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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 7, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>and good morning everybody thank you for joining us at 06:00am on james fletcher. >>i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom of course you want to get a check of traffic and whether to see what things are looking like before you head outside rebecca strong tracking a little trouble spot in hayward i know a little trouble spot. this is like coming off the san mateo bridge towards the end of the span county commute direction at least, but it is causing a lot of attention so get that. >>ok and on the weather front we're looking for a fairly nice day today. yeah, yeah, another nice one today temperatures cooler than they were yesterday even n they were getting cooler after this too so we just keep a truck and downhill afar as temperatures go these past few days which after a warm weekend is certainly not about thing to be doing it is foggy again this morning fog, especially dense in our coastal areas and then out into the east bay too san francisco just one of many areas across the bay right now there are looking at the visibility impact from this dense fog that is settled in across the day, very typical for this time of year to be
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seeing it, but you know the drill give yourself that extra amount of time if you are traveling, especially to the east bay hills because at 07:30am the east bay hills and along the coast of his ability will be falling below a mile in these areas by the time we towards noon saying goodbye to the fog saying hello to some sunshine for the afternoon ahead before another dose of it into the evening tonight sourced and study in that regard now temperatures are offering up some changes though taking down further today only into the mid 80's for your max daytime highs for most of the bay. a lot of areas that were in the upper 80's yesterday like walnut creek in san ramon. only in the low 80's today, so differential notice and it's getting cooler into tomorrow to which ah good to still to come. rebecca. >>well, it's fact out there on the roadways and that the bridge is also especially here the bay bridge toll plaza approach look at this lots of cars trying to head into the city and that you're going to see it backed up into the macarthur maze cash being lanes yes that's where the
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wait it's going to be higher for you but fast track moving through pretty well the span, no itself. a little bit slow in go to fremont street 13 minute drive time from the east bay into the city so the san mateo bridge. the westbound 92 commute direction looks great 14 minutes, no delays no problems on the flat section or the high the rise. but eastbound 92, we have been following an issue a traffic alert. still ahead in effect act because the 2 right lanes of eastbound i need to write it clog water. both closed because of an earlier accident during the overnilht hours. a lot more drive times a bridge checks coming up in just a bit jameson robin. >>ok thank you very much. rebecca time now 6 oh 2 breaking overnight want to get back to that traffic problem that rebecca was just talking about the situation on 92 we've got several lanes blocked after a tow truck went off the road. that's right kron four's christina take charles she's been live on the scene talking to. >>emergency crews so far this morning, christina.
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>>progress slowly, but surely here this morning we've been out here just over an hour and actually as you can see right behind me they could be moving this tow truck that originally was towing 2 different cars on it out of the embankment here off the bridge were on the last stretch here of the san mateo bridge just before the last exit here it is robin just as you would ask if they had made any you know progress we could be seeing some of it live here. well you're with us this morning, so everyone at home you can go ahead and see again flatbed tow truck carrying one car right now what this did happen. it was telling 2 different ones what small white cars. happened is that rob around one in the morning, a tow truck driver had beard on the side of the road and fallen into the in bank many in the tow truck, very fortunately chp officers confirmed that tow truck driver he's ok and he's actually out here on scene this morning and get this he's helping get the tow truck out of the in being made with other tow truck. russo he's here still on site and actually earlier this morning. i spoke with his wife are name
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was maria and she was telling me. this morning, you know she got a call from her husband saying that this it and what she told me is that a regionally someone had cut him off and he was working too. year around that and trying to avoid a some type of that accident and so that's how it originally started again that's from the wife of the tow truck driver we are standing by right here to hear from chp officers are you guys we're going to share some information with you here in the next half hour. we'll make sure we have answer for you guys when it comes to traffic just snow. we are out to 2 lanes here and so there's only one lane of traffic eastbound. coming out of the bridge right here san mateo bridge again the last smile the last stretch here. so there's going to be a bit of a back up but very fortunately they say they should be cleaned up within the next few hours here. now reporting live in hayward see that a mornings. >>all right. thank you very much. christine a what happened today, president trump will be traveling to the 2 cities th were devastated by the mass shootings over the
