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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  August 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fast work. they were able to contain both these fires and pretty quick time. given the winds and the hot dry temperatures out there. >>and although we are feeling a little bit of relief from meorologist lawrence karnow f joins us it is still extremely hot in the pittsburgh. antioch area. i guess the bigger question might be where the winds do it yet the winds really with her now today unlike the last couple of days we're getting a stronger sea breeze so. >>it's starting to pick up these the very latest in and around the pittsburgh area you can see 1516 17 miles per hour. some stronger gusts can be expected through the evening hours as that sea breeze has returned so certainly fires get going with all the dry brush out there can move along in a hurry as you see those winds kind of whipping around at least over the next couple of hours and that trend will last actually through the weekend so we've had some hot weather now looks like we're going to see some cooler weather on the way, but of course now you've got some fuels that have really been dried out of money that or and maybe the force and the hills around the bay area. the is
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creeping back on shore. so that's a good sign humidity will be on the rise as we've had that dry air sitting over head. that big dome of high pressure now that fog begin to make its way along the men head live to see the golden gate bridge right here more fall on the way in the temperatures expected to come down still hot in may the valleys inland today, 90's even some triple digits right now so yeah, another hot one indeed the by tomorrow we watch these temperatures really crumble as the numbers going to come down across the board 64 degrees fog and sunshine. in the san francisco mid 70's and oakland, then probably just uncomfortable 80's. warm in the san jose and some of those hot record 90's overnight tonight though we are going to see more the fall on the way in fact this model cannot replace i think we see more than this as is going to sweep back on shore starting to feel inside the bay of it maybe not all the way to the interior valleys, but we'll see plenty of it for tomorrow and i think it more so as we get into a sunday, maybe with some drizzle along the coastline that being said the temperatures are going to start come down to these numbers very comfortable 60's back to normal into san francisco plan on some cooler numbers along the coastline,
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some a low 60's along the immediate coast inside the bay of find the sunshine and temperatures up in the mid 60's, there 70 in foster city 81 in mount view the south a look at the numbers in the 70's and the 80's very comfortable and places that are seeing the triple digit heat you're very uh nice just warm really in the mid 80's in the dublin 86 degrees in danville 84 walnut creek and further north you go those numbers going to stay cool that breeze is going to blow right to the delta. in the afternoon. and so we watch as temperatures drop into the 20 maybe 26 degrees from just a couple of days ago even cooler on sunday, then we might start to heat things back up again the middle of next week. thank you lawrence. >>see also in the east bay where we're telling you about those fires the detection of peach fruit flies as officials working to eradicate the invasive species, the peach fruit fly is known to attack fruits and vegetables, damaging crops and making them daerous to eat unfit for consumption. officials only found 3 of these flies in
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brentwood and they found one in oakley officials say any additional detections could trigger a quarantine for now they're trying to eradicate the flies in the areas where they were found. >>also happening this weekend power outages are planned for treasure island and you're point island. i will happen between 04:05am, on saturday and then between 12:01am sunday it's happening so the port of oakland can perform some maintenance in the area that supplies power to the island. the islands will use generators. the meantime but uh transitioning from the power grid to the generators apparently requires too one hour interruptions southwest airlines is expanding their service to oakland entered at oakland international airport, the airlines offer flights to kona 4 times a week yes and service to look who we 3 times a week, southwest airlines first why service and march of this year from oakland to honolulu of. >>the federal government owes 10's of millions of dollars to
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local governments and nonprofits and it's not pay up gap congress approved money to reimburse cities counties, churches and others who has provided care for migrants taken into custody on the mexican border, but for weeks that money has been held up in washington kron four's and word of key reports. >>texas democratic congressman henry clay or says communities on the southern border are still waiting for the 10's of millions of dollars they were promised, i know a lot of charges are going out and asking for a second donation congress set aside million in june to pay back the border cities and nonprofits who have been helping migrants. it's going help really you know whether you're the catholic charities. >>or your non profit are a local city that's helping with food, but so far the feds have not paid up fema was supposed to start accepting reimbursement applications on july 31th. >>but players says fema has put the payments on hold while it revamps its payment an application process texas
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republican congressman will hurd says congress needs to put pressure on fema is now time for the oversight role make sure. >>those resources to reimburse these communities that are taking on the burden from the federal government. >>choir says fema needs to get moving the federal fiscal year ends september 30th and then after that of course we start the new appropriation process. fema finally seems ready to open the checkbook it is warning local communities to start preparing applications saying in a notice time is of the essence be prepared for an accelerated application process in washington, i'm anna warning key. president trump has has reportedly on multiple occasions expressed interest a new and unusual real estate purchase sources say the white house counsel's office has looked into the possibility. >>buying greenland from the danish government. the president's interest in buying greenland was first reported by the wall street journal according to the journal he's raised the issue during meetings and dinners with
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varying degrees of seriousness questioning aides about the possibility and the advantages of purchasing that autonomous danish territory it home to the us militaries northernmost 750 miles above the arctic circle in a statement issued today, the government said quote greenland is not for sale that is the. lee owns greenland coming up tonight at 5 disney world is offering a big discount for tickets. but there's a catch with people have to do to snag that deal plus a close encounter he wasn't expecting a fisherman comes face to face. >>but a hammerhead shark who wanted his catch. >>and next creepy dolls popping up around one town. why this says police actually concert. let's get down to business.
