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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 4, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>now 10 new fences and extra security measures. greet the crowd at the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore that annual music event in san francisco wrapped up day one tonight for the first time though in 19 years there were no security measures in the wake of the recent mass shooting kron four's gayle ong was at festival today she joins us live in san francisco with the changes scale. >>yakunin pam a lot more police presence at this year's event. a lot of festival goers seem to know the drill when it came to security and what hasn't changed. the concert is still free. about the lawn
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chairs and blanket. i do enjoy the hardly strictly bluegrass music festival. it's just didn't great so far and we saw the water boys and and we saw mission express and now the live were just like having a great time concert goers may notice changes this year for the first time in almost 2 decades, fence lines around the venue and people can get like it i think that you know it might a little harder to get in, but it makes it feel really safe. >>organizers say mass shootings factored into the security planning for this year's event. >>another change coolers are no longer allowed. >>instead we just got a couple clear backpacks and you know wasn't too hard to do that. >>invested i think we're back and so we a little bit but it has been too strict hardly strictly festival with michael
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williams has been coming to the concert for years, but that security was not on his mind i feel safe here. >>in the years pryor and i feel safe here today, i'm not too worried. >>reports, no incidents today, the festival go on until sunday reporting live in san francisco gayle, ong. >>kron 4 news thank you more security in new rules are in place is east bay high school football games because of safety issues less contra costa school district has changed the kickoff times and also made some adjustments to student attendance. all of this after 3 people were shot following a game last week. well for us dan thorn is live in hercules tonight, he joins us with more on the chans >>welp and the game between her achilles and a kennedy high schools ended quietly tonight, but it was a different story last week, wendy answer wrapped up thutall people wersh nearby street and the school district
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said something needed to happen. and tonight we got reaction to those changes. >>a noticeably smaller crowd was on hand for the hercules kennedy football game friday night, citing safety the west contra costa unified school district's varsity football games. now kick off at 05:00pm i get it. >>understand it at the same time and very in coming in for a lot of hands who are working until 5 o'clock. >>parent tiffany nash says the timing was not the issue, it's a lack of security before and after the games. she says last week's shooting near de anza high school. was terrifying to learn about, but the school district can find other ways to keep people safe. >>my kids and all these other kids to be safe. it just seems like there should be >>under district wide mandate. security is also not allowing students into the games without a school id and
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spectators will have to remain seated. while the game is going on. however the new changes do have some support. >>in to help out help out 2 things cool. >>kennedy high school volunteer raymond thomas believes the changes are necessary because of the recent violent activity. he says he feels bad for the parents and the kids who have now been put in a difficult spot. but he also wants whoever is responsible for last week's shooting. >>to understand the consequences. >>i just hope you know the kids. see what's going on to realize who was hurting. not only themselves but their communities. you know. >>just clean up. >>many people tell me tonight ere they believe that last outside of the school community as for this snvestigation police have still not identified or arrested a suspect who they belie is responsible
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reporting live in hercules dan thorn, kron 4 news. >>richmond police have released this security video where you can clearly hear the moment shots rang out in yesterday's shooting there. tonight, we're also learning the identities of the 2 victims involved in that shooting the contra costa coroner's says the 2 victims are identified as the shell my house raj a 31 year-old for richmond seen in this picture. anti zion had an 18 year-old also from richmond police say they were simply cd seated in a parked car at the time of the shooting, 3rd victim was transported to a local hospital and is in stable condition. police say they're still trying to find those responsible for the shooting. >>i'm step outside take a live look on a friday night at the bay bridge in the >>a lawrence is here to tell us about the high fire danger that we have to be on r this we
