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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>adding is >>now at 8 a family in the south bay is grieving and confused. a man who had a 3 year-old son was shot and killed early thursday morning at a gas station. thank you for joining us tonight at 8 i'm j r stone and i'm justine waldman kron four's gayle ong spoke with the victim's family tonight. >>she joins us now live in san jose with their story, gayle. >>just j r the family
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devastated as you can imagine they don't want this case to go cool the shooting happened less than a mile away from his home. brian castro was beloved by family and friends. they say he had no enemies use a good kid. >>and do i was him all the time. but it did because i want him to be strong for years i gang member nothing. >>that's why those who knew the 21 year-old san jose native are confused by his violent death as he went to get gas at this our go gas station on center road near south san jose, relatives are devastated to bring story. it was sometime after one in the morning thursday when he was shot, we're told he was with his good friend at the time who was also shot san jose police say they drove themselves to kaiser permanente san jose medical center for treatment but he
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cannot be saved and later died officers arrived at the hospital just before 02:00am his friend is going to be ok right now is she's thinking is. >>this is a nightmare. she wishes this wasn't true. >>speaking through a translator, castro's mother says he was never in trouble, he went to school and just bought a new car, he was excited about and the heart is broken into pieces right now. >>she wants justice for her son her son was a very good son. he was a father he was a brother. 2 on. >>and he was very loving his mother says castro always care for his 3 year-old son. now rob of his father. >>san jose police say the motive behind the shooting is still unclear no word on any arrests, reporting live in san jose gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you so much gayle now we go to the east bay where a woman is warning others tonight out about a person who's stealing purses
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targeting people who are at hair salons video shared with kron 4 news shows a thief taking the woman's handbag from a walnut creek salon and then later trying to use the stolen credit cards at a mall you can see that video right here kron four's dan thorn is live in walnut creek tonight with more from this victim them. >>well jay are the woman said she was closing up the salon last week when someone walked in and then stole her expensive handbag right out of the employee break room and now she's alerting other hair salons about this suspected purse snatcher because she believes they're being targeted. security video from a walnut creek hair salon shows a woman wearing a baseball cap and apparently snatching a purse. >>that isn't hers believe it on hand bag filled with cash and credit cards actually belongs to get the right now sen. >>a substantial cash in their cards gift cards everything pretty pretty good amount of money that she left with. >>nelson says on saturday night she was finishing up
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with a client when a woman quickly came in appearing to need to use the batoom thinking nothing of it nelson continue to work and then 5 minutes later saw the unknown woman storm and the salon she later realized her expensive handbag was missing from the employee break room. >>it's frustrating because i feel like she. had a game plan. and executed it well with i don't know 5 minutes and now >>within the next hour. nelson was alerted her card was declined at the shoe palace at stones town galleria in san francisco. this woman not wearing a hat that appeared to be carrying nelson's handbag walked in wanting to buy some shoes. the suspected purse snatcher is later seen a checkout rummaging through nelson's wallet and unsuccessfully trying to use different cards after they were all declined she left the store. nelson says she's not the only hair stylist who has recently fallen victim to that. she says it's been happening at hair salons more and more. >>it's jus i guess today's world and. for some odd reason
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salons are getting hit. a lot right now. yeah we just have to be an extra caution has been walk up our belongings. >>well the creek police are handling this investigation, anyone with any information is encouraged to give them a call. reporting live in walnut creek dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan happening tomorrow power outages are planned for treasure island and you're but boy in a island. outages started this morning and will conclude between 12:01am sunday. it's happening so the port of oakland can perform maintenance in that area that supplies power to the islands. the island's we use generators but transitioning from the power grid to those generators requires one hour interruptions. >>look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast here is the city of san francisco along the embarcadero and a foggy shot
