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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>>and was it a stunt that is the question being ways on social media tonight about this dramatic rescue off of half moon bay. we continue to follow the story that we brought you as breaking news last night at 10 good evening, everybody i pale more and i'm ken wayne friends were riding in 2 separate planes when one of the planes pray lost engine power and started going down. >>and the crew the other planes was filming it all on instagram tonight kron four's tampa sackey talk to the pilot who crashed yesterday. she joins us live now from the newsroom with more taylor.
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>>of david less was a professional skier in denver and currently owns vertical outerwear all over his instagram page and business page you'll find crazy wild stunts it has some questioning was this just another performance. on tuesday. >>david lynch's plane went down with him in a female passenger inside the 2 are flying alongside friends when less says something went wrong with his plane's engine. >>just lost all power all of a i felt because your fuel. so my first thought was that was something late, it has left his small plane began crashing. >>his friend in the second plane filmed at all less as they made a safe landing with no injuries, floating in the water being stung by jellyfish for about 45 minutes before the coast guard rescued him and his passenger. he also managed to film himself while waiting treading in the water. >>i mean shouldn't videos for every you know everything i've been doing seven-on-seven grades documenting that was was as normal doctor any other any other more boring thing that wasn't you know.
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>>but some on social med1a aren't buying it less is known for his daredevil personality in the scheme community. he's also known for pranks on social media like this one on april fool's day saying his plane crashed. he was held hostage by a mexican drug cartel is going to tell that was unbelievable coincidences less as a social media may look extreme or reckless. but he'd never go as far as a plane crash putting his own life at risk be crazy to wreck a few $100,000 plan that i just bought. >>uh you know i spent 6 months, you know finding in 2 months, you know that that out i would be the dumbest thing ever i've got another planet and process of selling its owner to a publicity stunt. but the have and i would just never put my life at risk. you know to to gain a few 1000 instagram followers in just a dozen dozen years. >>and ntsb are now investigating what happened. let's says his plane was under insured and he'll lose money because of this crash live in the newsroom. taylor sackey kron 4 news taylor. thank you that our investigators are
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looking into a small plane crash hi in livermore that crash s afternoon police say the single engine cessna one 20 crash right after the pilot had taken off from the livermore municipal airport face as the pilot was the only person on board there is no word yet on the pilot's condition. here's the scene of a small plane crash in oroville in butte county investigators say the cessna citation jet was carrying 10 people when it went down at the oroville municipal airport just before noon today about 400 gallons of fuel spilled from the jet starting a fire and spreading the fire to nearby grass no one was injured in the crash. a witness says today's crash is a big shock to the community. we just don't have jets at this airport, this is not a community that is. >>expecting to have jets on the airfield and the sea and jet. you know turned the wrong way on an airport runway in flames was but dramatic for us in a small town. >>the f a a and the national
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transportation safety board are both investigating the crash. the big story tonight at 10 3 new autopsy reports are raising new questions about what killed san francisco defender, jeff adachi is family attorney released new findings tonight which. >>contradict the medical examiner's report our grant lotus joins us here in the studio to explain bills results grant 10 can jeopardize she of course that outspoken and controversial longtime public defender in san francisco in tonight. his family's attorney has released these 3 independent cause of death reports that are downplaying the roles cocaine and alcohol played in his death. these new autopsy report cheese manner of death was quote natural, and they reveal the cause of death was heart related. blaming it on quote sudden cardiac arrhythmia and acute myocardial infraction due to coronary artery disease. end quote these new independent reports commissioned by doctors family question. why the city's medical examiner
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deemed his death accidental due to what the examiner called a quote acute mix of drug toxicity end quote, which included cocaine and alcohol in his system and the medical examiner also pointed to a form of heart disease as a coneriauting factor in his death now. the family commission reports contend the amount of alcohol and cocaine in a dodgy system was negligible in the question the manner in which the medical examiner tested for the cocaine. these new reports also point to a personal conflict of interest between a dodgy and a high ranking employee at the medical examiner's office. we reached out to the medical examiner's office tonight for reaction but so far have not heard back. dot she died in the city back in february and according to the medical examiner's report. he had been out to dinner with a friend 20 started feeling abdominal and gastric pain later that night he became unresponsive 911 was called he later died at a nearby hospital jeff, a dodgy was just 59 years old.
