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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 8, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>>and it's 07:00am that breaking news continues to be a major multi vehicle accident that happened on one early this morning at about 3.30. >>we had 4 vehicles get tangled up and you can see they all burst into flames that's right one of those cars over turned one driver died several other sent to the hospital. >>and right now crews are just wrapping up and cleaning up this is a video from earlier you see that fiery mess. >>the right now the fires out under control that they have a big mess to clean up. and this continues to back up traffic. yes for miles and miles and miles adding. >>hours to your morning commute kron four's will tran can attest to that he was in the thick of it trying to get to the scene this morning will. >>i would say if you can delay going to work for quite some time because it is a mess northbound one oh one as well as northbound on monterey road. let me step out of the way. so you can see what's being done right now you can see one of the cars loaded on top of a flatbed truck. they
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probably will leave here any moment but look at the damage robin james to the roadway. they are scraping the roadway at this time because of this accident that took place 3 and a half hours ago. northbound one oh one south san jose, 4 cars the cause of the collision still under investigation. but we do know that one person has died. reportedly it was a man so i've been able to get that information the name of that person is still not being released. what we do know that at least 3 others were injured sent to the hospital as far as when this scene we'll be clear that still i guess to nation but i am hearing that possibly over the next hour so they will start to loosen up some of the roadway and allow more lanes to be free to the traffic absolutely traffic is a mess i drove by this location went by 3 miles got often bailey road just to get to my current location, 3 miles took me one hour and i'm
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on a frontage road as you can clearly see next to the roadway. let me i show you we'll zoom in and show you the frontage road as off in the distance right there and you can see just how bad it is because so many people watched reports about how bad traffic was on one oh one that often the distance right there right by the foot of the hill on the other side of the freeway look at that james a robin slow and go in that direction which is why i'm telling people if you can try to delay your work for the next couple of hours or so because there's so many cars on that particular stretch of road as well here on one oh one one lane and that is great because for a while it was shut down. no cars are moving at all so at least there's a little bit of a movement at this time as far as the cause of the collision. that's still under investigation, but you can see how horrific it was that car there is so charred, we can even make out make or
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model as far as the roadway. yes caltrans is out here they're helping to clean up. and the best way i can describe it as far as the debris on the roadway. it's almost like scraping the bottom of a pan after you fried because it's so stock look at that digging into the rock to the roadway just to remove the debris because they don't want it there for it to cause another accident and that's why for now it appears that seems to be the biggest holdout back to you sure and we'll let me just ask you a quick before we let you go to serve a hillside, the kind of blocks our view of a lot of the roadway there but is that. >>the last vehicle left to be cleared away the one we see on the record. >>and it appears to be the last one so it it looks like that's it once that's clear then they'll take it to a yard to look at it and to see if his re the mechanical that caused this accident as far as the scene no, you can see look at that james the chp officers they even have one of them as
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as shovel in his hand so it's basically all hands on deck just to help out to clear the roadway to get this moving along especially this being the kim new direction. so many people live in morgan hill in gilroy and the commute into silicon valley. but for now it is just a mess which is why i've been telling people if you can delay your work as late as you possibly can maybe the next couple of hours even if they clear a couple of more lanes the damage is done. and it was frenetic just for me to get to this location. thank you very much well. >>and sometimes the cleanup process can take just as long if not longer than it takes to clear the vehicles involved so let's check in with her back and see how far that traffic stretches back in. well the drive time is rebecca. >>yeah, it's pretty far guys right now, i'm tracking a a very long a traffic jam here we're looking at a all the way into the morgan hill area you could see how solid that is already up cars really are moving anywhere and you can
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see why on will's camera shots becae only one lane getting through and that's a six-lane freeway right there that far right lane, the only one. and yes, it is just going to be a mess so avoid this stretch of the can north one o one right at highway 85 what we have this accident since 3 30 this morning. your alternate are also pretty packed like what was mentioning, yes, monterey road. the frontage road is a very slam same with santa teresa boulevard but those are going to be around some even looking at mckean that's another road that parallels it's a little bit farther west. but all 3 of those are being heavily impacted because a lot of folks obviously do not want to get on north one oh one. but if you need to get somewhere definitely take those at least to be a moving versus on the freeway and again we're expecting to see this may be out there until about 8.30 according to chp we have an update on the e t o yet since about 5 30 this morning that that's what they're hoping. they're hoping to have all this mopped up by at least 8.30. let's check the
