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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 4, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>>darya folm trying to make it has happened and they hope will be the traffic's >>rating it's been a nice drivso far we've had minor issues but the commute holding steady backed up, t holding steady ok and the mornings are chilly but the other haveeen great in my opinion this is the happiest monday cause we've got great eather. sleep. that's right sthere's really nothing good. it's this close to disneyland. we will see foclearing even out the golden gate into the afternoon the rest of us are looking at enty of sunshine across the bay already and us risi with temperatures right now in hayward in alameda as well as oakland 5deees berkeley, europe, 52 ght now, and santa rosa you're the cold spot earlier this moing. you've officially entered the 40's now so from
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the 30's and 40's where we have been to start to some 70's and even 80's this afternoon, another really pleasant evewarm day ahead about stillo come in your forecast. roger, thank you john taking the bay bridge there. >>it is a back that's waiting for you at t bay bridge toll plaz so if you need to dri into san fraisco, you have to work your way through this slowdown th spills into the oakland maze that's complete normal. it does get better west of treasure island so you're looking good on the suspension span and just a lite crowded on the skyway making yourway out to one on one for checking in on the drive tim we have highway 4 you have the usual crowd to pittsburg bay point in concord it's only 33 minutes off to 2 42 6.80 busy as usual leaving nquered from to 42 2 nnacry can alamo that's the norm, the almost an hour for n to make it from to 38 to 37 and then one oh one busy as usual fr the south bay to the peninsula, you're clocking in at 71 minutes for northbound one on one james.
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>>all right, thank youery much rob and happening now a manhunt is underway right now r the suspect tried to run over fairfield lice officer police say 47 robert hanssen who you see there tried to hit one of their detectives with his c. that detective tn fired veral shots at hon. ay. police were able to find a car but not have since they're sll looking for him not clear if he was injur perhaps by one of the bullets, the officer fired. no officers were hurt nobody else reported injured in the man says there's a lot of crime in e neighborhood. so it's not terribly surprised. i'm not so price, >>the ad that crime has increased what was like it's crazy. everybody got a short fuse now. >>yeah, the detectiveho ened fire has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of ts investigation. ll another big story we're following this morning comes out of the st bawhere we've been following the latest with that shooting at a halloween party in iran
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th we knew on friday that 4 had died. and the sadpdate. this morning is that over the weekend. another person also died at the hospital which brings the totalow to re its get the very latest on the investigation into finding the is live in or with what we n now. >>the area ey're not even sure of its ller or killers in the case, right now they have recovered 2 handguns inside the house and they're analyzing those guns see is amount connected to the murders of all all 5 people unfortunately that number we up over the weekend from 45 becae of the injies. this end of this is stress in our the downtown area and you can see just how massive this area is there areictures of the victims, the talk to family and friends and they said these people were just in the wrong placat the wrong time that there was thing bad about them back. this being a hit job. let me show you the video that we got. ll the
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weeknight this happened short fore 11 o'clock on lice office james and areat erhead thhead house because of ise complaintshat the air bnb but they didnethere before the shotrg out 4 factually dieat t quily i scene another pern ed a everyboas hoping that tha nber uld stay at 4 unrtunaty over the weekd e injury simply too much for this particular person. so at number went up over e anfendsf n some othe family the victim includihe girriend omaraylor, he's a 24 yr-old man whwcs a dj at the party. here's what she had to say. fore you went to a kid's fundraiser pumpkin patch. >>he together. that's person who was whoever that person was that came in did this. omar wasn't th person they
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were goi for and i'm sure everybody who died weren't evn the people that he was the shooter was going for whatever reason he had to do whatever he did. every life lost that night was in sublime. >>omar taylorwas 24 years old he is working at tesla no hope for him was that he would end up bng a full-time j, his younger brother plays football, and instead of not playing that particular night. he played in honor of his brother yet tea in his eyes. recovering the 2 handguns the inside the house they we able to recover some bullet casings in that area as well. all of those thgs are still being analyzed but at this particular point they don't shooter or shooters or thank you very much well. >>timnow is it o 5 and this morninpg any says that they may be rebponsible for a fir that burned for homes. last