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>>new video just into the newsroom of a shooting that happened in san francisco's mid-market neighborhood, san francisco police are looking for that gunman who opened fire. it happened around 6 o'clock last night and market and 6th streets very busy part of the city. police say somebody was shot but not severely injured and is not cooperating with police. >>a san francisco man is charged in connection to a deadly stabbing in polk gulch police arrested 38 year-old tony phillips today. investigators say philips got into a fire 42 year-old curtis neil last friday and stabbed him in the torso first responders found meal on the sidewalk of foreign alley near van ness avenue he died later at the hospital, san francisco police also arrested this man in connection to an attack that happened on sunday at 5th and stevenson streets a crime
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alert bulletin was issued for 42 year-old antwan monroe after a man was hit in the head and lost consciousness. the victim died from his injuries yesterday. police also found and arrested monroe on yesterday. >>a big relief for drivers in the east bay, some of these big pot holes will finally start getting patched up in oakland. the city's department of transportation announced a plan to watch a 3 year. >>paving plan the million plan will focus on neighborhood streets. kron four's gayle ong joins us in the studio with information on when the pair repairs could start gayle. >>pam and ken crew started work weeks ago, but tomorrow is the official announcement about this project drivers say finally an end to the pain of these potholes. >>he was the one of the worst rates in. >>probably the bay area it's the road that's been plagued by puddles for years the corner of harold and champion streets in oakland. realmuto so this year by and sees the pain people experience first hand i see
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>>somebody could be stopped on the side into there. you know the fires is to let >>video t has now lockdown funding provided by measure k k for the repaving project over the next 3 years hopefully they do more the streets goes really bad d o t says about a 100 miles of city streets will cease mood new pavement. >>i'm no pain expert, but it looks nice. the first portion is done over there. >>crews have already started work on harold and champion streets really for eric rowe who feels lucky his vehicle never suffered any damage. but his friends not so lucky. >>actual were tires to just pay me everything and i guy loses his alike part of the front of his car broke off. well he was turned and then fell on the bottles like before this and he was this out there like oh what am i doing good and that it's bad. >>again department of transportation estimates it would cost about million to repair the neighborhood streets over 3 year period. we
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expect to learn more about the great to pave project at a press conference tomorrow morning with the ot, the mayor and city council offices live in the studio gayle, ong kron 4 news gayle. thank you. >>let's take a live look outside and see what's shaking on this hump day evening a live view of the embarcadero in bay bridge. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here fill us in on the big heat up that will continue yeah. >>i think this hot weather is going to stick around is a high pressure sitting over head now moved in today and these temperatures really jumped in fact. numbers today soared as much 16 degrees in santa rose above yesterday's high 14 degrees, warmer nevado you see the valleys boy really kicking into gear now especially inland. and that's going to the case with the heat as see enough of the sea breeze along the coastline. keep those temperatures a little bit cooler, but even they're going to be pretty nice numbers aside a 94 degrees in talker 93 and live more 85 degrees very nice day in the san jose to 5 in
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redwood city 69 have some sunshine in half moon bay today, even and 74 degrees in san francisco with a hot spot today 97 degrees in santa rosa. all right those winds stay, but a story this afternoon again and this evening that continues as we have some gusts about 30 miles per hour now beginning to subside just a little bit so blustery out there we've got some mid fergus out there right now so this will subside overnight tonight and then tomorrow, we'll start to pick up in the afternoon but were soon start to develop more of a northerly component the wind of course that some to worry about more of fires as that's going to be very dry wind. but we had a cold front actually slip on through we could see a move making some raining in the pacific northwest even far northern california but as it moves on by high pressure builds on the backside of that we start to see more of a northerly wind and that dry when develops things quieting down as far as rain is concerned we had a few scattered showers couple lingering drops up there towards shasta for the north on the oregon california border, but that system of quickly moving out of town. we are seeing some fog move inside just inside the bay in fact sfo you can see the winds are blowing around their bit