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right now certainly as we're joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to break it all down but we've had a really hot temperatures than normal temperatures little bit of a roller coaster yeah, a little bit of a roller coaster and we're going to warm back up again by the middle of the next week so enjoy the cool down while it lasts we did notice a strong sea breeze out there and that helped pull most of our interior valleys. >>into the 80's so no one was in the 90's or triple digit heat much needed and much welcome relief for good 10 to 15 degrees cooler for the most part for most of today and thanks to that cool sea breeze. we're also noticing the return of that marine layer right along immediate coastline. right now his ability to pour said moon bay up to 3 miles. but it is starting to make its way into the interior valleys as i speak and current wind speeds out there right now the gutsiest in fairfield 25 mile per hour sustained winds. everyone else relatively calm with the exception of napa and livermore light a breezy double digit wind speeds but the biggest drop in temperatures were in our interior valleys in the east bay and north bay upwards of
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20 degrees cooler just from 24 hours ago earlier this afternoon and now we're still noticing that double digit trend even at 8 o'clock this evening. so temperatures out there right now widespread 60's but some low 70's for antioch in mid 70's for those of you in redwood city and we're going to notice that cooling trend continuing even for the 2nd half of your weekend. not only my tracking a stronger sea breeze but a thicker marine layer that is going to bring us some measurable amounts of patchy coastal drizzle to start out your sunday morning. details on how cool it's going to get for the 2nd half of your weekend in just a few minutes just him back to you thank you so much not to the south bay where 2 men. >>and one woman are now behind bars for robbery and assault that happened in a millbrae hotel happened back on june 24th at the executive inn and mc road. when police received a call from the victim saying they had just been assaulted by 3 people and that he had been robbed of his wallet cell phone and jewelry. the victim was taken to a nearby hospital
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and he identified the woman who attacked him as 28 year-old alleyway holcomb police arrested her as well as 33 year-old marino and 20 year-old chacao bree worry for robbery and battery with serious injury. all have now been booked into the santa clara county jail. >>the man accused of attacking a woman outside or san francisco condo on beale street was in court friday. a judge ordered that 25 year-old austin vincent wear an ankle monitor until his next court appearance. that same judge that ordered vincent release from jail after his first appearance earlier this week. the judge revealed she had not seen video of the attack before she ordered his release. a spokesperson for the san francisco district attorney's office also weighed in. >>see that video. she'll be.
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years or not generally played at arraignment, sometimes they are i think that. and you know what you draw your own conclusion. >>the victim in the attack says she's glad that vinson will be tracked by his gps ankle monitor. >>but she is still frustrated with how he was released without a monitor kron four's dan kerman spoke with her. >>the da's office he told me we did everything we could to keep this man inside. >>but it turns out that was not entirely true. during a court hearing friday we learned despite having video of this attack. the district attorney's office never showed it to san francisco superior court judge christine van aken before she ruled tuesday to really suspect austin vincent with the sort of case management pending his next court appearance. the da's office says videos are rarely shown during an arraignment, it makes no sense for them to keep that. >>most important piece of
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evidence away from the judge that night when she was initially making judgment. >>penney's casar ian is the woman you see being assaulted in the video. even were she says is the fact that prosecutors assured her that the judge had seen the video. >>and that's why i was so outraged that she saw that video and still let this man go and and he now it's a different question that why wouldn't the da show it or why would they tell me that they show that video to her. >>if there's one positive for casar ian. it's that the judge has now ruled the defendant austin vincent must be tracked with a gps ankle monitor. >>he's being monitored so we know where he is and he harming other or others or you know putting others andris that that makes me feel a lot better. yes, sorry and says she reached out to prosecutors friday afternoon and asked them why they told her. but the judge and seen the video when she had not she says prosecutors told her they
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don't remember telling her that. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>now after this attack we are now hearing from a man who says that he was attacked by a homeless person twice last year. raymond sullivan says he was attacked by a homeless man and his union square neighborhood and then harassed by the same man in 2018 he says during both incidents. the suspect was asking for money and this recent attack is bringing up some horrible memories. >>i felt immediately a sense of rage and just 4 that this judge allow this this guy dot com street. >>the suspect and his case was convicted on felony false imprisonment. sullivan hopes now there will be a push on getting mental health treatments for these types of cases. coming up tonight. police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman inside of a parked restroom. we'll tell you where it happened coming. >>plus anti-gun advocates came
