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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>now it and the heat wave continues in the bay area right now temperatures remain high in parson the of the east bay up in the upper 80's, thanks for joining us. >>i'm can when i'm pam moore, an air conditioner or a fan and a must for thousands of bay area families tonight but in danville that was not an
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option we have team coverage tonight on the scorching heat kron four's j r stone live for us in danville with how people there are beating the heat but first we start with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence yeah guys this was some kind of day around the bay area numerous records broken. >>all around the bay area's high pressure really taken over so triple digit heat, yeah, we have plenty of that record set in santa rosa 100 to one degrees. hi to record and napa at a 199 redwood city 90 a record in oakland, 98 a record in san jose 95 degrees in moffett field. yeah, we need to pages show all the records outside more records in campfield of the 100 san francisco airport check-in and 94 that was a record oakland airport also a 94 record and slim us are friends of the south one oh one. a record also set there were likely going to see another round of records for tomorrow. these temperatures impressive highs all around the bay area today, a 105 degrees that was a hot spot in flail one oh 4 or one oh 4 live more a 104 in antioch but even inside the
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bay, the boy the temperatures really just cooking in the south bay 99 in redwood city, 98 degrees in san jose, the santa clara valley very hot and likely to be right back there again for tomorrow the only cool spot out along the coastline look at half moon bay checked in today, a very comfortable 67 degrees almost 40 degrees cooler along the coastline. now because of that heat that we've also got a heat advisory in effect anywhere really away from the bay and the water's edge along the ocean heat advisories are up to get the east bay got the north bay also the santa clara valley, the south bay as you see those hot temperatures continuing excessive heat warning expected in the central valley and again those temperatures moving closer to a 110 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. here's the forecast highs there 106 in sacramento, one oh 6 in fresno one oh 5 in bakersfield, but you can see along the coastline just enough of a sea breeze to give you a little bit of a break. now they are quality also suffering in some of those very hot spots to the east b-y and the south bay. those are going to be some the hot spots
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and also the porsche air quality around the bay area a moderate to conditions in the north bay and still looking good right along the water's edge tonight kind of a quiet night out there just a gentle sea breeze blowing outside clear skies continuing. not a hint of fall just ship we may see some a little bit later on temperatures look at these numbers outside right now we're going to cool off but not that much cooler in fact some of the overnight lows tonight probably going to be the 70's above the mountains above 500 feet or so going to stay very warm. even 89 degrees right now in conquer so you get the idea that big dome eye pressure sitting over head really compressing that air and that is keeping those temperatures up and that's where we'll start out on the warm side tomorrow morning a little bit of a breeze right up toward the media coast. but that is about it so yeah, we are often running again tonight, clear and mild and it was a warm temperatures and this weekend. a big change on the way we're going to see some increasing clouds temperatures could drop maybe 20 maybe 25 degrees as we get into saturday and sunday but we've got another day of heat. i think tomorrow will be a little bit hotter and in the
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10 a 10. we've got another heat wave and maybe a hint of fall like weather coming our way we'll talk about that she's right. thank you. our team coverage on the he continues now with convoy j r stone he's in danville yeah he there knocked out power for 3500 pg e customers earlier tonight jr live in danville for us our people. >>holed up in this weather, jr. >>work and they're doing the best that they can i can tell you the good news right now is that officially. it is 79 degrees here in danville that's the lowest it has been all day long but my car thermometer is still reading 96 degrees. i think it's stuck on 96 because of some of the extreme temperatures that i was in today, triple digit temperatures in this section of the east bay and other sections as well when we talk about those 3500 people who are without electricity today that was specifically in the diablo road income you know tessa harra area of danville they lost power around 4 30
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this afternoon by 6.30. all of that electricity was restored so that was certainly good news for those folks who live in those neighborhoods, those ac units were turned back on now i've been talking with a number of people here in danville all night long to get there are thoughts on all this weather and how they're coping with it. this is what they had to say. >>i mean i like the summer, but this is really high can even leave the house how hot is it. >>it's like a 100 degrees right. how did you cool down did you do anything to get colder. did you eat anything. >>i you'd be like a lot of just a little >>it's not fun to flee not fund just turn up their conditioning don't let your >>but you know it is what it is.