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commute into san francisco real quick here we go the bay bridge toll plaza very pass that's a very busy into the city. the drive time out of the macarthur maze 60 minutes across the upper deck into san francisco. coming up we'll check the san mateo bridge just a couple of minutes, john. >>well rebecca we are seeing some clear skies this morning then we have the past few mornings one look at the golden gate bridge and that's easy to see she can actually see part of the bridge instead of none of it, mostly it's just some low clouds that are streaming in across the bay and not resulting in too many visibility impacts so you're good to go up and down the coast as well as into the east bay just holding on to some areas where skies may be a big gray at times but they're not going to stay that way we're getting a dose of sunshine earlier than we have all week long up to this point and compared to the week up to this point also a cooler day ahead of us 60's up the coast while 70's by the bay and 80's for inland areas and a cooler range of those 80's, i've got the details in your 4 zone
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forecast still to come. james and robin. all right, thank you john. >>on to national news now president trump visited the 2 communities morning last weekend's mass shootings but when he arrived in dayton and in el paso. the scene went from somber and quiet to at times people dancing in the streets, maybe even slightly joyce when you look at the video. maybe that's the first hint that the communities there are inching their way back to being a normal cn the president visit victims in the hospital and spoke with first responders and city leaders outside the hospital as you can see the video though he was met by supporters and protesters alike. >>police officers trying to get around first working we have a lot of folks that are coming to them. real and this only and i everyth%ng now i realize that there's a. >>a lot of emotional pain and concern over his visit. feel like it's my duty obligation
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my fiduciary duty to meet with the president noted stage. >>the president says that he is open to talking about some aspects of gun control legislation, but it's just unclear if congress can reach a consensus. another big story that we're following for you this morning people are threatening to boycott would not send soulcycle fitness chains over the owners fundraiser for president trump. >>we've got christina tetreault on that story for us this morning in san ramon at one of the locations where economics is there. you were talking christine earlier that you saw the number of people coming in and out apparently unaffected by this protest. >>yes still dozens of people that were scurrying into the equinox it actually just right across the street right behind me in that building up from the second story and you know it's obviously early busy mornings people are rushing in and out of you know they're normal routinely things like going to the gym. you know this is definitely something that caught a lot of online storm as well today is the day after it was announced that
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and the c e o or it in the d a a majority owner of equinox and soulcycle we're going to show you here right now on the screen, you know decided o cep and razors right after it was announced know his name again the person you see here on the screen is stephen ross, he's a real estate developer and he's chairman and majority owners i'd mention of the related companies, which oversees equinox as well as the popular spins studio called soulcycle now according to the fundraiser invitation ross who has a a luncheon in the hamptons on friday. it says that attendees will pay up to a $100,000 for a photo with the president and up to $250,000 for listen in on a round table discussion. this pope there was a spokesperson with the gym and they said they didn't have anything too do with the event don't support it and also don't use any company profits to go ahead and find any type of politician, a part of what that seaman said we're going to show to up on the screen right now. it reads we believe
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in tolerance and equality and will always stay true to those values. mister ross is a passive investor and is not involved in the management of either business. now this hasn't stopped many people from from pushing back on line as well were people from posting on mind a lot of notable celebrities did lot of people were members of the across the greater united states have been posting i've not wanting to go inside or that they canceled their memberships now back out here live i did speak with a woman. going to this gym for a few months now and she really enjoys the community there and she's not to let something that's politically based you really impact membership but if she does see if you really want to make sure that nothing changes in the gym atmosphere itself into as long as nothing changes. you know when she walks in those stories she didn't see a problem keeping that membership. i'm reporting live in san ramon christina teireault. >>ok thank you christina.
