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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 18, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ miley's new break-up song, revealing what went wrong with liam? then -- >> i am an open book. so ask away. >> julianne hough gets even more candid about her marriage behind closed doors. >> we're completely raw. >> and -- is rihanna super bowl-bound? the major move by jay-z. ♪ rihanna, where you at >> that makes riri a halftime show front-runner and could leave j. lo in the dust. plus if todd chrisley knows best maybe he should have known better. is the reality star dragging his own daughter over an alleged sex
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tape scandal? >> for that i'm cursed. >> and "90210" besties face off. >> what was it like kissing jason all over again? >> you're asking me that. kind of gross. >> makes you sweaty. >> this is "entertainment tonight." is rihanna super bowl-bound after jay-z signs on to help with the halftime reporter? >> "e.t." was there. but right now miley and liam. first the shocking spread. then she's seen kissing another woman. now the new twist after hemsworth broke his silence and we got new reporting on the wild yef est break-up of the year. >> it's miley's new break-up ballad. ♪ baby we were fine but not a lot ♪ ♪ so it's time to let it go >> thursday night cyrus released the song "slide away" five days after she announced she and liam were over. and fans are trying to decode it. ♪ back to the ocean ♪ i'll go back to the city
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life ♪ >> remember, miley left her house in the city to move in with hemsworth near the ocean in malibu. and then there's these lyrics. ♪ i want the house in the hills ♪ ♪ stop popping whiskey and pills ♪ >> blamed liam as legend drinking and partying ways for the break-up. our source denied those claims. but miley writes about not wanting alcohol and drugs, even posting this image to accompany the track. besides her admitted past sobriety struggles there's more of art imitating life. ♪ >> i'm 17. i'm going to have a boyfriend. >> yep. she's talking about liam. they met on the set of "the last song." according to our "e.t." sources, both liam and miley knew the split was coming. miley fought hard for the marriage and even wanted to go to therapy. but after some soul searching miley "came to the realization she was unhappy." our "e.t." source says it
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happened very recently. miley's rep tells "e.t." they "have decided this is what's best while they both focus on themselves and careers." ♪ we like to party after miley publicly hooked one brodie jenner's ex in italy the same weekend she announced her break-up with liam the ladies returned stateside to l.a. though on wednesday they couldn't have looked less thrilled about it. despite appearances our "e.t." source says the newly single ladies are "just having fun" and being a support for one another during a tough time. as for liam, tuesday he was spotted out surfing and laying low in his native australia. our source describes him as crushed and heartbroken because "she moved on so quickly and so publicly." liam broke his silence on tuesday down under. he posted this photo of a sunset with the caption "miley and i have recently separated and i wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward." >> how cool is that to be wife,
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husband and wife? >> it's the best. i'm so lucky to be with someone like her. >> reporter: that was liam back in january just 34 days after their wedding. >> all right. now to another couple in the headlines. julianne hough and her husband brooks laich. her nude photo shoot broke the internet but so did the revelation she's "not straight." i asked the agt judge about her family's reactions. >> people are going to take whatever headlines they want to take. >> and they did. >> and they did. and i get that. but at the end of the day gi feel like i have something to hide then that's not me being totally just like open. >> julianne admits she chooses to be with her husband even know she's not straight. brooks laich's recent headline-making confession. he likes to suck her toes. >> are you ready for people to now be sort of looking at your relationship through this magnifying glass? >> i am an open book. so ask away and i'll tell you what i want to tell you. >> the most important person ever. and we talk about it all the
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time. if that was not the case then we would have a very different retionship. but the reason why our relationship works is because we're completely raw. and open and exposed. >> what do the fans think? i know you come from more of a conservative background. what is derek saying? >> i went to my family reunion right after with all tof our different backgrounds and different beliefs. the common denominator is love and support. >> the real question is does america got enough talent to play the super bowl? i would say so. now that jay-z is partially in charge. >> that's what i was thinking. could next year's halftime show shine bright like a diamond? you know what i'm talking about. we asked ri's mentor himself. ♪ i said no to the super bowl ♪ you need me i don't need you transporting from nfl critic to the league's newest partner in the matter of a year. ♪ "e.t." was the only entertainment news show invited to jay-z's huge announcement.
