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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 26, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now a day to san francisco woman is still in shock after her a huge car battery was taken from her previous happened a few days ago near pacific heights neighborhood. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >>and i'm katharine hayden in for pam moore tonight, according to car experts this type of theft is becoming very common in the bay area. kron personal biello joins us live and has more noel. >>common and pricey it can and catherine marjorie kaplan she
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park your car. california and webster last thursday and she thought everything was ok until she came out the next morning and says she couldn't even recognize that it was her vehicle. >>didn't look like itself. and how you know what cars look like. it did not look like itself, it looked kind of. >>disheveled. >>the front emblem gone and backseat was ripped from its hinges marjorie kaplan says it took her a while to realize what happened her pre us last thursday night. expect. the whole battery to be taken. you know that was. >>a bit of a shock that hybrid car battery weighs about 180 pounds, leaving her and her partner dan to believe this wasn't an amateur job just were able to remove the triangle window without. >>breaking it, i guess they just coach les eyesight which it's like an open them. as a
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matter of fact that's exactly what toyota mechanic like jeff garcia think happened is very organized as very organized their shop in san francisco is currently working on for other priya says with batteries stolen in the exact same way. >>and because of how difficult it is to remove them. garcia says whoever's doing this knows exactly how to get the job done this not just the battery this stealing their damaging on the harness. >>everything else that's around their seat belts are being cut. yeah. >>kaplan will likely have to pay upwards of $5,000 for the repairs. so she's wishing these thieves wanted something a little less expensive. >>states have chess taken a quarter i can going to window and taking a quarter that would have been so much easier for that this
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>>yeah big deal marjory did post this on the next door app to try and raise awareness for her neighbors, she also reported it to san francisco police but because the security cameras that are on the building behind me where parts near those security cameras didn't catch anything one of them was overcome. my father that night so she's not really expecting anyone to be arrested for this i will say on this stretch of webster since i've been standing here over the last 10 minutes at least 3 folks have come up to me to talk to me a little bit about how many car break in's they have on this stretch so. here in pacific heights, folks are definitely not. they're they're not saved from the car break in's that we continue to see here across the city of san francisco for now live in san francisco while bellow kron 4 news. >>all right, let's check in with lawrence karnow jose here to tell us what that is and i think i know. we see that a
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lot of this time of year, but only some of low clouds and the fog but it's kind of compress write down is in that need looks like a river kind of just slowly know right on shore right now and certainly ken acting like that too is we've got some of that thick fog showing up around the bay area. still hot inland though, and when you see that marine layer compressed that kind of gives you an idea of how strong that ridge of high pressure is in high pressure keeping all that marine air for making its way inland sea at temperatures like this today numbers near triple digits in the concord 99 degrees they topped out there today over a 100 and fairfield 97 atlanta 96 in antioch 98 in livermore 91, even as san jose inside the base of the sackler valley, yes, still on the hot side. close that again by tomorrow afternoon. 86 degrees and hayward 86 in redwood city 72. in san francisco still had 92 for a high in nevada today and then 60's right out of the beaches where you have some patchy fog and yet that sea breeze now over the next couple of days, this marine layer is going to start to loosen up some what you see it's kind of compressed right here this is looking from sfo.