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elsewhere in the east bay we have word that one person is recovering in the hospital after being shot. this was in east oakland it happened around 7 o'clock in the 1600 block of 24th avenue that's right near garfield elementary school. police haven't released any details about the shooter. but we have been told the victim is in stable condition. >>the search is over for livermore man suspected in a deadly shooting we first brought you the story yesterday as breaking news on the kron 00:04am morning news. so police in elk grove they pulled over and they arrested 30 year-old jonathan and since now investigators say that he shot and killed a man at a walmart in the parking lot there in livermore police say that both men were transients they lived near the creek that runs right behind that shopping center. >>i would believe that at this point this was a feud between the suspect and the victim. >>and that got into an argument and ultimately led to the suspect shooting. victim in killing him.
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>>we'll check out this video this is video from elk grove where police pulled over the suspect livermore police have issued a statewide alert to law enforcement agencies after in asensio ran away from the scene of the shooting. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the federal government is now coming to the bay area to help crack down on drug trafficking will explain how. and a warning this morning for people who are trying to help the victims of the recent mass shootings will tell you how to avoid being the victim yourself of a donation scam. and we continue to follow breaking news out of the south bay that deadly accident that shut down multiple lanes on highway one oh one. we'll ve the very latest from the back of strong she stand by the traffic center. we'll visit with her
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>>just to remind our breaking news story this morning involves this multi-car crash in these are pictures from earlier this morning. this was on a one to one northbound right near 85 about 3 30 this morning we had about 4 vehicles get tangled up and as you can see here they all burst into flames and now it's time for the cleanup process which can take out ours as well. >>they are loading the car isn't a tow truck, so what does this mean for people stuck in the backup and who is this impacting. oh it's impacting anyone that their commute is like coming out of gilroy more going to >>the valley anyone coming out and trying to get into south san jose just avoid it if you can because the commutes done this morning and really it is because crews are telling us though the latest 8.30 that's what we heard at 5 30 this morning they were hoping the
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estimated time of reopening was at least by 8.30 so we still have another a little bit to go here a little over an hour and a half, but that is what they're hoping to do is they try to mop up this mess 6 lanes of traffic were shut down. early this morning only 5 lanes are star really find lanes are park close rather they only have one lane open to traffic and it's on the far right side and just squeezing by and that's what's creating this a backup here that you can see on our graphic. our traffic sensors picking up just how slow it is a solid read all the way into a morgan hill it is very slow and we're even seeing a lot of a city streets heavily impacted because a lot of folks are trying to take alternate like monterey santa also seeing a lot of traffic very heavy on the key mckeen eventually can exit an expressw y to try to get you up to south san jose. but and we're seeing it very heavily impacted, but it's better than being on north one oh one, especially approaching highway
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85. so drive times that we're seeing it is going to be a couple of hours for you so coming out of the morgan hill area trying to make your way up to 85 yup over 2 hours a little over 2 hours at this point in the morning so avoid it altogether if you can if you have the luxury to stay at home for the next little bit. definitely do so now passing 85 once you get past the accident and let's say you're trying to get into palo alto the drive time not too bad for this hour at 36 minutes on north one oh one and that's because all the traffic has been a pass to 85 minutes and no one they're not letting anyone really get through and it's only squeeze in mind that one lane. so we'll keep you updated on the time of reopening coming up in just a bit. let's for now check out things of the bay bridge toll plaza 17 minutes, not too bad across the upper deck into san francisco john. >>well rebecca skies as you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza little bit cooler than they have been there still stephon a leak some cloud cover hovering overhead. you can see that over san
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francisco, but we can also see it looking at sales force tower. so a little bit of sunlight making its way into and that's something you didn't see at this hour over the past few mornings, san jose just more sunshine for you you've been starting off your morning's clear and we're continuing that today as for mount diablo some passing clouds but overall pretty clear one out there further into the east bay skies are going to remain pretty clear and dry today as we make our way into the afternoon you're going to notice some changes and most notably in the temperature department as this low pressure area continues to establish shop here in the bay area we're going to be looking at some nice cool temperatures compared to where we should be for this time of year that means daytime highs in wind will at max be peaking in the low 80's today. morgan hill livermore concord on up to santa rosa among those areas barely just holding on to the 80's today, oakland hayward fremont say in the low 70's while 60's and san francisco and half moon bay today tomorrow on into saturday, you're coolest days of the
