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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 15, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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tastes and i also read out. >>fletcher will see if we can get through today and on to the weekend. we should be a lot better. any big ha spots on the roads, not right now but we've had so many the traffic really hasn't had a chance to recover. >>so we'll check in on the bay bridge and highway 17 we've got so many problems it's a mess. clearly benefits for a really long commute is if you have a say in your car i said i'm comfortable. what going to have a >>very much so another hot one guys so it's a good idea to maybe just find a spot with air conditioning, maybe not your car that's a lot of gas should be using. >>golden gate bridge will be a good spot to go to as temperatures out there will still be warm but in the mid to upper 70's as opposed to the triple digits that sme parts of the bay area are about to be looking at 60's and 70's for your current temperatures as you're stepping outside livermore in dublin each at 76. i'd say get outside of these next few minutes if you want to do so
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today and like maybe get a workout in because within the next hour you're going to start to see these numbers really on the rise fairfield you're already at 84, so it's been a waste no time in getting hot out there. heat advisories and also excessive heat warnings continue today, not just for the bay area. but for the much of the state in general, so that's just a testament to how hot it really is about to be your triple digits are certainly back for inland spots. concord any aka livermore in morgan hill all well up into the triple digits, san jose hot enough at 97 hayward and fremont not far behind that at 94 degrees each and areas like san francisco and oakland even getting well up into the 80's. another record breaking one for many areas later on i've got more on your forecast to come robin, thank you john off to the golden gate we're taking a look at what i want it's been a breeze so far. >>having a into and out of san francisco. so this bridge, not a problem. if you have to use it now is a great time to do it at 26 minutes nevado to the
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toll plaza now the bay bridge traffic of course not that smooth. it's one of our busiest senate stacked up from the maze but it has improved on the suspension so for now. it's 14 minutes, but it's been going up and down throughout the morning commute. we've got so over the problems on highway 17 look at that long line of traffic. it's not improving yet. we've got about 3 accidents. one stall one over turn and now a new one southbound 17 at santa cruz avenue that's counter commute. so it's a mess in both directions but northbound 72 minutes from santa cruz into los gatos and then you're southbound crash has traffic stacked up from 85 so keep that in mind and leave extra early darya james all right. thank you robin, let's continue our team coverage of of the heat as we're going to see those temperatures way above a 100 in the east bay yacht kron four's christina tetreault live in waller creek where we're looking at. >>one of 5 one oh 6 it's going to be hot anyway you cut it, christina. >>it's going to be hot and artie is throughout the past hour. let me tell you guys i'm pretty sure my shoulders are
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already getting pink. i did wear sunscreen, but it is also still very bright. i can attest to fact is going to be a very warm day because it is a very warm. morning right now here in walnut creek, one oh 6 is going to be the highs today per good old john trouble so you're going need to stay protected, i've been speaking with early risers joggers dog walkers and some parents out here this morning. everyone kind of saying same thing living here in the east bay, you know there's going to be a warm summer fight because it started off so cool in the early months, this is something that has snuck up on people, however they do say you know, yes we are used to it. it did sneak up a little bit so we do need to change our plans a lot of people leaving earlier than they need to staying in shaded areas for you know in coffee shops sitting inside instead of outside they actually just spoke with a mom who really takes hydration very seriously for her kids she was out here, nice and early at heather farms park playing with her children saying they left extra early this morning. she doesn't mess around with any type of heat related injury.