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weekend the president is scheduled to arrive in el paso texas later on this afternoon, but first he'll visit dayton ohio karin caifa has the latest. president today will find 2 cities very much still in shock and in mourning and he will also face some protests of his rhetoric and his policies. >>of course 9 people were killed right here in dayton on sunday and last night for the first time we heard from the family of the gunman and his sister who was one of the victims of her brother's attack. the first statement from the family of the dayton shooter and his 22 year-old sister megan betts red by their local police chief. >>they ask. >>that everyone respect the family's privacy in order to mourn the loss of their son. and daughter. and to process the ore of sunday's events. >>the family also said they are cooperating with the investigation we have found very specific violent ideologies that the we know followed and was interested in it. >>after facing chance of do something at a sunday night
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vigil, ohio governor mike dewine tuesday calling on state lawmakers to pass a so-called red flag law lower courts to confiscate guns from people who could pose a threat. president trump made a similar call monday, he'll visit both dayton and el paso today where he will offer condolences and also wants to talk about potential solutions. how we keep this from ever happening again, but in el paso, a democratic lawmaker say he shouldn't come citing his words of division. the actions and that he is taking with regard to. >>migrants have. and this is not the right time for hi to come. >>i'm here in dayton, they hope discussions in both cities push the president to tackle gun safety. an issue paralyzed by politics. >>keeps me up at night it's to keep him up at night. >>and the president's first stop today will be right here in dayton in the late morning where the white house says he will meet with law enforcement first responders and some victims from here he and the first lady will go on to el paso. well they would do the
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same in dayton, ohio. i'm karen caifa. >>this extremely violent week in america around the world. they've issued special travel alerts for anyone thinking of visiting certain cities. yeah and believe it not one of those cities who is right here in the bay area. oakland kron four's will tran live at the oakland airport now with more. >>will. >>not just oakland this another city close to the bay area also on that travel advisory list stocked and you can see the travelers are getting ready to leave moving about the country and usually we hear travel, advisories for americans when we go to other countries but now there are 2 specific latin american countries that are telling their citizens if you go to united states be mindful of your environment because of what robin talked about all the mass shootings that we saw over the past week gilroy el paso and dayton where 32 people were killed. dozens of people injured in not only
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rocked the united states and also walked the entire country this being summer and a lot of people traveling they're not telling their citizens do not go to the united states. just when you do go be very careful because in their words there's a rise in indiscriminate violence because of hate and racism that's going on that's cost the lives of more than 250 people and just the first 7 months of this year so take a look at your screen here is some of the cities that they're talking about detroit cleveland baltimore st. louis memphis tennessee, birmingham, alabama, atlanta, oakland, as well as stockton, then they took that list from a list from an article so they didn't do their research say just to from another list, but still you get the flavor that now the united states is obviously a concern for most of the world if not these 2 particular countries for now but last year some of the other countries also issue advisory. here's a new yorker here. you guys are used to
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international travelers. i'm sure you've been overseas is it a little disconcerting to hear that our country now. other countries are saying be careful when they ce to us yet it's unfortunate that things are happening to a today that what's going on. >>but you know we all have to continue living go on and now this is a wonderful country and uh it's a shame that you know people looking at the us in that respect. unfortunately you know there are things that we need to take care of an that's no reason to not come here. is a beautiful place to visit, there's a lot to see and it is a safe place to be and little bit scary that other countries may be not super powers are telling their citizens about us. >>yes, it is it definitely is i mean there's no reason why people shouldn't come visit. you know there are a lot of places to see a lot of things to do here a lot of experiences that i think some of these countries are and during people from coming to enjoy and i like you know life is short need to enjoy it and i think everyone should experience the experience of coming to the united states,
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very good. he is part of the tourism board by that i know maybe it's not just venezuela and uruguay that are telling their citizens last year was also france, japan and germany doing the same thing so you see a trend now with all the mass shootings at other countries are now stepping up to protect their citizens. the way we're used to having travel advisories when we tiavel to some of the other parts of the world. james robin. >>all right, thank you very much well. >>well people all over the country are on edge at this point following the mass shootings and you know that concern is especially high when you're out in a public area in fact, here's an example take a look at this video people in new york are running for their lives fearing that they were in the middle. >>of a mass shooting incident as you can see this was in times square. all of people start scattered. so police say this all started when a motorcycle backfired and that caused some confusion police star to get flooded with numerous 911 calls in the middle of all that people reporting what sounded like a gunshot, some pedestrians were
