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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 15, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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>>sounds like a roaring monster right who are following breaking news out of the east bay were 4.5 magnitude quake shook the bay area last night. this video that you're seeing right here. this is from com heard and shows the moment that the quake hit right in someone's backyard, and you can share that violent roar that violent shaking the quake wds centered in pleasant hill at around 1030 that's a little red dot that you see there on your map and all the little orange dots those are the aftershocks a lot folks fell to some folks slept right through it. us felt that it woke us up once again 4.5 and it was felt as far south of santa cruz as far north as santa rosa. we've also been hearing from some viewers all over the bay area who filled the tremors as well this morning we have kron four's will tran who is live in pleasant hill so will we've been talking about here we
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have to asking the big question. did you sleep right through it did you fill it or what was your experience. >>i did not feel it whatsoever i woke up and i checbooks could fallen on top of me and i probably was sleep right through it morning shifty go ahead and blame it on that dama know the epicenter robin was about a mile from downtown. pleasant hill and we'll show you there's not any damage at all all week talk to the pleasant hill police department they even tweeted it out and they said they deny get any phone calls of anybody being injured by this but of course. >>a lot. >>a lot of people. they didn't i get a good night's sleep will walk through here will just continue showing you. the lack of damage. thank goodness by the way there was a precursor early show you some video of the earthquake. there was a precursor right before it happened. we do know that the 4.5 earthquake happened at 1033 about 10 minutes before that there was an earthquake
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at 1023 a little smaller at 2.5 and that gave people a little bit of a tease of what's going on and you can see all i happened all over the bay area people as you talked about robin felt it as far away. a santa rosa, i'm here reports as far south as celine is as far north as chico that they felt it a lot of disruption bart when it did happen the bart trains were running at the time so they had to slow things down. delay for about 15 to 20 minutes as they inspected the bird tracks to make sure that everything was ok so many people took to social media to twitter to talk about what they felt. in fact let's see if we can talk to some people this morning as they're getting up the coffee shop, fact that it's come coming tonight here quick to be sir. ok well what broker
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here go skews me sir did you feel the earthquake last night felt it how did it feel like. about 5, so it according to him body magna to scale registered a 5 on his but it looks like people are getting back to normal we will be here this morning to get reaction. fortunately, it looks like the bart trains are running on time i know rob and that's your specialty transportation. so you'll keep us updated on that and we'll continue to show to the kron 4 news room. i not feel it i don't think i'm even cable. i feel she did i never feel quake. >>don't worry you're not the only one every time someone walks in the door here another employee were asking were taking bolted to fill and james fletcher he's right there with you. well he did not feel it either. remember you can always go to our web site online kron 4 dot com that's what we have all the details about the emergency supply. that you'll need to
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pack ahead, just in case we have another quake, it's always good to be prepared. will have crews stationed throughout the bay area talking to residents to see if they felt it or not so we'll keep you updated throughout the morning, some folks i think just did not go back to sleep last night. what are you guys talking about your being over dramatic. but we look at the video and look at the target in pleasant hill. you see how the stuff came off the shelves. we saw the cat. you know it's serious >>that you kn of crazy to think about 2 on thursday, the high 30 at anniversary night. a good reminder just to be prepared as as we've been talking about earthquake in the middle of the night like this catches you you don't only get into the mode quick enough and regardless of what time of day to that get to safety and are you prepared like do you have your emergency documents to have enough water. food supply an earthquake kit, it's always
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a reminder that we need to have things like that packed and ready to go definitely definitely and thank goodness it was smaller just a little bit. good news, nothing kept far as weather goes are you sure. get to those it will be like just a reminder of or real rain is all about kind of like this earthquake was your look from berkeley right here showing. >>some low clouds that are hanging out across the east bay, currently visibility isn't too much of a problem this morning, we're still hanging on 2 visibility above a mile in santa rosa, san francisco happen bay, but you are definitely seeing that marine layer sweeping in this morning and it's going to be president for longer than it was yesterday morning so do see the return of fog or expect to see it as you're getting outside attention because a new to many visibility issues though as you are venturing out onto roadways, 40's and 50's for
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your current temperatures air has a crisp all feel for many of us saint anselm only at 41 say only in a europe 40 degrees right now. so a couple spots little chillier than others to start this morning. but overall we're actually pretty similar to where we started off yesterday morning. winds going to be pretty calm through the day today. so it's going to be a common comfortable one much like we saw yesterday with fog mixed with sunshine to start and then just sunny and nice into the afternoon with 60's and 70's for your highs, i've got more in your forecast. still ahead back to rob, sounds good. thank you john. all right now we want to check in on traffic for those of you hitting the road early. >>there's a little bit of a backup here in the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. but so far you're fine, no problems, no car ashes, we're looking at 8 minutes to make your way from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street. but it's just a sign that more and more folks are hitting the road. this is 92 your trip across the san mateo bridge a little crowded, not bad at all your drive time
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holding steady 13 minutes to make it over to one on one west 5 80 to the richm for you across the span into the north bay over 2, one to one. a traffic tracker shows you more freeways more dry time and we're still in the greens off to a great tart. if you take shore freeway, it's only 14 minutes from crockett heading west down to the maze, 24 looks really good so far leaving wannacry through the caldecott over to oakland. no problems for 5.80 no problems for the nimitz 10 minutes that's quick from to 38 to downtown we'll check more in just a bit. well in san francisco, there was a thief then walked out of an art gallery with artwork worth $20,000 and we have some video take a look at the video of the theft. and during a special salvador dali show at the dennis ray fine art gallery that's on carey street. this piece was published back in 1966 by a spanish artist. and it was just sitting right there on easel in front of the gallery.
