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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 30, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight, alex trebek after chemo. his message to fans today. then, brad pitt sporting a new tattoo and talking regret. >> you feel shamed whether real or imagined. plus, we'll tell you why matt lawer is smiling wh his ex. and liam looking good post miley. >> i'm not off the, hoo. i feel like i'm running. then, britney doesn't look like this anymore. her hooking new do. as matthew mcconaughey turns real life professor. sign me up. >> all right, all right, all right. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone to new york city. brad pitt is just a pond jump
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away in venice. in full-on movie star mode. but that is not what has everyone buzzing about brad today. did he just shade angelina jolie with his new ink? that's brad mobbed today in venice. the star posed for selfies, waved to fans and made casual look cool. denim and a new t. look closely on brad's right bicep. the 35-year-old got a new tattoo next to the one he got with ang lee. it's of an image of a tall man standing over his shadow. could be a reference to brad's role in "the curious case of benjamin button." for his new film "ad astra" brad heads to outer space. who helped him prepare? his pal george clooney.
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his film gravity premiered at venice in 2014. >> george and i exchanged some discomfort stories. a few hours later brad went from casual to tuxedo. he's clearly having a moment and soon he might have another oscar. the buzz is good for "ad astra" which includes a scene about a strained father/son relationship. >> he was a pioneer. we are taught to be strong, not show weakness. you're denying things, you feel shame whether real or imagined the regrets in one's life. >> brad also got great reviews for "once upon a time in hollywood." >> you an actor? no. >> no, i'm a stunt man. >> are you hoping to have an oscar, maybe, in that category? >> man, i just want to get this film out. my feeling is when your number comes up it's great fun and when someone else's number comes up it's usually your friend so it's great fun too, so i kind of leave it at that. how was that for a dodge? now, the category isle the
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extrebek health update. >> i've gone through a lot of chemotherapy and thankfully that's over. i'm on the mend and that's all i can hope for right now. >> the host of "jeopardy!" alex trebek. >> alex was healthy, back at work and even doing pushups. it's been five months since he shocked the world and announced he was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> when you do chemo you lose your hair. this is not the real me. i was told there were times when the hairpiece looked better than my real hair. we have the summer months off, so hopefully my own hair will grow back. >> "e.t." learned his first day back was july 22nd, his 79th birthday. he's filmed 40 episodes for season 36 so far. >> it's another day at the
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office for me and an exciting day because so many things have been happening. >> now that his cancer appears to be in remission, now alex is looking to the future with his trademarked sense of humor. >> who would i want to play me? betty white. >> great to see alex looking so strong and back where he belongs. now to a rare matt lauer sighting. he was spot out with his soon to be ex wife an it who finally officially filed for divorce nearly two months ago. smiling and clapping right alongside his beaming ex, which was the once bitter pair looking very happy together? well, they were filming and cheering on their daughter at the hampton classic horse show. we are told they spoke a lot during their first appearance together since she fill frd divorce last month after a nearly two-yearlong battle. it might seem strange they're not bitter but matt's first wife
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nancy alspaugh told "e.t." they remain in contact too. >> despite the fact that we were divorced i could always count on him. >> lauer's agreed to give an it a $20 million settlement, which includes the profits from their mansion ironically called strongheart manor. for now, lauer is staying put in the hamptons. we are told he's focusing on his children and truly keeping a low profile. account former anchor escape his "today" show scandal? >> i'm bringing you sad and upsetting news. >> reporter: jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon seemingly ripped their morning show plot right from his reality. >> my cohost and partner of 15 years was fired today. >> matt, he is my dear, dear friend and partner. we have decided to terminate his employment. >> i thought it was very interesting. i met with some of people on the
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cast and they just wanted to pick my brain. >> the ratings continue to hold. on tuesday hoda returns. >> i'm coming back to work. >> matt and his ex aren't the only ones who have moved on. check out liam himself worth sexy and smiling. not looking bad and to be honest, looking brad pitt fight cleanup from this shot in his new movie "killerman." liam says blood, sweat, and tears were shed from all involved in the action film. >> you don't know who i am? >> i don't feel anything. >> but were tears shed in his divorce? a source tells "e.t." at first liam wanted to give the breakup some time, but thought things were getting nasty and didn't want it to drag out publicly. wonder if miley's sum we are kaitlynn carter had anything to do that. can you guess which pop star was caught at dinner with her boyfriend? ♪ it's britney