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hurt in the stampede but we're told those injuries were minor. >>the fbi has opened a full domestic terrorism investigation into this mass shooting. >>yeah that was one of the biggest developments coming out of a press conference by the fbi regarding the gilroy garlic festival shooting. investigators say they made that decision to call it domestic terrorism after finding a list of potential other targets by the gunman in that list included religious organizations and government offices too. >>and of course we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting all morning long we have you covered on air online and even during commercial breaks on her 24 hour streaming service, it's called kron on keep in mind you can always download our kron 4 app that way you'll stay updated you'll get push alerts. we'll send them straight to your phone and that way you can stay on top of any new developments that come into our newsroom. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. we're going hear from defense attorneys and the go ship trial about why the longer it
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takes the jury to deliberate the better it is for their clients and communities across the country, including here in the bay area come together for the national night out we're going to take a look at the festivities in martinez. and a look outside this morning shows temperatures in the 50's and 60's familiar territory, we've been here all week during your morning hours. >>i've got more your forecast to come. >>and i'm tracking your commute into san francisco pretty pass tear the bay bridge toll plaza approach of also following a number of
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>>15 john joining us back here at the desk, you know about the weather it's been nice. a either we get robin and i were talking this morning. all good things must come to that which is set a way to look at it right but we've got a good looking but we're so those 90's there's some people out there. robin and i know a lot of others to that do like the 90's see i talk about the forecast for everyone a teacher's is for us cool weather lovers and that's what we've got the next couple of days. and then the 90's do make the return for all you hot weather fans too. we look outside at san francisco this morning shows have some cloudy skies definitely not hot this morning, it's just cool and it is foggy to kick this one off not just for san francisco.
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san jose is not looking like this your camera just doesn't want to load sometimes, but it is a little bit clear down there for the south bay east bay and not so much so on the clear side you are looking at that cloud cover hanging out a pretty continuously up in the berkeley hills skies looking nice and dry at least for the day today once this fog does decide to clear out you're going to notice a little bit more sunshine today and temperatures a little bit cooler. this trough right here digging on into the state helping to nudge that high pressure out and behind that a low pressure area, some cool air that is sinking not just into our coastal areas. but well inland, this means temperatures today are going to be cooler all across the bay for san francisco, some fog is going to keep marina district is wilson said district only in the 50's for your highs while 60's along the coastline and a range of 60's 70's from brisbane down to berlin games further south on the peninsula, some 70's and some 80's with the south bay today also tapping into the some 70's for your daytime highs santa clara and
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sunnyvale upper 70's while san jose to san jose today, right 80 degrees free might union city hayward 70's for you low 80's in the tri valley as well as walnut creek in danville remember yesterday, you were each up near 90 degrees today, not so much berkeley and richmond upper 60's while sonoma yacht bill knapp and the 80's. but the shovel a home in antioch down into the 70's we go and no 90's left fothe north bay either which is a nice change to see. so today tomorrow thursday, our tomorrow friday and saturday. all in the low 80's for many of our daytime highs tomorrow and friday as well saturday being the coolest of these days then come sunday in a quick change of pace about to happen the finish to the weekend warming on up and warming and even further on into monday and tuesday of next week so enjoy the cool down that we're going to enjoy the next 4 days before that heat is back. rebecca, looking forward to all. >>all the sunshine john in
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right now we are definitely see overcast skies like you've been talking about in a whole lot of traffic deserve a bridge. talk hammer approach and you could see pretty pass act and that you're backed up into the macarthur maze on all approaches drive time looks set to just about 15 minutes in the san francisco across the upper deck into the fremont street exit. we're checking things out at the richmond center fell bridge. it's been problem free all morning long it remains that way that you could see the cash paying lanes that of just about to the richmond parkway exit. so you have to wait just a bit before getting onto the span itself and then it's pretty much smooth into the north bay 12 minutes for your drive time on a west bound 5.80. coming out of the north bay, the fog is really been the only thing in your way. people have been behaving on the roadway. so that's good right. just both hands on the steering wheel because the visibility quite pour as you make your way through moran and then across the golden gate into san francisco drives him looks great just under 20 minutes. so far check more drive times also problem that we've been tracking at the san mateo bridge coming up in just a bit now back to the news. all right, thank you. rebecca.
