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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 31, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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look at where the orders have been lifted. cal fire says that it's allowing people who live in parts of sonoma county and napa county too go home including calistoga if you live along butts canyon road in lake county between highway 29 and napa county line you can return home, the same is true if you live west of big canyon road. south of sulphur creek road mnd harrington flat road and west of the sonoma county lake county line north to the intersection of mckinley road and bottle rock roll that includes coldwater creek road lake few road and golden pines. >>firefighters are also getting the upper hand on the kincade fire here are the latest numbers tonight the fire is now 65% contained and full containment is expected by november 7th just more than a week it's burned more than 77,000 acres, 349 structures were destroyed a 165 of those we're single family homes more
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than 90,000 structures were at risk that number has been reduced. no deaths have been reported but for first responders have been injured. we're following breaking news also out of southern california that's where crews are battling another wildfire. this video just in from a few minutes ago, this is called the maria fire. it's burning just south of the small community of santa paula in ventura county that's just east of oxnard in point mugu in little bit north of camry o officials say the fire ignited on top of south mountain just after 6 o'clock tonight. the fire has now destroyed 750 acres. there is 0% containment at this hour, mandatory evacuations are in effect there. this is steep rugged country here. this is the latest fire to break out in southern california this fueled by those powerful santa ana winds. we'll keep an eye on this fire and bring you updates as they occur. >>there is a senior living community near the can kade fire zone and it says it is not going to be getting pg any
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reimbursement after the company's of power outages, the vulnerable people living in calistoga is rancho de calistoga mobile home park say. >>they want help from the utility and they're not getting any kron four's dan thorn live for us tonight in callisto they george joins us more with their plight these are vulnerable people aren't they can. that's right and well a part of the problem here seems to be subbed metering meaning that these low-income elderly residents. >>are not really considered customers of pg e their landlord is but these people tell me that they need help because they could barely afford to replace what has already been lost and i spoke with a couple of women who are bold 65 plus years old and they've been dealing with evacuation concerns because of the king cake fire that's been burning in nearby sonoma county, but it's pg e's planned safety power shutoff that have really been hurting them, 71 year-old sandy says aereo says she's lost hundreds of dollars worth of food because of these outages she
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lives on a fixed income and between these new costs and the up and coming rent that's to this month, she's been struggling to figure out how all of this is going to work out and she's not alone. her friend, joan brady who is 65 years old is also concerned with the more outages in the future. >>i don't think i want to go through another power outage. push to my limit right now. i'm just now getting back to filling who i >>i don't understand a lot but it needs to be handle them. i don't quite understand. we're supposed to do about >>the women added that many of the people who live in the senior community are also 90 plus years old, so these outages are that much more difficult on them. earlier this week hating the passion pressure from governor gavin newsome pg any announced they would reimburse customers impacted by october 9th
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outage. but the people living in this community believe it will not go to them because of their sub metered status and they're hoping that this will change and that they will receive some sort of some sort of support in the meantime many of these on people here bracing for more of these outages and they believe if this is going to become their new reality they might just leave. california altogether. that's the latest here live in calistoga dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you or it's going to be very cold in calistoga tonight, the genie is under scrutiny and being investigated. >>for at least 5 different bay area fires this past week the utility creates these public safety power shutoff to try to prevent wildfires. the genie held a news conference tonight where it said the utility restore power to 358,000 customers as of this evening. >>and we find out that 6,700 customers still do not have service, however kron four's 2 of the psac ii was at the news conference and she joins us live. so taylor aside from the shut off to have some tough