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♪ speech his roc nation empire inked a wide-ranging deal with the nfl, which includes taking a prominent role in the nfl social justice initiative. but get this, he's also now a co-producer of the super bowl halftime show and will have a huge say in who takes the stage. >> you're a businessman now, more so than an artist. >> i've always been a businessman. but i've been an artist first. i'm still an artist first at heart. >> this all begs the question can he get his roc nation artist rihanna to change her mind? ♪ rihanna where you at she's been asked in the past but our source says riri decided to pass because of the situation with players kneeling. rihanna stands with the players and colin kaepernick. ♪ i call the shots shots shots >> something i struly believe in and am passionate about. and the sky's the limit. >> what about all the j. lo buzz? >> we thought about the super bowl. and miami is a big deal.
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♪ miami, new york, say no more >> we'll see. they make their own decisions. ♪ on the floor >> in an "e.t." exclusive last month j. lo said she would consider it. and here is why it would make so much sense. j. lo already has a key to the city of miami. >> thank you very much. >> and here's her collaborator dj khaled. he just happens to be one of jay-z's roc nation artists. ♪ let's get it >> i have my heart set on jennifer lopez. i just think miami's the perfect place for her to perform. a-rod can come out and do a little wiggle dance. >> she's got to figure it out. >> i've got it choreographed in my head. >> so many options. a little too early to tell. we'll have to wait. let's get to the new drama in the college bribery scandal. >> lori loughlin and her daughter olivia jade laid low for a while, but olivia is back with a vengeance. and it tops this weekend's show and tell. the 19-year-old fired off the
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two-finger salute. her message to the tabloids crystal clear. it's olivia's second social media post since the scandal broke 22 wreeeeks ago. "e.t." has learned olivia has no plans to return to usc in the fall. instead the beauty blogger wants to focus on rebuilding her brand and her business. and casting was announced of the blond and brunette lead actresses for lifetime's college admissions scandal tv movie. the two moms won't be written as hollywood stars like lori loughlin and felicity huffman. instead penelope ann miller plays a wealthy interior designer and star trek discovery star mia kirschner has been cast to play a businesswoman. the movie will air this fall. ♪ you want a piece of me also in the headlines britney spears's bank account. ♪ according to court documents obtained by "e.t.," britney's worth nearly $60 million as of last year. but aside from the fact that she
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makes bank in a lot of ways britney's actually just like us. check out where she shops. bed bath & beyond, home depot, 7-eleven, and target. >> just a normal girl. you know. >> financial documents were filed as part of britney's ongoing conservatorship case. after calling off her vegas residency to be with her dad jamie, who's had health problems, britney right now is enjoying down time with her man sam asghari, workouts. she also went to disneyland with her boys preston and jaden, all grown up. and reality stars todd and julie chrisley are embroiled in a financial scandal. the "chrisley knows best" reality stars were charged in court with conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion. >> we'll stick together. >> the real estate moguls surrendered themselves to the fbi. a source tells us that they are "extremely nervous." they have pled not guilty and insist they are innocent. >> our main home is 30,000
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square feet. >> reporter: the chrisleys have always flaunted their wealth on the show. >> in a year we probably spend 300,000, sometimes more just on clothes. >> reporter: and besides the financial drama their daughter lindsey chrisley is accusing her father of extorting her with a sex tape. "e.t." has confirmed that last month the 29-year-old filed the report with georgia police which reportedly claimed todd and her brother chase threatened to leak the tape if lindsay didn't stay quiet about a certain incident. that incident is rumored to be the chrisleys' current financial troubles. >> you don't understand how bad my week has been. >> todd denies any extortion attempt to "e.t." coming up, how do you get the "this is us" stars to tell all? >> what? get out! >> feed them breakfast. >> there may be some pancakes. >> the show's big twist. major celeb cameos. >> i'm so blown away. >> and what's got sterling smiling so big about "frozen 2"? >> then -- >> as time has gone on it's
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gotten easier and easier. >> how flip or flop star tarek's girlfriend is just like his ex. their similarities go way beyond the looks. >> hi, honey, you look the looks. >> hi, honey, you look ahh... your teeth hurt? sensitivity. gotta do something about it. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately, at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh. your teeth? no, it's brain freeze! crest. find something incredible ♪ from somewhere amazing. unique selection. unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time.
