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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 4, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>daria full i'm james fletcher hopefully it is a happy monday for its a little cool start and the roads possible most lobe d garam but it's not bad, it's going to commute so far we'll check the bridges. >>we're like sort of already won. >>this afternoon it's going to be hard to find anything you don't like it was goinso that's so nice. yeah and i mean that we should all be in a i know right and even if it is chilly and a lile bit foggy you got this to wake up this morning, how nice is this year the golden gatbridge looking really pretty out there. >>just a touch of fog out ang the coast watch your commute across the bridge. but as you see even just north of the bridge up into the marin
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headlands we're pretty fog free this morning, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures for most of the b at is the north bay you are off to a pretty cool start with some 30's in napa santa rosa say alina and san anselmo less 30's that earlier though fairfield you've worked your way back into the 40's now now at 40 degrees itself into the afternoon ahead some 70s for your daytime highs looking really nice. a plsant one just like we saw this weekend i'm talking about theest of the week in your forecast ahead. >>roberall right, thank you john back to the bay bridge packed and it started backing up hours ago. it's only getting heavier said own way just get on out therearly before something pops up we have one accident this morning. that's ng gone we've had nothing since then it's backed up through the maze so all of ur connectors sold out so be prepared for that it's 12 mites and growing to make it in we're taking a peek at 92, this is another a busy bridge in this slowdown started early too for to 29 minutes to make it to the peninsula. the richmond center fell not so bad, but now it's getting heavy and
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crowded from harbor through e toll plaza 12 minutes off to one o one james thank you very much rob and time now is 7 o on theth big story this morning comes out of the east bay where. >>unfortunately after port that a 5th person now has been confirmed killed that news came out over the weekd all related to that halloween party in the shoting that broke out in >>the people or somebody rented an aibnb throw a big party and the search is still on for the killer this morning. kron four's will tran is live in orinda with the latest well. >>mes darya they have recovered at least 2 guns inside thhouse and they doing analysis to see those guns are somehow related to the shooting. meanwhile look at this there are 2 memorials in orinda we showed u one earlier this morning in front of the house, here's one in renda and you canee just how massive it is flam are still going there's plenty of flowers d just reading the notes is just hea tbreaking. you can e will zoom in some
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of the pictures ght there that young man omar taylor. he let's show jay at the party you video of wh went down on halloween night shortly befo 11 olock. do know thaoffiere ofs of the house bause of a did not get the beforthe sho ra in the ernight hrsand the fear wamore people would cae erwereany over e weekend still in the hoital e rson dbecaof the ely iuriemplyould not orcomthose injurs, wedo kw thmet erson at thi particular me. walso don't know poce ofcers either are not saying or ty don't know the moti behinthis wetr or nothis s a random shooting or in facthe victimwere famiy and iends. to ty say th were definitelyandomly ot bause thesere od peoe th nothing no grudges against a new one.