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questions. what is pg me saying about the fires. >>well they're saying very little of course they said they did file those 5 incident reports for those 5 fires that broke out over the weekend and we do know. now that they caused at least 2 of them after contra costa fire officials have confirmed. >>preemptive power shut-offs by pg need this past week and one point affecting nearly 1 million customers over the weekend despite the shut offs. >>the california public utilities commission is now investigating. as a cause of at least 5 bay area fires over a one-week period. we asked to and president bill johnson about those incidents. >>how would you respond to these customers frustrated that we're still seeing these fires despite shut offs. >>we've shown here damage of over 300 instances of things that could have caused fires and major fires and you saw the pictures behind marcus he
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was talking. so in a wind event like we had that may have caused some of those fires you referenced i haven't i think what we've done is mitigated and avoided. numerous the things that could have been catastrophic fire. >>on wednesday. contra costa fire officials said pg e power lines started the bethel island fire on sunday. here you see surveillance video of sparks shooting from its lines moments before the bethel island fire broke out that same day the fire department says pg e's equipment again malfunctioned sending sparks 200 yards into vegetation starting another fire in oakley despite this information from fire officials pg any avoided taking any sort of responsibility on thursday for us you know the main thing is. >>we did because any fires we for these people we burn any houses the kincade fire still under investigation. i got to
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genie is also under investigation for 2 lafayette fires over the weekend where a tennis club was destroyed. >>and of course there's the kincade fire that's still burning nearly 78,000 acres. so far it's destroyed 349 structures, including homes pge filed a report last week where the utility said there was a broken jumper on a transmission tower. >>near contained road and burned mount in the same location where the fire began. it says the affected transmission tower was not the energized as part of the power shut off we looked at everything we fixed everything on a priority basis needed fixing we have a very aggressive vegetation management. well behind me on the regulatory requirements. >>and i really don't think the items you mention are causing these psps of this. >>press conference speech and he also said that these fires are just a bay area problem, but of course a california problem, they put a lot of the blame on the climate reporting live in san francisco tiller sackey kron 4 news. thank you
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taylor. >>and i was some of greece out on the embarcadero in the sun it was beautiful, but it's going to be a chilly night. >>that's let's check in with meteorologist dave spahr we're talking about temperatures below freezing in some spots. yeah, those costumes will actually have a practical piece wardrobe going on for tonight. that's right we're talking about on the north bay. it's another. >>freeze warning that's in place for the wee hours of the overnight and early tomorrow morning. you know we've had this event of the offshore winds that brought in this continent tally if you will from the dakotas and as a result of what we're left with it's not only just cold air but what is cold and dry air do it falls into the valleys. let's take a look at how we usually mean forecast for you, it's a chilly night also in 2 currently in his 40's going on in land before the witching hour 50's around the bay and then after that temperatures continue to fall for tonight. here's a look at where they stand right now already in the 40's up there in the north bay napa not wasting any time at 4349 santa rosa, 46 for a
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bottle 63 san francisco. we have a little bit of that marine layer trying to sneak across the golden gate and spread on to the east bay shoreline of it into the 50's on the east bay shoreline with lower 50's. you can see inland. let's compare the 24 hours or you see the blues that means it's colder than it was 24 hours ago and around the delta was the case but we were covered late this afternoon. nicely and the the in as chile's that maybe now we're ahead of where we were 24 hours ago. a look ahead to what we're talking about it's clear and cold tonight freeze warning in the north bay that we talk about mostly sunny and warming for tomorrow with 60's 70's the bay area and that's a pretty impressive ply because you consider in some cases climbing 45 to almost 50 degrees that's a big job go into that with dryer and then for this weekend moderation on those lows won't be quite so cold but still keep the nice warm days, mild days of all of that. now what for the greens that's the marine layer trying to come back a little bit tonight it goes it takes a complete shot right to the delta as you can see san francisco in the east bay
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shoreline a little bit so we get a little bit of relief in some areas of the bay to get some of that. our marine layer back a bit as a climate control but then we lose that there's a bit of an offshore wind week as it is that remains with us on friday friday night saturday look how dry it is even by saturday mornings will have air. it's about as dry as it is now to return by that point tonight we expect 49 san francisco, oakland, 4639 mean well for san jose, waking up to temperatures in the 30's in the 40's cold start by 08:00am by midday, everybody's graduated in the 60's department and we start to decouple at 3 o'clock mild to warm temperatures in london, the middle to maybe even upper 70's. they about 73 at the coast at 66 coming up a little bit later on we'll have the 4 zone forecast for you and look into the extended which looks like a pretty good weekend in store for us back to you all right dave, thank you very much children in santa rosa's coffey park when trick or treating at home. yeah that neighbor. >>hood of course i was just devastated by the tubbs fire 2 years ago and a lot of