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together to protest gun laws in the u s we hear from fed up attendees and san francisco mayor london breed. >>and if you ride barked or drive in the east bay expect some major delays this weekend we'll tell you when everything should be back on tra wireless network claims are so confusing.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news expect some delays this weekend in contra costa county bart is repairing tracks and that work is going to affect both train and highway traffic. >>kron four's christina tate wrote took a trip to the lafayette station has details. >>if you plan on taking part anywhere to in from the east bay this weekend expect major delays here in lafayette everything is already closed off and construction is underway. but will be shutting down trains between walnut creek lafayette, the renda you can see those areas right here on this map. crews are replacing 50 year-old tracks and performing other upgrades needed to the area where does bring in a large screen for this construction work which
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will force caltrans to take 2 lanes away on eastbound 24 near the bart station were will of buses running between lafayette near end but as delays could take up to 40 minutes and if you're driving eastbound on 24 delays could be as much as 30 minutes. >>replacing a lot of equipment here that we're replacing about 10,000 feet. train control cable were placing more than 300 insulators which help to stabilize the 3rd rail which powers are trains were doing tile work here at the lafayette station we're placing nearly pounds of ballast of law it used to stabilize the track so when we get a shutdown we make the most of our time to fully be also tells me that so far construction has been going smoothly here in the lafayette area. >>and they are on track to go ahead and finish everything up by 05:00am on monday morning. he said it would only be a worst case scenario that things take longer than that and he said that it was part of original intention to make sure everything is finished up over the weekend. so it doesn't interrupt the normal traffic you're on bart monday through friday. reporting in lafayette, christina tetreault.
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>>and starting on monday paper tickets world no longer be available at the embarcadero bart station in san francisco, this elimination as part of a pilot program bart launch the summer to encourage riders to use clipper card. barr will also phase out paper ticket sales at the powell street station and the downtown berkeley station in september customers will still be able to use and reload paper tickets at those stations but barr has a goal to transition to total clipper card use by next year. >>live look outside on this saturday evening you can see the golden gate bridge are a little hazy outside but we can still see the bridge. >>our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with our forecast after a hot a couple of days, we've cooled down how long has this cooldown going to last you it's going to last for one more day and we gradually start to warm up again so fortunately today, no heat advisories, no spare the air alerts and no one in the 90's were either at or well below average average high for santa rosa, 70 9 degrees you
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cool down today and you should be in the mid 80's, so hope you enjoy those pleasant temperatures in london near average highs for downtown san francisco, 69 degrees in just one degree above average. so overall the cooling trend well underway right now in the bay area and it's even going to continue for the 2nd half of your weekend and here's a live look outside from our alcatraz camera and you could see low and high clouds making its way fog us out in full force right now along the bay area coastline. and it is extending inland, so we are going to notice thicker marine layer and also patchy coastal drizzle during the overnight hours and even into your early sunday afternoon as well and it's going to bring us measurable amounts of light rain really just racism out right along the coast and even into napa as well. but drier conditions for most of our interior valleys in temperatures out there right now widespread low to mid and even upper 60's antioch those 71 degrees in redwood city, currently at 73 degrees. the warmest location out there
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right now. lows will dip into the mid to upper 50's with the exception of antioch cooling down to 64 degrees and wake-up planner forecast is going to show a very cloudy start to the day in fact most of our coastal areas, we'll see more clouds and sun so we're going to be about 2 degrees below average there and that cooling trend will also continue into our interior valleys we're going to cool down about 5 degrees below normal for this time of year so downtown san francisco 66 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs, oakland 72 degrees in san jose in the low 80 so enjoy the comfortable pleasant temperatures for most of our interior valleys, widespread 60's along the coast 70's as you make your way inland with the most interior valleys in the low to mid 80's and that cooling trend will be very short lived because we're going to gradually warm up to near average by tuesday with another mini heatwave making its way into the bay area by mid week, lasting through thursday, but fortunately, no one in the triple digits for interior valleys, but we are going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average and then