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certainly going to be beautiful. but when those winds start to go when they're very dry on those offshore normally winds. well that's what we worry about the fire danger, especially this time of year. >>we just haven't had a big enough rain to bring an end to the fire season. so we're get those dry offshore winds. the pattern is now setting itself up tonight it's going to be in place. throughout the weekend. but i think the strongest winds coming overnight saturday night into sunday, but maybe a bigger wind event i think as we head in toward the middle of next week but for this weekend the starting saturday night into sunday morning expecting some strong gusty wind you see the areas shaded in red these are mainly the mountaintops above a 1000 feet or so see some strong gusty winds maybe 25, maybe 35 miles per hour are in napa sonoma county stretching all the way in the sacramento valley as well and se t be blu at times not right away it's going to take some time for those winds to really build not show you right here forecast for those when you see the pattern already becoming more of an orderly pattern and then there you see it you see all the callers begin to show up early in the morning, 7 o'clock in the morning or so we're looking at some strong gusty winds even 21 miles per hour into
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callisto over the mountain tops it's going to be a much more gusty so expect some of biggest part, the fire danger this weekend and then those winds begin to subside temperatures today starting to warm up and what a nice friday. a while as much as 4 to 5 degrees warmer around much of the bay area. yeah, these numbers looking good just about the average into san francisco, 69 degrees, 74 above average now in oakland 75 in san jose 77 was a high in livermore 79 in concord and 78 degrees in santa rosa. outside tonight did is looking clear and cool off a little bit out there right now but still we're working on some well very nice weather ahead, this week winds start shift you can just begin to see some of the normally composed some of the wind up bands here as want to see more that developing tonight that means we're see nice weather. all the way out toward the fog to speak up as warm temperatures go along with that you kind of get the sense of that ridge of high pressure now building in from the clouds and of rolling over the top of that system
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stay well away from the that's be temperatures cool off now we've got 53 degrees in pacifica we got 56 and clear skies in fremont 55 now in dublin. still 62 degrees and mild in concord 62 also in pittsburgh skies going stay mostly clear throughout the night tonight, we'll get cool into the early morning hours overnight lows going to drop in the 40's and the 50's sunny all the way to the coastline and we're looking at a very warm afternoon all around the bay area boy it's going to be one of those times where that's just hard to find a bad place around the bay area usually of something where you have it from fog along the some cool temperatures. there may be some rain elsewhere and not tomorrow you can find nice numbers just about everywhere you go some 60's and 70's along the coastline, 70's and 80's inside the bay, some mid 80's in the valleys. >>is my choice to a point.
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>>and just like that a candidate hoping to be san francisco's nexus attorney is getting an early start on the job today mayor london breed appointed former city prosecutor says he lost his as interim district attorney but she's already running for the office against 3 other candidates. first grant lotus joins us now with more on the mayor's controversial appointment. >>ken pam, the uncertainty at the da's office did not last long that's a good thing or a bad thing depending on. we're talking to write the decision comes just one day after the current district attorney george gascon abruptly resigned. his last day is october 18th the just over 2 weeks before election day november 5th, the mayor breed says the d a position cannot just sit vacant until january when a new permanent want to sworn in.
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>>the future because i'm. the lock this is the right person to do >>but not everyone thinks so as you can see in this video the announcement was initially set to take place said courts square and chinatown but they were forced to change news at the last moment due to protests by police reform advocates who stormed the park chanting. jail killer cops. loftis says she hopes those folks and everyone else will give her a chance. >>every day earn your trust. to build a justice system. >>but this is one of 4 candidates running for
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couch and chase aboudi loftis takes over on an interim basis now until a new da is sworn in in january and critics of this move say. mayor breed appointing a candidate she endorses gives loftis an unfair advantage over rivals. the aclu is speaking out against breeds move as our other prominent progressive city politicians. mayor brief for her part is defending the appointment saying in her speech today quote there is no way i'm leaving this office vacant for the next 3 months and can keep you posted back to you fran thank you as you can imagine the 3 other candidates who want to be san francisco's next district attorney here. >>not happy about the mayor's appointment downpours in kerman continues our coverage tonight. san francisco mayor