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>>it is what it is so many people just dealing with these hot temperatures out here. i can also tell you i did talk tra doctors here in c costa county, very concerned. they say people need to keep drinking water concerned mostly about younger children and also it's the seniors. i did ask a doctor earlier this afternoon who should be most concerned he went into detail about that, here's what he had to say. >>so healthy 65 year-old. >>may be better off than the 55 real in chronic lung and heart disease or kidney disease or diabetes. so i'm a really but the ones who are most vulnerable are probably over 65. and obviously at that age. you're at high risk for social isolation as well, so you may not have somebody checking up on you so big and they were sick of an elderly neighbors. >>and again the doctor reiterating that be a good neighbor to neighbor. check on
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your neighbors now more extreme temperatures expected in the coming days, so he was really harping on wearing a hat putting suntan lotion on and drinking lots of fluids. reporting live in danville where it is now officially again 79 degrees. j r stone kron 4 news all right. >>keep in the time and little more air in the del val regional park was the place to be to try to beat the heat parents brought their children to cool off at the beach. >>as long as i'm in the water and it cool on good with that, but it's i'm outside in our backyard was no water than i do mind that he will have the sunscreen on and then they have to let it dry before they can get and so does all this wash off and then we did bring a fun ts of shade lots of sunscreen. >>lifeguards were on duty to keep an eye on folks there the beach was noticeably less busy today because mainly it's the middle of the workweek and lot of kids are in school. >>the pittsburgh unified
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school district announced and highlands elementary will be closed for the rest of this week because there is no air conditioning. we're told the schools, heating and cooling system is be replacement the work is not yet done. officials say the contract or tried to temporarily fix the air conditioners in the affected classrooms but decided that the rooms would not cool off enough with the scorching temperatures. the school says it hopes to reopen on monday. and you can track the temperatures in your neighborhood anytime by downloading the kron 4 mobile app to get alerts right to your phone. >>i immediately started shaking because i kind of knew that this was coming. but i couldn't believe what i was hearing. and i started crying and i could not continue the conversation. >>words of fear and disbelief tonight from a san francisco woman who survived this brutal attack outside of her condo this is a surveillance video from early sunday morning. man
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tried to get inside her building on beale street police arrested that man he's been identified as 25 year-old austin vincent the court the judge then released him pending trial kron four's dan kerman looked into why and how this case is. >>raising more questions about a homeless shelter in the works for the area where this happened. >>i am. >>imprisoned in my own house. >>wednesday, a spokesman for the san francisco district attorney's office tweeted they charge mister vincent with false imprisonment attempted robbery and 2 counts of battery. he was arraigned yesterday in entered a plea of not guilty. prosecutors expressed concern about his release. ultimately the court released him an assertive case management in other words he's free but must regularly check in with a caseworker before he returns to court next month. >>there is nothing to protect me right now aside from a court ruling that says he needs to stay away from me.
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what is preventing him from hurting others. i don't know. >>the da's office says they asked the court not to release vincent, but the judge did so anyway, and the victim says by doing so the court has put everyone in danger. >>what kind of a message does it send to others that are. thinking about doing something wrong if they can get away with it so easily ironically the attack occurred at the watermark condominium complex which sits adjacent. >>to the land where the city is building a new homeless navigation center. i think it was entirely predictable. wallace lee chairs the group opposed to building the navigation center at this location. he's not buying the city's claims that navigation centers don't lead to an increase in crime in fact we talked to say that. we believe that at that increase in crime when it occurred. >>and with the only thing we're wrong about was how soon it would have been the navigation center not slated to open until late december of
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this year. >>in the meantime the suspect due back in court on september 12. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news and tonight that victim is asking governor gavin newsome for help especially since some people are questioning the judge who made that decision. >>to let the alleged attacker go free the victim tweeted the governor just about 2 hours ago. kron four's gayle ong is live in the city tonight with more on all of this scale. >>yeah, pam and ken we'll get to that plea in just a big the building manager notified residents in a memo today notifying them that the suspect in this attack has been released. but the management says they were told that release was unlikely. residents in the area say says has been on the rise over the last few years one telling us she had an incident last >>so then experience here some a victim a homeless man threatened her with the knife back in july
