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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>oceana thompkins from boy help. thanks for joining us tonight at 8 i'm j r stone. >>and i'm justine waldman the shooting have penn dot halloween night at an air bnb that was rented out for a party following the shooting the ceo of air bnb released a statement saying that the company will be banning already houses for rental. the san francisco company is also
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forming a party house rapid response team. the woman who rented the home life 2 were air bnb host saying that she was renting it for family members who need to escape from the smoky air that was burning because of the wildfires. >>the new tonight we're learning more about some of the victims from that whole weeknight shooting in a renda the contra costa county sheriff released. the names. 5 people were killed in the shooting, including 24 year-old omar taylor of pittsburgh. >>kron four's dan thorn spoke to taylor's longtime girlfriend who says that he was a positive force and he was killed, doing what he loved and joins us now an also-ran today after talking with the victim's family and friends hate him. >>well justine omar taylor's girlfriend tells me that he was the deejay that night at the party and he was just trying to share his gift when he was senselessly killed the 24 year-old leaving behind a 4 year-old daughter and parents who live in pittsburgh. the
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girlfriend telling me that this guy was a positive force. he was one of 5 people that was killed at a halloween party that was hosted at an air bnb rental in a random. the girlfriend telling me that he had a passion for music and he just wanted to share positivity any way that he could she says they were friends for over a decade and he was alwayst a fun and loving and caring pers. she wants people to know that the victims of the shooting deserve respect and for people to understand that many of them, we'rsimply in the wrong place at the wrong time that night. >>use a very very loving person. and have bad intentions in his heart in. you know a lot of the times when things like this happen a lot of people. trying to make the victims look bad or like they deserve something or you know was their problem and their fault that something happened or whatever was but it wasn't his fault, it wasn't use innocent person doing what he loves to do which is. >>dj. >>taylor's girlfriend says that he was working it s a
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before deciding to fully pursue a ceer as dj a she ss th tayr understood somhatf th dangers of rsui this career but never could have expected that this would happen friends and family are telling me that they're planning having a vigil tomorrow night to honor the life of omar taylor. i will of course have more on this story coming up tonight at 10 o'clock that's the latest here live in elsa bront a dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much dan tonight, the kincade fire is still burning in sonoma county. but firefighters have the upper hand right now the fire is 74% contained. and has burned more than 77,000 acres. the fires destroyed destroyed 372 structures, a 175 of those were homes and for firefighters have been injured fighting the flames. cal fire says access to the northern part of the fire remains challenging due to steep terrain and narrow roads but full containment is still expected by november 7.
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>>is still remain under evacuation orders tonight, those are in sonoma. county here's a look at the inner ear active evacuation map. that's on sonoma county's government website. the purple area that is the mandatory evacuation area which has shrunk quita bit over the past few days. but he large green area. those are the places that are back open to residents. also a couple of small blue areas you see there those are currently under an evacuation warning. now in sonoma county many people in healdsburg are going back home after being away for a week after being evacuated from the fire. >>kincade fire and pga power shut off made their situation difficult as many neighborhoods are still without gas. and people are coming home to no heat kron four's gayle ong is live in healdsburg with details scale. >>jr and justine residents say it's the simple things they missed those gap outages are
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scattered. do the county and while p g me they are working to to bring aspect to these neighborhoods. firefighters re close to full containment. the kincade fire continues to burn in sonoma county. but firefighters are making good headway in their firefighting efforts. cal fire lifted evacuation warnings for many areas in the county we are back and we're here happy to be back people in healdsburg returned me friday, this kind of disorienting. >>being out of the house and not knowing what was going on the city was one of the first evacuation centers when the kincade fire broke out on october 23th and swept into geysville erratic winds fueled the fire. healdsburg residents were forced out of their homes again down the fence. >>staff to we needed and they ca like every around the 6 clouds back hashing get up and down. >>this was the scene on october 25th plumes of smok filling the sky 7 days later clear blue skies at the exact
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spot. apicture many residents in this healburg neighborhood are happy to see really grateful. the kincade fire in pg any power shut off made the situation worse. some have been away from their homes for more than a week homes were destroyedn chalk hill road. these homes were spared. thankful to have their homes still standing it was anything but normal coming back coming back to a cold house. >>there's a bunch of and cents we have no i actually asked again eat out because mine. >>residents have to clear their refrigerators and live with no heat and no hot water pga any scheduled gas safety checks after the power shut off that we found this woman driving looking for pg e crews we have small children once you you know you have to make them like feel comfortable and safe. apg me they are working through the county to restore gas outages to customers they have to rely. >>every individual pilot light and residents have to be home
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for that the hope is to have that done by sunday night reporting from healdsburg gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you so much gayle and as the can kade fire continues to burn work every has already begun in some of the areas. there were hardest hit like these soda rock winery that went up in flames nearly a week ago, its main building reduced to rubble. >>but firefighters were able to save the bar and that sets on that property. that's where they held an impromptu recovery wine tasting today. kron four's was there and has more. >>the clinking of glasses and several spur the moment sips that's what the employees at soda rock winery thought was dead just after week filled with loss and guess this. >>one week later they already up and running. >>put it out on the instagram and i said i'll be there shortly. so change her plans and.