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>>died before you went toa party to dj he was doing a kid'fundraiser pumpkin patch. he put together. that's person who was whoever that person was that came in this. omar wasn't the person they were going for and i'm sure everybody who died weren't even the people that he was the shoe was going for whatever reasohe had to do whatever he did. every life lost that nig was in someone. cture atthe moment. t when he was a d was working at tesla we understandhat he wanted to one day a full-time dj his younger brother actually at a football game that night and he played that night in honor of his brother with tears in his eyes as far as a description. the shooter or shooters the police ofcers they simply don't know we do know that on friday morning. they were searching for a man who dinot have the mask on that was wearing genes and in orange city, but so far it appears that they have not had anybody even into the police
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station to interview athis particular time so the search continues and even the lice officers, the police chief in a renda he says this is a very complex case. 7 oh 4 right now there's a man. >>under way for somebody tried to run over a fairfieldolice officer and we've got prom forcefully to call now with more from the scene of the crime. >>a street in irfield playing in the st by gun violence evident by the home's riddled with bullet holes from past shootings.once again playing host to crime scene theater one ever know watching tv next thing any kerrigan front door to a fairfield police ofcer parked on his driveway and more cops utting dolly a streethat's a pre feel is thad that crime has increased what he thought may have been the sound of a firecracker turned out to be a detective opening fire ne his home. >>it was a reacti poce say
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e 47 yr-old robert hanssen of fairfield. attempting to hit the detective with his car before speeding off. police were looking for hansen in connection with a narcotic investigatio what if the bullet went through your nor guy and thethe convicted felon with an extensive crinal history. investitors say hanssen has lepolice on pursuits before he's also got drugs and apons charges in his past as well as being accused of holding a person hostage people are >>what was it like it's azy. everybody got a short fuse now police eventually tracked down hanson's 1994 gold jaguar. >>the one used as a deadly weapon, but he was not inside. it's unclear if he was injured dung the shoing, no officers or neighbors were hurt. it's all about that. the detective whopened fire has been placed on administrative
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leave pending the outcome of the investigation standard protol for all deparent officer involved shootings in fairfield fleet all kron 4 news. well the south bay high school staff members under well somehow in some hot water now accused of wearing black face at school on halloween black face as been widely chastises offensive and raci in its portrayal of african americans and other pele of color. >>school leaders at milpitas high. that was a teacher o did. claims to show a teacher imitating a hip-hop artist the staff members currently on administrative leave take a listen. >>there's a point of that in 2019 thathis isn't common knowledge, i'm a person of color myself and i'm really mmitted to building a safe inclusive and welcoming environment in milpit for people om all backgrounds and at best thidisplays the ignorance about the context of
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blackface the histocal connotations and how offensive and hurtful it can be. >>district officials haven't released the intity of that school staff member that this is being handled they say as a confdential personnel matter. >>the same children lost to their fathera police officer 10 years ago and now they've lost their mother tooangela and in aiken died ia crash on october 27th. an intersection in yubaity her husband sergeant meagher dakin died in 2009. hwas one of 4 officers killed by a rape suspect w the couple leaves and their 3 children. we have a link to a fund-raiser. on our web site at qom f dot com if you'd like to help the kids. san francisco mily and friends held a prayer vigil for a couple who got. >>a flight got on a plane 11 days ago and hasn't been seen since. justin winfrey and kayla rodrigu flew a all
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plane uto mendocino county on october 24th, and they have not then heard from they just disappeared. winfrey was th pilot now friends and family are hoping they'll found. know about her because like to take adventures. she travels a lot and i ke up with a broken hearke i just he s such a nice g. >>kind considerate of others everybody,i know that landslide with. was my experience as well. once as far as wee concerned. we just got to get to >>winfrey and audience were last seen around shelter cove and according to the mendocino county sheriff's office radar last signal, the plane between iraq port anwheeler. >>well new this morning pg e says they may be responsible for a fire that burnedfor homes lastunday, the company says that a worker repoed that wires were down close to where that fire started the
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miitas fire department has also notified peach any that it's looking io a downed wi being the source of that fire. no one was injured thankfully. but this is the 6th fire from last week that pg eays it could be responsible for starting. an update on the can kateired by the wayurning in sonoma county it is now 78% contaed so firefighters are nearly there. it's burned abt 77 maker so far and destroyed. unfortunatel174 homes and damaged about 35 others properties, full containment is still on track forhis coming thursday that's november 7th, let's hope to get there. all evacuation orders have been lifted however, the is still a few areas under evacuation warnings. namely the areas there in blue on the sohern edge of the fire zone. but hopefulltheyl get that resolved quickly beginning at 10 o'clock this morning by the way the healdsburg community center is going to be open to help fire victims. they say people could come by if they're going to their properties to start cleaning up and shoveling up all the ash everything else you may need some protective wear a gear so they're gng to offer masks suits anything you d might
