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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 4, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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sought check in on highway 85, it's back up. weather is looking good no hot spots just yet. >>i don't even know if you can call the hot spots today are low 80's. it's getting clo him. former days of the week today, but still i would say very comfortable day ahead, the golden gate bridge, a touch of fog for you right through the golden gate elsewhere in the bay you're already sitting under sunshine. and the rest of the day is going to bring plenty more that sunshine too. alameda 55 degrees for your current temperature while oakland conquered, pittsburgh and san francisco. each of 57 degrees cut climbing closer to 60 at this point petaluma in saint helene a you fell into the 30's this morning no longer there are in fact getting close to 50 now 70's for most daytime highs today,
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although the north bay will be in the low 80's. i'll show you those numbers still ahead, robin. >>heavier than normal traffic in cupertino because of our hot spot that still lingering this crash happened at around 7 45 this morning, south on 85 south of de anza it's a multi vehicle accident that was caused by a pedestrian that was on the freeway so car struck the pedestrian that caused other crashes the right lane is still closed so it's back to just be on the end and normally it's just wide open so it's really clogging up the commute but also impaeting your northbound drive which is a little bit heavier, thanks to the southbod activity just over an hour now san jose to mountain view heading north because of that major injury accident on the southbound side. a quick peek at the b bridge 80 west falling still backed up through the maze but trouble free for now into san francisco. james darya thanks >>all right, let's get to one of the big stories. we're following this morning out of the east bay where we've learned now that a 5th person has died over the weekend following that shooting at a
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halloween party in a renda last week and we also know the police found some guns, but they're still searching for the killer kron four's will tran is live in orinda. >>with more on that well. >>area or killers they're not exactly sure at this time they don't have a motive behind the shooting that took place on halloween night at a party when everybody was having a great time this is one of 2 memorials in our we showed u one earlier this morning in front of the air bnb home, this is in downtown rendon we'll show yosome of the pictures that have been placed or by family and friends of the victims unfortunately over the weekend the number of people killed went up by one because this person simply could not survive their injuries. the show you video. the house partin the moments afterward when shots rang out shortly before 11 o'clock >>on halleen night peop just ran for their lives. unfounately, 3 peop
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actually died at the scene o other rs died at the hospital. police officers are actually in route to the home after receiving noise complaints, but they didn't get there in time before the shooting took place they spe the week in looking through that area they pretty much shod it tyou on on the we friday morning, they lock down their place went through that area looking for witnesses and evidence and they have have so far been able to recover 2 hanuns handgunst they're trying to cr th assia with the shooting that took place on that hallowe night. they've also recovered some bullet casings but so far right now. no solid description of e soter or shooters in the meantime mily and friends are saying that people who were killed were innocent and had no reason tobe shot. before you wento a party to dj he was doing a kid's fundraiser pumpkin patch. >>he together. that's person who was whoever that person was that came in did this.
