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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 10, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight -- ♪ >> was lady gaga's oscar-winning song a ripoff? the case she's calling a sakedown for millions. >> it's too much. live your life. plus, this flip or flop's star new woman who looks a lot like his ex. >> what does christina think. then, gwen and blake moving in together? cameron diaz's summer vacation. and selena gomez's surprise. >> very nice to meet you, too. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone, thanks for joining us. it's a very busy friday. >> a lot of news to get to, so let's get started. here's tonight's top story. ♪ shallow
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>> this song they wrote for the film. ♪ >> all you ever want is for art to touch people's lives. >> it's the song that turned lady gaga into an oscar winner, but now, she's being accused of stealing the melody. and a lawsuit may be coming. the legal threat comes from this unknown singer/songwriter named steve ronsen. >> hey, guys, steve here again trying to be helpful. >> he claims a few notes from "shallow" are ripped from his own 2012 song "almost." here are the tracks back-to-back -- ♪ i'm falling ♪ can't you see ♪ i'm falling ♪ and i can feel >> that's the one thing, those two notes remember that. >> in a statement to "e.t.," ronsen says he just wants to, quote, get to the bottom of this, to investigate any possible infringement. according to our source, he's asking for a multimillion-dollar
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settlement in a move that gaga's legal team calls a quote, brazen, shakedown. all this comes on the heels of katy perry being ordered to pay up after a jury found her liable for copyright infringement for the 2013 hit "dark horse." the judgment? $2.78 million. $5 million is what ultimately rob thicke paid marvin gaye's estate for his "blurred lines" copyright infringement. >> you just never know what will happen. >> but back to gaga, her attorney tells "e.t." she's determined to stand up on behalf of, quote, successful artists who find themselves on the receiving end of opportunistic claims such as this. all right, let's turn to the shakeup at the voice. adam levine is gone. good news for blake, gwen is back. and we have exclusive new
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reporting on their tv reunion. >> that was cute when you did that. >> "they're playful, flirty and laugh nonstop," that's what we're told is going down on set as "the voice" coaches tape season 17. our source calls it "an ideal situation." "blake loves working with gwen because it really gives them time to be together." ♪ go and make like you >> we hear they also just bought a house together in l.a. as stefani unloads her $25 million beverly hills mansion. ♪ if i was a rich girl >> "e.t.'s" learned this swank 15,000-square-foot estate is now in escrow. besides seven bedrooms, a tennis court, and a pool, there was selling point -- the other famous owner. ♪ don't be fooled by the rocks that i got ♪ >> i ended up buying the house that she had -- that she put the marble in. thank you, jennifer. >> lopez even married marc anthony in the backyard. speaking of, why hasn't blake given gwen a ring yet? our source says, they "don't want to feel rushed, when everything is going so well. they really just don't want to rock the boat." well, newlywed heidi klum and her hubby tom love rocking a boat, that's where they re theye plunge.
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>> the 46-year-old supermodel and her 29-year-old rocker husband were honeymoon goals on the water yesterday, after tying the knot last weekend in italy on a nearly 700 grand-a-week yacht. cameron also got the yacht memo. >> i spent the day in the ocean. >> yesterday, diaz and hubby benji hit the mediterranean with some sea scooters in st. tropez. the rare sighting comes days after the 46-year-old gushed about leaving hollywood behind, telling "instyle" quote, it's okay for me to take time for myself now. from boats to a baby bump, anne hathaway made her red carpet debut as a mom-to-be. >> i'm really happy, this is something i've been wanting for a while. >> last night anne went all hot pink halter with cutouts as she and hubby adam shulman hit up broadw broadway's opening. jake had a first, too, going public with new, younger girlfriend jeanne. they didn't walk the carpet together but were seen at the afterparty. all right, now to selena gomez. she's been having quite the
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summer. and she's got the italian vacation pics with her best girlfriends to prove it. now, we know selena is all about female empowerment and as etonline's katie krause found out, she's also enjoyed making money moves alongside miss cardi b. ♪ >> i have a little surprise for you. >> okay. >> i was with cardi last night. >> cardi! >> and she has left you a little message. >> oh, yay! >> i love you, thank you so much. you're so amazing. you're so beautiful. such a pretty girl. >> literally could not stop gushing about you. >> i'm obsessed with her. she's so sweet and she's very honest and i respect that. ♪ taki taki >> these two became gal pals while making "taki taki," the dj snake video has almost a billion and a half views. >> i felt like when we got to work on the video, we were able to be there for a while and there was no pressure, everything was super laidback. i just think she's hilarious and she brings the fiery energy into anything. >> okur! >> are you ready to feel inspired?