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need. it's also going to serve as the check point for people looking to come home. you need to prove that you are actually have a verified address in that area before the let you in the >>reminding businesses it's illegal to raise prices to take financial advantage of people who are the victim of state emergencies like e ldfires. jill ravitch says that she and her officer ing to continue to investigate and prosecute anybody w price gouge is californ law prohibits charging a price that is greater than 10% of the pricof an item before a state or local emergency. this law applies anybody who's lling or supplies mical supplies building materials gasoline. it applies to emergency cleanup services as well as hotel accommodations and rental housing. and 7.11 and still ahead the tale anher rse dies at the santa anitratrack in southern california over the weekend. what is going on. and
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governor newsome is pushing to get pg t of bankruptcy we'll tell you why. ater, plus apple announcing a major donation to try to ease the state's homelessness crisi >>and we are off to a chill start this monday morning but in for a really nice afternoon i'll tell you what to expect in your forecast, i'm tracking your commute around the bay area we're checkinout the richmond sandra fell this backups bills all the way t to harbo
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>>very ely in november. we are but still at the resort skiing resorts they want to open early as they can and that means a lot of work to geto make snow an to make snow. they were also affected by the ach, a new power shut off like we were but forhem it meant they couldn't run the there so they' playing catch up they're on the run inhose quite a bit because they got a lot of catching up to date is novembeafter all they want people to get up there ski as soon as possible. taka quick isten to what they're doing. >>our te is going to be out here working around the cck making snow at every opportunity and then the rest the team is doing all the maintenance and repairs th needs to be done to get ready for the season. >>shouldthe ball. while they weren't even yelw and orange green uthat is there so if al goes well,aybe little by the 29th of this month, but we'll see if they
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uld use an assist from mother nature but can. >>the real sound geit now. natural snow coming right, it'sgoing to be the fake stuff for all of whichmeans rain around here you'rnot a little bit of fog here and there. but that's all the water we got there be no rain in the forecast either. good news for those of you doing some early holiday shoppi i guess or whatever may you m want to be doing outside, but yeah, definitely no snow pack to be built naturally at least up in the sierra just yet. speing of a little bit of fog. we do have some in the bay this morni you can see it streaming air right through the golden gate on into the bay other than that wve been crystal clear not going to remain nice and clear all through the course of your monday ahead of us has been chilly with 40's and 50'for most of the bay and then some 's for your current temperatures in the north bay right now les30's than before though some are already warmng up. now that you're at 38, currently santa rosa at 36 degrees definely are called the spot. no major wind event
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in the forecast ahead of us we remain, nice andalm just as we were over the weekend and as james rya and i just talked about no chance of rain either or snow for that matter skies just as clear tomorro as they were today, come wednesday thursday and friday you'll notice few more clouds with friday and saturday bei 2 of our cloudier dayspartly to mostly loudy conditions but still nothing in the way of any rain or snow the forecast. so november a ve dry start but a very start 60's and 70's for your highs at the coast today on terror at 65. well not at 71 degrees san bruno you'll be at 68 degrees today looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 70's further south on the peniula as well as for the south and the east bay today suyvale saratoga each 77 wall, san jose and campbell at 7 temperatures righ alongside the bay in the mid 70's whi our inland valleys will it's close to the 80 degree mark not quite getting there for concord and walnut creek though at 79 each north bay temperatures in the low
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80's and seeing more 80's day than we likely will the rest of the week. after today temperares will slowly start to decline taking us back to theid 70's on average by wednesday where will stay into the upcoming weekend. no rain, forecast just pleasant sunny and dry conditions. robin and we love the sunshine. thank you john, let's head over to the bay bridgto check the drive in. >>it is definitely impact out there the drive into sa francisco will be busy for the ca payers the car pooler ers spilling back into the oakland maze, it's often on up e incline through the 11 to 15 minu-es to make it in and off to fremont street which is good. we're checkg in on on a 92 the drive across the 70 oh bridge no big trouble spots right now it's crawling from the tolls on to th flat section. no problems at the high rise just under 30 minutes. i'll take it that's good. we have a little condo right here so 85 is just slow off and on through los gatos in cupertino 37 minutes
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to make it into mountain view and then we're tracking in on e oh one nobody problems along the peninsula to san francisco. a very quick 10 minutesor your drive daria. thanks a lot rob and a 7.18 police in fremont haven't morning there are smash and grabgoing on and a lot of them in e day. and this is all early the morning, 15 cars were hit in the nile's district, there's one home looks like it was hit with a hard object, maybe iraq. it only takes a few seconds for mebody to grab all the stuff in your car. they're thinking maybe the ople that debt hit fremont are the same ones that had a whole bunch of cars in union city, either way they're reminding you don't put valuable stuff in your car. has died at the santa anita racetrack it to 37 forced to die since last december. the horse suffered a leg injury during the final race of the breeders cup on saturday. earlier in the yr because at that time more than 20 horses have died i3 month period.