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he could have been taken in order. >>i've seen that happen before that. thieves are specialists. and you place an order you know get it for you and if i had turned my back for like 30 seconds to move something it probably wouldn't happened. >>well galleries one of 3 dennis ray fine art galleries in san francisco and then just a few weeks ago, there was a stop to that was stolen from their fisherman's worth location. well to the east right now a fire broke out in a motor home on 9 canyon road this is in fremont firefighters say the fire quickly spread to vegetation and burne about a quarter of an acre there was one person who was transported to the hospital with minor injuries and a dog unfortunately died. another big story that we're following for you this morning state leaders are now demanding action from has sent pg e a letter to pg any urging that the utility provide a $100 crash for
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residential customers and a $250 credit or rebate to each small business that was affected. the california public utilities commission also sent a letter to p g demanding that the utility take corrective action including speeding up top and the time that it takes to restore power, improving their web site in call centers and making sure that they improve communication with local government pg e says that they are working on some of these improvements but the rebates for customers are unlikely to happen. well you see berkeley student says that last week's pg e power shut off may have just wiped out more than half half a million dollars in cancer research almost 2 years of work may have been ruled and just over a matter of hours kron four's dan thorn has more. sarah morris is a cow phd student who says pg e's power outage may have destroyed her important cancer research. >>the $500,000 study involved
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work on treating drug-resistant forms of the potentially deadly disease. >>i'm slowly processing. first was a lot of anger. now it's just. >>morris says the university was assured the morgan hall lab was not going to be affected by the p g any power outage, but then she was left scrambling with only 12 hours to spare once pg any decided they were in fact going to cut the power. the cells in her study require specific temperature control and had to be moved quickly. >>you can't just shut off. power research institution. the shooting showed up our hospitals but were such a big and large institution that it just makes sense. >>the cells were transferred to other tanks on amthpus and u gave the university adequate notice of the potential shut off and had quote frequent communications with these customers before during and
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after the outage if moore says research is ruined her academic career and job prospects may be in jeopardy. the almost 2 years worth of work would have to begin all over again. >>it's inconceivable. like a power company can do this to an institution and. >>reporting in berkeley. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news as people real and last night's 4.5 or way we are taking a look back. at the last 100 years of quakes right here in the bay area. before we go a little peek outside checking in on the embarcadero camera in san francisco, a nice shot and here the bay bridge city streets there. and the background you're waking up to temperatures in the 40's and 50's and your afternoon looks a little looks good. it's going to be mild maybe a little bit cooler yesterday but some nice weather on tap. we'll have details after the break stay with us.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, the time for 40 for it. shaking we're following breaking news. we're talking about this major earthquake that we had last night major to some of us some of you did not even feel it was a 4.5. but a lot of folks felt the quake as far as santa cruz, some folks throughout the north bay, we have a little map for you check out. this map. the quake was centered in pleasant hill that's a little star that you see right there in the center.
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it happened around 10 30 last night and then you can also see on the map. the 2 dozen small quakes that hit in the area within the last 24 hours with the 4.5 magnitude being the largest a little small ones you probably didn't feel some of you didn't even fill the 4.5. so the quake that shook of homes all across the bay area, including this one. this was an el serino they have a camera inside of their house you can see just how things are moving around last night so maybe some of you did not get a lot of sleep a lot of rest last night. i was 5. it will to go back to bed maybe like an hour or so after this quake hit so yeah, a lot of us were startled and we're checking in with meteorologist john scheibel who has the latest on everything you need to know as your day shaping up. >>yeah, took me a while to get to pass definitely awake for sought out kind of funny i put out a but message on who felt and everyone was talking about it. a book so many people out. well trending. talking about
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really like it. it was it was definitely an experience a good reminder to you now have your weekend in order are you ready are you prepared have everything that you need. >>in case of an emergency because they always say the big one is coming so this is a reminder that we need to be prepared. >>well even this one right here does remind pressed we had that initial quake in ridgecrest there's a very small percentage that chance that you could see a slightly larger quake. okay after quake such as what we did have last night. so just a reminder of that we did have plenty of of hovered right around pleasant hill and walnut creek throughout the evening last night so that's where it was all centered right there. >>right around pleasant hill, especially. so for those of you in this area if you feel it you are tough to nutley a very deep sleeper as the bay
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area today what we should have pretty calm weather much like yesterday enjoy plenty of sunshine into the afternoon this morning is definitely coming along with more fog than yesterday brought us though high pressure built up across the region is going to keep things nice and dry today after a foggy morning, plenty of sunshine later and then you can't miss those showers that they have out there to the west of a chance of rainfall arriving tomorrow night it's going to be just a few brief showers across the bay area mostly on into your evening hours much like last night with earthquake when we're sleeping as far as those showers go tomorrow night. 50's and 60's for san francisco's daytime highs today and that's what you're also going to see right along the bay elsewhere as you head right alongside the bay and then those air inland areas too. again mostly peaking in the 70's and for the most part little bit cooler than yesterday, san jose falls from 78 to 75 today