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and they are seeing delays there of a 110 minutes and that is because of that low cloud deck that a settled in tonight temperature wise you've still got some 70's inside of a look at 7 tail 70 degrees right now 73. in mount view, 70 degrees in san jose kind of unusual specially warmer right here inside the bay that some of the valleys where it usually warmer because they're protecting usually but just the way the wind pattern has worked out tonight, we're seeing a little more normally the boat and the wind and that's going to hold most of the fog bay, so it's just very patchy early on tomorrow mor ing, the by the afternoon we start to heat things up again. it certainly 75 degrees in the bottle still 81 in saint helene and 71 degrees in the napa valley. we are going to see mostly clear skies inland tonight just some patchy coastal fog and here comes that sunshine a strong high pressure. those overhead the good news is the air quality been pretty nice last couple days next couple days maybe not so as that ridge going to strengthen overhead that will a kind of hold some of those plumes a closer the surface right now doesn't look real spare the air type of event for a poor quality, but
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it will suffer somewhat over the next 2 days but to weather on the long-range forecast, this looks like a long stretch of temperatures in the 90's when my to come to an end will have the answer with your 1010 and a few minutes for that thank you >>a new development tonight in this attack caught on surveillance camera it shows a homeless man assaulting a woman outside of san francisco condo on beale street you've no doubt seen this video. the san francisco district attorney's office and said it fiercely advocate for keeping that man behind bars for that attack, but now new court documents show that was not the case kron four's dan kerman explains. >>it was during a court hearing on friday. when the district attorney's office admitted no they possess this video of the beale street attack. they chose not to show it or even mention it to a judge during the initial arraignment last tuesday, even though the judge ended up releasing suspect austin vincent. i mean my argument.
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we need a strong argument in court friday, the prosecutors said he made a strong argument on tuesday. >>not to release vincent and various tweets from the da's office said the same thing. prosecutors expressed concerns about his release we argued against his being released. we advocated for his remaining in custody. and even the da himself tweeting we advocated to preventively detain this individual but a transcript of that initial arraignment obtained by kron 4 news indicates well against been since release the da's office didn't put up a fight in fact there was no advocacy, the only thing the prosecutor says is there is enough evidence to show he's a public safety risk. so we agree with the public safety assessment which said vinson should not be released. but the prosecutor never once used those words and in fact when the judge
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asked the prosecutor just wondering if there's anything i missing. the prosecutor makes no mention of the video and seems unfamiliar with the police report it's a justice system that's high on excuses and low on results suzy loftus is former president of the san francisco police commission. >>a former prosecutor and is now running for district attorney in this case there was not serious advocacy there wasn't powerful advocacy at no point did the prosecutors say look i want to bring a supervisor down we're concerned about this release and if i need to bring in someone your honor to to argue i will. now following the filing of additional charges in a second case a judge has decided not to release vincent. >>and he remains in the county jail pending his next hearing which is september 3rd at the hall of justice in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>investigators in san mateo county say a menlo park man faces several sexual-assault charges involving children,
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detectives say they first arrested 59 year-old randolph haldeman on july 25th since and detectives say 6 additional victims have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by him at his menlo park home. the victims ages at the time range from 6 to 16. today detectives arrested hauled him in again on a million arrest warrant. >>in the east man with a long history of staff violence and disorderly conduct in the downtown concord area faces a jail term that's according to police last week contra costa county jury found 59 year-old curtis hill, guilty of first-degree residential burglary. police found a first arrested hill in august of last year after they say he broke into a home and stole jewelry. hill was also convicted of 3 prior offenses and one of them police say he seriously injured a person over the age of 60 and kuchar police also arrested a burglary suspect who they say was walking around downtown carrying a samurai sword. in
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the picture you can see the officer holding the sordid happened yesterday near total santos plaza. police say the man is accused of stealing from a nonprofit organization officers later found him in the area with the sword and the stolen items, they then arrested him that child faces an arson charge in connection to a fire at a playground structure in alameda. >>it happened last month at woodstock park police say the boy started the fire during the predawn hours. they say the playground was destroyed will cost more than $200,000 to replace. police say they talked with witnesses and identified the boy on surveillance video. his name and age have not been released. when asked now have to wait until september for a verdict in the go ship trial the second full day of deliberations with 3 new jurors ended today without a verdict and now the court is in recess until after the labor day holiday kron four's haaziq madyun was in the courtroom today, he has the latest on the drama unfolding around this case.
