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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 9, 2019 8:00pm-8:59pm PDT

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le cheeseburger combo. >>local news station. 2 breaking news stories we're following on this friday night thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm katharine hayden in for pam moore. >>a wal-mart in milpitas has been evacuated because of a a suspicious device will have more on that in a moment, but first graham lotus joins us with more on a cliff rescue this just happened to not long ago grant a short time ago in the city catherine can this little boy really is lucky to be alive he went over this steep cliff, there are a bunch of rocks there. >>in the water this is the san francisco bay and the boy and his dad were just pulled to safety. we have a map to show
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you where this happened it was in fort mason. that hill area that leads from aquatic park up to the upper fort mason lawn area. if you can picture that happened just before 00:06pm tonight. we're told the 2 the dad and his son were riding bikes. when that little boy somehow went over the cement barrier that's a couple feet high and then he went down the cliff that boy was injured and we have video. from near the scene this is in the lower a portion of fort mason where there is an ambulance for the deadly you see walking right there with a helmet on paramedics by his side police tell us that dad climb down the cliff to go help his son and that both of them got stuck, san francisco. firefighters arrived on scene used a rope to pull them to safety. we're told both of emecked out and are expected to be okay so relief certainly tonight for mason can catherine back to you all right, thank you very much grant more breaking news tonight this time in the south
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bay. >>a wal-mart in milpitas was evacuated due to a suspicious device. the san jose bomb squad is on the scene police say they evacuated the building as a precaution, no word yet on what the devices or where exactly at the walmart it was located. authorities are telling us said telling people there in that area to stay out of that area while the bomb squad goes through there will continue to keep an eye on this story, we'll bring you any updates as they occur. >>tinder dry conditions and high winds they help to fuel a fast-moving fire in the east bay, the fire came dangerously close to some homes. crews managed to get it under control, but not before burned 248 acres kron four's gayle ong live for us in dublin with the latest gayle. >>catherine the fire is out crews are still here on the scene monitoring the hot spots over there you see the charred hills so close to homes making it a very delicate situation. >>the hills on fire. and they
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decide to a small. >>megan creole and called 911 immediately her husband michael blonsky captured this fast-moving blaze from their home the view from their front porch that this is really close to your home you can the charred hills, yes and before we start hills, there were flames there and there's a ton of smoke the fire broke out before to friday afternoon near camino loop in dublin at first 5 acres but the winds wreaked havoc the fire ultimately scorching 248 acres threatening at least 2 structures we had winds blowing from the west. >>and so there is immediate threat. the blaze prompting a full while in response from the air and the ground he signed a whole first alarm structure protection you had 5 engines. just for structure protection with the chief officer and i wait no songs and staying on top of those homes, protecting him areas like this surrounded by ranch lands are a major concern with
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educations all dry for pre olu it was a wake-up call to be prepared fire move so very quickly so. >>i packed up so many belongings as fast as they could the car still full of have pack. >>but yeah i was very scary and i don't ever experience that again. >>and there are no reported injuries and there are no structures destroyed the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in dublin gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle and happening now crews still working to put out a 17 acre fire in lake county cal fire says the gulf fire is now 75% contained. it broke out yesterday afternoon on soda bay road and gulf drive. we're told 40 buildings were threatened and none of them. i was damaged pg any which turned off power in that area expects to restore power after to inspect the lines. the
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cause of the fire still under investigation. and a time to go to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow the conditions have not been great for wildfires. waited, yes, this is his last couple of days and the of course you just drive around and see all the grasses so brown on the hills and i get the winds go on. >>and the fire got started in these kind of conditions can spread the honoree the weather conditions in kelsey build an era. the lake there you can see the fire. yeah they're trying to contain right now still see those winds pick up but beginning to drop off now and that is some good news. i think overnight tonight. they're going to get some much needed relief enough a much higher humidity coming their way and pleasant area dublin's certainly got some very dry conditions there. you know just toward the mountains there on the dueling canyon, regional preserve and you'll see all that brown as you drive along 5.80 of a fire got started there in the afternoon, these can spread quite rapidly and that's what we saw today that's what was scary. but the good news was you have more of a westerly wind so that is pushing away