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>>while head of the new chase center opening businesses in the area are getting ready for what's expected to be a big crush of traffic specially on event days. yeah, >>some traffic kron 4 sarah stinson has the details from san francisco. >>san francisco is bracing for one chase center opens crews are still working on the final touches but when it does open its doors traffic is inevitably going to get worse that's what ucsf as upgraded they're at ap and hopes and it will help people get to where they're going faster in the levy, a traffic. take a look at your screen. so you can see how it works there will be calendar showing concerts giants warriors games. all the things that will make certain days more congested read notifies people to expect major delays and yellow is for people to expect some delays ucsf his partner with chase center. the sfmta on this with the transit first philosophy encouraging everyone to use public transportation. there's also a trip planner in the app
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as well to help you figure out how you can get somewhere the fastest whether riding a bike taking a campus shuttle or writing bart, this will give you tools to best avoid hectic commutes and at the same time hopefully alleviate traffic crews are working fast to finish the chase center as the first major concert is set for september 6 that's going to have the talent to and the san francisco symphony and that's about to have 18,000 people attending so you know who's going to be traffic. that's why the ucsf app is already ready for you and it already shows red it's going to be in there's going to be major delays in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>the boy scouts of america says it has referred about a 120 allegations of abuse by scout leaders to law enforcement to for further investigation. so the youth organization said in a statement that it believes the victims and that it's working to identify more possible perpetrators. the statement came to say after a loss suit
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was filed accusing a pennsylvania scout leader of sexually abusing a scout during overnight camping trip sunday excursions in the 70's. so the allegations were made by now 57 you're a 57 year-old man only identify him as s d he's presented represented by abuse in scouting and a group of 3 law firms and all came together to shed light on abuse within the boy scouts. now the group says it has been contacted by a process to really 800 men over the last 6 months with credible allegations of abuse by scout leaders all across the country. well a man is left in critical condition injured severely and new jersey after trying to stop thieves from stealing his car. he decided to jump on the hood of the car when the thieves were trying to get away this was not a good idea neighbors camera spotted the man on the car as it sped away through the neighborhood you can see him holding on right there. he was eventually thrown from the
6:22 am
car. the homeowner was taken to the hospital he had bleeding on the brain and also several broken ribs. police eventually caught up with the fees and they arrested him. >>we'll take a look at this a semi truck drove out of control, it's all caught on camera flipping over. yikes run a loop that again this was in minnesota, the driver says his brakes went out as he went down a steep hill. >>rule. >>he tried to dodge traffic and then eventually overturned slamming right now that gas station. luckily he was able to crawl out with only minor injuries and nobody else was hurt. that's fact that nobody else was hurt with such a violent crash like that are also happening now we have president trump is going to be traveling to 2 cities devastated by the mass shootings over the weekend what you're looking at a live pictures here of air force one sitting on the tarmac there of joint base andrews at one at some point this morning we expect to see marine one transporting the president to the airstrip and then he'll board the plane and a and head again first to dayton and then to el paso texas. he's
6:23 am
scheduled arrive in date and a few hours after lifting off so we're going to follow his movements throughout the day today and have reaction from leaders in the places that he lands and of course the victims are still recovering from those mass shootings as well. we'll take a break it's now on the kron 00:04am morning news, why a convicted bay area rapist could be getting released from jail. plus a man armed man tries to break into multiple homes, putting people in an entire neighborhood on edge.
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>>atlanta area neighborhood. a man with a gun trying to break into 2 different houses caught on camera to doorbell cameras recorded what happened you can see the man with the gun trying to get into one of the homes before giving up and eventually walking away the homeowner says the arm and then broke in to neighborhood cars before trying to break into another home hours later. was a guy looking at my front door with a gun straight scared, i don't want. >>this behavior and our >>police say they don't know whether the breaking attempts were random or targeted, but they say they are searching for that man this morning. >>side of the san mateo bridge. we have a live look of bridge. we have a live look of what's happening as well it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep!
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6:30 am
looking outside this morning a it's definitely not hot out there just the opposite it's cool. it's foggy and it's a little bit gray to start this day. >>not that you'd be able to tell, but that's your view of timber on right there much like many other coastal in the east bay areas are timber on a city under some dense fog to kick this one off we are seeing a mix of low clouds and fog depending on where you're at across the bay, but regardless it's keeping temperatures cool and it's making for some great conditions for those of you stepping outside at the moment. later on today, they're going to depart the fog and well a lot of sunshine is going to be making its return even more than what we've seen the past couple of days, you see those high clouds pushing on over both your monday into tuesday behind us. now for wednesday skies going to be a little bit clear but temperatures a little bit cooler so all in all these are improving conditions. coastal areas in the 60's while bayside areas in the 70's and for inland spots, a range of 80's today, a cooler range of those 80's. i'll tell you the details in your 4 zone forecast still to come. rebecca.