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>>after being silenced for 2 days by a court-imposed gag order in the wake of 3 jurors being dismissed in the ghost ship trial defense attorneys are once again able to step up to the microphones. my friend. >>i've talked with a number lawyers now and certainly our team. it's never happened before that anyone >>that 3 jurors are kicked off in you know 3 alternates are substituted all that one. you know instance. >>the judge modified the gag order allowing them to speak as long as they do not discuss what happened in closed session or in her chambers regarding the misconduct incident. >>absolutely confident with the jury as it as it stands right now. the beauty of the american judicial system is that the judge doesn't decide the case the lawyers don't decide the case you have 12 citizens from the community when you say what you want i want a verdict of not guilty.
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that's what my client wants i don't want to miss trial. if it's the best i can get grab >>day 3 of deliberations with the 3 alternate says come to an end. no verdict has been reached. the jury is in recess until the day after labor day with deliberations are scheduled to rizzo. at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland has he met you kron 4 news. >>san francisco's union square is one of the busiest parts of the city bustling with shoppers from all over the world has that's why san francisco police officers are now working their overtime to deter shoplifting and increase security at the stores and as kron four's justine waltman explains taxpayers are not picking up the tab, the businesses are. >>the hustle and bustle of union square attraction offers from all over the world hiring san francisco police officers
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like macy's which has a contract under the 10 the program where the business pays the off-duty officer over time for the extra protection. >>10 be you can generally be more effective because they are connected directly with the police department here and flood with the union square business improvement district tells me stores, what the officers in the doorway to prevent retail theft and to make the workers feel safe. they have that police radio and they also provide and you know extra level of authority because obviously they have a badge and a gun our new farm and so people might think twice. while a security guard could do the same. the badge and the gun to send a strong message that shoppers seem to notice police officer has more. >>the cost anywhere from $13250 an hour depending on the officers ranks and the time of the job. so it could
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cost the store about a $1000 a day. under a dozen stores use the term the program. it's one way to bring more uniformed officers to union square, i'd like to see the police department to increase their numbers. >>and have more foot beats out in the and see retail theft come down so that there wouldn't be a need for but in the meantime you know this is a response. >>san francisco police tell me that they like this program because it increases their visibility and gets officers out there who know the community best and san francisco's union square. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>since southern california arrest, a man who they say planned a mass shooting at a hotel how investigators found out about the plot and what they found at the suspect's home. plus governor gavin newsome visits paradise 9 months after deadly camp fire there. >>his promise to students and teachers as the community continues to rebuild and a warning tonight for anybody booking a vacation through a certain trav
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>>well piers police are investigating a theft involving a travel agency, the house of aloha hawaii is a business based in honolulu police say on august the 9th the customer paid that business for travel services but did not get the services they purchase to since then. >>officers have identified 12 additional victims and they believe there are others. they say if you pay that agency for travel services which were not delivered or partially delivered. you are encouraged to call milpitas police. >>he says to and anti immigrant posters showed up on a college campus in the south bay. a strong response tonight from the university and former 49 er colley cabinet reveals why he started this protest against injustice on the football field. it was because of an officer-involved shooting that happened in san francisco tonight we hear from the family who lost their son in that shooting. and here we
