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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 4, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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taking a bit slower as you're driving acrosthe bridge again we haven't seen fog like this and multiple weeks so we are stting off the day back to normal fothe bay area of course we often see fog at the lden gate and how we're back to that we are cold enough for any freeze warnings or freeze advisories in the north bay we saw freeze warnings for much of last week during the morning hours andhen freeze advisories through the weekend at times buttemperatures warm enough this morning, not dropping below freezing that we don't have those in effect we're in the 40's and 50's fo the vast majority of the bay area with 44 berkeley at 54 santa rosa you are our loan spot inhe 30's right now at least at 36 wouldn't be surised to see joined by pa saint helene a or san anselmo here in theext hour or 2. as we make our way eventually intothe afternoon we're going to say goodbye to any sort ofog that you are seeing right at the coastline. and hello to plenty more sunshine we're keeping wit those clear skiesry conditions and comfortable
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temperatures. daytime highs, mostly in the0's, although we will see a few 80's for some of our inlapots, i'll talk more about that still had your foreca rob sounds good. thank you sir, let's check in traffic now we are hot spot free. no alerts are major problems to worry about. >>but every time that we check to pay bridge. there's some heavy traffic, especily in your cash lanes looks like they've openeup an additional lane now so we have 3 lanes on the left 3 lanes on the right but there's still a backup not if you're fast tracking or car pooling those lanes look faastic. the drive here 92, it's busy as expected. it is a little crowded on the flat section of the san teo bridge. but you're good up and over the high risinto foster city. no problems connecting to want to water to 80 so we're off to a fantastic start, ich means you should get out there now right beat the rush if you can back to the goln gate we've been talki about the fall and john tony about that coming across the span, here's just be extra cautious. you know how it is driving in fog, you know it's hard to seethat means reduced visibility, so just be careful with the wiperson to 18 minutes novato
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to the toll plaza, here's trfic tracker some more freeways and numbers check out 80 the east shore. it's only 14 minutes hding west that's from crockett down to oakld west 24 looks pretty good from want to create oakland, no prlems there, you're good on 5.80 is well 13 minutes from to 38 tdowntown. trouble free heading north 10 minutes from to 38 downtown freeways and drive times for you coming in just a bit. well in san francisco family vigil for a man and rayer woman who what missing 11 days ago, so they flew a small plane to mendocino county that was on october 24th, and thehave not been seen or heard from since then kron four's the well below has more. >>prayer doze of friends and family gathered sunday night at 3rd baptist church in san francisco, expressing their hope that juin winfrey and
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killed 100 as would be found. >>these an angel on earth he's he's a touch person and he doewhat everywhere. >>s's very funny and what i know about her because like to take adures. up with a broken heart like i just he was such a nice guy. verkind considerate of others wintry had a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. >>seral months ago that dream came true to everybody i know. >>that landslide with him said he was a tax on pot was my experience as well. >>lotime friend angelo king says jusn was the type to find adventure anywhere like so many of us have had adventures with just and you know that's why we know dead, you kn we have faith that you know we're going to see him. justin and kayla had flown up mendocino county on october 24th in his red and white piper arrow small plane. they were last seen around 09:00pm in shelter cove.
