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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 11, 2019 7:30pm-7:59pm PDT

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♪ tonight, kevin hart breaks his silence on his near fatal crash it. it's insane. >> new photos and the cause of the accident revealed. then, the college scam scandal now a movie. >> am i going to be arrested, too? >> only we're taking you behind the scenes, what's fact and fiction. pregnant anne hathaway dishes on divorce? and emma stone gives us 101 reasons to get excited for her cruella de vil transformation. >> look at the time warp. ♪ >> it's a drew carey show reunion with our special co-host! >> it sta now! >> "e.t."! >> welcome, everyone.
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please say hello to our special guest co-host, deietrick vader. >> "e.t." came to the set. >> we sure did. first, we have to take care of a little news. >> absolutely. the stop story. >> kevin hart breaks his silence after his near fatal crash and what caused the accident? >> the roof is crushed and the car is pretty totaled. >> the startling 35 report has 32 photos of kevin's mangles 1972 care cuda. you can see the crushed roof and shattered windshield. according to the investigation, his friend, jared stanton black when his reckless sudden and accelerati his girlfriend was in the back and it was converted into a storage area and no longer actually had seats.aid black wa
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under the influence of drugs or alcohol and also states no one properly. after the crash, kevin quote exited the vehicle and 11th the scene of the collision. after the report revealed kevin caused the crash, he released a statement through his attorney, quote, i have nothing but love for him and rebecca and wish them a speedy recovery. as for kevin's recovery, he's not planning to go back to work full time until the first of the year. we're told kevin fractured his spine in three places. the 40-year-old was hospitalized for 10 days after the crash and then to a rehabilitation e for physicaleek, kevin put in two hours of work for promos for his upcoming jumanji sequel. >> kevin is great and his funny
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self. now, to the college admission scandal, lori loughlin's fate won't be until next year likely. >> what i value in the felicity huffman sentence, it sent a message to other parents involved if you are convicted there is a chance you go to prison for some period of time. >> they seemed to be sending a message to lori loughlin, settle for the charge of bribing officials for a half million to get into usc. the story is coming to lifetime. >> we did this because we fought we were helping you. >> there's a bigger story than two celebrities. >> penelope miller stars getting her son into college and a single mom. >> some species survive and some
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don't. >> hopefully people realize because we're blonde and brunette we're not the two hollywoo are the composite of all the families. >> here's what's the same. felicity admitted to paying a proctor to help her daughter's sat scores. another rip friday them from the headlines, faking sports. >> a very common tactic, kind of a side door if you will. >> for lori's daughters it was about being on the crew team and participating in sailing and soccer. there's another way penelope's char a to be like loughlin. character appears to be like loughlin. >> i think naive. >> are they bribes? they're kind of bribes. no, they're actually bribes. >> lori's defense strategy, she is expected to argue she had
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thought she was making a donation to the university. >> the hardest thing to me is how it affected the kids. they are the victims in all of this. >> am i going to be arrested, too? no! >> can we talk about some really powerful women right now? >> i prefer to. jennifer aniston, mariah carey, brie larson. >> and we were with them for a big hollywood honor. >> it was a day of women celebrating women. i spoke to the cover of queen power variety issue. >> you're blinding us with your power, jen. what would you tell your younger self about anything you wish you had known? >> how important your voice is and your confidence. >> jen hit the carpet for variety's power women luncheon presented by lifetime. we cannot wait for her return to tv in the morning show. >> we are doing this my way.