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>>and kaepernick is opening up about what compelled him to take action against police brutality and racism in america. >>in a new interview with paper magazine, the former 49 ers quarterback revealed it was a deadly police shooting that happened in san francisco. 26 year-old mario woods died back in december of 2015 when 5 san francisco police officers shot him kaepernick says that incident got him to start kneeling during every chance he got as kron four's tells us mario woods mother says she's overwhelmed at her son's story hasn't been forgotten >>of us all the while ming because somebody remembers somebody remembers what happened that day december second 2015 the day 26 year-old mario woods was shot
10:29 pm
and killed. >>by 5 san francisco police officers, a day mario's mother glenn feared many had forgotten after she settled with the city for $400,000 earlier this year. i called this part of my life like the jesus moment we take to 40 pieces silver and this just might rooms and you know source to take this. >>go away and try and settle this in my soul. >>but this week she found out not only is her son's story remembered ignited colin kaepernick's decision to act against police brutality and racism. >>it's kind of saying i'm and mentally who put his money where his mouth was she even though was unpopular and it it was uncomfortable. you know as he took a lot of scrutiny. he took a lattice >>10 months after wood's death cap or nick knelt during the national anthem for the first time ultimately risking his career. this week in an article published by people magazine, the former 49 ers
10:30 pm
said wood's execution quote to left him with feelings of loss. >>pain and anger and coincided with his decision to protest and create his youth empowerment program know your rights camp woods says though her immense hurt for her son still remains she wants to thank the 49 er for keeping his story alive. i think in this moment in his piece. >>and then this transition. hope we can see what collin good for him. i think that was just totally blows my so one cared enough to meant he maarja and it was calling camp and so one can enough to fight each and sage and lose money an indoor sentence. you work that kid to work day. >>and san francisco noel bellow kron 4 news. big story out of southern california tonight, a mass shooting plot has been forwarded and the suspect is in custody. police in long be say the suspect had plans to go on a shooting spree at a hotel kron 4 grant
10:31 pm
lodes joins us in the studio with these disturbing details grant 10 can the details are disturbing you see these pictures that police have shared of what this guy has adam if he wasn't planning a mass shooting. what are you doing with all of these things you'll see police say the suspect rodolfo montoya targeted a marriott hotel where he worked as a cook he was arrested after a fellow employee tipped off police about his plans. suspect montoya had clear plans intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident. mentioned at the top this is what police say they found that montoya's home in huntington beach. multiple high powered firearms. hundreds of rounds of ammo big bullets look at them and all kinds of tactical gear. the suspect also had an assault rifle and high capacity magazines which are illegal to have an state of california. police say the la county da
10:32 pm
expects to have this case on his desk. tomorrow and that is when the suspect could be making his first court appearance will keep you posted their campaign back to hugh grant. thank you also in southern california investigators are looking for a gunman who shot a sheriff's deputy outside an la county sheriffs substation deputies believe a sniper fired from that 4 story apartment building. that actually overlooks the sheriff's station. the 100 unit building provides mental health services in low income housing lancaster's mayor in the high desert of la county says the deputy shot was wearing a ballistic vest when he was attacked that vest deflected the bullet into his shoulder. the deputy is expected to recover. there's still no decision tonight on whether or not the president of the toronto raptors should be chars it's been more than 2 months since this happened the jury was seen in a scuffle with a sheriff's deputy, the altercation happened shortly after the toronto game where
10:33 pm
the toronto team beat the wa>>jerry tried to go on to the court. but officials say he didn't havehe's accused of shov deputy officers say they realize who he was and then decided not to arrest him on live television. the district attorney's office says it's not clear when a decision on filing charges will be made. >>racist an anti immigrant posters are no longer up on the campus of san jose state university. a group calling itself american identity movement claimed responsibility for the flyers by posting pictures on its twitter page. the university removed to all of the items saying that they violate the school's time place and manner regulations. >>we first of all denounce the messages that are on these wires that are anti immigrant and were very clear not announcing that and we really want to uphold arm and remind people that are core values of inclusion equity, a man diversity.