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forecast. now after this point temperatures begin to rise againeand getting back up on into those typically hot summer temperatures inland by monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. do look out for saturday as it will be a comfortable day. also comes along with just a slight chance of some showers if we do see them. they'll be brief and very light. james john thank you very much, it's 7.19 we've got news for your money this morning facebook boots a marketing firm that had been collecting and storing instagram information. >>and kaiser permanente workers are voting on a nationwide strike we've got jane king live the nasdaq with these stories and more a j. >>hi james good morning as kaiser permanente workers begin voting this week on whether to authorize a nationwide unfair labor practices strikes are staffing is the major concern of the workers. this includes medical assistance registration representative certified nursing assistants licensed practical nurses and health keeping staff backers of the strike say it's not keeping be safe and quality healthcare cousin permanente says a
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strike would be counterproductive and that it has offered 3% pay phones for the next 3 years will san francisco start-up company has been secretly saving what appears to be millions of instagram user stories and tracking their locations. business insider reports the firm. hi 3 are has been scraping huge quantities of data off the now and then using it to build a database of people's movements in interest instagram has now issued high 3 are with a cease and desist order kicked off the platform and made changes to its platforms protect user data restaurant that the makers of raise prices lately and they're finding that consumers are paying those higher prices are is a question about whether that would happen or not to pull a mcdonald's on believes that's coming behind ritz crackers and others. they all raised or announced a price increase restaurants and food makers are seizing the opportunity to charge more to cover their higher costs for ingredients, transportation and labor. so you've got most things checked off your back to school lists supplies clothes vaccinations you can't forget their cut. jc penney offering $10 haircuts
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at their salon through september 15th, the regular costs $14 for kids going to kindergarten through 6th grade live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to james okay, thanks very much. jane. another big story that we're following for you this morning, the department of homeland security is warning folks about donation scams. >>in the wake of mass shootings in el paso and dayton. they're also telling folks about fraudulent emails, social media posts and donation website meredith woods has the details. >>donating money on the internet is a gamble with so much anonymity and very little accountability how you make sure your donations during tragic events don't fall into the wrong hands. according to the department of homeland security cyber agency here are 3 things you should consider to avoid donation. scams. number one research charities are crowdfunding campaigns, yourself and make sure it's clear exactly where your money is going there is. >>ample opportunity for hoaxes like that to be conducted and
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unless a company organization or even an individual does their own due diligence to look into something they may be subject to it. >>number to be cautious when it comes to opening e-mail attachments. experts say do not click on links in unsolicited e-mail messages asking for money number 3 be wary. the fraudulent please and donation and on social networking sites. the dhs cyber agency also warns about door to door solicitations during tragedies even with all the scans charitable giving can be an important part of healing after a national incident do your best to be one of the good guys. >>you do your best knowing that hey there's going to be others out there the do things wrong that new things for the wrong reasons that are unethical. >>but when you go in with the right heart in the first place everything works out i'm meredith wood. >>after the break we continue to follow breaking news out of south san jose were fatal accident is blocking several
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lanes on highway one on one. so when we come back rebecca strong will track your drive times to let you know with alternate
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>>morning news, the time 7.25 still tracking this fiery crash in south san jose a fatal accident on one on one. that's still in the clearin stages. so we want to check in with rebecca strawman c how this is impacting your morning commute in what the alternate routes are looking like if
7:26 am
they're getting any better rebecca. >>yeah, we did just get says some good news estimated time to reopen chp just letting us know 30 to 45 more minutes so hopefully by 8 o'clock they're going to have all the lanes reopened to traffic after cruz a mock up this mess after earlier accident north one oh one before highway 85 still want to stay away from it, you're back to the into morgan hill so it's going to take about 2 and a half hours getting stuck in that back up trying to pass the crash or alternates in the meantime monterey, san and santa teresa mckean road in the meantime james. >>all right. thank you very much rob and. after turns hero after he saved a baby those trapped in an overturned car. actor danny trejo was one of the first on scene to a 2 car crash yesterday afternoon, one of those cars was sitting on its roof with a baby strapped into the car seat inside and trejo work with another woman nearby to safely get that child out 3 people in the end had to go to the hospital but they're all going to be ok.