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>> anniston plays an anchor whose co-host is fired over sexual allegations. >> good morning. i'm bringing you sad news. >> it almost couldn't write itself. it's sort of bizarre. >> we love that the cast got together, "friends." could you guys do another project together? how was it seeing and talking to each other? >> we always want to work together. we have to figure out what the right thing us. >> and brief delivering these women in delivering messages of female empowerment. >> i would say honored they included me in this show of powerful women. >> memoir of her lif she told to buckle up. >> what's it like? >> darling, you're not ready. i mean it. >> we had to ask about that wild
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guess that led to wishful thinking she is the flower on "the masked singer." ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> is this true? >> i'll take a good-bye from mariah. yeah. on to another powerful woman, oscar winner and glowing anne hathaway talking to our own rachel smith. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling well. some days you are tired and have so much energy. >> when you're this pregnant it's time for a waddle. if you slow it down -- >> ann showed off her baby bump in the new york premiere of modern love. >> i like mine firm and juicy. >> no bruises. >> in the amazon series, she's in love with gary clk.e, she's
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married for seven years. >> i'm serious. if it had been anybody else so many times. >> how do you think finding love is different than generations ago? we have gadgets and all that stuff. you get to write your own rules type. >> i've never been a swipe app person. i'm old school. >> this is not her first tv show. she was just 16 when she got her big break on "get real." >> this is interesting because -- >> i had no idea. i was hanging out in the corner hoping nobody would interest me. >> emma stone was just 8 years old when the movie 101 da dalmatians hit. >> what's it like to wear that black-and-white makeup and hair and clothes. >> it's trippy. i get into it and this is bananas. >> are you obsessedn close? >> she's obviously "the goat."
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this comes before her story. sh becomes true grit. >> get this. it's already been 10 years since emma starred in the cult classic, "zombieland." we caught up with the cast. >> you guys look like no time has passed. >> time has definitely passed. woody never ages, the vegan healthy lifestyle you've never seen before. >> seen before, last night, these two created billy bob thornton's ttoos. >> careers are and serious and i don't think they have to be. >> to show how interconnected hollywood is, you have a connection because you were in an episode of cheers in 1990. >> have you made a decision,
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man? the rest of the party is halfway through their salad. >> is the swordfish fresh? >> it was when you started ordering. >> that was an emmy award performance. >> come on. speaking of the cast of the drew carey show back again. >> could this reunion lead to a reboot. then, miley's man. >> how's miley doing? >> and now liam's new lady, the actress we caught him getting cozy with. >> look who turns 30. >> what you never knew about kirsty ally and john
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the cast of the drew carey show is back, 15 years after their last episode. what does that series mean? >> everything. the first big hit i was in.nine family. >> i love that. great to see you back together for a special episode of "american housewife." only "e.t." was invited to the set. >> that's true. >> hello, boys. >> well, you've phone quite a good job with your little poster. >> dietrich. >> we're so grateful. we tried everything. she just won't budge. >> i said, sure, that looks like fun. >> like a time warp to all of a sudden be back together. >> for me, it's like a time warp, like we into it. i don't know how you feel. >> i had forgotten how much drew overreacts. ♪ >> the drew carey show was one of the '90 most innovative sitcoms.
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♪ >> they had a coach and the coach said to me, can't you hear that you're flat? i was like, no. if i could, i wouldn't be singing. it was so far out of my range. >> through nine years, the show was fearless, producing live episodes, improv and breaking into outrageous song and dance. and those drew mainians -- >> it sure is looking scary out there. i look much better in here, like putting on an old shoe or something, like? >> i could say like riding a bicycle. it came back how to be mean to him, just like that. >> this could get ugly. >> if you're talking about your suit, you're right. >> "american housewife" airs tonight. it got us thinking, could this reunion launch a drew carey show reboot? >> i won't say anything if the money is right. >> maybe you could get back
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together again next month because it's the 25th anniversary of "the drew carey show." while you ponder that. this one is turning 30. >> 30th anniversary, that's redick. >> he responded to money and thrust. >> why would aaron carter put this huge tattoo on his face. he reveals its surprising significance. then how liam's new lady is the opposite of miley. the bizarre decor. why the bieb said he's selling his stuff. >> captions rid provided by.
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♪ ♪ you know i i don't like that boy ♪ >> sorry, miley. looks like liam is moving on, too. we had the new photos. liam was caught tush handed last night. who is this?