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in the mountain tops so hopefully get a handle on that and that is good news there as well, but you know what right off the coastline, guess what we've got to some lightning strikes that is not good news. thunderstorms not much in the way of moisture certainly get some lightning strikes that could spark some fires right now we're looking northern snow a county up in the mendocino area. the lightning out there just about to move on shore right now guys back to you. thank you nor is fire crews remain on the scene of a massive fire that tore through part of an artist's warehouse in oakland. >>as smoke and flames filled the sky brought up some memories of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. >>no one was hurt in this fire on today's early morning fire burned a building on east 11th street and 23th avenue and oakland's fruitvale district kron four's justine waldman has details on what happened an artist's warehouse went up in flames early on friday morning. >>people in oakland could see and smell the smoke. the building is a community arts collective known as moxie which hosts medal and
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woodworking shops all that material made the fight more difficult. >>we made a good stop an aggressive stopped to not lose the whole business and and put ole lot of people out of work. >>well the firing similar to the ghost ship fire from december 2016 where 36 people died. >>there are no injuries in the moxie fire and this is not a place where. >>terrible we don't have that many places i mean after the ghost ship. and all of the trouble even having to find places where he can. be creative have a place where we have 24 acts as we can do our work. keep our stuff there and just be creative in the city for like a reasonable amount of money one of the last places in the city. >>37 businesses inside. 10 were impacted by the fire. but it looks like all the fires mostly in the offices. yeah, a
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lot of the artists faces seem like they're in touch by the fire hopefully. >>the cause is under investigation. it doesn't appear to have by any any reason for criminal investigation. it appears that it's accidental in nature. >>there's now fencing up protecting the entire building and because smoke is still rising. fire crews are going to stay here throughout the night. you know what i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>new developments on the deadly mass shooting in el paso today, authorities revealed the alleged gunman confessed after surrendering and said he was targeting mexicans detective say after the shooting 21 year-old patrick crucial says car was stopped by police, he got out with his hands up and told officers quote i am the shooter. 22 people were killed in the attack more than 2 dozen others injured. many of the people killed did have latino last names 8 of them were mexican nationals. many times after mass shootings people come forward and say if they had no are they had known
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that the shooter was making threats, but they never said anything here in the bay area cases pending with a different scenario and in this case a concord man is charged with threatening the jewish community with mass murder. >>yet despite being found with an illegal semiautomatic rifle, not see literature. he remains free pending trial. kron four's dan kerman has the story. >>well perpetually on guard synagogue shootings near san diego and pittsburgh put the bay area's jewish community on alert. now the concerns have been heightened with the recent round of mass shootings. >>we are risk in america for this type of deadly anti-semitic violence and we can't ignore it, but what's adding to the bay area jewish communities concerns is this man. >>23 year-old ross farka concord man who in june was arrested and charged with making criminal threats against the jewish community in an online gaming chat room. he's also charged with having an unlawful assault weapon.
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>>describe jews as subhuman he described in detail about how he wanted to commit mass murder against them. he then illegally obtained and and made an assault weapon and then obtained i think 13 a high capacity magazines for them. so. >>this is quite serious raising the alert even more is the fact that farka has been out on bail since mid-june certainly. >>mystified many people in the community that someone who has expressed a threat to own a gun was released on bail jewish groups are keeping in touch with the fbi and concord police about the case but some. >>question whether there needs to be a new law to deal with domestic terrorists. >>it might be helpful look at where there are laws in place that prevent people from supporting terrorist groups abroad and look at how people who are supporting violence within the united states can be stopped and held to account
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by the same or similar laws. farkas attorney says his client is severely autistic and did not understand the ramifications of his statements. >>he says he is not a threat to anyone was simply trying to troll others in his online gaming community. barca is due back in court at the end of september. dan kerman kron 4 news. we have an update on an armed man who was spotted on the campus of san jose state university we first brought you this story as breaking news last night on kron 4 news at 8. >>police now say the man was just blocks away from the campus when he was originally spotted he then ran into the 3rd floor of the spartan complex building which has offices classrooms and a gym inside. students there called police from inside the building as san jose state went on lockdown and authorities tried to track down the suspect who was later found hiding inside the duct work in the ceiling of the building. the man was carrying a handgun which officers later found off campus in some bushes along san carlos street. 10's of thousands of
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people works on park for the outside lands festival this weekend we're going to show you the changes made to this year's event to keep you safe. expert about what kind of suspicious activity to be on the look out for if you're going to outside lands and can my side be firm?