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omar wasn't the person they re going for and i'm sure everybody who died weren't even the people that he was the shooter was going for whatever reason he had to do whatever he did. every ife lost that night was innocent life. >>and that's a picture of her boyfriend, omar taylor who was the d j at the party that he was working at tesla but his dream was to be a full time d j at this particular point they don't know if the shooting was random or targeted big you just heard one of the family and friends, they said that it was definitely random because those peoplhad no other motive to be at the party other than to have a good time flags in a red that they're flying at half-staff in honor of the victims at this particular point according to auorities there saying it's going to be a very complex case. all right well. >>also the news we have a south bay high school staff member under fire accused of wearing black face to school
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on halloween kron four's dan thorn has more on the controversy and milpitas high. >>milpitas high school staff members facing accusations of racism for wearing black face in class on halloween, social media posts of the incident prompted an investigation by milpitas a school officials this displays, the norance about. >>the context of blackface the historical connotations and how offensive and hurtful it can be. >>bill peters school board trustee michael tsai sayas a person of color. he is appalled by this kind of behavior even if it was done jokingly the staff member in question was apparently imitating the hip-hop artist common in front of a classroom, full of students. the rapper is the face and voice behind microsoft's artificial intelligence ads, black bass has been widely chastised an offensive in races per trail of african americans and other people of color. >>at some point this individual could have thought she this is a good id. and
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apparentlyhat's just an happens to milpitas unified school district has acknowledged the staff members use a black face saying the employees currently on administrative leave the school superintendent and milpitas high school principal issued a joint statement on sunday saying in part quote in a school district like milpitas it hurts to know this type of cultural insensitivity and lack of cultural awareness. still hovers in the background tsai argueshe teaching the school community about racism, maybe the s hool district could have and should have done a better job of educating more people in the community about why stuff like this is not appropriate and offensive and peoe should think twice before. the for doing something like this reporting in milpitas dan thorn kron 4 news. >>this 96 and a manhunt is on for the suspect who tried to run over a fairfield police officer 47 year-old robert hanssen is the man they're looking for police say he tried to hit a detective with his car. the detective then
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opened fire hansen in his car but he managed to get away. later, ty found hansen's car but no sign of him it's unclear if he was injured when the officer opened fire. none of the officers involved in this was hurt. one man says the's a lot of crime in his neighborhood. >>i'm not so price feel is the ad that crime has increased people i what was like it's crazy there then they and that everybody got a short fuse no off >>the detective who opened fire is administrative leave now pending the outcome of the investigation. and 3 east bay children have now lost both of their parents their father was a police officer who was killed 10 years ago and now their mother just died in an ad jackson angela didn akin died after a crash on october 27th in yuba city. herusband sergeant mark and done a can died in 2009 and he was killed on the job. the couple leaves behind and there's 3 children.
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how now could use some help and there's a furaiser there's a website for now we've got a link to it on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>well new this morning. pg e says that it may be responsible for a fire that burned for homes last sunday, the company says that a worker reported that wires were down close to where that fire started and i'm a fe department also notified pg e that it was looking at those downed wires as being a source of the fire. no one was injured thankfully. but this is the 6th fire now in the last week that pg e says it might be responsible for starting. speaking of fires us get you updated on the kincade fire burning in sonoma county it is still burning but the containment has gone up to 80% now which is good news being held at a 77,000 acres in size it did destroy at least a 174 homes and damaged 35 others. full containment they expect is still on thursday this thursday november 7th. all evacuation orders have been lifted which is good news everything in green there used to be either mandatory or an
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evacuation warning will now it's just that area in blue where people are still having to be careful. at 10 o'clock this morning. the healdsburg mmunity center is going to be opening up to help fire victims if you're coming back to try to clean up debris or the ash you'll be protective gear and so they're going to be providing of goggles gloves masks suits if you need that any necessities you might eed. that will also be the check point for people looking to return home. you have to verifyor actress before they'll allow you inside that perimeter. the sonoma county. >>is reminding businesses it's illegal to raise your prices to take advantage. a victim sustain emergencies like the wildfires. jill ravitch says that her office will continue to investigate and prosecute. prosecute anybody who price gouge is california law prohibits charging a price that exceeds 10% of the price of an item. and that applies to selling food emergency supplies medical supplies building materials. gas. of