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london breed's decision to appoint suzy loftus interim district attorney. >>comes just 32 days before loftus was to face off against 3 others for the post on election day this is not via our play by the establishment, it reeks of political cronyism the political machine in the political lead have come in. >>and try to put their thumb on the scale. the mayor has said she could not afford to have an absence of leadership in the da's office, the last to says opponents find that absurd. >>we're talking about 18 days before the election. >>so this idea the da's office needs new leadership too leave the office during that time. that that's outrageous ultimately though loftis is opponents believe the mayor's decision to give her candidate a leg up will backfire they won't work. >>but the people in the city are excited about the first open district attorney's race in over a century this idea that you know there are back room deals being made you know political friends are getting
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favors from the mayor is a. >>is not new to san francisco e% politics i think people are sick of it. >>i think the backlash against this power grab is going to be greater than any benefit the appointee is going join i'm. >>of this city and with your help on november get elected to be your district attorney t% dan kerman kron 4 news just last week kron 4 held a debate here at our studios with all 4 of the candidates who want to be san francisco's next a district attorney. >>you can watch it on our streaming app. and just download crowd from the app store for live local news streaming $0.24. >>in national politics tonight, president trump is expected to challenge house. speaker nancy pelosi in the impeachment investigation against him house democrats issued a subpoena to the white house today for documents related to the president's july phone call with ukraine's leader reid binion reports. house democrats subpoenaed the white house on friday ratcheting up their
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impeachment inquiry into president trump democratic chairman of 3 house committees say they were forced into it after the white house failed to turn over requested documents. >>saying in a letter quote we deeply regret that president trump has put us and the nation in this position, but his actions have left usthey're documents from vice president mike pence involving his role in president trump's request that ukraine investigate the bidens seeing new information has raised questions quote reports include specific references to a member of your staff who may have participated directly in the 7/25/2019 call. they're also asking for information on pence's september meeting with ukraine's president pence's office responded in a statement saying quote it does not appear to be a serious request, but just another attempt by the do nothing democrats to call attention to their partisan impeachment. the white house argues democrats can't demands documents without a full house vote and president trump says he's going to be house. speaker
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go for that vote. >>treated very unfairly reid binion kron 4 news. >>democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders says he's feeling much better we learned today that the senator from vermont suffered a heart attack this week. he posted a video on twitter after he was released from a hospital in las vegas. >>just want to thank all of you for the love and warm wishes that you sent to has sewn on the campaign trail. >>had 2 stents placed an a block. read doctors say he made a good expected progress and that all of his other arteries are normal. the 78 year-old hospitalized after experiencing chest discomfort o about the 4 people killed in that horrific wrong-way crash early yesterday morning. that's when a driver collided with a taxi on northbound highway 1, 1, in san francisco. 42 year-old bear can't ahmed had been driving
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the taxi during the crash. he leaves behind a 16 year-old daughter and his ex-wife. friends are coming together to make sure he is buried next to his mother and his home country of bulgaria, a family friend praised him. >>was sweet heart, i mean always had a smile on his face everywhere, he went he's always had he loved his daughter you did everything. part of the reason why he was you know. was a support his daughter and make sure that she was happy and he could you know provide for her. >>the highway patrol says the driver of the car going the wrong way on highway one oh merely ross of hillsborough was also killed in the crash and in initial investigation suggests she was under the influence of alcohol. a couple from chicago, they were passengers in the cab and they were killed in theocrash as well. it just been picked up from sfo. >>in oakland parents and students stood on the streets today, urging drivers to remember to slow down and this comes after tuesday's deadly hit and run outside of