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>>people don't realize how quickly kids came 9 kids adults too. the kids can get heat stroke into hydrated and so you have to be aware you drink a lot of water god earlier got late. can free animals you have to be rare animals coming any more, but and it's a big deal people i think people. s. >>you know doctors and experts we've spoken with as well they really you know echoed her sentiments that it is a big deal of larger deal than what some people often think that it is so they recommend staying hydrated much earlier in the day than you normally would try to drink an extra glass of water before you leave for the day so dehydration does and sneak up on you when you do go outside also avoid outdoors if you can in the warmest hours of the day sunscreen hats sunglasses lightweight clothing and if you do have pet make sure that their paws are protected. the most susceptible to any injuries are going to be the young ones as well as and
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those in the elderly population as well so go ahead and check up on your neighbors, check up on your kiddos and make sure they're doing ok today for now reporting live here in walnut creek christina teatro kron 4 news. >>and it's going to be tough to thanks christina from construction workers people who work outside firefighters who are outside and then all that equipment and battling fires which they had to do actually a brush fire broke out in brentwood. >>crews are bracing for another hot one today, maybe another brushfire that's the worry anyway. from 4 sarah stinson live from brentwood where that fire broke out. >>i'm here in brentwood where east contra costa firefighters are recovering. well after battling that 15 to 20 acre fire that happened overnight and they're gearing up for another fire that could potentially happen and any time they've been very busy and that's why we're joined now by gil guerrero he is the captain come right over here gill tell us how busy hasn't been. >>it's been extremely busy. it started a couple weeks ago. with a fire on mars creek near mount diablo which took 36
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hours to contain and and close out that call then last week in oakley we had another extremely dangerous wildfire in the vineyard. followed by a bethel island fire couple days ago now this one in marsh street on on march creek. >>and tell me how hard is on you firefighters, you got to go go go. fire after fire specially because we're fully in wildfire season it not only with though with the grass fires in vegetation fires. >>but also structure fires vehicle fires medical aid were in an area with a lot of seniors so we have a lot of medical calls for seniors out here. so our highways are are crowded. our call volume is extremely high and our our district in particular has only 3 stations for 249 square miles we're running out over 9,000 times a year. >>so outside of those the exhaust the know vegetation fires we're extremely busy with our other calls as well. >>and tell me it's very hot
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today of course, and you got dry vegetation talk about that. >>being a you know it's a recipe for disaster. it is a recipe for disaster with our record rainfall that we had over the winner. the winds that we get here locally that run through and the high vegetation. it's it's just extremely dangerous and they're they're hot fires. it that we're getting overrun a lot of times and not doing what we'd like to do in in containing them as quick as we normally would. >>and should people be prepared to evacuate in time. >>they should be they should be prepared already. tuning in to social media kron 4 and in all the other news agencies around 2 to be prepared. and when they do get. evacuated listen to public safety were there for year for to help you and to make a chaotic situation a little less chaotic and with our friends at the police department listen to them as well. >>all right well, thank you so much for joining us and be
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safe out there and you know it's always important to have that go bag make sure that you're ready to go if you do have to evacuate and definitely stay hydrated out there because it's already getting very hot definitely going to be triple digit temperatures here in the east bay in brentwood sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you sarah sarah and don't forget by the way you can track the temperatures in your neighborhood, the kron 4 mobile app that's our way of sending out any weather related. news alert. so just download that now it's free for apple and android devices. >>breaking news from overnight. one man died and another was injured in a shooting that happened in san jose, they drove themselves to the hospital where one of them ended up dying in the other man he's expected to be okay. police have not released any details about what they think happened in that shooting. >>well this weekend you need to be prepared and for a little extra time in your commute for going 24 or bart through that part of the east bay have barred is shutting down 3 stations and. >>they're shutting down parts of highway 24 as well kron four's will tran is live in
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lafayette with what you need to know. i will. >>you better start making plans for this weekend because if you rely on bart or highway 24. you're going to be stuck in traffic burt technically, not going to shut down so the parking lot still will be available this weekend. but the problem they won't be any bart trains between or end and lafayette because they need to replace the tracks there 50 years old and for them to do that they have to bring in all the materials and the equipment which impacts highway 24 eastbound. so not the direction that you see all those cars behind me it's on the other side of the freeway. this is not going to impact you today and tomorrow as the repairs will begin at 11 o'clock on friday. it will impact thousands of people because they use part this is one of the more popular lines for them. bar instead of running trains will run buses in this area between lafayette
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in a random but they've already said the delays could be as much as 40 minutes and if you're going from say a rented to walnut creek on highway 24 eastbound caltrans is already saying that possibly could be a 30 minute delay, maybe even more because they're not completely shutting down eastbound direction, but they are eating up 2 lanes of the roadway for all all the construction crews of the materials to do their job. a lot of people. they were caught off guard until i told them. >>i was planning to go to san francisco on saturday that made >>where you have to go around or find other ways we still do it, but it's going to be massive delays right so. there are those who think they're dodging the bullet because they're not going into san francisco or other parts of the east bay this weekend that