7:20 am
and they reopened and officials said they had made all these chaes to safety procedures in the hopes that this is going to sto but it keeps happening. nobody knows why. >>all rightor your money this morning targets offeng a military discount for veterans day which is one week from today and mcdonald's suddenly fireits c e o we've got joya doss now live at the nasdaq with these stories and re either joy. >>good morning to you od morning, everyo that's right steve easterbrook is out as mcdonald ceo after a consensual relationship with aemployee. the wall street journal reporting that the company says he violated company pocy in an e-mail sent to mcdonald's employees easterbok expressed regret over the relationship. for the 3rd year in a row target will r a special 10% discount on one on a one-time purchase between now and the 11th to all miliry personnel veterans and their families in stores as well as online alagiah eligible shoppers need to register to verify their eligibility to get verifd and learn more just go to
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target dot com. and google clearly wants to get into the bit on friday for billion. it that's after buying fossil, smart watch back in january. it does have brand recognition in the wearables market h sold more than 100 million devices. millions for the family behind the to the viral song has logged 3.8 bill million views on you too. it has been used by everybody from theorld series winning, washington natural nationals to protest in lebanon.the korean family behind it is now sitting ona rapidly growing multimilliodollar fortune. joined us back to you yeah well was found on youtube it is sitting on a multimillionae fortune that is an amazing story. thank you very much joya. >>kron 00:04am morning news. >>2 murder suspects on the run after escaping from the
7:22 am
monterey a county jail will ell you what we know coming up and less than a week after its iconic building was destroyed in the king cake trying to make rock winery is a comeback. an let's take a live look here if you're heading to work or school this morning over the they bridge you've got to company plenty of company and lots of sunshine. itakes a village to raise a child.