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some of the fog stretches across the bay. you know it's the mountain tops here it's just not a high enough pace to get over the mountains but as the marine layer begins to lose notegoing to see that a marine there live somewhat be able to stretch further and further on shore and then that will help cool down the temperatures even inland. all right now you're still looking at some 80's into livermore and concord 70's in the san jose cool 50's with that fog along the coastline. there's a hit to some cooler weather to come. what you know, and we expect some of that cool marine air work its way further inland coming up in a few minutes, they can orange city of fremont has to decide between 2 possible locations for their temporary housing navigation center and tonight they held their 3rd public meeting to hear from community members of people who are for and against the project. >>kron four's michelle kingston was there. >>there are people here who do not want this center built anywhere in the city of fremont other people who don't care where it is they just want it built and then other people who want to say and where would be located. a
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packed house tonight for fremont 3rd community workshop discussing the possibility of a temporary housing navigation center. the group and red is against the idea that we don't want this hse. >>it's been just is so useless. it's a waste of money we just feel all us feel very very angry about this but others in fremont say it's not a question of where the center will be built but when. >>with the navigation center can put a lot of people on the right track in order to help them and give them all the support that they need to be more successful in the future the city of fremont looking at 2 possible site locations for the temporary housing navigation center they've narrowed down their search to property on dakota road near reagan nursery into the parking lot located behind city hall hall has more on job opportunities. >>more medical services a more transportation options. lady fault. if you compare the 2 sites. it's a no-brainer city hall has to be
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>>according to the city there are 178 homeless encampment sites in fremont they say the center will provide an opportunity for people to transition from homelessness to permanent housing they're hoping to open a center in 2020 city council will discuss it at their meeting in september in fremont michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>and he semitic flyers were discovered in parts of novato now the mayor is speaking out along with a community group denouncing the hate speech kron four's theresa reports. >>or are residents spotted it hold it down right away and then there's been a community response to say that this type of stuff this type of speech this type of of writing is not to be tolerated anywhere in nevada. >>that is novato mayor eric glue can talking about this flyer posted at several locations, including a safeway in this north bay community. whose image was published in a jewish news of california over the weekend. the mayor met with me along with nancy weber who is the chair person of the
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steering committee for an organization called not in our town. though say that now more than ever it's important to take a stand. >>and i've been really impressed by what we've done in novato is to take some proactive measures but also in something like this happens to be able to respond to be able to respond quickly. i think that's important for our residents to see a message coming from our city from our police from our school
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district to me that really empowers our residents that when they see this happening and they're also taking a stand the media early and quickly. >>the mayor and activists webber talked with me about how they are working with community members to promote tolerance and how they have a message for everyone. >>just need to realize that for more like them not like. >>absolutely if you see something do something say something here in takes an on our town of auto there's also a national pledge if not in our town is not in your city or community you can still take the national pledge and this time that we're in it's important that. now we are all taking action to read this type of stuff out of our communities. >>nevada police department is investigating the case besides the safeway posters were reportedly found at a local high school in nevado tree says stasio kron 4 news.
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>>in world news tonight, president trump heading home from the g 7 summit in france war. he dodged questions on a range of topics from china to russia to climate change. the g 7 proving to be a slippery summit for president trump. >>this after days of rattling world markets in his trade war with china the conflicting claims it. officials in beijing are reaching out to is it ministrations try to ease tensions. kron four's grant lodes joins us now in the studio to markets up and down president saying this and that it's kind of confusing yeah it will have a fact check of sorts here on a variety of topics. >>catherine and can the president started the day claiming his team had received reassuring calls from chinese officials but china said president trump was exaggerating and at a news conference the president. even pointed to the treasury secretary who would only say both sides are talking and
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that followed confusion created by the president over the weekend when he seemed to say he was having second thoughts about the trade war in general as for whether president vladimir putin russia's leader will be invited to the next summit, the president gave what some say is a misleading answer about why. russia was kicked out of the g 8. >>president obama was not happy that this happened because it was embarrassing to him right it was very embarrassing to and he wanted russia to be out of the what was called the g 8. and that was his determination. he was as smart and >>but a lot of world leaders don't necessarily agree with that and mister trump got testy when he was challenged on that point. >>i know you like president obama but it was annexed during president obama's term. >>now the president was of a sieve you might say about whether or not he would meet with iran's president but in
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perhaps the most lasting image from the summit mister trump was missing in action on climate change here you see that empty chair, a visual certainly he skipped the meeting devoted to the global climate challenge the white house claim the president was absent because he had meetings with leaders from germany and india. however, those leaders were at the climate meeting so that's not really true. at the news conference the president also claimed that the first lady melania had met with kim jong-un in the past. i don't appear to have met the first lady never met the north korean dictator, it turns out in the white house was forced to put out a statement essentially admitting that the president was wrong on that contention now as for next year's summit. the president can and catherine is considering hosting one of his resort see has trump the rally, it's it's right near miami. a i think it's called
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that the trump nationally at near dorough so the critics claim that he would be profiting financially off hosting all of these world leaders and all of the people that come with them, but it still remains to be seen at this point. when i watch and see we always do thank you very much just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>peta's police are searching tonight for 3 men believed to be responsible for robbing a jewelry store at the great mall we're going to show you some images from surveillance video to show you what they look like and the crime really did trigger panic at the mall employees and shoppers a. >>they confuse the robbery with an active shooter. kron four's dan kerman talk to witnesses at the great mall. >>sheer panic sunday night at the great mall in milpitas doesn't really cross your mind. >>i just started getting scared.