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according to mendocino county sheriff's office radar last rockport and wheeler but after more than a week of searching nothing has beefound and. >>out their res lee. still here for rescue. we're concerned. as far as to get and san francisco. ot bew kron 4. >>lice in fremont a warning drivers about a seri of smash and grabs in e day so they tweeted that 5 car burglaries were reported early saturday morning in the nile's district police believe that the same suspect or suspects kely targeted several other victims in union city as well. so they're reminding peoe to remove all of your valuables from the vehicle just to lea anythi in sight even if you think it's not valuable. >>leave nothing inside. well
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thieves broke into a store in vacaville and they stole money from antm. it was all caught on surveillance video marissa perlman has more. >>thdo something like that that's just that that's really great. >>surveillance video from vaca food and liquor shows the 2 suspects g the force of a stolen van and share body strength to break into the store d break open the atm and steal the cash inside. the stolen white van first pulls up one of the masked suspts jumps out and starts breang the glass kicking the window and door in off screen. he wraps he chains around the atand gives the driver the go aheadnot once but twice e van backs up and eventually pulls the atm outside the store. glass and metal fly evywhere. it was enough force to break the machine and for these thieves to make o with a container of money to really take an atm on me that's that's crazy. it
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took just about 2 minutes to all this damage but looking at what's left behind long time customers knew exact what happened. >>ta a break the glass a chain around the 8 him pull it out peop are really friendly to a business. >>this is our community. >>well that was marissa perlman reporting poice don't was taken. but they say that the van and the thieves that they were the van that that these were driving was stolen from davis. well happening now poli are searching for 2 murder suspects who escaped from the monterey county jail take a look at their photos. 19 year-old santos annual from sega and 90 year-old jonathan salazar they exceed from from jail suay morning. they're charged with murder in 2 unrelated cases and they were in custody since last year. authorities say that they should be nsidered dangerous. well to the east right now police arrested this roman montalbo for lighting 8
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small fires they all happened within garan regiol park that was in hayward on saturday. a witness nearby identified the man in the vicinity of the fires. fighting the fires was able to loca him. no buildings were damaged or threatened during all small fires. well to the north bay now driver was arrested for driving underhe grass firethis happened on all montgomery drive in santa rosa saturday night check out that and flipped his vehicle and hit a pga new poll which then sparked a small grass fire. pg need to energize the lines before got worse. has begun for some of the hardest hit areas of the kincade fire. so to ro you may remember that so to walk rob winery and went upn flames nearly a week ago. 's a mn building just reduced to rubble. and that's all that was left standing now is that that front facade. firefighters were able to save the bar that sits right there
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on thproperty. tasting event over thweekend. after a week filled withoss and workers said that as just. one week later they're ready up and running. >>put it out on the instagram and i said i'll be there shortly. so chan her plans and. >>happy to sayhat these guys are jumping right back it they're going return talk about resilnt. i think it's really and really grateful they felt strong enough to >>that's been a it's bee tough week. you know sitting there reaty of losing so to memories in the us and every part of that that winery for me. >>though good deal of the inventory wasactually lost most of the soul rock wine is stored off-site. well a group of sidents are thankful to be back in their homes after being evacuated because of the kincade fire kron four's christina reports from sonoma
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county with their big. thank u for first responders. >>firefighterhave been on the lines for well over a week and the sonoma county resident hae something to say. this is what they'll hear. >>a group of grateful residents outsi for hours each morning, reading their posters high cheering on thousands of first responders. as they dri to and from theircommand center men and women a lot harder and it's. through this because of that. and the amazing organization that they had these are folks who have beetovacuations. many times often not knowing if they have a home anymore and becausof them we're still standing here.
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>>sonoma county district attorney's reminding businesses that it is illegal to raise prices to tak financial advantage. people like fire victims during state emergencies. jill ravitch says that her office will continue to investigate and prosecute people who california law prohibits charging a price thaexceeds 10% of the price of an item a state or local emergency. now this law appli to those who sell food emergency supplies medical supplies, buildin mateals and also gasoline. it also applies tomergency cleanup services. hotel accommodations d also renting housing. comg up after the break. before we go a little peek outside it is
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foggfor some of you it is cold. >>all for some of y, waking up to temperatures in the 30's 40's so grab that jacket before you head out, wel let you know how warm it's going to get as we head into the ternoon after e break