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emergency cleanup services hotels and rental housing. they can all not be jacked up by more than 10%. the owners of soda rock rock winery in healdsburg are trying to pick up the pieces but there's not much left after the fire. here's what standing. they saved the barn. but the rest pretty much lost in the flames and there you see the fire burning and then the aftermath and here pointing out just a facade is left on the property. but they held a wine tasting event kind of an v%impr the weekend saying cheers to rebuilding. one week later they're already up and running put it out on the instagram and i said i'll be there shortly. >>so change herplans and. happy to see that these guys are jumping right back it they're going return. >>talk about resilient i think it's really really proud and really grateful they felt strong enough to it's been a it's a ugh week. >>you know sitting there
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reality of losing so to rock into my life lot of memories in the us and every part of that that winery for me. >>they lost a lot of properties you can see the good news is they have their why ecause it turn out soda rock. most of their wine is stored off site so they have that and then they'll have to try to rebuild for the future and we'll be following the progress i think they'll do it. all right still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning. >>news, a vigil is held in san francisco for a man and a woman who'd bn missing for more than a week now we'll tell you what happened to them and then details on another horse deaths following a major event at the santa anita racetrack in southern california. plus apple try and help ease the ation to housing crisis, not only here in the bay area but across the state as wel
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>>niceeather just like over the weekend. the weekend we got spoiledhan risk and get more fine by me. yeah november's off to a solid start obviously october came at the window high fire danger. now it's just a change of pace all right good that sigh of relief now. really good weather ahead of us toda a little warmer than yesterday you're going to see a few more spots in the 80's. so yeah toasty in some areas but notoo terribly hot. the golden gate bridge sees the return of somfog this morning but elsewhere in the bay, we're just enjoying sunshine to stt something we're going to hold on to all
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day long fremont san mateo 2 of our for spots in the 60's right now not far behind in pittsburgh and san francisco. well the itself our warmest spot at 62. petaluma and say holiness still in the 40's but warmer than you were in the 30's earlier today. no wind event in the forecast we're staying nice and calm for the week ahead of us something se to get used to something else going to see plenty of is just how clear and dry the skies are about to be no chance of rain or snow in this fall forecast ahead, so yeah november is spoiling us. the sierra nevada will be an easy drive if you're heading up to 80 while here in the bay area, no risk of rain friday and saturday you'll notice partly to mostly cloudy skies but even with the increase in cloud cover. we're still going to be nice and dry 60's and 70's for today's daytime highs for most of our coastal areas in our inland valley will be inching towards the 80 degree mark but avoiding it for most areas woodside up to 78 degrees while san jose over to campbell a little closer day to not quite there though each
9:16 am
of 79 bayside areas, mostly mid 70's waller inland valleys should be in the upper 70's for most of the easbay at least once you head up into the north bay. there's your 80's, some of our warmest of temperatures in areas like napa sonoma and santa rosa and petaluma each ride 80 degrees. come tomorrow, temperatures a little bit cooler than today's but not a big difference. cooler yet come wednesday thursday and friday but still mid 70's, friday and saturday are cloudy a sta you'll still get some sunshine in there though, and overall just a really pleasant forecast each of your next 7 days. robin. >>all right, thank you john still tracking this trouble spot in cupertino south on 85 south of de anza major injury accident involving a pedestrian that was struck by a car and that caused other drivers to crash as well so there's only one lane closed the right lane. but a specl alert has been issued you're backed up just beyond the and a it's the northbound sid that's much much heavier. that is the commute direction and they can see the activity so roughly an hour for 85 north,
9:17 am
san jose to mountain view because of the southbound activity that's going on. we're checking the bay bridge and it's ok and normal drive into san francisco. busy from the may slow up the incline a little crowd in on the suspension but not bad at all come again. here's 92, this is your trip across the san mateo bridge. pretty much trouble free throughout the morning i don't see any biproblems here so 25 minutes to make it off to the peninsula and they were checking the rest of the bayrea we're doing fine on 24 5 80 and the nimitz only 10 minutes from san jose to milpitas. >>all right time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob ilack on this monday morning want to start by talking about the dow yes we actually saw some a ptty decent rating this morning out of the gate was up a triple digits. >>yet all time high and again ok it's the dow jones industrial average joining the s and p 500 with the nasdaq at an all-time high. you feel like you're not an all time
9:18 am
high you're doing something wrong here in texas should be doing it for you. the u s china trade deal should get some sort of. >>phase one may be done soon as the idea. but it's big names like caterpillar and tell jp morgan chase united technology all up0% in the last couple of mths. >>goldman sachs and caterpillar doing well apple up 25%. china the united states have been in this trade war talks for well over a year, but they say substantial phase one trade agreement signed late november is the story and again. i bri this up because whington on a roller coaster. right on time highs. you should be too and your for your wealth. all right we'll see what happens with th. >>i know when it comes corporations and investors. instability and managers never good saying we've got kind of that going on with mcdonald's right now with the ceos stepping down you see this as a positive or negative 7 o yes, success face starts at the top and shareholders are not loving it today. see what