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expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health. welcome back, everybody. the new season of one of hgtv's biggest shows and one of my favorites just returned on thursday nights, "flip or flop." >> tarek and his ex christina had clearly learned how to work and parent together. but as we just learned their divorce was his rock bottom. >> i was a guy that lost everything. i hit rock bottom. i was at the lowest, lowest, lowest point of my life to the point where i can barely get out of bed. >> making things even harder for tar tarek, watching as his ex christina moved on. she married british tv host ant anstead in december. they have a baby boy due next month. >> it was very, very difficult. and as you know, time heals things. i didn't realize what i was
7:14 pm
missing until i found what i was missing. here we are. >> hi, honey, you look beautiful. >> meet tarek's new girlfriend heather ray cung. they've been dating for a month. she sat in on our interview and it's clear tarek is a smitten kitten. >> she's so adorable. i'm saying words i never thought i would say again. she's my girlfriend. >> reporter: but you can't help but notice how much heather looks like tarek's ex. and get, this just like christina, heather's a realtor and a reality tv star. she's on the netflix show "selling sunsets." >> i need a cocktail. >> i introduced her to my kids last night for the first time, my mom, my dad, my mom's husband, my sister. so we're doing it. >> you live a block from christina. did you tell her, hey, heather's going to meet the kids? have you talked to her about hearth? >> actually, no, i haven't talked to her about heather yet. that's probably a talk i should probably have pretty soon. like maybe today. considering like i'm talking about it on tv now. she'll probably find out i
7:15 pm
think. >> you think? tarek and christina still work together on "flip or flop." she's promoting the new season solo. and it looks like they're still struggling in the communication department. >> you find out you're pregnant. do you give him a heads up on big milestones like this? >> i told him right before i told the kids. >> how did that conversation go? >> not good. >> calm. >> about her being -- >> yeah. she said i'm just letting you know i'm having a baby and moving forward wefrg -- >> yeah, it was an unexpected call. how's that? >> it was a surprise? >> yeah. it was a surprise. i had no idea. but i'm happy for them. >> i'm going to ask you a big question at the end here. would you get married again? >> that's a big question. yes. >> do you think you would have said that a couple years ago? >> oh, no. i wouldn't have said that a couple weeks ago. >> on the way dramatic new scenes from reese and jen's top
7:16 pm
secret new tv project while oprah may be joining them. and our "90210" best friends face-off. >> tori and jennie tell "e.t." reporters. >> what? >> and things get real. >> you want me to be honest? >> yeah. >> are you sure? >> plus -- our real housewives get some real work done. inside the unconventional beauty treatment. >> this is my mustache. >> plus two feel good comedies this weekend. the story of a young man trying to find his way in 1980s england who one day gets introduced to the music of bruce springsteen. >> tell me about the boss. >> bruce is a direct line to all in the world. >> i tried to listen to top 40 music after listening to bruce, and i couldn't. >> also out this weekend, "where did you go bernadette"? cate blanchett plays a wife and mother who suddenly disappears to rediscover herself. >> bernadette has a kind of a glorious but often irritating
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relentlessness. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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tori spelling and jennie garth got some great news. the ladies are in. the "90210" reboot is the hottest summer series debut in more than two years. >> season 2. i need it. my fingers are crossed. but first, tori and jennie have to survive putting each other in the "e.t." hot seat. >> are you ready for this? are you excited for us to grill each other? >> where's my interviewer? >> i work for "e.t." >> me too. ♪ nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah >> tell me about me. >> what do you know about me? >> i want to ask you what you know about me. >> just kidding. >> we've been friends for 30 years now.
7:20 pm
>> you're stuck with me. >> what's the highlight of being back with the gang after 30 years? >> the gang. it was like summer camp. when we first started working on this idea, how confident were you that we would pull this off? >> i was not sure at all. that people would embrace this concept, this whole sort of meta version of doing a reboot. but i know you encouraged me all along whenever we had a panic attack, this is not going to work, they're not going to like it. then you'd have a panic attack and i'd say you're fine. >> on this week's episode jennie had a flashback nightmare that the gang was back in high school. but this scene from the premiere is still the moment we can't stop talking about. jennie and jason's steamy night of passion. >> what was it like kissing jason all over again? >> i can't believe you're asking me that. kind of gross. >> sorry. >> i have to tell you a fan girl moment.