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residents are still rebuilding their homes. kron four's gayle ong is live in santa rosa. gill sounds like this was a kind of a bright spot for the kids. >>absolutely catherine can in fact this after being through so much the last 2 years and tonight, many families are coming home for the first time after being evacuated from the kincade fire and they wasted no time getting into the holiday spirit. >>yeah, i love my favorite holiday. for bush on couldn't wait to put on his miles mirallas spider-verse ha really excited. the 7 year-old and his family just arrived home in coffey park thursday evening after being evacuated from the kincade fire they got home just in time for halloween this inmate. >>going to take changing menu
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how. >>many others here are experiencing the same we just moved in a couple weeks ago got evacuated got back, i can't wait to hand out. candy, the santa rosa neighborhood was devastated by the 2017 tubbs fire. >>homeowners hire contractors after contractor to rebuild and get back to a normal life 2 years later decorations are up their house is beginning to feel like a home again her pretty happy tv be back in that we survived the last just rounds but life is good. the kincade fire continues to burn those who lost their homes in that fire have turned to coffey park residents for help with pointing them in the right direction to rebuild we've been through it twice now we did 2 years ago and now the fire last week so. >>we're happy to be home unhappy of houses most are enjoying their brand new homes others are getting there all trying to make it as normal as possible.
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>>covey park will officially celebrate halloween on november 9th. they're doing this because of that can kade fire evacuations and and the residents here have not received their halloween costumes in the mail. so there will be pumpkin carving activities and lots of candy for kids it will be there halloween reboot to point out reporting live in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news gayle. thank you in sonoma county, 10's of thousands of people have been allowed to get back home. they're trying to get back to a regular routine. >>kron four's maureen kelly talk some people in the lark field wiki up area near santa rosa who are glad to find their homes still standing. you know there's nothing like sleeping year-old frank woodward his roommates and pets are back in their home off wikia drive. >>after being evacuated from here for several days there was concern that color field with area was in the past half of the fire as the winds shifted tuesday night. he says they were more prepared to leave dead when they evacuated in 2017 because of the tubbs
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fire we had everything packed up and ready to go were evacuated. >>and the first responders were great the you know everybody everybody has been as helpful as they could be and i'm very appreciative for that. >>there's no place like home. >>pam mason is now back home to her rental she and her husband are still out of their house which burned down 2 years ago. >>but they say the house there 2 weeks away from moving back into did not burn this time. she says evacuating for a second time in 2 years brought back some bad memories just moments of having ptsd and then this did bring it back to us to bring. >>yeah it did and we packed everything we had into cars just because we didn't baby that's all we have. >>nicole husam helped move her 9 year-old back thursday their power's back on but not the gas she's had to fill her garbage can with everything that was in her fridge very much team forward is happy to have a house her daughter kayla happy to be home in time for halloween i get to do makeup and get my costume ready.
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>>and feel like you can you can come >>having a home to come back to after trick or treating with her family safe is the biggest read of all maureen kelly kron 40's. >>we want to show you a list of evacuation centers that are still open if you are under evacuation. this is according to the sun on the county website. the santa rosa veterans memorial building, the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa we're talking about finley hall and grace hall cross walk church and napa valley expo and these evacuation centers are accepting the large animals, the sonoma marin fair grounds in petaluma and the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton all of these addresses for the evacuation centers are posted on our website kron 4 dot com. >>north bay animal shelters, and of course some of them had to be evacuated in the can kate fire they've really been struggling to find space for all the animals sen. in need of help as kron four's rob fladeboe reports a south bay shelter is trying to answer the call.