7:27 am
police are still unclear is exactly what caused that crash. trejo you may know in hollywood, he played a lot of villains, an anti heroes in his work, his most recent role. superhero. >>and we continue to follow that deadly crash in south san jose you can see crews are still on the scene. we will show you exactly how things look like and give you an update on wh look like and give you an covergirl exhibitionist mascara. volumizes like the #1 prestige mascara with lashes full and defined in one coat exhibitionist mascara from covergirl.
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>>all right we're back at 7.30 and our breaking news story this morning continues to be the major back up on one oh one. it's the northbound direction in the south bay just south of south san jose, multiple multiple cars got into an accident this morning as you can see this video that burst into flames, one person we understand was killed in that crash other sent to the hospital with injuries and the last time we checked in with kron four's will tran they were loading some of those vehicles onto a tow truck cleaning up the road surveying the damage. >>there's a lot to clean up this is a nasty process a nasty accident in the back of just stretches for miles so let's check in with will and see if there are any closer to having this cleared will. >>yes they are because over the past at 2 minutes or so they finally removed that last. the for cars that were involved in the accident. you don't see that flatbed truck anymore with a burned car in the back and it looks like
7:31 am
look at this as we speak 2 lanes are now available to the public actually 3 3 lanes are now open this 3 other lanes including the age of elaine that still closed at this time and caltrans crews are busy removing the debris over there so a lot of wiggle room compared to what we saw at 00:30am in the morning because of this. here's that video that we got from the scene 4 cars were moving along northbound 1, 1, 8.85 for some unknown reason they get into a collision so horrific that huge walls of flame was going up in the air can be seen in both directions that they had to send fire crews out to this location. they quickly put it out, but there was a lot of damage on the roadway. i've learned that one of the victims. the fatality was a man, at least 3 people were taken to the hospital alive at that time and we try to get an update on their condition as far as the cause of the crash.
7:32 am
that's still under investigation whether they fell asleep at the wheel speed drugs or alcohol. they simply don't know at this time because it happened with so many cars on the roadway. there were plenty of witnesses, including this person. sun not only i did is shut down one on one at 85 and rebecca strong has been talking about this i came out here and at one point it was a parking lot cars are not moving at all. so many people use the frontage road monterey road and you can see off in the distance, slowing go there so they were watching our from it, but they still had to go to their destinations so they were forced to go on to monterey road and look at that normally that would not be used at all because obviously
7:33 am
you have 1, 1, available to you but because of the collision the fatal accident. so many people took monterey road and it is slowing go in that direction. but at least a little bit of good news in terms of traffic. now we have 3 lanes open to the public it looks like one more lanes shut down and then another h o v lane so 2 lanes to go. but the good news is the last of the remaining cars removed from the scene about 5 minutes ago. james robin. >>and even those we have more lanes open it still takes a long time for traffic to recover and it's been backed up for miles so we want to check in with rebecca and see just how bad it is rebecca. >>yeah, it's going to take a while guys but yes of course, good news, it's nice to know that we now have 3 lanes open versus just the one that we had open for hours and hours. but yet you can still see it here on our traffic map and the road sensors showing us that it is still very backed up the into the morgan hill area, but again it's going to
7:34 am
take a while for it to recover so your alternate route still look good even though their path act as well but monterey road. santa teresa and mckean all those run parallel to the freeway and all of those are being impacted because of this accident. checking on the drive time though for morgan hill considering that the lanes are reopened it's improved by about 10 minutes or so, but still you're looking at about 2 hours or so right now trying to get up and past the scene of the accident coming out of morgan hill on north one oh one, so it is going to take you some time. now once you get past the scene, let's say you're going. through san jose and into a menlo park in the palo alto that's going to take you next to 39 minutes as you make your way on north one oh one there john. >>well rebecca skies, definitely clear than they have been across much of the bay area you can see that playing out pretty nicely in timber on this morning. i showed you this view over the past few days and what you've seen is just been that dense fog up in the north bay, not so much this morning though sunshine making its way down and you can see those low
