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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 26, 2019 1:30am-1:59am PDT

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♪ tonight felicity huffman a free woman. >> what? >> why she got released early and her post prison plans. plus a "will and grace" feud so bad one of the actors walked offset. what we know. and helen hunt after the car crash that flipped her suv. then prince harry's royal surprise and how meghan is getting back at her plus -- "e. a barbie world. >> on location in the real life barbie malibu dream house. >> and it is fabulous. this is a dream. look at this view. we are inside barbie's malibu dream house.
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yes, it is a real airbnb. we're going to give you a huge tour in a bit. but first a different dream came true for felicity huffman today. she is a free woman -- two days early. >> felicity walked out of prison this morning. the actress served only 11 days of her actual prison time of her two-week sentence. >> when you think about it, 11 days, it doesn't seem to be that great. couldn't even serve a full two weeks. >> "law and crime network's" jesse weber says felicity's team played it smart accepting an early plea deal, apologizing in court and taking advantage of prison policy. >> when you are scheduled to be released on the weekends or a holiday, you can actually be released on the last workday. >> er8 earlier today this mercedes arrived at felicity's home. leading everyone to wonder if
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she was behind those windows. felicity checked in last tuesday toilet in the middle of the floor. so what's next? the emmy-winning actress faces a year of probation and must perform 250 hours of community service. >> i wouldn't be surprised if hollywood welcomes her back. maybe it will take sometime. she is a terrific actress and this is just a very weak point for her in what has been a horrible, horrible scandal that has rocked america. now to what may be an escalating "will and grace" feud between deborah messing and megan mullally. >> i need everyone's attention because i've got big news. >> according to a report megan has taken a leave of absence and will miss two episodes of the final season which premiered last night. >> happy for you. >> it's unclear why megan took time off and nbc is not commenting, but the absence does come amid rumors of friction between the two leading ladies. last night a subdued megan appeared on "conan" and gave a very ominous answer about what's next. >> i'm at a crossroads.
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have you heard the proverb -- my barn burned down. now i can see the moon and that's how i feel. is acting really that interesting? i don't know. maybe not. >> we are at war. >> don't say it. >> it is on. >> the rumored war may have started earlier this summer when deborah posted this image urging emmy voters to support "will and grace." she apparently tagged everyone except megan. >> i don't need you. >> soon after megan and deborah unfollowed each other on instagram. last month executive producer james burrows told us this -- >> is there anything you want to clear up as far as that headline goes? >> that doesn't happen on my set. now to the drama surrounding another '90's reboot currently in production, "mad about you." nine days ago star helen hunt was involved in a terrifying roll-over crash that left her hospitalized. >> we need dispatch on a roll over. >> well, look how resilient she is. last night helen posted this selfie with co-star paul reiser. the caption, quote, back at work. >> i'm so glad she's okay. we're so excited about the mad about you reboot. >> yes. >> speaking of things that are awesome barbie is awesome.
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her dream house is awesome. this year barbie celebrated her 60th birthday. forbes estimated if they wanted to sell this house probably get $16 million for it. >> wow. >> it's crazy. >> living like royalty. speaking of royalty, prince harry just made a surprise appearance to support his embattled wife meghan. at first it seemed like harry was just meghan's chauffeur, driving the couple's own electric audi suv. today's event was barely a mile away from their home at frogmore cottage. >> you can't have a conversation about women's empowerment with imade men. complete seno fin today. thank you for letting him crash the party. >> and what better way to get back at royal haters than by looking good. the duchess fashion was so on point for fall. her red leather hugo boss skirt is just like one she previously wore in green. the merlot colored stop and
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sarah flint stilettos all matched her autumn vibe. the price tag -- over $1,200. >> when you're living in your barbie world there's no better place than the bath with these bubbles. now over to rachel smith. >> keltie, i would be so jealous of your view if i didn't have this one. we teamed up with the seminole hard rock and casino in hollywood, florida for their amazing grand re-opening where the stars came to play and smash a few guitars too. >> hey, are you ready to smash the guitar tonight? >> is that what i'm doing? these are my old stomping >> are you kidding? >> my favorite. that's my favorite kardashian. >> my favorite. >> this is my favorite kardashian. >> are you ready to smash a guitar? >> i am. i am. i think morgan freeman is too.