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happening now the 3 day outside lands music festival. this is a underway at golden gate park and in light of recent mass shootings, there's a lot of focus on security for event organizers in san francisco. >>force has a matching reports on this year's increased security measures. >>the 12th annual outside lands music festival kicks off this weekend here in golden gate park in san francisco. and there is residents of police security and first responders in the wake of recent mass shootings here in the us we can only bring clear bags um and small that's what's going one's ever. that's pretty much
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there's multiple checkpoints reacted to the actual venue right. >>yeah talk about that. so this is the first. so once you get past year. there's a few more. >>stops going to a park is a very very large areas. 2 times the size of central park in new york. and any type of large area they're going to be various types of barricades or other type of physical security there's going to be guards on site there's going to be police on site and those people are going to be doing their best in order to secure the area that being said. >>people are still trying to gain unlawful access to the facility that may be trying to jump eric a story and get it for free they might be trying to smuggle in in spite of those types of things law enforcement is going to be especially looking out for any those people harm and not just your standard cuts are going. >>increased security also includes metal detectors at is year and
8:17 pm
there will be no ins and outs no more than once per day beyond that you'll have to get permission from security event organizers are also encouraging if you see something say something case of an emergency text the word outside lands to 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, it's san francisco has a menu. for 2. more advice for you if you're heading to the festival. it's important to be aware of your surroundings kron 4 is a christian a teacher she talked to a security expert about how to be alert while still having a good time. >>a defensive mindset can simply be looking at the potential exits that you have in the situation. we're looking at the people who are around you have a conversation with your family about what to do in the case of an emergency. it's been a couple of minutes drilling a plan into your head so that something does occur it could even be a fire or an earthquake. this is california earthquakes to happen as well that you can react correctly, and those critical few seconds immediately following any type
8:18 pm
of disaster. >>what should people look out for any and what's it what is suspicious activity. >>suspicious activity in these circumstances are probably going to involve some be carrying piece of clothing or an item that looks completely out of place a duffel bag would be an example of something like that. another example would be somebody outside of an area that they shouldn't be in for example, the other side of the fence apparently still being a way to get in. we're generally looking like they're trying to gain access where they should be and i think that. >>there are going to be people trying to do that but it's up to the concert goers to determine if that so simply somebody who can afford a ticket looking to get in on the cheap or if it's somebody who actually looks like they're there to do harm and that is going to be a lot of different indicators for that which is why it's important your report any suspicious activity to local authorities. i just want to encourage everybody who's going outside lands to have a fantastic time and to not try to think about the recent tragedies that have occurred. they're here for fun. they're they're there to enjoy the music they're there
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to enjoy the amenities and they should not allow the most recent tragedies that have occurred to dominate their thoughts. >>and help with the crowds expected in the city this weekend bart will be running longer trains and additional event trains. bart says it will not be single tracking anywhere in the system. the longer trains began running this afternoon and that will continue through most of the hours on saturday and sunday art is also anticipating increased ridership because of the raiders game at the coliseum on saturday tomorrow. >>and we have continuing coverage of outside landside you can head to kron 4 dot com to learn more about how to get there including the rideshare drop-off points the extended hours for public transportation and you can also hear from a legal marijuana expert about the new debut of grasslands. >>so and is in addition to the farm there might be a little bit a haze of smoke out there could be an issue uh yes so be prepared if you're going out there, you know what you're getting into right. but it should be a great time blink one 82 you've got 21 pilots. a