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>>happy to see that these guys are jumping right back it they're going return talk about resient think it's really and really grateful they felt strong enough to be heard. >>to be able to come to an iconic place and say i've had and i was part of the rebuilding. you can't see that very often one week ago an emer from the kincadfire made its way to the winery's main building. >>all that's left standing now his its front facade the frames. >>ripping out of that that little. >>window the 150 year-old building had been restored by its current owner ken wilson, back in 2000 it's been a it's a tough week. you know sitting there reality of losing so to rock into my life. >>wilson says restoring the old general store and post office was a labor of love a lot of memories in the us and every part of that. >>that winery from almost don't even like that. >>remind myself of that. all those little. delicacies that
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that i >>put in there still good deal of inventory was lost most of the soda rock line is stored off-site making the decision to start a grassroots recovery on saturday. an easy >>as you can see lot of people just the in here just to offer theirs, sincere. regrets for losing. icon of the lley. so now we kind of say the reality that. yes. this winery burned. but. the rest of this whe valley is pretty is pretty much intact them and alexander valley will be. here next week tem the years to come in healdsburg noel bellow. >>kron 4 news. >>live look outside on the saturday evening boy beautiful night ov at the golden gate bridge. >>looking good. now with our meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez to find out more about our forecast also the conditions. in sonoma a county where they're still battling the kincade fire but conditions have obviously got a lot better they had a really good handle on it now. >>yes, still very dry. but calm wind speeds out there right now temperatures cooling down which is helping to increase that relative humidity right now along the healdsburg hills 64 degrees relative humidity up to 23% for tracking a little bit more moisture out there this evening and wind speeds light and breezy just gusts upwards of about 4 miles per hour less so very calm conditions out there right now for firefighters battling that contained fire and air quality tomorrow because of smoke and ash from the kincade fire and also the maria fire in ventura county will make its way into the bay area expect moderate amounts of air quality for most of the bay area. but pretty good air quality for those of you in the south and that is going to continue even for the 2nd half of your weekend. relative humidity. we are going to notice a pretty dry even out there right now
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in the 20th to 30th percent how long the mountains in the north bay and even in the interior valleys of the east bay, but a lot more moisture they're along the coast and we are going to notice the return of that cool sea breeze right now we are seeing very clear calm conditions and temperatures out there right now widespread 50's and 60's but a 20 degree difference from half moon bay and downtown san francisco on account of that cool sea breeze influence for those of you at half moon bay, where you are noticing more relative humidity out there this evening. we are going to fall back tonight so make sure to change the clocks and i am tracking a gradual warming trend continuing this weekend all the way through your sunday until we finally start to cool down find out if any rain is heading our way in the bay area in just a few minutes chair back to you. >>thanks so much mabrisa will more bad news for the golden state warriors tonight at draymond green to the latest list of players who are out e to injury. the star forward did not play tonight against the charlotte hornets,
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steve kerr confirmed the injury saying the dream on tore a ligament in his left index finger. the injured the finger at last night's loss to the san antonio spurs. now this is only the 5th time since 2012 the dream on clay d steph are. that is what we have and tonight and it doesn't end there d angelo russell, the guard was recently brought in was out tonight to with a sprained ankle last time this year. we are watching durrant curry thompson and green tonight. we are watching rookie jordan poole along with a number of other players who many fans don't it came down to the wire and will have highlights tonight in sports. on camera breaking into an atm. how they managed to pull the machine through the store wall walls and into the parking lot. >>and wildfires continue to burn across the state tonight, how southern california.