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might be true dodging the bullet once but according to bart this is just one of 6 shutdowns that they plan to do in the very near future so they can get the job done and they say it's not just the tracks that include i improved the platforms will try to improve some of the services around there. the bottom line is they need to do it the weekends because it's not as impasse axel as of course during the weekdays. >>well still ahead we are following up with a man who lost thousands of dollars worth of art when a warehouse and artist collective went up in flames in oakland, we'll have more on that story in a minute. and the heat that's still going to be the thing you're thinking about most this afternoon when temperatures get up into the triple digits once again. john travel in case you missed forecasts he's going to be up and a little bit talk more about when we might find some relief and of course we are tracking the numbers looks like the dow's climbing slowly, but surely in a positive direction after a rocky start and a big slide yesterday, we'll have winners
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>>welcome back 9.15 a look outside at the golden gate bridge looking really nice today and it's going to be one of our better spots to be out about this afternoon as temperatures out the golden gate will be warmer than average. but unlike the rest of the bay area dodging the 80's 90's or triple digits. only in the 70's out there today as far as temperatures go they will be hot enough for more a range of hot weather advisories some excessive heat warnings in pink from vallejo on inland through the central valley as daytime highs as i mentioned rise well into the triple digits for many inland areas in the state but also well into the 90's esewhere in the bay area so a hot one today and you can see those temperatures here on your 4 zone forecast 70's and 80's for san francisco's daytime highs today, cool spot on terror are only spot on the
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map today in the 60's elsewhere here. seeking escape from the heat at the coast. you will be in the 70's making for a warm one 90's on the bay side of the peninsula. redwood city a record breaker yesterday and up to 93 today, mountain view at 94. while campbell in the scattered seachad 98. morgan hill will be at one o 2 and just our first spot in what will be a day full of triple digits for the tri valley on up into danville walnut creek in concord each of the cities up to one oh 6 today, oakland berkeley and richmond you'll be in the 80's for your daytime highs. well more so the knot in the triple digits for our northeastern corner of your 4 zone forecast a vacaville and pittsburgh each at one oh 5 today santa rosa in petaluma 97 for your daytime highs today. let's take a look ahead at 1.7 eur ays and well, but temperatures will cool down after this point although tomorrow still going to be a hot one it's not going to be as high saturday and sunday, your best days of the forecast to get outside, let's just happened to be the weekend. good timing there. next week
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we do see a warm up but compared to where we're at right now it's not going to be near as hot. robin all right still waiting for the traffic to ease up a little bit we're taking a peek at 92. >>the drive across the san mateo bridge. it is still quite slow. and it starts before the toll plaza comtinues on the flat section and it stretches over to the peninsula. so just be prepared for this i'm not tracking. major issues only issue that hasn't panned out yet so 24 minutes to make it over to want to watch protecting the bay bridge 80 wesson to san francisco. the bridge itself not soad. it's your approach to the toll plaza that's all stacked up from the maze through the pay gates up the incline and then it does get better west of treasure island, the suspension and the skyway not bad at all over to the don martin bridge. what about 84 wes, it's packed to from the tolls to the west in 30 minutes still quite high to make it over to the peninsula. once again no major hot spots but we've had some it's winding down in some areas even like one oh one that was tough earlier but now it's
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only 14 minutes from brisbane 2 80 in san francisco. >>time now for winners and losers on wall street financial expert or a black joining us to dissect what we're seeing. coming out of wallstreet got talk about the markets because yesterday we had that 800 points slide. today we're starting to see try and pull back a little bit make some of those losses back what's driving positivity if you can call this little dead cat bounce keep in mind that couple mondays ago we had a 3% drop in the s and p 500. >>typically that portends ultimately 8 and percent drop. volatility picks up broker start calling me a start here commercial about golden. the death of the stock market so we probably will go further down august and september are not happy months on wall street, typically but i'm not predicting that so ultimately get a little bit of rebound in walmart had a great quarter. yes, consumers are fine. no recessions kind of i'm on top of that you saw first time
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unemployment claims even though the creeped up to 220,000. we still are very well employed in the united states and wage inflation is happening on a small scale. so until we see the number of layoffs increase in people going down to an implant for the first time. we're okay and it's kind of calming with that said will there be a disconnect when we get a a market valuation correction will it be a a retail correction. will it be you know ty towards the china tariff trade wars and china bringing down the world consumers. all those things can happen. but right now we don't see it, i'm saving grace for the economy is a healthy labor market and again we're just not seeing enough people lose their jobs at this point to predict a worse case there. we are the world's consumer. ok, it's kind of yobrought up wal-mart because yeah there's macy's taken a huge hit. >>now wal-mart's got great numbers so not all retailers. are fairing the same i guess wal-mart's doing okay.