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garfield elementary school. one of the pre k students was killed and the student was injured. has been identified hong teachers say that this is not the first time a hit and run has happened area so they are hoping that today's demonstration will bring some change. >>yeah, this is about time that this has happened in the last 3 years. biggest priority is student safety. so we're really hoping that and kind of momentum can keep up and we can get some team. >>come police in the city say they've stepped up patrols in the area they also added a speech trailer, driver's just how fast. they're calling a deliberate acts that's what prosecutors in santa clara county are calling this week's hit and run case in cupertino. >>today they filed murder charges against a woman her car attack 2 people on a hiking trail. kron four's rob fladeboe was in the cn accused
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she was arraigned friday and 3 felony counts, including murder attempted murder and resisting arrest asked shown here in a mug shot taken shortly after her arrest or 2 is accused of driving her black audi sedan on to the permanent creek trail. the rancho san antonio reserve in cupertino tuesday. and allegedly running down to people, one of whom died. deputy district attorney can their c we believe. >>actor vaxjo miss puerto. ran over the victim. well 45 afternoon on october 1st and rancho san antonio park in cupertino she continued to drive erratically in the park and attempted to run over a second victim luckily, he was able to. >>in court wearing a waist chains and handcuffs and mostly obscured by her attorney or to appeared distraught. she's also charged with an enhancement for using her car as a weapon. in
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statement of fact actually sheriff's deputy wrote that after running over the first man or to drones back and forth over the elderly man's body multiple times, a motive for the attack is unclear. >>we're not aware of any relationship between the defendant or any of the victims and that's something we're looking at the motive this case is ongoing investigation so we're going to look to what the motive is and that's ultimately our goal to find that out deputy say the evidence shows it. >>larry it could not casually driven onto the trail. the round vehicle barriers. deputies say the second victim escaped bush scrambling behind a tree suffering only minor injuries being held without bail my re or to faces 33 years to life in prison if convicted on all counts the county coroner this afternoon identifying the man who died in of sunnyvale my real or to meantime expected to return to court to enter a
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formal plea on november 7th. >>police are investigating left cup that's at tesla the automaker reported last thursday that 2 former employees stole 2 computer laptops that were owned by the company or the nearly $2300. police described the former employees as a man and woman in their 40's. no arrests have been made also no word on whether there was sensitive information about the company on those computers. >>vacaville woman is in jail accused of trying to kidnap a 4 year-old her family is speaking out tonight why they say this is all a big misunderstanding. >>plus another bay area parent get sentence in the college admissions scandal, how much time the san francisco father will serve in e isw signed toda target the college admissions process. >>following california's lead another state law and now allows college athletes to sign endorsement deals which you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>laws in california target college admissions after a scandal involving the arrest of 50 people and toda area parent to 5 months in prison, 53 year-old busted who nears pleaded guilty to paying $50,000 to cheat on his daughter's. >>s a t exam, the san francisco man is a former prominent winemaker in napa he also agreed to pay $250,000 in
10:24 pm
bribes ives to get his daughter into the university of southern california. when us is the 5th parents sentence in this scandal. his is the longest a sentence of parent involved in the scandal has received so far. meantime today governor gavin newsome sign laws which tie rules on when colleges can admit eligibility requirements and also require schools to tell the state legislature if they give any preferential treatment. governor newsome also signed a law which allows college athletes to sign endorsement deals as capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala tells us several states are now pushing to make the same move. >>it's not just a legal question form the bigger. threat to the nc is the public feels very very strongly. rules and regulations are wrong and they're just not sustained. >>governor gavin newsome noting a big change should be expected from the nc double a after he signed california's fair pay to play at the law allows college athletes to
10:25 pm