7:21 pm
kissing him was just like old friends. it felt exactly the same. >> like ridg a bike? >> like riding a bike. >> it makes you sweaty. >> i thi that's the answer. oh, my god. jennie and jason. it was 3:00 a.m. maybe 4:00 a.m. you put on little headphones and had to endure listening to us kidsake out. you did it just to make sure i look good and just to have each other's back. you had to make sure every angle's perfect. >> we're getng season 2. that we got a season 1 was a miracle and no small feat. so if we can stay together and do it again i think we would have even more fun. >> now to this tv star. one of the nicest guys in hollywood, sterling k. brown, he hit the premiere of "angry birds 2" which is out now. but that's not the only sequel we wanted to know about. >> josh gad is in this movie with you. and you also are going to be in
7:22 pm
a new movie together. >> are we? >> "frozen 2." >> are you serious some. >> yeah, i heard that. >> what? get out! i hope i get to be in something with him someday soon. >> that smile says it all. even if he still won't. and sterling is the busiest man in hollywood because right before the "angry birds" premiere i joined sterling and his "this is us" family. >> tell me everything. tell me all the secrets. >> okay. if you turn the camera off. >> i think the first episode our universe fundamentally expands in a way that people might not be expecting. >> a game-changing season 4? >> i've heard that. >> it's going to be a big twist like the premiere episode of "this is us" that's going to kind of be like -- can you tell me abo it? >> of course not. i can't even tell me about that. >> milo and andy have the world expand as the cast hosts their first emy celebration brunch. >> there may be some pancakes. >> "e.t." can confirm season 4 will also feature more celebrity
7:23 pm
cameos. remember that stallone appearance? >> new characters being introduced. new relationships are going to be kind of evolving. >> now next month the o'show's nine emmy nominations will be put to the test. milo and sterling will both compete for lead actor. chris kovalev zinn up for supporting actor. and mandy received her first nomination. >> what does it mean to get that nomination? >> it still hasn't sunk in. i mean, i am super grateful. >> also super grateful the now off the market chris metz whose new boyfriend of a few months met the tv star when he slid into her dms. but don't count on seeing him at the red carpet. >> i like to fly solo at these big events only because i feel there's so much going on. it's not like a date night situation. >> we're so happy for chrissie. i kind of get it. they're such a family they don't need to bring in more family members to an already busy day. >> let's move on to the romance of the preteen kind and the very r-rated hilarious comedy out
7:24 pm
now. it's called "good boys" with jacob tremblay, and we were with the young cast on set and their big hollywood premiere. >> you might have another big movie in the works. are you playing flounder? >> it isn't confirmed yet. i'll have to see. but what kid wouldn't want to be in a disney movie? that would be pretty cool. >> so not really confirming those little mermaid casting rumors but the 12-year-old is playing one of the middle schoolers get up for their first kissing party in the raunchy "good boys." >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> i think it's fun to get to swear and not get 234 trouble for it. >> don't let the "good boys" title fool you. ♪ this is no ordinary love >> max and jacob. >> "e.t." was behind the scenes with jacob and the gang as they shot this dance scene in a mall. ♪ >> what was it like doing this dance number? >> we get to do some pretty
7:25 pm
inappropriate stuff but it's really fun. i also have my first kiss on set. >> in this movie? >> yeah. it was a cpr doll. >> you can't kiss someone without my permission. >> remember from assembly? >> can i kiss you? >> i consent. >> 12-year-old keith williams and brady noon round out the rowdy trio. >> you took my bag? don't get any closer. >> oh, my god, there's molly in there. >> okay. who's molly? because she's not with us. >> you said what you need to say here. but let me come out of your mouth. >> she didn't say it like that. >> you can say that. and afterwards you just pray to god. i didn't mean it. >> as long as you were -- all right. >> still ahead. >> i'm bringing you some sad and upsetting news. >> jen aniston and reese
7:26 pm
witherspoon. why their new show is more intense than they thought. plus kelly rowland takes our breath away with news about a big destiny's child reunion. >> oh, my gosh. >> we know so much now. >> then priyanka chopra jonas on this photo with nick that went viral. >> we like the thicker side of ni nick. god help us. >> and a real housewives intense beauty treatment with lasers, and what's this? >> sucking the dead skin off me. >> closed captioning provided by -- "i'm fine."