6:31 am
>>all right we're going to kick things off of the bay bridge toll plaza time looks pretty good if you are taking a fast track look at that lanes are moving through just fine, nice and clear that cash pairs you up you're going to wait a lot of traffic and it's backed up into macarthur maze this morning. so far that's what we're seeing a 15 minute drive time overall though from the east bay into the city and across the upper deck, san mateo bridge has been a problem free on the westbound a side that is the commute direction. the right hand side there you can see. yes a lot of folks on the stand itself, but things are moving through just fine at the limit 23 minutes across the flat section and getting over the high rise and then into a foster city now the eastbound side the counter commute direction. that's where we've had an issue of from the overnight hours. so a traffic alert still in effect the 2 right lanes are closed right at eastbound 92 of collier i'll have more drug bridge checks and drive times coming up in just a bit james and robin. >>all right, thank you very
6:32 am
much. rebecca so breaking news overnight of course is that traffic incident that rebecca was talking about with a handful of lanes on eastbound 92 blocked after a tow truck went off the road and thank goodness is in the counter commute directions but then more folks are hitting the road right now. >>so we know that cruz need to get this out of the way as soon as possible. we want to check in with christina teacher of the last time we saw you christina, they were in the process of retrieving this tow truck have they made any more progress. >>they have they've actually made a lot of progress here within just the last 30 minutes you can actually see that behind me i want you take a look at this right here. so this actually is wire and fencing that the tow truck actually to grow through when it was falling into the embankment. actually this large tow truck right here was one of the tow trucks, they got the flatbed tow tracked out of the in big man. so they right now now have that tow truck back up on its wheels. original tow truck, the one that fell to make when was care tearing carrying 2 cars,
6:33 am
we'll have those cars are also out of that and make but here's what it looked like earlier this morning. it was quite the view if you are passing through here you saw that large show track in the end they come in and it also looks very worrisome. obviously it was a quite a dangerous situation but very good news. it is confirmed that the tow truck driver there is was inside of the car. he is ok and it was only one person, she's actually still here on site helping get his original a tow truck back up on its wheels to get out of here so he's been on site all morning. but if we're talking about traffic here on 92 were still technically on the bridge here were right before the very last exit. so there are 2 lanes of traffic that are still blocked off one lane of traffic is still going chp has a area blocked off to make sure they get this cleaned up right away. but they said it's taking so long this happened all around one in the morning because of this year. volume and so highs of an actual tow truck with 2 cars that
6:34 am
multiple times that have so far been weighted down into the mud here off the bridge. so that's the difficulty that crews had to go to pick that up and that one tow truck with 2 cars and actually took. tracks close to that you see behind me just earlier. so does a lot of moving parts out here. i just confirmed details the chp they said because the 5 that tow truck as back up on its wheels. they should hopefully be out of here which in the next 30 minutes to 45 miss a whole helping ease up traffic. here on the bridge in general, but i really want to reinforce eyes right now luckily, everyone is okay and here is what those chp officers had to say. >>at this point there's really no real danger that was posed from this incident that it's really just an inconvenience and work doing everything we can to get the roadway open that's the was caused by this fortunately nobody was hurt. >>we're going make sure to keep everyone at home updated here on this incident and to
6:35 am
let you know when lanes of traffic are back up and running. reporting live here in hayward christina tetreault crime. >>thank you very much. christine a. >>a big story that we're following for you this morning jy deliberations will stretch into day 4 of the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. now yesterday defense attorneys say talk to kron four's has he been you about why they actually prefer longer deliberations. >>it is the 3rd day of deliberations for jurors hear the ghost ship trial in oakland co-defendants derick almena and max harris, each phase, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who lost their lives but the fire started in the warehouse during a music of it back on december second 2016 the jury is made up of 9 mid and 3 women. it is anyone's guess how long it will take for them to reach a decision. i've said in the courtroom for just about every day of the trial and i wouldn't be surprised if it's an early verdict or if it takes several weeks and although some attorneys tried
6:36 am
to read into the jury's facial expressions for clues, they ultimately not clean. defense counsel for derek al-bayda explains why he is not one of them because jurors could look at you in. >>we'll dig inch to 2 years can look the other way and vote for you. it's certainly not scientific. there's a few of those moments even today, you know for. i think 3 looked at me oh boy it made my heart beat 2 of them look down old guy i you know, i felt the press. >>the defense attorney from that area says the longer the jury takes the better it is for his client. >>that airspace is 39 years in prison if convicted. >>therefore we're grateful for every minute as jury continues to deliberate. >>the 3rd day of deliberations has it that with no verdict. jurors will be back at it again deliberating on monday for wednesday morning at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland haaziq madyun kron 4 news.