sign endorsement deals beginning in 2023. week lawmakers from washington to florida say they're either already pushing or plan to propose similar legislation some states even considering for the law to begin next year. at the end of this month the nc double a has a working group that's expected to release recommendations on how the organization should update its bylaws as relates to college athlete image likeness and compensation. >>governor gavin newsome says the organization wouldn't even give him a glimpse inside some of those possible recommendations and one would assume. >>and i didn't ask for that actual physical draft, but i want to get a sense from them what it may be and offer that before i signed this saying look if you guys i wanted to move in this direction. they perhaps i don't need to sign could be the legislation we come back table but the fact that 1 million even a preview that. privately us suggested that the recommendations are going to fall short waiting on
quote quote
10:26 pm
that reports some members of congress ohio republican representative anthony gonzalez has said he will dinal level once the recommendations are released. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. coming up there will be a retrial well for derrick el mina in connection to the deadly ghost ship fire. >>how his lawyers are preparing to defend him in court for the second time. >>the capital air shows this weekend near sacramento, a close look at some of the attractions ready to take flight. there's a little fall sunshine announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets
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e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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ukrainian president. >>see mother just and slumping and was in wrong place at the wrong time. >>the family of this vacaville woman speaking out tonight after her arrest. police say eileen karen gall tried to kidnap a 4 year-old cooper elementary school yesterday morning while the child's father was dropping off his other child carroll's family admits said they are also shocked as the community is they say she is mentally ill and she shouldn't be treated like a criminal. >>sun sea rate and sol reports. yesterday saying they from here. are clear that they want eve a monster. and it's just in desperate need of help. what are your hopes now. >>i mean it's obvious issues in this terrible situation
10:30 pm
arrested i apologize, you know what happened like yesterday. it's just. she's a baby with her son is just happened that you just something that may be getting her soul and not going to get their piece kids to this you know tragic you know and some partner karen all is joining to the one-day old example of what happened when his unmedicated wife. >>went to the school across the street from our house yesterday and he says in a deluded state had to leave with a little boy she was convinced was her son ailing carried out mother of a 22 year-old daughter and 17 year-old son. now behind bars for trying to kidnap a small child from nt person's name is he went to that school years ago, he stopped taking a mitigation. and you know >>and bothers eastern trying to try help her. there's a bunch of records us conducting, but would be too global project for her to be
10:31 pm
information. the teen keeper piecing. >>beyond saying that they had multiple pass contacts with alien care and all that will police would not comment about her family's request for help as a registered nurse her ex husband says she has resisted medication because she was intimately aware of the side effects. >>she really needs it you know late over so she can even recognize her own child. >>karen gall is still behind bars on $250,000 bail since her arrest facebook video has surfaced from one of her neighbors, showing her coming to their door looking for her son brian reporting in vacaville sunseri tonsil. >>in the bay 24 year-old man is dead after he crashed his bicycle into a parked car it happened around 7 o'clock last night on food bill avenue in oakland. police say the man on the bike hit an open door of the car and was tossed into traffic or use and hit by a pickup truck police say the drivers of the 2 vehicles involved stayed at the scene and are cooperating with
10:32 pm
investigators. the bicyclists name has not yet been released. derick almena will stand trial again for the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people back in 2016 the jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision on his face during the first trial today, prosecutors announced their decision to try him again kron four's haaziq madyun was in the courtroom when that decision was announced. >>there will be a retrial for derick almena the master didn't of the ghost ship warehouse in oakland, the prosecution has decided to move forward amanda's defense attorney tony serra says bring it on. >>we want to go to trial. we don't want to negotiate, we don't want you involve herself any kind of plea agreement we want to trial. our case is stronger. >>this time derick almena will stand trial alone because
10:33 pm
after 5 months in the previous trial. the jury found his call defended max here is not guilty of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, a mistrial was declared proudly the after the same jury found themselves deadlock on those 36 charges how made a will remain behind bars until the new trial begins after judge trina thompson denied reducing his bill which is set at $750,000. >>i know there are some people who say that amanda is not remorseful and has not shown remorse for what happened well he had. every single day. >>on friday about half dozen al mina supporters were seated in the courtroom among them was his wife micah allison. >>the remorse that we feel and that everyone here feels. is immeasurable. we will never be the same. we will never be the same. >>got tired is not the word for it i am completely
