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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  November 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>>at 5 a milpitas man is blaming pg any for a fire that gutted his home amid the high winds that roared through the bay area. late last month. thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the evidence suggests the fire was caused by a downed power line but still at issue tonight. >>what exactly brought that wire down kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to speed he is live in milpitas with the latest hi rob. >>big randy i you know as you said there doesn't seem to be any dispute about a exactly what caused the fire caused
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this fire here in this home here in milpitas to burn down it was one of these power lines over my head here and we know of course the power line belong to pg any but local inspectors tell me that before they can point the finger officially at genie will they have to know exactly what caused that line to come down. here's more. >>caroline jones for i'm not sure exactly where >>then we'll see this resident robert peas was watching football a week ago sunday, when he heard a kind of explosion outside his home near the corner of barker's redone maryland avenue. a few minutes later he and his mother and girlfriend are running for their lives as their home was destroyed by fire. he says pg e's power lines caused that fire. >>and then all of sudden there's a pop in the power goes out. and then i get a and then it converse with second there's a second pop and the power goes out again and stays out and that's what i hear my girlfriend ya crab they've fired. >>the milpitas fire department also believes the blaze was sparked by downed wires which
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spread to vegetation and eventually the home p has acknowledged it was aware of a downed line in the neighborhood that day. but it's not clear what caused the line to fail in a statement to kron 4 news, the utility said pg e submitted an electric incident report regarding the milpitas fire. the information provided is preliminary the genie is continuing to investigate genie. >>had sent the beginning of august, they say they're going to trim the tree in the backyard and the bamboo keep it away from the power lines. >>but they never showed up milpitas fire inspector eric emanuel says he has yet to determine if the line was down by the wind by a tree branch by faulty pgd equipment or by something else video and still pictures shot by neighbors show firefighters battling the wind driven blaze, which damaged 7 other homes when the roof on this home caught fire neighbor, jake genna's fought it with a garden hose and the flames are just going like 60 miles an hour up in the air.
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>>and amber's are flying down towards this way in my house come the women's movement >>the jenny had killed the power across the region that day because of high winds. but this part of milpitas is not considered a high risk area. >>this is the alternative you know, and it's like well this is the alternative that i much rather have the unpopular rolling outages, you know. >>there's got to be a better way. >>the better way indeed milpitas fire tells me that the line that came down appeared to have been spliced at some point they tell me that it will now be up to an electrical engineer to determine if that is relevant and that whatever else might have caused this line to come down by the milpitas rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right rob, including peters fire pge equipment. >>is under investigation as a potential cause of 7 fires last month. the california public utility commission is looking into pg e's involvement in the cars. the
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kincade fire. a report shows that the company was aware of a transmission outage near the geysers when the fire broke out. cal fire crews found what appeared to be a broken jumper cable in that area. the commission is also looking at the utility's involvement in 2 fires in lafayette. one of those fires destroyed part of the lafayette tennis club that was back on october 27th. the fire marshal determined that pg e power lines caused that fire then in the east contra costa county fire officials they're determined pg e equipment once again sparked 2 fires one on bethel island the other in oakley. now we're also learning today that pg e acknowledge that they are looking into whether a fire in martinez. they have also been caused by their equipment that fire happened back. october 27th in contra costa county fire officials say it was caused by power lines and a transformer and in northern california district court judge has ordered that pg e has until noon on november
