9 in the morning and noon. 8 of the homes are in the terra linda neighborhood the other 6 are in other parts of sandra fell the police there say the blurb burglars have been taken off a making away with jewelry and electronics things that can easily be a pond or sold in response the sandra fell police are going to beef up their patrols in neighborhoods hit hard by these crimes. >>a police officer and east bay native was remembered by dozens of people in her hometown saturday. officer toro sullivan was killed line of duty when responding to a domestic disturbance call back in june. kron four's dan storm
6:40 am
was at the vigil in martinez a vigil at martinez city hall honors the life of fallen police officer toro solomon. >>the rookie sacramento comp was ambushed on june 19th while helping a woman leave an abusive home. >>you know it's it's a sad thing and we just want to be here to show our support. >>mike riley who came down from sacramento is one of many who honored o'sullivan and her family his daughter has been making these bracelets with the proceeds going to one of torres memorial fund. >>my daughters really felt a just to let law enforcement know how important they are and i'm just hoping that we can keep cars memory alive. >>among the speakers were o'sullivan's parents and her best friends who shared some tearful and heartfelt words about her life. >>she taught me so much. great to see you everywhere this to love. and he loved in return.
6:41 am
>>city fox was also set up for people to share letters or cards of their favorite or a tail many say they want to sell of legacy to live on through the good things she did. reporting in martinez dan thorn, kron 4 news. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, the trade war with china is heating up we're going to tell you how it could end up costing you a bit more money. plus some bay area baseball the a's trying to keep their playoff hopes alive we'll take a look at the highlights. and we'll take you on a summer road trip to beautiful locations in utah, that attracts people from across the country if you're back here in the bay area you're looking at some nice weather today, 50's and 60's to start with foggy conditions for most of us this morning. i'm talking the rest of the day
6:42 am
though at your forecast. >>i'm tracking a major hot spot in oakland check out this overturned rv this is blocking several lanes on here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack!
6:43 am
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6:45 am
there's only one lane open on 5.80 they're probably going if they still they're going fast. you can't go fast and those that you can absolutely probably just like a reckless driving on their part right and there's another car that's involved in this too that car ran off the road over the embankment. so a big mess. this is oakland east bound 5.80 it's after seminary, but it's before you get to edwards and crews have been dealing with this overturned camper for a while now you can see how it shattered there's debris all over the lanes so at one point everything was shut down. but the latest update from crews on scene is that traffic is getting by in the right lane only but we still don't have an estimated time of clearing. so it's a big mess and now that more if you are hitting the road it's starting to impact the westbound drive as well because eastbound is the counter commute dir ctions at first it wasn't so bad. now we're crawling on both sides can either get on at edwards because it's rightyo u can stic the nimitz freeway that is your best alternate so we don't have any other major hot spots are any more problems like that. but there is some
6:46 am
that's normal 14 minutes to make it and here's a foggy golden gate but traffic looks great 20 minutes nevado to san francisco with no other major issues for our bridges, but we'll look at some more bridges and update some more drive times coming it now to tell us more about the fall again the sun have your monday morning forecast is john >>little buddy easter that robbins so it's i'm more so a foggy start to this day before a hint of sunshine later on a look outside at san francisco. you can see not any sunshine making its way down to the city just yet and look at this san jose also off to a pretty gray start to this monday. now there's your sunshine. it's further out into the east bay away from the bay itself where partly cloudy skies. linger over mount diablo pleasant hill in concord way from the bay like i mentioned now the skies that you're looking at up above for areas like walnut
6:47 am
creek. our what we do have later on today for the rest of the bay area holding on to some mostly cloudy conditions today as opposed to the abundant sunshine. we saw over the weekend and you see this cloud cover working its where directions. the rest of the remnants of a tropical system that will also result in rainfall a summit results and rainfall for the bay area. but a slight cool down and temperatures amid that increasing cloud cover today already seeing temperatures sliding down or just a little bit not so much of the coast as temperatures right along the coastline in the sure that they are actually going remain pretty steady as compared to where we were at this weekend. it's our inland areas that are going to start to feel that judge drop in temperatures today and are going to continue to feel to cooler temperatures throughout much of the rest of the week. this will take areas like concord walnut creek and danville out of the low 90's and back into the upper 80's just to 90's linger in pittsburgh and a vacaville while 6070's and 80's is really the way we're going to sit today across the day 60's up the coast 70's by
6:48 am
the bay and 80's inland. tomorrow, even cooler yet for inland areas, especially come wednesday thursday and friday your temperatures actually below normal for this time of year. after that highs will gradually reversed trend in begin to rise through the weekend. taking us to the low 90's again but not until sunday of next week. james. all right, thank you john. the chinese government is warning of a economic counter strike after president trump announced that the us would hit china with another $300 billion worth of tariffs. the move will essentially tax all chinese exports to the united states experts say with. >>few american goods left to tax china's remaining targets will be technology favorites like iphones cameras and tv's. >>and that's one of the biggest dangers. we know that us companies and the us economy rely heavily on technology. >>well the next round of tariffs are slated to begin on september 1st trade talks will restart next month in washington.