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>>it's not clear if she ate any small when her family was changed from their sonoma county home of the kincade fire. but turbo the tortoise is clearly enjoying the hospitality of the santa cruz county animal shelter says manager ben legal black. >>tortoise came down with his family who is staying in santa cruz with friends or family and they couldn't how's the the tortoise with them so we offered help with that. >>these pictures show some of the more than 95 cats dogs, rabbits and chickens, taken in by the rohnert park animal shelter. it reached out for help and santa cruz answered the call. arriving here last night for turbo that orders, a lovely parakeet named brett a beautiful young calico cat named scrappy and 12 other cats they had so many animals coming in that they needed this space. >>and. we were able to help them with that. >>and so 13 catch that had to give up their spots to fire
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rescue animals in rohnert park where they shipped to santa. cruz fans were 13 other cats, all of whom are available for adoption had to give up their limited spock's all in the name of helping out in the fire recovery effort and we had to contact our foster homes and asked him to come in and help us. so we could help from her part or foster homes came in and took from our shelter into their homes created this space here the crush of evacuees and other pets here at the marine fairgrounds on sunday demonstrates the need. park shelter has taken in animals from the snnoma humane society which itself was threatened by the kincade fire. travolta toward us read the parakeet and many of the cash and other rescue animals will be reunited with their owners. but what's needed now for people to adopt one of the animals that were already homeless before the fire struck. you know some of the animals that are showing up at shelters near the evacuation zone probably were straight.
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>>and they were pushed by the fire by the activity. that's the reason that they got picked up and they're you know, they're looking for the adoption homes they don't run or park animal services or santa rosa. they're on the same boat. >>in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news state leaders are taking a look at the effects power have had on schools and they're also learning how some of those schools managed to stay open. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. the lights are back on a blue oak elementary school in the sierra foothills governor gavin newsome visiting one of many schools trying to make the most of it situation after multiple power shut off this month without power, we would not have fire alarms. so we. >>plan to bring in. >>individuals who would a service a fire watch. >>despite the blackout the school stayed open this week using a couple smaller-scale generators, our of necessities like the internet state
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leaders met with school officials and students thursday to hear how they manage students say there was a boost in outdoor activities and time to read did you really feel like you like learned that day. >>the governor reiterated california regulators are investigating pg any for the blackouts that could schools in this situation in the first place or utilities. >>newsome wasn't specific. but says his office will soon reveal how the state will double down on forcing new protocols and operations for pg any in el dorado county ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>portable powered generators, they've really been flying off the shelves and hardware stores of course because of the power shut off. but professional say you really need to know what you're doing when connecting a generator and today, a hardware store employee gave kron four's haaziq madyun some advice.
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>>i'm here in the parking lot of them are in a hardware store. it is a location that has remained open throughout the recent pga any public safety power shutdowns and that's because the stores been running on a portable powered generators. in fact the supervisor here tells me it's just a power started going out there's been a big run on power generators for folks here in this area we have 6 locations throughout the bay area. and we every generator we could from them. the folks who tell me that before you buy one of these there are a few things you need to know the main thing is to know the water jay you're trying to power because if you don't have the proper happened to what could happen the more you could potentially ruin all the devices that you're trying to our worst case scenario. the other fire. definitely do not bring inside your house and fired at police probably 20 feet from the building itself. but the exhaust point away
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from the house if you want to make sure that your power generators installed correctly these folks here say it's not a bad idea to have a professional come out to your house and help you with the installation call local handyman. >>they will be able to help me out and although the power is coming back online. there may be another public safety power said down in the future. >>and if you're thinking ahead, you can still find about it half-dozen power generators here in the parking lot of this ace hardware store. zygmunt yoon kron 4 news. >>big night for the san francisco 49 ers they put their 7 or know that undefeated streak on the line tonight in thursday night football against the arizona cardinals matt carpenter joins us now with the highlights and it was a little closer than. >>a lot of us thought it might be to get got exciting down the stretch or they get ok what's going on here, but one half of the season is in the books in the 40 niners. >>have looked outstanding on the 49 ers on the short turnaround while they've won 7 in a row to start the year.