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>> selena is joined by host neil patrick harris, joe jonas, natalie portman and sarah michelle gellar on abc's "we day special," which is all about youth empowerment. selena surprised some of her young fans. >> hi, i've been hiding out here. you really are going to change the world with your voice. >> thank you very much. it's very nice to meet you. >> it's very nice to meet you, too. >> i come here and i cry at least twice while i'm here. yeah, i do, because it's so encouraging to see that these kids are working so hard and i would love for that to be spread all over our generation. >> selena's big on lifting up others including her bestie taylor swift. we're hearing, selena and katy perry collaborate on a new song on taylor's album "lover," which drops later this month. ♪ >> are you excited for her music? >> oh, yeah. oh, my goodness, yeah. it's amazing. you just wait. moving on to some tv news -- kristen bell gets teary talking about the final season of "the good place." >> it's been the best and worst feeling you can imagine.
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and there's nothing that you can do about it. it's ending on a note that we all think is worth it and there's sort of a message in the final episode that is just beautiful. >> they've already wrapped shooting, but they're up for five emmys. what would a win mean? >> i would be sobbing uncontrollably on stage. it would mean that some still would be ruined by my -- >> some open crying. >> se open, open, wet snotface crying. "modern family" is also calling it quits after their 11th season on abc. >> i think that as the season goes on, we'll probably get a little more bittersweet, but right now, morale is superhigh. >> the cast posted a throwback shot from their first year, and their latest group shot. ty's working on a new project with amy poehler. but i had to ski, how does it end? >> i don't know what the ending is. it could be a fiery car crash. it could be --
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>> thank you for helping me dodge that next question. >> it's going to be like an "avengers"-style fight between all of you, right? >> yeah, and some of us just go up in ashes and there's a few that make it. >> spoiler alert -- >> ty's tv daughter sara hyland's just got engaged to former "bachelorette" contestant wells adams with a 5 carat sparkler. her 7-year-old co-star is pumped about it. >> i'm feeling really happy. i'm feeling really happy once i got the news i was like, huh. and in other tv news, this year's emmys will officially go on without a host. kind of following the oscars' lead when they went without one. the show airs live september 22nd on fox. coming up -- ron burgundbur >> ron burgundy. >> we'll tell you how will ferrell pulled off his late-night takeover. and it's flip or flop's tarek already thinking of marriage with his girlfriend of one month and celeb kids get their first big screen jobs.
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but first, dakota johnson's got a new look and a new film. >> no, we're not going to hop on your little raft and cruise around on down the river. >> it's hot, you're confused. i'm not asking you. >> the movie about a special needs man chasing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler was shot in 2017. now, two years later the 29-year-old's trademark tooth gap is gone. >> i had a permanent retainer and my orthodontist decided it would be a good idea to take it off and see if my jaw expanded. my gap closed by itself and i'm really sad about it, too. >> another great before and after -- shia's first "e.t." red carpet interview in 2003. >> yeah, it's like the first time, man. the first time. i'm like a rookie to this. i'm 16, i live right over there. >> shia, that's amazing. >> yes. >> you're not like a little pretentious [ bleep ]. his face is like, i don't know what i'm doing here. >> whoa, that's a trip. wow. >> she wants to watch it again. >> let it be, let it be. >> but most of these interviews are like, "yeah, i'm really
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♪ something pretty wild happened last night on late-night tv that has never happened before.