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29th to answer some questions about the historic power shut off last month. questions include the cable falls from an energized transmission line can its park. what scenarios could possibly or possibly rather cause a jumper cable to separate from a transmission line during a windstorm another question how many structures have been lost and how many lives have been lost by wildfires. arguably caused by pg e distribution lines in 2019 again p g has intel. if ever 29th answered the judge's questions. >>the deadline to file a claim against pg e for any damages caused by wildfires has been extended to december 31th. lawyers for many of the victims say the survivors are still traumatized and struggling to get back on their feet and many were not able to file a claim by the original deadline date which was last month in october, the new date must still be approved by a judge. the utility has set aside billion to pay wildfire victims as
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part of its bankruptcy plan. and now an update on that kincade fire burning in sonoma county. it is 80% contained the fire has burned more than 77,000 acres destroyed at least a 174 homes damaged another 35 homes, full containment is expected by thursday and this is big all evacuation orders have been lifted. the healdsburg community center is now open. it is there to help fire victims people can get supplies that they might need goggles gloves mask suits anything else along those lines. it is also the checkpoint foropeople looking to return home. people must verify their addresses. we will have more on this community center and and how long it will be open that's coming up tonight at 5.30. >>all right, let's get a live look outside right now in our weather in the bay area, those a blessing clouds are back a barely barely a the golden gate bridge poking through the clouds just the tips of the towers are visible driving
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into the city you could see that fog was all over the place this afternoon in the sky time was similar to this our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>is with us. yeah very nice very mild of course we could certainly use a good storm rolling through california. >>to bring some rain to really bring him into the fire says right now. it doesn't look like that's going to happen so we are seeing it on shore breeze and that is bringing with it a little moisture from the ocean. so that'll of increased the humidity around the bay area, especially near the coastline in some local values you see some of that sneaking right through the golden gate right now so we are going to see more of that on the temperature wise a cool 62. in the san francisco still warm in places like livermore concord you're still in the 70's their 16 san jose 60 in oakland and 69 degrees in santa rosa now tomorrow morning. we're waking up to a couple of patches of fog cool temperatures early on by the middle of the day skies becoming mostly sunny. and then by the afternoon tomorrow will see some of those
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temperatures sneaking up i think in low 80's in the warmer spots inland when might we see some rain we'll talk about that the rest forecast coming up a few thank memorial has been set up for the victims of the house party shooting. >>on halloween night in orinda so what we know there have been 5 victims 3 died at the scene and 2 died later from their injuries. there have been no arrests in that case. one of the 5 people killed was known as a good father helping to raise his 2 children with his girlfriend in a small north bay town. our first has made has the story. apparently we're having a problem with that story will i get to it shortly. grant. >>now an update on a double homicide that happened back in june doctors say the suspect that killed a cab driver and a tow truck driver in san mateo county is not competent to stand trial. 26 year-old malik to suu kyi of pacifica according to officials lord a
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cab driver, a boom, a leak nasher to skyline boulevard where he brutally murdered him with a large knife that according to police then to suu kyi called for a tow truck and murdered the tow truck driver in the same spot, according to police. the prosecution's doctors concluded that to suu kyi is not competent to stand trial. even with this new detail. the judge has granted the case to reset and move forward to a later date. >>an update on the 2 murder suspects who escaped from the monterey county jail over the weekend. these are new photos showing the whole that the suspects made to make that as cave 21 year-old santos samuel fonseka and 20 year-old jonathan salazar were being held in the monterey county- adult detention facility awaiting trial. they were held pending murder charges in 2 unrelated cases, the monterey county sheriff's office says that they are investigating just how they managed to escape the 2 had been in custody. since last year
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authorities say they should be considered armed and dangerous the sheriff's office is asking for tips to help them find and recapture the pair. >>still to come tonight at 5 house democrats have released transcripts from a closed door interviews and that impeachment inquiry will tell you what the transcripts reveal. >>and raiders one home victory jason dumas has the details coming up. >>all of this video is making the rounds. we will see it coming up a bar employee saves a writer from an oncoming train. it was right after the raiders game at the coliseum station. we'll have that video for you i think coming up. >>and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you're streaming us on kron.
