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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. breaking news tonight is that within the last our police have arrested a 29 year-old man for murder in connection to the death of a 13 month-old boy. thank you for joining us tm and i'm j r stone the man and 13 month-old boy were found unresponsive. >>at a home on drive this afternoon police do believe drugs were involved. kron four's gayle ong is live in santa rosa tonight with all new details scale. >>recent signs of drug use was found lying next to the boy and tonight we're learning the boy and man. shock and sadness at the santa rosa home and
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many questions surrounding what actually happened inside this house that led to a child's death police say a 13 month-old boy was found dead inside this house on derek drive saturday afternoon neighbors stunned this is a first for this neighborhood police arrested 29 year-old patrick o'neal for murder. >>o'neill was found unconscious lying next to the child. detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death officers found drug paraphernalia and signs of recent drug use next to where the child was found. yeah that's bad that whole as formal. you know, but. >>i would even heard of any joint activity down there you know it happened just before one in the afternoon after a welfare check at the home a woman discovered the child and o'neill both unresponsive. >>o'neill was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. paramedics tried to save the child's life. but he died at the scene police say there were no signs of physical violence but believe drugs were a factor in the child's death. police say
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o'neal will be booked in jail after he is medically cleared from the hospital, reporting live in santa along kron 4 news. in the east bay emergency crews recovered a body from san leandro in the bay this morning jet skiers first reported emergency along. >>the martin luther king junior regional shoreline near do little drive around 11:50am when oakland fire crews arrived, they recovered a body from the water and confirmed that the person was dead. no other details have been released. >>a kayaker from the central valley is being held held a hero tonight. after video captures him coming to the rescue of a stranded boater the tense moments happening in half moon bay were caught on gopro video. hours of struggle in the frigid water. the man was eventually picked boat by s counties. patrol kron four's
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dan thorn is live in half moon bay tonight with details dan. >>well jr this trend, a boater was sucking the water for at least 3 hours and he had to resort to yelling in order to be heard and to get some help will likely this kayaker did hear him and he contacted harbor patrol. but i'm told the situation could have been much worse because this guy just wasn't prepared. >>video captures the tense moments of fresno fisherman stumbles upon a stranded boater screaming for help. the man says he was fishing for salmon in half moon bay on wednesday, when he was stunned to find another man clinging to his capsized boat. the boat or had been in the water near harbor patrol was then able to get the man out of the water. the kayaker not her.
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>>and the screams for help from the a person in the water. on that day we had pretty that fog and we are could have quite possibly gone much longer without being found. >>harbor master robert dunn says foggy days are common in half moon bay. that's why it's portant to have the right tools out on the water. the stranded boater was wearing a life jacket, but he should have also had a sound signaling device like a handheld radios. had you have that on him. >>he went in the water most likely he could have reached us nearly you know immediately. >>half moon bay is a popular spot for boaters and kayakers to head out on to e harbor patr educating yourself before taking unnecessary risks, you ne t be prepared. >>for what you might encounter when she get out there whether it be winds waves or fog. >>well it's still unclear tonight, how boater got into
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this situation. it's also apparently he's going to be doing ok after this frightening ordeal, and harbor patrol is hoping that people heed their warnings before heading out onto the water, reporting live in half moon bay. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and now for a quick check out your 4 zone forecast let's take a live look outside downtown san francisco city hall lit up and we are noticing a stronger sea breeze and a thicker marine layer out there this evening cooling down temperatures not just along the coast in the double digits, but also along the bay and a few degrees of calling for most of our interior valleys as well so temperatures out there right now wid way inland with the exception of concord an antioch in the tribe valleys still tracking a very warm but pleasant air mass out there right now in the mid 70's and wake-up planner forecast is going to show a cloudy start for the 2nd half of your weekend. better clearing by the afternoon and we are going to notice some gusty winds from time to time later