9:22 pm
the franchise has lost 8 straight against arizona, how's that. highlights all a weeknight in the valley of the sun fans in the spirit, dressed up ready to go pick it up in the 3rd quarter. niners off 7. jimmy garoppolo what a night for him ice time. floats wanted on tape head. it's a day in the end zone cue, the thriller dance on halloween, 2814 49. ers that is gras blows 4th touchdown pass a career high and in the 4th got interesting niners of 2817 card on their own 12 murray, isabella, look at him go scampers across the field hour, multiple 49 er defenders, 88 yard catch-and-run to the house cardinals tack on a 2 point conversion to get within 3 richard sherman not have. next 9 or drive trying to ice and 39 rob lowe steps up in the pocket find rost welly for the first down. rob lowes final line 317 yards 4 touchdowns on 28 of 37, san francisco. winds
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2825 to move to a you know continues their best start in nearly 30 years up next the big monday night showdown at levi's with the seahawks and we'll have reaction from the niners later on back to you can catherine all right. >>coming up people across the north bay are joining forces. how you can help those who are affected by the kincade fire. >>and the us house voting to move forward with the impeachment inquiry into president trump what it means said what could happen next. >>and up next some companies are already getting ready for the holidays where you can get it takes a village to raise a child.
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>>for your money tonight ups wants to help you pick up some extra cash before the holidays said it is hoping to hire about 100,000 seasonal workers more than 185 job fairs will be happening across the whole country friday november 1st the hiring blitz is called ups brown friday, a lot of people will be offered jobs on the spot. ups hoping to sign up at least 50,000 employees on that one day the full and part-time seasonal jobs are mostly for package handlers, drivers and driver helpers the company says a lot of seasonal workers to stay on as permanent employees amazon is looking for new ways to grow its delivery service so it's offering free delivery for users in certain areas.
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>>amazon prime members used to have to pay an extra monthly subscription fee of 1499. fords amazonfresh and that's on top of the $119 annually for prime membership. but on tuesday, the company announced its 2 hour grocery delivery for prime members will be free in more than 20 major metropolitan areas. now the grocery delivery service is free with your prime membership. so to come the us house votes to move forward with the impeachment inquiry into president trump. what that vote means and what happens next. >>and a new study that finds unique side effects for teenage girls, taking birth control how the pill they say could hurt them later in life up next people across the north bay coming together to help those in need how you can
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>>9.30 more evacuation orders have been lifted as firefighters continue to battle the kincade fire burning in sonoma county and here's a look at where the orders have been lifted cal fire says there allowing people who live in parts of sonoma county napa to return home including calistoga if you live along butts canyon road in lake county between highway 29 in napa county line. you can return home, the same is true if you live west a big canyon road. south of sulphur creek road in harrington flat road. also west of the sonoma county lake county line north of the intersection of mckinley road
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and bottle rock road and that includes coldwater creek road lake few road and golden pines firefighters are also getting the upper hand on the kincade fire here in the latest numbers. the fire is now 65% contained in full containment is expected by november 7th. it's burned more than 77,000 acres 349 structures were destroyed. a 165 of those who are single family homes. more than a 1000 structures are still at risk. no deaths have been reported but for first responders have been injured. today charities from across sonoma county and the city of santa rosa they came together to help the people affected by the fire and the power outages kron four's charles clifford has the details. well here in santa rosa on thursday, the city of santa rosa along with our oc sonoma county which is rebuild our community. >>sonoma county. the redwood empire food bank and catholic charities held a food distribution of ants now this
9:32 pm
was held at family community center stories high road west college avenue. they in the morning hours had dozens of people dropping off food items they also brought food over from catholic charities and then throughout the afternoon just probably hundreds maybe thousands of people came here to pick up food items you know after 2 weeks or so of fires and power outages a lot of folks their refrigerators are empty their food may with help gone bad and it is very difficult expensive to replace all of those items so this event was held it was thrown together sort of last minute here. it was held for the folks could stop by pick up some food still the refrigerator back up and hopefully get back to their normal lives and for neighbors who have had to endure and are still enduring power outages events like this are very welcome. yeah, it is incredibly helpful us on facebook >>i was here's second i've got 4 kids at this event is scheduled to and about 5 o'clock here on thursday, but certainly the need will continue. >>if you're thinking about
