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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 14, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight -- ♪ >> is rihanna super bowl-bound? the major move by jay-z that makes riri a halftime show front-runner and could leave j.lo in the dust. then julianne hough gets even more candid about her marriage behind closed doors. >> we're completely raw. plus, star wedding watch. >> it was a very easy, easy decision. >> jlaw and are gwen and blake finally ready to say i do? is this "entertainment tonight." julianne hough bares all about her new photo shoot. she shocked everyone with that expose say, including her own family. we'll get to that in just a
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minute. the super bowl, jay z signed on the super bowl. >> i said no to the super bowl. you need me, i don't need you. >> transforming from nfl critic to the league's newest partner in the matter of a year. >> "e.t." was the only entertainment news show invited to jay z's huge announcement. his roc nation empire inked a wide-ranging deal with the nfl which includes taking a prominent role in the nfl's social justice initiative. but get this -- he is also now a co-producer of the super bowl halftime show and will have a huge say in who takes the stage. >> you're a businessman now, more so than an artist. >> i've always been a businessman. but i'm still an artist first at heart. >> this all begs the question -- can he get his roc nation artist rihanna to change her mind? ♪ rihanna were you at
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ays riri, quote,ked in the past, and colin kaepernick tion regar ♪ i call the shots shots shots >> it has to be something i truly believe in and i'm passionate about and as long as it's that the sky's the limit. >> but want all that j.lo buzz? >> yeah, we've thought about the super bowl and it's in miami, is a big deal. ♪ l.a. new york miami say no more get on the floor ♪ >> we'll see. they make their own decisions over there. ♪ get on the floor >> in an "e.t." exclusive last month, j.lo said she would consider it -- and here's why it would make so much sense -- >> j.lo already has a key to the city of miami. >> thank you very much. >> and here's -- ♪ another one >> her "dinero" collaborator dj khaled? well, he just happens to be one of jay z's roc nation artists. >> i can't wait to see how he
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elevates this. by the way, super bowl 54 will be played in miami february 2nd. >> i'm so excited for you, 50 yard ticket. have a barbecue and tailgate. celebrating another live event "america's got talent." julianne hough opened to me. >> people are going to take whatever headlines they want to take -- >> and hey did. >> and they did. and that's totally fine and i get that. but at the end of the day, if i feel like i have something to hide, then that's not me being totally just like open. >> julianne admits she chooses to be with her hubby, even though she's "not straight." brooks laich's recent headlinemaking confession? he likes to suck her toes. are you ready for people now to be s relationship through a magnifying glass? >> people are asking those questions and the good news
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is -- i am an open book, so ask away and i'll tell you what i want to tell you, and but i'm -- i don't know, life is just life and relationships. but the reason why our relationships work is because we're completely raw and open >> what did the family think cause i know you come from sort of a more conservative background so, like, what did derek think. >> well it's funny, because i went to my family reunion right after with all of our different backgrounds, different beliefs. the common denominator is love and support. ♪ when times get rough >> there was definitely a lot of love and support last night for blind and autistic golden buzzer contestant cody lee. ♪ i will lay me down >> did it feel good? >> heck, yeah. >> and we got to praise simon cowell, who was looking good after losing 20 pounds. but, is his 5-year-old son ready to take over? the adorable photo of eric holding up your "variety" cover
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>> well, he was there tonight. so i watch him watching the show and i sometimes get a steer as to, you know, who i like, why he likes something, why he doesn't like something. so he's in training. now, let's move on the chrisley stars know best. the duo behind usa's popular show could be facing a new reality -- prison time. >> there's always drama. our last name is chrisley, so there's always drama. >> the court documents say it all -- bank fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion. up to 30 years in prison if they're con victimed. >> you do the right thing. you don't lie, you don't cheat, you don't steal. >> this morning, the couple surrendered themselves to the fbi. in court today, they pled not guilty and were required to surrender their passports.
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and on monday, todd took to instagram declaring his innocence -- quote, we have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed and we've got a ton of hard evidence and a bunch of kcorroborating ed. from daughter, savannah. do not be afraid or discounselled. . battle is not yours, it's god's. >> we grew up in a small rural home and now our main home is 30,000 square feet. >> the chrisleys have always flaunted their wealth on the show. >> in a we're we probably spend $30,000, sometimes more, just on clothing. >> but now, u.s. attorney's accuse the chrisleys of hiding much of that wealth by, quote, actively evading paying federal taxes on to money they earned. they're also accused of cheating a number of banks by, quote, fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars in loans. >> we're not perfect. they can now join other reality tv stars who have been behind bars. abby lee miller have served time. mike "the situation" is still in prison.