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>>reports of an active shooter turned out not to be true. what people were responding to was likely the crash of glass as thieves rob de leon, a jeweler's about 07:30pm i just heard. >>like screaming heard people running because the people. >>in an abundance of caution police from all over the south bay descended on the mall locked it down and then systematically did a search and evacuated those inside. but they found no evidence of a shooting. >>everybody's very hypersensitive you know i don't think anybody did anything wrong. allowed us to respond and take the appropriate action. >>ironically 2 and a half hours before the milpitas smash-and-grab these men are suspected of robbing the valley on a jeweler's in modesto in this case there were reports that shots were also fired, though they were not police are now trying to determine if these cases are connected. >>the possibility could be there. but i don't want to say
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they are this point we still need to investigate monday. all was business as usual at the mall. but the panic from sunday night is something those who were careful not soon forget. >>couple years ago we wouldn't even have. at something like that would happen, you know. 3 suspects in the milpitas smash-and-grab still at large police reviewing surveillance video in hopes of identifying them. >>at the great mall. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the highway patrol is continuing its crackdown on sideshows want to show you some helicopter video from a sideshow in fairfield it happened on friday. police say 2 vehicles were towed to tickets were issued in 2 dui investigations were conducted. the fairfield police department released a statement saying quote this type oreckless unsafe and unlawful activity poses an extreme danger to those
8:19 pm
participating other motorists and bystanders police went on to say we hope to deter this type of behavior by conducting maximum enforcement related to this illegal and unsafe behavior. our 4 zone forecast i think we have a stunning sunshine yesterday very nice so gorgeous low cloud deck a right move the sunset now. >>at 7.48 can you believe that we won't be long. yeah as a summer kind of just fades away and you know at this the last week of august we're getting ready for labor day already and here we go looks like finally that summer heat going to tone it down just a little bit it's going to be hot spots but outside right now you see that patchy fog sneaking into san francisco, a couple of mid to high level clouds up above that's actually a little tropical moisture from remnants of evil that is beginning to move in the bay area will see more of that tomorrow and into wednesday as well a fact that you can see some of those clouds begin to slide up a little further to the north now the fog and low clouds down below but it's being compressed by ridge of high pressure that's keeper for move very far on shore but
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this moisture going kind of sweep up in the state sometimes of really lucky. we get a sweep a little closer on shore of course some thunderstorms out of that doesn't look like that's going to the cases tied to some really nifty clouds crews across the skies little muggy feel to going to be little tropical. the next couple days the sea breeze has been kicking nsa most was a 20 miles per hour at sfo 13 in the concord 14 in the byron 15 into livermore so onshore flow continues, but the marine air now working its way all the way on shore in fact are going to see some dense fog are seeing that now in the san francisco look at the clouds kind of obscure some of the buildings around san francisco going a little thick into early tomorrow morning then becoming mostly sunny. still hot inland by the afternoon. and it's starting a hot this week the much cooler temperatures expected lot of parts we can tack. we're going to see the muggy feel developing is so high pressure kind gets out of the waves get the lowdown the south the remnants of evil kind of fall apart, some of that moisture winding up into the state to bring in that muggy tropical field the bay area and then the temperatures coming down on shore breeze. so we'll
