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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  August 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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(pam) in the south bay... police arrested 10- people in a burglary operation they are calling "operation kickstand".(catherine) the investigation started in january of this year. kron 4's justine waldman joins us now - with details where on the suspects were caught. justine? (justine) after a 7-month long investigation... police in san jose arrested these 10 people thursday. they say since january, this crew has been responsible for dozens of commercial burglaries in san jose, cupertino, palo alto, walnut creek, oakland, dublin, and other cities in the bay area. police say the burglary crew focused on bike shops, construction sites and school districts. san jose police department's burglary prevention unit... conducted an extensive investigation and identified six members of the burglary crew. on thursday san jose police served 4 search warrants in san jose and 1 in sunnyvale. six suspects were arrested... and booked into santa clara county jail
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for various felony charges including commercial burglary, and conspiracy. one of the search warrants was served at a storage locker in sunnyvale, three at recreational vehicles in san jose, and at a residence on the 16-hundred block of willowgate drive in san jose... where 4 additional suspects were taken into custody. san jose police chief eddie garcia says he's very happy.. about the take down. in total ten were arrested and booked into santa clara county jail. dozens of stolen driver's licenses, credit cards, firearms, ammunition, drug paraphernalia and property were recovered. if you have anymore information on any of these suspects... you're asked to call police... you may be eligible for a cash reward.
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catherine and pam, back to you. (2-shot/pam) today palo alto's gunn high school turned a threat against the school ... into a teaching moment..(2- shot/catherine) kron four's rob fladeboe talked to students and police about that threat... which was allegedly made by a 14- year-old gunn high school student.
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a live look outside right now... as we get our first look
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at the four zone forecast with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.
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homes and businesses... el cerrito police say, someone is firing a b-b gun in neighborhoods.... with complete disregard for the community's safety. kron four's philippe djegal shows us the damage... and has a look at the vehicle possibly used to commit the crimes.
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(catherine) an antioch woman has been arrested... after a string of thefts at bay area sporting goods stores. police say 31-year-old kiaira fluker is one of three people suspected of stealing 7-thousand dollars worth of merchandise august
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2nd from the big 5 store in milpitas. police say she was identified as one of the thieves thanks to the store's surveillance video. she's also a suspect in other thefts at sporting goods daly city, napa, redwood city, sacramento, sunnyvale, and walnut creek. fluker has been booked into jail on charges including commercial burglaryand organized retail theft. the other two suspects are still on the loose. (catherine) a california state appeals court has thrown out the only conviction against the man who shot and killed kate stienle on san francisco's pier 14. jose garcia-zarate was acquitted of murder in the 20-15 killing. he's been in custody facing gun charges-- but the court overturned a conviction today. that's because the judge failed to instruct the jury on one of his defenses. garcia-zarate was in the country illegally-- and had been deported five times before killing steinle. he claimjed he had picked up
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the gun that was wrapped in a t-shirt-- and fired it accidentally. he's still in custody - facing ááfederal gun charges. (pam) tonight at six.. a busy day in sacramento ... state lawmakers decided the fate of hundreds of bills within a matter of hours today. (catherine) kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala says, that includes two of the most controversial proposed laws this year.
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(pam) coming up... housing costs in the bay area are on the decline.. a bit.. but experts say ... don't expect to see any big changes. (catherine)plus... an urgent warning from doctors... after dozens of people have become sick from vaping....doctors sayit could lead to lung disease. (pam) and... hurricane dorian, now a category 4... is growing stronger as it heads towards florida. how people are preparing for the worst
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hurricane dorian continues to head towards florida gaining strength along the way. the storm -- now a category 4-- is expected to continue strengthening in the next few days. (pam and as (pam and as the rest of the country heads into a holiday weekend -- people in florida are scrambling to prepare. nadia romero is in west palm beach, florida with the latest. "looks pretty bad and it's unpredictable."the entire state of florida is under a state of emergency as residents prepare for hurricane dorian.bill / west palm beach resident:"i've reporting. romero i'm nadia beach, florida, in west palm running out." that time is some time but you do have that you need. the
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preparations florida: "make desantis / (r) governor ron way .the storm's move out of
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to be ready to urge residents authorities gasoline - as let's take a look at cocoa beach florida right now... one of the places wjere people are bracing for dorian -- now a caterogy 4 hurricane.... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the latest on hurricane lawrence (pam) (pam) in the east
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bay.. the municipal utility district says, it has been working to make sure its water pipes survive a big quake. for the past few months, east bay- mud has been replacing old pipes ... with new earthquake resistant pipes in berkeley. crews are replacing about 28-hundred feet of old iron pipe... some of which may have been in the ground for a century... crews are replacing it with new quake resistant pipe that should be able to flex and bend during a quake. the utility district's senior civil engineer says ... all the shifting from the quakes is what causes the main breaks. (pam) this is just one of many
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projects east bay mud has in the works. it has about 42-hundred miles of pipe in its service area that it is working to replace. right now, the agency is averaging about 10 -miles per year... but is working to replace 17- to 20- miles per year. (pam) for your money... housing prices are continuing to dip here in the bay area ... but the situation still remains bleak especially for one group looking to buy.(catherine) kron on's terisa estacio talked to online housing expert 'zillow' about the market and how it's still very expensive...
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(pam) coming up tonight at 6:45 ... democrats still fighting for gun control... in the wake of several mass shootings. the latest on their efforts (catherine) apple is apologizing for allowing
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workers to listen to your conversations... through siri. that story is next.
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(pam) apple is apologizing for letting its workers listen to users talk to siri. the company says... that practice is designed to improve the quality of siri. but apple got backlash....... after learning that contractors could hear users' private conversations. in a blog post, apple c-e-o tim cook said, users will now have to 'opt- in' to having their recordings reviewed. and added.. only apple employees will have access to audio samples, not contract workers. also .. he says, the company will no longer keep audio recordings of siri interactions. (catherine)still ahead... video catches burglars breaking into cars at a bay area shopping center. the new technology police say they're using to choose targets... (pam) still ahead... an urgent warning from doctors... because dozens of people have become sick from vaping. we hear from
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alert is in effect in sonoma county because of lung injuries related to vaping. more than 30 illnesses have been tied to vaping across the state... and they were so intense patients had to be hospitalized. the health alert in sonoma county follows a statewide alert issued by the department of public health. a major concern -- the increase in e-cigarette use by teenagers... in sonoma county last year one in four 11th graders reported vaping on a regular basis. (catherine) now... one 17-year-old has a message for his peers: vaping could not only put you in the hospital... it could kill you. (pam) his case of severe lung disease is one of almost two- hundred reported since june ... which doctors believe may be linked to e-cigarettes. c-n-n's doctor sanjay gupta explains .


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