10:34 pm
>>the school also says it plans to hold forums in dialogue over the next year to talk about these issues turning now to the weather was was karnal it's getting warmer out there. yes, certainly is guys we're going to see some hotter temperatures around the bay area pretty long stretch of hot temperatures too as high pressure just going to kind of linger here it's a starting to build and today the temperatures jump as much as 16 degrees tonight, mostly clear skies inland. we do have a couple of patches of fog right along the immediate coastline, this pretty dense along the coast to so yeah be prepared for that early tomorrow morning you may see some that dense fog early on them whole lot of sunshine. temperatures pretty warm right now i've got 70 degrees in concord 69 in the live more some 70's though inside the bay that's where it gets interesting just the winds of change to this 71 degrees right now in redwood city, especially warmer inside the bay that it is in some of the interior valleys don't see that happen that often 71 in san jose also 73 degrees in mount view and 71 degrees in napa and lael well on the
10:35 pm
long-range forecast of course we have the rain that system making its way through the pacific northwest today brought them some rain kind of clip the northern california. now high pressure is going to build in is that ridge builds and we start to see more of a northerly wind and that's going to crank up the temperatures and bring the heat in clearing out even along the coastline now as we head through the weekend looks like a rather how we can use a little moisture coming up on the south that's a tropical disturbance that's going to fall apart so maybe some clouds rolling across our skies maybe a little muggy into about tuesday or so after that now we keep this storms off the coastline, but yeah creeping ever so closely a little more active out there the pacific a little early this year. temperatures are going to be the story over the next 2 days in a fire danger is going to say elevators we'll see those gusty afternoon winds and a more of a northerly component the next 2 days of the summer heat is on 90's well inland getting near triple digits by sunday. thank cooling down slowly maybe dropping down to the 80's by the following friday. thank you lawrence well, the growing homeless population in the east bay is jeopardizing firefighting resources in contra costa county.
10:36 pm
>>this grass fire effect sparked an antioch yesterday and investigators say it was the result of cooking accident at a homeless encampment. the fire threatened dozens of homes and it is the second fire in the same area within a week. neighbors say they are starting to work. kisner bothers i've been here for my 10 years and almost people has it here off and on and the fires and we just started care recently never had a problem before. >>the fire did not damage any homes, nobody was injured, but it was a close call we're talking about wildfires will paradise is continuing to rebuild tonight 9 months after the camp fire wiped out nearly the entire town some buildings did make it through such as paradise ridge elementary school and just comment was there today as governor gavin newsome toured the area to see the progress. >>a cheerful welcome for governor gavin visiting
10:37 pm
paradise ridge elementary school getting you came back last week right to check in on students just back to class 9 months after the camp fire destroyed their town want to see the progress and want. >>to make sure we're following through on our promises and uh and um really. >>proud of the work that they've done nearly half of the schools in the district survived the fire reopening now that smoke damage is cleared and water filters are installed we expected. >>about a 1000 kids and we're at almost 1600. so we had very tearful moments that people came back or having to hire and that's a great problem to have superintendent michelle john says the paradise unified school district was able to reopen the schools, thanks in large part to funding from the state we have 46% of our students that's a huge hit when you're. >>financed on your a generous they have given us awful finance scene for this year next year in february the governor approved more
10:38 pm
than $24 million to help you county recovery and reopen schools. i backfilling local property taxes but moving forward johns has more help will be needed talking with the governor today about other funding possibilities moving forward and we could really can't afford to make cuts especially in the social emotional area. the governor says he's listening and is also focused on rebuilding homes in paradise. >>we need to be aggressive in terms of the insurance issues insurance companies are tonight wildfire coverage to thousands of homeowners across the state to live in fire-prone areas. >>newsome says this could pose major issues for people looking to rebuild all across butte county looking at some interim solutions and some long-term solutions to some did not offer specifics. but says his office is working on that and while knows the rebuilding process for paradise will be long and difficult visiting today left i'm optimistic you get a sense really quickly how the community is doing through the eyes children feel inspired by this. that was just commenced reporting senator bernie sanders is expected to tour
10:39 pm