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bring the fog low clouds least inside the bay a little robust, i don't think it's going make its way all the way the interior valleys but we'll see some patchy fog tomorrow morning giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. then you know some mid to high level clouds moving across our skies temperature wise you see these down just a bit inside the bay 71 degrees in san francisco, 60's and a half moon bay. still and even some triple digits in the extreme interior valleys. they are still ahead. summer may be winding down but tensions flared at a sacramento water park quiet beach town was to blame for a brawl. >>that involved more than 30 people. and we continue to track tropical storm dorian where it's headed and how author one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >>a sheriff's deputy in california is going to be relieved of his duties this after being accused of making up a story about coming under sniper fire last week as happened in la county a criminal investigation into
8:25 pm
the incident is also under way in the deputy could face charges 3 billion reports. >>there was no sniper. no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to a shoulder. los angeles county sheriff's department officials say a deputy story about coming under sniper fire was a lie, tely fabricated the hoax which authorities say was perpetrated by 21 year-old deputy angel reynoso appeared very real whe cald in an attack in progress last week. >>reynosa city came under fire as he walked to his personal vehicle outside the sheriff's station wednesday. there's a false report sparked a very real response from authorities and rio says fellow officers including home searches school going on lockdown and a full on manhunt for a shooter that didn't exist after the deputies hoax was exposed officials gave a full account of what really happened to injury, no it'd that he was
8:26 pm
not shot at he also told investigators that he had caused the holes in his uniform shirt. >>by cutting it with a knife, it's still not clear just why the deputy fabricated the story. i read in your reporting. coming at the pappas his way across the pacific ocean from san francisco bay too. honolulu we're going hear from him when he about his journey when we come back. also california and the trump administration in a battle over the rollback of child immigrant protections. >>the new rules that could >>the new rules that could hold migrant f at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game.
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8:30 pm
subhuman simply because they are migrants attorney general have yet to set a adding on to the pile of immigration related lawsuits against the trump administration monday's court filing comes as the federal government tries to up end what's called the flores settlement agreement which establishes how migrant children should be treated and limits the amount of time they can be detained while courts review their families immigration cases, california is one of 20 states sng with concerns kids can be kept in custody indefinitely the trump administration has said it will come up with new guidelines as it aims to slow the influx of migrants coming through the southern border, the policies of this administration are exacerbating the early childhood trauma. a young children for another action california took involved piling up a limb injury injunction to block the trump administration's proposed public charge rule. >>that policy would block green cards from immigrants are already receiving public benefits like food stamps or housing, vouchers that rule touches all of america's communities. >>and it hurts us all when asked how much money california has spent on
8:31 pm
lawsuits against federal agencies state leaders didn't give a dollar amount but say it's worth it. it's. >>our values is who we are as a people it's what we represent what we search. and those don't have a price tag monday's lawsuit marking california's 57th against the federal government in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and actually from spain just made a seemingly impossible journey across the pacific ocean and he did it all by hand he became the first person use a paddle board the panel from san francisco bay to hawaii, spanish insurance athlete on taylor rossa made the trip in 76 days. he started on june 9th. the vessel he used was equipped with supplies gps navigation and sore panels for power but had no motor and if that doesn't sound tough enough during his journey bill russell was knocked off course by hurricane flossie. >>during one week i watched to the north to the i see wolf. what
8:32 pm