9:33 pm
helping out contact your local food bank. you can also reach out to the redwood empire food bank here in sonoma county and they will give you some guidance on whether or not you bring in money or gift cards or drop off food donations for now in santa rosa charles clifford kron 4 news. >>in southern california, some homeowners are returning to find nothing left of their houses to matthew now the us house was destroyed in the hillside fire in san bernardino today. he was able to get his wife his 4 children and some belongings out they be also says he ran to neighbor's homes to alert them of the fire danger. >>we have our first christmas in. >>he says is baby pictures of
9:34 pm
his children were destroyed because they were saved on a laptop that burned in the fire. but otherwise he says he has a positive outlook. the home can be replaced so lives cannot the hillside fire broke out early this morning. force hundreds of people to evacuate in san bernardino fire fighters battled high winds that help spread those flames. >>the south bay, san jose police are confirming that a man is dead after a confrontation with officers. it happened this afternoon around 2.30 on mckee road near north jackson avenue, investigators say officers were responding to a report of a man with a gun at some point the man was shot and later died at the hospital. no other details were available. >>an investigation is underway after of eta security officer shot and killed a man last night in san jose it happened at the light rail station on santa teresa boulevard around 8.40 santa clara county sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a man threatening people with knives and a pair of scissors. bush
9:35 pm
and show you some pictures on your screen of those items officers there the our officers say as they were responding and armed security officer from the transit authority fired shots at the suspect they say the suspect was taken to hospital where he later died. the officer was not injured. the man's name has not been released. in washington the us house voted to move forward with the impeachment inquiry into president trump. >>and that vote was largely procedural washington correspondent alexander lemon explains what the vote actually accomplishes and what could happen next. >>the resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >>the vote in favor of moving forward with the impeachment inquiry was mostly along party lines. so what is at stake. as our democracy. the resolution makes the impeachment investigation official and establishes a set of rules under which both parties will operate up until now president
9:36 pm
trump and republican lawmakers called the impeachment inquiry, a sham because the house had not voted on the issue and because the testimony took place behind closed doors. this vote addressed both of those issues. >>this resolution sets the stage for the next phase of our investigation. one in which the american people have the opportunity to hear from the witnesses first hand, but republicans like california congressman devin nunez still object. >>it's clear that since the democrats took control of the house of representatives they have always intended to transform the intelligence committee into the impeachment committee on twitter president trump called the impeachment inquiry, a hoax. >>and said it's hurting the stock market once the impeachment investigation is completed the matter will head from the house intelligence committee to the house judiciary committee that committee will decide if the house of representatives will file and vote on articles of impeachment against president trump. in washington. alexandra leigh mound.
9:37 pm
>>we've got a beautiful nightly forecast buddy, it's cold it's going to be a sweet weekend to have your 4 zone forecast coming up in just a bit and still ahead a lot of children have been out trick or treating tonight, but for some the. >>holiday tradition can be over parliament, how some others are trying to make halloween more accessible for everyone is sports on halloween night 49 ers play with can only be described as a thrower. announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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>>let's go back to the 40 niners, the cardinals made it a little too close for comfort late but san francisco continues to find ways to win and remains one of the league's 2 undefeated teams are ago holly night in the valley of the sun costumes out in the spirit dressed up ready to go. so the niners they're ready 49 ers for series george kittle get the helmets of the me from chandler jones, the frightening moment here. he has to leave the game, however would come back and come back pick and of the first jimmy garoppolo. on the slant breaks a tackle steps are another defender to the ground he won't be stopped 30 yard touchdown that ties the game a seven-night led by 14 at the half. hello to one of dante pettis in the end zone to the thriller dance on all. that is jimmy g's 4 touchdown pass.
