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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>south san francisco man is in jail after police say he tried to kidnap a girl while she was walking to school the crime was yesterday morning just before 8 o'clock good evening, everybody thanks for joining us tonight, i'm grant lotus. >>and i'm vicki liviakis thanks for joining us tonight at 9 and neighbors say that they were a little shaken up by seeing police in their quiet community but pretty glad that the kidnapper was arrested, but one person tells us that this was all a misunderstanding. dan thorn is live for us in south services got a 90 joins us with more on. and what happened and. >>vicki neighbors tell us the nearby school kids are often walking through this stretch of road so it was a little concerning hearing that a little girl had been grabbed by an attempted kidnapper, but we spoke with one man who says the suspect is developmentally disabled and that he did not mean to harm this child. south san francisco police arrest a man who they say tried to kidnap an 11 year-old girl while she was walking to
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school with a friend. >>police say the 37 year-old suspect christopher cole grab the girl on palm avenue thursday morning and put his hand over her mouth. officers later arrested cole after they say a good samaritan stepped in to help neighbor alan per as woke up to the commotion. i was confused at first i really didn't know is happening really don't see a lot of. >>police are on this wasn't until later that happened that afternoon and i heard a lot of >>perez says he was surprised to learn about an attempted kidnapping because many kids walk to and from nearby parkway heights, middle school perez is now going to be more cautious. >>we just all as a community need to be a little bit more regular, you know the the children you know they're walking to school. >>christopher cole was apparently being cared for at this assisted living home. according to the california department of social services, this is a 3 bed facility for adults, a man we spoke with who says he works at the home
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but refused to be on camera. also says this is a misunderstanding. cole is developmentally disabled and he was not trying to kidnap a little girl as for the good samaritan who confronted cole. he was apparently also wlrking at this care center. cole was later taken into custody at that care center. but how did cold get away from his care takers we tried reaching out to the manager who did not return our calls for comment. detectives say they're still investigating a motive for this attempted kidnapping. >>right now coal remains in the san mateo county jail, reporting live in south san francisco, dan thorn kron 4 news say could out of the late where police there say they need help locating a person who's been contacting under-age girls police say the man may be inappropriately contacting 3 girls between the ages of 8.14 years old. >>in 2 incidents, the girls guardians chased after the suspect. authorities say is
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about a 170 pounds 5 foot 10. the hispanic with dark brown eyes and a mole on the right side of his nose as well as a tattoo on his right shoulder. he was last seen driving a white or silver dodger chrysler minivan with a black rag top. rac top rather police believe that there are additional victims out there so anyone with information is being asked to call police. those one of those toasty nice days as we look at the embarcadero on this finally a friday if you're at the coast, you really felt the cooldown today inland areas in the bay area. >>maybe not so much, but their terror is coming chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here you could tell it was a a little bit less oppressive but still hot from >>so the 10500 to killed a 101 degrees as it works to bay area so still hot spots, but looks like finally that big ridge of high pressure that brought the record breaking heat is starting to weaken somewhat a move to the south
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you can see now suddenly surge of fog is developed that would usually see after one of these heat waves and we're seeing that now fact that fog making its way into the bay late in the afternoon that really up to drop the temperatures with the sea breeze kicking in some of these numbers down a good 14 degrees or so from yesterday's highs so really along the coastline, you felt that especially inside the bay and he started to feel a little bit of cooling in some of the interior valleys to but you'll see more pronounced cooling over the next couple days still manage to squeeze out a 100 to one today in livermore 100 in antioch 87 in hayward 87 amount to 72 degrees in san francisco 87 degrees in the napa valley still 95 for a high. in santa rosa nevado and also in the san jose so so some toasty temperatures but boy that looks good out there if you'd like some cooler weather that fog beginning to make its way and not only along the coastline. but inside the base or seen a surge of fog but it's still kind of a precious is pretty low level and that means that ridge of high pressure still weakening and still very strong up above us compressing that marine air
