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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  November 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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100 people inside this one when someone started shooting. we heard a bunch of gunshots. >>gunfire at an illegal halloween party in orinda that happened just before 11 thursday night leading to chaos for party guests and neighbors over a 100 people. >>fleeing from residents where they're going to gathering. >>i think everybody in our neighborhood immediately lock their doors and started message. each other trying to figure out what was going on because this just doesn't happen in orinda. >>police say when they arrived on scene they found 3 people dead inside the 4th died at the hospital and 4 others were injured. so they couldn't say how they also can't say what weapons were used or how many suspects there might be, but they don't believe there's an ongoing threat to the community we we don't have any reason to believe that they stay in the area. >>we don't know the reason to believe that there are from arena. the the the house was rented by people who are not for >>neighbors say most who live around here were not happy with the short term rental couple of our neighbors started raised complaints about the noise that was going
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on up there city officials confirm up until a party complained halloween night shortly before the shooting. there hasn't been a complaint since back in february and they say the homeowner was cited and corrections were made they were very receptive. >>and they were very and said they would comply. >>city officials have now asked air bnb to remove the listing and we'll consider tighter restrictions on short-term rentals. the city officials also confirmed that at 9 35 last night there was another party complaint sent to the city there was also a call to police. however, police cannot confirm they responded to that call around 9.35 or if they did what and they got there shooting they responded to at 10 minutes before 11 o'clock live in orinda dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you to an air bnb released this statement on the incident saying we are horrified by this tragedy and are in close communication with chief david cook covering
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the police to offer our support with his investigation into will who committed. >>this senseless violence. additionally we have taken action to ban the booking guest from our platform. our thoughts are with the loved ones of the victims of this abhorrent act as well as the neighbors of the home. east bay fire officials are blaming pg e equipment for starting 3 fires on sunday in lafayette and martinez contra costa county fire marshal says the utility's power lines sparked a. >>pair of fires in lafayette, one of those fires destroyed the lafayette tennis club. the fire marshal also confirms the martinez fire was started by power lines and a transformer pg e says they are cooperating with investigations into those recent fires. and we want to now turn our attention to the kincade fire a fire crews are making. you could progress on the blaze. a containment is up to 68% tonight and cal fire expects full containment by november 7th. the fire burned over 77,000 acres destroying
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352 structures about 1600 structures remained threatened tonight. no deaths have been reported but for firefighters have been injured. and here's a look at the latest evacuation orders and warnings the purple that's the area under an evacuation order. the blue is the area under an evacuation warning and the green those are areas that were once under these orders and warnings but are now all clear. we have some breaking news out of sonoma county near petaluma where there has been a deadly crash. the highway patrol says a man is dead. >>after he was ejected from a jeep that crossed into oncoming traffic. it happened just after 2 30 this afternoon on lake feel road. police say the jeep driver lost control and collided with a cow fire vehicle. paramedics tried to save the driver slice life but the driver died at the scene, the driver of the cal fire vehicle has been hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries. chp says to expect
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lake feel road will be to be closed between stagecoach road and highway 37 on the south in for several hours as they continue their investigation. we're also following some breaking news out of fairfield officers responded to an officer involved shooting in the 300 block of dolly a drive one person and one officer are involved. we're told the officer was not injured were working on more information. >>the dollars are committed by the state. and this announcement and in fact through the last budget cycle, the $75 million will be critical. for local communities. >>california cities and counties are about to get some payback for the money that they spent on extra services win. the power was out this week run for his rob fladeboe reports now on what that will mean for the city of san jose. >>this grant funding these $500,000 will be used, especially for capital investments that mayor sam liccardo and state senator jim bell announcing friday that san jose is to receive $500,000 from the state of
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california to help reimburse the city fraud is spent dealing with the power shut down the dollars are committed by the state. and this announcement and in fact through the last budget cycle, the $75 million will be critical. >>for local communities that are investing as soon as in microgrids down able asked to provide more local generation and storage. >>san jose can also use the money to buy supplies and generators to help fund emergency services. keep fire stations and medical facilities going when the power is cut we've heard about a 10 year program. we want to do it in 3 years pushing for the funding was state senator jim bell who says pg any must upgrade and maintain its equipment. >>and reduce expenditures and. things like giving there. hi sorry employees bonuses and