10:34 pm
emotionally. >>wrong out however, cali says she will find the strength to endure another trial behalf of her daughter chelsea faith dolan, who was among the 36 people who died in the goshen fire. >>and i expect i will feel stronger when the next trial begins and i will be there as an advocate for my daughter and that is. >>very important to make eric alva and his next trial is scheduled to begin march 30th 20 20 in oakland. haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>turning now to the weather on a friday night a lot of people think about the weekend. so i want that's men. >>a long week, but now we're getting ready for a fantastic weekend ahead, the weather's going to be absolutely gorgeous perfect all the way to the coastline out there now, let's get a little chilly in spots temperatures dropping off now in the 40's in the 50's outside clear skies continue in the winds. not all that bad just mainly over the mountain tops but we're going to see some changes over the weekend that big dome of high pressure going to really start to settle in tomorrow, we sought building a little bit today but tomorrow really sets
10:35 pm
in and then we start to see some of those offshore winds, 7 northwest. they're still getting hit by some rain some snow up toward idaho and parts of the cascades but that ridge is too strong it will dominate even send the jet stream for the north on sunday. i think that's see some of temperatures up in the 80's 90's in the inland spots of maybe some 70's and 80's right out the coastline. nice weather continuing into monday. but you can already see that ridge starting to collapse just a little bit another cold front begin move in from the pacific northwest and then drops down by tuesday of breaks apart before it gets here leave some rain well to the north of us but it looks like we'll start to weaken that read some will see return of the sea breeze and the cooler temperatures and looks like that will be the trend as we round out the week but still as we get toward the end of the week about that the in on for quite some time now looking at least the possibility of some showers late next weeks we're going to keep an eye on that very very closely over the next few days we're going enjoy some beautiful fall sunshine, one of the nyces weekends of the year temperatures are going to be very nice all the way to
10:36 pm
the coastline cooling down a little bit with some clouds moving in on tuesday that cooling trend will likely continue with some windy conditions may be high fire danger again wednesday night into thursday and a slight chance of showers by next saturday. thank you lawrence happening tonight secur stepped up across the country as the joker movie opens in theaters. >>as lucy kavanaugh for ports there are fears that this new film could spark violence. >>introduced me joker. >>it may be a dark hollywood fantasy. but the new joker film opening nationwide today is sparking fears of real life violence. >>police departments across the country beefing up security from new york to los angeles how concerned is the lapd. >>the los angeles police department is aware of the public concern and historical significance behind for me of the joker while there are no credible threats in the heart of angeles area. we do encourage the public.
10:37 pm
>>the fbi and homeland security warning law enforcement about nonspecific online cheddar that they fear could lead to lone offender violence. 7 years ago a gunman killed 12 and injured dozens when he opened fire during a batman film screening in aurora colorado, grieving parents call joker a haunting reminder. >>how are other survivors of not just or a bit of gun violence going to react being triggered again. >>but some fans aren't afraid. but isn't. >>about the me out plans see the movie anyway. >>this is the kind of movie the diehard fans would normally dress up for but security concerns have prompted some major chains to ban costumes joker reveals the back story of the iconic batman villain for traders, a disturbed man who finds relief in violence on a certain level i found objectionable. cnn's film critic brian lowry says among the parallels with real life attacks. the joker faces female rejection. a similar sentiment of the you see santa
10:38 pm
barbara shooter in 2014. i don't think the movie is indoor saying the character but it is taking. >>a character who traditionally is the antagonists and making him the protagonist it's taking the joker and putting him front and center. >>joker star joaquin phoenix as the movie is meant to provoke who's really good. one. >>movies. make us uncomfortable. challenge us or make us think differently. >>warner brothers which is owned by cnn's parent company warnermedia said in a statement. it is not their intention to hold this character up as a hero. >>the creative communities position on this is that feel l the message of the movie is for the masses. if that were the case you would have any are. >>but moviegoers may have the final say at the box office the captain of cnn, los angeles. >>amc theaters are allowing movie get a movie goers to wear costumes but nothing over