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slightly cooling down just in time for the weekend john justine back to you. thank you so much mabrisa in the north bay petaluma police arrested a woman. >>on suspicion of driving under the influence and child endangerment. this after she allegedly hit 2 bicyclist at an intersectcon happened wednesday afternoon on these d street and first street police say sofia beetham did not stop at the traffic light when she hit the 2 cyclists they both suffered minor injuries. 22 year-old beat them admitted she had been drinking alcohol and her 4 month-old child was in the car at the time. the infant was not hurt. and has been released to a family member, a preliminary alcohol screening device indicated the woman's blood alcohol content was 0.1 7%. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing in the lower haight happened around 11 30 friday morning on haight street near webster police say they found a man stabbed in the face and
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stomach. he was transported to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. police do not have a suspect or a motive justine. >>police are searching for 2 people who carjacked 2 different victims at a mcdonald's parking lot this happened this morning in modesto and christy grosz has details. >>modesto police are searching for 2 attempted carjacking suspects that approach to different drivers and shot a man early saturday morning the separate incidences have been here in the parking lot of this mcdonald's on the 1800 block of prescott road. police say the first reports of an attempted carjacking came in around 04:00am that victim. >>was actually able to drive away from the scene and call the police department to report a police urging kalani sue the tells fox 40 as officers rushed to respond to that driver. they got another call of a second attempted carjacking this time things escalated one of the suspects did produce a firearm and actually shot at that vehicle as it was slain trying to escape the attempted car jacking the suspects were able to get away but police say a 26 year-old man was shot the
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victim now hospitalized in critical but stable condition. >>they are very bold to attempt is not one but 2 times in the same exact location and then jack she produced a firearm and fire at them as the subjects are leaving the victims are leaving that is a very bold statement by these 2 police say they're stepping up patrols near that mcdonald's inside the brakes. more plaza throughout the day and night as the search for the 2 suspects continues, but it is important that we get these 2 gentlemen identified so that way we can get them into custody. >>to protect the rest of our community members him and christy grosz. >>coming up hundreds of people attended a funeral for a woman killed in the el paso mass shooting after her husband invited the public to give her a special send-off plus a jewelry heist caught on camera we
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>>have to see it appears to police to would be jewelry
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thieves staged a daring afternoon robbery in santa can see it happening right here yeah, they store owner decided to fight back. >>it was all caught on surveillance camera. jay rayner has the story. >>it was around 02:40pm on an otherwise normal thursday afternoon. you can see the shop owner tending to his inventory. then at a store ironically named heist it happened. a mask suspect entered in a flash in with a sledgehammer smashed a display case. the owner's actions screamed not today as he intervenes pushing the suspect outside unbeknownst to the owner a second mass suspect appears and strikes him with his own sledgehammer after a short struggle, the suspects leave empty handed. we spoke with the store's manager who wished to remain off camera they took nothing. >>they didn't get in we heist and then >>santa monica police say the pair jumped in a getaway car.
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they were caught because that guy outside and tesla who is a customer of ours saw them running up the street. so he followed them all of their car and was on the phone with the police entire time the trio was eventually tracked down by officers and arrested. >>while video right there there was a 4th suspect who police say miss the getaway car was eventually arrested. >>3 of the 4 were minors and they were all booked on robbery and assault charges. next up how lawmakers plan to honor black baseball players from the 1920's. >>plus bay area police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman inside a local parks re
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>>people who use a center of santa rosa park are on edge tonight after a woman was sexually assaulted inside of a parks bathroom it happened friday morning at how earth park near the family recreation site. >>kron four's has details from police on a possible suspect.