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temperatures are cool out along the coastline already 50's out toward the beaches. so that's warmer numbers. inland 78 degrees in conquer but remember last night at this time we're talking about some upper 80's. so you can tell the atmosphere changed the sea breezes kicked in and the temperatures going to dropping all around the bay area for the weekend. fog low clouds begin to move it along the coastline and that was a go sign to cool things off we're going to see more that overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, maybe even a little drizzle developing along the coastline but that fog begin to move up near a point raise as well and we're seeing more fog in the forecast right through the weekend too. the sea begin to strengthen as well we have some winds upwards of 20 miles per hour backed off just a little bit now, but we'll see that pick up again for tomorrow and sunday and that will carry with it more low clouds and some fog. tomorrow morning starting out some patchy fog early on then clearing and cooler temperatures more fog of sunshine but even cooler numbers as we head in towards sunday. i'm not only going to feel the coolness we are also going to notice the clear air you get that sea breeze going
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air quality looking good. no spare the air for tomorrow that's the first time in about 3 days we've been able to say that guys back to you all right, thank you lawrence. a story we've been following all week now video showing the moments that a man attacks a woman outside her apartment complex on beale street in san francisco happened over the weekend that attack went inside the lobby of that building. this is the suspect in today, the judge in the case is been. >>criticized by some decided that the suspect should be wearing an ankle monitor. or is now finger pointing between the judge the da's office and the victim. judge kristine van aken says she did not see that video of the attack during the 25 year-old austin vincent so arraignment, then they can says videos that usually play during a rain minson that she didn't see the video until the next day when she was actually out at a restaurant. a spokesperson for the district attorney's office also notes that video is not usually show
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during arraignments however, the victim here but he's sorry and claims that the da told her that the judge did see video of the attack prior to the arraignment. the judge says she stands by her decision to release the homeless man saying he has only one arrests for petty theft in the past 5 years. vincent, the suspect now must wear that gps ankle monitoring system while this case is being adjudicated and while the victim says she's glad the suspects will now the track. she remains frustrated with the justice system specifically the way the da's office in the city has handled the whole case on first and kerman spoke with a woman who was attacked and has that part of the story. >>the da's office he told me we did everything we could to keep this man inside. >>but it turns out that was not entirely true. during a court hearing friday we learned despite having video of this attack. the district attorney's office never showed it to san francisco superior court judge christine van aken
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before she ruled tuesday to really suspect austin vincent with the sort of case management pending his next court appearance. the da's office says videos are rarely shown during an arraignment, it makes no sense for them to keep that. >>most important piece of evidence away from the judge that night when she was initially making judgment. >>the knees casar ian is the woman you see being assaulted in the video. even were she says is the fact that prosecutors assured her that the judge had seen the video. >>and that's why i was so outraged that she saw that video and still let this man go and and he now it's a different question that why wouldn't the da show it or why would they tell me that they show that video to her. >>if there's one positive for casar ian. it's that the judge has now ruled the defendant austin vincent must be tracked with a gps ankle monitor. >>he's being monitored so we know where he is and he
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harming other or others or you know putting others address that that makes me feel a lot better yes, sorry and says she reached out to prosecutors friday afternoon and asked them why they told her but the judge and seen the video when she had not she says prosecutors told her they don't remember telling her that. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the wake of this attack near the embarcadero in san francisco man is now speaking out about being assaulted and harassed by a homeless man himself. >>twice to kron four's gayle ong is live in the city with this story, gayle. >>grant and vicki these incidents have been the last year, but this person is getting ptsd just hearing and seeing about this recent attack. he feels deep empathy for the victim. >>for a fact that she is not safe when he's out. >>riemann sullivan is talking about this a san francisco woman getting attacked by a homeless man near the
