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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 21, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> crazy, i like crazy! >> why the host is knocking his own show. >> i'm throwing everybody under the bus. then -- liam's message to miley. why these two are never, ever, getting back together. plus, simon cowell's slimdown. how he dropped 20 pounds. >> i feel much better. >> then, is that charlize theron, or megyn kelly? your first look at the fox news movie. >> it's hot in here! and "matrix 4" scoop straight from jada. >> keanu, he's got a mystery to him. >> whoa! this is "entertainment tonight." so, the "dancing with the stars" cast was finally revealed and the biggest surprise by far. host tom bergeron reaction. he's not happy. >> this is shocker. tom is calling out his own show, but the new cast was all smiles this morning with "e.t.'s" guest correspondent rachel smith. ♪ >> i literally don't know how to dance.
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>> oh, come on now, i find that hard to believe. this little "uptown girl"? >> it's true. oh, yeah, i forgot that dance. i know four dances, "uptown girl" and my four dances from "chicago." ♪ roxie, roxie >> 65-year-old supermodel christie brinkley's the early favorite -- she starred as roxie hart on broadway three times. and has a strategy. >> if i can't do it with my feet, i'll distract them with my face. >> i love it! >> from christie to dawson -- cue the music. ♪ i don't want to wait >> you planted the seed a long time ago. >> we're going to win "dancing with the stars." >> from way back when i was the in the apartment 23 and pitch the story line where fake me goes, goes on the fake "dancing with the stars." >> but within minutes of this morning's casting announcement there was backlash and controversy. in a surprise tweet, host tom bergeron seemed to suggest he was against the casting of former presidential press secretary sean spicer.
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bergeron said he was hoping the show would be, quote, a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from any party affiliation. when you look forward to a ped yum rolled on to the dance floor and maybe melissa mccarthy pops out -- >> and with "dancing with the stars" ratings down -- expect format and voting changes. >> we need to tweak things a bit. >> one thing that hasn't changed -- lamar odom and was in a coma almost four years ago, what was your strategy going into? >> go hard and put work into practice. >> bringing thelaughs, kate flannery. but is "dancing's" secret ratings weapon really hannah b.? this "bachelorette" always speaks her mind. >> but aren't you tired of
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sharing your story? >> i'm tired of talking about my dating life. >> okay. >> good luck escaping that. last night in new york, the guy hannah tried to reconnect with, tyler, and supermodel gigi hadid had another dinner date, which ended at her apartment. this bachelor nation couldn't stopwatching the drama and is trying to shield hannah. >> i was like, can i give you a hug? i just want to make sure she's okay. >> do you think tyler and gigi are just a fling, hannah? >> i really want to move past talking about my exes. i wish everyone well from my season, whatever they do. but this is about me and i'm going to focus on me. >> "dancing's" shedding the past, too, another big show change -- two fan favorite pros are out this season. >> i'm going for back to back. it's going to happen. >> last year's winner sharna posted today, i'm unbelievably sad to not be back. >> i was just texting with sharna recently, she was surprised and i was, too. >> while artem also shared today
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how sad he is to be cut, former partner-turned-girlfriend nikki bella took it a step further posting, "their loss." artem's will be on nikki's reality show "total bellas" and both unfollowed "dancing" on instagram before today's shocking announcement. >> you know any details behind that? >> i don't. that's somebody else's call. i'm throwing everybody under the bus. >> you got to give me something, tom. >> a source tells "e.t." sharna and artem remain part of the "dancing with the stars" family, and "it's not uncommon for dancers to take a season off and then come back." >> one more change -- we don't know the pairings until the first night. >> that will make things interesting. almost as interesting as the unpairing of liam hemsworth and miley cyrus. liam hemsworth has officially filed for divorce from miley cyrus, citing irreconcilable differences. they've only been married since december and they announced their split 11 days ago, just one day after she was snapped kissing kaitlynn carter. >> quote, liam never wanted to
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share miley with anyone. he loves her and he is far too traditional. he finally felt like things were getting nasty and he didn't want to brag it out publicly. they did have a prenup. >> just like liam, we're going to move on, too. meanwhile, happily married simon cowell hit the "agt" red carpet. he is living his best life, 20 pounds lighter and spilling his secrets to "e.t.'s" denny directo. >> you look great, can i just say that? >> my son eric said to me he was doing the pec thing and he said, daddy, how come you can't do the pec thing. i said that one i can't keep up with that. >> 5-year-old eric is a big reason behind simon's new svelte look -- the soon-to-be 60-year-old decided it was time to get healthy for his son, after low blood pressure caused him to pass out last year. >> you're fitness inspiration, simon. >> it's diet that's all it is. yeah. >> you feel great? >> i feel much better, yeah. >> this man is my hero.