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>>walmart's great us retailer in america, they're better than amazon on so many levels, i'm going to a trillion dollars of sales this year, go right down trillion is the number and you're like well. there are great big retailers. they cover most of the united states. earnings beat expectations. revenue beat expectations. stock beat expectations up 5% e-commerce they're losing a lot of money and but it's growing like a weed. up 37% sam's club online sales up 35%. they've got 2700 grocery pickup locations. we like convenience, they do 1100 delivery locations, the united states about 8575% us population is covered by next day delivery which completed lot. have a problem with ammunition they sell at 20% the nations and united states. and they've had an attack in the store. so the pr is not the best at this point in time for the company, but they're also testing new services like coming into your house with a camera and going into ukraine and getting groceries in your house, putting any returns you
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want on the counter it will take a back a fight. it's all about convenience, i'm good numbers on walmart 2 big retailer to ignore us consumers find. >>ok and will wrap up with one quick your question this one coming to us from russell and russell last straw. what do you think of the apple credit cards. i think you've your apple consumer. i think the apple credit card is smart there's not a lot of credit cards that give perks. >>for electronics, especially apple. iconix it's 3% cash back on it. they have a kind of cute thing your cash back you get at the end of the day so he spent something that day. you get your rewards that day you don't have to wait a mont there's no gimmicks here there's not a lot of other perks. there's no international fees that's a plus i'm very in interest rates are not good for most people cashback rate to pre loaders better cards out there. but what i like about it is if you're an apple enthusiastic, cardholder for 10 years and the average age of your credit starts to age. it makes a lot of sense for a lot of consumers that are building their credit slowly. it's an easy card to get as
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well. it integrates your phone and has really pretty crass on your finances and your spending. something that's not out there right now so it's nice to see. >>ok very interesting. thank you as always keep the questions coming in will be chatting with rob once again starting next week. you can e-mail directly facebook twitter and then our website kron 4 dot com and also also another avenue for you to reach out.
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>>week after this massive fire tore through an east oakland warehouse and now we're hearing from artis us artists that is who lost so much in the flames. one artist says that he lost most of his tools and our work that he values at anywhere from 50,200 $1000. and the biggest loss he says is the atmosphere at that that space provided to the community. >>my loss is one thing but the knife know all these people who like work so hard that is and i start to really pfizer them. great deal of grief that
9:26 am
i feel we have just knowing what people are going to. >>you think about that these are unique things that cannot be replaced and think about. >>you know it was a labor of love to create all of that are. >>as we head to the break our big story is still the heat. hang in india, hundreds in the east bay and even if you go to the coast to try to cool off and you will get close to 80 even after may so that's not logical.