>>his ultimate goal is to raise awareness about protecting our oceans and highlighting the plastics that are out there as for what's next. he says the sky is the limit. >>to an update on tropical storm dorian tonight much of the eastern caribbean island of barbados was shut down today dorian approaching there. the prime minister there close schools and government offices and warn people to remain indoors. so now we want to bring in chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to give us an update on on how this big storm is moving where it's going and what could happen avoid the caribbean tough place to go this time of year that's where you see all those great rat if you want to travel that are right because you never know. >>you get one of these storms are developing come through and here we go now starting to get active out there. dorian now a pretty strong storm system putting itself together still sustained winds 50 miles per hour you can see it spinning off the coastline. it is going to track right through much of the tropics. you can see that and all the way through possibly making landfall in the dominican republic as we head in toward thursday and then as it moves
8:33 pm
back out the water is probably going to gather some strength and then again you can see looking towards saturday and sunday. well it is just off the coastline of florida sustained winds on the models about 70 miles per hour. so that is just shy of hurricane strength and there are some very very warm water right here just off the coastline of florida certainly a possibility we could be talking about hurricane making landfall in the u s as we get to the weekend but the system we're going to be moving on shore and now right through a much of the area through the dominican republic, the bahamas turks caicos islands over the better part of this week. outside right now we do have some patchy fog that is moving back in limit is going to make its way back on shore tonight, but mainly just inside the bay and along the coastline, you notice here the model start to pick up on and you see the clouds here down below that some mid to high level clouds some of some tropical moisture from remnants of the boat started moved to the bay area's weekend in toward tomorrow afternoon. and also to thursday that tomorrow evening could be a really need sunset again so be prepared for that and then we'll notice some
8:34 pm
changes it will start to cool down as high pressure will begin to weaken that ridge sitting over head now it looks like it will begin to cool down we're talking numbers may be really a little bit below the average on thursday and friday labor day weekend pretty nice around the bay area just some patchy fog in the morning. thank you lawrence. >>a sacramento water park called raging waters lived up to its name over the weekend. police shut that part down after a fight over a beach towel and return to do it huge brawl yesterday, one man badly beaten in fact is hospitalized in intensive care roughly 40 people were involved. the fight started when 2 women began arguing about who took some of these beach towel. no arrests have been made yet but everybody involved was identified and photographed criminal charges might be filed. police say alcohol did contribute to the fight. >>but seems for some of us it just ended but basketball season, creeping up on us again this season. the warriors of course have a brand new home.
8:35 pm
>>the brand-new chase center in san francisco now nearing completion of the media given a chance to take a look inside today kron four's charles clifford to has the story. >>well here in san francisco. we are just days away from the opening of the new chase center here in mission bay on monday morning. the media was given a bit of a sneak peek inside if you go into the chase center right now there's still some work going on but for the most part they're done building. this thing that just put the finishing touches on out on the floor where the seats are all the seats are in i think at the floor down they've got the hoops up they've got all the displays up and running out in the hallways, the concession stands are all completed. the some of the restaurants are also done some of the box seat areas it all looks great is brand spanking new. if you go into the chase center kind of the most striking thing is the new video screen that they have built for the warriors games. this thing is huge it 52 by 82 feet by comparison an imax screen is only 53 by 72 feet now we had a chance to
8:36 pm
hear from the warriors president who says it has been a long journey to completing the chase it's been an amazing journey and hasn't always been >>nothing is a project size in san francisco is a daunting to say the least you can see we're on the verge of cutting a ribbon in a couple of weeks and not that's a lesson ar couple of and the show begins. >>you know after the chase center opens there will be a series of concerts, including eric clapton janet jackson, elton john metallic in the san francisco symphony and then the warriors will kick off their 2019 2020 season. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>coming up a city council candidate who said she wanted her city has quite as possible. she withdraws from thinking about picking up some cbd oil from your local grocery store you may want to do some research why experts are saying.