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but this season, a more thrilling journey is cling. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. ♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. >>and is on right now for the suspect who attempted to run over a fairfield police ident resulted in a detective opening fire. >>kron four's felipe should all reports from the scene of the crime and explains why police say if you come across them and do not approach him.
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>>a street in fairfield playing in the past by gun violence evident by the home's riddled with bullet holes from past shootings once again playing host to a crime scene theater one however, no watching tv next thing eddie kerrigan knows he's walking out his front door to a fairfield police officer parked on his driveway and we're cop shutting dolly a street that's a price feel is the ad that crime has increased what he thought may have been the sound oa firecracker turned out to be a detective opening fire near his home. >>it was a reaction police say the 47 year-old robe hanssen of fairfield. >>attempting to hit the detective with his car before speeding off. police were looking for haen in connection with a narcotic investigation. what if the bullet went through your guy and then the convicted felon with an extensive criminal history. investigators say hanssen has led police on
8:17 pm
pursuits before he's also got drugs and weapons charges in his past as well as being accused of holding a person r% hostage people i >>what was like it'scrazy there then they and that everybody got a short fuse now police eventually tracked down hanson's 1994 gold jaguar. >>the one used as a deadly weapon, but he was not inside. it's unclear if he was injured during the shooting, no officers or neighbors were hurt. >>it's all they're not action before that for thinking. >>the detective who opened fire has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation standard protocol for all department officer involved shootings in fairfield fleet of all kron 4 news. >>it's time to talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside right now here in san francisco, former suitor tower camera city looking nice tonight weather is.
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>>just or rodriguez and i'm almost i don't know if i'm supposed to root for cold weather. i guess anything but wind at this point. >>with for rain. yeah that's what i was going to say definitely room for that i know a lot of viewers have been asking me so once the rain making its way to the bay area. according to the latest models we will see rain until at least mid november. so we saw a long way to go. >>but we're going to stay fortunately, pretty warm out there right now at least for the weekend until we cool down for most of this upcoming workweek but temperatures will still improve main above average and we did notice that warm up today compared to yesterday widespread low to mid and even upper 70 so we're about 5 to 10 degrees above average for most bay area cities today and here's a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley marine layer nonexistent in we certainly need some more moisture out there even in the form of dense low clouds and fog but because of these above average temperatures right now the marine layer nowhere in sight and temperatures right now as we head out the door,
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widespread 60's and even some 50's out there cooling down into the upper 40's for nap and mid 40's for those of you along half moon bay, the coolest location right now in the bay area ,ut fortunately overnight lows tonight will be warmer then we've been seeing for the last couple of nights so no frost advisories or freeze warnings have been issued for anywhere in the bay area, especially those of you in the north bay. so we are going to wake up to temperatures by midmorning in the 50's and then warming up along the coast we will see the return of that cool sea breeze so we are going to be a touch cooler there but warming up for most of the bay and even most of our interior valleys downtown, san francisco, 69 degrees oakland warming up into the low 70's and san jose, upper 70's for you below 80's for conquered and santa rosa, the 2 more ris locations and don't forget. daylight saving time ends during the overnight hours officially at 2 o'clock in the morning. we are going to fall back so tomorrow sunrise will be at 6 37 in the morning and the sun will set a little
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after 5 o'clock in the evening and let's take a look at the next 7 day forecast after sunday. we are going to begin a gradual cooling trend for most of this upcoming week. but th a slight bump in temperatures by next friday. and then saturday really holding steady, but the one thing that we're noticing the sunshine to start out the week increase in cloud cover that will help cool us down, but unfortunately, no rain clouds in sight to see and york back to you. thank you so much. >>group of determined vacaville thieves and the library plan to break into an atm inside the store. that happened early friday morning. it was all ught on video you can see it right here russell pearlman has the story. >>in do something like that that's just that that's really great. >>surveillance video from vaca food and liquor shows the 2 suspects using the force of a stolenan and share body strength to break into the store and break open the atm and steal the cash inside. the
8:21 pm
stolen white van first pulls up one of the masked suspects jumps out and starts breaking the glass kickinghe window and door in off screen. he wraps the chains aroud the atm and gives the driver the go ahead, not once but twice the van backs up and eventually pulls the atm outside the store go last and metal fly everyere. it was enough force to break the machine and for these thieves of money to really take an atm on me that's that's crazy. it took just about 2 minutes to all this damage but looking at what's left behinlong time customers knew exactly what happened. >>take a break the glass for a chain around the atm pull it out people are really friendly they're nice to know they're helpful there courteous you know so i mean to do something to a business. >>this is our community. >>we'll have a chicago teen is charged for attempted murder after shooting a littlgirl on halloween night, city is
8:22 pm
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>>the kron 4 news at 8 a potential child abduction caught on camera in los geles aired on she reports with what one mother did when she saw her son almost got into a stranger's car.