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the tax evasion dates from 2013 through 2016, but todd denied that in a are l interview. >> the rest of chrisley know best is expected to premiere this fall as planned. let's move on to a couple who doesn't seem to be concerned about what anyone thinks -- i'm looking at you, "bachelor" nation -- because tyler and gigi hadid seem to be in it to win it. >> have a good night. >> it looks like tyler c. and gigi hadid may have had another sleepover. here's video of the couple heading into her new york apartment after another date night. the night began around 8:30, the pair was spotted out with friends and opted for casual looks. gigi in a tee and ripped jeans and tyler sporting a crisp white t-shirt and great hair. an eyewitness says they went to justin theroux's dive bar, ray's. the group was there for around two hours and even had a pizza delivered to them. a source tells "e.t." they're
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casually dating. the two are enjoying building a friendship first. going on dates and having fun. >> good luck! >> yeah, tyler doesn't need luck. he's been superbusy in his post-"bachelorette" career. >> took kids on a field trip on friday, what could be better? >> the 27-year-old's been working with underprivileged kids and feeding the homeless, and this doesn't hurt his image one bit. yep, tyler's now officially an underwear model. underwear line mack weldon is the latest to employ tyler's -- assets. let's just take a second to enjoy this. gigi, you better be here for the right reasons. coming up -- >> from kristen bell's scary mask to chris pratt's diy approach, which star beauty one don't. >> can we just say, debunked. and then, remembering
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patrick swayze, our emotional exclusive with his widow lisa. >> you never stop loving them. and then sly's daughter outshining their
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minutes away on "e.t." -- little mermaid news. looks like harry is out. who will play
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this exclusive was too cute to pass up. sharon osbourne is the ultimate glam-ma with her three grandkids -- pearl, andi and mini. but guess, her hubby loves his grandpa time, too. >> ozzy does a lot of drawing with the girls, they sit around the kitchen table and they're all drawing. it's lovely. >> you can see more at people tv. well, sylvester stallone and jamie foxx aren't grandpas yet, but our lauren zima joined the proud papas as their daughters became movie stars. >> the whole family is how does tonight feel? >> i am so excited. i feel like i grew up going to set with my dad and going to his premieres and it's like finally my premiere and i'm so excited. >> i just love how sly can just roll into the "47 meters down:
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uncaged" premiere wearing jeans while all four of his ladies go full glam. jamie captioned the night with corinne #daddydaughtertime. >> what's scarier filming these scenes where you're being chased by a shark or potentially bringing home a date to meet dad? >> i think bringing home a date is scarier than filming these scenes because my dad -- he's unpredictable. >> was there a moment when you realized, oh, my dad's a big deal? >> no, he's my dad. i will never admit that he's a big deal, are you kidding me? >> i went through most of my life thinking that my dad was like some sort of c-list actor or something. i think once i went to the oscars and i saw him win his oscar i was like, okay, i guess he's a pretty big deal. >> and when it comes to getting a little dish on dad, sistine did not disappoint, revealing sly's tv guilty pleasures. >> he's more of an "america's got talent," "dancing with the stars"-type fan. i'm totally outing you, i'm so sorry. >> i need sylvester stallone on "dancing with the stars." >> me, too.
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i'm ready, call me "dancing with the stars." coming up -- >> get a room, the hollywood couples heating their way to the altar. then, celeb beauty secrets, miracles or myths. >> designed to circulate circulation and nearly ten years after patrick swayze's death, his widow reveals the patrick only she knows was. >> she's very talented. closed captioning provided by --
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"e.t." is celebrating summer love with a celebrity wedding watch. well, they're not engaged yet, but last night blake shelton planted a big kiss on his girlfriend of nearly four years, gwen stefani. >> he's like my bestie. >> gwen posted the two holding hands on their way to a hollywood date night at the premiere of "bennett's war." >> we are people watching. we are at the red carpet. >> despite their obvious love for each other and recently buying an l.a. home together, blake told us "the voice" co-stars are in no rush to tie the knot. >> we couldn't be happier and we get stronger every day. obviously that's got to lead somewhere. but i promise you we won't break the news in any of the grocery store trash magazines. when it happens, you'll hear about it from somebody like you. maybe even exclusively. and it was a pda moment for newly engaged couple scarlett johansson and fiance, "snl" star" colin jost.
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during their hamptons' weekend getaway, colin couldn't keep his hands off his favorite beach babe in an aqua blue one-piece exposing her elaborate back tattoo. and the wedding countdown continues for jennifer lawrence and her groom-to-be cooke maroney, tomorrow celebrates her 29th birthday, but it's clear she's already gotten the best gift ever. >> why is cooke the one? >> he's just the best person i've met in my whole life. it was a very easy decision. >> love is so wonderful. we're so happy for jennifer. well, patrick swayze and his wife lisa were married 34 years before the "dirty dancing" star lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2009. next month, if you can believe it, marks the tenth anniversary of his passing and only "e.t." sat down with his widow, lisa, to talk about patrick's remarkable life and legacy. >> i dream that everyone diagnosed will be fortunate to have hope. tonight i stand here, another individual living with cancer. >> you spend every day fighting for that person's life.