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>> you know what, he's your hero. he's scared to go in the gym with you, though. >> no, no, but he's so rich, you know what i mean? he could just buy it and lock me out. why can't i get in the gym right now? he's like, i bought it, terry. >> i actually leaned over to gabrielle and i was like, simon, he looks good, what is he doing? also, gabs has got the booty popping thing. >> we got to talk about your daughter's reaction to your look. >> she's serving face because i'm serving cleavage and there's already shade. >> last night might have been the most brutal yet. >> there were moments tonight where i was like -- >> i noticed today at one point today you covered simon's mouth. can we talk about movie news that's still blowing everyone's minds. "matrix 4" is officially a go --
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yes, more keanu, but what about more jada pinkett smith? >> more jada, yes. >> i was with jada last night. >> big news today, a fourth "matrix" film is a go. what do you know, can we see you again? please tell me yes. >> well, i've had my >> i think there might be some things in the horizon. >> a strategy is still being formulated. >> well, it sure sounds likely that jada will reunite with keanu. the timing is perfect. keanu is undergoing an epic pop culture renaissance. he even has a new title -- the internet's boyfriend. why are we all so obsessed with? >> you know, keanu, he's got a mystery to him and he's just cool. he's cool and he's sweet, you know, so that's just his special sauce right there. >> last night, jada joined the current leading man in her life -- gerard butler. the two hit the carpet for their "angel has fallen" l.a. premiere.
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>> being charged with the attempted murder of the president of the united states. >> will was not there, but jada has no reservations revealing the secrets of their modern marriage. she recently said, quote, i was not built for conventional marriage, that'll kill me. what did you mean by that? >> you know, just knowing that that conventional role wasn't for me. i'm a free bird. but what i will say is that i'm very lucky to have will as a life partner. >> and we just love their love. meanwhile, get ready for some big-screen transformations from charlize theron, nicole kidman and margot robbie, as they bring the story of the controversial fox news executive roger ailes to life in "bombshell." with that short hair and high cheekbone charlize becomes the mirror image of megyn kelly right down to the eyelids. she totally nails megyn's style. a bright color barret helps
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nicole in her role as gretchen carl sn. these crazy transformations shouldn't surprise you -- remember charlize in "monster"? margot three hours in the makeup chair for "mary queen of scots"? or nicole in "destroyer"? nicole has the only line in the entire 86-second trailer. >> i think it's an important story. we need to tell these stories, for sure. coming up -- kirsten dunst on that infamous brad pitt kiss. then, i've been lucky guy. >> just married and rolling in money. and why it's full of surprises.
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and what julia louis-dreyfus said helped beat her breast cancer. but first, the mtv vmas air on monday and with a new host, coheedian sebastian maniscalco. >> i kind of say what everybody's thinking. >> we gave him a pop quiz to see if he could identify some of this year's nominees. >> uh, bts, k-pop. lizzo. lil nas x. um, that's a jonas brother. i'm going to be -- is that the oldest one? oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh!
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emmy next month, if she does it will be historic, the most wins ever by a performer very cool. >> she was fantastic in that final season. a favorite all the way around. from breaking records, to breaking the bank, "forbes" just dropped its new list of the world's highest paid actors. ♪ deals >> in a shock to absolutely no one, the rock is hollywood's top earning actor. >> it just doesn't fall out of the sky, you got to work. >> the box-office superstar raked in $89.4 million last year, thanks to a reported 15% take on the earnings of his movies, as well as his $700,000 per episode paycheck for "ballers." rounding out the top three are a couple "avengers" -- chris hemsworth at 76.4 million and robert downey jr. at 66 million. but there are some surprises in the top ten, so we're handing out a couple of awards.
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our do-it-yourself award winner goes to bradley cooper. he didn't earn as much as his "avengers" co-stars for playing rocket raccoon, but in directing, producing, writing and starring in "a star is born," he got a healthy cut of the film's box office success, earning him $57 million. and our other award -- "way to go paul rudd award" -- goes to paul rud that's crazy. >> the guy who doesn't age is a surprise inclusion at number nine on the list with $41 million in earnings. thanks to "endgame" and "ant-man and the wasp." earned the tiny superhero a giant paycheck. way to go, paul rudd. still ahead -- when wish granting goes wrong. >> ah! >> only we've have will smith's "aladdin" bloopers. plus -- kirsten dunst on getting her start with tom and brad. >> they just don't make movies like that anymore. >> to now teaming up with clooney then, your first look at a "riverdale" star's new movie with shania twain, why it's his singing taking center stage. ♪ closed caption ling provide by --
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♪ i'm not your daughter. >> oh, yes, you are. you're mine and louis daughter. >> that was an 11-year-old kirsten dunst in the 1994 classic "interview with the vampire." opposite tom cruise and brad pitt, no big deal. and can you believe the movie turns 25 this year? "e.t." was there from the beginning. so last night we surprised kirsten with a little blast from her "vampire" past. >> i love you still.