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her name is maddison brown, a 23-year-old actress. >> i couldn't marry him. i'm too insecure. you are too attractive. you are never allowed to leave the house. >> despite that answer, if liam is looking to go a different direction after miley, he's got it. >> i could ask you about sex, drugs and rock'n roll? >> nothing. >> as for his ex-, miley, things are still going strong with her bf. >> how's miley doing? justin replied about a double date. >> maybe they can do a double date at justin's house. he showed it off at 2 a.m. clearly, the guy couldn't sleep. he wrote yesterday, i'll sell it with all the furniture. make an offer. that would include his statutes
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that go for $15,000 per statute and arcade game and wine cellar and slurpee machine hidden in the corner. >> you guys are all playing my game. >> our interview with aaron carter is making headlines as the 31-year-old explains his huge face tattoo. >> it's my protector. if you want to come at me with negativity, my madusa will turn you into stone. he gave his mom a kiss on the lips out promoting the family edition. >> this is the love of my life right here. >> this is my date. >> he's coming from love and he's just wanting to see it returned. >> i'm not playing your game. you're playing mine. >> i'm just focusing on not breaking my bong. >> come on, move it! god, my water just broke. >> whoa. whoa. >> come on, methe movie "look w"
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>> the movie friendship. >> we had a blast and loved working together. >> hot mama! >> do you know that the 30th anniversary of "look who's talking" is coming up? >> i heard that. you know why? because "entertainment tonight" called me up and wanted to interview me about it. >> 30 years, that's redick. >> yep. 30 years since they steamed it up on the big screen. they've been good friends ever since, but if kirstie had her way, it would have been a whole lot more. >> i'd do another movie with him. i'm married and can't go out of control. >> kirstie was married to actor parker stephenson back then but
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life. >> she did have ash on mekiss, very tight-lipped. i said, come on, you're kissing me like my neighbor. you have to loosen up. >> oh, no, put me back in! put me back in, please. >> bruce willis was voice to mikey and dad to 1-year-old rumer at the time. all of his kids loved watching the movie growing up. >> they couldn't figure it out. it's daddy's voice. where's daddy. >> no, no, don't give in. >> it's a deal. >> sucker! >> now, there's talk of a remake but we'd even settle for a cast reunion. >> i'd love that. like to do anything w to convin >> there were two more follow-u
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too" and 1992, "look who's talking now." >> and they're only talking to "e.t.." >> monday. >> how does it feel to be home. great. >> justin timberlake's musical mission in memphis. >> i'm still trying to figure out how to manage a 4-year-old. >> what am i wearing? maybe i will come host the show. i got to live out my awkward years in front of all of you. got any ideas? they're pretty good. >> i can't wait. dietrich is already bringing sexy back. >> that's what i do. >> let's talk about "e.t." birthdays. >> which singer doesn't know how to drive a car? taylor swift,clarkson? the answer is next. of indoor an
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outdoor full-sized indoor and a half. what she's start seeing the sides go up on that and once again that's kind of that black look to it. the glass look on the office
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building so these are things are progressing nicely here in las vegas in terms of it's a it's a stadium and the raiders a training headquarters well from everything that we see the sketches that outlook i've driven past a one-time person. >>it looks beautiful chris you don't have to save me a seat for next year and that press broccoli know press box in oakland. space is of the welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax!
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you take this man to be your husband? i do. married. no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
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consideration provided by -- on "e.t." birthdays, which singer doesn't know how to drive a car, there at is cardi b. who turnedshe's not too th get old or die young. >> i better get old. my [bleep] -- i'm overwhelmed -- >> if you don't have a day where
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cardi b. bleeps, what are you living for? >> you're not living. >> thank you so much for helping me out. >> i had such a good time. >> you are good. kevin frasier, watch out. and watch out for "american housewife." ♪ even when i'm a mess i still put on a vest ♪ >> alecia keys makes her way to the red table, make that red piano in this look at the first episode of ""red table talk."" >> the times i've >> i'mn't realize that ever. >> when breaking news takes us
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to southern california where raging wildfires have forced evacuation of 10's of thousands of people. >>thanks for joining us in a time can way and i'm pam moore, a massive inferno continuing to burn out of control tonight in los angeles county, the wind fuel flames showing no signs of slowing down. >>vercammen reports live from los angeles. >>fighters tonight as the winds kick up again is looking for those hot spots, making sure they keep them out, especially in homes that burned down one of 31 structures just like that one behind me. >>and a tory means mandatory.


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