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>>and we're checking out the weather and the traffic and. all right, let's take a hit the road for us. it's getting better there. we are pretty much over like the major hot spots in the crash isn really really blocking causing problems. >>so now that the hot spots of
9:30 am
cleared, i'm back to tracking the bridges and they are still congested just better than the last hour so let's head over to the bay bridge 80 west you see these folks moving in slow motion. it is still stacked up from the maze but it has improved on the suspension and on the skyway overall you're clocking in at 60 minutes. that's really not bad to make it into san francisco. alright checking in on 5.80 that's going to be about a 50 are 21, excuse me 21 minute trip from 2.38 to downtown oakland, the nimitz a tad bit heavier at 23 minutes to make it to downtown and then checking your south bay commute. i don't see any major issues right now, but still crowded and under the limit from san jose to cupertino northbound 2.80 you're clocking in at 23 minutes, we'll check more coming up john. >>robin skies, crystal clear over mount diablo in much of the east bay and that means temperatures are already starting to rise and rise pretty quickly look at this what happened back into the 80's now dublin right to 80 degrees, san jose getting close at 78 while conquered at
9:31 am
77 degrees north bay also getting close in saint helene as well as cloverdale at 7879 degrees so temperatures already on the rise are going to continue to rise into the afternoon making for advisories for much of the bay area and these will continue until 08:00pm tonight due to the return of triple digit heat ahead of us look at some of these areas that will be in the triple digits. why conquered antioch livermore and morgan hill all up above that century mark today and one of those areas going back to school today that just happens to be in the triple digits for your afternoon highs as walnut creek up to a 106 degrees after warm start to the morning in the 70's, it's not going to take long for those temperatures to rise. so that very uncomfortable and oftentimes dangerous number we've actually got more about that first day of school in walnut creek right now daryn james. >>yes, we do thousands of area students are back in class this morning and it's a hot one yeah from force so actually live in walnut creek
9:32 am
bancroft elementary school where it is going to be on the warm side today, theresa. >>thousands of those kids see here in walnut creek. and it is hot. i'm joined by the principal here bancroft elementary school how is it going. >>hi theresa thanks for being here today is going great we have had all of our families are right here today, i'm successful meaning children are in their smiling. really rejoicing at got with their friends. very very special to see the friendships forged here and and how special the kids are when they see each other there was this adorable child who ran across. she's in front of the sign she was hunting it was really a joyful morning they're very joyful i'm i think one of the hallmarks of our school is that our why our purpose is to love first and teach second to keep that in order get that order. >>our kids and our families
9:33 am
really field but this a special place and they blossom from that car and of course of course i i know that they're showing some video and you could you see the throng of kids i mean it even though it's hot. >>i mean it's like really hot. they are so excited. they are they are preparing them, i'm not just for a really successful academic school year, but also we i their life skills and how to preserve year. and that bill were here their first recess and they're only outdoor recess today because of our superintendents call out to us principals last night to really be mindful about the heat index. so we will be doing indoor. recreation in lunch time which they're really excited about right now and i know what does that mean exactly when they do indoor races some of us will remember a rainy day recess. i ok so need a recess means we i don't go out to play on the black top but the teachers are prepared and we have.
9:34 am
recreational activities, they're appropriate for being indoors building construction drawing creative types of things on different games that has students engage in and conversations don't ever ao world how wonderful it is just to socialize so the lead in an air-conditioned room are multi-use room and outdoor areas all are going to be too warm for our students and i'm just being cautious on our first few days back i heard as some kids you know do have water are you making sure that like yeah absolutely i i'm reminded parents last night to to send that water vessel to school we have filling stations throughout the campus and think with all of my on support staff with on fresh new spray bottles. so a little squirt of water with permission from our students to help cool them down. is available. well, thank you very much. we're going to be here throughout the day on kron on as well just kind of give you the sights and sounds of this first day back in
9:35 am
school here in one crate theresa stasi of thank you theresa and we will be doing this all week long getting your kids ready for school with kron on as teresa mentn. >>you can hear from school leaders like we just did their get safety tips. >>find ways of easing your kids back into the school routine that coverage starts today at 10 o'clock on kron on go to kron on dot tv to download the app and then use the promo code school. so you can watch free for 30 days. >>a homeless man who was arrested for attacking a woman outside of her apartment building in san francisco is back on the streets this morning. here's the surveillance video we showed you of the attack that happened sunday at the watermark complex near the embarcadero and you can see the woman struggling with the man he's attacking her threw her to the ground and then someone from the front desk is calling police and trying to help. >>25 year-old austin vincent was arrested. there's his mug shot and then the judge released him saying he just has to regularly check in with the caseworker before returns to court. >>next month.