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embarcadero sunday sullivan who is also a city resident knows all too well with this woman went through he says he was attacked by a homeless man and his union square neighborhood then later harassed in 2018 both incidents, the suspect was asking for money and i refuse. >>the 3 dot words and i fell onto the sidewalk as a to get back up into new attempt to stop my head and i walked away from them avoiding what would have been from injury. >>sullivan says he was assaulted and harassed by the same man is in the booking. >>the police reports i think ones. >>who is apparently put in a facility then released the suspect sullivan months later to chase me into the walgreens. >>he wouldn't let me leave ongoing kill you you know all sorts of stuff. >>the suspect in this case was convicted on felony false imprisonment this recent attack is bringing back horrible memories. i felt immediately a sense of rage and just 4. >>that this judge allow this this guy dot com street. >>judge kristine danny can admit it she did not see the video of the attack before she
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ruled the suspect 25 year-old austin vincent to be released pending trial then say will be under supervision with the gps ankle monitor sullivan says mental health is the issue in both cases and helped doesn't take something drastic to make changes as if he and the courts are not going to act until someone is stabbed or shot field stopped. it's unfortunate. but that's the truth. >>feldman also says his attacker has harassed him a number of times after these incidents even went to his apartment home. he's just hoping there will be a push on mental health treatment in these types of cases live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>all right gail san francisco police are investigating a stabbing that happened in the lower haight officers say they responded to a call about 11 37 this morning on haight street near webster. police say they found a man stabbed in the face and abdomen he was transported to a hospital with non life threatening injuries police to not have any suspects at this time. in the
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north bay petaluma police arrested a woman on suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment. this after she allegedly hit 2 bicyclists at an intersection it happened wednesday afternoon on east the street and first street police say the woman did not stop at the traffic light when she hit the 2 bicyclist the 22 year-old woman admitted she had to drinking alcohol and her 4 month old child was in the car at the time the infant was not injured and has been released to a family member. a preliminary alcohol screening device indicated the woman's blood alcohol content was 0 point 1, 7%. >>long lines frustrated, travelers at customs and border protection at airports across the country today because of a computer system outage. >>gets back on line now but the outage had customs officers at san francisco intnational. manually processing travelers there kron four's michelle kingston tells us just how long travelers had to wait. >>people were waiting to 2. they didn't have a new s pen
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passport to get through that line from aston so exhausting for these travelers, we'd already had such a long flights with super simple. i think 3 hours now. 2 and a half hours. >>frustrated passengers and tired friends and family members waiting to pick up international travelers making up 16 students and 3 chaperones visiting. >>the flight landed 1130 and it's 3. >>people without us passports waited hours to get through customs at san francisco international airport due to a nationwide us customs and border protection computer system outage an official says there's no indication that the system was intentionally derailed it's unclear what may have caused the problem. >>it's all the way to the back. the hallway that leads back to the gates and those
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people are going to be in there a long time the headache started for travelers right as they landed at sfo, so we were we were sitting on the runway waiting for a gate to be opened. >>and then they brought the plane to the gate and we refused permission to disembark the line to get through customs, most so long some people tell us they had to sit on their planes and wait until there was room for them to get in line. >>and then. >>when we disembarked we got to the terminal and they said us citizens to last. and everyone else to the right. and the line of people. we don't have us passports write about. a couple of 100 people in it. >>the outage affected travelers coming off of dozens of flights from places like new zealand, london koeppen aig in germany. in san francisco, michelle kingston kron. >>on for news o'hare, some happier travel news, southwest, airlines is expanding service at oakland international airport. the airline is going off for flights to kona 4 times a week