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one surprise guest appeared on six different shows in one night, and here's how they pulled it off. >> you're on tonight on every single late-night show all at the same time. >> hey, check it out. i'm on facebook. >> are we really doing this? >> yes, we are. >> will ferrell showing in character ron burgundy was all will's idea. he came up with months ago. a source tells us the segment on james corden was, quote, taped months ago. >> if you don't channel yourself, you die. >> rumors that a big mystery guest would be taking over late-night tv took place monday. many speculated beyonce, rihanna, or even taylor swift. i'm hearing it's will ferrell or
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beyonce, can confirm or deny. >> i will both confirm and deny, whatever that means. it's clever. >> is it your friend, never met before in. >> it's one of those things. two of those things. >> will did also promote his podcast, ron burgundy gave this statement to "e.t." today. i have no idea how we pulled this off, not the slightest. in fact i have no memory of doing it. that in itself will haunt me. coming up -- >> as time has gone on i's gotten easier. >> how flip or flop's tarek is just like his ex. then, one of our favorite brady bunch moments of all time. >> oh, my nose! >> gets an update. >> oh, my nose! closed captioning provided by -- unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you?
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these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®. explore cost support options. this, is why we no longer have to worry about flushing too much toilet paper. rid-x contains billions of enzymes proven to break down even paper to keep your whole septic system healthy. rid-x, the number 1 septic brand. also from rid-x, try new rv odor control. ♪ the new season of one of hgtv's biggest shows just returned, "flip or flop." tarek and his ex, christina, have clearly learned how to work and co-parent together. but tarek just revealed to our lauren zima, their divorce was his rock bottom. >> i was a guy that lost everything. you know, i hit rock bottom. you know, i was at the lowest, lowest, lowest point in my life, to the point where i could
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barely get out of bed. >> making things even harder watching as hiss ex christina moved on. she married british tv host ant anstead in december. they have a baby on the way. >> it was very, very difficult and, as you know, time heals things. i didn't realize what i was missing until i found what i was missing so here we are. >> hi, honey, you look beautiful. >> meet tarek's new girlfriend, heather rae young. they've been dating for a month, she sat in on our interview, and it's clear tarek's a smitten kitten. >> she's just so adorable. i'm saying words i never thought i would say again. she is my girlfriend. >> but you can't help but notice how much heather looks like his ex. and get this, just like christina, heather's a realtor and a reality tv star. she's on netflix show "selling sunset." >> i need a cocktail. >> i introduced her to my kids last night for the first time, my mom, my dad, my mom's husband, my sister, so -- so we're doing it. >> you live a block away from christina.
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did you tell her, heather is going to meet the kids? have you talked to her like, hey, heather is going to meet the kids? >> actually, no. i haven't talked to her about heather yet, so that's probably a talk i should probably have pretty soon, like probably today, considering i'm talking about her on tv now, she'll probably find out, i think? >> you think? tarek and christina still work together on "flip or flop." he's promoting the new season solo, and it looks like they are still struggling in the communications department. >> you find out that you're do you call and give him a headsup on big milestones like this? >> i told him right before i told the kids. >> how did that conversation go? >>ood. >> call? >> yes, no? >> she let you know i'm having another baby. >> it was an unexpected call. how's that? >> it was a surprise? >> yeah, it was a surprise. i had no idea. but i'm happy for them. >> i'm going to ask you a big question at the end here. would you get married again? >> that is a big question.