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other other kinds of expenditures, let's focus on. rehabilitating all the equipment to reduce these devastating fires and we've got in california. >>marilyn carter was called for reorganizing pgd into a customer owned utility. short of that he believes the creation of those city control microgrids is the best way for san jose to cope with any future loss of power. and a half million dollars well help get the ball rolling. >>for the most part this is about the investments we need to make to be more resilient for the future. a lot of investments we need to make sure this money will be very welcome. >>as part of that same $75 million state appropriation the cities of oakland, los angeles and san diego will also get a half million dollars each. well counties impacted by the power shut down our to get $150,000 each. the san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. live look outside
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right now from our sutro camera looking downtown san francisco, big sales force power. >>beautiful out there and vicki it's friday, murray said it's friday now we're looking at saturday and sunday. >>the weekend are going to notice dress in layers that's going to be the big trend very chilly temperatures to start out the mornings but get ready to remove some layers because i'm tracking a gradual warming trend lasting all weekend long live look outside from our alcatraz camera as we begin to wrap up our friday night. temperatures out there as you head out the door, widespread 60's the downtown san francisco, holding steady in the low 70's at 71 degrees as is conquered in santa rosa. but 55 degrees for those of you in half moon bay, just because you are getting a cool sea breeze influence there so nearly a 15 degree difference from downtown san francisco and half moon bay. this evening, even though you're both along the coast of the san francisco peninsula and current conditions out there right now as far as relative humidity goes very low moisture content remains
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specifically in the interior valleys of the east bay. check out livermore 15% relative humidity, so bone dry. there in the low 20's though for napa fairfield and even young bill seeing a little bit more recovery along the coast, especially those of you in half moon bay, getting those westerly winds picking up some moisture from the pacific right now for your friday night so fire season unfortunately going to continue for us here in northern california because of that lack of rain and it looks like we're not expecting any rain throughout least mid november, current wind speeds right now very calm. so that's the one thing really working in our favor during these very dry conditions seeing a little coming up in your full weekend outlook in just a few minutes can indicate back to you. >>thank of recess. sonoma county da joe ravitch is issuing a consumer alert today reminding businesses that price gouging is prohibited during state emergencies like the wildfires ravage says that
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her office has we will continue to investigate and prosecute those who wrongfully profit from the destructive fires. the california law prohibits charging a price that exceeds 10% of the price of an item before a state or local emergency this law. it applies to those who sell food emergency supply eyes and medical supplies building materials and gasoline. it also applies to emergency cleanup services and hotel accommodations as well as rental housing. violators can be sentenced to one year in county jail. and or be fined up to $10,000. to the east bay now a suspect involved in a car to car shooting on the bay bridge is still at large this evening that shooting happened this morning in the eastbound lanes of i 80 coming out of san francisco towards it shut down all lanes on the eastbound side for a time as you can see there all lanes are now open though police say well an officer was making a traffic stop he heard gunfire
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that officer then saw a man in a compact suv traveling eastbound the bridge, firing a gun at another car. there have been 9 no reports of any injuries though can a major. >>a search and seizure of vehicles involved in a sideshow in gilroy is now underway on october 11th more than 400 cars were gathered at a target parking lot in gilroy was reckless drivers doing burnouts and spinning doughnuts. euro police have obtained a number of court orders to seize vehicles. the anti crime team is travel to monterey santa cruz and santa clara counties to try to get those vehicles, the owners of the vehicles will be required to pay release fees and impound fees. police are urging people to contact them if they see sideshows in their area. it is going to be a long 3 months without warriors superstar steph curry that's how long the 2 time mvp is expected to be out. after undergoing surgery this morning to his left hand specialists examined a c t scan on curry from thursday
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that was just a day after he broke his hand in the 3rd quarter of a game against the phoenix suns right here curry is expected to fully recover within the 3 month period. an update on his progress will be planned at that time. coming up. >>action to get pgd out of bankruptcy as soon as possible. he plans to speed up the process ahead plus out of control wildfires continue to cause big problems across california. the latest is in southern california will have an update coming up and the kincade fire evacuees are finally getting to go home.