7:35 am
clouds and fog covering out towards the coast as we speak a few areas of cloud cover still remain right along the coastline as well as inland across the east bay very much so on the patchy side this morning though, and not locking out visibility too much. later on today, it's all about the sunshine and also about some cooler temperatures it's going to be feeling really nice come this afternoon with daytime highs below average for this time of year for the coast. it will be the 60's bayside areas in the 70's while inland spots only in the low 80's today, i've got continued coverage on this nice cool down still to come back to you guys ok, thank you john. so happening today we have all flavored tobacco products and vaping materials banned in livermore that's right but the ban will not be in force right away. >>sarah stinson has more from the city of livermore. >>on the cigarettes and flavored tobacco officially starts today in livermore business owners like the one here of a berlin use have until january 20 20 to prepare for it to be enforced. each of
7:36 am
the 71 tobacco retailers in livermore were sent an e-mail about the enforcement not starting until january first 2020, this gives them time to get out of leases eliminate in the tory and for law enforcement to learn the new rules, customers already know the ban is on the her aisen the city and supporters of the ordinance believe the ban will stop underage kids from using e cigarettes but it could be overturned. there's a petition going around. but it needs more than 5,000 signatures to qualify for the november ballot. in the to do so is today as well is verified the ordinance can go before voters but business owners say they can't wait to see if that happens this is going to impact them now. >>how was working open to close every single day. and finally when i have 4 employees and i can spend a little time with my family. i had about this. >>when city council passes ban about a month or so ago i
7:37 am
spoke to a lot of people here in livermore and they told me that they're in favor of the ban and they're just hoping that the school get the cigarettes out of the hands of young children and we'll have to see if that condition goes into effect something will follow and the next coming days in livermore sar stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you sarah. the federal government is now cracking down on drug problems in san francisco this after the city's tenderloin neighborhood kind of the highest amount of drug offenses in the city back in june. so we have the us attorney's office announcing now that it will be sending 15 prosecutors and more than 15 federal law enforcement agencies to fight federal crimes like drug trafficking. us attorneys also charging 32 people in a drug dealing case in the east bay, special agent chris nielsen says the traffickers provide homes in oakland to street level drug dealers who then hop on bart and bringing cocaine and fentanyl and heroin into the tenderloin to sell he calls them commuter dealers. >>we exposed to independent
7:38 am
drug trafficking organizations one allegedly headed by andy want to know and the other allegedly made by war 2, 1, 2, year. it >>the us attorney's office plans to keep this initiative in place for at least a year. we'll take a quick break time now 7.38 when we come back police have made an arrest now in the case of racist graffiti targeting muslims we'll tell you who they have in custody. and we're also keeping an eye on that breaking news story in the south bay, the deadly craah on highway one oh one several lane still blocked, although more and more lanes are beginning to reopen now thankfully. we'll have an thankfully. we'll have an update in just a minute. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. and welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news. we're still tracking this major problem in the south bay and deadly crash that happened at 3 30 this morning. >>still has some lanes a shutdown but the 3 right lanes have been reopened about 10 minutes ago or so and even better news chp telling us the entire roadway should be open around 8 o'clock so this is northbound one on one right before highway 85. it's still going to take awhile for traffic to recover even though lanes are reopening as we speak end a city streets are definitely impacted, but they're still good alternate routes. monterey santa teresa mckeen they all run parallel with the freeway. but here's your drive times so far coming out of morgan hill just about an hour and a half or so so that to is the latest update
7:42 am
on let you know exactly when lanes will be reopened but like i said the entire roadway, hopefully by the 8 o'clock hour. robin just a traffic nightmare. thank you rebecca. >>well to the east right now a homeless woman has been arrested for a hate crime. now she's accused of vandalizing several businesses with anti muslim graffiti this happened in concord and police say they found security of is video of the crime in progress in several officers in the department. we're then able to identify the suspect as 53 year-old maria disney. now after she was arrested police say she then confessed to the crime. >>she stated that she got into an argument. almost one person last week. and she was upset that person and that's why she did it. >>well the graffiti has since been painted over and the muslim business owners in that plaza they say that they've received an outpouring of support from the community. >>coming up a california boy is about to be featured in times square we're going to have his story. coming up after the break. all right