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>>dolls are popping up in one missouri town it's really creeping people out some of the dolls have no head. others have no faces the fest us police chief says there these dolls are coming from or who is putting them there, but they are being put in strategic positions to almost look real. the chief says appears to be all just fun and games be-all were that somebody might get hurt. and is warning people to be aware of their surroundings. >>disney world in orlando is offering discounted tickets for visitors who want to sleep in starting today that resort is offering 2 day tickets for as low as 88 bucks a day however you can't show up until after noontime still that sent almost 25% discount on the regular ticket price. the deal is good through mid december. still ahead. the cultures takeover a couples vacation hold, forcing them to leave right there in the pool, the bizarre stories next.
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>>summertime is the right time for enjoying the pool actually this week family in florida, where you need to pull our here around has been held hostage by a flock of uninvited guests, sorry hate shows us the somewhat hostile big bird takeover. this is anthony casa models backyard his pool area. overrun by vultures. casa motto says that was the first time he spent $3,000 repairing everything, a man he got an alert on his phone from his security system. this is a time lapse over several hours vultures everywhere custom model lives in the eye this community in
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west palm beach. he says the vultures have forced him and his family to leave their own home and go to new york. and it's not just the cost of manas their neighbor sent us these photos different yard, same problem, the president of the eye this property owners association cord and hold us tells me they're doing everything they can to keep voters away. he says the problem is one homeowner keeps feeding the vultures on the says they've given her a citation and a fine even delivered a legal cease and desist letter but not has worked yet. casa motto is trying to do things himself placing balloons around the area. playing music all day long anything to keep voters away. >>some days, it works others, it doesn't. >>the president says the association is somewhat limited and what they can do because the vultures are migratory birds protected by
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federal law. >>the vultures have predators that we need to find out one florida fisherman found himself face to face with a large hammerhead shark. youtube video shows captain rob gordon look at this trying to get a hook old out of a tarpon is mouth when a giant hammeread. takes over said process gorda estimates that shark to be about 14 feet long, 1300 pass jones. that's a big old shark. you don't argue with the shark you. now when you have a tarpon that it wants the shark apparently circled the boat. patiently waiting for the moment, gordon got the hook out and the shark eventually got away with its stolen catch. they'll top that lunch. >>look outside here in the bay area of san francisco's embarcadero. >>a lot of people try to get. >>on the water. we're near the water the past few days and yet our car no is we see the bay right there. you are near
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the ocean in pacifica the other day telling us oh yeah, the ways to beat the heat. it's it's almost over right. yeah, the heat wave really coming to an end now of course we have the weekend upon us now lot of folks getting out there to the jury. >>yeah, and i think the weather is going help us out a little bit hey how about this for fun things for tonight, the festival of india, you know a 150,000 people go to this event every year it starts at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning continues. on sunday, he is going to be a great time out there lots of music beautiful cultural celebration of plenty of good food there as well becoming mostly sunny may see some patchy fog early on in the morning that should be warm into the afternoon just a bit of a breeze that will pick up the aloha paula fast of the murdered marine, a green in san francisco that will be on saturday. if you like to get enjoy your local out there the whole i'm theme is going to be a fantastic time to get out their plan and breezy conditions though in the afternoon some cooler temperatures burlingame war of the jewels of the peninsula looking good as you're going to have your festival there has to be some fantastic
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weather ahead, mostly sunny skies, some comfortable conditions in the afternoon in the mid 60's. and hey this is kind of a neat thing to do have a go into san anselmo and checking out a movie in the park that is going to be movies in creek park, partly cloudy skies that will be 7 o'clock tomorrow night. if you guys want to check it out there playing the wizard of oz right outside i lawrence well this week we are getting ready for school and today we spoke with the san francisco, unified school district about their expanding computer science program ryan o'donnell spoke with a computer science content specialist about what this program actually entails. >>explain to us what what you guys have in mind. >>sure so with computer science. this is our 5th year of implementation we're really excited about and should be seen in the district. when we first started off on the 700 students were experiencing computer sciences mostly the high school level. but sense that few years ago, we'd expand its that over 25,000 students the district have computer science access and that's going all the way from our youngest students in a