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>>on this monday morning skies clear for the most of the bay area of this moing, less you're right at the golden gate bridge where you can see there is some fog hanging out there long the coast really pleasant weather ahead of us into the afternoon sure it is a chilly start to the morning with some 30's in the north bay and 40's elsewhere that we've got 6070's and 80's later on today, something will enjoy again tomorrow before just a slightly cool rest of the we. you'll see a few clouds ifting on into the bay come wednesdayhursday and frida daytime highs about 2 to 3 degrees cooler. it's really not a lot of change ahead of us for the week. rin. >>check in on the traffic busy commute here leaving e a nevada on south one oh one from highway 37 off and on through marine wood and approaching sandra fell by the time you get to sandra fell. it's a pretty good trip. so no problemsouth of 5.80, the golden gate, it's fun, a key, but traffic is moving well here 30 minutes novato to the tolls and a quick peek at the alwa busy and crowded bay bridge. you know how to it's already backed up through the
7:26 am
oakland maze bustill under 15 minutes to make it in darnya. thanks a lot robinson. the owners of soda rock winery in healburg are trying pick up the pieces when they have almost nothing left take a look and tre's the bar that wasaved so they have that but the rest is gone except for the front of the building the face still stands there it is. >>and that's because the place caught re and the fire spread quickly. they had it at a tasting over the weekend this impromptu of n basically saying that saying cheers feels a lot better. then saying nothing gdbye can't do it u know they're going recover. one week later they're already up and running. >>put it t onhe instagram and i said i'll be there shortly. so chan their plans and. >>happy to see that these guys are jumping right ba it they're ing return talk about resilient i think it's reallyeally proud and really grateful theyelt strong enough to >>it's been a it a tough
7:27 am
week. you know sitting there reality of losing to rock into mlife lotf memories in the us and ery part of that that winery for me. >>so what's left of the properties, heaps of trash and metal and rubble and that for side. so they' going to have to rebuild the good news is most of the soda rock wine is stored off-site so at least a half that which is a big show that will lp them rebuild for sure all right ill ahead on the kron 00:04am morning the presidtial candidates. >>comting against each other ahead of theiowa caucuses, we're going to hear from the front nners and what they had to say othweekend.
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get fast internet and add comcast business securyedge for just $29.95 a month. it's one less thing for us to worry out. comcast business. it's one less thing forbend fast.ry out. >>and it's going to get to be very nice later we'll have some hot spots with a house vote on the road know so it's a chilly in traffic we'll check in on the bridges they are crowded but hot spot fre oka so let's talk about today now on this monday with that really nice thi afternoon definitely on the warm side compared to where we have been summoned. >>som30's this morning though so quite the range of temperatures today. we do see e return of some fog right through the goen gate but most of us are seeing clear skies as of right now unrgoing code continue to see some sunshine into the afternoon ahead of us 40's and are holding on to 30's right rosa and pa san anselmo santa say alina it's not
7:31 am
going stay that way for long though all the sunshine that we're already taking in is temperatures rising on into the afternoon. well up into the low 80's for north bay ar's and 70's for most us, i've got the details and what you can expect in ur area. still ahead, robin back to the bay bridge quick peek at 80 with 2 solid from 5 8580 is backed to 24 if you come infrom the easshore freeway that's backed up out of hercules from highway 4. >>so ve slow leading up to the toll plaza, but this is pretty much business as usual. problems or crashes on the span we've got a couple nothing active right now it's still under 15 minutes. here's a look at some more numbers for checking 6.80 pitch, a cult danville that only 23 minutes, trouble free on he dumb barton bridge and crowde on 5.80 but not that a 14 minute trip 5.80 west leaving livermore from vasco to the dublin terchange story of jame thanks a lot at :31am and as the first test for the decrats vying to win the
7:32 am
party's presidential nomination just mons away is here so the top contenders are focusing on each other's. >>polies and engaging in some heated attacks, we've got our let sounds. >>with ore. >>caucus is 91 dayaway. joe bin is intensifying his showdown with his progressive rivals. >>it takes a lot more than we're not electing a planner. >>a pair of national polls released sunday show bid with a clealead while a 3rd gives the former vice president a slight edge over senator elizabeth warren but within the margin of error. recent polls in the first 2 much ating states also find a closer contestas the 2020 race tightens biden is challenng the democratic party's progressive wing preaching a agmatic approach to governing. >>but they're all lk about how you had joe was always ableo get big things done across the aisle. iran but things ha changed can't do that anymore. well folks we can't do tt anymore we're in
7:33 am