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and service to look 3 times a week, southwest airlines first operated hawaii service back in march of this year from oakland to honolulu. >>a state jury will get to decide whether pg e's equipment started a deadly wildfire in sonoma county 2 years ago the tubbs fire killed 22 people and destroyed more than 5,000 homes. state fire investigators previously determined the fire was caused by a private electrical system. but victims of the fire disagreed and demanded a jury trial. if the jury decides the companies responsible for the fire pge could face a far more costly exit from its bankruptcy. >>bart is going to begin repairing tracks in the east bay and the work is expected to lead to major delays. repair start tonight and last through monday morning. now bart will be shutting down trains between walnut creek lafayette and orinda crews are replacing 50 year-old tracks and performing other upgrades farc is bringing in a large
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crane for this construction work which will force caltrans to take 2 lanes away on eastbound 24 near the bart station. delays could take up to 40 minutes if you're driving eastbound on 24. those delays could be as much as 30 minutes long. >>repairs to that crumbling concrete on the richmond sandra fell bridge are now complete caltrans crews have replaced 31 expansion joints on the bridge's upper deck the repair started back in february you may remember after a failed joint cause several pieces of concrete to start falling on vehicles. next year caltrans will replace 30 joints on the lower deck of the bridge. and in the coming weeks this year caltrans will be straightening a portion of the bridges steel truss which was damaged by a large truck. >>a partial win for the trump administration concerning its asylum rule. a federal appeals court will now allow asylum restrictions to take effect in texas and new mexico. but a previous injunction against the restrictions can remain for migrants claiming asylum
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in california and arizona that ruling came from the 9th circuit court of appeals which has often been a source of frustration for president trump. it determined because california and arizona are both under its jurisdiction. that migrants in those states can continue to receive protection. meanwhile, california is suing the trump administration over a new controversial immigration rule, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. they don't like immigrants. you don't like a myth or documented document. >>a son of immigrants, california attorney general have your best digging into the trump administration's latest immigration policy the state sued the administration friday over the public charge rule the policy would block green cards for many immigrants who use public assistance like medicaid food stamps, and housing vouchers this it argues the rule creates unnecessary new obstacles for hardworking immigrants who want to legally live in the united states this trump rule weaponize its nutrition health care and
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housing. ticking time bomb more than a dozen other states have filed similar lawsuits this marking california's 3rd lawsuit filed against the federal government just this week i never thought however i would start my week defending bald eagle. and my week defending the statute of liberty federal officials haven't commented on california's lawsuit specifically but us immigration officials have said they want self-sufficient people coming into this country. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>now to the us economy which recently has been showing some instability. the new headline fighting for time, though alongside the continuing epidemic of mass shootings said how to best attack. >>that problem president trump is recently weighed in on both. pamela brown reports.
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>>president trump with a notable possible gun reform legislation following last week's deadly mass shootings in el paso in dayton. telling supporters in new hampshire he will focus on mental illness years ago, many cities and states i remember so well. >>close mental institutions for budgetary reasons. have to give major consideration to building new facilities for those in need we have to do it. >>well not bringing up expanded background checks an issue, many republicans object to but that trump's pledge to pass. >>frankly. is tv background checks and senior administration official telling cnn today that trump still supports expanding background checks. >>after hinting, they may not be necessary in an interview with cnn affiliate wmu are coming up with a plan if we can.