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sunday. thcompany says that a worker reported wires were down. close to where that fire started peters fire department has also notified pg knee. it was looking into a downed wire beg the source of that fire. nobody wahu in the fire. it's the 6th fire from last ek that pg e says it could be responsible for starting. >>now an update on th contained fire burning in sonoma couny. the new number this morning is that it is now 80% contained that's an uate from 07:00am the fire though still has burned about 77,000 acres, good ne hasbro but it did destroy a t74 homes a damaged about 35 other properties. >>full containment is still expectedby this thursday that's november 7th. >>and all the evacuation ords have been lifted no longer do we have any there is an evacuation warning them that's that area in blue that you e there on the southern edge of the burn zone. beginning at 10 o'clk this morning by the way at the healdsburg community center they're going to be offering help tfire victims if you are headed back your property,
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perhaps to start cleaning up some of the damage u'll need some protective gear, so they'rgoing to be providing goggles gloves masks sus any other necessities you might need and that will also be the check in point for people looking return home he to verify your address before they'll allow you inside. >>bash in california because of the wildfires that broke out in our state recently in a series of tweets he said t governor newsome has done a terrible job before his management and he also threaned to cut back on federal aid to responded to president trump with this you don't believe in climate chang you are excused excused fro this conversation. cafornia controla sml percentage of forest land. the federal government manages most of it. that happened in sonoma county to walk rock winerys pretty much burned down in healesvie but they're picking up the pieces and moving on take a look at what's staing first of all they do have the barn still and that's good and
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firefighters were able to save. well the facade that's about it t front of the building is all that stands wine tasting event over the ry weekend. and said she yearsto rebuilding. one week lar they already up and running. >>put it out on the instagram and i said i'll be there shortly. so change her plans an happy to see that these guys are jumping right back you know they're going return. >>talk about rilient think it's really really proud and really grateful they felt strong enough to be heard. >>that's been a is a tough week. you know sitting there realty of losing to rock in my life lot of memories in the us and every part of that that wiry for me. >>and granted the very little left ayou can see of the propey, but you know what the good ne is most of the inventory is stored off-site so they still have wind. well a sonoma county district attorney
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>>reminding businesses that it is illegal to raise ices and trying to take financial advantage of people that are victimized by these fires ring a state emergency. jill ravitch says that h office will continue tinvestigate and prosecute people who are practicing in price gouging california law prohibits charging a price that exceeds 10% of the price things were before. the state or local emergency was declared she can't just jack up the price. his law applies to anybody selling food or emergency supplies, medical pplies building materials gasoline, anything people who desperately need during n emergency cleanup applies to services and hotel ras and rental housing rates too. the napa valley vineyard owner will report to federal prison r his role in the college admissions cheating scandal. aust a gust and cooney us is sentenced to 5 months in prison for taki part in 2 to usc he try to get one of rs his daughters in a water polo scholarship. also paid to
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fix the s a t scores for his daughters as well. he was also ordered to pay a $100,000 in fines. he another 2 years of court supervision of 500 hours of community sevice, a pretty stiff penalty. he is just one of dozens of wealthy parents arged with cheating, lying and paying bribes to get their children into college. >>new this morning, bart is thaing one of thei workers for savinga life in oakland haven't after the raiders game at the coliseum take a ok. you see him in the yellow nor stadium vests he's the one who saved guy of man was on the platform fell on t tracks and john jump down and saved him. a bar ays that john is a former train on prater who is now working as a traportation supervisor for the agency.
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>>morningews a vigil is held in san francisco for a man and a won who's bn missing for more then a week and funding help the state recover from the pg e power shut off we'll getting. how much we're and the south bay high school worker on administrative lea after a viral video. we'll tell u what that person is accused of doing it. here's a live lk outside of san mateo bridge lot of sunshine this morning in the traffic seems to be moving fairly well we'll get updates from robin in the traffic center and johnn the weather center in just a moment. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor decor in milpitas. if you have never been to a floor & decor, don't miss the grand opening yohave to go to the grand opening. hardwoods, laminates, ti or one. holy smos, this place is huge! m on a budget and i was aband ve a lot of money.cor, hardwoods, laminates, ti or one. u will be blown away . the pros come here. i come here.
