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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 17, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- ♪ miley's new breakup song revealing what went wrong with liam? and taylor swift married? news from her new song and why justin timberlake music comeback could come with a big collaboration then -- behind the scenes flings at 90210. brian austin green naming names. >> we hooked up. > and drew barrymore on the daily, her plans to be a talk show host. >> i can't wait to go to work. this is "entertainment tonight." thank you so much for joining us, everyone. some big star news to wrap up your week. here are tonight's top
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stories. it's miley's new breakup ballad. ♪ baby, we were found but now we're lost so it's time to let it go ♪ >> last night cyrus released the song "slide away," five days after she announced she and liam were over -- and fans are trying to decode it. ♪ so won't you slide away back to the ocean i'll go back to the city lights so won't you slide away ♪ >> remember, she left her house in the city to move with liam in malibu. then there are lyrics. ♪ i want my house in the hills don't want the whiskey and pills >> multiple reports blamed liam's alleged drinking. but miley writes about not wanting alcohol and drugs, even posting this image to accompany the track. besides her own past sobriety struggles, there's more of miley's art imitating life. ♪ move on, we're not 17 i'm not who i used to be ♪
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>> i'm 17, i'm like, i'm going to have a boyfriend. >> yep, she's talking about liam. they met on the set of "the last song," and were dogged by the paparazzi. >> it kind of stinks if you're taking a vacation and people are snapping pictures. so that was kind of weird, i guess, for liam and i to experience that together. >> cut to last weekend, photogs were focused on another romantic vacation. >> this is lovely kaitlynn carter. >> yesterday, brody jenner's ex didn't mention her italian rendezvous with miley. today, brody is defending kaitl kaitlynn. she and brody don't see eye to eye on having kids. >> i wouldn't mind waiting. >> how many years are we going to say this? it's a good day for swiftiestaylor swift just dropped a new track and it's a call to "lovers" everywhere. ♪ you're my my my my >> this is no diss track. ♪ lover
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>> t-swift's newest single is the title track off her upcoming album "lover." ♪ ladies and gentlemen will you please stand ♪ >> fans were quick to dissect the lyrics and connect them to the song's obvious inspiration -- her boyfriend, 28-year-old british actor, joe alwyn. ♪ i've loved you three summers now honey but i want 'em all ♪ >> this is the most obvious nod to her man. the two started dating sometime late 2016 and these lyrics have people thinking that a wedding is coming -- or maybe have already happened. ♪ my heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue ♪ >> borrowed? blue? be still my heart. one swiftie posted, "me realizing 'lover' is essentiay >> i can't -- get out! >> i love the idea and i love writing about it. >> you better not write a song
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about this. i won't, and then i do. one song she wrote about was joe jonas. joe jonas has been very busy with brothers on tour, and yesterday, his birthday, he was serenaded by his fans. and his wife sophie brought out a cake to blow out. i wonder if they finished the cake by the ocean after the show. ♪ okay, stop, are justin timberlake and lizzo collaborate sfg jay-z got us hyped with the award. >> we reaedstars, so far no res. so far, all we can do is hope. ♪ all right, let's get you up to speed on some more headlines. first up in tonight's "know and tell" -- "90210's" real-life hookup.
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>> she said you two hooked up. >> no, no, we -- wait, tori said that we did? >> tori said that you guys hooked up. >> we hooked up. >> caught ya. yes, brian austin green at first tried to deny his on-set fling with tori spelling. >> we did. but it was -- we were young and so that's what young people do. >> also on last night's "watch what happens live" brian revisited his romance with tiffani amber thiessen. >> we dated. i always sort of played i'll wait for someone to come to me because i don't deal with rejection well. >> now, tiffani was on "90210" for five seasons but wasn't asked to appear in the show's current reboot. she told "e.t." her work schedule kept her from returning to her "90210" days. >> busy, but could you pop up? >> i'm literally in the middle
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of my season. >> but last night, her chatty cathy ex had a different story. >> well, the reboot was the original cast, she wasn't in the original cast. >> that sounds like an easy way to exclude her. don't dismiss the pow other of drew barrymore. talk show host? it's in the works. here she is backstage during the taping. what makes drew the perfect fit for daytime talk? well, besides the fact that we watched her grow up we love her romcom appeal. >> i'm so in love with you. >> the 44-year-old mom of two is funny and relatable. >> a smile is better than any lipstick you're ever going to buy. that's the real skin, mom skin she got a lot of celebrity friends. if her talk show gets picked up it will air in the fall of 2020.