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>>remember this we have a little background checks already trump didn't help the economy from the stage last night you have no the choice but to vote for me because your 4 o one k. so. >>well a booming economy is key to his 2020 reelection strategy and together we are making america wealthy again. >>i believe the president is worrying over potential economic downturn, calling bank ceos this week for an assessment of the economy. one republican telling the washington post he's rattled. >>meanwhile, sources say the president has suggested. >>the us should buy the island of greenland from denmark on multiple occasions with the white house counsel's office looking into the possibility. the 80% ice covered island is home to a us military base important to america's national security defenses and while trump isn't the only president who has tried to purchase the island. harry truman offered 100 million in
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gold in 1946. the island's government releasing a statement today saying quote greenland is not for sale. >>other news now peter fonda has died at the age of 79 the son of hollywood legend henry fonda. peter fonda became a star in his own right, both writing and starring in counterculture classics like easy rider the official cause of death was respiratory failure due to lung cancer and it was nominated for an oscar twice, but never won his family which includes1sister jane fonda says this is one of the saddest moments of their lives and they're asking for privacy. >>still to come tonight, a trendy clothing store is now letting people rent clothing how much it'll cost you to keep your wardrobe fresh without committing to a budget to close. >>plus new york commuters greeted by the bomb squad and a heavy police presence after what they found on the ground near the subway and why police in michigan are apologizing after stopping a black man for
9:22 pm
allegedly staring at a white woman. the word they used to
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>>for your money tonight, maybe you've heard of the company rent the runway will now there is another option for designer clothing rental that is in the marketplace and catching on banana republic. now says it's starting an online rental service for women, the style passport subscriptions going to run you $85 a month. and it will launch next month. customers can rent 3 different pieces from the brand at a time with an option to buy any of those items banana republic says it plans to add a rental program for men in the future. the seller of boozy seltzer water is getting a new supercharged player. >>number 4 loko will it unveiled its seltzer sour. the can brags on and it's the hardest seltzer in the universe with a 14%. alcohol by volume count that's nearly
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3 times higher than popular seltzer versions like white claw which is 5% boozy 4 loko is known for its line of high octane malt beverages jack you up the company stopped loading it ranks though with caffeine after they were banned from doing so in some states. >>we're winning journalist killed in a fiery plane crash. what we know so far about the moments before the plane went down. >>plus a community in crisis, not in the street, but out on the water, the novel way whgn north bay city is trying to help homeless people into a
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>>the city of sausalito is working to launch a pilot program to help bring homeless
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the water for a long period of time without continued maintenance it is going to deteriorate captain bill frost was sausalito pd is taking me out on a ride along to show me the efforts they've made in helping clear out much of the dilapidated boats off their shores. they used to be 77 votes more in eir waters now they're down to 18. but there are at least 200 more boats just outside their jurisdiction in richardson bay with around a 100 people believed to be living in all sorts of conditions. part of the concern is the unsafe way they're ord and those mornings are believed to be killing off isla grass in the water, those anchor outs destroy ill grass the eelgrass feeds the herring the herring feed migratory birds migrating from. >>the west coast from the north to the south and so this is really a much bigger issue than just sausalito. >>in order to coax the population living on these boats called anchor outs. the
9:31 pm
city of sausalito is launching what's called the safe harbor program they've convinced local marinas to free up slip space for 8 votes. i'm like people who live on the streets. >>people who are homeless or near homeless who live on boats don't want land based housing because they would have to give up their boat. so we needed to come up with a solution to allow them to keep their boat and yet not be endangered out in the bay in the wind in the currents in the storms during the winter those selected will be teamed up with social services to help them back on their feet and they'll get their slip fees paid for 6 months while the city helps them get a more permanent situation so we are working with the federal government to see if they're eligible for head. >>section 8 vouchers use towards a permanent little bored slip. >>i like it on the water, but can be rough. >>jerry cancel has been living on and off votes for the last 25 years and says he would welcome a more protected place
9:32 pm
to call home, but it's that. >>really rough out there people can get in and they're good. so it's it's much better to have access. you know what closer to. >>the city of sausalito is hoping to have the first of their anchor out moving into safe harbor within the next 2 months. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>make sure we're following tonight 2 people have died in a small plane crash near the new orleans airport nancy parker, an anchor reporter who works for a tv station in new orleans for decades was killed in that crash. she was shooting a story in a stunt plane when the crash happened. right near the airport parker and the pilot both died in the crash. as the aircraft was preparing to land. parker was 53 and is survived by her husband and 3 children agents from the f a a and ntsb are on their way to the scene right now to investigate what went wrong. yeah.