real trouble. >>one frequent target for biden medicare for all the proposal written by bernie sanders and backed by warren biden's campaign calling warren's rect plan to pay for the policy mathematical gymnastics and unrealistic. >>i getting out. >>as she defended her plan. warren leveling h own critique of biden if anyone. >>all wants to defend. keeping those high profits for insurance companies and those high profits for drug mpanies and not making. the top one percent pay a fair share in taxes in not picking corporations pay a fair share in taxes then i think they're running in the wrong presidential primary. >>that comment prompted the former vice psident to push ck some of the bones one very much characterized use in terms of when you think he'd
7:34 am
be >>and if you criticize is something that you ink is outlandish mustbe republicans they the vion i have for this country there's nothing small about. >>also in iowa this weend people who did it who's seen a boost to recent polls and is pragmatic alternative to biden i didn't just come here. >>to end the era of donald trump. i'm here to launch the era that come next. >>that was our let signs reportg the top candidate will square off in another debate in about 2 and a half weeks from now o november 20th. on other nationalnews there will be 4 no shows at thhouse's impachment inquiry today, national security council lawyers john eisenberg and michael ellis president robert blair the and brian mccormick with e office of management and budget will not testify. neither of them well, according to an administration official executive ivilege is preventing eisenberg from
7:35 am
showing up the others are skipping the inquiry because they say they will not be allowed to have ite house counsel with them. this comes as house investigators are reading up to start the next phase of the impeachment inquiry against president trump. >>newsom is takig acti to try to get pg knee out of bankruptcy as soon ossible. pg e's expected to get out of bankruptcy by june 30th. the governor is hoping to broker a deal to spd that up he invited all the parties invoed in the bankruptcy week. dings to sacramento this >>genie as we know it may or may not be able. to figure this out. we are not going to sit around. and the passive. >>the utility has been unde constant iticism for its role in wildfire that have recently broken out and for all of thforced power shutdow governor newsom says the stay and a new strikteam are exploring backup plans in the event that pg e doesn't
7:36 am
make major changes on its own. in the south y, san jose is going to get $500,000 from the state to help recover fr what it lost in thpowe outages mayor sam liccardo says the money's going sure the city can stay open and running whenhe power goes out. >>the dollars are committed by the ste. and in fact through million will be for e, the $75 local comnities. that are investings soon as in microgrids down able asked to provide more local generation nd storage. >>san jose gets a half-million dollars oakland get a half a million doars. counties impacted by the sheriff shout power shutdowns the counties. they're just going to 15 grand. >>well new this morning, apple just anunced a multi billion dollar plan to address the housing crisis across all of
7:37 am
lifornia. the plan includes a billion dollars tfund the construction of affordable housing. another billion will be used for the first time home buyer mortgage assistae fund th they're setting up. apple is also donating million worth of landn san jose to developers to build affordable houng and the rest of the money will go towards efforts to end helessness in gener and address the reasons that lead people to living on the stree. murder suspects on the run w after escaping from a monterey county jail. we want to show you tir pictures there they are one identified as santos and go for second and the others jonathan salazar they were awaiting trial on murder charges in 2 unrelated cases when ey escape. the 2 are in custody or have been in custody sie last year. authorities say they should be considered dangerous if you see em do not approach them. but call the police immediately. becomes a hero when he put. >>someone who fell on the tracks in oakland to safety.
7:38 am
and plenty of sunshine today will help to big temperature warm yet again after what has been a chilly start to the morning. >>na and santa rosa you're still in the 30's, your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning as you he back to work you're going to be sittng in traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza, the slowdown that you see here spilled allhe way back into the maze and thi
7:39 am
7:40 am
>>welco back 7.40 on this
7:41 am
monday moing skies, nice and clear thaalways bodes well for sfo, no delays at any of our airports into it's pretty easy to see why weather is going to be cooperating for any sort of travel site you do have for the week ahead, if you're heading into the sierra it will be warm during the days chile during your evenings, plenty osunshine, no rain snow in sight. james all right,hank you very much john new this mornin bart is thanking one of its workers for saving, someone's life in oakland happened right after the raiders game at the coliseum ke a look at how everybody on the platform, reacted. you're all the applause, yeah, john o'connor is the employee he's the one wearing the yellow and orange safety vest. the person he's hging fell from the platform to the tracks and john didn't even blank he jumped down there save the person as a train was
7:42 am
approaching and as you n see want to go back to the platform. they were hugging and everybody broke out in plause. says that john is a former train operator he now works as a transportation servisor for the agency. first is getting worse. >>the 49 ers won without playing this weekend the raiders n at home. most missed in all because he woke up and said wherem. shouldt they go to prisonr for as long ashe law allows?