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>>a bar employees being called a hero tonight after pulling a writer out of the track way just as the train was bearing down on him in fact that you can see it on surveillance camera video it literally doesn't get close to in this kron four's maureen kelly talked to this 24 year barred veteran today who says. >>he was just doing his job. >>this all happened a little before 5 30 sunday evening here at the coliseum bart station. >>that's where transportation supervisor john o'connor was helping with crowd control after the raiders game when he saw the young man fall into the track way from the corner of his eye and spring into
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action. >>there is down there were all young and the crowds same page it out of the track way what i looked i saw the headlights and i saw him a slight make got lucky in it just happened and other passenger caught this heartwarming video. o'connor hugging and he pulled to safety the 24 year part veteran says he doesn't consider. >>what he did her he says he was just doing his job really feels awkward to be called a hero. close was >>you know we're all human beings. life is press assault. >>they got to just see another day. >>bart officials say the young man who has yet to be identified did not appear to be injured as a result of this fall, but they do say he was
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severely intoxicated and needed to be transported to a local hospital for his own safety. o'connor says. >>he and the man he pulled from that truck weight did exchange a few words the young man thanked him o'connor's response to him was to pay it forward maureen kelly for news. >>police in lafayette are looking for 3 suspects involved in a violent home invasion robbery happened about 8 30 on halloween night. this is on martino road off pleasant hill road police say one suspect knocked on the door while 2 others. he was assaulted and forced back in his house investigators say the suspects went through the house stealing things for about an hour. and then they left in the victim's bmw, the stolen car was tracked down founded oakland. it was abandoned there one of the victims was taken to the hospital. another had minor injuries. >>all right, let's take a look at our 4 zone forecast from our sutro camera looking
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downtown very dry downtown san francisco drive a pleasant and and interesting that the fog isn't there. we just looked like the golden gate bridge out of 5.10 minutes ago and it was it >>they're here we go. yeah that's directly on the but our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. you're just saying hey you're trained professional. he looked right me even looking into the distance and it's not good news. i'm trying to find that first rain. >>the first significant rain of the season usually it comes right about this time of year, but right now. yeah, i don't see much in the way of rain at all in the long range forecast dry as a bone out there right now very low humidity as well, although we are seeing a little bit of a sea breeze means fog back in along the coastline. winds you get an onshore breeze in the san francisco. that's what's bringing the fog along the coastline as well as 17. an at 8 miles per hour to the northwest in oakland, but that fog kind of sneaking along the coastline right now of course we love the using that doppler right now to track some rain drops that doesn't look like the case temperatures outside
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very very mild 71 degrees in fremont 71 in redwood city of got that cool fog in 50's in half moon bay in pacifica 62. in the san francisco 74 in the playoffs, 73 degrees and fairfield and still 79 degrees in st. now about that tonight stay mostly clear and a bit chilly in the interior valleys and patch goes to fog and maybe couple batches just inside the bay tomorrow, sunny and warm again and that ridge of high pressure staying strong and that means we're looking at a very dry pattern continuing. well into november of course a high pressure overhead you're not seeing much makes in the atmosphere so very hazy conditions still some lingering smoke from the fires around the bay area by tomorrow afternoon too. i hear that big dome of high pressure is what we call wrecks blocking usually they last about 14 to 21 days and certainly this one looks like it's going to do that maybe even longer. it will bring warm weather the bay area for tomorrow but here's the long-range forecast model and you see these storms off the look impressive. but boy they run into a huge region just cannot make any headway even into the weekend. yeah looking
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very nice around the bay area. so if you want to have some outdoor plans you want to do something certainly go to it looks like it will stay dry and well into next week in fact looks like we're staying dry. maybe tell not only the middle of the month, maybe even longer than that. florence's favorite team clearly the oakland raiders and and it's like they even play in the bay area they have been gone on the road for this crazy. >>6 weeks. and they finally returned oakland finally able to give greater nation something to cheer about you know little did they ever proffer sports reporter jason dumas said joining us in the studio to break it all down. >>an ice when it felt good to be back at fco first diagnosed finding my way again had been there at some point it loss to all the hoopla over the undefeated 9 or season is. >>that the oakland raiders are quietly putting together a very solid season, oakland for foreign have officially gotten past the tough portion of their schedule yesterday they
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begun a 3 game homestand after spending a whopping 42 days away from the coliseum the raiders took down the lions, 31 to 24 behind a strong performance from the rookie class rookie running back josh jacobs the reigning october looking at the 2 touchdowns rookie tight end foster moreau he had a touchdown catch and the rookie, wideout hunter renfroe also had a touchdown catch. oakland is just one game out of a playoff spot at the midway point but they have just 4 days to prep for their next game against the chargers and john gurdon let it be noted a loud and clear that he doesn't enjoy playing on thursday night football. >>i don't believe in this thursday i'm not going to be on my soapbox any more than that hurts hurts both teams. obviously the preparation. that a lot of pride get our guys ready to play we need a little time to do that. but a lot of people disagree with me obviously so it'll be a challenge.