8:31 pm
>>it was 08:00am friday when the 55 year-old victim says she was pulled into this restroom and sexually assaulted though several parkgoers i spoke with were shocked to hear the news. one woman i spoke with says this is exactly why she always stays alert. >>i'm really surprised because the is some we have people hanging around and most times maria revelle runs through how earth park every day. >>she says getting the notification of friday's sexual-assault confirmed what she already knew it just made me realize that me carrying out a pepper spray and being a way of what's happening. >>actually important that is not just in my head because things actually do happen or it's an unfortunate thing that happened everything we can. do a comprehensive investigation and find the suspect sergeant marcus sprayed with santa rosa police says the victim was walking out of the restroom to go on a hike. >>that's when she was attacked. >>he pushed her back into the
8:32 pm
bathroom and sexually assaulted her. this is the victim described the suspect as a black male adele between 2030 years old between 5, 8, 1, 6, 2, heights and with a heavy build an official her officers canvassed the park friday and again on saturday looking for the suspect. >>but he remains on the loose runners like ravel say it won't stop her from going on her daily runs. but it is a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings your woman, especially if you're running in the morning all like. >>late in the day when it's not as busy but and as a cane is on a bit still have to be alert. >>a reward up to $2500 is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest of this suspect in santa rosa know al bello kron 4 news. san bruno police arrested a man and in connection with possession of a concealed firearm it happened early friday morning on the 2000 block of rolling would drive when police found a suspicious vehicle in a
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parking lot with a man inside. police searched the car of 19 year-old thomas eugene walston junior of daly city and found a loaded firearm underneath the driver's seat. walsh was arrested for an outstanding warrant and then taken into custody in palo alto a cow train struck an empty vehicle it happened last night on a 40 at the charleston road grade crossing. there was a 90 minute delay as emergency crews were called to the scene to investigate. none of the 306 people on board were hurt and no word on who owns the vehicle or why it was left unintended on the tracks. >>gun violence was the topic of discussion in san francisco today, demonstrators met outside of city hall and they rallied for reform to gun laws. this is the nation grips with the terrifying new normal of mass shootings kron forcefully chagall spoke to protesters and city leaders. we believe the issue has reached a tipping point. a
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grieving mother his late son was the innocent victim to gun imploring the crowd outside city hall in san francisco to push lawmakers to act there to be accountability and didn't breed among the city and state leaders to speak at the rally supervisor catherine stephanie who doubles as a member of the group moms demand action's due to sharing a direct message for the us senate as time. >>it's time to pass a red flag bills and it's time to remind everyone that every day i 100 americans die because of gun violence and several more injured. >>and the shootings are happening all over the place and in all environments movie theaters churches festivals and schools so you definitely have those stated they you know when you're sitting near the door would i be the first to die says came to the room the frightening new normal for students and teachers are senate would come back from recess and then consider passing a jury which is the
8:35 pm
background check bill we might have you know a chance a significant change in this country that would that would help not only me but my children feel safe where there's been a lot of targeting of minorities. with just minorities and ethnic minorities. and up is an american citizen about this and demonstrators say they will continue to protest until something is done to win in san francisco. collegiate all. >>kron 4 news. >>new details tonight in the dayton ohio mass shooting. we've learned the man who killed 9 people was high on cocaine and that's not all. according to the montgomery county coroner. connor betts had cocaine an anti exam and xy and not anxiety excuse me. >>medication in his system alcohol in his system as well when he opened fire august 4th. the medication was xanax which is a controlled substance. that's was wearing a bulletproof vest but died when police opened fire on him, 9 people were killed 17 others were wounded. in the
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massacre. >>el paso man buried his wife of 22 years this morning 2 weeks after losing hernd that mass shooting at a texas wal-mart. >>hundreds of mourners showed up to grieve alongside him any he had never met before meredith wood has more. >>a loving husband saying goodbye. >>2 weeks after his wife was killed in the mass shooting at a walmart in el paso antonia wasko mourned when hundreds of strangers all united in tragedy. >>here for you sir. >>hundreds of people turned out friday night to honor the life of margie reckard. worry nobody would show up because the couple didn't have any family in the area. moscow invited anyone to attend the memorial service. he said the response from around the world has been overwhelming. 400 people packed the sanctuary friday night funeral