6:49 am
>>now 2 bay area baseball yeas are trying to get back into the second wild-card spot after a series sweep against the st. louis cardinals so let's take it to the 6th inning. and you can see offer to probe our belts ones hold on hold on hold on where else. >>trump are built to and deep. that's a solo homer the 8th. in the bottom of the 8th, a wild pitch by cardi als allows the a's to score and they defeat the cardinals 42. the a's host, the chicago cubs. today at. now for the giants they were in colorado taken on the rockies had a great just with a home run in the first inning but then they couldn't get enough offense going to match the rockies and the later innings giants fall to the rocky 62. the giants lost
6:50 am
their second straight series to get home to turn things around against the washington nationals came 6.45. at oracle arena. >>and we're going to take you on a summer road trip to beautiful location in utah, this attracting a lot of people from across the country stay tuned. we'll have that coming up in just a minute. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>>am in area and it begins ok well you're in the driver's >>all week long. we're going take you on a road trip. to theories fun places maybe to round out your summer vacation today we're going to take you to salt lake city, utah. >>that's the home of escalante petrified forest state park and it features some famous kenyan yeah, we got a lot of brophy with more. >>canyon this. suki actually the name of the canyon, but also one of the hidden gems you get to find when you trek through garfield county. >>tall red wall it's what you're i can spy on the epic slot canyons of garfield county. >>spooky is really really tight. and a peek a boo i thought it was really cool that i could extend both of my arms and touch, either side of the canyon walls. >>a tight fit these narrow canyons showcase red lock in a way many haven't been able to see it formed by water rushing
6:54 am
through rocky get up close and personal with nature's creations garfield county both 2 of the most amazing slot canyons off a hole in the rock road. >>it's great the formations and the color in the canyons are. i've never seen what a thing like that before. >>there is climbing. there is waiting there shimmying through the archways its exploration of utah's natural beauty, the hole in the rock trail was blazed by latter day saint pioneers crossing the colorado river could eventually settled in bluff, utah today, traveling the juror wrote you can also encountered and tall lock and the delicate and oh so beautiful, but are to the devil's garden. >>i drove 2000 miles to get here. if this is in your backyard. you should absolutely come check it out because it is worth the trip. >>garfield county covers more than 5,000 square miles in south central utah and while it's home to bryce canyon, the head of tourism allen owens says you're just a few short steps away from a private encounter with the back country. garfield county is
6:55 am
where you can go to forget the crowds. >>you see can see is a experience it and make sure they just don't steyn get the quick picture but get get everything see everything >>places to visit in garfield county head to our website. abc for dot com. you don't want to miss out on the hidden gems and natural wonders. peek-a-boo and spooky reporting it garfield. and a lot of brophy abc for news that story coming station there's only to ask you are we there yet are we there as robin how long will keep in mind that at 735 miles away so this is not a quick just going to tahoe, yes tries be a little crazy because that's like 4 hours for my >>10 hours and 33 minutes, so, louisville. yeah several stops along the way. there's no way i could consistently as you
6:56 am
know i want. known for get to fill up. that's most important thing like we should get a road trip now you want to have a full tank of gas before you hit the road. so you never know. and you make it second what about the weather not take a look at the gas san francisco for what you get an so 3.85 and that's in san francisco. if you fill up here of you know as you get a little further little closer on the real side, it gets a little cheaper. a little jealous at $2.87 said so yeah i falling to the filling will be a lot cheaper that and you can get there safely how will the weather be you know what this time of year it is. >>and it very dry due time fact august is both the second driest and second hottest month for salt lake city and much of the rest of utah
6:57 am
temperatures usually in the low 90's this time of year skies, stay hydrated making that drive out there. yes, so we got more summer road trip later on this week to you got to stay with us each and every day james will be driving it every day so just like the rest of us to covergirl trublend matte made foundation it's transfer resistant so it stays on you and nothing else. from covergirl pair it with the new trublend undercover concealer. a lightweight full coverage formula in 30 shades. from covergirl.
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>>our last now >>my cousins did not deserve to lose their life they have children, hard working people. all it was join tonight on the tail in the day. never come home again there to see their family again. the goal. >>29 people killed in 2 separate mass shootings in ohio and in texas and moments from now we'll expect to hear from the president himself live picture here from inside the white house will cut to that as soon as he steps out, but right now let's go to karen caifa for the latest from dayton. >>well we are awaiting to hear from president trump from the white house this morning as he delivers what a white house official described as


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