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that goes below the tooth's surface for a smile that's 4 shades sibly whiter. colgate optic white. whitening at works. >>a nice day came to define the weekend with nothing to complain about this week maybe a little bit about the chilly temperatures. but hey it's kind of nice story of all closed back out helps guess now that the clocks of change the sun's out a little earlier so we can start warminthings up a little quicker in it's going to be nice and warm. >>by the time you go get your lunch today, it will probably already be in 60's and 70's by that time frame is kind of chilln the ears are still looks great. we still have a couple of 30's but not too bad and it does look already really nice out there just a touch of fog right the at the coast at the golden gate bridge bedes that sunshine definitely prevailing today, 's and 50's are your current temperatures right now we're already climbing with
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temperatures in san jose and san mateo each of 52 degrees. napa you are in the 30's this morning at 49 now anta rosa you were icebox this morning down to 36 now 4 well see only in our loan spots still holding on to the upper 30 now as far as winds go we're going to remain nice and calm in the forest ahead of us it's goi to be really god's. this is just the cherry on top of already nice conditions across the bay area for the week ahead so no major wind event in the forecast we will definitely take it considering where we were last wk to start e week having already looked at a wind event over the weekend another one ahead of us. a nicecalm forecast is definitely appreciated and no chance of rain in the forecast either we don't have any snow in the sierra nor any rain here in the bayarea we're going to stay th w all the way into the weekend but you will notice a few more clouds, especially come friday and saturday are too cloudy us days of the forecast ahead. besides that conditions comfortable even on those clouddays in the 70's.
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today's daytime highs in the 60's and 70's with 60's closer to the coast 70's for ars like elder not and daly city. well 70's, mid 70's f burlingame at 76 degrees today, foster city and san matteo also it at 76 south bay temperatures close to the 80's not quite there though san jose you'll get up to 79 for thdaytime high well looking at mid 70's right alongside the coast of the bay upper 70's for inland valleys in the east bay concord in walnut cre up to 79 degrees each and then the north bay into the low 80's for fairfield vacalle benicia and over into wine country down through petaluma at 80 deees more 80's on the map today that we're going to see the rest of the week because we do actually see a gradual cooling trend that will take us into the weekend ead of us wit some mid 70's on average for your highs really not a lot of change though in this forecast a femore clouds friday and saturday but we're staying dry and we're staying calm and comfortable all through your forecast. robin all right.
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thank you jchn. >>we have a new hot spot in the south bay, this is a major injury accident in cupertino take a look at traffic tracker here south 85 just south of de anza a car just struck a pedestrian on the freeway so th person down and injured we have crews on the way chp has issued a special traffic alert noweep in minthat southbound is the counter commute directions. but it's cross falling now leading up the scene you only have lanes there and you're right lane is closed northbound as the commute side and was already a tough drive out of san jose and they can see tha southbound activities so once again, a special alert in place after a person was struck on the freeway south 85 just south of de anza your northbound commuters solid fr the guadalupe parkway so north up s heavy. all the way towards sunnyvale and mounta view that puts you at an hour and growing from san jose heading up to mountain view saw keep tracking that. meanwhile the drive into san francisco looks normal it
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slow. it's backed up through the maze but it isvery monday morning this time so 12 minutes to make the drive off to fremont street return fan or foe that's busy 2 no problems across the span will clock in at 12 minutes, i'll take that and then one oh one in both 2.8busy and owded but not bad normal drivtimes making it into downtown san francisco james. thank you very much robert. >>the south bay high school staff member now under fire accused of wearing black face at a schoolgo to school on halloween blackface wishes chastises being offensive and racist the tril of african americans and other people of color and school leaders it will be this high. >>have not yet confirmed it was a teacr. but videos and social media clmed it's teacher who is imitating a hip-hop artist common. the staff member is currently on administrativleave. >>this appointed that in 2019 th this isn't common knowledge, i'm a person of color, myself a i'm really committed to building a safe inclusive and welcoming