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checked afternoon and early evening hours at around 30 miles per hour or less. but finally some much needed relief for interior valleys, 10 to 15 degrees of cooling tomorrow so very dry calm conditions out there right now. but there is a storm out there in the pacific northwest that is going to bring us some rain to start out our work week forecast and it will impact your monday morning commute i'm tracking this storm hour by hour and find out how much rain we're expecting to get when it's all said and done by monday so much state capitol where a woman was arrested on charges including assault and disorderly seat in the visitor gallery. the woman arrested by the sacramento sheriff's office is deleo from the santa cruz area she has since been released. the chp said that the bloodlike substance was contained in a feminine hygiene device and that was reported to be a menstrual cup. lawmakers had
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just finished a vote on the woman shouted quote that's for the dead babies and tossed the liquid which then hit senators and landed on their desks other demonstrators thought that this just went too far. it is just a scene. >>nobody here would condone that all of our activities here this we have peaceful even the parents that were i rested earlier and the wheat. >>the senate chamber was evacuated for several hours after the incident and all this tension was coming on the phone and all 9 of the a santa defrauding victims and government agencies of more than $20,000 was sentenced to 4 years in state prison. karen kiefer was convicted of 20 felonies and 9 misdemeanors against 11 individual victims. prosecutors say he stole at least $15,000 as part of a
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rental scam that left victims with no place to live. he also falsified welfare and food stamp applications to obtain more than $7,000 in benefits. he's also charged with threatening to ex-girlfriends by sending out revenge port. >>for the first time in 20 years the san francisco fire department and its local union hosted fire ops want kron four's felipe should all reports but it was a seand on t for some of our elected officials to experience what firefighters battle on a >>san francisco supervisor aaron peskin among the local and state leaders invited to the fire department's training facility on treasure island saturday witnessing the hardworking men and women who respond to the city's emergencies prepare for the unpredictable maybe i've around for almost 20 years. >>hearing it again and again seeing their training every aspect from search and rescue to fighting live fire. to what
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you see here with family it is remarkable see firefighters staging real life hazards how to enter and exit burning buildings performing cpr. >>in the back of an ambulance using the jaws of life to remove people from battered cars and watching cadaver dogs search through rubble for bodies, you name it the fire department san francisco firefighters union and the fire department coerced in fire ops one oh one and although firefighters it is to like this due to construction on treasure island this facility is slated to close in 2024. we feel that our city officials. >>even some our citizens from going through understanding of what we are faced with. will give us a better understanding of when we asked for certain things. we're just coming from our experience is that you
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guys have no idea about whatsoever whether it is at treasure island or on other pieces of sealand whether it's at the airport. we have a nexus land at the san francisco zoo. >>make sure that our firefighters have a for decades to hopefully ensuring community stay safe across the city. >>on treasure island sleep at all kron 4 news. state lawmakers approved a 3 year ban and on using facial recognition software with police body cameras the bill now goes to governor gavin newsome who has until octobeoes january. the bill encountered opposition from law enforcement groups, the cajifornia s association said they're concerned about how the bill takes crime fighting tools off the table. coming up state lawmakers vote to ban private prisons in ice detention centers. how soon that band could take a fact.
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>>if you use bart expect some delays when things should be back on. that's right after the break. >>and up next officials in santa clara warning people to stay away from a fake fentanyl drug. this killing a rising number of people. the consumers take them thinking that they can get a certain effect. >>i don't get a high in a certain way what they don't know is that the bell geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo!
