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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  October 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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(ken) tonight at 5... more evacuation orders have been lifted as the kincade fire continues to burn in sonoma county. people returned home today for the first time since the fire broke out a week ago... and now firefighters are starting to get the upper hand on the blaze. good evening i'm ken wayne in for grant lodes. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan. vicki has the night off. the fire is now 60-percent contained... it has burned more than 76-thousand acres-- which is about 120 square miles. 141 homes have been destroyed, and even more are still threatened. the fire broke out near the town of geyserville last week. fire officials have not
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confirmed a cause. (ken) here's a look at the latest evacuation warnings and orders. the purple is the area still under evacuation orders. the blue is the area under an evacution warning-- which means residents are being told to be prepared to leave if the fire gets worse. and the green is the area that was once under an evacuation warning or order... and it is now clear. (ken) tens of thousands of people have been allowed to move back home...and are trying to get back into a routine.(catherine) kron four's maureen kelly talked to some people in the larkfield wikipup area near santa rosa who were glad to find their homes still standing.. (ken) senior residents at a novato complex say they were left without guidance during the p-g-and-e power shutoff over the weekend. this is at the villas at hamilton in novato. (ken) senior residents
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at a novato complex say they were left without guidance during the p-g-and-e power shutoff over the weekend. this is at the villas at hamilton in novato. one woman there in her 80's tripped over another resident who had fallen... others got disoriented ===and cried out for help. now the head of the hamilton tenant association claims the property management company abandoned its tenants. many who are too old -- sick -- or impaired to care for themselves during an extended outage. the property management company has not commented (catherine) animal shelters are turning to each other for support... as they continue to care for pets
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and other animals that have beeb rescued or surrendered amid the fire and evacuations.. (ken) kron four's rob fladeboe is live in santa cruz with more on that part of thefire story. rob?
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(catherine) if you or someone you know has lost or found a pet during the kincade fire, there's now a social media page for that. the kincade fire pet rescue and reunification facebook page... it has posts showing photos and descriptions of animals that have been found. the page is run by "no boundaries animal rescue", which is run by volunteers. we have a link to the page on our website at kron-4 dot com. (ken) p-g&e is now being blamed for causing at least five bay area fires in the past week. all this -- despite several rounds of its power shutoffs to prevent wild fires. new video shows p-g-and-e power lines started a fire on bethel island early sunday morning. you can see sparks coming froma power line along gateway road. contra costa fire officials say pg&e's equipment also started a fire in oakley that same sunday morning.
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are involved we file that form through protocols. we don't really speculate on causation. our focus is really on the agency that has lead in the investigation. we support that and we focus on opporational issues so too soon to tell> (ken) pg&e is also under investigation for two lafayette fires over the weekend and the kincade fire that's still burning. (catherine) now to breaking news out of the south bay. san jose police confirm -- a man is dead after a confrontation with officers this afternoon. it happened around 2-30 on mc-kee road near north jackson avenue. investigators say officers were responding to a report of a man with a gun. at some point = the man was shot and later died at the hospital. no further details are available. (anchor1) taking a live look outside-- our sutro
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camera looking at the golden gate bridge. (anchor 2) time now to check on our weather... with meteorologist dave spahr. (dave)a freeze warning has been issued for tonight for (ken)
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michelle? (catherine) back to our coverage now of the kincade fire burning in sonoma county... as people move back into their homes there are still areas threatened by the fire. (ken) kron 4's michelle kingston is live in middletown tonight with the latest on the firefight. michelle?
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(ken) coming up ... a key vote on the impeachment inquiry. the house launching a new phase of the investigation. what this means for the president... (catherine) some are calling it the curse of chase center. steph curry broke his hand... and the warriors aren't looking good. what it could mean for the team moving forward without their key players. (ken) and after the break... we'll have an update as p-g-and-e is slowly restoring power to hundreds of thousands of customers
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affected by their planned shutoffs. ♪ ♪
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juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. following tonight fijian a power shut off the utility is still slowly restoring power to those who are affected. >>you can see on this map the purple areas represent areas still without power. this afternoon pg e said more than 36,000 customers don't have power. those customers are
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mostly in moran napa and sonoma counties says you can tell by this map all the purple mean though those locations still don't have power and we have just learned that power will be fully restored in marin county between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock tonight pg e says it's holding a news conference at 5.30 coming up in about 15 minutes with an update will carry that live as soon as it gets under way say leaders are taking a look at the effect the power shut off so had on schools. they're also trying to figure out how some of those schools managed to stay open. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>the lights are back on a blue oak elementary school in the sierra foothills governor gavin newsome visiting one of many schools trying to make the most of it situation after multiple power shut off this month without power, we would not have fire alarms. so we plan to bring in. >>individuals who would a service a fire watch. >>despite the blackout the school stayed open this week using a couple smaller-scale
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generators, our of necessities like the internet state leaders met with school officials and students thursday to hear how they manage students say there was a boost in outdoor activities and time to read did you really feel like you like learned that day. >>the governor reiterated california regulators are investigating pg any for the blackouts that could schools in this situation in the first place or utilities. >>newsome wasn't specific. but says his office will soon reveal how the state will double down on forcing new protocols and operations for pg any in el dorado county ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>a lot of people of course they've been using generators during the power shut offs but one of them now being blamed for this house fire happened in pollack pines in el dorado county. officials say the home was destroyed after a generator sparked a fire not