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning newchecking in on the forecast now coming out of a pretty decent weekend. i thought the weather was pretty nice and hopefully we can continue some of that this week i think yoll be hard pressed to find anyone to complain about this week it
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s certainly nice role as people in line for chicken sandwiches l yeah, they're back. was not me. the right y better than waiting in the rain yes, better thn waiting in the rain hopefully we'll juskeep this weather going throh black friday ahead of usas we make our way rough your monday continue to expect nice weather we're going to see a lot more of it today forecast ahead. ine in the >>your view about berkeley is showing off some sunshine if you look out towards th coast. you can really see it from berkeley. but there's a thin line of clouds and fog that streaming onto the golden gate just hanging out at the coast this morning. so do take a slower if you're right next to the pacific otherwise you're sitting under car skies and you should have a clear coute to work as far as weather goes at least 40's and 50's for your current temperatures across theay area with oakland at 44 berkeley at 53 santa rosa is our exception this morning in the 30's but still remaining
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above freezing so no feze watches are freeze warnings in effect this morning as we me our way through the day do expect a continuaon of the ca weather we enjoyed over the weekend we're going to see re of that into wednesday, really no on major wind events in the forecast for usand no sig of rain either with high pressure built up across the state we're going to be looking at dry conditions through the course of the weekend eventually into the weekend too. that means sunshine comfortable weather, 60's 70's for us highs closer tothe coast today while the further land you get expect daytime highs to be closer to the 80 degree mark with highs in the upper 80's for areas like woodside mountain view and then across the soh bay with campbell in san jose each at 79 today, the spate temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70's depending on where you're at our inland valleys, upper 70's while right along the bay, some mid 's like in oakland at 74, north bay temperatus will be our warme with some 80's in santa rosa when we're in the
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's broadly talk in the low 80's at 80 or 81 degrees come omorrow, not a whole lot of difference daytime highs remain very similar to today skies remain nice and clear we will be a tad coer come the restf the week after tomorrow thoughwith most highs only in the mid 70's in a few clouds o know, but still remaining dry and nice and calm all the way thrugh the weekend. rob that's good news. thank you john all righ, let's check in on. >>on traffic now let's see them checking out the bay bridge toll plaza. thers a bit of a backup here in the cash nes on the leftn the right hand side and i just got word of a new accident coming off the bridge. westboun80 a little bit closer to the harris an off-ramp it's a injury crash. they're trying to move it off to the shoulder of the ramp, t it may be blocking at least one le. so there's just minor wait the little tap on the brakes. there. comi off at fremont street in the hava minor way here in the cash lanes of the tolls but overall it's still a nice commute into san francisco, nothing major going on thisis 92, this is your trip across the 70 oh bridge and every time we check it. it
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just gets busier and busier mainly on the flat section. so yeah there's a crowd. but folks are doing just fine here up and over the high rise into foster cy. no problems connecting to one oh one or 2.80 what abo the richmond sandra well you may besking it stiljust fine no problems here leading up to the toll plaza 6 minutes quick right on me and to the north bay and thtraffic tracker showing you more good numbers weave 5.80 livermore to dublin that you're westbound right, it's looking good. it's only 10 minutes, 6.80 south duin to fremont it's wide open north around 6 80 at washington in frent there's an overturn accident wrapping up that's on the shoulr for now your commute directions southbound which looks od. the meme it's looking good in sodus to 37. it's a quick 6 minuttrip heading west from 8.80 out a one on one. finally turn the lights ba on for a community and vada county jessica mensch has more on how the sinesses are all working together try and bnce back after the power
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shut-offs. the ring of the register is music to chris keyser x-e. >>we're glad to see the ones coming backndt's it's been a slow build back up to. >>is da city grocery store and restaurant, california organics is back open. after beatin a power shutffs force them to close several times over the st month we've lost more money than we can afford to lose. he' estimating around $130,000 between spoils goods in st business, 's devastating and just like whole ed down right now zone. county estimates businesses in the area altogether or sing roughly $400,000 each day at the inspiring about a city grass valley in the county of nevada to read a joint letter to the california public utilities commission basicay asking them to step up. figure this out doa better job councian dwaine strasir explains they want the cpu see the whole pg me acuntae duri the shot offe, the tter outlines for regulatory