9:36 am
>>i completely feel alone. there is nothing to protect me right now aside from a court ruling that says he needs to stay away from me. what is preventing him from hurting others. i don't know. >>so the victim is worried and so are a lot of people in the area i have be ready for that homeless shelter that's going to build not too far from their building. >>jurors in the oakland ghost ship trial will be liberating for their 9th the day today they are trying to decide the fate of max harris and eric al madam both men charged wit36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. jurors spent the day yesterday with the court reporter reading back to them the testimony from 2 prosecution witnesses and one defense witness harris's defense team says that they see this as a positive sign. >>we're at least picking up from selling jurors that. they want what's best for him. the other day there. they're
9:37 am
smiling at a son to be comfortable and happy with. all of the interactions with all the attorneys and that just shows us that. mister harris is in good hands. >>the lead attorney for derek elmen as says that he believes the jury is very close to making a decision. in the south bay, a cleanup is underway right now at a cemetery in santa clara, this was a story we first told you about earlier this week where the whole place had become so overgrown with weeds in long grass that look family members have used their bare hands to try and unearth the tombstones of their loved ones. >>well in response to the story crews on behalf of the city were out there, cleaning things up admission city memorial park. they started mowing and trimming all around the grave sites. this is their second day of this maintenance work. the city of santa clara says that the 3 full-time grounds maintenance crew members that they have now will be augmented with 2 more positions. this month. >>still ahead the federal government is helping barge keep the trains and the
9:38 am
stations and the riders safe we'll tell you how. and is going to be too as we continue our team coverage of the heat wave. you can see topping out a 106 in concord one oh 5 in livermore and so going to be toasty in roasting in san francisco and by the ocean to happen they will be right happen they will be right back. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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>>well bart has received almost $2 million from the federal government for more police patrols bart says that money is critical in meeting its new priority of trying to fully staff bart police departments, some parts patrol team has 7 officers and one sergeant, the agency is working out a higher 19 more officers. >>9.41 coming up on the buzz why jim eager up might be looking for a roommate or derek carr might want to sell one of his. a celebrity chef is suing antonio brown and the college that wants to own
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>>a 44 and we are talking about the. >>every day because it's on everybody's mind and everybody's complaining about gas so hot in the afternoons. yeah, it is not fun to be stepping out there when it's triple digits. hopefully everyone has a chance you know get to cool spot couch to crash on somewhere the air at least and think about those up other people that might not have that opportunity there may be the elderly in your neighborhoods on maybe take him out for lunch. get nice air-conditioned yet do good deed on that. a hot day like this are just seeing some ice either way it's going to be very helpful looking outside out san francisco from the north bay here. >>a lot of brightness making its way down across the bay as skies remain abundantly sunny, not just across the peninsula. but all the way through the south bay were record setting day time highs were fell yesterday for san jose and then a lot of the east bay where as you can see from
9:46 am
berkeley there isn't a cloud in the sky so temperatures are having that opportunity now to really start to rise clear skies are going to help temperatures to achieve some triple digits a 90 degree temperatures yet again for a lot of the bay area. we do have advisories and warnings all across the bay only a few areas not going to be seeing those today. so definitely a hot one as we make our way into the afternoon and not just inland. also for places like san francisco where daytime highs emission financial districts will be well up into the low 80's. only warren spot near 4 zone forecast in the 60's batsman tear elsewhere, it 70's 80's and then a lot of 90's in triple digits. woodside back to 99 degrees today, mountain view at 94. morgan hill at one o 2 with los gatos in campbell each at 98 today, east bay looking at potentially record breaking numbers for many areas that includes the tri valley. we're daytime highs will be above 105 degrees in some spots danville walnut creek in conquered egypt to one oh 6 wannacry oakland and berkeley rather. 86 today,
9:47 am
triple digits for a lot of the north bay with petaluma and santa rosa still holding on to the 90's but really not by much. tomorrow we start to get cooler, but it's still going to be a hot one for your friday that's before saturday and sunday brings relief as daytime highs return to average. >>all right. a new problem john on the san mateo bridge west's 92 at the high i rise just got word of an accident here blocking the 2 left lanes so only one lane open right now that's the right lane and the traffic was already pretty tight leaving hayward so it's backed up through the tolls on to the nimitz and that goes back from 2.38 and then another stretch out of union city through fremont and a pocket in milpitas as well so just about 40 minutes for the nimitz freeway commute and the 92 this is what it's looking like behalf, i'm the crash not good right. a whopping 47 minutes so that's going to be our new trouble spot because of the crash blocking at the high rise leaving one lane open they have not issued a traffic alert for that to 38