8:25 pm
>>it is everyarent's worst fear a stranger seemingly trying to war a child into his car that fear was a reality for this father who isoing by gary my son right away >>and it was those awfully know gary's wife and young son were visiting him at the glendale restaurant where he works when a naked man and a female. >>passenger drove up to them. the boys mom describes what was happening in this dash cam video which was rolli at the time and they rolled the car right next to my. >>cornered try like harm to the cause. >>in the video you hear the mother frantic and her son upt. >>in the video you see the naked driver beckoning the boy into his car. the woman in the passenger seat seems unfazed by the time gary rushed out of the restaurant, the man sped away the next day i didn't want to send the school i didn't think you feel comfortable. >>had intentions in their head i'm really glad to be getting
8:26 pm
caught you know the boy's mother weren't hurt, but they were shaken. gary and glendale police are hoping meone recognizes the man and the woman, you never approach anybody like that, especially of the child is by himself. >>especially being make it it's it's. just come forward anyou know take it like a man. >>in the meantime this father is just glad that his to stay away from strangers and he wants the suspect behind bars and lock them up. >>that only the key i mean that kind of people should never be around anybody really. >>new interview notes from the mall, the port are coming to light what they say about the trum campaign trying to get ahold of stolen e-mails from the democratic national committee. >>and one school is taking extra measures to make sure students are comfortable why kids can now use a washer and dryer before heading to class. >>and up next wildfires ravaging southern cali
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>>hundreds of firefighters still battling the more than a dozen fires across the state are facing a familiar that this weekend, red flag warnings are in effect for some parts of southern california. >>and that mix of strong winds low midity and dry vegetation is what's raising fire concerns. meredith wood has the latest. hot and windy weather. >>the perfect dangerous mix
8:30 pm
that could fuel even more fires in california. >>wee in the middle of a big fight and we're about a week into this and the end is t yet in sight. hundreds of firefighters up and down the state are still battling a 13 wildfires. >>the latest blaze the so-called maria fire in venra county has charred more than 10,000 acres. so far. >>somods this weekend. santa ana winds have weakened considerably but the national weather service says the air is still very dry with humidity below 10% and peak wind gusts in some parts expected to hit up to 35 miles an hour. >>please stay active engaged. police have a plan b ready to go at a moment's notice. >>this week, some of the strongest wids in several years fanned massive flames across the golden state. and the threat is not over yet. state fire officials say california is still recovering om a six-year drought and the dry landscape combined with hot temperatures and historic wind events our major
8:31 pm
concerns. >>fire season in lifornia is no longer season. it's a year-round operation being in a nortrn central or southern part of the state. we are responding to wild land fires year around 365 days. >>i'm meredith wood reporting. fire broke out near santa paula and ventura county on thursday evening, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. but tonight, they're also still some evacuatio in place for the getty fire that's burning in this up over the pas amy johnson reports. >>homeowners were allowed ba into the hardest hit area of the getty fire 4 days after flames tore through the brentwood neighborhood. most at we saw were too upset to go in camera as they saw the charred remnants of what was once a home is really important when someone is coming home and they they may not have seen their home that may not even know whether it's standing or not to have some kind of support david baett is the executive officer of my safe la were part of the repopulation group that is here to helpers come back into the areas where homes may have been damaged or
8:32 pm
destroyed. >>and although the homeowners are allowed to come back to their homes for some there's nothing to return to people might be stoic. >>they might be very emotional and they might have a medical emergency. >>for others, it's about cleaning up the damage left by the fe. some of it not even visible to the eye you have of fire an assemblage damage include ash oftentimes i'm asked can have chemical contamination, including paul up ecb's. >>polychlorinated >>so you can look at a sofa that looks like it's an damage and en if you take a back and a sample from you see that it's covered in ash. >>firefighters are ill a fixture in the neighborhood as they continue to make sure there was no fire left in these charred hillsides that will hopefully feel like home once again. >>in national news preside trump wants doctor stephen hahn to be the next head of the us food and drug
8:33 pm