8:19 am
environmentn lpitas for people from all backgrounds ani best this displays ignorance about the context of blackface t historical connotations and how offensive and hurtful it can be. >>district officials have not released the identity of the staff member in question. this is me and old as a confidential personnel matter they've said in the north bay, a group of thieves broke into a store in vacaville and stole money from an atm. and there's video to show you how they did ris of parliament has a look. >>the do something like that that's just thas that's real crazy. >>surveillance video from vaca but and liquor shows the 2 suspects using the force of a slen van and share body strength to break into the store nd break open the atm and steal the cash inside. the stolen white van first pulls up one of the masked suspts jumps out and starts breaking the glass kicking the wdow and door in off screen. he
8:20 am
wraps the chains around th m and gives the driver the go ahe, not once but twice the van baks up and eventually pulls the atm outside the store go last and metal fly everywhere. it was enough force to break the machine and for these thieves of money to really take an atm one that's that's crazy. it took just about 2 minutes to all this damage but looking at what's left behind long ti customers knew exacy what happened. >>take a break the glass for a chain around the atm pull it out people are really friendly th're nice to know they're helpful they're courteous yo know so i mean to do something to a business. >>this is our community that was more is a problem in reportinpolice don't know exactly how much money they got away with the ban was stolen out of davis. >>another horse has died at the santa anithorse race track. this is the 37th cose at has died since last are
8:21 am
sincdecember. the horse suffered a leg injury during the final race of the breeders cup on saturday now e park closed earlier this year as we know after more than 20 horse died in jusa 3 month period beginning in march. it reopened later at month aer officials from the park said that it had made several changes to their safety prcedures. but again another of course died the racetrack. >>for 6 weeks. a peek now if you're heading over the glide sri to be a bridge goal gave not so golden bay brie is nice and shiny.
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yeah, i think they'll bfine. voya. helping you to d throretirement. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to cupertino where have a major hot spot working here in the south bay, this is south 85just after that de anza boulevard exit major injury accident whe a persowas struck by a car on the freeway. it's down an injured in crews are on scene with one lane close your far right lane blocked off here south 85 after de, anza to investigate this crash. it's only backed up beyond de anza the opposite side, northbound that's a commute direction. it's much much heavier was already pretty slow leaving and now they can see that se southbound actioso 64 minutes and growing because of this injury accident south 85. south of the answer your northbound traffic skating much heavier so over an hour from san jose to mountain
8:25 am
view. we'll check more slowdowns in trouble sps coming up john. well robin skieclear across the bay area and that is good news for those of you with today. flights >>shouldn't have any weather-related delays across the bay certaly not s where skies you can see are nice and fog free now we will remain dry in t forecast ahead of us not just for the day, but also up into th sierraand with temperatures in the 60's for your afternoon should ba good forecast for getting up there. just don't plan on doing any skiing at least for the week ahe daria. >>a 25 and after long a road trip 6 weeks away the iders are back home at the colism. they did well and for the home crowd raider nati was happy as they. and running back check out ob josh jacobs. firstouchdown and then before half-time another one that tiedp the game and then. derek carr got to work. he took a touchdown passes in the 2nd half got the lead back in the end the raiders defense stopped the lions at the goal
8:26 am
line to seal the win final score. fans it was loud. especial towards the end zones as always which. >>i miss i love laugh about all the time.if i think i'm out of them all the time and just trying to hear coach great ca a play. i love i love this place is special thank the fans focoming up. >>thank the mayor and everybody ftness play a home game again is great to get in here. our fans are awesome today, we needed them all. >>and it's going to be short week to host the los aeles chargers at the coliseum ursday night as for the 49 ers they didn't play and they won because the patriots. their first games in on the nig as the only undefeated team in the nfl >>there thnight. best team in that's going to also inthe