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 to the south bay now new details about a public health warning in connection with a sharp uptick in fatal drug overdose as kron four's rob fladeboe reports right now santa clara county is dealing with fake pills. >>containing the lethal chemical known as fenton off. >>why we're here is because a number of young people are dying and they don't need to santa clara county deputy da bryan bucklew sounding the alarm about a rash of recent overdoses seizures and death link to the highly toxic chemical fentanyl which is turning up in a range of fake pills across the county what we're seeing is an influx of counterfeit pills. that are designed to look like the regular pharmaceutical brands that are in fact fake. >>they contain nothing of active ingredients of the traditional brand these drugs unfortunately are killing a lot of young people in santa clara county. >>9 deaths so far for a loan in august, including 2 teenagers law enforcement have seized large numbers of fake a
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30 milligram percocet pills containing fentanyl rather than oxycodone they look just like the real thing, they're blue or green with an m inside the square stamped on one side and a 30 on the other side. >>the consumers take them thinking that they're going to certain a fact that they'll get a high in a certain way, but what they don't know is that the bell is in fact poison and will kill them. >>fentanyl is 80 to a 100 times more powerful than morphine and exposure to even a tiny amount can cause overdose and death. and it's not just fake per cassette fentanyl is also turning up in cheap easy to find counterfeit xanax and other pills all potentially lethal says bucklew we're cocaine we're see methamphetamine we're seeing it in ecstasy were seen here when we're seeing it by itself, it is all over the place a san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>this week. pgd officials said the utility has reached an billion settlement with the
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insurance companies to resolve claims resulting from the 2017 2018 wildfires. the tentative settlement represents about 85% of claims resulting from the northern california fires in 20 17 in the camp fired 2018. that killed 86 people on monday pge filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plan. >>maybe not some of the coup and out of towns like yeah and that cooling trend is going to continue for interior valleys tomorrow. so today we cool down near san francisco and of you in oakland as well right about where we should be for this time of year, but check out livermore in concord you didn't get that cool sea breeze or marine layer that's why you sad dear triple digit heat today well above average but relief is in sight because tomorrow you're going to cool down 10 to 15 degrees at least
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by tomorrow afternoon so stormtracker 4 tracking very dry conditions noticing that marine layer right off along the coast and it is going to become more widespread even reaching towards our interior valleys by tomorrow morning. so we are going to wake up to cloudy skies and out in the pacific northwest. i am tracking the storm that is going to impact your monday morning commute. so let's track it hour by hour will arrive during the overnight hours. monday morning. we are going to notice some light rain and it will be very scattered hit or miss in nature, so it is going to make for a very slick commute head out the door as early as you can and make sure to drive safely and this is going to be a very weak quick storm because as you see by monday afternoon at around 3 o'clock, not only does the storm exit to our south and east but also we are going to clear out and dry out by monday afternoon and early evening. rain totals with this storm not looking very impressive at all so don't let all of that green for you just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less with
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this quick moving storm system and let's take a live look outside downtown san francisco tracking that marine layer already making its presence known. cooler temperatures already throughout our bay area coastline. widespread upper 50's with low to mid 60's for everyone else with the exception of the tribe valleys including conquered in antioch still in the mid 70's, so very warm air mass anti all cooling down to 64 degrees. everyone else though in the mid to upper 50's though it is going to be a cooler night. thanks to the return of mother nature's very own air conditioning system and tomorrow's daytime highs below average, not just for downtown san francisco. but also oakland 67 degrees for san francisco oakland in the low 70's in san jose low 80's under going to see widespread low to mid 80's for most of our interior valleys, antioch 82 degrees. santa rosa 84 degrees for you hayward 73 degrees. half moon bay, 66
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degrees for your sunday afternoon highs and let's take a look ahead at that extended forecast because we are going to notice a warming and drying trend after monday and then we are going to be near average by the end of next week into the weekend. as we start fall, we are going to have above average temperatures in our interior valleys in the low 90's so we're going to be back in the 90's about 10 days from now with above average temperatures inland. but relatively mild right along the coast monday really stands out. average because of that storm so it is going to cool us down even more but then warming up later in the week i think below. >>average works for me for the time. it was too much for you that i love. an air-conditioner yeah. that's a true likely we have it now thanks to that he got thank you.