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>> i think a lot of who i am. show time! meanwhile, 2019 belongs to disney. ♪ a whole new world >> the studio just became the first to have five films cross the $1 billion mark in a single year. yes, that billion with a "b." >> that's the beauty of the disney magic, you know. >> let's kaboom, go! >> "toy story 4" put the mouse house over the top, reaching the billion-dollar club this week. tim allen certainly spread the word on "e.t." >> i'm telling you this is a good one. >> you need help with that if. >> no, i got it. >> so here's disney's billion-dollar clubhouse. "avengers: endgame," which has soared to $2.8 billion. "the lion king" continues to roar with 1.3 billion. aladdin just overtoy story roun. ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> and let's put this feat in perspective, disney could have done half the business and still beat all its rivals at the box
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office. in fact, sony is the only other studio with a billion-dollar movie this year, just one, "spider-man: far from home." >> that was so good. >> and disney is not done yet. the total could easily hit seven movies with two more blockbusters on the way -- "frozen 2" hitting theaters on november 22nd. >> i don't want to say anything can top "let it go," but there will be some contenders. >> i won't let anything happen to her. >> and "star wars: the rise of skywalker" opens december 20th. both films are considered a sure bet to reach the billion-dollar universe. coming up -- stars and their superfashionable mini-mes. did their outfits cost more than a car? >> we're already fighting over bags. then -- st. elmo's fire is
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coming to tv. the iconic and patricia heaton's tv career, where she
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minutes away on "e.t." -- marlon wayans
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now to patricia heaton who just might be the secret to sitcom success. she starred in "the middle" and, of course, "everybody loves raymond," and now she's gearing up to prescribe even more primetime laughs, as "e.t.'s" leanne aguilera found out. >> patricia, you're coming off two fan-favorite series, they both ran for nine seasons each. >> yes. >> i need the squash. >> are you as turned on as i am right now? >> what was it about "carol's second act" that made you want to be a part of this series? >> i heard kyle was available. >> steve frost, senior attending doctor. >> carol kenney, intern. >> that's right, patricia heaton is scrubbing in for a big return to cbs as a retired teacher turned medical intern. and she's already got her eye on the silver fox doc, kyle maclachlan. >> there's an interns burning flame there as you can probably image. the two of us, vibrant
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sexual beings that we are. >> people want to see us get together, i'm telling you. >> they like old people doing it. >> there in the hospital. >> in the supply closet. >> exactly. >> i mean, hey, it happens on "grey's anatomy." >> really that's all that happens. those poor patients in that hospital. >> many, many deaths. >> patricia herself knows all about second acts. the two-time emmy winner almost didn't make it to hollywood. >> i had been in new york for about nine years and just couldn't get arrested. i had to produce my own plays in order for me to hire myself and i almost didn't hire myself. >> lucky for us it did pay off. and since heaton is an executive producer on her new show, might we see some past co-star reunions? >> i'll be interviewing people in my trailer. >> well, i was going to say, is there any talk about maybe stunt casting ray romano or brad garrett? >> kelsey grammar. >> why not? >> we shall see. we're open to all kinds of possibilities. >> are you done? >> i'm just getting started.
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did i say that? yes, i am done. still ahead -- st. elmo's fire is coming back. >> we're having some fun. >> we picked the new brat pack dream cast. plus, demi moore and rob lowe remember their former co-star patrick swayze. >> so beautiful. >> did you know that patrick didn't get alone with dirty dancing's jennifer grey. stories from the set. closed captioning provided by --
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all right, time for your friday fashion fix. tonight, it's all about celebrity kid couture. ♪ take my horse >> kim k. recently posted these shots of north calling her the "ultimate fashionista." for the family trip to japan, here, she picked these almost $600 mermaid fishnet leggings with flowers and a source tells us the furry kitten heels? she got those in the princess section at a kids' store. then to match this tie-dye t-shirt, north borrowed her mom's $35,000 dior purse. >> we're already fighting over bags. >> north's casual looks total more than some people's house mortgage. oh, and you better believe north wears dad's yeezy slides. as for saint? he's fine with gucci. >> dada. >> during kylie jenner's birthday trip to italy, 18-month-old stormi matched her mama, both wearing royal blue ruched dresses and white
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they also wore these princess gowns made of swarovski crystals and english tulle. khloe's version? $7,500. true's? just two grand. >> only i can see my face. >> john and chrissy's girl luna is all about playing dress up and putting her sandals on little brother miles. and, jessica simpson often matches her mini-me, 7-year-old maxwell. the perk of being jessica's girl? she wears clothes from her mama's children's clothing line. oh, and she gets first dibs on shoes. >> my feet grew with every pregnancy. if i go another half size up i'm going to be really upset but maxwell and this one will have all the shoes from size 7 to 8.5. now to the next big remake that has everyone talking, "st. elmo's fire" is coming to tv. nbc is plotting this modern remake of the 1985 brat pack classic, but we can't celebrate its tv future without flashing
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back to its big-screen past, and of course, "e.t." was on set. ♪ i can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky ♪ >> i understand everybody on the cast hates each other and you don't get along. >> oh, yes, absolutely. we're quite a crowd. we're quite a crowd. ♪ st. elmo's fire >> the year? 1984. the crew? known as "the brat pack." >> we're having some fun. >> rob was only 20 and already a teen heartthrob. >> hello at home. >> we go out to all the great bars around georgetown, but we've been doing a lot of exercising the old elbow. ♪ i like a girl who drinks >> well, the drinking age was 18 back then. >> action! >> "e.t." cameras rolled as the cast shot the film's graduation sequence. >> emilio, who was 22 at the time, had never been to college. >> what do you think you're missing? >> beer blast.