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>>a big story out of new york, the nation's busiest subway system came to a halt this morning. after reports of 3 suspicious devices found downtown. police have identified the devices 3 empty rice cookers are now looking for the man captured by video leaving to those packages near a subway station there is currently they are not calling him a suspect. >>we reviewed the video at the scene it places the pressure cooker. >>on the upper level and then on the lower level. >>there's a person of interest. obviously we like this make this present. >>the scare comes nearly 3 years after a similar scare when pressure cooker bombs injured at least 30 people in a new york city neighborhood officials have ruled that scare an act of terror, new york city's transit authority now reminding everybody of the slogan see something say something. >>a million dollars worth of drugs floating in the water that's what the us coast guard
9:34 pm
found near catalina island a caller reported. the floating narcotics packages in coast guard and baywatch crews were sent to investigate. you see what they found 43 bales of marijuana that is 1300 pounds of pot. if you do the math investigators don't know where the drugs came from, but they're investigating. >>michigan the states attorneys is investigating the conduct of a royal oak police officer after they had stopped or they stop for other a black man this week when a white woman allegedly said he was staring suspiciously at her now the video. the confrontation with police went viral on social media, simon shake it has the story. >>we're learning more about allegations of discrimination and racial profiling here in royal oak today, specifically a man who says he's a victim and his attorney meeting with police to file a formal complaint. >>as man is that. because
9:35 pm
cajun ladies said that he looked at her suspicions early this recent facebook video was taken after 20 year-old evan myers had police called on him by a white woman who allegedly accused him of looking at her suspiciously myers says at the time his request for a supervisor to be called was denied and he was made to feel like a criminal when all he wanted to do was park his car. >>and get some food at a nearby restaurant i see it on tv but i never thought it would happen to me especially not to her but area like this he has been pulled over walking it to go >>2. police officers today police released new dash cam video along with an apology and part of a statement saying quote. >>the officer had no legal right to demand the identification and should have simply advised mister myers why we were there and allowed him to go on his way devon is taking a nearby worker who shot the video and ultimately got police to call in a higher ranking supervisor, while no arrest was made. devon says a prior nasty run-in with one of the same officers has left him reluctant to return to royal oak you want to hear he just wanted to go on to say.
9:36 pm
>>we all the power you i have my bags i can do i want to have t listen. i don't want to lose he didn't want to hear my voice, the initial officer and his behavior how things could have been handled. it was addressed by the chief that things could have and should have been handled differently. police are also now saying what took place is unacceptable and both the responding officer and a supervisor didn't handle things in a manner expected of them. >>discipline and additional training are now being carried out the woman who called police near 4th and knowles has not been identified the royal oak mayor has issued a statement indicating the city is working every day to combat racial bias the chief understands and wants that as well. >>because it's very concerning not only for myself but devon and everyone else who viewed the video as to how how he was addressed by the officers. >>big change in the weather here in the bay area just in time for the weekend we're going to talk about that your getaway forecast ming up next and held dale earned card junior nascar royalty as well
9:37 pm
as his young family managed to walk away unharmed from this fiery plane crash. >>and ahead in sports. we take a trip to denver as the niners take their pre season preps to the mile high city we'll hear from. jimmy g after the break. time now
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for >>and will open up its of 49 ers football, the portion of training camp for the team gets to hit some new people at practice, how about that the niners in denver work now with the broncos this weekend in advance of their monday night pre season meeting many connections between the 2 squads kyle shanahan, son of former longtime broncos head coach mike shanahan denver's current man in charge vic fangio used to be the 40 niners defensive coordinator regard to football news of the day. another strong outing for the defense and jimmy garoppolo much improved after that horrendous 5 interception practice earlier this week. >>yeah that day and the years we've seen couple austria's
9:41 pm
pretty ticked off that defense got the bus to me that they saw you know was at bells back and forth spend it for us good for them and you know so you know he did a better football team but you know it's it's a competition, you is kind of like a good. another game this ruined. it was being able to go against another so you guys all the time. there's definite change up and you know everybody it's on wednesday. >>coming up a crowd for sport that and what a night for the bay area baseball teams late drama between the giants and diamondbacks in arizona also part 2 of a four-game series at the coliseum between the a's and astros last night was a home run derby tonight much