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>>broken california, mother is demanding answers tonight about the death of her 15 year-old special needs son named emmanuel per ads. he died when he took a golf cart at school and slammed into a metal railing. there is a no touch policy in the district, so neither one of the adults could grab him and take him out of the golf cart even though the adults were with them when he hopped on the golf cart and took off his mother is now recalling the moment stay spent with each other. >>you take good care of me. the scene but it. with economy will be display with. the which will i love you very much. is is that. >>many died that night at the hospital from internal injuries. and now his mom wants answers. that's why. she's filed a claim that could eventually lead to a lawsuit. >>to smoke shop employees are now behind bars for selling illegal products come we will
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tell you how police uncovered. alleged illegal operations. a school in florida is now testing a new idea to combat vaping in schools. >>details on the plan that may >>details on the plan that may the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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at pthe style is yours. the moment is energetic ocher. new sichuan hot chicken. now save 20% on all living room furniture. visit pier 1 or pier today to save. and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>they think has been the center of a lot of attention in recent weeks to show the unexplained health concerns city officials are trying to keep vaping out of the hands
10:24 pm
of children. >>dave elias has more on the steps one school is taking to make sure students are vaping at school. >>and all those out into the air people would be. >>like taking it in vaping quickly becoming an epidemic in southwest, florida schools, they can be influenced by other students doing in fact it is and it has in lee county alone, a 150 kids were caught vaping in 2016 543 in 2017. >>and last year more than 900 kids were caught vaping it's cool. guess it's kind of years you know everybody was that's what they want with their life 6 people have died nationwide from vaping 450 others have developed lung illnesses result is a card that they should be. >>regulators so they can know they can make a better this union and see what's what are they smoking ashley lee county schools are driving home, the dangers with posters like these were looking for tools in ways that help us prevent and stop our students from vaping including hiring 11
10:25 pm
extra security guards to look for students vaping. >>the district now looking at these monitors that alert school officials if someone is vaping and we're reviewing. >>he's kind of monitoring devices to see if they have any a feasibility in our schools but at the mobile just haven't implemented any of them. >>putting them in places where students are often sure. and texting school officials where it's happening. >>president trump just remove the law protecting us waterways that was put in place by president obama details on why some officials are siding with him. the others say it was the wrong. >>in california bans prom prisons, this will cause the state to have to shut down multiple presidents now details on what this means and
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more and over tracking cooler temperatures in the bay area this sierra will have a red flag warning meaning imminent fire danger starting tomorrow through monday details coming up in my full forecast this is the nimble chevy trax. the versatile chevy equinox. the stylish all-new chevy blazer. and the roomy chevy traverse with seating for up to eight. the chevy family of suvs. no matter what you're looking for in an suv, chevy's got you covered.
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at 00:10pm tonight, immigration and social justice reform activists are applauding lawmakers. earlier this week they passed a bill that would ban the use of private prisons
10:29 pm
and some ice detention centers. >>forrest while spoke with the bay area lawmaker who authored this bill. >>i literally profiteering on the backs californians and treating them like. commodities instead of like people in a 65 to 11 vote wednesday, lawmakers in the california state assembly. >>passed bill 32, banning the use of private for profit prisons and detention centers in the state usually the for profit. >>private detention centers are for lower risk level reassembling member rob bonta authored the bill he said it was time to stand up for californians. >>study after study federal studies states studies. >>independent, non government organizations studies that show that almost on every metric for profit private detention centers and prisons to worse the government lied center specifically are known to be the most deadly to undocumented immigrants specifically island though here in southern california. >>has led to the death the
10:30 pm
most undocumented immigrants in the country the bill also applies to for profit detention centers operated by ice the california immigrant youth justice alliance feels this is a step in the right direction bill really. >>champion the solidarity fell that needed to happen between criminal justice an image. >>rights and what a better state to do with that in california. >>the geo group runs for private prisons in california in a statement they called themselves an innovator in the field of rehabilitative services. they say ab 32 works against the state's proposition 57 and high recidivism goals but bonta disagrees ding programs and e an education and rehabilitation to reduce recidivism they're they're just literally warehousing californians and all they care about is how much money they next quarter. >>if governor newsom signs the bill into law existing contracts with private prisons would be allowed to run their course says the last one with