6:37 am
>>the state's largest operator of recycling redemption centers is out of business replant they close all of its 284 recycling centers and lay off 750 employees. the company had several facilities right here in the bay area and the company's president says it just. operating because of increase business costs and falling prices are recycled aluminum and also plastic advocates are urging the state to reform how it's subsidized recycling centers. >>in the south bay, a man known as the ski mask rapist could soon be released from prison. george anthony sanchez was convicted of raping 25 women in the bay area back in the 80's. he was sentenced to more than 400 years behind bars. the victims are devastated now knowing that this convicted rapist may have an opportunity to stand in front of commissioners today with the possibility being released on parole. >>the ski rapist. and what he's done 2 in the senate children and women and to the
6:38 am
elderly. he's too much of a risk to ever release from prison. >>well the state's elderly parole program gives certain inmate who spent decades in prison the opportunity to be considered for parole, but we'll follow the story and see what happens. in the north a one person was killed in a crash that happened during a police chase in napa that chase started in the area of maxwell bridge right around 8 monday night it ended on big ranch road in the 24 year-old jonathan mccarthy said he was driving a stolen car from antioch he told police after he was arrested that he and his passenger were heading to the home depot to steal merchandise so they can then sell it for drugs. the passenger in that car died in the crash. >>missing man from the north bay was found dead on treasure island over the weekend 81 year-old martin kaplan who's from sandra fell. and he was reported missing thursday from his home his car and his clothes were found near loch lomond marina that night. the cause of caplan staff is still under investigation. waiting to learn more about the
6:39 am
suspicious pack some was found in san francisco was discovered yesterday morning, you're 20th in illinois street. that's in the dog patch neighborhood. police evacuated the area they secured it removed the device and later gave the all clear. >>representative eric swalwell will be hosting a community forum on ending gun violence and domestic terrorism. it will start at 6 30 this evening at the hayward city council chambers on the street, it's open to the public. so if you want to go you're more than welcome. it's open to anyone living in the 15th congressional district. in the wake of these recent mass shootings, a youth summit scheduled for this weekend in pittsburgh has been postponed contra costa county supervisors announced the change on facebook the summit was aimed at helping young people succeed through developing healthy attributes like self esteem and honesty and integrity. it was set for saturday at last madonna's college. the county supervisor says that organizers will instead be working with stakeholder groups to look at various active shooter scenarios.
6:40 am
>>for his community organizations and law enforcement they all came together across the country to celebrate national night out the annual event promotes building relationships with police and also first responders this year's national night out comes after a tragedy week, you know we have the deadly shootings across the country 3 mass shootings that we've been dealing lee with just in one week. now the event organizer in martinez says that the event is focused on building relationships between neighbors community members so law enforcement. >>very proud for people to come out and take a chance even after everything that's happened in these high-profile events transpired in our country and here they are to support this sentence up or law enforcement. >>and they want to teep it going the first national night out that dates back to 1984. >>your search is over for the california multi millionaire accused of murdering his wife, 54 year-old peter chadwick was taken into custody in mexico over the weekend. he's accused
6:41 am
of strangling his wife after an argument back in 2012. the real estate investor posted one million bail after his arrest he skipped a court appearance back in 20 15 and the disappear after withdrawing millions of dollars from his bank accounts. chadwick was on the us marshals most wanted list. he's charged with one count of felony murder and if convicted could face 25 years to life in prison. we'll take a break still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning. thousands of the space students are set to benefit from the recent backpack drive ahead of the new school year. students are eligible for financial aid but aren't getting it. >>congress is working on a fix. i'm just eaten or all of that story coming up. >>and we take you on a summer road trip to the pacific northwest we're going to introduce you to a community known for its scenic parks. >>and back here in the bay area skies are looking nice and clear this afternoon after what has been a foggy start to the day your forecast ahead.