9:19 am
you did there ah b a s a mcdold's had to fire their see over the weekend in large part. grebg easterbrook are steve easterbrook excuse me has a relationship going on with an employee that he shut it. when aree ever going to learn. mark hurd left hp for this very reason. he took our mcdonald's in 2015 the stock s more than doubled in that period of time the ceos could i tie towards us operations and it can take over. it's all fine. it's new normal transition. lot of focus on technology because there's enough stores, lord news on every corner but the self-serving kiosks the digital menu boards. plus there get in the liver could sell $4 billion delivery this year. so i say it's a buying opportunity and i'm very sad situation for seo has forced out the 2 a consensual relationship with an employee. just when it was frowned upon plus which to some positive news when talk a little bit about apple because we know they're sitting on billions
9:20 am
and billions of cash and oftentimes people wonder to do all that money buy another copy what are they going to do. >>turns out to get you somof that i guess to try to solve the homelessness problem here in california. >>again we have a great seo in san francisco marc benioff a sales force is basically saying corporate america, it's up to you to solve a lot of the problems in your neighborhood and apple's doin partially that themselves they announced to have half billion dollars 2 and a half million dollars to go to california's housing crisis. if you buy the campus you just see a lot of beliefs and same thing with ago attempting facebook and not a new housing going and is what it's all going to be about high. the announcement comes to love kind of valley communities are putting pressure on the corporations to solve the proble and not just for the taxpayers. tim cook from apple talked about all that 30,000 people leave in the bay area recently thai towards teachers and service people and massage or it's at restaurant. tours. but again i think you're seeing more and more activism like this from corporations oracle's high school on campus. they're all
9:21 am
going to high school soon we're all going to have colleges sooner than later because the college too expensive and they want them boys and we'll have to train them themselves. so corporate america, becoming the nanny. gooddea bad idea i don't know interesting got to that point i guess we have in their own employees is. >>well paid as they are by comparison a even they're getting priced out of the market so something's got to change right one quick your question before we go this one from li and i don't know she's choice know what do i do if i don't feel all be able to retire the clock's ticking around that time, i guess your tell a day die. >>last 10 years we've gone from 17% of americans over 65 working. 27% over 65 working and the numbers for those of people over 75. that's up from 4.7% to 8.7 here in common territory. i plan to work till the day i die not because i need the money but if i did i'd still work to die because
9:22 am
i want to be socialist and up to keep the heart beating as long as possible, but in new york and more people are set working because they haven't saved enough average american over 60 has always saved a $197,000. not enough retirement. keep the paychecks coming in even if it's a meter greeter at walmart or home depot, some cash flow coming in is a good thing don't have enough saved for the long term. >>okay, good advice aalways rob, thank keep the questions coming in lori thank you for that when you can always send your e-mails directly to rob rob or a black dot com you can find him on facebook and twitter and our website at kron 4 dot com. welcome back 9.25 on
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this monday morning. it's been a really nice monday so far and that is always good news for your travel plans, especially out of sfo, no fog, no delays at least as far as weather goes. >>so smooth sailing out of airport in the bay area will be smooth sailing up 82 into the sierra nevada as daytime highs today will rise into the 60's and no rain or snow in sight and very dry start to the month. robin. >>john we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell bridge where traffic is much better now it's starting to thin loosen up so earlier you were back to well beyond marina now, let's just return parkway so written parkway to the toll plaza is your slow down at 13 minutes over to the bay bridge 80 west. it's pretty packed this morning, your line stretches through the maze, it and slow like this for hours for very quiet. so no major issues coming in
9:26 am
we'll check in on more bridges and a crash wrapping up on 85 coming up in a bit chase. >>thank you very much rob. a new this morning bart now sinking one of its own workers f saving someone's life in oakland. it happened after the raiders game at the coliseum before we play you the reaction of the people on the platform all explain. a passenger up her up a customer bart's fell onto the tracks. one of the works jump down got him out and once they got back to safety. this is what happened. john o'connor's the person in the vast he's the employee and the person is hugging is the one who fell onto the tracks and he's very thankful that john was there because as i said he jumped onto the tracks and help that guy get out as a train was approaching. so that just added to have a scary situation of it all. bart says that john is a former train operator himself he now works
9:27 am
as a supervisor. for the transit agency and where but he's glad. he was there when he was. it's 9.26 and still ahead. >>mitchell is held in san francisco for a man and a woman who had been missing for more than a week.