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>> i'm literally so excited to smash the guitar. the fact that i get to stand next to morgan freeman and smash a guitar is literally -- thank you, hard rock. dreams come true. >> the $1.5 billion expansion project includes the world's first guitar hotel. it's 450 feet high and designed to look like two back to back guitars. and here's a secret we learned about reality star tyler cameron. >> i actually worked here on the construction part of this when i was like six months before the show. i was doing construction as an intern just learning learning. and now i'm actually here for this event which is a total 180 from what i was doing. >> tyler, that is a full circle moment. >> yeah, full circle. so it's crazy. >> life is going well for you right now. >> yeah. i went from working there to doing this. it's pretty cool. >> the star-studded party continues tonight. what are some of the opening festivities that are going to be happening? >> maroon5 is obviously kicking off hard rock live in the theater. >> the theater holds 7,000. the concert is sold out.
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but you can't open a hard rock hotel without the signature guitar smash. >> three, two, one. smash! >> back in l.a. f legends shut down hollywood boulevard. robert de niro, al pacino and an unrecognizable joe pesci united for the premiere of martin scorsese's "the irishman" -- already getting buzz for de niro's de-aged performance. >> what was your reaction when you first saw that footage of yourself? >> it was okay. i just want it to work as best as it can and they did a very good job. >> it was rather exciting when we saw the test. we realized, wow, this could work. now to another hollywood legend, julie andrews. i just loved her in "the sound of music." the 84-year-old is spilling secrets behind the scenes of her classic movies in her new memoire "hard work," including the iconic mary poppins. ♪ just a spoonful of sugar >> back in the80little intervie "entertainment
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>> did i? >> you sure did. >> i seem to remember i did. >> is there any mary poppins left in julie andrews? >> you should see me when i'm screaming at the children. there's a great deal of mary poppins in there i think. mary poppins was the first film that i ever made. the flying sequences were difficult, but i did actually feel myself -- one of the ropes just give a little bit on my very last day. so i called down from way up high. i said can you please let me down safely? at which point i fell straight to the ground. >> and almost 56 years later now do you still get children to run up to you and recognize you? >> what's funny, rachel, these days kids run up to me and say i loved you in "princess diaries." >> i beg your pardon? shut up. diaries," what's the hang up here?
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anne hathaway said it's a done deal and you're on board. >> if she would like me to be. i don't think the script's even been written. but in this magical business, you never know. >> come on hollywood. give the fans what they want. from the princess to our exclusive with the country music queen. ♪ >> we're on the set of dolly parton's new dance track. >> i can't dance a lick. >> then talk show titans week continues with geraldo's most epic film. >> it's embarrassing. >> and. >> i spent a year at "e.t." are barbie's obsession. replaced by this 11-year-old on abc's "kids say the darnedest things." >> you're taking my job? when you're doing celebrity hosting stuff there are certain rules to it. you always agree to the rumor.
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welcome back to "e.t." from inside barbie's malibu dream house. >> this is going to blow your mind. a barbie dream house is sold every two minutes. >> it's not hard to believe. i had one when i was a kid. barbie is big business even for celebrities. ♪ tonight we gonna be hip on the floor ♪ >> i thought it was important to have a latina barbie, but a latina barbie that was real. >> j.lo had two different barbies created for her, but you know she wasn't alone growing up obsessed with the glam dolls. >> barbies are my favorite toys. i have 18 of them and 2 kens. >> she's tan and has the coolest clothes. >> "e.t." got the invite into "full house" star jodi sweetin and kirsten dunst's bedrooms where theyho i used to have the barbie car,
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but my d barbie dolls i've collected.col from my grandma for my birthday. >> demi moore helped design this special barbie that looked just like her. and hilary duff created a whole line of barbie fashions for actual people. >> when we were younger, we definitely had so many barbies we didn't know what to do with them. we would always take the clothes off and change their clothes. redesign their clothes and stuff like that. >> from classic movie stars like elizabeth taylor to beyonce and cher. it's the ultimate status symbol to have a barbie created in your honor. just ask zendaya. >> it's, you know, showcasing different types of beauty. it's showcasing different types of women and i think that, you know, barbie is diversifying. barbie doesn't look like she used to look.
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>> keltie may not have her own barbie, but she's becoming one. she's taking you inside barbie's dream house closet. it's her best day. >> then, if this bus is rockin' don't come knockin'. only "e.t." is behind the scenes of dolly's new dance track. >> you don't see many buses like this. >> plus geraldo is telling all from his personal life to his wildest on-camera moments. >> he hit me, but i hit him back plenty. >> closed captioning provided by --
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we're kicking off "e.t." halloween week with me as your co-host. don't worry you will scream. get it because i was in the movie. we've got ghost busters -- >> who are you going to ll >> not me -- stars playing dresd this guy.
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>> don't get caught napping. >> on "e.t."