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>> we aren't sure if it's a wig, but it could be bright red and she'd still find a way to rock it. and pete davidson moved on from one stunning access to another. four month after his breakup with kate beckinsale, he's dating margaret qualley. the pair has been seeing each other for a couple of months. margaret's mom is andie macdowell. >> i try to stay out of her way. she's very ambitious. >> this is the second time pete's dated a famous daughter. he dated larry david's daughter cazzie before breaking up last year. meanwhile, amy schumer posted this adorable and relatable mom moment. she captioned it back to work this week, adding various emo jis, including a broken hard. it's back to work for matthew mcconaughey too. not on a movie set, but soon a
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college classroom. >> what are you studying here? >> government. i want to go to law school. >> oh yeah? that's what i wanted to do. ended up going film school. >> what class is he teach something script to film class at his alma mater the university of austin. >> hook 'em horns. thank you very much. >> he graduated in 1993 and has been a visiting instructor. the syllabus, his own movies of course and will take students to set sometimes. >> i said, let's get a class, take them on a chronological journey with how a script get to the screen. >> the 49-year-old says it's the class i wish i could have had when i was in film school. matthew isn't the only star turned teacher. oprah's lectured at northwestern. angelina jolie taught at london's school of economics. amal clooney taught at columbia. >> what are you studying? >> pharmacy. >> you know what's that you want to do?
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when i was here i didn't know. >> "e.t." was with matthew on the texas campus in 2008 after his son was born. >> where my son will go to school will end up being his choice, but it will be something we decide together. i'll be able to share nothing but great experiences i had here and he'll probably be a fan because we'll be at quite a few games and he's already getting that sign on his fingers. coming up, where kristen bell's got a problem and she just can't -- >> ♪ let it go >> then, "ncis" fans flipped out when coat depap low came back from the dead. and dolly parton a prostitute?
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minutes away on "e.t." -- ♪
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>> "dancing with the stars" rehearsals are under way.
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♪ >> very few people know there are lyrics to "entertainment tonight." ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ when you have had a very bad day there's "entertainment tonight" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh yes, all right "ncis" fans lost their minds when cote de pablo popped up in may's season finale.
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yes, ziva is alive, but for how long? we have new clues. >> hello. >> where you been? >> ziva is freaking alive? i think i need to sit down. >> it took two months of phone calls to convince her to come back since leaving "ncis." we found out she'll be in at least three episodes. >> fans will be pleased. >> her character was presumed dead since 2016. turns out, she was just in hiding. >>. you're in danger. >> special lady to have here as an actress. he's been terrific. >> we remind yourselves. sometimes. >> we are on the set with her on "ncis." it was clear why she was a fan favorite and well worth her paycheck. >> actresses are so used to saying, i'm lucky i have a job. season 10 it's like no longer
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i'm so lucky, but 20 million are watching the show. >> why did she leave a successful show? initially she said it was for personal reasons but originally revealed she didn't agree with ziva's story line. cbs tried to keep her offering her a lot of money. >> i said, until we do something really fantastic for her -- >> looks like producers wrote something pretty good. >> very much like a family. you go through your ups and your downs. when you're having a bad day there's going to be somebody there to make you feel better. or make you feel worse. >> doesn't matter where we are. i'm not leaves you. still ahead, hello, dolly. how she wound up in bed wearing fish nets. then, "frozen" stars using to to win love with their own kids. plus, behind the scenes of renee zellweger's judy garland
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transformation. the good, the bad and the ugly addiction. closed ctioning provided by --
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kristen and idina, you put on instagram they owed you 20 bucks each. >> i love you so much. >> for what? no, no, no, because i gave hip money at the valet last night, so he's not counting that.
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>> okay. >> yeah so, clearly josh gad isn't letting that one go. see what i did there? does kristen bell have another beef with the original movie? it's one of the facts the cast revealed to our nischelle turner. ♪ let it go >> we have too much fun together. if we hated each other we'd be like, enjoy the movie. good night. >> the songs are extraordinarily written. they're beautiful. they tell the story of these characters. >> i won't let anything happen to her. >> youidn't ask me my beef about "frozen" 1, but i'll tell you. we didn't get enough of rob singing. ♪ people smell better than reign deers ♪ >> we get new characters. sterling k. brown plays a lieutenant.