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transitional kindergarten tk all the way up there i school students. it's really powerful to see that growth in i've been part of it at the elementary level. >>and overseen the growth of the curriculum the us teacher training for teachers who are at the key to find that level teaching computer science. >>well, i mean nowadays and say nowadays but this become going on for a while bill. the kids have to computer skills everything is based on computers nowadays. >>yeah, that's absolutely true we see it as a new literacy it's something where if we're not providing this information in this access secret deal to students that they're going to miss out there knocking the ready for the jobs, they're going to be available when they're entering the workforce, students love having access to computer science and pride, the strongest piece of it is that assumes gets be created with computers where we want to foster this idea that computers or something seems can use for self expression that they can use computer science to make something that's meaningful to them and who they are as a as a person
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and so. since get really excited when he gets a cretin artifacts that and it speaks to who they are allowed and share themselves to someone what santos story lets them create music. so all of our students get really excited about using computer science and knowing that snow the tool of the news to express themselves, but. >>as we mentioned we've been doing a lot on back to school this week in catch our back to school special tonight at 11 o'clock on kron on you'll hear from school leaders and get tips for your students. parents get some tips for you as well use the promo code to start watching kron on for free for 30 days that prpmo code is school. >>members free for a local staple how perry's is celebrating 50 years.
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>>it is a san francisco institution through and through and this week perry's is celebrating a 50 year
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anniversary hard to believe tonight on dining dish i want to take us to the longtime establishment known for classic american food and friendly people. >>party and harriet. >>you're perry's union street san francisco you might wonder is there a real perry. >>welcome it's another day in paradise. terri butler, man behind it all. >>coming up the very first perry's in the low neighborhood back in 1969 it's not trending it's not huge seafood see it's just. >>good basic american food, good drinks, good service and nice people and people always gravitate. >>and to celebrate the milestone harry's is doing what it did ages before bringing in celebrity bartenders london grief back in the day you can see san francisco fixtures like 49 are quite clark, willie brown, huey lewis and herman cain's this is sure san francisco. long time and new customers keep coming back for the good
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food. like this ample cobb salad and burgers. one the house, no chance. oh and they also come with a good company. and maybe take some selfies. the recipe for perry success apparently pretty simple. he says this murder is what put him on the map because the burger is king at perry's it makes sense to celebrate the 50th anniversary party with a giant cheese and bacon burger. >>and that's for various and said it smells good right and really good right. in san francisco, vicki liviakis com they make a mean manhattan to about you know that's justine waldman is favorite restaurant city well to for good reasons perry should be hopping tonight that finer there. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 for being with us this hour have a great weekend if we don't see it tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time will be here and right now the news
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continues with ken wayne and pam moore and vicki thanks to both coming up next a 6 o'clock, a man seen on a video attacking a san francisco woman outside her building. >>made his first court appearance today now we're learning actually his second appearance now we're learning the judge never saw this video of the incident when she released a suspect for custody from custody and the victim is outraged who she says is to blame that's next in a live report plus a heads up for people in the east bay, the construction projects set to star which could affect your weekend plans. >>and it's still hot out there, especially inland where temperatures are in the upper 90's but things are finally starting to cool down a little bit. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your weekend forecast news at 6 is lounging in bed
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is getting a lot more high tech canoe smart bed called high bed offering more than just comfort. >>amateur a be a cares attack.
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they're of a woman in san francisco earlier this week, a san francisco judge has ordered the homeless man seen in this video to wear an ankle monitors so that authorities know his whereabouts at all times. thank you for joining us tonight at 6 i pale more and i'm ken wayne tonight that judges explaining why she released that suspect after the attack. >>as kron four's haaziq madyun tells says the viral video of the woman being attacked was never seen by the judge. >>it is a disturbing video see it all over the world would be attacked by a band in front of her car the video book bill street in san francisco, the alleged attacker, 25 year-old austin vince that was arrested raided court. it subsequently released so many clear. >>see that video tired of the rain it was on. she'll be.


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