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i know he spent every day fighting for his own. >> this was one of patrick's final public appearances. the star's war with cancer made him noticeably thinner. but he was filled with courage and praying for a cure. almost exactly a year later, in september of 2009, he passed away. he was just 57. when he was diagnosed with cancer, how difficult was that for you as his wife and for him? >> it's like the worst thing in the world to go through. you know, he survived 22 months which was miraculous with the diagnosis that he received. >> "e.t." spent many years with patrick and lisa, including a visit to their l.a.-area ranch. when we showed her our very first interview with her husband, she became emotional. >> she's blonde, she's beautiful, she's intelligent. she's very talented. >> what does it mean to you to hear him talk about you so lovingly? >> well, you know, it means the
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world to me. you know when you lose someone you never stop loving them and it's -- i feel like i have a different relationship with him now. it's just -- he's not physically present, you know what i mean? and i talk to him every day. >> lisa is part of the new documentary "i am patrick swayze." she reveals patrick's longtime nickname, buddy. >> first time buddy and i danced together was at a school exhibition, we walked out on stage. i looked in his eyes, it was >> his former co-stars demi moore, rob lowe and jennifer grey also reveal sides of patrick we didn't know. >> patrick was superhungry for connection. his heart and my heart got along really well. ♪ i've had the time of my life >> he knew going into "dirty dancing" he goes this is it. this is where i pull out the dance card and do this and so i
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>> but the documentary doesn't shy away from patrick's struggles with alcohol. >> i have these demons that run around in my insides. i've done everything in the world, thinking, i'm going to get rid of them. i don't know if i ever will. >> because of his drinking, he and lisa separated for a year prior to his cancer diagnosis, but they found their way back to each other. she was by his side when he took his very last breath. >> when you love someone deeply, that's something that never changes. >> he's certainly missed. the documentary premieres this sunday on what would have been patrick's 67th birthday. let's move on now, we are 12 days away from the big mtv vmas. i will be there. and look, i'm already doing what i can to get red carpet ready. but ladies, have you ever wondered what at-home beauty treatments actually work and what doesn't? it's the focus of tonight's "e.t. beauty." ♪ >> do-it-yourself face masks are all the rage. kristen bell, drew barrymore, adele and chris pratt are fans.
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you can spend as little as a dollar a sheet or as much as $20. is it a myth or a miracle that they can make you look younger? >> how much can a face mask you buy at the drugstore actually do for your skin? >> it's just a really great moisturizer. it definitely won't hurt you in any way, unless you somehow are allergic to one of the components. >> can we just say face mask myth debunked, thank you for that. >> dr. guanche is the dermatologist for stars like, rebecca romjin, alyssa milano and olivia culpo. she says that extra moisture is also good for under your eyes, and your lips. lady gaga and jessica alba have made their kissers more kissable with lip patches but -- >> the lip pitches do help hydrate the lips and they make them look less dry and crusty. you can again do that with a thick layer of moisturizer for 30 minutes. >> here's courteney cox using a stone roller out in public. selena gomez and supermodel miranda kerr are fans of the treatment as well.
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>> it is designed to stimulate circulation. >> if they spend another three minutes or four minutes massaging their moisturizer in would have the same effect. >> and want to be a sleeping beauty? j.lo, tyra banks, and khloe kardashian think sleeping on your back can help prevent wrinkles. >> i was always like, what the hell are these lines on the side of my neck? i'm too young for this. what is this? you have lines on the side of your neck, it's from side sleeping. >> so what happens when you sleep on your side is your cheek gets pressed into your face, especially if you're one of those smushy sleepers. the more times you keep creasing your skin the same way over and over, the deeper the lines get. >> mariah, katy perry and kendall jenner, all sleep face up. but what about going high-tech? >> i'm doing a treatment. >> that's kristen bell under an l.e.d. light mask that looks like something out of a horror movie. it claims to tighten your face and costs about 320 bucks for a series of eight treatments. >> it's a short-lived effect and that means you would have to constantly maintain it and in the end, have to -- have a lot of discipline.
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>> which treatments do you steal from your wife. >> i'm not big on the treatments. >> the mask, once in a while. >> every knows now. all right, coming up -- sorry little mermaid fans -- harry styles is apparently out know frankly you don't want your number 2 wide receiver to drop you know what we'll see and one thing. i'm a little nervous about and i think you'd agree with this use oftentimes see guys miss a lot of time in training camp, whether it's injuries or what may have you players holding ow. always struggle at the gate because you can't overstate how important repetitions are with your teammates timing in everything's act and a lot of people you see people holding out they come back in to get hurt him pull a muscle or joint because you know their bodies is overcompensating because they hadn't been playing in
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. . ♪ it's the biggest question in the movie -- who will kiss the girl in the little mermaid live remake. >> it apparently won't be harry styles, he apparently just turned down the role. >> other names mentioned to play prince eric, chace crawford and timot timothychamelet. but it got to be shawn mendes. >> aerial will play halle bailey. >> it's a very dream come true. i'm very excited. and happy.
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>> the little mermaid is a big deal for the 4-year-old in my
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>>in a hot day all day today and is very warm outside tonight. we're looking outside looking out over the san francisco bay area where the temperatures are still quite toasty yeah, here's a live picture with the temperatures are a well of these for the high. >>highs today around the bay area 100 degree temperatures widespread from the north bay to the east bay. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell just how hot its ban and what's going on i mean that was some smoke and heat today around the bay, i think tomorro


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