9:41 pm
the 2017 cardinals 12. on a 2 point conversion get within 3. well we for the first down. and 317 yards 4 touchdowns and 28 of 37, 2825 your final to move to a you know continues their best start in nearly 30 years. next up here the big monday night game time now to talk some warriors golden state has lost 3 of 4 to start the year. >>but last night's game was the toughest to deal with steph curry suffered a broken left hand and it is still not known how much time he'll miss but at least we know. he's in good spirits. curry posted an update on instagram his head
9:42 pm
wrapped in a bandage with the caption showing appreciation for the love and support he's gone. he says he'll be back sooner reports say he'll be having specialist examine the c t scan results, team hopes to know the fleet tomorrow with require surgery or not looking back at the video. the injury happened in the 2nd half of yesterday's loss against the sons courage and a split defenders goes to the ground. big man aron baynes lands on him you're steve kerr and d'angelo russell the injury post game fortunate. the prayers of 10 for a speedy recovery. simply tops part of the early part of national sports are about. so come back stronger. >>you want to bring along as best you can. and we're just putting so much on their but we have no choice with all the injuries i think you know they have to just seize the opportunity and we as coaches we have to help them. do the best job they can and continue to learn.
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>>and up next hosting the spurs tomorrow night still looking for a victory at chase center. coming up a kron 4 sports attorney and will have some reaction from the niners some reaction from the niners as they cont ...6, 7, 8 some reaction from the niners as they cont ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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hopefully is a pretty good night for most kids are out trick or treating tonight, but for some children, especially those on the autism spectrum. >>or with a sensory processing disorder. the annual tradition can be overwhelming instead of fun.
9:46 pm
>>steve nana's has more now on how to make the holiday safer for everybody in today's health minute. >>she costumes flashing lights, loud noise for some people it's not to go see schools that make hollowing scary and it just can be really overwhelming for a lot change and who struggle with their sensory processing kaylene george of autistic mama dot com offer some simple things parents can do to make sure their child doesn't miss out starting with a comfortable costume look for out of the box costumes can gm taking into consideration. what your child finds is comfortable another key trick to help your child get those streets practice we practice trick or treating me it's not. shocking you signs are no cards to aid in communication if your child is nonverbal and seek out sensory friendly events like this trunk or treat held by rise for autism glen burnie maryland. we do sounds reduce lighting.
9:47 pm
>>can we have a sensory room and it gives them an opportunity to come out have a good time. >>most importantly don't be afraid to face your fears don't think that'll be sure so i should just stay home and don't listen story struggles stop you from going out and enjoying the holiday for today's health minute. i'm steve manners. >>of course all the kids around tonight to probably back home by now counting up their loot that they collected it turns out the 2 of the best neighborhoods in the country to trick or treat. right here in the bay area, real estate site zillow broke down the 20 best cities in the country to visit on halloween number one on the list in terms neighborhoods. presidio heights in the city number 2 on the list west san jose. we're also celebrating halloween kron fun talking to viewers sent asking them to send us pictures of their costumes this is just one example 4 year-old olivia 2
9:48 pm
year-old lucas they're dressed as. >>jurassic park dinosaurs and you can send your pictures to us from tonight when you were all trick or treating if you were you can do that through the reported tab on our kron 4 news app. >>our 4 zone forecast with the live look outside at the embarcadero on a halloween night. >>dave spahr as here so is this the cover the plants kind of coma then obviously but but to bring it up are my gun, no the table or something because you want to come back out in the market view the full day tomorrow and throughout the weekend wasn't for all these problems. it be a pretty nice forecast but very dry and once we lose the winds which we have the temperatures go into freefall plus also dry air tends to be more dense, so it's going to be selling all these valleys up here so that's what we have the freeze warning in place technically for 2 to 09:00am for tomorrow. all right so some temperatures me in some cases drop as low as the lower 20's, but basically as being 25 to 32 for several hours that will be subfreezing the lookout for
9:49 pm