6:42 am
>>and i'm tracking a busy commute out there, especially here pretty pass accept the pay gates getting to san francisco. i'm tracking the san mateo bridge. the richmond san mateo bridge. the richmond sandra loss of the oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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6:45 am
show likes the hot weather the warmer >>e shouldn't say we. you like not it is that we have right now exact lee in the meantime it's the mild weather that we're going to continue to enjoy even more mild come tomorrow to temperatures are continuing to cool down gradually this week it's been such a subtle cooldown you haven't noticed much of a difference day today. >>but by the end of the week this week will be a full 10 degrees cooler than we were this weekend. if not even more so for a few in inland areas. this morning. it is just far the out there, san francisco, one of our foggiest of areas. well, san jose, a mix of just a few clouds and plenty of sunshine to those skies east bay, even clear yet look at that nice shot of mount diablo in the distance, sun rising up behind it so foggy conditions along the coast. on top of the bay itself while elsewhere in the bay area here already joining a dose of sunshine in later on today. you're going to endure a joy a dose of some cooler temperatures not near as warm as it was this weekend
6:46 am
when as you remember, we were pretty warm up into the 90's today, daytime highs in land only in the low 80's so already feel and a big difference from where we're at and we're not even at our cool some days yet 50's and 60's for san francisco's daytime highs today, 60's right up and down the pacific shoreline and then 60's 70's from brisbane on down through burlingame today a range of 6 70's to 80's in woodside with redwood city and san carlos at 77 degrees. and the south bay today are a range of upper 70's to low 80's, san jose barely holding on to the 80 degree mark. well expecting some 70's returning there tomorrow, 70's and 80's for most parts of the east bay were waving goodbye to the 90's at least for the time being before as we mentioned with rob in just a minute ago we are going to see the return of some 90's not at the start of the weekend. but rather on into sunday to finish the weekend. that's when temperatures will climb back up the hill in the meantime
6:47 am
though mild weather to continue to enjoy thursday friday and saturday being the coolest of days only in the low 80's on average inland. that's a look at your forecast. rebecca house traffic holding up right now. >>well looking pretty good there's just a lot of folks on the roadway of course it's the bay area right it's the middle of the week so we're seeing a lot of the people trying to get into san francisco of course he's in the bay bridge and here's a peek approach and you can see it's pretty packed here, backed up into the macarthur maze especially this cash being lanes to be a fast track a moving through a little bit better but we're looking at a drive time of just under 15 minutes to the fremont street exit 92 looks good. it's been a problem free on this side of the bridge. no getting over to the 1, 1, connector 23 minutes eastbound, though, again we're still monitoring that issue towards the end of the bridge. and the 2 right lanes do remain shut down. another update coming up in just a bit now back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much. rebecca here quick live look outside again as we're keeping updated on the
6:48 am
president's movements this morning. air force one beginning to taxi now joins a joint base andrews going to be visiting the 2 cities that devastated by the mass shootings over the weekend. first off he's headed to he's headed to ohio. in dayton where of course we had the mass shooting there that will fly on to el paso texas later this afternoon and we'll be tracking his movements throughout the day if you want push alerts related to his appearances in both of those locations make sure you download the kron 4 mobile app. also for your money this morning 20 million families fill out the free application for federal student loan and aids every year but one senator says that many people give up because the form is too complicated. washington correspondent jesse. reports now on this latest push to make it easier for students to apply for financial aid. this is a real road block on the way to college according to the institute for college access and success 2 million college students are eligible for federal student aid. >>but aren't getting it and a large the part that's because
6:49 am
it is so complicated and difficult for students to prove their eligibility for james kvaal has spent years lobbying congress to change the free application for federal student aid tennessee senator lamar alexander, a former university president and education secretary has led the push to simplify the fast reform by reducing the number of questions it asks making it simpler and easier to go to college education secretary betsy devos supports the idea some colleges and universities are concerned that eliminating too many questions. well actually make it more difficult to determine which students need the financial help of all argue is the majority of questions have very little impact on grant eligibility possible to do this simplification and that doesn't have. >>cost implications for the federal government it doesn't make it harder to get aid to students who need it but of all ads, congress can't open up the faster to more students. >>without making sure the money to help them is also there in washington, i'm just eaten or. well over to the east right now 2000 students will benefit from a backpack drive in contra costa county
6:50 am