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♪ still fresh... ♪ unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number 5, olivia newton-joewton cancer update. >> i'm doing really well. i'm really healthy. it was a challenging year because i broke my sacrum and i went to work again and all these things. but i'm strong and i'm back and i'm feeling good. >> despite recent headlines saying olivia's in her final days the 7-year-old was glowing
7:30 pm
at wednesday's industry dance awards. o'qulaif is battling cancer for the third time. >> i'm here. i'm doing great. >> number 4, the chrisleys indicted. >> we'll stick together. >> reporter: the couple appeared outside court wednesday charged with conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion. in court the chrisleys said not guilty, were required to surrender their passports, and released on their own recognizance. each faces 30 years in prison if convicted. number 3 -- >> have a good night. >> looks like tyler and gigi hadid may have had another sleepover. spotted out with friends and opted for casual looks. gigi in a tee and ripped jeans and tyler sporting a crisp white t-shirt and gray hair. a source tells "e.t." they are casually dating. gigi went through a break-up from a serious relationship and tyler just got off a dating show. the two are enjoying building a friendship first, going on dates and having fun. number 2 --
7:31 pm
♪ i said no to the super bowl ♪ you need me i don't need you jay-z transforming from nfl critic to the newest partner in the matter of a year. "e.t." was the only entertainment news show invited to jay-z's huge announcement. his roc nation empire inked a wide-ranging deal with the nfl which includes taking a prominent role in the nfl's social justice initiative. but get this. he's also now a co-producer he of the super bowl halftime show and will have a huge say in who takes the stage. and number 1. ♪ can i get a hell no miley and kaitlin have taken their italian summer fling stateside to l.a. where they couldn't have looked less thrilled about it. despite appearances our "e.t." source says the newly singlele ladies are "just having fun" and being a support for one another during a tough time. for the latest on these stories go to >> also in the news this week reunited rumors that destiny's child could go one step further
7:32 pm
than last year's coachella reunion and go on a complete world tour. >> this is my dream. and we figured we need to talk to someone who would actually know the truth. miss kelly rowland. >> that was news to me just as much as it was to you. i was like, oh, my god, a tour is happening. someone call me. >> if it were to happen, i would want it to be a surprise. after like your news is right at your fingertips. and sometimes it's very bad journalism. shame on you whoever reported that. >> you're just going to drop it as a surprise for us. >> i'm not going to go that far. because then you'll put it right there. >> we kid of course. but we would love to see that reunion tour happen. meanwhile, priyanka chopra is all about that tour life. three days after being the ultimate jonas fan girl in miami she looked stunning in l.a. >> what is it behind the scenes of the wives on tour? >> let me just tell you. it's a whole family situation.
7:33 pm
i never thought it would be like that. we created our own hashtag of wives on tour. >> when do you think he finds you most beautiful? >> is actually really annoying, but he insists on looking at my face when i wake up. it's so -- no. i'm like wait, one minute. let me get a little mascara on. >> when do you find him the most attractive? >> all the time. all the fricking time. >> how did you feel when people were talking about mick's body when though the photos were taken on that yacht? >> i'm really not someone who concerns myself with people's opinions. if people can find something to say about nick's body, god help us. >> she said her 2-year-old daughter sienna is already obsessed with being glam. >> i said ask your dad. >> you want some lip gloss? you can't have no lip gloss. >> ciara will be hitting the road for her beauty marks tour
7:34 pm
next month. >> i love dove soap. i love the -- not the sticks but the plastic. i need those in my room. a nice comfy sofa is necessary. there are doritos and cheetos. and fruits. but yeah. i mean, i'm really simple. >> she's just regular. there's nothing regular about you, girl. you're a superstar. now to the real housewives of orange county season 14 kicked off last week on bravo. and fans of shannon bodeur know when it comes to finding the fountain of youth shannon is not shy about how to get it. >> let's be clear. it was not a dream of mine to be in front of an hd camera when i turn 50. i'm watching myself age. >> the 55-year-old super open showing this shot before she recently lost 40 pounds. and shannon also went on the show with her face complely wrapped in bandages. but she claims it wasn't for a face-lift. >> check this out. >> okay.