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>>car legend dale earnhardt junior and his young family escape the plane as it burst into flames here at a tennessee airport they are lucky juniors private plane rolled off the end of the runway through a fence. and eventually caught fire. >>earnhardt and his wife amy their 15 month-old daughter
9:45 pm
along with 2 pilots in the family dog they all survived. they has new video. >>you can see black smoke pouring out of the back of the plane and a man running toward the wreckage. moments later flames shoot up from one of the wings just seconds before the door to the plane pops open scrambling to get out or dale earnhardt junior and his wife amy and 2 pilots. their first concern is dale's one year-old daughter. she was headed to the first person off the burning plane who rushed her to safety. the video shows one person falling to the ground. then the family stop running from the wreckage. these 2 women called 911 from their office nearby watching in horror as flames spread across the plain. i just can't believe it was happening, especially right in front of our office. >>and then when we saw him escape and them hand a child out. both of our hearts just frank, it was really scary there wasn't much time for them to get out it really is a
9:46 pm
miracle that they got out before the planes over to the plane. >>both women say it was just 30 seconds to a minute later before second explosion cost flames to engulf much of the plane. we could see ntsb investigators around the plane for much of the day. feet away skid marks in the grass from the cessna citation business jet at the end of the runway before it went through a fence and ended up on the four-lane highway for much of the day raced and stop by to see the wreckage including bobby loveless and his son was middle name is dale after junior, you want to say to dale and his family tonight. >>that you're in our prayers and as blast. make a quick recovery. >>now it is a reporting for us tonight. >>take a look at this a fast-moving storm in albany caused a transformer to blow right outside one of our sister stations, this is video that was recorded there were multiple power outages in the area and a fire slowly spread
9:47 pm
across the lawn to the news 10 signed the station reports that just before 00:06pm tonight. there were strong winds heavy rain and thunder. obviously not the fire danger that we have here a in albany, new york. but certainly disconcerting nonetheless now 4 zone forecast and this. >>friday evening as we take a live loooutside san francisco's embarcadero this beautiful evening out and the fog back. and that pretty warm elsewhere. yeah, it very hot in the interior valleys so takes a little while for that marine air to work its way all the way in the but yeah we're going to feel more that over the weekend hey speaking weekend as you get away forecast in the monterey bay you'll find some patchy fog there in the morning giving way 2 little bit of sunshine in the carmel by the sea is 64 degrees 76 sunny in carmel valley and the southland 73 degrees long beach 80 degrees in pasadena about 77 downtown los angeles. and if you're headed up in the high country should be a beautiful day up
9:48 pm
there lake tahoe 83 degrees. this is just in the time of year. so it's little cool night but by day looking good 70 degrees in truckee 87 degrees, plenty of sunshine on the warm side in reno and carson city outside right now though we are areeginning to see the fog being to make its way in across san francisco into the bay atmosphere stuck out a loosening up so that fall kind of compressed right now, but that's going to change as high pressure kind of gets out of the way over the next couple of days, but fog the story in the afternoon you can see surgeon up along the coastline making his way a 4 point race right now and yeah, the start until inside the bay to sort of see more of that in the coming days in fact model start to pick up on a maybe even a little bit slow to pick up on too but that fog surging on shore maybe even a little drizzle along the coastline, especially saturday night and into sunday you can see right there as it starts to move in and then as we get to sunday afternoon you see some clearing but the temperatures going to come down probably going to be running below the average by a sunday afternoon. overnight lows remember yesterday we have 60's and even some 70's
9:49 pm
over the mountains, well it's back closer to normal overnight tonight 50's and some 60 so much more comfortable to sleep. temperature wise number's going to be down quite a bit 66 in the san francisco down from the 80's just a couple of days ago a lot of 60's along the coastline and cool that fog 67 degrees in millbrae about 72 and should be warm in san carlos 81 in mount view 81 santa clara and 82 degrees in san jose air quality is also looking good much improved from just today is we're going to see a nice see breeze and that will clear out your hair mid-eighties in those places that we have triple digits even today much cooler for tomorrow but boy really coming down just a couple of days ago as much as 20 to 25 degrees. temperatures in the north bay about 83 in santa rosa 74. in about about 71 degrees several fell 62 a mill valley. the weekend looking good and cooler too number staying down on monday and tuesday but here comes high pressure bringing the heat again by wednesday. i thank you lawrence, a warning tonight from the fca products are being marketed.