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not a good experience so some of us like that case got pace kid. we keep boston like somebody called my mom says her incident took place just about 500 feet away from where this incident happened early sunday morning surveillance cameras were rolling when a woman was attacked by a homeless man. >>out front of her luxury high rise, 25 year-old austin vincent was arrested and now released by the court pending trial we spoke with the victim the san francisco woman tells us she feels like a prisoner in her own home and believes releasing vincent may put others in danger she tweeted governor gavin newsome wednesday night attached a video for attack for him to see then asked the governor to save san francisco. and it's shocking in line. >>scary. the fact that someone could like get out so like a little anxious. because of the need to i think that is. a little more homeless is am con
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customers and the people that live in th wouldn't be. >>you know, i'm really close with >>great people sunday's incident happened next door to the soon to be homeless navigation center where many residents are not seeing eye to eye with the city we need to have. >>some kind of controls in place. so that does doesn't repeat otherwise it just becomes on safety even. you know move around in libya. >>there will be a guard patrolling the building where that attack happened for the next 2 weeks during the overnight hours live in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news gans thanks homelessness also a big issue in the south bay look at al shopping carts so they're bck san jose. >>we first told you about this back in march, a woman who has been seen pushing these carts is move them all over the area. today kron 4 michelle kingston found them in front of a 7.11 store up the street. she talked to neighbors who
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say they feel unsafe. >>just littering is is just >>you know your name in way people have to walk into the street. >>to get around tammy briscoe says she's been living on the streets for years her shopping carts are full of her belongings in march, they were lined up all along a sidewalk in front of homes on kiley boulevard. today there in front of 7.11 just up the street. >>you pull around and there's 10 to 20 shopping carts with all kind to step in and just wonder what is going on. >>neighbors say over the past 5 months, it's only gotten worse. they say briscoe now has more shopping carts and has threatened some of the people living along the street, they say they're concerned for their safety. one man who lived here for 10 years sold his house and moved to los gatos after multiple attempts to work with the city to clean up his street. >>felt imprisoned in our own home. for my children and my wife and myself. to be in an
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environment. that's not safe. >>the city says they're aware briscoe shopping carts and that she's declined multiple offers to be moved to a shelter, they say she is serious mental health and medical needs. >>we have been working with her. >>and 2 meet those neves. at the same time are also trying to ensure neighborhood and community safe. >>the city says they're working with briscoe to not block the sidewalks but when we were here in march and again on wednesday, the sidewalk was full of briscoe's belongings. >>the police in city do not team. >>breaking news tonight an hour's long standoff in philadelphia is over now following a shootout say a man who a home just surrendered and now in custody are grant lodes joins us now in the studio with more on. the latest developments grant campaign people all around the country
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been kind of watching this you talking chaos, confusion, panic amazingly. >>nobody died today. the suspect shot 6 philadelphia police officers late this afternoon. the good news tonight all 6 officers have been released from the hospital the city's police commissioner is calling it a miracle that none of his officers was killed late today officers were trying to serve a warrant for drug activity here in this north philly neighborhood. >>that's when things took a violent turn. that there are children in the home where this a violent activity was occurring. captures a sense of the panic from neighbors as you are hearing deafening gunshots raining down then. police in riot gear started stormi this i filled with several businesses including a day care center. a heavy presence said the entire
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community on lockdown roads were closed. we're also hearing clips from the police scanner. >>already know wall gun. >>police are not saying exactly what weapon or weapons. the gunmen used to neighbors though say they they felt like at least a 100 shots were fired during this thing and during that standoff which she goes hours. 2 police officers at one point were being held hostage by the suspects, but a police swat team was able to safely resce. those officers. maurice hill, a man in his 30's with a long criminal history of drug arrests surrendered to police just after midnight, he's believed to be the shooter, according to police. it was more than 7 hours after it started that he surrendered and attorney reportedly went to that home to help broker