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sure you ask your doctor before try it. >>a new york jewelry store heist this is caught on camera when we come back, we'll hear from a witness who saw all of this happening is for ca zip the road traveling to kansas city to start the series city to start the series against royals. kate has the ...6, 7, 8 city to start the series against royals. kate has the ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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million-dollar jewelry heist in broad daylight to look like a scene from some kind of action movie but new york police say this happened sunday afternoon. >>it was all caught on camera you can see the thieves with guns that they were pointing them at several employees and then tied them up on the floor police say the 3 men came into that manhattan jewelry store, posing as customers and then they zip tied and duct tape the employs they took out their guns at that point. >>christina fan has the story. >>and that typically blinding and dazzling front window displays at all the oneand company jewelers are now empty. police say 3 armed men
8:45 pm
ransacked the celebrity jewelry store on west 47th street. after duct taping and zip tying the 4 employees surveillance photos from a nearby business shows 3 men with duffel bags right after the heist. police haven't confirmed that these are the men responsible, but they matched the suspect description officers provided one is seen wearing a red bandanna another a cowboy hat, a 3rd a cable hat. store employees told us they even stole backpack acts that they are wearing with the on the logo, the setting gun nobody got injured. >>said he's happy to be alive and eli are was eating at a restaurant a block away when the shaking store employee walked in and described the terrifying ordeal. the victim told customers the 3 suspects brandish their guns, tied them up that order the owner to open up the safe. >>he's they still like $4 million worth of rita and yet he said 98 like really quick use like tribune and you could tell like something that
8:46 pm
really have been. >>police have not confirmed how much was stolen, but that stores for creating jewelry for celebrity rappers the suspects have not been caught. >>harvey weinstein sex-crimes trial is now delayed until january the fallen movie mogul is scheduled to face a jury in just 2 weeks, however weinstein was indicted on 2 new charges of predatory sexual-assault last week he pleaded not guilty today and he called the case week. his attorneys plan to file a motion to dismiss the newest charges weinstein is accused of a number of cech's crimes, including rape. the new trial date is set for january 6th. >>a woman running for office and marysville michigan has withdrawn her name from the race after making controversial remarks during a candidates forum on thursday jean kramer there she is said if elected she would make the community as quite as possible. she also said she would not allow any foreign born people as she put it in
8:47 pm
marysville today city officials say they've received written notification from kramer. she will not be running after all because of the timing though her name will still be on the ballot. today you haven't heard is national dog day and for dogs in shelters, it's a pretty tough waiting for their forever home. >>even tougher for a pop who has an aggressive form of melanoma in just a few years to live. this little guy was waiting to be adopted to shelter wt to do something special. brandon king has the details. >>so we started to think what is something special that we can do you for this week. >>with puppy dog eyes and those floppy years fema's attention when you have a spare moment to off and he see robertson with richmond animal league. pp be set. shakes as she fell instantly in love with such a nice but inside his well mannered exterior be the story had us. >>all little heart because he does have such a short time i
8:48 pm
>>in may of that diagnose the 6 year old pup with terminal melanoma we're not really sure how long he has we just know at most 2 years as time runs out the staff and ariel one bb to feel special what if we give be a big day out. and big day thursday full of car rides shopping the wound up with 2 bags of dog treats to dog chews and ice cream that cool wet and sprinkles we also have the cherry on top casey in its finding his forever home he lives like massages has been difficult it is always a big. what asked somebody to adopt a dog or cat. who knowingly has a lot of medical issues but she remains determined we want those 2 years to be in a home. so we really wanted to get story out there and to let people know how special he is.