administration. the president nominated him for the job on friday han would replace current acting commissioner doctor ned sharpless who's tenor and did yesterday department of health and human services says sharpless we'll return to his role as director of the national cancer institute. newly released interview notes from th mueller report say president trump and other top 2016 trump campaign officials repeatedly tried to get their hands on stolen democratic national committee emails from wikileaks cnn and buzzfeed news sued the justice department for access to mueller's witness interview notes that according to the summary by investigators. former deputy campaign chairman rick gates describe how several close adviser to trump trump's family members and trump himself discussed how to obtain stolen dnc documents and pus the effort. the american intelligence
8:34 pm
community has determined the russians stole the dnc documents. gates said he did not know the russians had stolen them, but believe foreign nationals had committed the hou. >>tonight we know the death of the grand daughter of robert f kennedy over the summer was the result of an accidental overdose. 22 year-old search a kennedy hill died from a mix of methadone andethanol toxicity along with other prescriion medications. the talks algae results from the massachusetts chief examine all medical examiner were made public on friday. the report says she had alcohol in a mix of at least 4 i've drugs in her system held died august 1st at the kennedy compound in hyannis port. she was the only child of courtney kennedy hill, the 5th of robert and ethel kennedy's 11 grandchildren. >>hundreds of people marched through downto brooklyn friday night to protest alleged police brutality. protesters chanted n y p d it's got to go. they marched through the streets the
8:35 pm
protest came days after a video shared on social media showed officers fighting with teens at a subway station. video shows police breaking up a fight among teens a metro station and an officer punching a 15 year-old boy. the officer involved in the altercatn has been assigned to non enforcement duty during this investigation. in chicago a teenager is now charged with attempted first-degree murder. the hollowing shooting of a young girl. >>tonight that girl remains in serious condition. eric conn has the story. >>this image of the girl clinging to life her minnie mouse costume blood as little village residents heartbroken. >>we're also here to show our outrage. this type of violence in little village. >>neighbors could only watch helplessly through a window after the 7 year-old girl was hit by stray bullets in the chest and neck. her father taking her to a cell phone store for help the gunfire, interrupting a halloween
8:36 pm
ritual trick or treating and businesses on 26th street the tradition turning tragic. >>they breaks my heart because it's a they wait for this they like so bad to get candy this woman heard the gunfire and saw kids in costume running. they use the want to appear on union and the other one light rain and i say come and like run run i know this is bad fire on these police say the shooter or friday, the 13th jason mass andas aiming at rival gang members, one of them shot in the hand. >>they have a second victim. >>this is a crime that touches all of us. there's no place for the savagery in our city. >>tpd says a juvenile in custody is now considered a primary suspect e shooting yesterday was reprehensible. those involved don't deserve to be in r city. >>still ahead tonight, a colorado man and is charged with the killing of his fiance who disappeared last year. but prosecutors say patrick freeze he did to kelsey berreth moments before her death. and
8:37 pm
i'm tracking slightly warmer temperatures for your overnight lows in the bay area and that. >>trend is going to continue for the 2nd half of your weekend. details on your microclimate sunday forecast coming up. >>and one school is going above and beyond for its students.
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
>>in minnesota school is going the extra mile to make sure that all thattudents have a
8:40 pm
comfortable learning. thanks to a recent grant the hool now has its own washer and dryer. >>for students to use. madeline watkins h the story. >>it does make a difference to our kids. some of the kids have to walk to school in the rain because they don't have access to transportation. so they come to school we give them a change of clothes to throw their clothes in the wash principal jim key for at attorney on see is talking about the brand new washer and dryer their school just received through a grant. >>you know to some of the students were showing up to school simply because they didn't have clean clothes. that's when they applied for the isd 7, 6, one foundation grant. >>i've notice, the attendance for some students has and they just carry themselves differently, but we don't draw attention to it and this laundry soap isn't just your typical detergent. science teachers here is actually making it. t students are helping her. we really try her too former relationships with the students so that we can. >>understand what their needs
8:41 pm
are. and once the trust us enough to share those needs we help identify what those barriers are to preventing them from being in school and from running. >>dina lob a special education teacher says receiving this washer and dryer is more than just having clean clothes for the students. >>our goal is to help them when they leave here that they can the officiant they have the social skills, the life skills to live on their own. >>that motto as a principal has it's on the wall there this child right now. it's really a matter of what does the stunt in front of me made. >>next for the golden state warriors in action tonight but didn't you know anyone who is actually starting they will discuss why. none of the people that you know.