8:37 pm
organizers said the building was at capacity with 700 more lined up outside in the texas heat to pay their respects. flower arrangements in from around the world lined the sidewalk. he spent the last 2 weeks stopping by her memorial cross to grieve and freshen up the flowers, sometimes sharing a moment with his wife of 22 years. i'm meredith wood reporting. and tracking dry conditions right now, but we could see patchy coastal drizzle as early as tonight lasting all night long through your sunday morning commute. >>details on that and your cooler sunday microclimate forecast coming up. >>and a california family is relieved after their stolen dog was
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 a heartfelt reunion in stockton, as a one stolen
8:41 pm
support dog reunited with her owner k re cbs been following the story and explains how this reunion was made possible. back of sloan's tail and a warm greeting from her owner cynthia nice longer the dog and her family are finally reunited almost a week after the support cup was stolen we got so many tips that i knew in my heart the moment that call came in i knew that was her. >>because it was right there where the car had been found as fox 40 reported nighswonder her 12 year old son with autism ego and a family friend had been on their way back home to san diego sunday afternoon, the family says they made what was supposed to be a quick. >>stop here at this mcdonald's on charter way in stockton. they say sloan was inside the car. but the doors were locked and the ac was on. >>i was watching that current i stepped into the restaurant and it couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 minutes nighswonder says she had the key fobs but somehow a man broke in and drove off. within
8:42 pm
24 hours later, the car was spotted on american streets. but sloan was still missing until nighswonder got a call thursday my heart knew instantly that this was going to be the right tip. she says she called the stockton police department and her new found friend kelly elvis for lauren we heard a dog burke and that kelly shared this picture of the officers who found slow. she says sloan is a survivor overall she's in excellent condition for being out for that many days in this heat, nice longer says sloan is a rescue boat with the progress she's helped nico make sloane is also a beloved member of their pack go home. i mean i an ego. >>and then we try to pick up you know the pieces from you know ththings that we have lost. >>that was kay receive the reporting and cynthia says they plan on offering that reward money to the tipster who found sloan also an ipad that helps nico with the speech was also stolen the family is hoping that that gets returned it.
8:43 pm
>>coming up in sports. the san francisco giants in action and yeah, somebody hit a grand slam we'll tell you who after the break. >>have to play in the big leagues but due to segregation, african american players had to start a league of their own and now lawmakers are taking steps to recog
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>>welcome back caltrans repairs to the crumbling concrete on the richmond sandra fell bridge. are now complete. crews replace 31 expansion joints on the bridge's upper deck. they started back in february after a failed join cause several pieces of concrete to fall on top of car ours on the lower deck. next year caltrans workplace, 30 joints on the lower deck of the bridge and in the coming weeks caltrans will be straightening a portion of the bridge's steel truss which was damaged by a large truck.
8:47 pm
>>we've got side right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast and here is the embarcadero in san francisco much different look than we saw. earlier tonight skin little bit darker and a little bit cooler out there. >>joined reaser every i mean all over that shot that's the million-dollar shot we should be doing the show outside tonight. i know, and i would >>because it is deadly cooler there tonight than last night but we are noticing though the return of the low and high cloud cover right along media coastline and it is extending inland. that's what we're seeing that double digit cooling for most of our interior valleys and along the coast, not really noticing that much of a change temperature wise because that cool sea breeze arrived last night around this time so very little changed right along our coastal areas but everyone in the low to mid to upper 60's with the exception of antioch 71 degrees out there right now there's always one outlier in tonight cooling down to 64 degrees. also in the mid to upper 50's so very mild night in the bay area. let's take a
8:48 pm