8:27 am
news. govern newsome pushing for pga ne get out out of bankruptcy. so the changes uld be made in the wake of the recent power shut off we'll talk about more about whathe wants to do and also here's a live look outside of the market are on this sunday monday morning. november 4th we'll be right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ it's not the holidays until you find the perfectree. that's the one. lowe's has o widest selection ever. with all the trimmings. hools are having acto cutports.ntry, m tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that. ♪ bring back the gers. ♪ youmighty, mighty tigers. [cheering soun] buy a box and helpall kid. ♪ youmighty, mighty tigers. >>her traffic 04:00am monday morning before you head any
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trouble t there yes, i am truble spot for the south bay. i's a major hot spot 85 somee was struck on the that's still under yeah investigation. so we have a sick alert in place south 85 south of de anza year right lane is closed and it's both ng bit of backup in rections now southbound is a commute directional ck the map up just a little bit so we can zoom in on the crash. that's the commute directions so you're backed up just before de anza it's not the scene of the h which is crash but we don't have an eimated time of cleang northbound traffic folks traving in the opposite directioncan see the southbound activity and loo at that line the line s already there. it was already slow before the accident. but of coursany little thing flashing lights activity just makes it much much heavier some northbound here at a whopping 67 minutes, it's getting heavier and heavier as you head north bay idge traffic looks completely normal your stacked up from the ma busy on the upper deck overall not bad and under 15 minutes into san francisco
8:31 am
john. >>plenty of clear skies across the bay bridge drop in just as there are across most of the rest of the bay area, the only exception being e golden gate where you are seeing a touch of fog this morning, temperatures are climbing already under all t sunshine that we do have it was a chilly start to the morning with some 30's up in the north bay, but even those 30's are giving way to some upper 's now an apthat 49 degrees so temperatures wasting no tim in climbing today will rise into the 70'for most of the bay area this afternoon and for san jose, very close to the 80's with a gh at 79 degrees. daria thanks a lot. >>the 31 governor newsome is taking actiotrying to get pg out of bankruptcy as soon as possible because he says the sooner they're out of bankruptcy the soer change can have happe capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >>right now pgd is expected to get ouofankruptcy by june 30th that's about 8 nths away. overnor gavin,ewsome is hoping to broker a deal to speed up the process. >>pg as we know itcannot persist and continue. it has
8:32 am
to be mpletely transformed culturally transformed operionally trnce. >>formed governor gavin newsome is calling on all parties in pg e's bankruptcy to come to sacrameo to sort out the procedin soon or the governor has id major changes pg any cannot happen unl it's out of bankruptcy, the utility under constant critici for its role in wild fires and widespread per shut-offs genie as we know it. >>may or may not beble to figure this out. we are not going to sit around. and the passive. >>newsome says the state d now a new strike team is exploring any and all bacp plans in the event pg e doesn't make major changes on its own the governor not ruling out a government takeover newsom's administration also hired advisors to envion a 21th century utility that he says will match the state's already modern emergency magement we have world class firefighters doing world class wk every
8:33 am
more proud of them. what we don't have a world class. utilities so with months left in pg e's bankruptcy and wildfi season under way. governor gavin newsome still says he does not think a special legislative seion is needed because of this effort d others that are already in progress reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>well in the south bay, san jose now getting $5,000 from e state to help cover the extra money that was spent during the pg e power shut-offs mircea sam liccardo saythe money going toe open and running with the next one the next power outage comes in there will be another one. >>the dolls are committed by the state. and this announcement and in fact through the last budget cycle, the million will be criical. for localommunities. that are investing as soon as in microgrids down able asked to provide more local generation and storage.