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hills surrender. pam and ken that's the latest now back to you. thank you brad. the sonoma county sheriff's office released body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting that happened earlier this month we do want to warn you. >>some people may find this footage disturbing. this happened on august first on west 9th street in santa rosa, the deputy was responding to reports of a shoplifter at the nearby macy's the suspect allegedly tried to stab a secu a knife. when the deputy arrived the suspect was tased then he ran into the deputy's that's when the officer opened fire hitting the suspect who was identified as 42 year-old bad bayamon of minnesota. he survived the shooting and is now charged with a number of felonies including robbery carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon. 8 inmates were
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sent to the hospital wednesday afternoon following a riot at the state prison in seoul dead, the officers officials say about 200 prisoners got into a fight at the corrections training facility corrections officers use chemical agents and nonlethal weapons to get things under control. they also fired 9 warning shots before the riot at the prison yard finally ended 50 inmates later required medical treatment, no staff members were injured, it's old and a. investigators are now looking into the cause of that riot. almost a week after a massive fire tore through an east oakland warehouse, some businesses and artists. >>are just starting to cope with their losses inside there was our work to be showcased at burning man which is happening labor day weekend at other big events kron 4 staters aqi spoke with an artist today. she joins us live now from the newsroom with more taylor. >>well one of those artists magna schavan a says he lost
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the majority of his tools and also our work that would have been valued at 50 to $100,000. he says the biggest loss though the atmosphere the space provided for the community. >>a collaborative space once full of bustling artists and new ideas is a place that was growing my business. >>and i also community of like minded artists and people who are and entrepreneurs doing their work now. >>a place of grief for artists like magnate my losses. >>one thing but the knife know all these people who like work so hard that is a nice start to really pfizer them. great deal of grief that i feel. knowing what people are going to last week. >>a massive fire tore through this east oakland warehouse space nor oxi oxi was home to more than 30 different hardest and businesses now inside they lost thousands of dollars in tools. our work and most importantly. >>afrin times deference setback in terms of having to deal with. finding a new studio replacing some light. 80% of my tools schavan a use
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those tools to create luxury lighting pieces like this while he and many others are left to find a new work space. >>schavan a says moxie was irreplaceable. >>it's a big deal to have a state like this is so the community oriented in my career around people who understand why you believe do you know we all do this because >>the passion a lot of passion. >>now oakland fire says the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but they should be releasing new information soon. 9 this is family and friends just set up a go fund me if you'd like to help him or any of the artists affected. you can find those links on our web site reporting live from the newsroom. taylor bus aqi kron 4 news.
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>>welcome back relevancy in the breaking news center just getting word of a fire in the east bay, it's a grass fire burning in brentwood and it's said to be spreading fast take a look we just got some video from a viewer. you see the flames which started just before 9.30 this is near vasco road in marsh creek road.
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according to the contra costa fire department. there are no homes or structures that are in the area that are being threatened at this point. no word on how many acres may have burned already. but we are told there's no containment on the fire there throwing crews and resources at this as fast as possible. as we've been reporting all day it's been extremely hot. we're in the middle of a heat wave in. he's contra costa county and throughout the bay area right now. it's in the upper 80's in britain would is firefighters are working to put out the fire lawrence as winds are not a big factor, just maybe 4 miles an hour which is good news. we'll certainly stay on top of this breaking news and bring you additional details as we get them. >>breaking heat around the bay area even going to little hint
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>>we are tracking the heat wave in the bay area here it is a 10 30 at night and temperatures still remain very warm in parts of the east bay in particular you can see livermore 82. freeman also at 80 and look at antioch and concord 8987 for them warm it's good time to live in right now. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking temperatures and not when we get some relief lawrence yeah i think it'll take a couple of days tomorrollbegin to see a stronger sea breeze settling in as we get much different i as we get to the weekend out there right now mostly clear skies just a gentle breeze along the immediate coastline not much in the way of wind around the bay and that's big dome of high pressure sitting over and you're looking at some the temperatures a few more 80 degrees in san jose right now 75 degrees and hayward 80 in dublin 82 in livermore 80 and lael look at those numbers even 67 degrees that's pretty mild in the san francisco at this time and
10:31 pm