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>> kirsten had a lot of screen time with both tom and brad, and we showed her what she said back in the day about this infamous lip lock. >> i hated it so much because i don't know, brad was like my older brother, and it was kind of like kissing your brother, i don't know. i don't know, it was weird kissing an older guy. i had to kiss him on the lips which was gross. they were so sweet to me. i mean, listen, that production, that film was like nothing else i've ever experienced, maybe >> back then, brad was very impressed by his young co-star but admits that kissing scene was tough. >> in comes this little woman, you know, who ran circles around most of the adults on the set. >> she said the hardest part was kissing you. >> listen, it was no easy road for me, either. my dad's got to watch this movie. >> kirsten's now 37 and a mom to a baby boy.
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in her new showtime series "on becoming a god in central florida," she has a make-under with that big hair, fake tan and braces. >> the braces are just little clip-ons but the spray tan was every sunday night for six months so that was, and then you have to sleep in it so i always had brown sheets in the morning and couldn't hold my baby in the morning. >> she plays a woman who gets involved in cult like pyramid scheme. >> the show is from george clooney's company. does he micro-manage? >> george lets us do our thing. they were part of the process at the very beginning and then the end. >> listen, just a little bit of time with george clooney is all anyone needs. only we can show you how will smith pulled off those genie moves in "aladdin." >> that man made a snake, it's big snake. it's a scary snake.
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now, it's a snake, make it's gone -- ah! >> will's got wild adlibs and check out the slips, trips and falling props. will's got jokes, jabbing his co-star. >> i just leaned over to him and i whispered in his ear, i said, hey, man, look, you mess this next one up we'll have another dude who looks just like you. in ten minutes. he got it right. >> more "aladdin" secrets, only "e.t." can show you how the making of "friend like me." ♪ i'm in the mood to help you dude you never had a friend like me ♪ >> the cgi part of this movie was probably the most difficult aspect of it to transition from animation to live action and trying to get that look and trying to get that feel right. >> check it out. first, will does the voiceover, then acts it out wearing a cgi body suit in front of a blue screen, graphic artists do their magic, and that's that dazzling finished product. >> we just finished up, "friend
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like me." ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> he's so funny i hope they're already working on aladdin 2 and aladdin 3. >> if you're a fan of walk in time, you'll love this. this is my fiancee, melissa. earlier this year, we had some tough news, some really tough news. >> can we pray for her? heal her tonight. >> i'm playing jeremy camp, who is a real-life person. and he has a crazy story to tell the world. ♪ i still believe >> in the faith-based film, kj plays christian music singer jeremy camp. britt robertson portrays his wife, melissa, who finds out she has cancer. >> what drew me to the character was the love they shared. >> i'm supposed to be with her. i can't explain it.
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i just know that. >> shania twain and gary sinise are kj's parents. >> will she get better? >> i don't know, mom. >> son, you're only 20 years old. you just met this girl. >> i want you to know that whatever this is, whether it takes us, i'm with you. >> kj, who's in an indie band, also sings in the film, including the hit song "i still believe." ♪ >> the real jeremy camp, who has 32 number one singles, is an executive producer on the film and was very impressed with the 22-year-old "riverdale" star. >> meeting for the first time was like, you're -- it's almost like my older self-telling my >> that's what i feel like, because he's my age when that all happened. >> kj's the kind of guy who walks on to set, he knows everybody's name. he will hug every single person. >> what if this is my destiny? >> stop it, you're the strong one, not me. >> if one person's life is changed by what i go through, it'll all be worth it. ♪ i still believe >> they have worked together
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before in a dog's purpose. one of my favorite movies. >> you actually think your dog talks to you. >> i don't think, i know that for a fact.ny people are picking the eagles to go far to make. >>yeah it really does because he has the skill positions out there but agree with the fence. it does depend on leave which carson wentz are we getting let's get to our with of the day this was a good talker because devin booker and you know in the offseason the sun score. he's playing a pickup game at a gym. and booker basically complaining about the way he's getting defended because he's he's an all-star he's an nba, larry all-star caliber doesn't like the fact that he's getting double teamed in this type of game regular season.
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>>local news station. >>we start with breaking news tonight, a 3 new autopsy reports are raising new questions about what killed the san francisco's former public defender. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm palmore and i'm ken wayne jeff adoptees family attorney released new findings which contradicts the san francisco medical examiner's report. >>our grant lodes joins us live in the studio to explain the new results. grant yes, some drama here tonight ken and pam jeff, a dodgy of course the outspoken and controversial longtime public defender in san francisco in tonight, his family's attorney has released 3 independent cause of death reports that are downplaying the roles cocaine and alcohol played in


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