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9:29 am
>>almost 9.30 so let's take a peek see of traffic has gotten any better we know the letters the letters going to get better. what's up with traffic
9:30 am
is slowly improving which is a starting to thin out but i have a crash that's lingering on 85 in cupertino hasn't gone away yet. i asked you don't see any rain cover. >>neth and whether about this forecast unss you're making the snow in the sierra. no natural snow and no rain here in the bay. we did have a touch of fog this morning and you can see it if you look really close sitting around right below the idge deck out the golden gate bridge that's going to be a nice pretty walk above there this morning, looking down at that fog which is quickly already burning off and setting us up for what will be a sunny day evn out at the coast now 50's and 60's are current temperatures was san matteo at 62 right now, san francisco faiield the laos, a holding up all in the low 60's. we were in the 30's this morning for the north bay. sa quick change of pace and that sunshine already making a difference san jose getting very close to 80 today while some places in the north bay all the way up into the low 80's, i've got the details in your forecast ahead, robert.
9:31 am
>>thank you john it is not a bad into san francisco right now it's just slow and that's mostly on the oakland side of the toll plaza here right behind the pay gates. this long line, it's still lingering through mayor it's 5.80 from 24. you backed up on the east shore in little pockets, so albany virtually emeryville san pablo overall not bad at all ming in. we're checking in on 85 this crash happened in the 7 'clock hour. still waiting for an update from chp looks like they're close to having it out of the way south 85 at de, anza that's where a person was struck on the freeway, a pedestrian and that is blocking the right lane so right lane blocked on the southbound side it's a northbound backup that's much much heavier because that's a commute directions. so 52 minutes san jose to cupertino darya james. and san francisco family and friends held a prayer vigil for a couple who got it flight mendocino county and in now 11 days, they have been seeing now for more on the story of kron four's. >>noah bella.
9:32 am
>>prayer dozs of frids and family gathered sunday night at 3rd baptist church in san francisco, expressing their hope that justin winfrey and killed 100 would be found. >>he's an angel on earth he said friday, he says he's a touch person and he does what everywhere. >>she's very funny and what i know about her because likto take adventures. >>she travels a lot and i woke up with a broken heart like i just he was such a nice guy. ry kind considerate of others wintry had a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. >>several months ago that dream came true to everybody i know. >>that landslide with him said he was a tax on pot was my experience as well. longtime friend angelo king says justin was the type to find adventure anywhere like so many of us have had adventures with just 18 and
9:33 am
you know that's why we know dead, you know we have faith that you know we're going to see him. justin and kayla had flown up to mendocino county on october 24th in his red and white piper arrow small plane. they were last seen around 09:00pm in shelter cove. according to mendocino county sheriff's office radar last signaled his plane between ckport and wheeler but after nothing has been found and. g >>are out there tires lee. still here for rescue. we just got to get and san francisco. below kron 4. >>morning drivers about a series of smash and grabs in one day. they tweeted that 15 car burglaries reported early turday morning in the nile's district police think the same
9:34 am
suspect or suspects likely targeted several victims in union city as well, they're reminding people of course try not leave valuables in your car be extra careful, especially when we're doing all the holiday shopping try not to leave office things out in the open for people to see. >>they're on the run after escaping from a monterey county jail santos samuel fonseka and jonathan salazar we're waiting for their trial. they were pending murder charges in 2 unrelated cases. and they were in custody since it's been about a year. when they escaped. authorities say they should be considered arme and dangerous. in the east bay police arrested this man roman montalbo they say he lit a fire started 8 fires all in the gary regional park in hayward on saturday. luckily, no buildings were burned a witnesses identified him and a half copter fighting the fires was able to locate him. today and napa valley vineyard owner of reports to federal prison
9:35 am