7:43 am
chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as disict attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco lice officerassociation. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at sfethics.g.
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>>welcome back everyone 7.44 on this monday morning skies, ni and clear over san jose just as they are across most of the bay this morning. it is chilly to start and do not forget your jackets as you ad out there, 40's for areas like oakland hayward san mateo and the cuently ile in the 30's for napa say halina and santa rosa right nowsanta rosa, down at 36 degrees. ca winds to the week ahead of us no major wind events in sight might see some breezy conditions from time to time. but overall no big concerns as far as those wind events ago and rely no chance of rain or snow either seeing at the oint the week ahead is nice and clear and it's going to be pretty calm and comfortable too skies will be of sun shinng today. that's going help temperatures to rise out of those 30's 40's and 50's where we currently are up into the 60's and 70's for mucof the bay this afternoon looki atpper 60's and pacific as well as san bruno well rlingame at 76 today as well as you in foster city loong at that 76 degree daytime high
7:46 am
south bay temperares upper 70's with near 80 degrehighs in areas like san jose at 79 mid 70's, right alongside the bay while our inland valleys will also be in the upper 70's today, north bay temperatures in the w 80's. her fairfield vacaville sonoma over to santa rosa, just to me a few spots and less 80's in your forecast aftetoday as daytime highs gradually slipped down into the mid 70's on average by wednesday. roin. >>thank you john we're checking in hot bob freeze, so no major alert a major accident a lots of some traffic to talk about let's head over to the ricmond sandra fell checking in on west bound 5.80. this backup officially spills t to marina marina to the toll plaza is your new slowdown so 13 minutes and growing to the noh bay, the bay bridge traffic really chae much and still heavy, it's still backed lanes are looking e carpool good right. only 11 nutes to make it in because it's not so bad across the span. just heavy right hereehind the toll plaza on the oakland side we're taking
7:47 am
a peek at 5 80 andhe nimitz both roughly the same 30 to 33 minutes from to 38 to downown oakland, 2.80 crowded, but not a badommute 30 minutes from san jose to cupertino. ty say win for lows in but what if somebody else loses. >>then can you win absolutely the niners didn't play and they wound up onop they are the on undefeated team in the nfl. w that theatriots have fallen, the patriots run was rolling on sund, the baltimore ravens. there'save yet to take on the vens for the seahawks attackers and the
7:48 am
saints. the patriots also had a very easy start to the seasoand look what happen and so let's just joy ts. the raiders returned from 6 weeks on the road to get a win at lions 31 to 24 d raiders it nations was just eaton it up to running tv's to start and then derek cr's comes up clutch in the 4th quarter. >>throwing 2 touchdown passes 218 i eyes. >>they get to play in front of our fans. it was loud. especially towards the end zones as always which i miss i love i laugh about all the time. if i think i'm out of them all the time and just trying to hear coach gruden call a play. i love i love the fans for coming up. and i. >>thank the mayor and everybody flness play a home game again is great get in here. our fans are awesome day, we needed them all. >>next home game comes fast
7:49 am
fast chargers comeo oakland thursday, i would suggest they tell the pilot. oakland, california after what happened to randy moss. so the whole famers ll path to y probably have the gold jacket is back he was going to see his son'slast high school football game saturday night, virginia and then head to connecticut the next morning to be on espn. he have to the plane csed his eyes when he woke up. was intended to s. you are supposed to come to bristol connecticut right that's where yes bn an. where >>i want to give a shout out to everybody in bristol but son's last football game of his senior year toilot tells me we have about our father our 10 mite flight kawhi lay back put my hand over play the day out once we land i'm lookinfor the sheraton hotel to connect said that bradly.