gives you idea just how strong that ridge of high pressure is compressing that air up above and keeping the temperatures up and that's where we'll start out tomorrow morning. usually warm so you start on the warm side and only getting hot as we head into the afternoon. we are expecting some changes coming our way those high pressure will begin to break down a little bit as we get toward latter part of the week and that means the temperatures are going to begin to drop that sea breeze is going to be kicking in and yes, it looks like finally we're going to cool down your temperatures all around the bay area. the winds not much factor right now at 11 miles per hour in san francisco. on your long range forecast big dome of high pressure overhead right now that will continue tomorrow and then things begin to change as we get into the the clouds gather along the coastline that ridge kind of moves eastward. well that swirl off the coast. i think actually factor in the bay area that could swirl across the bay area by the following weekend. and that may just give you a little hint of fall. so temperatures going to start to cool off. i think as much as 20 maybe 25 degrees cooler by saturday and
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sunday then getting hot again toward the middle of next week before watching those temperatures drop big time friday and saturday of the following weekend. thank you lawrence and this reminder cooling centers will be open in the east bay to help you stay cool in concord. >>the concord city senior citizen center will be open from 9 to 5 that's tomorrow and it's located at 2727 parkside circle in britain would the community center at 35 oak street will be open from 8 to 5 and the but what senior activity center at 1, 9, 3 griffith laying will also be open from 9 to 4 and we also have a list of cooling centers on our website just go to kron 4 dot com and look for >>a developing story tonight. investigators say they don't know how this man here suspected in a synagogue shooting bought his weapon the shooting happened back in april and pow way in san diego county. police say 19 year-old john earnest opened fire
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inside the synagogue killing a woman and injuring 3 other people in california, the only way someone under the age of 21 who isn't in the military or law enforcement can legally buy a weapon is to have a valid hunting license in california fish and wildlife department says ernest was issued a hunting license, but it wasn't set to go into effect until july 1st that was after the shooting. san diego's district attorney says he believes earn a spot. the weapon legally court documents show that gun was mott in san diego. the california highway patrol is remembering one of its own tonight tonight, 33 on monday ide county of a was a the solemn ceremony for my in west sacramento. she says. >>this event was held on the day that was meant to be a celebration. 1419 29 on the day that marks the 90th
10:34 pm
anniversary of the california highway patrol. >>officers were doing the exact opposite of celebrating we decide it. your belt holster chp officials scrapped are their plans for a big celebration when they learned 33 year-old andre moye a junior was gunned down during a traffic stop in riverside also more was in the process of impounding a vehicle when the driver retrieved a rifle from the vehicle. and fired upon moy a had been with the chp for nearly 3 years and he we sacramento. back in 2016 he was a wonderful also he was on our work. >>and it was history. yeah, absolutely love we the chp officer he was living his dream. >>dozens of officers cadets captains and employees came together at the chp academy to pay their respects and participate in a secret ceremony only performed one a
10:35 pm
chp officer loses his life on the job. chp commissioner warren stanley knows his officers jobs are becoming more challenging every day. but he hopes he never has to hear that bell again. >>the rest of my career i never of the ceremonies him be happy because that means i haven't lost an officer that means. as a lost a son or daughter. >>in west sacramento, olivia de janeiro. >>moy a is survived by his wife parents and siblings, his name will be added to a plaque on a fountain memorial during a ceremony next may 2 other officers. >>shot in that gunfight, they are still in the hospital and the suspect was shot during the shootout. >>and the south bay cleanup is underway at a cemetery in santa clara we first told you about this story on sunday. >>the overgrowth and weeds had many families spending hours trying to find the tombstones of their loved ones. well crews were back in trucks to the mission city memorial car
10:36 pm
today and started and trimming around the grave sites. >>this was their second day of growing problem in the east bay, there's a warning now from walnut creek police kron four's justine waldman has the top 3 spots there were cars are being targeted. >>with back to school shopping in full swing people are purchasing of all sorts of new stuff the downtown walnut creek. and like this mom they're likely leaving the goods side of their cars. >>i just put my bag that i bought down the street in the trunk. >>looking garage is warning drivers to take it for hide it. while the creek police put out a notice that in july. 106
10:37 pm