for cheating the college admissions system. august in heaven a us is going to serve 5 months in prison for taking part in 2 schemes to get his 2 daughters into usc one on a water polo scholarship and he also paid to fix or a c t scores, he was ordered in addition to the prison time to pay a $100,000 in fines and then he has to do 2 years of court supervision after this and 500 hours of community service, he's just one of dozens of wealthy parents who caught up in this cheating lying and. bribery ring to get eir kids into schools. >>has died at the santa anita horse racing track. this is the 37th course now to die since last december. the horse suffered a leg injury during the final race of the breeders cup on saturday. the park is you may remember closed earlier this year after more than 20 horses died in just a 3 month period beginning in march in reopen later that months after officials from the park said that it several changes to their safety
9:36 am
procedures but despite whatever they did. we had another horse die. new this morning, a federal appeals court says president ump's tax returns can be turned over to new york state criminal investigators. the decision upholds a lower court's decision to reject president trump's claim that he wanted to block his account from releasing those tax returns trump's lawyers ared in court that the president is immune to any and all criminal charges while in office even if that meant. he shot someone on the street he still couldn't be charged or tried. the manhattan da is looking into the payment as the president of the pain of the president made to 2 women claiming at they had affairs with before the 2016 election. the latest court ruling is likely to be appealed all the way to the supreme court. in other national news there will be for no shows at the house impeachment inquiry today national security council lawyers john eisenberg and michael ellis along with assistant to the president robert blair and brian mccormick with the office of management and budget. neither none of them will testify.
9:37 am
according to an administration official executive privilege is what they're citing at least eisenberg anyway, the others say th're going to not participate because white house lawyers won't be able to accompany them. this comes as house investigators get ready to start the next phase of impeachment inquiry against president trump. well talk to >>you need to worry about in the days ahead of us already feling pretty good outside too. we've got san francisco in fremont at 16 the way how it's 63 currently i've got more on your forecast ahead. >>and here's a peek at your drive on the nimitz freeway we brought up the caltrans camera so you can see the traffic heading north. it's stopping go from san leandro davis reet passing the coliseum off and on into downtown oakland. we'll check more now coming up.
9:38 am
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but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at is monday morning. it's been a beautiful morning so far and we've got even nicer weather. >>ahead of us into the afternoon today. the fog that you are seeing at the golden gate bridge is already in the process of burning off you can see just a little bit of it remaining right there through the golden gate. later today, do expect daytime highs in the 6070's and 80's well tomorrow bringing more of the same with plenty more sunshine and seasonable daytime highs the week ahead after that point will gradually bring some cooler temperatures mostly mid 70's by the end of the week with a few more clouds to partly to mostly cloudy on friday and saturday. robin. >>thank you john a quick peek
9:41 am
at the richmond sandra fell where traffic is slow only improving your only backed up here just be on return parkway are earlier it was marina, so that's an improvement here for the westbound drive to the north bay 11 minutes off to one oh one the bay bridge traffic, 80 west not improving not at the toll plaza you're backed up through the maze on to all connectors but no issues on the suspension on the skyway will check more bridges and drive times coming up started. thanks the night. >>the niners won without playing this weekend the raiders won at home and rdy moss almost missed
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>onthis monday morning a nice day to step outside the head back to work today with plenty of sunshine and just really favorable weather that's not going anywhere anytime soon, you're looking out at the east bay right now that we did see at the golden gate then the process of burning off and temperatures now climbing into the 60's for parts of the bay like fremont san francis on over to pittsburg valais how and over to fairfield where you're right at 60 degrees right now berkeley, currently sitting at 59 will san anselmo and saint helene a also in the 60's after a morning spent in the 30's. so temperatures are wasting no time in rising today, we are seeing calm winds today that something that remains in the forecast ahead, no major wind event ahead of us had really no chance of rain or snow either.