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while pleasanton livermore in dublin uhp holding on to 78 much as you worry a yesterday, oakland berkeley and richmond upper to mid 60's for you. well, a couple of 80's do hang on in fairfield and the vacaville billy how at 74 while santa rosa nevado today that 75 degrees. tomorrow on average cooler than today. you're also going to notice an increase in cloud cover. now as i mentioned we will see some showers looking possible wednesday night on into early thursday morning after that skies will clear back out mostly sunny on friday with some of our coolest of temperatures. next week actually comes along with temperatures on the rise again. offshore winds kick back into gear, you're going to feel daytime highs back into the 80's for inland areas and upper 70's right along the bay. >>robert thank you john now, let's check in on traffic it's getting a little bit and seeing a little crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you need to head into san francisco. and you're a cash pay or perhaps she want to get
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out there a little early because there is a lie and that line is growing we have about 3 lanes open on each side and we're averaging 8 minutes to make it and so once get through this you're fine across the upper deck, 92 busy as well so the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge to of our busiest right now little crowded on the flat section rolling west. but it's a quiet commute into foster city and san detail from the north bay to san francisco, your connection here the golden gate and still fine 18 minutes, so you're right on time from highway 37 to the toll plaza in san francisco. maybe take 5.80 livermore to du from vasco to the dublin and looking pretty good on to 37 lpitas rolling out a sonny bill. 4.5 magnitude quake comes on the 30th anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. here in the bay area hit back in 1989. i was in the 3ri grade sitting at the table a living in west oakland doing my homework and i saw the nimitz freeway collapse. now
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on the anniversary as it approaches the possibility of another big earthquake is looming this morning we take a look back at the last 100 years of earthquakes right here in the bay area. >>area was a beehive of seismic activity throughout the 19th century from 1838 to 1898. the region was rocked by a half-dozen major earthquakes, the smallest of them was a 6.3 shock in santa cruz. >>then early in the morning of april 18th francisco was rocked by the biggest earthquake ever recorded in california, a magnitude 7.9 temblor. >>triggered fires that devastated 80% of the city. >>as many as 3,000 people died. 2 thirds of its population was left homeless. it would be 50 years before the earth moved again. a 1957
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brought san francisco's forgotten quake. the city rock for 30 seconds one person was killed 40 injured. but the damage was minimal largely confined to westwood village in the western part of the >>in 1984 the calaveras fault came to life the epicenter of the 6.2 magnitude temblor was 10 miles north of san jose. >>but the town of morgan hill suffered the greatest damage. 5 years later the loma prieta quake revealed the scope of the bay area's vulnerability. >>the bay bridge damage paled by comparison to the collapse
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cyprus structure in the east bay, 42 people crushed in their cars. >>san francisco's marina district built on landfill from 6 quake suffered. >>homes collapsed and gas line night. >>at 03:00am on august 24th, 2014 the bay area's biggest jolt of the 21th century napa county in the heart of wine country is picking up the pieces after sunday's 6 point o magnitude quake. the quake took a heavy toll on vineyards as well as napa is historic buildings. many of them suffered heavy damage even seismic retrofitting. >>remember you can alwa g 4 dot have details there on emergency supplies that you need to pass. and of a major earthquake and exactly what you need to do when that major earthquake will hit because it's going to happen. we're
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going take a live look outside checking in on as after o
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kurz they decided to call police and you know get some help for the dog and his owner. skewed so thanks to the salt lake city county sheriff's office. the search and rescue team. they were able to pick floyd up and carry him back down the trail on. it's understandable we've all been hiking in, don a little too much gone a little too far and you just get tired out getting some exercise and they were able to help them out, but that he's cool connery things ok. well coming up next on violent tremors across the bay area after a 4.5 magnitude quake. we'll have live coverage on the damage and we'll hear from some bay area residents coming up at 5.
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♪ ♪ noatter how you stay fit keep it light with light & fit's rainbow of delightful, protein-packed flavors. ♪ >>well that's the breaking news this morning in case didn't feel that there was a 4.5 earthquake that rocked the bay area last night and that was the largest of a swarm of earthquakes that were felt a late last night about 1033 or so is when that 4.5 struck. shaking people off their couches and beds scaring pets
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across the bay area again all centered right around pleasant hill, let's take a look at the map and shows you the epicenter there and pleasant 2.5 magnitude that hit 10 minutes before. >>the 4.5 shaker hit. then you can see where people felt that we have. for years years yeah, everybody but us jane. >>feeling we sleep through that. >>yeah, pretty crazy because what as far south san jose and santa cruz. as far north as well under the one country that fell to 2 i don't maybe 15 miles away that's new credible. now slipping right to >>and timing of it. 3 days.


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