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that's the number one priority. >> as for who could play the new brat pack in nbc's reboot? we've got our dream cast. how about "the perfect date's" noah centineo for emilio's law student kirby? for rob's sexy sax player, billy, we got our eyes on the equally sexy ansel elgort. >> you should know. >> for sultry party girl, jules, we're thinking "riverdale's" camila mendes. >> i'm sort of like the baby, the newcomer. they've made me feel right at home, i must say. >> of course, the film launched the career of then 21-year-old demi. >> i'm going to dance. >> but demi almost blew her chance. she was reportedly in rehab just two weeks before shooting started. >> i play jules and she's just a real exciting person to play. she's a lot like me. i have a we within this film. >> what are you majoring in? >> drama. >> ally sheedy, the architect, could be played by
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katherine langford from "13 reasons why." >> as for ally's two lovers? we pick "the kissing booth's" jacob elordi for yuppie judd nelson.and for the anguish played by andrew mccarthy, how about jaden smith? while andrew's character was a bit moody, behind the scenes it was all about fun. >> somebody's dropping their shorts, i knew it. hook that camera around, let's prove that this is really happening. >> i knew it. >> yeah. >> here, about. stars of "st. elmo's fire" also have a strong connection to the late patrick swayze. rob met him on "the outsiders." for demi, it was "ghost." both take part in the new documentary "i am patrick swayze," honoring the movie icon we lost far too soon. ♪ >> the movement of it was so erotic and beautiful. and i think he had balance between strength and softness. >> i think "ghost" is his best
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movie. i think is his best movie. seeing that sort of rough guy give that -- dude, that speech he gives her at the end, are you kidding me? are you kidding me? >> i love you, molly. >> ditto. >> that's one of those things you can pull up on youtube and it's just like -- >> as soon as we started dancing as jt like -- >> the two-hour film shows never-before-seeme movies, revealing a side of patrick the world didn't know. >> i mean, you're only on this planet for so long. go for it now. >> patrick performed like he had something to prove. he was a gymnast, a world-class cowboy, a ballet dancer, really? >> our brooke anderson sat down with patrick's "red dawn" co-star c. thomas howell, who revealed even before "dirty dancing," patrick and jennifer grey did not get along. >> they were like oil and water. i'll never forget there was actually a love scene in "red dawn" between patrick and jennifer.
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patrick had a couple of nips to get into the love scene. jennifer took offense to that. >> and while patrick became a worldwide sex symbol, his widow lisa says she was never jealous. >> how did you handle all the female fan attention? >> patrick and i had gone to acting classes together. we were used to seeing us in scenes where we're kissing other people. when all this fan hoopla started and he became so desirable, you know, you're doing good, boy. i am patrick swayze begins airing this sunday on the paramount network coming up -- marlon wayans like you never seen him before. how he transformed into six characters for his new netflix movie.
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travel consideration provided by -- monday on "e.t." -- >> i just instantly start crying. >> dwayne chapman back to work after the passing of his wife beth. only we've got their tv joyride, jay leno and kevin hart. monday on "e.t." you're my brother russell. >> come here, pal. stranger danger. stranger danger. >> marlon wayans stars in the new netflix comedy "sextuplets"" which just started streaming
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today. and i think they must have saved a lot of money on casting because he plays all six siblings. >> or maybe he gets all six paychecks. how did marlon do it? only we can show you. >> bye. >> my mama had six babies at the same time. we're sextuplets. just got to find the rest of them. >> i always wanted to do that. >> what the hell? >> you smell like money. is the most work i have ever did in my life. >> turning into brother russell took seven hours., that's how y fight. >> he knows about siblings. in real life he has nine of them.
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