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back to our breaking news this morning at 7.45, you're looking at what the scene was like at 3 30 this morning when. >>a number of cars got tangled up about 4 in all in this multi vehicle accident bursting into flames sending numerous people the hospital we do know that one person died in this accident now. the the update is it looks like they've got most of the wreckage cleared away there still scraping the road
7:46 am
surface trying to get things cleaned up for the can officially reopen all the lanes yeah he was asked that live picture a live picture right now you can see the roadway how its damage he had sweepers. >>going back and forth we watched him toll way the last vehicle involved in that crash released the cars are out of the way but it's the inspection process and making sure that the road is okay that takes longer which means we'll have to deal with the backup much longer rebecca and in-line 8 miles of slow miles and miles and to recover. >>the positive thing is about half the roadways rewrite lanes are open chp telling us around 8. maybe that's what they're thinking of that the entire roadway will be open so but still even though it's going to be open maybe from 15 minutes from now traffic is going to take a long time to recover because it has been backed up for miles and miles and the up since it started at the 3.30 hour this morning. it is just been a mess there and you can see it on our a traffic map here solid red trying to come out of the
7:47 am
morgan hill area and south san jose alternate routes are still your better bet, though yes their path. they're crowded that monterey santa teresa mckeen all of those are busy, but they all run parallel with one oh one and that's definitely better. a better alternative getting on the freeway even though more lanes are being reopened let's take a quick look at your drive time now if you're coming out of morgan hill and trying to get into in the downtown san jose area look at that about 2 hours still to recover for traffic definitely want to take those a surface streets in the meantime. and in the meantime, let's a switch over to weather and see how a it's going to shape up lots of sunshine on john oh yeah, lots of sunshine today, rebecca, and seeing even more of it than we have the past couple of days already. >>obviously not just yet for san francisco though are skies remain pretty cloudy at the moment but not so foggy as cloud cover does hover just above us so not resulting in visibility impacts like we had seen earlier this week as for
7:48 am
san jose looking really good skies, nice and clear not too many clouds to be talking about in the south bay. just a few clouds out into the east bay further inland around mount diablo was a beautiful sunrise earlier on. to be pretty nice and clear right now this is your look outside as far as satellite radar goes we had just a couple of spots right around the santa cruz mountains ahead some drizzle early on that has since departed and now we do have a dry day ahead of us as this low pressure this dip in the jet stream really settles in across not just today but across california on the whole state is in for a nice cool down come the start of the weekend and today we really start to feel as temperatures reflecting that nice cool air that is settled in along the coast, not a whole lot of changes temperatures remained pretty steady all through your forecast in our coastal areas. it is our inland areas that are going to feel the greatest cooldown have already felt some temperatures falling throughout the course of the week so far and are considered going to continue to feel just
7:49 am
that today, san jose santa clara and cupertino just a few of the areas in the south bay that are falling into the upper 70's for your highs today along with pleasanton in dublin on over into the tri valley. temperatures further fall in danville and walnut creek as well as conquered as well, there's just 90's a couple of days ago now barely hanging on to the 80's 70's and 80's for much of the north bay besides the coast that as you would expect hold on to some 60's out towards point raise today tomorrow and saturday are coolest days of the forecast now saturday will be a great one to be outside. but do you know you might see a couple showers on that one if you do see anything it will be brief. but just a heads up sunday we start to reverse or cooling trend in daytime highs begin to rise in after that. it's back to the 90's we go inland by next week. robin in james all right, thank you john. an 11 year-old california boy with down syndrome is said to be featured on a billboard or right in the middle of times square. yeah we've got bridget your low with the story.