car burglaries. >>come because you can park there easily use plenty of. when shopping and one of the things. >>police warned the top 3 spots for car burglaries are the olympia place parking garage on locust street an apartment complex on creekside drive and plus us quell a parking garage, a locust street on the crease wealthy and people are a little bit here the list who are like you could leave here. now to prevent more car break in's people shopping downtown we'll try to hide their bags a our car knowing that. lot >>well you officers are doing patrols around the hot spots and police want to remind everyone to always lock their doors and never leave valuables in plain sight in walnut creek justine waltman. >>a new report tonight, i senate majority leader mitch mcconnell with the russian
10:38 pm
government she washington post reports earlier this year republican mcconnell push for lifting sanctions from certain russian companies and one of those companies later made a massive investment in mcconnell's home state of kentucky. mcconnell is denying any advance knowledge of this deal. tom foreman explains. >>for airplanes. cars and consumer goods and lots of work in a tiny corner of kentucky hit hard by the opioid crisis ground for a new aluminum mill that will create up to 1500 job. >>right next to ashland kentucky. you know and well over billion the project needed loads of money so the washington post says the russians came calling in the form of reus all. >>a massive aluminum company ready to kick in 200 million. but there was a hitch reus all
10:39 pm
was partially owned by only deripaska who was tied to russian president vladimir putin us sanctions for bay doing business with the russians in response to meddling in the us election and that's where the post says kentucky's senior senator republican mitch mcconnell enters the scene i wasn't too much. >>of aiding and about it. the marymount up singled out as a and oppose for nearly 20 years. >>the post article and others suggest precisely that pointing out that former aides of mcconnell were lobbying on behalf of the aluminum plant, even as the senate majority leader himself was fighting to lift the sanctions on russia, mcconnell says he had no idea the russians were involved in the kentucky deal. the white house wanted the sanctions lifted. now that voted the reason i voted the way it is the president's response to questions about the timing and the parents of it all i think the washington post says a russian asset by comparison. >>mitch mcconnell loves our
10:40 pm
country. >>still mcconnell has picked up a nickname among democrats already frustrated by him killing so many of their proposals must feel mitch says. >>what he is the grim reaper. >>the post says mcconnell wants to improve election security but his opposition to legislation along those lines means that nickname won't go away soon. that was tothe found he did not tell any us officials help the agreement goes through however, congressional democrats are suspicious of all of this and they want the government to review the deal. >>lawmakers today grill pg any on how the utility plans to handle public safety power shut off when there is a serious risk of wildfires. a senate committee today held a hearing with concerns about how shutting down power from the electric lines during fire threats, good effect first
10:41 pm
responders and others who need a constant power source, san jose mayor sam liccardo told state senators he's worried about the influx of 911 calls. some lawmakers said they have trouble trusting pg any as utility goes through bankruptcy because of his role in the devastating wildfires actors. >>i also don't buy the argument that huge to me as an investor owned utility that is responsible to shareholders about its just focus just on the safety and it's not a bell. pg e's bottom line. >>he's in the officials say safety is the company's priority and that it is working to improve transparency. lawmakers hope the power shut offs are a temporary measure for your money tonight today was one of the worst days for stocks in 2019. >>the dow fell more than 800 points today it happened after the yield on the 10 year treasury bond. >>fell below 1.6% and that's just below the yield of the 2 year treasury bond. this
10:42 pm
marked the first time since 2007 that the 10 year bond yields fell below the 2 year yield president trump slammed federal reserve chair jerome powell today calling him clueless as the stocks took their dive. the president tweeted spread is way too much as other countries say thank you to clueless j pile and the federal reserve. this is all happening along with other economic challenges around the world though including the trade war withcchina. many consider these developments looming signs that a recession could be on the horizon and. >>houses for your backyard display ahead with the man behind what he calls a granite. haven't. >>and in sports the a's and the giants resume their bay bridge series today at oracle park mark has highlights park mark has highlights coming up. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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10:46 pm
putting out for some unique displays in his backyard, the man uses reclaimed the granite kitchen cut outs in order to create his art as the sean toll explains the man is not living what could be considered a major challenge get in his way started with landscaping the yard walking through chris browns yard got to know if you noticed in front of the household ovals you might call the granite stone. >>foreshadowing allen's a fake one it's not enough in anywhere to his backyard, the truly catches the eye but all one is the bell tower fun to tell somebody that they have a 15,000 pound bell tower in your backyard, the granite counter started bringing his work home about a decade ago these are reclaim sing cut outset, otherwise we would have thrown away kind of like a glorified lego set i started to have calls it. his granite paradise, this is one of the older ones, and it was here for price 6 years and its current conditions up to here and then just 6 months ago.