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evan rachel wood plays the mom, queen iduna. >> to be able to sing in one of the films, an animated film, to lend my voice, it feels full circle. >> elso, the past is not what it means. must find the truth. >> being in the sequel allowed sterling to score some cool dad points with his two boys. >> i think if the movie is everything that i hope and know that it will be, i think they'll be really excited to say, like, my dad's a port of that. >> olaf himself josh gad has two kids of his own. how does he handle meltdowns? he calls it foot technique. >> you gently tap-tap them, and then you ask them, are you ready now? is it okay? use your toe. not our hand. >> ah, the toe nudge. okay, josh. not sure about that move buck let's move on and talk about the
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legend, my favorite, dolly parton. fans will get to see a side of her they have never seen before and it's all thanks to a kristian rock band from australia. take it away, dolly. >> i'm dolly parton. i want to welcome you to our new music video "god only knows." >> this is a "e.t." exclusive. >> yay. ♪ god only knows what you have been through ♪ ♪ god only knows what they say about you ♪ >> dolly does double duty in the video. playing herself and, well, a fish knit and gold mini wearing prostitute. it's all for the theme of the song, which is redemption. >> this song is heaven sent and i wanted to be a mart of it. because it speaks to so many people out there going through rough time ♪ god only knows how it's killing you, but there's a love that god only knows ♪ >> how did she end up working
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with these two aussie brothers? >> i'm looking forward to it. >> it started with a phone call. grammy winning christian rock artists released to song earlier this year, but reached out to dolly hoping she'd sing on a remix. they reached a deal on skype. >> i'm help to sing on it and i'll do my best. >> sounds fantastic. >> if i can't do good that will fix it, right? >> that's what they do to us. ♪ god only knows what you have been through ♪ ♪ god only knows what they say about you ♪ >> it's a beautiful song and i love singing it with them. i think we need this song, don't you guys? i do. ♪ god only knows >> the fish nets and aesthetic of the video may be shocking but remember, dolly told us before she built the dolly persona off the lady of the night from her small town so fish nets are a part of her zhuzh.
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renee zellweger is bringing the story of judy garland's life to the big screen in "judy." we are so excited to see this. only we can take you behind the scenes. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> short brown wig, dramatic makeup. renee looks just like judy and does her own singing live. >> i've never done that before, ever. >> miss judy garland. >> what was that like transforming into judy garland? >> it's a great life lesson. it really was ♪ clang clang went the trolley >> the film is set in 1968. it's when an older judy arrived in london looking to rebuild her fading career. >> london could offer you a lot of money. >> i have to leave my children in i want to make enough money to be with my children? >> judy's three kids are portrayed in the movie and liza
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minnelli told "e.t." she was weary of how she would portray her mom. >> she's a wonderful actress. i hope they don't do what they always do. >> they don't shoeing coat her drug and alcohol abuse. renee says her goal was to show all the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of judy's life. >> she touched the lives of so many people. we want to show her the love that she shares with all of us. and boy, what a special experience that was. ♪ dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ♪ >> i am already emotional about this. this will definitely be an award season favorite. the soundtrack drops september 27th and also feature, get this, a duet from renee and sam smith
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from one of the best numbers, get happy. "dancing with the stars" rehearsals have begun, but which star is nursing ballroom battle wounds? makes my butt look good fancy but not too fancy no matter why you love your clothes, care for them with woolite. woolite keeps clothing looking like new and cleans with just twelve ingredients versus the leading detergent's twenty-four. woolite. less ingredients. more love.
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tomorrow on "e.t." we are with the jonas brothers taking over new york. >> it's going to be a crazy night. >> nick drops a new collaboration inspired by his wife priyanka chopra? thenning a flash back to all things "terminator". "e.t." on the set then and now. tomorrow on "e.t." so, rehearsals have started for "dancing with the stars," but which celebrity is already struggling? believe it or not it's former bachelorette hannah brown. >> this is the first time i've soaked my feet. >> in other words her dogs are barking. we'll show you more, but it is not pretty. blisers and everything. here's the thing, did you notice the caption? it's only day two of rehearsals. hannah, girl, hang tough and rest those feet. night one kicks off september
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16th. take care. hannah, take care of your feet. - [narrator] the following program is a paid
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