7:35 pm
so how does this o.g. housewife get camera ready? we followed along as shannon got three go-to treatments. first up derma-planing a treatment that removes facial hair and dead skin. >> thank you, kly for that one. >> why don't you start shaving your freaking pin-up? with that hair on there. >> a derma-planing blade that we use. >> this is my mustache. >> shannon does derma-planing once a month. the cost, 75 to 100 bucks. the benefits, softer smoothing skin. and it's the perfect prep for shannon's other favorite treatment, the hydro facial. >> sucking dead skin off me. >> after some more exfoliation there's an infusion of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants and red light therapy to help stimulate collagen. the cost, 200 bucks. and that includes the derma-planing. >> i feel refreshed. >> her final beauty secret, the v beam to eliminate spider veins. >> this is just another sign
7:36 pm
that i am flipping old. >> the laser treatment will set you back 350 to 600 dollars depending on the size of the vein. >> the deeper, the thicker the vein the more treatments you'll need. >> it's like a little rubber band snapping. it's gone. >> so interesting. and of course there are risks to the v beam. according to the nurse, you may not want to get this done if you're taking medication because then you can be more vulnerable to a burn. but very cool technology. >> coming up -- >> okay. >> okay. >> from clapbacks to thirst trap. could oprah and gayle past the slang test? >> we're both -- >> we're both -- >> then, remembering patrick swayze. nearly ten years after his death our emoti
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welcome back, everybody. we're taking it outside. so many travel must-haves for a whole lot less. we teamed up with to bring you some vip steals. >> and you can get everything you see here on and i'm morningsave ambassador tommy is here with us. he's very fancy. he's going to show us. what do you have? >> i know ladies love a purse. >> i love a purse. >> this is the moda lux clara bag in a bag satchel there. available in a beautiful rose, mustard and even black. you look good with the plaque. you are working the black. this is so amazing because it's two bags in one which means two for the price of one.
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there's an interior right inside there. if you open that up. it has an amazing zipper to keep it nice and tight. cross-body strap and pockets inside. you can get both. you know what i love about this? you can go out for your day, grab a big bag and throw in your sunscreen, your kids' toys, all of it and just go. you don't have to worry about a thing. and the smaller bag is good for nighttime. put your wallet, your phone, your keys, all of that. two for the price of one, you cannot beat this. >> what's our deal then? if we cannot beat it what's our deal? >> we've seen these as high as $90. today they're $39. that is 57% savings. >> it's very cute. i like that rose too. i like that one. >> if you went on vacation and took the photos, did that trip happen? >> no, it didn't. it's all about the grams. >> the universal smartphone lens kit. what you get is two sets of three-in-one lens kits with the carrying case. and this is so great because you can keep one and give one to
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your travel buddy. the lenses actually turn your smartphone camera into a wide angle camera for all of those amazing panoramic shots. you get the really cool macro camera which is great for details, close-up shots. and for all your adventure photogra photography. >> this is the fish-eye right here. amazing. you just clip on your smartphone and that's it. so what is our deal? >> so we have an amazing deal today, you guys. this has been seen as high as $80. but today we have them at $12. that is an 85% savings. >> i love that. what's next? >> this is the 10-watt premium charging pad. it has double the power of your standard five watt chargers. you can recharge while you're getting ready for the day and the night like that. >> i love this. you just put your phone on there? >> that's all you have to do. >> you get two? >> this includes two charging pads. it's compatible with apple and
7:42 pm
android charging devices. bluetooth speakers and headphones. all of that. >> technology can be expensive. what's the deal for us? >> not this. we've seen these as high as $60. and right here right now you can get the two-pack for only $15. that is 75% savings. >> all right. i love this luggage. i love a four-way spin. >> this is so exciting for me because nothing makes travel easier than a great piece of luggage. no one wants to be wasting their time at the carousel line. right? because they checked their bags on these long weekend trips. here we have the joy mangano hard side carry-on luggage available in these gorgeous colors you see here. now, what i love is the hard protection shell. i don't know if you've ever traveled and opened up your bag and your toiletries have spilled everywhere. no more. this shell's going to protect your bag. it has straps inside to hold all your clothing in place. and what i really love, check this out, the wheels.