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little way for dew just right for me and we're not talking about you fair. i saw it written all over it, but we are expecting some nice weather out there. it is going to be a little gray to start early in the morning. there's a slight chance you could see a light sprinkle early on too so if you head into early. do plan on that that may just happen to them or to see some partial clearing in the afternoon. and the temperatures are going to stay cool. no matter what low 60's into the afternoon and that is going start to warm up on sunday. so this event continuing throughout the weekend. how about that for a cool live shot right now you've got the fog kind of cruising right across the bay right now down the loan then use just see the top of the sales force building just over 1000 feet there so you get an idea. paolo that fog decades, but up above it's get really interesting out there tonight. look at this we've got thunderstorms out that we've been tracking this cold front talking about all oee one like this at this time of year approaching the coastline but here we go not going to bget a
8:21 pm
old north as you're going to see that storm system moving in a little bit closer now fact that rain begin to pop up just kind of clipping the northern part of sonoma county you see right there. here comes that cell moving on shore and that's producing a lot of lightning strikes. one arena you're about to get pounded as the system comes by in the next few be prepared little crazy out there for this time of year certainly as we've got a chance of showers. now this is not going to be huge rain event. the slaves rain forecast through tomorrow and you can see really we're talking just a few hundreds of an inch of rain so you get some rain drops guys consider yourself like. >>wash and do you have what it takes to escaped alcatraz our escape alcatraz actually more than 300 swimmers are set to escape from the rock. this is saturday. the 39th annual a draft law on and swim event and san francisco's island. we' of last begins on the island. t
8:22 pm
participants from 1.5 miles to the shore and aquatic park. >>they run another 7 miles to fort point. this one begins its 00:15am in the morning that day and traffic they're reminding us could be pretty congested in that area. >>still ahead the new toy that a 6 year-old girl is begging toy i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service,
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>>a 6 year-old girl in arkansas she took matters into her own hands when she discovered there were no female toy soldiers to play with her name is enlarged who lives in little rock and she began drafting letters to toy companies across the country asking that they start making female toy soldiers. the and wrote to the company's saying please can you make army girls that look like women i would play with them every day my friends would too. and her mother have contacted us 3 toy companies. one has responded so far the ceo of bmc tours. he says he would love to make it happen if he can get enough
8:26 pm
support. >>horse it became trapped in a california ravine is now safe. los angeles firefighters responded to the scene today when sonny the horse was found on some private property and apparently was stocks the 30 year-old horse was down appeared to be uninjured that's a good news. firefighters animal rescue officials were able to an able actually to lift sunny up so they sedated him and then called in a chopper to get him out of there. he was flown to a safe location on firm ground were veterinarians examined him and he appears to be ok you got a little right. the nra saying his voter base will not support him if he endorses gun reform. >>alo ats the secret to making it to 103 to find out and celebrate with the world war 2 veteran and a retired bay area fire fight.
8:27 pm
>>and we take a look at the trend of more seniors ending up being homeless. here's your buick sir.