paradise tomorrow as part of his presidential campaign. in national news tonight, president trump says he is the chosen one to take on china on the white house lawn today, the president talked about a number of topics, including that trade war with china and his controversial comments about democrats. >>suzanne israel jim acosta reports. >>taking his questionable rhetoric to new heights president trump talked about himself in biblical terms one point looking to the sky has praised his handling of the economy as godlike i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it so i'm taking on giant taking on china on trade and you outrage repeating his belief that jewish americans face a loyalty test in the upcoming election and if you vote for a democrat give very very disloyal to israel and to the jewish people after some jewish american groups slammed that remark is isa medic the president accepted the support of conservative commentator and conspiracy theorist wayne allyn root who portrayed mister trump and messianic
10:40 pm
terms tweeting thank you to wayne allyn root for the very nice words, president trump is the greatest president for jews and for israel and the history of the world and the jewish people in israel love him like he's the king of israel. >>they love him like he's the second coming of god why have been responsible for a lot of great things. >>will be the embassy to jerusalem. making jerusalem the capital of israel mister trump shifted once the on the topic of tightening background checks after sources told cnn he all but assured nra president wayne la pierre. >>he was siding with the powerful gun i have an appetite for background checks were going to be doing background checks were working with democrats. >>we're working with republicans we already have very strong background checks but we're going to be filling in some of the the falls we just talked about concepts wayne agrees things have to be dead also. >>president got testy in defending his decision to scrap his upcoming trip to denmark after that country's prime minister rejected mister
10:41 pm
trump's expansionist designs on greenland as absurd. >>and i thought that the prime minister's statement that it was a day that was that it was an absurd idea was nasty. i thought it was an inappropriate statements well she added say no we wouldn't be addressed said don't say what an absurd idea that is. because he's not talking to me. she's not talking to me she's talking to the united states of america, you don't talk to us. the united states that way at least an inmate. >>on a range of questions. mister trump repeatedly pointed his finger at former president barack obama under president obama right, yeah, how smart and president obama president obama did that. >>consider is defense of the trump administration's new plan to detain migrant families for longer periods at the border. i am one.
10:42 pm
>>but that's not true. it was mister trump who watched a policy of family separations still the president says cares about migrant children. let me just tell you. >>very much i have the i'm eyes. it bothers me very greatly. >>c trying to take their second straight game against the team with the best record
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>>as groups filed a lawsuit in federal court in california today against the trump administration changes to the endangered species act. the act is credited with saving the bald eagle, the grizzly bear and many other species from extinction. but the changes basically overhaul how the government considers whether species qualifies for protection and also makes the wait a lot longer for species to become protected further endangering the animals. the
10:46 pm
lawsuit says the new rules quote undermines the fundamental purpose of the law. >>an 11 year-old boy sharing quite a story got bit by a shark and walked away with relatively minor injuries on vacation with his family in florida when that shark took an interest in him brandon beyer reports. knew something didn't. >>so well evan year-old christian mary and he has a pretty good story to tell when he starts 7th grade in a few days would you give us some are. christian and his family are from canada and are vacationing on fort lauderdale beach wednesday morning, he was swimming about waist, deep water when he was fit. doctors believe by a shark. >>it was just like you said it was just up a bite and let go. for those looking for him. >>even luckier krupa lifeguards just happen to be training nearby her christian scream out was pretty quick. >>it was maybe like. so i got
10:47 pm
to know i was there for like 2 minutes. >>and then they ran fire rescue snapping this photo of his foot christian was rushed to the hospital 17 stitches later, he should be just fine and didn't really feel like it was cool. >>it's not and then i'm like oh i fell it clamped down in dental ago and then arena. >>shark bites are common. but they do happen this time of year we see a lot of bait fish that are coming down the coast it's the ocean it's very natural for these fish to be feeding. i'm i feel more lucky than unlucky i know it's a very low chance to get bit by a shark. >>but. in the commission am right now. it is also very lucky. >>i was frightened by reporting the boy says he does not plan on letting his little encounter with a shark stop him from going back into the ocean he says as soon as the stitches are out he's going to return to the water.