7:43 pm
this 360 rotation. >> this makes all the difference. >> if you're running through the airport, you can't do a little dance with your luggage, it's no good. you don't want it. it's amazing. >> i love this. i love the colors. and it's crazy light. >> there's no resistance. >> how much are we looking at? >> all right. so these have been seen as high as $130. but today we have them for just $59. that's a 55% savings. >> the lilac is really pretty. i've never seen anything like that. tommy, you brought us the deals from new york and we love them so much. thank you so much. and again, you can shop all of our vip steals at still to come -- >> it was lit. >> the slang that shook oprah and gayle. >> some kind of offensive thing. >> did we finally find the thing lady o is bad at? >> you can't sling shame me. ♪ i had the time of my life >> patrick swayze. what his co-stars are revealing in a new documentary ten years
7:44 pm
after his death. >> great for connection. >> this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which two-time oscar winner directed music videos for peter gabrielel
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
with pancreatic cancer. >> perhaps no one misses him more than his widow lisa. he had we they were married for 34 years. only "e.t." sat down with lisa to talk about patrick's remarkable life and legacy. >> i dream that everyone diagnosed will be fortunate enough to have hope. tonight i stand here, another individual living with cancer. >> you spend every day fighting for that person's life. i know he spent every day fighting for his own. >> reporter: this was one of patrick's final public appearances. but he was filled with courage and praying for a cure. almost exactly a year later, in september of 2009, he passed away. he was just 57. >> when he was diagnosed with cancer, how difficult was that for you as his wife and for him? >> it's like the worst thing in the world to go through. you know, he survived 22 months, which was miraculous with the diagnosis that he had received. >> lisa is part of the new documentary "i am patrick swayze" premiering this sunday
7:48 pm
on what would have been patrick's 67th birthday. lisa reveals patrick's long-time nicknamed buddy. >> first time buddy and i danced together was at a school exhibition. we walked out on stage. i looked in his eyes. it was like it's everything. >>is former co-stars demi moore and rob lowe and jennifer gray also reveal sides of patrick we didn't know. >> patrick performed like he had something to prove. he was a gymnast, a world-class cowb cowboy, a ballet dancer. really? ♪ oh >> i think he had a balance between strength and softness. >> i think "ghost" is his best movie. seeing that sort of like rough guy give that big -- that speech he gives her at the end. are you kidding me? are you kidding me? >> i love you. >> ditto. >> that's one of those things that you can pull up on youtube
7:49 pm
and watch that and it's like -- >> soon as we started dancing it was this like, ah. >> patrick was super hungry for connection. his heart and my heart got along really well. >> he knew going into "dirty dancing" this is it. >> but the documentary doesn't shy away from patrick's struggles with alcohol. >> i have these demons that run around on my insides. i've done everything in the world thinking i'm going to get rid of them. i don't know if i ever will. >> because of his drinking he and lisa separated for a year prior to his cancer diagnosis. but they found their way back to each other. she was by his side when he took his very last breath. >> you love someone deeply, that's something that never changes. >> it's such a beautiful bond, isn't it? we miss him very much as well. >> yes, we do. let's move on now and talk the bond between oprah and her bff
7:50 pm
gayle. they are always giving life lessons but now they are learning something. a little bit of pop culture slang. >> you can't slang shame me. >> i want to be up to date. so let's go. >> it could be like it was so great, i was really shook, honey. >> god, we sound old. i don't like this game. >> five minutes and 14 seconds. that's how long it took for gayle and oprah to break down 12 slang terms. they got nine of them right. >> it's the same thing as dissing someone. >> when she walked in the room talking about her shoes. talking about her shoes. >> shade. >> shade. >> lit means it's really great. really fun. it's a wonderful thing. >> yeah. it's fantastic. >> we went to a party and it was lit. >> it was lit. >> thirst trap. >> thirst is not a good thing. it's like they're seeking atension a aattention all the time.