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>>as the number of bay area homeless continues to just skyrocket the those who are looking for answers on how to help their finding the number of homeless seniors is growing dramatically kron four's maureen kelly takes an in-depth look at the problem. >>61 year-old melvin priestly panhandle while holding a cardboard sign asking pass advised to smile and have a nice day. but he himself has little to make him smile these days. >>how long have you been on the street. >>for many years when you need >>the san francisco native says he spends his nights in a tent in the tenderloin and keeps hi his ing. this is the se time he's been homeless. he says he's been down on his luck since being disabled in an accident several years ago i would bailey those about
8:31 pm
could this time around he says it's hard sleeping on the street at this age of >>and the 2 of >>recently as part of a growing demographic living on the street according to the ucsf benioff homeless and housing initiative. their study shows that in 1990 only 11% of homeless in san francisco were aged 50 and older. by 2003 that number swelled to 37%. now in this county homeless families and the young may estimate that 50% of the remaining homeless population here is 50 plus fact, the largest increases are people over 65 that number is expected to triple by the year 2030 and will 50 might not seem old enough to qualify someone as a senior citizen. >>the director of the ucsf homeless initiative says physically living on the street. his heart on the human body and homelessness 50 is the new 75. >>that even though many of the people are in their early to
8:32 pm
mid 50's in terms of the problems that we usually think of is not happening into people who are older having mobility challenges having cognitive or memory challenges, having difficulty getting up getting down getting dressed those types of things are really happening much earlier. >>this aging population will likely make tackling the homeless crisis even more challenging and more expensive because of the services they need what we found is that even though the population is in their 50's and 60's right now predominantly, a huge percentage of them are extremely high risk for requiring nursing home care that you believe is this is place of the late amy for melvin he's working with the homeless outreach team trying to get into a navigation center. but hopefully soon because he doesn't want to still be outside for another rainy winter at maureen kelly kron lk at how things look on the catherine it's a friday night and yes friday night you need the fog lights going across the golden gate bridge going to need the fog
8:33 pm
>>lawrence karnow is here with the i get to work for was busy out there the bridge right now a lot of folks get around to get enjoy the weekend a lot of kids go back to school right next week, so you get away for cash and the monterey bay looking good you'll see some comfortable temperatures if you're going there 70's in the watsonville 69 degrees in santa cruz, still couple lingering patches of fog along the coastline, southern california find 79 degrees in long beach 81 los angeles about 82 degrees in anaheim 83 degrees in i country better watch out maybe a couple thunderstorms coming your way across the peaks as we head to the afternoon. temperatures going stay rather mild though only about 61 degrees in truckee 65 degrees in south lake tahoe of 73. in reno. but we've got a thunderstorm moving on shore right now you see that boy it's getting active out there's the showers continuing to move in now moving into northern snowmen county and some of the thunderstorms rotating on through so yeah, very interesting, not that far away we've got another cell that is going to be pushing on shore. this all may be approaching
8:34 pm
san anselmo right there at about 1056 to 9 1127 moving in the santa rosa and then the vacaville just aft tonight. so the track right now is taking most of this moisture north of the bay area released in the north that left parts of the bay area and the rest the bay area going to see more clouds overnight tonight. temperatures are going to be fairly mild along the coastline, a little cool right out toward the beaches with some patchy fog. but after that we're going to start to warm things up a fact looking pretty good. i think as we get to most parts of the bay area, although a slight chance of showers overnight tonight into tomorrow and then much warmer and dry weather returns for sunday. thank you for us what a ride and what a milestone today friends and family of a world war 2 veteran and retired san francisco firefighter. >>celebrated the local heroes, 130 birthday in redwood ksand s kron four's felecia got reports the vet says the secret to longevity is simply living a good life. >>victor's effort he may be a 103 years old now. but don't tell him that he still works
8:35 pm
out in the gym and never backs down from an arm wrestling challenge from one of his great nephew to tell you sabatini was born in fresno back in 1916 and then eventually moved to san francisco where he joined the us marine corps and served overseas in world war 2 during his seven-year career everything in my life when pervert couldn't have been in a better. >>is there. >>he returned to the bay area after the war 15 he spent 27 years as a firefighter for the san francisco fire department, he lives in redwood city now and on friday during his birthday party at the brookdale senior living community. redwood city presented a veteran with a certificate of recognition for his service and longevity. so did his old fire department recognition appreciations. >>stand in service to the firefighters. sister from.