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♪ welcome back, everyone. inside our exclusive tour of barbie's malibu dream house. the coolest thing about airbnb is you get to hang out in barbie's career closet. she's had over 200 jobs and all the uniforms to match. let's take a look. ♪ i feel like i'm in aqua's barbie girl music video. barbie's first job was teen model. after graduating college in 1963 she's done plenty to inspire young ladies in the fields of math and science. >> this is houston. >> case in point you can try on barbie's in 1965. that's four years before neil armstrong. >> one giant leap for plan kind. >> in 1985 she hit the board
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room as a ceo as women were starting to break the glass ceiling. of course she also let loose. she was a race car driver, a professional snow boarder and let's get physical. mal mattel's best selling doll was also an aerobic instructor. barbie was a police officer -- >> look boys. >> a firefighter and an army lieutenant. pink of course. barbie's first outfit of course was this black and white swimsuit. it is estimated every three seconds a barbie is sold and over 70 designers have designed for barbie. you know who else loves a good
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accesso accessory? miss dolly parton. this blonde bombshell even had a hit song "backwoods barbie." but get ready to hear a whole new side to dolly, a dance one. and we're exclusively on set. ♪ have a little faith in me >> i'm in a bus. i'm driving a bus and i guess it's kind of like traveling life's highways and of course i wanna be cute and have my hat. if i was a bus driver, i'd have to shine. ♪ let me shine and radiate >> radiate all you want dolly. the 73-year-old's done it all. country, christian, pop. and now she's stepping into the world of dance music. >> i thought why can't i go in there? i've been everywhere emails. >> the song is called "faith" and only "e.t." was behind the scenes for the video shoot in tennessee. that's where we discovered dolly's dancing secret. her moves are all smoke and mirrors. >> i can't dance a lick. but they surrounded me with such good dancers. so it made it look like i was all into that. >> "faith" is the latest song by swedish duo galantis and features mr. probz. >> this collaboration started with me dreaming about working with dolly parton. >> oh, i didn't know that.
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>> who wouldn't want to work with dolly? speaking of work we're here in barbie's work space. clearly barbie is a boss lady just like the men and women who rolled day time talk. >> whoa! >> geraldo busted his nose in 1988 when this all-out brawl broke out on his show with neo-nazi skin heads. >> of course it generates all those memories. you can see the chair. it hits me in the nose. what i want you to see, though, is how i keep punching the hell out of that guy over here. he hit me, but i hit him back plenty. >> tough talking geraldo says this was his most colossal failure. >> the mystery of al capone's vault. >> geraldo opened capone's vaults in 1986 on live tv and they were empty. >> as it turns out we haven't found very much, at least not yet.
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it's still embarrassing. it became a catch phrase in society. it's as empty as al capone's vault is now a cliche. >> still, a staggering 30 million people tuned in. the ratings helped lead to geraldo's big hollywood moment with us. >> welcome back, geraldo. >> thanks, mary. >> of the 26 job offers i got after al capone's vault,f one them was from paramount tv. they wanted me to start my own talk show, but it takes time to mount a talk show. in that year i was a reporter for "entertainment tonight." >> geraldo interviewed jon bon jovi. >> i'm a song writer and record maker. >> and charles mansion for "e.t." >> do you feel remorse? >> i don't know what that is. >> today the 76-year-old continues to work for fox news. he kind of broke the internet after posting this shirtless selfie. and he's also a proud dad. >> five kids by four wives. my 14-year-old does teen kids. my oldest daughter isabella is a senior producer at cnn. i want them to follow their dreams. >> how fun has this day barbie
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world. i was such big barbie fan growing up. i still am. >> time for some "e.t." birthdays. which singer's c its own vlog -- indicate i didn't perry, lady gaga or kelly clarkson? the answer when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> it's engrained in me. >> da da da da da. >> ba da ba ba ba. >> do do do do do. >> of course i know the theme song. >> it's hard to think of "entertainment tonight" without -- >> doo dooo. >> since i was little. >> this is "entertainment tonight." it's the bible of show business. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays -- which singer's cat once had its own vlog -- katy perry, lady gaga or kelly clarkson? it'sbie doll. >> of course she does. her fashions were fashioned after her cupcake dress iniforn
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>> that's amazing. >> her barbie sold at auc aucti for $13,500. >> that's a lot for one barbie. halloween is coming up. i feel like ken and barbie is perfect for us. all next week "e.t." is getting you ready for the spookiest night of the year. good night everyone from the dream house. let's go in the poole. >> let's do it. we're kicking off "e.t." halloween week with me as your co-host. don't worry. you'll scream. get it? because i was in the movie. >> who. >> we've got ghost busters in mazes, stars playing dress up. >> i love a costume. >> and this guy. >> "e.t." don't get caught napping.
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