so yesterday. >>a group of people with a volunteer emergency services team in action they started filling up those back that's with some good supplies. the backpacks will be distributed to low income students whose families already received social services from contra costa county. the ready to learn backpack drive has been an annual tradition for the last 35 years next week the county will the start passing those out to families. and on the kron 00:04am morning news we are taking you on a nice little summer road trip we have another one. in the pacific northwest surrounded by the beautiful scenic views we'll be ba
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>>all week long, you know we've been taking these fun road trip they've been very exciting that this morning we're heading to a new spot. how about portland oregon i love portland. it's the state's largest city it's known for its parks, it's got great parks to his family atmosphere as well we've got kohr harlan now. >>with a closer look. >>welcome to the rose city beyond the roses, portland is known for its parks. the city's chinese garden is downtown where you can get a voodoo donut nearby do some light reading it pao's books or do some shopping in the trendy pearl district of northwest, portland, washington park has some of the best views of downtown portland. it includes the internationally famous rose test garden, the oregon zoo
6:54 am
and the city's famous japanese garden. you can also hop in a kayak or take a boat ride down the willamette river walk alongside waterfront park or the east bank esplanade and admire the city's scenic bridges. portland makes it pretty easy to walk or cycle around town all all snacking at a local food cart we're sipping one of our microbrews and of course coffee lots and lots of coffee. pioneer square is at the heart of downtown and a great place to catch a max train or a bus around the city where you head over to the alberta arts district that's home to a lot of local shops and restaurants, including portland's on salton straw ice cream. you want to get out into nature, you can't beat forest park, it's located right near downtown and it is filled with 80 miles of trails that helped make it one of the largest urban parks and forests in america. you can also explore the nearby columbia river and head east into the columbia river gorge
6:55 am
where you'll see lots and lots of spectacular waterfalls and if you've got the time there's lots to do up on mount hood your you can head west organs, beautiful beaches along the pacific ocean. >>so if you're making your way to portland. enjoy your visit to stop down. >>were going nuts vive of course getting there it's a little bit of a drive not as bad as a what we have caller i was proud yesterday was like 20 hour. >>now we're talking about 633 miles yeah, not as bad as yesterday this trip roughly 9 hours and 55 minutes from starting in san francisco was not little and then take the rest of the way. what about the gas prices going to do that. the gas prices in san francisco always like 3.77 just starting off in san francisco and with each trip as usual. the prices get cheaper as you go along. and next a new gene, it's what 3
6:56 am
all for them by the time you actually make it to portland. you can fill up at 3.23 a up and you choose me looking like in portland people are going up maybe this week and who knows you know what it is a really good time of year to be an organ in general, but yeah, portland this is your warmest and driest months for the pacific northwest in general, but that does include portland. >>which as we know the pacific northwest could be a little cloudy a little rainy. so this is a good time to be up there. temperatures are usually in the low 80's for portland this time of year they only receive a few days in the 90's each year so it's really good weather up there right now. darya fortunately missing out we look cars springs yesterday right. catch up with know i forms a great place of another just a handful of times never for a really long stretches always been like a weekend or something passing through as a visiting family in washington state. but it is a great time should check it out. we'll take a quick break an
6:57 am
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>>thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for daryn also and i'm james fletcher we've got john scher able rebecca strong here with weather and traffic to start the hour in the road. hopefully look like they're getting better or what's the situation. yeah we're getting there. >>that are just a lot of folks on the roadway we're still following that issue with the
7:00 am
end of the san mateo bridge in miami on the eastbound side counter commute directions but things are definitely slowing down so we'll go over that so things are heating up over here. >>around the corner we got the warm up to right now we're just chillin earlier heard her it like look at it is cool and cloudy at the golden gate bridge where you can see much of the bridge this morning. it is definitely a foggy start to the day, nothing different about that than what we've seen the past couple of mornings. remember monday and tuesday morning both brought the fog and this morning is doing the same if you're crossing into the oakland and hayward hills just above the east bay. you're seeing some visibility issues there as you also are along highway one. a repeat of where we have been the past couple of days, so it's no big surprise that by the late morning into early afternoon. we're going to be saying goodbye to that fog and saying hello to some sunshine that will eventually carry us through the rest of the day just around the corner


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