8:36 pm
>>we lived through the depression, they lived through war. they stepped up to make this country great and i didn't take it anything in for granted about it, i mean they just did it because that's what they needed to do to make this country great i never smoked in my life. and we're clean life refer back to. >>never did a thing manner room my life. that's about all i can serve our certainly i enjoy >>a wedding party now a scar memory one newlywed couple talks about how they survived the dayton shooting just hours after saying till death do us part. >>and a new study is out on
8:37 pm
caps solo cat lovers argue that the findings real can my side be firm?
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>>if you have ever wondered whether your cat is ignoring you maybe it's true because japanese researchers say they do recognize their names. they did experiments on how cats react to names to their own names. they played audio recordings of the cat's owner and strangers saying similar to the camps name. finally the name itself. most cats did react to their own names moving their heads or perking up their ears. but a lot of cat owners argue they already knew that kept that the camps know their names i think my caps know the neighbors so if you call them and they don't come they might simply be choosing not to hang out with you. >>republican or democrat.
8:41 pm
>>next today, president trump responds to the idea of gun reform. >>and ahead of sports the raiders pre season, slight hasn't even started yet. but antonio brown has already provided a year's worth of headlines. why the receivers ♪
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trump talked to reporters about gun reform before leaving for his august vacation, the >>until september. gun control i of the 3 recent mass shootings, including the one in gilroy kron four's grant lotus he joins us live in the studio with for what the
8:45 pm
president is saying today grant. >>it's what he's saying, but it's what will happen that's what a lot of people are wondering quite frankly, president trump is declaring support for new gun control background checks. he wants new legislation he says in that regard but will his base get behind the idea as well and willie actually end up signing a new bill into law. >>mitch mcconnell yesterday. i've been waiting for call is totally off. onit brea ous power here and he was less committal than the president in an earlier interview this week saying he would not bring the senate back from its the issue despite calls for him to do so from some. house has passed a background check bill this year. but mcconnell has so far
8:46 pm
refused to bring it for a vote in the senate. mcconnell has had protesters outside his kentucky home as well as his office. >>again the discussion sure on that. positions are free all. >>cano of course the senate majority leader a republican from kentucky. meanwhile the nra his warning the president saying the president's base in deep red states would not appreciate universal background checks. the president today said quote i think my base relies very much on common sense, adding that he believes the nra will come around. this is not the first time president trump has promised action on for them after last year's high school shooting massacre in parkland florida. captain ken back to you. >>but while the gun debate is dominating washington shooting survivors, they're still reeling from the terror or of what they witnessed in one
8:47 pm
case what began as a beautiful wedding day was scarred by the shooting in ohio. >>a couple was married last saturday in dayton and they took their celebration to a popular nightlife district just hours later 9 people were killed as a gunman opened fire in that neighborhood. a reporter talks to the newly married couple about the ordeal. >>we're having the time of our life and we want from the mountaintop to the lois valley in a matter of. >>and our saturday night began like a dream for cody craig or and his new wife lee. they just tied the knot in a with family deciding to continue the festivities at a bar in dayton's oregon district. >>talk to men to plan our first dance. and so they played van morrison into the mystic. e news. >>and they danced happily in each other's >>what this newlywed bliss was short lived. we try to look back and remember the wedding
8:48 pm
day. but you can because. gunfire erupted over the music. people ran frantically to get away everybody's getting down my first instincts like where's my wife, the 2 had taken cover separately emerging after police gave him the ok to come out of hiding we saw a lady had been shot in the stomach. she made us all got shot in leg. you know if you made it was all. anyone's firemen rounds, this horror they say continues to replay in their mind's eye to say this, but i just want to see her smile again. as happy. ven the couple a new apprec and my h for them and they're thankful for the first responders who put their own lives on the line and there's. people up there and then and to me those guys. room. todd, praying for
8:49 pm