9:45 am
your forecast ahead for this first full week of november is looking persistently dry. today and tomorrow some of our sunnier and warmer days, we'll see a fewore clouds on into wednesday thursday and the notably friday and saturday being partly cloudy but even with that cloud cover and those slightly cooler temperatures conditions are still going to be dry. no rain ahead of us at least for this week into the weekend. 60's and 70's for your high temperatures along the coastline granada at 71 degrees while millbrae at 73. temperatures further south of the peninsula in the upper 70's like in woodside in mountain view and nearing 80 in areas like san jose and campbell, but not quite getting there. spate temperatures show a range of mid 70's, right alongside the shore of the bay to upper 70's for inland valleys. well, the north bay will be in the 80's for a few spots fairfield up to 82 wall sonoma and napa and santa rosa. each 80 degrees. more 80's on the map today them we're going to have the rest of your forecast tomorrow just a touch cooler, even
9:46 am
cooler yet come wednesday thursday and friday and as i told you just a minute ago do expect a few clouds, especially friday and saturday. rocket thank you john. >>that drive time looks a lot better here on 92 heading west we're down to 23 minutes to make it from hayward over to the peninsula. so at one point we were over 30. now we're down to 23 still crowded, but a very nice improvement within the last couple of hours the bay bridge traffic, 80 west, yes, still crawling from the maze cash on that to continue for the remainder of this hour through the 10 o'clock hour. we're at 14 minutes here to make it over to fremont street that's normal. we finally have a traffic improving here after this major accident south 85, south of de anza that's where a pedestrian was struck on that freeway there we never got an update on that person's condition, southbound traffic has improved northbound traffic still slow 39 minutes, san jose heading out to cupertino we're checking in on the dumb martin bridgit's under 30 minutes to make it to the peninsula and then to 3715
9:47 am
minutes 8.80 off to one oh one. they say win for lows and know what somebody else loses then can you win. absolutely the niners didn't play and the only undefeated team in re the nfl. now that the patriots have fallen, the patriots run was rolling on sunday, the baltimore ravens. ourselves the niners have yet to take on the ravens. >>for the seahawks. the patriots also had a very easy start to the season and look what hpened and so let's just enjoy this. >>the raiders returned from 6 weeks on the road to get a win at home. thebeat the detroit
9:48 am
lions 31 to 24 and raiders nations was yes, eating it up to running tv's to start and then there. action a 4th quarter throwing 2 touchdown passes on 218 i eyes. >>yet to play in front of our fans. it wasoud. especially towards the end zones as always which i miss i love i laugh about all the time. if i think i'm out of them all the time and just trying to hear coach gruden call a play. i love i love this place is special. thank the fans for coming up. and i. >>thank the mayor and everybody ftness play a home game again is great to get in here. our fans are awesome today, we needed a mall next home game comes fast. >>fast chargers come to oakland thursday, i would suggest they tell the pilot. oakland, california after what happened randy moss. so the hall the framers all path to you probably have the gold jacket is back. he was going
9:49 am
to see his son's last high school football game saturday night, virginia and then head to connecticut the next morning to be on espn. he have to the plane closed his eyes when he woke up. it was intended to see. you are supposed to come to bristol connecticut right that's where yes bn and where >>want to give a shout out to everybody in bristol my son's last football game of hi senior yeathe pilot tells me we have about our father our 10 minute flight kawhi lay back put my hand ov play the visor once we looking for the sheraton hotel to connect said that bradle breast go ho and tennessee. bristol change i'm just glad.