8:34 am
>>and other cities to like oakland la san diego the law be getting a ha million dollars each. ile counties that were impacted by the power shutdowns will get $15,000 eac murder suspects are on the runow after escaping from a monterey county jail. we have the pictures take a look santos them and the other is jonathan salazarthey were both awaiting trial on murder charges in 2 unrelated cases when both been in custody since last year and authorities say if you spot them do not approh them. they are considered dangerous. instead call lice immediately. >>in the east bay police arrested him. and ron montalbo for lighting small fires 8 fires within gear regional park that all ppened on saturday in hayward a witness identifie him and then a helicopter fighting the fires was able to cate him. no buildings were damaged or and he threatened by the fire either police fmont a warning drivers of the series and smash and grabs
8:35 am
all and one day 15 cars were hit. early saturday morning in the night ailes district, there's one of them policing maybe it's the same ring or a person that has been targeting other victims vehicles in union city anthey're saying that what you should do the best advice is to keep all vaables out of your car. in the north and iver was arrested for driving under the influence crashing in sparki a small grass fire. it happened on the governor drive in santa rosa saturday night. there's the vehicle and flipped and hit a pg e power our poll ich then sparked the small fire pg any cut the lines before that got any worse put ou the fire. they arrested e vehicle and the driver. >>to san francco now where family and friends held a prayervigil for a man and a woman who went missing 11 days ago, justiwinfrey and kayla rodriguez flew a small plane upo mendocino county on ocber 24th. but they haven't been heard from since. winfrey was the pilot and now friends and family are hoping that
8:36 am
they'll be found. >>she's very funnand what i know about her because like to take adventures. she travels a loand wokep with a broken heart like i just he s such a nice guy. very kind considerate of others everybody, i know that landslide withim said he was a tax on pot which was my experience as well. once as far as we're concerned. we just got to get to one. >>winfrey and rodriguez were last seen ound shelter cove and according to the mendocino county sheriff's office radar last detected their plane between rockport and wheeler. >>parents in los anges after what could have been a child abductions by annaked man driving around town will tell you more what happened there. and apple is announcing a major a major dation to try to help fight homelessss all across the state. we'll tell you how much they're giving and a livlook here if you're headed over the richmond
8:37 am
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kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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>>apple just announced a multi-billion dollar plan to address the housing crisis in california. it's a big an includes a billion dollars to fund the construction of affordable housing. then other billion dollars are going tbe used for what they're calling a first-time homebuyer mortgage assistance fund sohat should help lot of pople. >>apple is also donating
8:40 am
million in land in san jose to developers to build affordable housing and another 150 million is going to be spt on housing and that's just in the bay. the rest of the money will go to effor tond homeleness isilicon valley and address the reasons that lead people to living in the street. county it's 70% contained this morning, the maria fire for more than 9,000 acres and and it's destroyed at least 2 stctures. it started last thursday, south of santa paula. santa an winds got a little weaker which help of the national weather service says the air is still very dry. >>well as we head to break, here's a quick loooutside san francisco internatnal airport this morning worthis little hazy but generally blue and a lot of sunshine. we'll be back with more headlines in just a moment.
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(vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric jt esn't have eno. it will neve suive the winter. charng stations? go luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you afteall. or, is it? ♪ >>you probably couldn't what was your biggest beef my fridge and freezer oh that was a problem, yeah, well for ski resorts there was a probl because they miss out on making millions of gallen's again of sn. you know they put it into the mahines step foot in the water and it was nothey could do that because th needed energy sugar bowl and missed out on that th really needed that time to get
8:44 am
going because they want to get ahead of the game as you can see they don't have any help from mother nature kind of double time it now. >>our teams going be out here working around the clock making snow at every opportunity and then the rest of the team is doing all the maintenance and reirs that eeds to be done to get ready for the season. >>which they're hoping will start for them on november 29th. so we'll wait and e i mean they've been nice if they could get a little boost for mother ture but at this point looks like they're going to make it on their own. >>were on their where on r for a while john yeah, this starts in november. can drive guys try but it wasn'so if u like skiing, it's not good news. if you like spending timeutside doing about good news. we are in for a really good forecast ahead of us there's a tch of fog at the golden gate, but beside that it's all sunshine across t day today we're going to see that from right now all the way through the evening tonight, and temperatures are already climbing fast we could san mateo nearing 60 deges along with berkeley also at