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visit, to learn more. kincade fire. >>kron four's maureen kelly found that there are still many hazards that they're dealing with us. >>are still signs of life in the evacuation zone, this buck surprised tree cutters out on top road in windsor. they're cutting down a stand of eucalyptus trees damaged by the king cake fire. before they fall down on their own. a lot of these trees have burned out hanging branches it could possibly fall on personnel walking through or driving through. >>and the are burned out so it's a pretty big likelihood that these could fall over on do so and driving by just trying to get home not.
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>>far away a handmade sign posted reads thank you first responders many homes in this area were saved, but not all. robin montana passed ran took me to serve a wreckage off chalk hill road in healdsburg this is all that's left are fathers home a 47 years. she helped the 94 year-old his caregiver and his dog evacuate to her home in santa rosa on saturday. they were forced to flee once again when her area was evacuated not long after that, but now they're all back at her home. well we decide where her father will go from there. he is in the advanced stages of alzheimer's and even if they decide to rebuild his home. it will never be the same again he wants to go home. >>and he doesn't understand why he so we've told him that he can go home when it's safe to go home. and meantime you just going to stay with me that. >>i'm thankful that he doesn't know what's happened. and it's got frenchie it is the obvious as for next steps this to come back to this property with gloves and shoes to sift through the ashes here to see
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she can find any family memento that escape the blaze and while it would be nice to uncover some old photographs. she says she's really just grateful. she and her family are safe. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>may or may not be able. the figure this out. we are not going to sit around. and the passive. >>governor gavin, newsome is taking action to try to get peace genie out of bankruptcy as soon as possible. he says the sooner the utility is out of bankruptcy. the sooner change can come to be jeannie. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>right now pgd is expected to get out of bankruptcy by june 30th and that's about 8 months away. governor gavin, newsome is hoping to broker a deal to speed up the process as we know it cannot persist and continue. it has to be completely transformed. it
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really transformed operationally trans. >>formed governor gavin newsome is calling on all parties in pg e's bankruptcy to come to sacramento next week to sort out the proceedings soon or the governor has said major changes to pg any cannot happen until it's out of bankruptcy, the utility under constant criticism for its role in wild fires and widespread power shut-offs genie as we know it. >>may or may not be able. the figure this out. we are not going to sit around. and the passive newsome says the state and now a new strike team is exploring any and all backup plans in the event pg e doesn't make major changes on its own the governor not ruling out a government takeover newsom's administration also hired advisors to envision a 21th century utility. >>that he says will match the state's already modern emergency management we have world class firefighters doing world class work every single day. and i couldn't be more
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proud of them what we don't have a world class utilities so with months left in pg e's bankruptcy and wildfire season under way. governor gavin newsome still says he does not think a special legislative session is needed because of this effort and others that are already in progress reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside of san francisco's embarcadero yeah looks a little different of recent looks like there's some overcast or marine layer something going on out there. yeah, just an illusion. >>i think just the sun setting but could be some haze out there from the kincade fire. but unfortunately, no marine layer insights say little began. you know, i mean we're all excited for the weekend that the warmer temperatures so let's take a look at today's daytime highs are about 5 to 10 degrees above average and we're going to be about 2 to 3 degrees warmer tomorrow from today's daytime highs, widespread low 70's
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along the coast and along the bay with mid to upper 70's for our interior valleys and beautiful live shot outside from the east bay as you can see not a cloud in the sky as the sun is setting on our friday night. and temperatures right now as you head out the door, widespread 60's still in the low 70's over downtown san francisco. but half moon bay, 15 degrees cooler thanks to that cool sea breeze influence you're down to 55 degrees. everyone else though in the 60's and 70's as you head out the door but we are going to notice some very freezing temperatures specifically for interior valleys in the north bay as you make your way inland we could see overnight low starting at 2 o'clock in the morning, dropping to as low as 29 maybe even 35 degrees and that trend could continue through saturday morning 9 o'clock that is when that frost advisory is set to expire just for the interior valleys of the north bay. everyone else though widespread 40's but downtown san francisco, a little bit warmer 51 degrees but livermore 39 degrees for your