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clear yet whether this happened because of a malfunction or was user error and portable powered generators they've been flying off shelves and hardware stores. again because of the shut offs of course but professional say you really do need to know what you're doing when connecting a generator today, a hardware store employee gave kron four's haaziq madyun some advice. >>i'm here in the parking lot of them are in a hardware store. it is a location that has remained open throughout the recent pga any public safety power shutdowns and that's because the story has been running on a portable powered generators. in fact the supervisor here tells me it's just a power started going out there's been a big run and power generators for folks here in this area we have 6 locations throughout the bay area. and we dog every generator we could from them. the folks who tell me that before you buy one of these there are a few things you
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need to know the main thing is to know the water jay you're trying to power because if you don't have the proper happened to what could happen the more you could potentially ruin all the devices that you're trying to it. our worst case scenario. the other fire. definitely do not bring inside your house and fired at police probably 20 feet from the building itself with the exhaust point away from the house if you want to make sure that your power generators installed correctly these folks here say it's not a bad idea to have a professional come out to your house and help you with the installation call local handyman. >>they will be able to help me out and although the power is coming back online. there may be another public safety power said down in the future. >>and if you're thinking ahead, you can still find about it half-dozen power generators here in the parking lot of this ace hardware store. zygmunt yoon kron 4 news. >>let's take another look outside overlooking downtown san francisco you can see him from this angle, but down
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their street level there are like little goblins and they hers are all running around the city right is love to see can dave spars here and that we said this before but could be kind of cold police tonight are like yeah, even for the you know the bakers tonight going on we've got to you know the guy is going to call for the candy know you know one of melting, you know that's real enemy. >>that's right so we have do that but he really is ample lows for you got a lot of 30's on the board here remember these are near the city's up in the north bay so that's actually more mild because you have the heat island effect to get out to the real world areas and boy to freefall down the even temporarily lower 20's perhaps going on tonight, a look at winds a little bit of an on shore when trying to sneak in there a little bit but we're still one of the dominance of the general synoptic offshore flow. but at least not much in the way of winds which allows those temperatures to fall, beautiful shot coming in from a take a look at temple on here you can see off in the distance the golden gate weeklies make that out our forecast calls for clear and cold going on for tonight.
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freeze warning going on for the north bay we've been talking about that with temperatures in some cases may drop to lower 20's temporarily. tomorrow, mostly sunny and warming 60's and 70's bay area wide and then for this weekend, moderation on the lows yet we keep those afternoon highs which are pretty nice in the 70's so all in all pretty nice weekend forecast. minus threatening offshore winds will still be dry. we'll still be a little tendency to the offshore but at least the danger won't really be there that we've experienced already a look at current numbers were in the 60's across a good perimeter of the base and lower 70's and some of the inland areas, but again back to that freeze warning that covers a good chunk up here the north bay particularly into the valleys in rural areas where temperatures will fall away from the heat island and in some cases may dip even lower 20's. this is for friday 02:00am to 90 and coming up a little have the ghosts and goblins forecast for you as well thank you. all right. thank you dave. >>still ahead the several wildfires burning across southern california being
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fueled by high winds. we'll have an update on that fire fight. >>an historic move today after the house votes on the impeachment inquiry will tell you what come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. >>they love the news out of washington dc where the house has voted to move forward with the impeachment inquiry into president trump that vote was largely procedural a washington correspondent alexander lemon explains what it actually accomplishes and
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what could happen next. >>the resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >>the vote in favor of moving forward with the impeachment inquiry was mostly along party lines. so what is at stake. as our democracy. the resolution makes the impeachment investigation official and establishes a set of rules under which both parties will operate up until now president trump and republican lawmakers called the impeachment inquiry, a sham because the house had not voted on the issue and because the testimony took place behind closed doors. this vote addressed both of those issues. >>this resolution sets the stage for the next phase of our investigation. one in which the american people have the opportunity to hear from the witnesses first hand, but republicans like california congressman devin nunez still object. >>it's clear that since the democrats took control of the house of representatives they have always intended to transform the intelligence
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committee into the impeachment committee on twitter president trump called the impeachment inquiry, a hoax. >>and said it's hurting the stock market once the impeachment investigation is completed the matter will head from the house intelligence committee to the house judiciary committee that committee will decide if the house of representatives will file and vote on articles of impeachment against president trump. in washington. alexandra leigh mound. >>next at 5.30 trouble for the warriors steph curry breaks his hand at last night's game. some people are now calling it the curse of chase center. the team's not been looking good sports director mark carpenter joins us in studio to talk about the road ahead. >>and health officials again sounding the alarm or vaping deaths and injuries are being reported across the country. >>plus after the break how peop
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>>back to our top story tonight at 5.30 firefighters are getting out the upper hand now on the wildfire in sonoma county. and even more people are being allowed to go back home the kincade fire is 60% contained that's the good news, it's burns though more than 76,000 acres that's about a 120 square miles. >>a 141 homes have been destroyed even more are still threatened. the fire has been burning for a week now broke out near the town of geyserville fire officials have not said the cause, but again many people under our
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under evacuation orders are now allowed to go back home. >>charities from across sonoma county and the city of santa rosa they're coming together today to help the people affected by the fire and the power outages for charles clifford has the details. >>well here in santa rosa on thursday, the city of santa rosa along with. to rebuild our community. sonoma county. the redwood empire food bank and catholic charities held a food distribution of ants now this was held and family community center and your stories high road west college avenue. they in the morning hours had dozens of people dropping off food items they also brought food over from catholic charities and then throughout the afternoon just probably hundreds maybe thousands of people came here to pick up food items you know after 2 weeks or so of fires and power outages a lot of folks their refrigerators are empty their food may with help gone bad, it is very difficult expensive to replace all of those items so this event was held it was thrown together


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