7:51 pm
>> that's when somebody says something negative and you clap back, you respond oh no, you didn't and you say something back to them. >> oh, no she didn't. >> that's a compliment. you say somebody's sick. >> voluptuous. curvaceo curvaceous. >> i am sick? and very proud of it. >> my favorite snack is barbecue potato chips. >> and mine is popcorn with truffles. [ buzzer ] >> okay. good. >> i just had lunch with somebody who was a real snack. i'm not going to say who it is either. >> yeah. >> that was a meal. >> jomo. what could the j stand for? >> well, fear of missing out is fomo. so if jomo means i want to miss out? [ buzzer ] oh, joy -- >> that should be mine.
7:52 pm
>> you have jomo all the time. >> i have jomo all the time. >> she is definitely jomo. oh, my god, that's my new favorite -- >> my new favorite term. thank you. >> okay. >> okay. >> that's cardi b. okay. >> we all got that. >> thank you, cardi. >> r-r-r-r-r. >> while guy sxl oprah straighten out the latest slang only brooke anderson was on the celt of oprah's next big drama. >> lots of people wanted this piece. i didn't even think we'd end up with it. >> that's right. we got it. >> oprah's all fired up about "david makes man." she's an executive producer and came on board when michael b. jordan and writer mcrainy ditched the series to her own network. >> she decided to pop in and actually sit through it.
7:53 pm
and by the end of it everyone's in tears. >> what did you think when oprah walked in the room? >> i thought i'm going to punch michael b. jordan. which i shouldn't because he's a doctor now. >> and i said really i could cry, i said that was the best pitch i've ever heard in my life and i believe i'm supposed to do that series. >> the ten-episode hour-long drama tells the story of a young man trying to overcome poverty. >> what specifically from your childhood did you relate to in this story? >> single mother. raising kids. never having enough. never having enough time. >> oprah is also doing a docuseries for apple tv plus. which got us thinking -- >> we would like you on reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston's series about morning talk. >> that may happen. >> we don't see the two but we hear them. >> good morning. i'm bringing you some sad and
7:54 pm
upsetting news. >> it is hard. it is dense. but it is so fulfilling. >> and oprah, while you're at it, why don't you pop over here and co-host "entertainment tonight"? if she's going to go on every show. >> anywhere oprah pops up
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
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we've got a few stars with birthdays this weekend. donnie wahlberg is celebrating the big 5-0. malcolm jamal warner is celebrating turning 49. one more year for that celebration. robert de niro 76. take a final look at your choices. which two-time oscar winner directed music videos for peter gabriel, lyle lovett and shania twain? that was the multitalented sean penn, who is 59 this weekend. now for the academy's special event. the choreography of comedy, the art of eccentric dance. held earlier this month, it celebrated this kind of dance. >> well, we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late-breaking hollywood news all you have to do is go to our website, >> but before we go i'm very excited about this. check out the new video from the jonas brothers for their song "only human." the '80s throwback was released this week. their tour has some more east
7:58 pm
coast stops including albany on monday. >> my kids literally don't know what half the things are in that video. >> never seen a rotary phone. >> enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- millions of people looking for healthy skin reach for cetaphil. recommended by dermatologists. ♪ awarded by allure. and most of all, loved by skin. cetaphil. the cleansers sensitive skin loves. but you strive to take the next step in your career. gcu's phd in performance psychology gives you the tools you need to elevate your performance to the next level. private. christian. affordable. nonprofit.
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visit private. christian. affordable. nonprofit. ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken.
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for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. >>now at a home surveillance video shows a fake mailman not delivering packages but stealing that now an east bay neighborhood is on edge tonight after seeing a man impersonating a postal worker. thanks for joining us. i'm justine waldman. >>and i'm j r stone kron four's dan thorn spoke with a neighbor who encountered this man he joins us live in pleasant hill tonight with details dan. >>while the woman tells me she thought it was a little unusual that the mailman was dropping by so early thursday morning, but she also thought


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