10:47 pm
put this on each taking years to build this actually looks pretty good right there for just shy of 20 so far a lot of this is just my eye and you might see brown has a keen one i'm legally blind and basically what that means is i i don't see good enough to drive and do a few other things but this he really does well to get a ladder. and yes he does get help from his wife and friends i love that the sculptures even when he makes changes to paradise. you can change him all the me the same sculptures they were they i take them apart and they build a new one. i'm trying to make everything bigger and cooler you know a little bit more wow, hundreds of thousands of pounds of granite might not fly with most wives, i love my back even though is getting smaller. but it's ok and neither she nor brown see an end to the granite gallery lord willing, i'm still far from done they would be cool
10:48 pm
what what what this will be in to news 10 more years in fort collins there we go that does it perfect sean toll. >>to brian finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>i guess you could call it a split decision. team seemed to be pretty even in a similar situation right now as we look toward the playoffs exactly look at the standings and all that you know 2 games in one game one win apiece for each team, everyone's happy right that's how it works out. yeah, fans giants fans are all happy offer this decision so they aren't sure why not. they last night's series opener the a's lineup, stymied striking out 13 times in much of that had to do with the jam from madison bumgarner this afternoon, the oakland bats came to life here we go to oracle bruce bocce bob melvin catching up before the game top for. we'll be hearing from him alive takes tyler pd deep
10:49 pm
to center homerun one nothing a's. >>tom 3rd. oakland up 2 zip. another matt, this time to get a drills one off the pd let's get to the right field corner chapman in robbie grossman score short day for bt gave up 4 runs through 4 frames store. turns on this travis for a good pitch. one is going to end up halfway up the bleachers in left 2 run homer is firing on all all cylinders with a six-run lead grossman. a three-hit day to the 8th here come the giants down 7 one might just ran ski put such cars jim to this joaquin soria pitched straightaway center into the garden. 7 forays now the giants would make it to run game but in the top of the 9th chadband. another solo bomb this time to left center off trevor gott chappie now what 27 homers on the season final 9, 5, days
10:50 pm
for the 2 games with those teams. >>need at the coliseum for 2 more 2 weeks from saturday, oakland now. 2 games back for the second wild-card spot an american league, the giants 4 and a half back in the nl wild card, let's go to matt chapman on an epic day and his suggestions for the bay area parks. >>has so if you been home runs in the bay area you need to got to get them because both pitchers ballparks for more. if you know when you bring the young pitchers you going. just in i knew a little today there was a difference be a's will
10:51 pm
now host the astros for 4 games will the giants head to arizona to visit the diamondbacks let's talk some nfl, one of those days where you are thankful. it's only training camp. the top headline from santa clara jimmy garoppolo. >>through 5 straight interceptions in today's practice. there are 2 sides to this a great sign for the niners defense however, a forgetful outing for the franchise quarterback now something to stew over what the team gets ready for its next pre season game in denver. >>kyle shanahan, back to concerns over jimmy tuesday. >>don't have 5 in the game. but you can put yourself out of tune or or something like that. i didn't play better at the end of the 2 minute drive. a man in the red zone, but all we we had a rough spot and happy for the defense but thousands going about a day and have to think about it. >>meanwhile the raiders will face the cardinals tomorrow 9 finally want to show you a snippet from tonight epic condition of the bay area sports night epic bill bradley and durant and extreme sports legend joined us in studio to run down his most recent adventures over the next 12
10:52 pm
months, he's planning finds major insurance events which include a 135 mile race. >>unbearable heat. tonight we asked him if he's ever dealt with hallucinations being an extreme conditions. he told us about this next edition in freezing temperatures big. often minnesota what i've got what it raises said the guy told me whatever you do visit moves on the trail do not. >>you know what i mean don't go near isn't doing the race to get all the leary's and i thine move >>thanks to you a few miles around the course. fun fact, a bay area sports night we learned that moose are very aggressive. so awe yeah, how about that ken and pam, they are they are and and i heard that their knees go forward so they can take i it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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>>update now on that breaking news, we told you about a few minutes ago cal fire says the grass fire here burning in brentwood has stop spreading so good news there. the fire broke out just before 00:30pm tonight at vasco road and marsh creek road. the fire burned about 20 acres, no homes or buildings were threatened again the fire has stop spreading in contrast. yeah, not have much wind out there right now, but they are seeing some very warm temperatures of course. >>after day of triple digit heat. now the hot temperatures she had taken a long time to cool off 84 degrees right now in congress 78 and live more tell you what tomorrow we are back in theoh 4 in vallejo and concord and 92 degrees in redwood city, your tenant and the heat will begin to cool off a little bit on friday much cooler over the weekend only to warm up the middle of
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
i'm natalie morales. and i'm craig melvin. and this is dateline on mynetworktv.
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