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requirements, starting wit ensuring cell phones and landlines are up and running during many of us with t mobile for example, we have 6 hours of covera and tn once the batteries died on their back up. we were down for multipldays. we need that next asking the commission to require pg need to offer subsidized generators and oxygen for people with dical meet thirdly calling on utility for better communication. and finally requiring the saety shut off the target more preciselyo prevent outages across such mass various d make sure that the gie puts the citizens, the citizens are eir customers. customers come first you ha to put them first bere they do their stockholders and shareholders when it comes profits as for kaiser he sees as requiremts. it's aood first stebut would like to e reimbursement for the thousands of dollars lost after all if something doesn't change soon. e don't know if his biness will survive. right now just trying to figure out how we're going to make it throughhe day. >>that was jessica meant reporting for us this morning. well while we haven't seen any
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stopping big ski resorts from getting rea for their busy season. that's coming up. now during fiji's wer shut off the entire higher sugar bo resort left in t dark meaning they couldn't en operate their machines that make the sw. they ssed out on millions of gallons of snow making that time. bunow they're making up for the last time. >>our team is gog to be out here working around the clock mang snow at every opportunity and then the rest of the team is doing all the maintenance and repairshat needto be done to get ready for the season. >>we shall see sugar bowl they say that they're going to open u that sunday that they're marked on their calendar. but they say that of motherature lends a helping hanthey could open even national news now there will be 4. no shows at the house's impeachment inquiry today, national security council michael john eisenberg and l s assistant to the president robert flair and brian mccormi with officer of management and budget will
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not testify. now according to executive privilege is ial preventing eisenberg fm showing up. others are skipping the inquiryecause they c't have a white house lawyer there comes as house investigators get ready to start the next phase of impeachment inquiry against president trump. all 6 week road trip the raiders were finally back at home at the coliseum for their home game against the detroit lions now in the 1st quarter raers running back josh cobs he rushes for a touchdown to score the first points. >>oh yeah, hs proud. it's downto tie the game. raiders quarterback derek carr, he also gotto work to get it touchdown passes in the 2nd the lead. to get them back in
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you got to play in front of our fans. it was loud. especially tards the end zones as always which i miss i love i laugh about l the time. if i think i'm out of them all the time and just trying to hear coach great call a play. i love i love his place is special. thank the fans for coming up. >>thank th mayor and everybody flatness play a home game again is great to get in here. our fans are awesome today, we needed them all. >>and so the best writer raiders after short week, the hostthe los angeles chargers at the coliseum on thursday night as for th49rs they are now the only undefeated team in the nfl after the patriots lost the game the raid. right we're going to take a littlpeek outside maybe you're catching flight maybe you're picking someone up, here's a live look at s. >>as theittle bit of fog and mayor writer nder the towers say it's taking over some sps like the golden gate, so yeah, a little fog a little
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chilly outside your door, but no reports any major delays at the airport. we'll check whether wl check traffic before you head out the door back. ith us we'll be right
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back for 55 on this monday morning getting back to rk today with primarily clear condions. but there is a touch of fog out there right along the astline. >>ayou can see looking down at to san francisco from the
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north bay. besides this lile area fog right and around point raise in on the t of san francisco right now we're actually pretty car and right we're going to stay y through the course of your t monday ahead, so expect plenty of sunshine that chilly morning but a nice warm afternoon, one spot in the 30's right now that santa rosa elsewhere, it's 40's and 50's to kick off the new week, robin. >>and now we want to check in on traffic. weore taking a peek at the san mateo bridge. pretty busy right now. we is don't have any big trouble spot. coming from the east bay headingover to the peninsula, but it's definitely crowded. section you'll notice that it going to improve at the high rise. we're checking in on a fall and the golden gate bridge. we can even see the top this morning. didn't fog. so you want to be careful since you're driving on a reduced visibility here across the sn. but no problems so far northbound are looking good southbound it's at the limit its only 18 minutes novo to the toll plaza we're checkingraffic tracker we're
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looking at more drive times and were on time for 6.80 south. rowling from pacheco out tdanville the dow martin bridge trouble free and you're loong good on 5.81 on one. it was back in the bay area. it w his birthday, yeah, he turned 32 and guess what he did spent his birthday in oakland, giving back to the community how cool is that. so he hired full to track to help feed the people in need and distribut it bactax and other supplies to loca homeless folks. now most of kaepernick's charity work is done through his foundation know your rights camp. he has not played for the nfl sin the 2016 season of course after kneing during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and of course racism he has come activists since then that's always nice to see him out there in the community still working. >>good job. on the kron 4 ws, a bart worker is being praised for fell on the tracks and open he jumped right in. wel have that story coming
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up next. plus police are arching for the killers in a deadly hloween house party shooting enter into i. ♪
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