8:42 pm
>>the sentence pachter freeze
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>kron 4 news in a colorado's highest profile murder trial in years is under way in teller county about a 100 miles south of denver. >>patrick frazee's charged with killing kelsey berreth his fiance and the mother of their child. ennifer kovaleski is following the trial for us.
8:45 pm
>>the sleepy mountain town of cripple creek. all eyes are once again on the tiny teller county courthouse built in 19 oh 4. now at the center of a high-profile murder trial. patrick frazee's charged with killing kelsey berreth his fiance in mother of their child. the woodland park bomb was last seen on the safeway surveillance video on thanksgiving day. prosecutors say for easy blindfolded kelsey to snow candles and guess the scent and then beat her to death with a baseball bat and burned her body prosecutors told the jury this is a case of a cold calculated manipulator showing a photo of freezing called him the face of a killer. we learned the trial hinges on cell phone records trace, amounts of from idaho nurse krystal lee kenney without a body. crystal is the state's star witness. she told investigators she tried to kill kelsey 3 times that patrick's request but couldn't go through with it she says that's one phrase he to matters into his own hands as she drove down try to help to clean blooding mass and kills his apartment the defense is doing everything it can to discredit crystal and
8:46 pm
cree reasonable doubt since much of the evidence is circumstantial freezes attorneys compared the case to buying a house telling the courtroom. it looks good from the outside. it looks like it's all there when you really start hearing all the evidence there are deep foundational issues they sayhris to lie to investigators multiple times and on told her alleges she hired an eternity and made a deal with prosecutors. been found the faces life in t prison without parole if he is convicted of first-degree murder. >>well tonight, the washington post is reporting that smugglers in mexico have breached new sections of the border wall. the post reports city. sites us agents and officials with knowledge of the damage. they say smugglers are using electric saw cause to cut through steel and concrete portions of the wall. the openings are wide enough for people and drugs to be smuggled through. smugglers are also using makeshift latter's the climb up and over
8:47 pm
barriers in san diego and the san diego area. an official says the new fencing has significantly increased security and deterrence along the san diego and el centro sections let's take a >>now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast here is the bay bridge along the barcadero in san francisco saturday night feeling good and ch warmer feeling sunday certainly is all those. >>cars are coming from the goen state warriors game of greece's breaking on the >>yeah, they said today's warmer temperatures are overnight lows tonight will also be warmer that trend is going to continue forhe 2nd half of the weekend. here's a live look outside a golden gate bridge. no marine layer inside and tomorrow for those of you taking part in the golden gate half marathon and 5 k run, you are going to wake up to temperatures and start out e race in the low 50's but eventually warming up into the upper 60's fortunately, calm wind speeds anyone's be that we do see a long golden gate bridge will be around 10 mis per hour or less, plenty of sunshine out there, but
8:48 pm
above average temperatures so make sure to stay hydrated for those of you taking part in that run. temperatures out there right now dry downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. but along the coast already cooling down into the 40's specifically for novato and half moon bay, right now one of the 2 lowest locations and also napa pretty chilly outside right now 47 degrees but everyone else in the 50's and 60's and overnight lows tonight. fortunately a little bi warmer, especially for those in the north bay santa rosa you are going to still be relatively chilly but above freezing 5 degrees warmer than you were last night for your overnight low so warming up into the upper 30's. but fortunately, no frost advisories or freeze warnings for the interior valleys of the north bay. most of us will notice widespread mid to upper 40's and even some low 50's along the coast in tomorrow's daytime highs. let's take a quick check on your microclimate sunday forecast downtown san francisco, 69 degrees. so a few degrees above average half moon bay 67
8:49 pm
degrees, very shallow marine layer, but overall plenty of sunshine millbrae and burlingame warming up a degree or 2 from yesterday up to 76 degrees and that trend will continue for everyone in the bay area for the most part, n mateo 73 degrees mountain view 77 degrees. and in the south bay widespread mid to upper 70's, campbell and san jose, warming up to 77 degrees in the east bay livermore flirting with a tease but 79 degrees haywa in the mid 70's. low 70's for those of you in berkeley and oakland booked richmond, 73 degrees for your sunday afternoon unfortunately, wind speeds we'll be pretty light to calm 15 miles per hour or less napa 77 degrees. and santa rosa near 10 degrees above average warming up to 81 degrees and let's take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. sunday will be the warmest day of the next 7 days until we gradually cool down for most of this upcoming workweek but still goin remainbove average with plenty of sunshine and no rain in sight.