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>>there's a cherry on top of the story bibi was adopted just over this past weekend. >>we have wild-card fever here in the bay area both teams still in contention for the second spot in their respective divisions a's just half a game back. and tonight oakland was showing off the powerful offense. that's kept them in this position after losing 2 straight this weekend to the giants a's hit the road to take on the royals in kansas city, a couple of green and gold fans enjoying this guy as kauffman stadium go to the top of the second already 2 nothing a's bases loaded for marcus semien who drives one to sit way into right center field gap and chris davis jurickson profar and josh phegley also for sunday and into 3rd base with a three-run triple 5 zip ace top the 3rd 7, 2 ways semyon this time goes deep to left and it over the first section of bleachers in left field a three-run home run for sending in 7 rbi night
8:50 pm
for him so far wow 10 2 ways right now they lead 19 3 in the 9th inning how do you like that score. it's official the warriors have moved into their new digs in san francisco, the team has fully transferred business operations from oakland's to the new chase center and today. they treated the media to a tour of the 18,000 seat arena that the warriors will call home starting this upcoming season. now before they play their first game there in early october. the tab will open up the chase center with a concert. that's only 2 fridays from now team president and ceo rick welts said the ability to consolidate everything at one location is a major plus for the organization. >>everybody who works for the warriors comes to war the chase center every day and i think it helps us all role in the same direction all have the same vision all share the same success. it's meaningful to us to be able to to recreate here san francisco. >>and finally serena williams
8:51 pm
had little trouble with maria sharapova in the first round of the us open the eighth-seededilliams rolled to a 6, 1, 6 one route that gives her 19 straight wins over sharapova williams to control by winning the final 5 games of the opening set. then the first 2 of the second set it was williams first appearance at the open since her controversial loss to naomi osaka last year and serena will take on 17 year-old american caty mcnally in the second round coming up on wednesday. >>thank you kate coming up next actress viola davis takes on a new role as former first lady, michelle o
8:52 pm
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that's why we take a totalaking approach to health and wellness, so you can age actively. and we simplify medicare by connecting you to the right coverage, resources and care. so you can keep pursuing the life you love. aetna medicare solutions. >>hillary clinton had a response to a report that president trump had asked about dropping nuclear bombs into hurricane see idea would be for the bombs to stop the hurricanes from reaching land but the 2016 democratic presidential nominee. tweeting we should not nuke hurricanes.
8:55 pm
the tweet comes after a report that claims the president told national security officials to look into dropping a bomb and 2 hurricanes in an attempt to disrupt them. according to the report he did not use the word nuclear the president is denying that he made the suggestion in the first place calling the idea ridiculous viola davis is set to portray michelle obama in the showtime series under development about america's first ladies stay, this also is an executive producer on the project. >>with showtime says will peel back the curtain on the lives as presidential spouses the first season will focus on eleanor roosevelt, betty ford and obama showtime said it's committed to 3 scripts for the proposed series there's no air date since the series has yet to be green light. >>stevie wonder's classic love song, you know at my shuri a mortgage celebrating its 50th
8:56 pm
anniversary it was released as a single in january of 1969. it went on to become the title track of wonders 11th studio album released in august of 69 originally the song was called all my martian. he wrote it for a girlfriend at the time, but then they broke up and marsha became my sheree a more that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here with kron 4 news at 9. >>catherine ken thanks very much coming up next said 9. a teenager was sent to the hospital after he was bit by a rattlesnake and he wasn't out hiking in the woods or whatever it was just a buddies place in walnut creek. we sit down with him one on one as he tells his story of survival. >>and the heat is rising, which means that pg could could potentially shut off power for days, the way one east bay city is preparing. keep it here kron 4 news at night is
8:57 pm
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>>tonight lets people out about these days right weathers war. end of summer but there's this 15 year-old boy in the east bay who had to go to the hospital after a rattlesnake got a good evening, everybody thanks for joining us. i'm grant lotus and i think he will cars it happened walnut creek on saturday night the scary part is it didn't even happen in a field or a hiking path, but. >>in a neighborhood near a home poppers your stone following this story for us tonight. he joins us live and woman creature you talk to the victim. what do you have to say. >>he tells one heck of a story kaden saying is his name and he's in pretty good spirits tonight because he was released from the hospital this afternoon. he was smiling about everything because his foot is healing after he was given that anti venom. well what ca


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