10:39 pm
their faces landmark theaters and not even playing the movie in the east bay. >>police in washington state say yesterday's deadly shooting at a retirement home happened over a situation with a care taker. this happened in downtown vancouver, washington just across the river from portland oregon. the 80 year-old suspect robert brack appeared in court today. he is charged in the shooting that killed a 75 year-old man and injured 2 women brec then barricaded himself in his apartment. swat team had to negotiate to get him out of his room. prosecutors say prosecutors say brec is a danger is it to the community so he is being held without bail. >>earlier today trailblazing actress diahann carroll passed away following a battle with breast cancer, the legendary actress broke barriers becoming the first african american woman to play the lead character in a television show her sitcom julia debuted in 1968 and it ran until 1971. she played a nurse and a single mother whose army
10:40 pm
captain husband had been killed in the vietnam war. the series earned her an emmy nomination and a golden globe award. she later play the wealthy in culture dominate devereaux and the 1980's prime time. >>and soap opera called dynasty and she was nominated. >>for oscar for a film role in the movie clotting diahann carroll was 84 years old happening tomorrow, the california capital air show began 8th or air field some of the big attractions are. >>on the ground reporter cover dickason has more. it's crunch time either airfield as the california capital air show prepares to take flight. getting settled on the ground. >>so we got everything from high speed passes next climbs minimum rate is turns and. >>it's a it's a good show the us air force's viper demo squad a team of 9 including one pilot flies one of these 2 f 16. tech sergeant ryan hudson tell us he's a team manager of sorts has family in
10:41 pm
amador county first home show. >>i'm my family's going to come out see what i get to do on a day-to-day basis it's far style does the even dinger can get any player on the steel to run for their money. her plane in open air 1940 boeing stearman was built for world war 2. >>then served as a crop duster but for the last 20 years it for a low to the ground show this right your face, it's louts there's lots of smoke. i do very simple maneuvers, but it's very graceful and beautiful i think i think you love it. >>another world war 2 aircraft that sure to draw crowds. this b 29 bomber. >>united states needed a way to get to the mainland of japan to t ve a way to do that this was the first all electric high altitude pressurized bomber in world history. so was it was a highly techno technologically advanced for its time. >>holden valuable, yes, the touching is allowed. >>yep you can call up inside the aircraft get up close and personal hug, it touch, it
10:42 pm
feel it that's that's why we resorted also on display is them either museum. >>showcasing the air show's theme, the 75th anniversary of d-day all were 2 arab or clap like this taking boat used in situations like landing on the beach at normandy will be on display. complete reenactors to help and young folks understand what aviation does and how it contributes to our national attention work. >>hopefully we're folks and neither airfield karma dickerson. >>by the way, the blue angels will be flying over san francisco for fleet week join me on saturday october 12 for blue angels live that's 2 hours of high-flying stunts featuring spectacular aerobatics of the navy's best pilots. the fun starts on saturday october 12th at 02:00pm right here on kron 4. farm in sacramento county getting a lot of attention because it's up an impressive pumpkin. >>my gosh how much the giant gourds ways and ahead sports, the sharks at the tank for
10:43 pm
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10:46 pm
a mix things mike the sicko reports. if you haven't heard what's generating of applause and relive let me tell you about what some are calling. jason in the giant pumpkin. this is jason. >>but it's just absolutely blown up on on social media and just within community. >>and this is jason giant pumpkin. friday morning, dozens of students from dry creek elementary school came to see just how big it was first hand how much is this way. at the same time fellow pumpkin growers at real in dust grains whole meare jason's pumpkin in anticipation of saturday's way and at the elk grove pumpkin festival jason spoken roughly 588 pounds.
10:47 pm
>>this is a baby i think jason's at the tail end of the money for the contests. but even though this big pumpkin generating big buzz and real and it may not be the world record type of big. >>how close is the size of this book into a world record, not even close. world records exceeding almost a time. growers say the seeds of big pumpkins can still prove lucrative. as the best pumpkin seeds can fetch as much as $300 per seat to be clear believe it or not this isn't even real linda's. >>biggest pumpkin on record. the record so far is a 657 pound pumpkin grown right here. it really did like to sell. >>and that giant pumpkin festival in elk grove starts tomorrow. the big pumpkin festival ahead starts on october the 19. >>to finnerty making it easy access all your favorite entertainment.