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overnight low so very chilly temperatures yet again tonight but thanks to that extra sunshine we're going to notice above average daytime highs continuing warming up into the low 70's along the coast, mid 70's along the bay with widespread upper 70's as you make your way inland 77 degrees for san jose oakland 74 degrees for your afternoon highs in downtown san francisco, 72 degrees 71 degrees for half moon bay hayward in the mid 70's and mount you 76 degrees. but santa rosa nearly 10 degrees above average 81 degrees for your saturday afternoon. so let's take a look ahead at your seven-day outlook because we are going to notice a tad degree warming from saturday through sunday is expected to be the warmest day of the next 7 so above average temperatures will continue and we fall back this weekend as well as daylight saving time ends. >>by monday. gradually cooling down as an increase in cloud cover on tuesday but unfortunately, no rain with these clouds going to remain bone dry in the bay area so
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our fire season is going to continue for at least the next 7 days. but the good news is that we are going to notice. calmer winds speeds compared to what we saw a week ago so any fires that do spark won't be able to spread as rapidly so still tracking pretty dangerous fire conditions in the bay area because of the lack of rain and that trend it looks like it could continue through mid november back to you. >>thank a recent tonight at 6.45 the house of representatives votes to move forward with the impeachment inquiry into president trump. but the president says don't expect him to cooperate what he's suggesting should be done instead. up next a look at new interview footage from sacramento police the morning after officer shot and killed stephon clark. announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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>>police department released video of the interviews taken just hours after 2 officers shot stephon clark, video shows police explaining why they opened fire killing the unarmed man sure in ridge a gut reaction from clark's brother. >>sacramento, police officers who shot and killed stephon clark describing the now infamous incident in their own words just hours after the fatal >>he said
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>>officer terrence market, allan jared robin and both say they thought clark was pointing a >>turns out clark was not armed and the objects his hands, a cell phone there was no gunshots there was no sound of gunshots. the only weapons are fired their weapons yvonne's brothers to vontae says these videos don't convince him that the officers should have opened fire out of it was. >>them new to me sacramento you know the difference between a gun and a cell phone they couldn't pull back they couldn't use their flashlights. the 2 officers were originally responding to a suspect accused of breaking
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into cars, they say clark fled on foot when they arrived on >>a year later the family trying to heal but tough to move on when the officers were never charged and have returned to duty on the streets is hurt. >>and no one has been held accountable for the death of stephon clark. this is my brother here we're talking about. >>that was sure enters a reporting in september the clark family reached a million settlement with the city of sacramento, the money we'll go to clark's 2 sons. still ahead. more about the victims who were killed during that party in orinda we have the latest on the investigation and we'll hear from neighbors. plus new details in the college admissions scam is actress lori loughlin and. >>and make a new plea today.
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nexus 6.30 firefighters are getting a lot of ground on the kincade fire. we'll have the latest on the firefight after the break. >>and i'm tracking all the fires from southern and >>and i'm tracking all the ...6, 7, 8 >>and i'm tracking all the fires from southern and ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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>>and this just in we now know the names of those who were killed at a halloween party in orinda last night the victims have been identified as 22 year-old thai on farley of antioch 24 year-old omar
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taylor of pittsburgh, 23 year-old ramon hill junior of san francisco. and 29 year-old jab and county of sausalito the shooting happened in the 100 block of lucille way in orinda just before 11 o'clock last night. police swy more than a 100 people were at the party took place at a home that was rented out to air bnb and when police arrived they say they found 3 gunshot victims who were later pronounced dead at the scene. another victim died at the hospital the investigation remains ongoing. police are still looking for the gunman. back to another big story tonight, the kincade fire fire crews are quickly getting the upper hand so here's what we know so far a containment is now at 68% calif a or expect full containment by november 7th. >>that fire burned over 77,000 acres destroying 352 structures about 1600 structures remain threatened tonight. no deaths have been reported but for firefighters have been injured.


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