10:31 pm
geo group ends in 2023. the governor has until october 13th to sign in francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news. a smoke shop owner and an employee were both arrested and fairfield after a month long investigation by police they worked at the smoke shop in more on texas street. >>and police say that it has legal thc cartridges for bay pens butane hash aisle and more than $14,000 in cash ash the investigation started with a tip to police that the smoke shop was illegally selling products and also selling tobacco products to juveniles. a warrant was obtained after the shop sold to an undercover juvenile who purchase tobacco. fairfield does not allow the sale of marijuana within city limits. >>city of berkeley has launched a new mental health crisis line designed to help those in need. and provide an alternative to 911. the new crisis line will be staffed by experienced mental health professionals who will be able
10:32 pm
to determine if an immediate impersonal valuation for safety is needed for more information you can visit our website there you can find the crisis hotline. another mental health 3 sources. >>look outside right now here in san francisco along the embarcadero much cooler today in the city than it was in the past couple days and meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with a look at. and that sounds like it's going to continue. yeah, not just for tomorrow, but even through monday as well i am tracking some light scattered showers. light and radar very dry conditions, but we are seeing the return of that marine layer today, and that's helping to cool us down so it is going to become more widespread and as we head to this year a very dry for now a bid to drive because it very are going to be under red flag warning that means imminent fire danger concerns, gusty wind speeds of 45 miles per hour or less will drop humidity levels in the single
10:33 pm
digits and even into the teens that time so it is going to start sunday and continue y. le look at your 3 day sierra forecast sunday, partly cloudy skies in the mid 70's and dropping a whole 20 degrees by monday because of that same storm system that is going to make its way into the bay area. it will move to the east towards the sierra cooling down temperatures there and by tuesday warming up and drying out into the mid 60's. so let's take a look at your bay area forecast. we are noticing that i cloud cover overhead in that cool sea breeze influence cooling down temperatures in the mid to upper 50's right along immediate coastline. 60's everywhere else with the exception of concord in antioch still in the mid 70's out there this evening and overnight lows will be cooler as well dipping into the mid to upper 50's and a quick check out your microclimate sunday forecast for the 2nd half of your weekend. the cooling trend will continue throughout downtown san francisco cooling down to 67 degrees mission district in the upper 60's as well, half
10:34 pm
moon bay 66 degrees so we are going to start out with a lot of cloud cover better clearing by the afternoon light to breezy sea breeze but gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour less will be possible. no brand san bruno cooling down into the low 70's, 67 degrees or pollo alto and san mateo and foster city in the low 70's for your sunday afternoon highs and widespread mid to % upper 70's for most of the south bay low 80's for san jose and even morgan hill we are going to cool down about 10 to 15 degrees. tomorrow compare today's so finally you're going to notice that cool sea breeze and that increase in cloud cover that is going to help you cool down to near average or slightly below average temperatures livermore 81 degrees hayward in the mid 70's. berkeley 71 in rees and conquered 8 the upper 70's at 78 degrees as is napa and santa rosa cooling down to near average highs in the mid 80's. so let's take a look ahead at that 10 at 10 outlook because we are going to warm up and
10:35 pm
dry out after monday's weak storm bringing us about a 10th of an inch of rain or less for your monday morning commute and then we are gradually going to warm up to near average highs by the end of the workweek and even into the 1st half of next weekend. but by next sunday, going to warm up even more into the upper 80's inland and on monday when fall begins low 90's for most of our interior valleys so looking and feeling a lot more like summer than fall. but fortunately, no triple digit heat in the forecast back to you. >>the president seems willing to stand on the side. his court bodies and not on the side of people rightfully deserve it action. >>a michigan congressman is slamming the trump administration over its decision to roll back obama era clean water protections. this comes after the trump administration throughout a regulation that protected. many us wetlands and streams from pollution. and some say this now puts drinking water
10:36 pm
at risk. the rule was opposed by developers farm and manufacturers who said it hurt economic development and infringed on property rights but environmental groups are attacking the president for what they call. the latest in a series of efforts to eliminate environmental protections. there are people on both sides of this debate. >>president trump took office he immediately set in motion a process to remove and replace regulatory burdens that are stifling american innovation over. >>a court challenge is expected new rules we released and will be open for public comment in the coming weeks. coming up. chance to win the 50 $1000 chair this story has your name on. is if your taste buds can guess the mystery flavor to think you can do it.