look at your sunday microclimate forecast because we are going to notice 2 to 5 degrees of cooling compared to today. so we are going to be a few degrees below average for downtown san francisco warming up to 66 degrees as is half moon bay, very cloudy start for most of our coastal areas and we're going to notice more clouds than sun so that cooling trend is going to continue along the coast as well. no brand burlingame only warming up into the mid 60's, san carlos, 69 degrees and on the upper 60's for you and paul altos 64 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs so we will notice that cool sea breeze influence yet again gusts upwards of about 20 miles per hour or less widespread 70's 80's for those of you in the south bay. santa clara and san jose in the low 80's, very pleasant temperatures for those of you in livermore as well 82 degrees so about 5 degrees below average hayward 73 degrees walnut creek and even conquered in the upper 70's, berkeley and richmond, flirting with 70's but 69 degrees and in the north bay
8:49 pm
napa 75 degrees in santa rosa. 83 degrees for your afternoon highs and then we're going to notice a gradual warm up through midweek not going to last long and no one in the triple digits for at least the next 7 days back to jan just in. >>so much for breeze so a group of lawmakers is pitching a plan to honor neat row league baseball. >>congressional baseball fans are supporting a bill that would direct the us treasury to mint a commemorative coin marking the niekro league's one 100th anniversary bree jackson has the details. >>james cool papa bell is in the baseball hall of fame. but he never played a day in the major leagues. he and other black players were barred from the big leagues because of segregation these never cried about social injustice. bob kendrick president of the nea grow leagues, baseball museum says before jackie robinson broke baseball's racial barrier in 1947. the best black players created their own league and foster founded than eager league in 1928
8:50 pm
included team such as the kansas city monarchs in homestead griese this bronze statue of josh gibson stands outside of nationals park gibson played in washington dc in the late 30's and early 40's and helped lead to the homestead grays to meager league titles. >>now lawmakers want to further honor gibson and his fellow black ball players for their significant role in american history. so the people. >>understand about the adversity but just the spectacular accomplishments of these players senator tim kaine is pitching a bipartisan plan to create a commemorative coin that marks the one 100th anniversary of meager league baseball and help keep alive. the story of these great players make sure that the legacy of the nickleby. >>clay's on law or there are no neat really clear slip. if passed. >>asked the coins would raise awareness about the players and raise proceeds for than eager league baseball museum in kansas city, missouri in washington bree jackson.
8:51 pm
>>starting tonight off with some baseball, the giants outlasted the diamondbacks last night in a seesaw battle in which 12 combined home runs were hit. the giants looking to keep the bats going logan webb making his major league debut for the giants tonight, top of the second we go d'backs leading to nothing bases loaded for a man by the name of brandon belt. >>food drills is one hot and deep to right field. grand salami for belt giants go out in front 42. bottom of the 4th giants leading 6, 2, webb strikes out josh rojas web in his major league debut in 5 innings off to run ball and striking out 7 top of the 8th, we go, yeah, they're excited about the giants up by 5 kevin pull off. one to left field that's a base said evan longoria scores pull our goes 5 for 5 for the first time in his career, 10 to 4 giants
8:52 pm
game is still in progress giants still leading 11 to 6. and the bottom of the 9th. now over the coliseum look at this the rally possum was in attendance and oakland kron 4 viewer dana morgan took these pictures as she was walking to her seat rally possum was headed to his seat as well bottom of the 3rd we go a's leading 3 to 2 bases loaded for mark and it will blow this one into shallow right field one i would score 2 runs with score the throw to second and can uh is tagged is now lead 5 to 2 bottom the 5th we go a's with a three-run lead can a back for seconds lines one to left center. coming into scores chapman went to a 4 3 rb eyes, 74 a's they would go on to defeat the astro's 8 to 4 that is your final a's look for the sweep on sunday to the gridiron we go the 49 ers and denver participating in joint practices with the broncos as they prepare for their matchup
8:53 pm
on monday 49 ers look great after day 2 of joint practices, specifically their defense dim entree more jordan thompson, a callow willard's witherspoon and richard sherman all notables in today's practice, the 40 niners and broncos will hold one more practice tomorrow before their game on monday head coach kyle shanahan gave his thoughts on the defense after day 2 of joint practices like the team we have love the players and how they are i'm really playing aggressive and things like that, but you want to be. >>i'm not just to hide even you want to be one of the best you can be very detail wh you do also. >>can't wait for that monday game and that. >>is sports. >>silicon valley and kron 4 was there and talk to attendees about all the time th
8:54 pm
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(rock music) (dogs barking) (sirens wail) - we're responding to a house here in cameron park. previously we've come out to this house for some trespassing and burglary issues. it sounds like somebody parked on the street and they went in through the back of the house. neighbor called in saying that people


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