1:50 am
yes. >> do you think you would have said that a couple years ago? >> oh, no. oh, no. i wouldn't have said that a couple weeks ago. what do you mean a couple of years ago? it's her fault. >> "flip or flop" airs thursdays on hgtv. welcome home. >> is it as amazing as you remember? >> shazam! >> that's the brady bunch getting the first glimpse of their tv home come to life for "a very brady renovation." and of course, "e.t." was there. >> this is it! >> this is amazing! >> we're going nuts! >> with just one month until the premiere of the four-part series, hgtv is building the hype by "throwing" it back to one of the show's most memorable moments. >> come on, let's go inside. >> oh, my nose. >> my nose! it's getting bigger by the minute. >> oh, you got the football. >> as for the future plans for this groovy pad, well, it could be given away to a fan.
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>> it can't be a business, right, it's not going to be a museum. it sits in a residential neighborhood. we discussed amongst ourselves staying the night there. we don't have 100% subscription to that. >> i'm in. >> just all of us spending the night. >> yes, marcia, you can have your slumber party. >> oh, yes! a very brady renovation premieres september 9th on hgtv. sterling k. brown posted this beautiful shot of his "this is us" family back together again. the new season starts next month on nbc. but in the meantime, sterling has been flexing his vocal muscles as michael yo found out. >> welcome to my piggy gadget land! >> my wife and children will tell you from time to time daddy is just strange because he starts speaking in foreign accents all the time. this is the amazing team i've been working around the clock for. >> sterling says "garry the pig" was created to look like him, but he recently had eye surgery so no more of those signature glasses.
1:52 am
>> i just got lasik surgery so, otherwise, i would be rocking frames like that. >> okay. >> the goatee normally is my go-to. right now, i don't have it but, yeah, it's all me. >> it's all you. >> sterling joins jason sudeikis and bill hader, who are back and joining forces to protect their islands from a villain voiced by "snl's" leslie jones. >> fire another iceball! >> the sequel also features some celebrity kids. nicole and keith's girls, faith and sunday. >> i really want the red one, the red one! >> why won't you just take a bath? >> gal gadot's 7-year-old, alma. >> and take all your -- >> and viola davis' daughter, genesis. >> yeah, and there's nothing you can do about it. >> what's the number one thing that maybes you angry? >> i get a little angry on traffic. living in los angeles is just a lot of cars. >> people that don't have manners. >> okay. >> people who are rude to my friends. >> so, with your significant other, what is the look you give them when you're angry?
1:53 am
>> my look is probably -- i'm gritting my teeth behind it like -- >> that's like a classic angry face. when psychologists try to decide if you're a psychopath, that's the face they use. >> they go, how do i feel? happy, psycho! psycho! oh, yeah, we got to red flag that fella. >> what's your angry look you give? >> hey, you ready? with the smile. you got to do it with the smile. >> with the smile. >> yeah, no, we're not going to fight. if i have to go out of to the car and sit down and play a little "angry birds" by myself, you see how i did that, then i will. >> now, "angry birds" isn't the only big animated movie for sterling. it seems he's also lending his voice to "frozen 2," even though sterling will still not confirm or deny it. when we come back sex, lies and murder? the juicy new show that will be your next summer obsession. "e.t." brought to you by
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travel consideration provided by -- monday on the "e.t." -- we're taking you to set of oprah's next big project plus, tailor swift gets a big award.
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but is she engage snd monday on "e.t.." well, we're out of time. we hope you have a great weekend, everybody. >> one more thing to check out as we say good night. >> bye. lucy liu, kirby howell-baptiste and ginnier goodwin. looked drop dead gorgeous at the premiere of "why women kill." >> oh, rob, it's lovely. >> they play three married ladies, in three different decades, all dealing with infidelity. >> you could get stabbed in the chest? >> how it all plays out? well, that's top secret. >> my own husband, it's the first time he's never read the scripts. i won't tell him what i'm doing with my days. he doesn't even know which actors i'm working with. >> here's a hint at what to expect -- it's from the mind of marc cherry, creator of "desperate housewives." it starts streaming next thursday on cbs all access. >> it's the perfect like guilty pleasure show. >> i think the title kind of sums it up "why women kill." i know that i would tune in for that. >> i think i'm most excited for
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