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>>i don't know, but is so many things right. our delays slow down some commuters this weekend. we'll tell you why the delays are doing more good than harm.
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>>happening this weekend bar is continuing repair work in the east bay, which means you should expect delays from walnut creek going into parts of the east bay and. >>san francisco kron four's christina tate wrote has details from lafayette bart station.
10:40 pm
>>now there's actually some good news about these delays they were planned and they're going to be less of them than what bart officials originally thought because crews here at the lafayette station are ahead of schedule. bart riders traveling between walnut creek and are in doubt will have delays possibly up to about 30 minutes because there's only one track open for trains going both directions meaning only one train can go at a time originally all tracks were supposed to be close like they have been in weekends past in those cases passengers would have to get off part on a next open station and then get back on to bart again to continue their right delays possibly around an hour. but since trains are still operating and just one track is close riders just need to know that train service may take a little longer than normal, but it won't be stopped if you're driving the left 2 lanes of eastbound 24 near oak hill road in lafayette will be closed until monday morning at 7. it's not for road repairs, but bart can
10:41 pm
use a large cranes and other machinery to continue replacing 5,000 feet track they spoke with one writer heading into the city for work. here's what he had to say. >>i'm just worried. oh my boss think if i'm the hopefully hasn't happened. that's a dude eventually i mean they can't you know pick a day that suits everyone so i mean it's probably a good thing. yeah. >>they were supposed to be another set of closures next week ensure the lafayette station for the same type of construction. those 2 have been canceled. reporting in lafayette, christina teatro. >>cecilia chang arrived in san francisco decades ago and she forever changed chinese food in america just a couple days, she's going to turn one 100 and you will be her. >>can't wait for that can't wait for this coming up in sports live come college football today stafford down in orlando taken on you see a.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 you may not know her name, but no doubt you know the flavors in food of mandarin china that she introduced to the us for example, they show up on the menu of the pf chang's restaurant chain co founded by her son philip this is little the restaurant your little the kurds and hopes might hurt yes. the chain is a a revolutionary. >>in the food world chef. he's
10:45 pm
cuisine in america with julia child did for french cuisine and recently aarp. about this amazing woman who just days away from turning 100 years young. >>trend is most thing pretty far. just of gets that day just a century of living. and cecilia chang is still in charge and engine. this is michael caine. and some put her a this petite woman stands tall in the food industry, the big names who are her friends all acknowledge she changed chinese food in america. >>everybody reveres her emerald yea with the james beard awards committee is a
10:46 pm
dear friend chinese food back. >>was kind gloppy americanised food, just saw what a huge job and how did not reflect chinese cuisine, she is. >>when she arrived in san francisco from china in the 1950's she was going to help friends open a restaurant but they leaving her to do it on her own i was the best buy. i was still holds. our c one answer fall. they can reservation. ever since. >>after years of hard polk stre was not an easy start cantonese cooking dominated wit lighter flavors rice chop suey and egg foo yung, the mandarin style is twice a year. >>people felt it is not going
10:47 pm
to work she's in a failed heal. and she succeeded. >>the mandarin on polk street eventually took off and then and even got the your move chang relocated to gear a deli square and later added mandarin beverly hills, the stars came in droves. i feel proud. one not just the coach earn. 2 american 3 star michelin chef corey lee. >>she had a lot she is in she persevered through all that. that's really testament to resilience. >>really in the war, job when the shooting us. >>one of 12 children living through japan's war with china, communism and constant political turmoil challenges dominated their life. through it all she got a college education. we got married and then in the us changed her life and touched so many others.