8:45 am
58. napa you are the 30's earlier this morning now nearing 50 will santa rosa, u to 42 now so all that sunshine is helping us rm up it's feeling pretty comfortable at this point a only more comfortable into the afternoon. calm win, the cherry on top of the pleasant forecast. we don't have any major wind event ahead of us which is great news as far as wildfires kill him. and wre also staying dryeven with an increase i cloud cover come the end of the week friday and saturday notably. with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. evethen no chance of rain or snow ahd of us so we are a nice one for any odoor and plans. you have 60's and 70's for your high temperatures at the coast today on terror at 65 degrees overnight at 71. temperatures right alonide the bay of the peninsula in the 70's for the most part an looking at upper 70's and other parts of the bay of like the south bay where daytime highs in san jose and campbell well near 80 today up to 79 degrees. each east bay temperatures in the mito sounds great right, that's
8:46 am
what we're going to see even for the north bay, just a few 80's on the map for the north bay today will actually bring more 80's than any oer day this week well as after this we see a mild cooling trend ju aodest one from day to day down one degree on average for your high tomorrow really not a difference but after that mid 70's will be se on average for the rest of the weekend into the weekend. as i noted earlier friday and saturday, those year cloudie days of the forecast but still dry and still good fridays to get ouide and enjoy the nice fall weather. >>l right back to our hot spot in the south bay traffic still jamd up here on both sides of 85 in cupertino because of a major injury accident southee 5ight after de anza boulevard. this is whe car struck a pedestrian it also caused other vehicles crash as well. so there's a lot going on on t right lane is closed for the investigation, you're backed just beyond the and then northbound and has a a big backup to opposite side of the
8:47 am
crash should stacked up from 87. and that's the commute direions so that bumps to up to just over an hour for north 85 san jose to mountain view because of thsouthbound anza saudi watchinghat de for you. >>very crowded commute on the 70 oh bridge people all usual say what'going on why why is it so slow in the san mateo bridge and this is a become our new normal here westbound 92 down from the nimitz the through the tolls on to the flat section over the peninsula. just under 30 minutes. we'll have aeeling it's going to go back up. bay bridge traffic looks normal to there's a long lines spilling into t maze but if your car pooler you will be fi those lanes look fantastic cash res in fast trackers jealous, oking at the carpoolers as they just assume on by 10 minutes here to make it off to fremont stre. most of the bay area doing fine and our numbers are high. but that'snormal for this time of mourning the minutes 55 minutes from to 38 to 37, as you work your way south james, all right. thank you very much
8:48 am
bizarre potential child abduction was caught on camera in los angeles police in lendale are investigating. >>a man who tried to lure an sarah donchey now with the story. >>it is ery pareat's worst fear a stranger seemingly trying to war a child into his car. thatear was a reality for this father who is going by gary my son readily start crying, it was those awfully know gary's wife and young son were visiting him at the endale restaurant where he works when a naked man and a female passenger drove up to what was happening in this s dash cam video which was rollingt the time and they rolled the car right next to my. >>cornered try like harm e cause. >>in the video you hear the mother frantic and heson upset. >>china call you for yrs. in the video you see the naked driver beckoning the boy in his car. the woman in the passenger seat seems unfazed by the time gary rushed out of
8:49 am
the restaurant, the man sped away the next dayi didn't want to send the school i didn't think he lt comfortable. >>haintentions in their head i'm really glad to be getting caught know the boy's mother wen't hurt, but they were shake gary and glendale police are hoping someone recognizes the man and the woman, you never approach anybody like that especially of the child is by himself. >>escially being make it it's it's. just come forward and you know take it like a man. >>in the meantime this father is justlad that his to stay away from strangers and he wants the suspect behind bars and lock them up. >>that only the key i mean that kind of people ould never be around anybody really. >>and that was sara donchey reporting for us this morning police as was said in the story are hoping that by putting this video out there someone will recognize who that man is and let them now. >>money this morning, a californiaompany is recalling frozen fruit that they're afraid mit be contaminated with hepatitis a well loa a frozen foods is
8:50 am