the lives lost while determined to move forward as a couple, the craig ers are beginning their union stronger, whenever there was a point i'm one. i thought i wasn't from syrian i'm not going to let the hate someone's heart ruin the beauty that it's out there and a beautiful city. and 8 people are strong people. >>and starting tonight with some developing drama in the nfl trading for antonio brown was the major offseason headline for the raiders and there's a chance his tenure with the silver and black could be over before it even really start to teams frostbitten feet are the only reason the superstar receiver hasn't been a training camp. according to multiple reports. he has informed the raiders there's a chance he'll never play football again because of a dispute over the helmet he wears the helmet he's been using for is a career is being phased out by the national football league because it hasn't been certified. here's a newer option available, however, brown doesn't want to
8:50 pm
use it in claims it affects his vision while playing he has since filed a grievance with the league in talks with an arbitrator today to make a case to keep the helmet he's been using a decision from the league is expected next week now if his case is denied. we'll see if he indeed chooses to retire the raiders meanwhile host the rams tomorrow night in their preseason opener stay tuned now to the 40 niners who also begin the exhibition sleet this weekend hosting the dallas cowboys. it's been established to jimmy gras blow will not be playing and neither will nick bosa no rookie defensive eklsprain suffered earlier this week. that's where his short time in the league he's already missed. practices because of injury which was also the case in his final year at ohio state. he chose to sit out the abdominal setback. how shanahan on both says college history and if injuries will continue to be a running problem throughout his career. >>played him in the mountains until the year and now we have
8:51 pm
a guy come in and someone landed on the slate and that doesn't make me say someone's injury-prone goes one serious injury in college and he tore his acl sometime in high school like 60% of the players out there. >>and finally the a's on the second leg of their tour of chicago visiting the white zinni game one of the 3 game said bottom of the 6th go to the highlights a's up 2 nothing mike fires strikes out james mccann and what it outing for fires 8 punch outside through 7 shutout frames stop the still with a 2 run lead chad tinder sends one to deep left center field john a's lead for nothing and then moments later a's up 5 zip dustin garneau on my drive down the 3rd base line 2 runs coming to score a's win 7 nothing game 2 tomorrow. giants early playing the phillies will have the highlights later on that if you look at sports. >>i was in the storm's way.
8:52 pm
>>a group of hikers suddenly met with a dangerous storm. one man talks about his fight to survive. >>afte
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>>count on a hike when a big storm came force of nature that stunned, but did not stop to albuquerque man, brittany bay to reports. >>i had the sensation of flying through the air. >>hike last saturday, the group before saw a storm brewing north of hennis they hurried down this came in really fast, but didn't quite make it we were doing anything stupid. this is the very first. >>bolt that we've seen anywhere near us. >>one was all it took tissue. don harrington and bruce ponder off a rock ledge the sensation of being. >>compressed by a pressure wave. harrington says he felt paralyzed, but was consciops or landed in the tree.
8:56 pm
>>that saved my life probably ponder wasn't so lucky i blacked out when i go ahead he landed on a pile of rocks and harley remembers anything i was screaming that the bolt is burned into the memory of ponders girlfriend. i was just spraying up on the mountain. >>because i didn't know. >>mostly unconscious and bleeding heavily ponder was airlifted to u n h i can tell that i was in trouble for the next 5 days ponder fought. yes. burns and bruises are visible on both men. >>and but ponders brain injury will need much longer to heal still he is happy to be home a lot. and both men are thankful. >>i'm lucky to be alive. not likely to be hit by lightning lovely in the distance until it strikes.
8:57 pm
>>that was a briton evade reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. but our primetime coverage just getting started on a friday night grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9.10 catherine thanks very much next at 9. it is one of the biggest music festivals of the year in the bay area outside lands is underway golden gate park. >>and after the recent mass shootings across the country certainly in gilroy people will be seeing a beefed up police presence what you need to know that's next in a live report. >>plus we are at peak fire season and crews have their hands full with a fast-moving grass fire that burned dangerously close to homes. tonight that fire is out the residents remain on edge just in case of flares up again. >>and the walmart in milpitas has been evacuated because of a suspicious device. the bomb squad is on scene we've details there. >>keep it here kron 4 news at 9 starts right after the break.
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