9:50 pm
>>to cure autism and serious diseases even cancer. yeah, and those products could have dangerous even life threatening side effects mandy gaither has more for us in today's health minute. >>it's being marketed online as a remedy to autism cancer hiv and aids hepatitis flu and more. but the us food and drug administration is warning consumers drinking products containing sodium chloride is like consuming bleach and is dangerous to your health. the products are known by various names, including miracle or master mineral solution miracle mineral supplement or mms chlorine dioxide protocol and water purification solution when mixed according to package directions. the liquid becomes a strong chemical that is uses bleach. the fda officials say drinking any of these products can cause nausea vomiting diarrhea and symptoms of severe dehydration. some product
9:51 pm
labels claim the side effects are evidence the solution is working. the fda says that claim is faults for today's health minute. >>up next is jay z preparing to become an nfl owner, the latest on h it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
9:52 pm
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>>hard to believe it's been a year now since the world lost the queen of soul beloved music legend aretha franklin died last year on august 16th. she succumbed to pancreatic cancer in her detroit home she was 76. >>the singer inspired countless others during her illustrious 5 decade long career that saw her take home 18 grammys. franklins powerful voice cross genres starting with a string of rmb hits including chain of fools and the time was anthem respect. she reinvented herself as a pop artist in the 80's with hits like freeway of love it.
9:55 pm
i knew you were duet with the george michael franklin became the first woman inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame back in 1987. online retailer frontier communications is offering one friend super fan. a $1000 to watch 25 hours of the hit nbc show the winner will be required to live tweet during the marathon and post selfies with their actual friends, the ones who haven't moved to yemen are currently backpacking through western europe along with the money the fan will get a 12 month subscription to netflix frontier communications currently accepting applications. for what they call the coolest temp job ever way better than selling toner. >>try that. days after announcing a partnership with the national football league. jay z apparently is looking to own an nfl team that came out today tmz is reporting that sources connected to jay z say that rap mogul wants to become a part owner of a teen he
9:56 pm
wants a significant stake in ownership tmz says because he's a huge fan already has a sports. business sand wants to continue to be a change agent for the nfl. jay z has experience with ownership. he was a minority owner of the brooklyn nets in the nba, but he sold that stake in in 2013. that wraps up kron 4 news at night. >>but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore and kim waiter here, the proper news at 10. dickey a grant. thank >>10 o'clock it's a story everybody's talking about the homeless man seen attacking a woman outside her building. now the judge to release him says she never saw this video of the assault. >>we hear from the victim who's now pointing the finger at the da's office and we also speak to a san francisco man who says the same thing happened to him. his attacker was also allowed to walk free. a live report.
9:57 pm
>>learning about a long time louisiana television anchor who was killed in a plane crash while working on a story in north ones how she's being remembered tonight and we're just hours away from a major construction project that will affect barked and close lanes on a busy freeway in the east bay, what you need to know don't go away our tree of kron 4 news in pri more outrage
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
tonight over this attack in san francisco earlier this week. this is video that captured a woman struggling to get away from a man outside her condo building on beale street near the embarcadero now the accused attacker must wear a gps ankle monitoring system. thanks for joining us. it and i'm ken why and i'm


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