10:48 pm
>>bank baseball earlier right and then of course basketball in our own hockey is like everything's happening. giant pumpkin to between all of year ago october all we also hockey season, the sharks always seem to have 10's games all playing the vegas golden knights it's become one of the newest rivalries in the league and tonight, the first game at the shark tank against who else. >>see that he making a grand entrance vegas. one the other night in the desert once again tonights got to work already to zip in the second brayden mcnabb shorthanded shot off and hast martin jones 3 nothing vegas late in 3rd a five-goal lead now some life for the sharks barclay goodrow lights the lamp but immediately after san jose sending this team offer the president nice little dust-up ensues and the knights leave happy with a 5 one win. into to open ye. >>and tomorrow night time for some basketball with chase
10:49 pm
center warriors begin the exhibition sholeetny davis in t new-look lakers, opportunity to get our first peek at one of the new powers now west and it's transformed warriors roster now features d'angelo russell but draymond green brutally honest about what could be in store. >>first free 0 this is all about getting there by an opportunity get >>now let's get to the october drama dodgers next game to lds in la washington got to clayton kershaw early a 3, 2, lead in the 8th, struble cabrera folks want to right center. miles around to score. nance take a 2 run lead want to finish in the 9th for to washington. la bases loaded. daniel hudson gets corey seager take a big to end and hold on for too to even series. now houston game one of astros rate this could have been the series the a's right bottom 5th stories of 2 zip it to board yuli gurriel i wanted
10:50 pm
to write look at the race scramble. austin meadows and brand allow can decide who's making the play. all drops. 2 runs score. nothing houston. justin verlander did more than his fair share a jam from the 36 year-old strikes out the side in the 7th allowed only a hit a punch outs. no runs through 7 frames houston roles, 6, 2, now let's talk some nfl for the last 2 years the raiders have shown they can only the offseason storylines. >>this summer was all about antonio brown and the year before that the clio max saga apologies to raider fans are bringing all this back up. but the raiders and mac meet again sunday in london when they face the bears their first matchup since the raiders front office traded mack to chicago. a contract dispute, oakland got 2 rs back but the all pro went on to become one of the most productive defensive stars in league history in that time he's been gone. oakland has 18 sacks. as 17 all by himself, let's hear from number 52, and
10:51 pm
derek carr, the man claims he dumped on max include basketball want you can play game with too much ultimately try to stay focused the both on the stand in the situation must and will going to taking a few. well ultimate o club and wouldn't in this play football and loved again. best friends will friends. hopefully he had with kids you know that in that direction. this week different we're competing against each other shows back to the pool best moment out for me. and finally tonight a snapshot of some high school football. the spartans of dallas our a pass martavis to 4914. one of the top teams in the nation improves to 6, 1, of season at is your look at sports what's going on lawrence all. looking for some fun things to do this weekend. we've got some ideas. >>how about little tiny homes
10:52 pm
how about a cowboy parade, what about of belly
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>up next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called on its commercial for a justine waltman standing by in the newsroom was what we're working on justine. well tonight, the city of san francisco as a new interim district attorney in this comes after the current district attorney step down and san francisco's mayor london breed announces appointment today and it was
10:55 pm
followed by coming up we will hear from the other 3 candidates who say that appointing the current candidate, we'll give her an unfair advantage in next month's election. so that is what's coming up on crime and don't forget you can use the promo code justine to start watching for free right now. >>remember that thank you justine make sure you download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage promo code justine. >>i'm college student found her in new mexico fostered her for nearly 6 weeks. >>and when he checked around and la area. were shocked to find out just how far away she had ventured.
10:56 pm
the college student who found the dog in new mexico had been calling the dog annie it turns out her real name is bella no word on how delamater from la to new mexico. >>hey guys time for weather and we've got for fun thing some ideas to do on this beautiful weekend how about oakland. they've got a great festival going on there this the black cowboy parade and festival. you see all those beautiful horses in the cowboys right down the street, lots of music and dance that's going to be a great event if you're headed out there plan on some warm weather the 80's. just a light afternoon breeze. what about this one the hardly strictly brew bluegrass couldn't ask for better weather for this it is going to be very warm for this time of year right out near the coastline but understand the sunshine. it is going to feel toasty out there be prepare lots of crowds. the tiny
10:57 pm
living festival that isn't richman plenty of sunshine. the up everything small there it should be a good time to check out those small homes and this one how about an october fest of that this going to be a lot of fun if you want to head out there, plenty of sunshine planning drink, plenty of food. they've got a beer belly contest, i've never been one i've never seen one. this might be the weekend do it it's going to be come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with
10:58 pm
two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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