7:50 am
rest though bristol tennessee. the be at rk i'm st glad. >>can you believe that so he was we map to james. >>how the pilot could mistake and he td them going to be an hour 5 minutes which is where he was to istol connecticut. how you gon a 3 hour flight, the pilots unaware. unr no, i guess me he would have to wear of many joke abt the charges making sure they're in the right oakland via you know you never know because there is by the way and oakland tennessee. in fact there are . but only one that we know and love as oak 10 you know ever since the warriors announced they were leaving oakland. it seems they're rsed. like this jennifer nielsen novel i i
7:51 am
mean really bad stuff in real life that we need to go over it. first kd got hurt then. clay got hurt and katie left often a youn everybody else and then steph got her and now drame on green isoing to miss several games after getting hurt in the warriors loss to the sps friday night. he said he couldn't grip the bl, entire game turns out his left. at's the same finger that steph hurt. it's the reverse image here in the shop at its the left and index finger connect. he left is going to be help for a whopping 3 months and thenlay, don't hold your breath. ♪
7:52 am
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find your perfect carpet style at the right price. in a range of durable stainmter® optio at lowe's. i wonder what age that is. age you just stop caring. thench it hold up to whatever comes it's way. simply ageless with hyaluronicomplex. plumps and hydrates for your best skin at any age. from easy, breezy, beautiful vergirl. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well we have 4 w movies arring in theaters, this weekend ony to though made it into the top 5 at the box office. we have rick damigella with the udo.
7:55 am
>>the adams family lurched back from 3rd place down to 5th on ticket sales of million. historical bio-pic haiet outperformed pundits predictions debuting in 4th place with million alevis and mistress ofvil fell from first place to 3rd with 12.2 millionmy moter. >>always tells me. the face joker held on to cond place this weekend adding milli to its domestic x office total which nosits just belo million. >>and brings its rldwide oss to over 934lion. terminator dark fate stumbled in its opening ekend, the 6th movien the terminator franchise brought in estimated mlion after being forect to open in the million range in hollywood, i'm rickamigella.
7:56 am
>>also making headlines this morning we had former 49 ers quarterback colin kaepernick back in theay area there you see on the left hepent his 32th birthday in oakland giving back to the community ap hired a food truck to help feed people in need and they al stributed backpacks full supplies to some of the local homeless people that wee there most of kaepernick's charity work is done through his foundation which is called knowour rights camp. he hasn't played inhe nfl since 2016hat was the season he made a practice of kneeling during th national anthem is a sign of protest against police brulity and racisin america and since then the nfl doesn't want do with him despite his willingness to get back into the league in the meantime, he's filling s me with social activism. we'll take a break coming up in the next hour. high school worker on administrative leave now ter a questnable choice in terms of a halloween costume we'l explain. plus police are searching for the killers in a deadly halloween ouse party shooting in a rental we'll have the latest coming up in a live report and
7:57 am
evacuationrders for the kincade re all downgraded now to warnings or better as firefighters gain even more ground on the fire will hav some new numbers out this morning state to the kron 4 morningews at 8 we'll start in just a moment.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>>darya folm trying to make it has happened and they hope will be the traffic's >>rating it's been a nice drivso far we've had minor issues but the commute holding steady backed up, t holding steady ok and the mornings are chilly but the other haveeen great in my opinion this is the happiest monday cause we've got great eather. sleep. that's right sthere's really nothing good. it's this close to disneyland. we will see foclearing even out the golden gate into the afternoon the rest of us are looking at enty of sunshine across the bay already and us risi with temperatures right now in hayward in alameda as well as oakland 5deees berkeley, europe, 52 ght now, and santa rosa you're the cold spot earlier this moing. you've offill


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