7:50 am
>>union and those who know 11 year-old mike award say is the kind of kid who lights up every room he's in and next month we'll be bringing sm to more than just his lodi community is one of 500 people born with down syndrome to be featured on a billboard in new york city's times square it was exciting >>my kids going to be in times square like for everybody to see like he's important worth icas mom nina ward says she submitted her son's picture every year since he was born for the national honor. >>and it was this smiling photo of my kid disneyland the panel simply could not turn down he's going on the bottom. >>in the world's eyes, but he really is on the top and the world and my eyes and people who know him and it's like as a mom it's like ok that's my kid and he's worthy. and he's valuable and the whole world gets to see what i see. >>mica says one of his favorite activities is going
7:51 am
to school at live oak elementary school in lodi and his teacher mia delgado says he brings up every wednesday with his positivity and charm brings on a joy in the moreno a sane. >>hello the morning >>yeah he comes in happy and he's happy pretty maybe even and brings a lot of the other kids until they're having a bad day he makes them feel better. >>michael be taking a trip to the big apple next month to kick off a national buddy walk an annual event that spread awareness about down syndrome. but while he's there with his family he'll be taking a moment to look up and catch a glimpse of himself in shiny bright lights. >>this is the future we want our future looks like this diverse everybody is valued and where these. >>and that was bridgette your low reporting for us this morning, very sweet story, yeah, everyone gets to see his beautiful slight. >>all right, we'll take a look at this a 5 year-old manual bur sharra he was really really hungry. last friday, so
7:52 am
you wanted to order a pizza. and he called 911 to get that pizza they went to check on him, you know just to make sure he's ok he was there with his sister she's 15 years old she had no idea. want to order this pizza. so the cops this came out, they talked to him, you know they lectured him a little bit why you should win and you should and should not down i would want. pizzas not of the reasons totally not you know they had a really big hearts and they decided to actually deliver him a pizza >>and that's that picture holding a pizza box with the officers kind of smiling and i'm sure shaking their heads just a little bit yeah and hashtag when they posted the photos says do not call 911 for delivery file funny. were to take a quick break. rebecca is going to be up here shortly with another update on the big breaking news story this morning that multi-car crash on one oh one that's in it's clearing stages right now. >>but the damage is done for the morning commute will have mo
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>>we're keeping you updated on the breaking news story on the commute truck in the south bay, a multi-car crash has blocked several lanes in the northbound direction want to one in south san jose and again as you can see in the video it was an intense scene with people hurt one person killed. we want to keep tabs on all of this with rebecca she's in the traffic center right now keeping an eye on the latest situation with it. now all the vehicles have been cleared right to the back of
7:56 am
still there. >>yeah, the backups there it's going to be there for quite some time to trying to recover. that's really going to be the mess now this point to 3 lanes are open 3 other lanes are still shut down. so half the roadways open. but you can still see on the traffic map of just how bad the back of this solid red into morgan hill. still your alternate are going to be the best if you want to get off the freeway take those city streets monterey santa teresa and then a keen they are busy as well but to not as bad as the freeway, a quick update of the drive time coming out of morgan hill, yes, improving by about 10 minutes or so my last check but still about an hour and a half to try to make your way out of morgan hill and into south san jose. james. >>coming up at 8 o'clock a young girl fighting back tears as she begs for the return of her parents after they were detained by ice agents in the
7:57 am
largest raid. in us history. and also still ahead again keeping an eye on that breaking news story will back out to the field kron four's will tran is standing by for a live update on the situation there with this multi-car crash on one oh one in the south bay. lowe's knows you do it right by finding the best deals on paint and stain. we do it right too, with big savings on top brands like valspar, cabot and hgtv home by sherwin williams. the time is right at lowe's.
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7:59 am
>>the area's local news station. and that breaking
8:00 am
news this morning is what we've been covering since 3.30 we have a multi vehicle accident that has absolutely blocked. >>at one point all but one lanh on northbound 1, 1, of the south bay. the good news is several more free open as they work to clear some of these burned out vehicles but it's still going to be a while before the traffic recovers, yes, they have to inspect the road. >>we saw the sweepers roll through now they're making sure that there's no severe damage to the actual freeway we do have more lanes open but with a crash like this that takes away so many lanes you know the backup to stretches for miles so we want to check in with kron four's will tran who is live on the scene. well, what are they doing now. >>right now they're getting up another lane 3 lanes pening available to you if you watch my report at 7 30 this morning, it went from one lane to 3 lanes so in that particular time they open up to an additional lanes caltrans still on the scene but the good news is the last


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