breaking it down for you we go from 50 to 47 inland, 45, it looks like by the witching hour and then again into the 30's as we get later, tonight's lows at 49 on san francisco oakland 46, but that's around the immediate day. 39 san jose and when you get into some of the valley's both in the east and the north bay that's where temperatures start pub or even more. we don't have too much the marine of the bay you'll get some ers relief from act as bit of a blanket going on lows tonight in the 30's now these around the city, so there's a heat island effect there. so you get away from urbanized areas that's where temperatures start to fall a little bit more so because you don't have the heat being driven by the asphalt jungle 38 going on for any often i 35 for livermore 41 for concord and around the bay, it looks like 40's and 50's again we have a little of that the marine layer try to sneak in a little bit tonight wake up tomorrow temperatures in the 40's 37 or will say about in london again some spots might be little cooler than that by high noon. we're
9:50 pm
all graduated to the 60's it looks like and then by 03:00pm we have 66 to 75 going on and let's get to your 4 zone forecast 70 to san francisco to the coast is in the 60's mild at that more the 60's but a few 70's popping up san bruno at 70. 70 san carlos 72 meanwhile for palo alto the south bay mid 70's at hand here like san jose and 71 fremont mid 70's for tri valley and matching that looks like a for danville 76 for walnut creek and concord and jumping up to the north bay. this calisthenics on the thermometer when you have temperatures from the middle to lower 20's. getting up to numbers like 74 napa 75 for sonoma. that's drier work, mid 70's to be found in the north and then dropping down to around upper 60's for places like no valley, your 7 day forecast here, turning the clocks back an hour saturday night when you retire, technically, it's 02:00am on sunday. and tuesday. we're expecting maybe the possibility of hoping you're getting some showers but that's scattered clouds for now back to you they aim for
9:51 pm
the night cases of vaping-related lung disease continue to rise across the country. the cdc says it's confirmed 1888 cases. >>37 people in 24 states have died. the cdc says along injuries have all been related to vaping health officials say they still haven't been able to identify the official cause of the outbreak but the commonality among all the cases his victims use east cigarettes or vaping products. most of the deaths have been among people who vape products include thc that is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. >>and johnson and johnson is saying that it dfd not find asbestos after testing not one of its bottles of baby potter. the fda remember said earlier that it's testing did find low levels of asbestos and that led to a larger recall earlier this month. but johnson and johnson now saying that third-party labs tested the same a product and found no
9:52 pm
traces of asbestos. no response yet from the fda, but the agency has said that it will stand by the testing. >>a new birth control study found some unique side effects for teenage girls, researchers say teens who take birth control pills are more likely to cry sleep too much and experience eating issues. that's compared to peers who don't take contraceptives for this study, researchers looked at more than a 1000 girls and women over a period of 9 years. it found girls who take the pill are also more likely to be at risk for depression in adulthood and that can have a profound effect on quality of life. the study was published in the journal jama psychiatry up next staying eco friendly this halloween now you can decrease your
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>of course is halloween tomorrow a lot of us will be throwing out our costumes and decorations and trying to get ready for the other holidays coming up. >>americans are were expected to spend about billion on candy alone this year of course that generates a lot of plastic waste with that in mind. here's how you can decrease your carbon footprint i guess this is for next halloween. but they say try to buy candy wrapped in paper or foil it's easier to recycle ditch the cheaply made halloween costumes we'll probably only use it once but you know for kids when you go into, but they said be creative look at you wardrobe
9:56 pm
and maybe come up with an idea from things you've got and by 3rd by and by decorations that you will use they say for years to come. they say don't buy things every year it's just to wasteful. tonight on kron on we're going to have a special half hour presentation of flying tales those are the stories i do while traveling around california in my small airplane and they often include animals we've traveled. >>across the bay area up and down california from lake tahoe to mammoth to southern california. we usually take our dog mango along with us. >>and tonight at 11 o'clock we'll take you behind the scenes of some of these adventures rescuing dogs and cats even bear cubs. here's a clip from one of those trips that involve some rather smelly kiddies. mangoes fallen asleep more passed down from the cap gang has. >>carol finds a perfume sample in her purse which brings temporary relief.
9:57 pm
>>again the best to find tail starts at 11 o'clock tonight on kron on and you can download the app are free to watch. carroll said she wasn't going to do it again, but she did she did the actor and she only got bleeped a once in the whole half hour which is pretty good for actually is pretty good because she says what's on her mind. and wraps up kron 4 news at 9 o'clock and that will be back in just a few minutes for kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99.
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