8:50 pm
>>golden state warriors in action tonight, hosting the charlotte hornets. draymond green torn ligament in his left index finger, he's out d'angelo russell sprained ankle he's out a whole new starting lineup tonight that features there chris kyle, jordan full willie cauley-stein and more 4th quarter. pointedly 77 jamie lee to glenn robinson, the 3rd he's got it all tied deal on the war's ving it next charlotte posssion. marvin williams he gets it hill drop-in for try of his own horns go out in front. williams with 11 off the bench, next words possession. is it in the 3 all i did a 3 seconds later pj washington. hornets gone from 25 seconds left look at this play right here warriors possession damien lee in doubt in the ball goes out of downs the
8:51 pm
ruling on the court does that leave touched at last. cost turnover for the warriors and that would seal the deal for the hornets warriors fall to the hornets. 9387 that is your final. they have now lost 3 in a row hosting the portland trail blazers. >>come monday. we are les than 24 hours away from the oakland raiders oakland raiders football. in the bay area silver and black finally returning home after the grueling 7 week road trip we'll be hosting matthew stafford and the detroit lions on sunday, the 3, 4, raiders will look to snap a two-game losing streak after losing that hard breaker to the houston texans last week again they show that. the raiders will have to contain a dangerous quarterback and matthew stafford he threw for 342 yard 3 touchdowns and the lions victory over the new york giants last week. head coach jon gruden facing star
8:52 pm
our quarterback. >>it's playing good man and the plan really well. >>the other credit darrell bevell the new offensive coordinator, they're doing a lot of things are. multiple know back formations a sprinkle the no-huddle in there they have some rely good plan action passes stafford can scramble. he is really a talented player man. >>finally to the college ranks we go stanford and cal both with buys but a local kid was looking good on national television today, 14 th-ranked michigan taking on maryland. michigan's wide receiver, giles jackson is an antioch native who attended freedom high school and oakley and what a performance he put on today, check this out on the opening kicff. jackson yeah, he's going to get it. view to
8:53 pm
97 yard touchdown kickoff return for jackson. what an unbelievable play for the antioch native. this match wasn't even close. michigan defeats, maryland, 38 to 7 that is your final that is jackn's second touchdown of the year cool moment, they're also usc just lost to oregon, 5624. we'll have those highlighttonight at 10 that is spo me try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box. annoepidemic fueled by juul use withheir kid-friendlyn flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wroterop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more
8:54 pm
kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote non juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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>>massachusetts man may be one of the luckiest people in the whole world. rolf rhodes won a million dollars in the state's $4 million in student jackpot game, but this was not the first time that he's won. he also won a million dollars last year at that time he chose the one-time payouts so we took home $650,000 but this time he decided to get that full million in 20 year lee installment, so whatever he's having all have. >>is that the lucky suit visit the lucky bread is a below what is i don't. >>i'm working on. >>for somebody in his new sty. that's guys so we know what he's doing right. congrats to him that's great stuff is set for a very long time. >>has ouweather looking we have a big marathon tomorrow big marathon tomorrow and we've got the best of bo worlds an extra of sleep and was temperatures so let's take a look at our forecast wake-up
8:57 pm
planner is going to show a warmer start by mid morning, wakg up into the low to mid 50's and then warming up gradually we will see the return of that cool sea breeze us our coastal areas, we'll cool dn a little bit but our interior valleys and along the bay we're going to warm up into the 70's and even low 80's for those of you in concord and santa rosa downtown san francisco, 69 degrees and don't forget we fall back during the overght hours so again an extra hour of sleep. and tomorrow will be the warmest day of the next 7 so enjoy your sunday nday to get le 2 extra hours of sleep i right when they into a new law. "8-and-0, san francisco 49ers"
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
"i think we've got room for improvement, but i'm pretty happy with where we're at"the 49ers are at 8-and-oh.still undefeated, and still alone at the top in n-f-c...after a thursday thriller from jimmy garoppolo."i thought jimmy played a hell of a game, and, it was his best game yet probably."thanks to a seamless start from the san francisco offense, the 49ers have five big wins away from home."i think it's all about just going out an making playnow the red and gold have a long toughest tests of the season. "i can't wait to play seattle on monday night football."we're taking all things 49er


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