10:48 pm
>>to finnerty making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>looking good down to the keep it going against the yankees see a's are red hot right now how about that now the aides are turning this run into a statement homestand to show they are among baseball's top teams want to series against the astros. >>started this week ago in right at the yankees a's fans obama take their second straight game against the team with the best record in baseball bottom second one nothing new york chris davis entered over 17. crushes this opposite way to right field to run, jack. davis is 18th of the season first since july 30th to one a's 3 bottom there are still 2 one car kissimmee and a no doubter well up on the stairs and left another 2 run homer his 22th oakland, 54 1 lead. top of the 8th, we go a j pot making his major league debut. a 100 mile per hour fastball popped up by cameron maybin watch this
10:49 pm
jurickson profar makes a great sliding catch to get the out of pocket that gives up a hit walks one in the 3rd of an inning and doesn't register less than 98 only gun war drama in the 8, 6, 4 a's liam hendriks interface aaron judge 2 on 2 out gets judged swinging on a breaking pitch to end the frame a 1, 2, 3, 9 earned hendricks his 15th save the final score. 6 for oakland. bob melvin she's 12 100th win as a major league manager a's are still tied with the rays for the second wild-card spot only a half-game back of the indians over the top spot. the giants in a wild one tonight at wrigley field. here we go the fall was off the top 6, already 7, 6 cops, kevin paul r deep to left center field into the screen game tying home run. cubs fan as is tradition thro it back very well game knotted at 7. still top 6. pinch hitter austin slater goes the other way into the right-field corner gives
10:50 pm
the green light to brandon belt and brandon crawford, both score. giants take a 97 lead. last of the frame anthony rizzo strokes one into the capital of center. check this out this is how this park works. can the ivy of ground meat double only run scores 9 a giants. and to get a break but the next batter be baez makes that a moot point shop a slow roll. canberra handed chris bryant scores. brandon belt sac fly gave the giants and 1110 lead going into the 8th. >>drills the rays more on to pitch deep into the left field bleachers 2 run homer cubs won a thriller 1211. the giants dropped their 3rd in a row. >>now to the nfl travel day for the raiders who are on their way to winnipeg for pre season meeting with the packers tomorrow night as for the 49 ers short turnaround just played monday up next the chiefs in arrowhead on
10:51 pm
saturday aside from jimmy garoppolo a story in training camp. how solid the defense has meant forcing turnovers, allowing only one touchdown in the exhibition sleet. yes, it's only preseason but still. >>richard sherman the leader of the defense was now fully recovered from his achilles injury and seasonal limitations thinks the unit can be great. but he's not getting ahead of themselves just yet. >>got being contained what we've done yesterday, you know just always searching for the next opportunity to better. that the greek people do can be contained. we have a great day we have 6 interceptions him down in the you know you rest station and you have bad days. i think we did learn to m it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
10:52 pm
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sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday. >>next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on its commercial free katherine hanna is standing by in the newsroom tonight with what we're working on catherine. >>thank you, pam and ken you're coming up at 11 how did jeff a dodgy die. we have the
10:55 pm
new autopsy reports commission by his family. they contradict the san francisco medical examiner also the latest on that dramatic rescue off half moon bay when a small plane hit the water. now as you know a lot of people asking whether this could have been a publicity stunt. well here with the pilot has to say in response tonight. that's ahead on kron on back to you all right catherine, thank you make sure download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free bay area news coverage far. >>and we are looking fog around the bay area least along the coastline, but it's think it's right down the surface. cousin delays at sfo 110 minutes all arriving flights there just because of that cloud deck you see that right behind us but we are going to see a return of more sunshine and warmer weather patchy fog to begin your day tomorrow morning. and then as we head toward the middle the day becoming sunny and warm and i think we clear things out even along the coastline, mid 80's by noon inland, some 70's inside the bay and 60's out along the coastline. the afternoon getting hot that is
10:56 pm
going to be the trend right through this weekend and into next week mid-nineties in the hot spots inland tomorrow, 70's and 80's around the bay and a lot of 60's b and pop up along the coastline. so here we go temperature wise you've got 95 in hot and conquer tomorrow about 93 degrees in santa rosa about 86 in the napa valley, 95 livermore 87 in san jose about 70 degrees in hayward about 68 in the san francisco in that fog. yeah, it will be thick early on tomorrow morning watch out for that especially along the coastline. skyline boulevard 2.80 here you may see some dense fog early on, but it's not to be around very long. i think we'll see more of a northerly wind kicking in and that will start cloudy skies. that means lots of sunshine just about everywhere you go temperatures going to be heating up on your tenet and right through the weekend effect this ridge of high pressure just kind of hanging out and sticking around well into next week may be cooling things down. but i think by a next friday or saturday, those 80's going to feel pretty good but otherwise, staying hot inland. fire danger also stay elevated to that time. thank you lawrence, good night, everybody adam
10:57 pm
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