9:48 am
going south at for 8.80 there's an accident right here it's before you get to 5.80. but it's backing you up on both sides of the nimitz so as you emerge from 8.80 on to to 38. it is solid and the north to 38 the usual crawl from 5.80 out of castro valley so heavy on both sides there's your bay bridge traffic looks attack at the better but not great still stacked up from the maze at 16 minutes averaging off to fremont street. have it will bragging rights this morning oakland let their bats do the talking last night beating san francisco by a score of 9. >>to 5 the giants took the first game in the bay bridge series and they'll meet at the coliseum for 2 more games. next month. if you're dying for football all his own and forms a nightmare. it's preseason plus antonio brown still resting his frostbitten feet, and try to figure out his dinner tab. apparently a
9:49 am
be hired a celebrity chef to cook for him and his friends during the pro ball can't look at his feet anymore. i can't look at his feet anymore. and talk about food. let's not do that. let's not show those feet anymore guys stop with the 3. they're not going to lose the fee just come back to me please it's close to me out. all right so he's resting the feet i can talk about to show you how to shaft and then he fired the chef before the chef could serve the meals and the chef says that brown would be a lot of good stuff out of the kitchen just kicked him to the curb. he is suing a b for $38,000. football players might want cut back on the private chefs in case there's a player strike or a lockout at the end of the 2020 season. >>since a lot of the guys are not used to living on a budget. the players association gave them a guy now this is my q little graphic, but it's their actual tips. if you have a spare room or better yet a spare house they say, don't let it sit empty read it out. who knows
9:50 am
maybe jimmy my view looking for a roommate right now on craigslist another savings tip from the players union cell car that you have not driven in the last 6 months. the for normal people that like get rid of a pair of old shoes or maybe like you know that ping pong table that the kids don't use anymore. and here's my favorite recommendation for the nfl players. just say no or not. to friends and family who are constantly asking for money and don't pay gophers go for your own groceries mow the lawn walk the dog all the stuff they used to do before you had people for that. you know what really could add up if you had to pay ohio state every time you said the word. vop ohio state wants to own the rights. 2 of the definite article the word. this is their trademark application. they want to be the one and only entity to make. whatever
9:51 am
they want i guess the eye idea that we can corner the market on law is ridiculous of course up all i can say all of i can see all that long to michigan. they troll the ohio stay with their new slogan. i admit we do some dumb stories on tv. maybe that's the point that this guy is trying to make by dropping. old tv's on 50 doorsteps in virginia and nobody knows who he is because his head is covered with the t v. so they call him the t v santa claus. thanks for the president now i got to get rid of a huge clunky set look at kids. this is how big tv's used to be t v man pulled the same prank it and another neighborhood. last year. just. >>and those are like kids have no idea flat-screen about turns to the camera and waves they really friendly just spreading the joy and you get too and if you're t that's nice.
9:52 am
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looking for a place to cool off today in the east bay delay like del val is a great place to go yes she had a lot crawford recall took a trip to go visit with them. >>with a little time off and the kids a few days away from returning to school one of the things he get out. so fun for got too hot today, a short trip to the fountains in downtown livermore was an easy choice for clay colbert and his son and daughter for a reason that when i was a kid just a clean. >>that's for others opting for the beach and they didn't have to go far either it seems like really great time to come swimming claire dawkins and her 2 year-old daughter josephine didn't have to leave town lake del val at del val regional park is essentially in their backyard, i'm teachers. >>and i stay at home during
9:56 am
the summer and being inside all the time would be, i'm a little oppressive said being outside as much better plus a lifeguard is keeping an eye on everybody as long as the park is open and the beach is less busy since it's the middle of the workweek as long as i'm in the water and it cool on good with that, but it's i'm outside in our backyard was no water than i do mind that he will have the sunscreen on and then they have to let it dry before they can get and so does all this wash off and then we did bring a fun little tent. >>and we're all season lifeguards umbrella so lots of shade lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated at all times in livermore fleet of all kron 4 news. >>the question how hot okay 104 today by but the good news is it cools down the good bit for the weekend. so you got that to look forward to 80's inland as opposed to the tripled and yes. >>and the group still hold until saturday for sure because friday is still pretty hot. we're just and 98 you can round out of because it sort of feels like. that's great
9:57 am
you get the weather and traffic that way but we spoon feed ia we'll be back here 04:00am absolutely so for rob and john dory myself have a great day we'll see you on frid
9:58 am
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