10:48 pm
>>and you just put musk a frying pan and she's also so who is mature so many people. >>on the. nations know you her passion for china is with her today not only in her cooking make is let her home what county art collection of hang turning 100 she dines out with friends regularly keeps her own schedule does everything in moderation while enjoying every moment reporting for us tonight. >>and cecilia is actual one 100th birthday is on wednesday, the celebrations have already started among her
10:49 pm
many honors. she has received the lifetime achievement award from the james beard foundation and san francisco mayor london breed will on her life's work and her one 100th birthday with a special award. >>in college football for bay area teams, the stamford conn cardinal in orlando taking on the 17th ranked ucf knights there's head coach david playing university of central florida in orlando is a challenge that place gets rocking ucf didn't waste any time quickly up 14 to nothing night. qb dillon gabriel. >>to ensure a nixon speech is in the end zone touchdown nights ucf up 21 set seconds into the 4th ucf of 38 to 10 kj costello. in for the 24 yard touchdown, stanford claw their way back but still trailed 3817. moments later gabriel find a wide open jake
10:50 pm
has caulk for the touchdown, you see a pop up now 4517 under 2 minutes left in the 4th. ucf ball. stanford's mcgill. touchdown stanford. but it was too little the 2, 8 stanford falls do you see a 45 to 27 that is your final stanford will host the 15 th-ranked oregon ducks. next week. and the 24 th-ranked usc trojans taking the byu cougars 4th quarter usc up 2420 cougars quarterback. jack wilson with the read option that's a touchdown byu 2724 less than 2 minutes left in the game usc's a grass 52 yard field goal. time. all tied at 27. byu would score and that wi dui you defeat usc 30 to 27 that is your final coming from
10:51 pm
over time. stand in the college ranks more local now the cal golden bears hosting the north texas mean green game was not televised. so we had to deep dig deep, that is. >>and we were able to find one highlight from the. 1st quarter we go kaleb 13 to 0 chase garbers with a deep beautiful asked the on the whole that's the catch then the span any runs and 36 yard touchdown. college stands their lead to 20 north texas would make it a close one, but cal hangs on to defeat north texas 2317 your final. how is now 3 and on the season. now on to some baseball giants are 9 games back from the second wild-card spot hosting the miami marlins madison bumgarner getting the start sunday for the giants bottom of the 7 we go. giants trailed 2 nothing to on for donovan saw. 2 runs would come
10:52 pm
in to score. top of the 8th, we go all tied at 2 miguel rojas hits this ball. deep to left field carrier. off the top of the wall one run would score and just like that marlins regained the lead 3 to 2 bottom the night we got marlins leading 42 now big spot for girls with 2 on shop set up though back to the pitcher. we'll take him sell for the final out that'll do it chimes fall the marlins 42. your final the look to take the series. on sunday over to arlington mike fires on the mound today for the a's. and yes that is his new facial hair arcana says i can do that
10:53 pm
too dull and field. it is looking on the pole to run home run has regained the lead 75. they would go on to defeat the rangers 8 to 6 your final is look for the sweep on sunday. finally something very heartwarming tonight during their game against chattanooga that chattanooga mocs on saturday. the university of tennessee's band rock this now well known t shirt. it was a bullied fans short design with his original hand drawn. you t design that he wore to school the fan was made fun of when he first wore his version but the school made an official shorten set aside a scholarship for him. the university wanted to show their support and it is reported that over 50,000 of those hand drawn shirts have already been sold even the band is wearing them right now so that early retirement we planned. now it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids.
10:54 pm
i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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the cheerleader just acquitted of killing her baby. >> i'm really, really sorry. >> what this juror is saying about the verdict. then 14 days in prison for felicity huffman. her life behind bars. >> she is going to be cleaning bathrooms. they'll get her on her hands and knees. and high school chemistry experiment gone wrong. >> diane: how dangerous are high school labs? >> the explosion that almost cost this student his life. >> i was burning alive and couldn't do anything about it. >> and demi moore's new book, her shocking revelation about life with ashton kutcher as she bares all. she slips ofa


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