9:50 am
>>can you believe that so he was we map to james. >>how the pilot could mistake and he told them going to be our 5 minutes which is where he was to bristol connecticut. how you go on a 3 hour flight. the pilot unaware. and are now i guess me he was aware of many joke about the chargers making sure they're in the right oakland via you knw you never know because there is by the way and oakland tennessee. in fact there are 11. but only one that we know and love as oak 10 you know ever since the warriors announced they were leaving oakland. it seems they're cursed. like this jennifer nielsen novel i i mean really bad stuff in real life that we neeto go over it. kd got hurt then clay got hurt and katie left often adhe and everybody else and then steph got her and now drame on
9:51 am
green is going to miss several games after getting hurt in the warriors loss to the spurs friday night. he said he couldn't grip the ball. that's the same finger that steph hurt. it's the reverse image here in the shop and it's the left can't remember right where the left index finger can next. and we found out on the same day that green got hurt that step is going to be help for a whopping 3 months and then clay, don't hold your breath. itakes a village to raise a child.
9:52 am
to build a bridge. to tow a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand dedicated, passionate, driven medical and non-medical professionals to deliver on our belief in total health for all. we are kaiser permanente. thrive.
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nounepidemic fueled by juul use withheir kid-friendlyn flavored e-cigarettes. buto votethen juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
9:54 am
>>authorities continue to search for answers in that mass shooting in a random. >>and we're tracking the weather see if there's any rain in e forecast. let's go to come on streets us to see what else i don't even from war. >>in addition to those stories we're still tracking the upcoming elections here in san francisco in other parts of the bay area and we're also going to be talking with ski resorts as they try to get ready for the upcoming season. also the power outageshow that affected them as well, although coming up throughout the day on friday. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. what we have
9:55 am
4 new movies hitting theaters this past weekend only 2 of them actually made it into the top 5 at the box office we have rick damigella now with ah breakdown of the top 5. >>the adams family lurched back from 3rd place down to 5th on ticket sales of million. historical bio-pic harriet outperformed pundit predictions debuting in 4th place with million aleviand mistress of evil fell from first place to 3rd with 12.2 million. my mother. >>always tells me. the face joker held on to second place this weekend adding million to its domestic box office tol which now sits just below million and brings its worldwide gross to over 934 million. terminator dark fate stumbled in its opening
9:56 am
weekend, the 6th movie in the terminator franchise brought in an estimated million after being forecast to open in the million range in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. >>all right and check this out a pretty interesting story to our north a boat stuck on the rocks above niagara falls for more than a 100 years has been dislodged somewhat by recent high winds and heavy rain you can see it's get battered by the water. this is actually the first time it's moved enough for anyone to notice since 1918. when it came loose from a tug boat got stuck on the rocks there it's about 650 yards from the lip of the waterfall staff at niagara falls therare keeping a close eye. they don't think it's going to come completely loosened plummet over the edge, but. we'll have to wait and see. >>let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay for has now our first full week of that's right. so what's up. >>look the temperatures are it is today and then it starts to cool as you can see we're getting a lot cooler coolers
9:57 am
the week goes on. holding steady as graph on thursday says with this sort of mild start to november. ride it as long as you can because we know last month we had those heat spikes every now and then i don't think we're going to get this number which won some rain and and some snow in the we don't for the time being so so to crowd for we give you more weather and traffic than any other local channel on the planet. >>we will be back here tomorrow morning starting at 04:00am and as always our coverage continues on kron on 24 7. >>don't forget to download that app at your favorite app store. we'll see tomorrow.
9:58 am
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or uncontrollable muscle movements, may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. metabolic changes may occur. movement dysfunction, restlessness, sleepiness, stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." from beauty queen to a daily dose of this. ♪ if you're happy and you know it take your medicines ♪ >> tamara is addicted to adderall. she's all over the place. she's always sending me all of these wacky texts. the bleeding lamp, no avocadon the ipad. >> he's going to get in trouble. >> annncer: can she come down from her high? >> dr. phil: is that manic to you? >> i like mania. 's better than depression. >> dr. phil: you're a drug


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