recalling bags of berries that were sold at ray lees grocery stores. thiss just they say as a precaution, they say that nobody habeen reported getting ck for meeting them and if you haven't you can check on where you can return to the store for a refund. >>your money this morning, the better business bureau is warning of a sc in wch con tists impersonati cable company representatives claimed offer you a greade on your servic here's how it works son maybe you recognize the catch. the red flag. first youet a call offering a special promotion on your cable bill sounds fine. if you pay for a few months of front then you get a discounted monthly ra. okay, but then you're asked to buy prepaid debit cas to make that upfront payment d that should be the red flag bureau recommend you always be cautious of calls or emails li this and never make payments with prepaid debit card or wire transfers that is not how the cable company or any business usually operates. coming up on the kron 4 news
8:51 am
more news, former 49 ers quarterback colin kaeperck giving back to the bay area for his 32th birthday, we'll tell you what he did coming up. >>and here's a look outside the golden gate bridge. well you look at this shot you think gloomy day in the bay. but now it's kind of just confined right here as we take the wide view you'll see it's just the fog inundating the golden gate itself, else got to tell you it's bright and sunny. the fact we're looking for a nice warm afternoon look at that there's proof we've got john travel to talk more about our forecast on this first monday ofovember. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
shoun't they go to prisonr for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney,
8:53 am
even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news expect heavier than normal traffic on south 85 as you work your way through cupertino major injury accident here south of de anza involving a car that struck a pedestrian that was on the freeway and of course that cause a chain reaction so there's a lot going on and crews on scene investigating the right lane is closed so you're back that will be on de anza and it's also impacting your northbound commute because they can see the action so 63 minutes heading north san jose to mountain bridge if you need to bay drive in maybe consider bart maybe don't want to sit in this back up because it's having its bills all the way through the maze but still under 15 minutes to make it in. well robin skies are crystal clear and best temperatures already starting to warm on up. >>it was definitely a chilly morning for portions of marine sonoma and napa counties as we
8:55 am
fell intthe 30's but with that sunshine that you're seeing up above from timber on here. temperatures are climbing 60's and 70's for today's daytime hig today and we'll see similar temperatures tomorrow, the week ahead generally a little bit cooler and also little bit cloudier a few more clouds to note on friday and saturday than the resof the week will bring us some fog right along the coast you're already seeing that clearing out though the rest of the day today is going to bring plenty of sunshine. no but 30's left on this map now it's 40's in napa and santa rosawith 50's elsewhere in the bay oakland and hayward each up 53 while san francisco, one of our warmer spots at 57 right now james. all right, thank you very much john former 49 ers quarterback colin kaepernick his 32th birthday he spent in oakland. giving back to the community cap hired a food truck as you can see here in this video to help feed people need and he also distribute backpacks and other supplies to some of the local homeless folks that were there great
8:56 am
great opportunity for people to reconnect with them. most of kaepernick's charity work is done through his foundation which is called know your rights camp of course he has played in the nfl since 2016 that was the season he decided to start kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racism across the country. he received a lot backlash for that and since then the nfl really hasn't. one di anything to do with of those flights fact that he says he's ready to play these eager to get back with another team in the meantime, he's spending his time being a social activist. it's a 56. >>now we know the death toll is higher in that shooting that happened on halloween night in e in house party. we'll have the latest in a live report. and as more evacuees are returning home after the sonoma county fire. a community center is opening up to help in the recovery will tell you where you need to go and what kind of help you can get and a live look here and you need to go over the san mateo bridge. traffic is bumper to bumper.
8:57 am
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>>daria pulse and i'm james fletcher it's not just the monday. it's the finest hour. it >>i sure hope but in cupertino
9:00 am
sought check in on highway 85, it's back up. weather is looking good no hot spots just yet. >>i don't even know if you can call the hot spots today are low 80's. it's getting clo him. former days of the week today, but still i would say very comfortable day ahead, the golden gate bridge, a touch of fog for you right through the golden gate elsewhere in the bay you're already sitting under sunshine. and the rest of the day is going to bring plenty more that sunshine too. alameda 55 degrees for your current temperature while oakland conquered, pittsburgh and san francisco. each of 57 degrees cut climbing closer to 60 at this point petaluma in saint helene a you fell into the 30's this morning no longer there are in fact getting close to 50 now 70's for most daytime


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