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>>not a happy jon gruden now after thursday night the raiders will have just 3 games remaining at the coliseum they're all set to move into our new las vegas stadium in 2020. >>still ahead bay area mega company apple says it's going to commit more than 2 billion dollars to combat the housing crisis will tell you where that money is going. >>i'm alexander only monae in washington house democrats released transcripts of some of the closed door testimony of the closed door testimony in the shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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>>national news that the impeachment inquiry into president trump house democrats have released the transcripts from the depositions of 2 officials who have recently testified behind closed doors, our washington correspondent alexander le monde reports both officials. >>told congress that they were concerned about the relationship between the trump administration and ukraine. newly released transcripts show a senior state department official told lawmakers he was very concerned about. >>how the trump administration was using the state department the apparatus of the state department itself was being used. >>to seek. political information for a political purpose, michael mckinley said he left his position as a senior adviser to secretary pompeo because of those concerns and because of the lack of support provided to then ambassador to ukraine
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marie yovanovich house democrats also released transcripts of her testimony one of the first witnesses to this irregular back channel that the president established with rudy giuliani. >>and the damage that it was doing to america's national security the transcripts also show that republican lawmakers were able to attend depositions make remarks and question witnesses. >>on twitter president trump repeated claims that the whistleblower is just someone with an anti trump agenda demanded that the whistleblower testify in person and said his phone call with the ukrainian president was quote perfectly stated and that there's no reason to call witnesses in fact the trump administration blocked various witnesses from testifying monday. we million for. >>their testimony would be further incriminating of the president that something intelligence committee chairman adam schiff sayf will add to potential.
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>>obstruction of congress charges against president trump. in washington, alexandra leigh mount a federal appeals court says president trump's tax returns can be turned over to new york state. >>criminal investigators. the decision upholds a lower court's decision to reject the president's attempts to block his accounting firm releasing his tax returns trump's lawyer argued in court that the president is immune from any and all state criminal charges while he's in office. even if he shoots someone on the street. well they manhattan da is looking into the payment the president made to 2 women claiming they had affairs with him before the 2016 election. >>next at 5.30 a 6 month old puppy stolen from a shelter in berkeley, but the pup has been found the suspect though still on loose, the tactics used to get special access at the shelter. and why this appears to be a breach of trust. >>and just in time for the holidays, amazon is rolling
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out new delivery options to get your holiday items faster details next to 5.30. as the kincade fire inches. >>closer to full containment a local assistance center has been set up to help presidents with the law process of process of getting their lives back to ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. >>tonight 5.30 kron four's always tracking local stories and here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now.
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>>the kincade fire in sonoma county is now at 80% containment. and as the danger passes the long slow process of getting back to normal begins for many in the area. a local assistance center is set up now in healdsburg where folks can get some help. our first charles clifford is there. you're in healdsburg on monday and local assistance center has been opened. >>for folks who are impacted by the recent fire and also the power outages now there are dozens of government agencies here along with nonprofits insurance companies here to answer questions big and small for folks who are impacted. we have the department of health care the california department of motor vehicles permits to know about for folks who might want to get started on the permitting process callow we asked the contractors state license boaro, the red cross insurance companies, salvation army and the united way and a lot of folks been standing in line for hours trying to get some help i talked to 2 ladies we're here to try to replenish some of the food they lost because of the power outages. >>we are just hoping to replenished. services that we need. personally have breast
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cancer science not only having. expense but added on. this evacuation and trying to recoup but we've lost and. low income like a lot of people out here. and we just don't have the money to resign. >>now the local assistance center will be open on monday tuesday and wednesday here in healdsburg from 10 to 7. it could possibly be open longer than that if there is a need and also one final note, immigration status is not being considered when it comes to giving out help no matter what your status is you can come down here for assistance. but for now in healdsburg charles clifford kron 4 news. >>6 month-old terrier mix was stolen from the berkeley humane society over the weekend. good news there the main society says ribbon was


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