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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 5, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news checking in on your forecast now. and once the sun going come is the sun going to come out today. oh >>charles has a gentle president this morning ok i did we definitely are seeing fog. all across the bay itself. but it's going to clear out morning so it's actually not going to stay with us terribly long it's a very good marine layer. not that he can kind of see the city of lights. that's a pretty shot. yeah, a lot of berkeley camera been can see anything so that's a good sign right there it's just a very thin layer of fog for those of you that are driving through it definitely slow down it will be enough to block of visibility at times kind of nice to see that fog pushing back in and like i mentioned it's not going to stay with us
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for a long by the time we work towards 11:00am at the latest will be saying that fog having burned off and it will still stay right along the coastline and being in flowing in and out for a coastal areas while our inland spots in bayside areas will be looking at plenty of sunshine this afternoon before that fog streams right through the golden gate yet again into the early evening, making for another foggy evening ahead of us into your tuesday night. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures right now it is definitely a cool start to this morning. but jackets on you're going to need of getting outside concord at 47 degrees right now we do have santa rosa very close to the 30's but so far staying right above the could your touch warmer than yesterday you can think karl for that keep india just a touch warmer i'm helping you not to lose so much heat during your overnight hours. 40's and 50's as a just showed you for your morning temperatures by the afternoon. pretty solid 70's today, i'm talking more about what to expect today and for the rest of the week. still ahead back to robin all right.
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thank you jon, i want to check in on traffic. yes, we have some early. >>the birds out there already. crowded appear at the bay bridge toll plaza only the cash lanes the line is growing for sure, but overall it's been a nice trip coming in it's quiet. no crashes nil stalls 9 minutes to make it off to fremont street, here's a very busy and crowded 92 trip across the san mateo bridge already sluggish. but only on the flat section but we consider this a decent rip right, your drive times under 15 minutes, we don't have any hot spots here in the mix so get on out there and use it now now what may be a problem driving around this morning as the dance far and for some some of you half of my commute was fine the other half was pretty foggy that's aleem i got closer to san francisco. so you'll be driving through to cross the golden gate makes it hard to see right. so just be extra cautious. 20 minutes novato to the tolls we're checking traffic tracker but looking at the freeways out of the east bay and they look or 8 the or westbound is 24 looks good out of wannacry through the caldecott the macarthur and the nimitz wide open from
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to 38 to downtown oakland. a big story that we're following for you this morning is out of the south bay where a mother is behind bars after admitting to drowning her own child her 2 year-old in a bath tub kron four's taylor for sacking has more. >>we came back the area taped. >>city knew something was wrong. the on clinton and his wife julie dog clinton returned home from church sunday morning to find part of their apartment building surrounded by police and crime scene tape. gilroy police say their neighbor 35 year-old marcy was arrested after calling 911 in telling police she just drowned her 2 year-old daughter in the bath tub. >>come on we this point is the >>road police say they responded to the 7900 block of west would drive around 11 30 sunday morning. once inside. police say they found the
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lifeless child in the bathtub filled with water. here. police say they tried giving the 2 year-old cpr and then rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. police found months-long a less than a mile away from their home and arrested her at the intersection of miller avenue and first street neighbors say on to recently moved in and only lived there for 2 months whenever i passed fire. >>i was on 2 adults and 2 kids. always missed because there was no connection. >>clinton says he really saw her when he did she often avoided any sort of communication try to say hello. >>come see the person of the singer walking past. you see the person door you see him. she always looked down or way never never got a name. never
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knew anything about. >>neighbors say came and went very quietly during those 2 months they even described her as a mystery now, everyone of course is very upset after hearing what happened to that 2 year-old girl in gilroy tiller the psac ii kron 4 news. >>milpitas police arrested this man for indecent exposure. they say that mario vaquero took his pants off in front of an 11 year-old and 2 adults in 2 separate incidents. they ended up arresting him based on a sketch and also another victim identified him. the to the south bay now pg may have also caused a fire that destroyed a home and some damaged several others kron four's rob fladeboe has more. >>and caroline jones for i'm not sure exactly where that. >>then we'll see this resident robert peas was watching football a week ago sunday, when he heard a kind of explosion outside his home near the corner of barker's
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redone maryland avenue. a few minutes later he and his mother and girlfriend were running for their lives as their home was destroyed by fire. he says pg e's power lines caused that fire. >>and then all of sudden there's a pop and the power goes out. and then i get a and then it converse with second there's a second pop and the power goes out again and stays out and that's what i hear my girlfriend ya crab they've fired. >>the milpitas fire department also believes the blaze was sparked by downed wires which spread to vegetation and eventually the home p has acknowledged it was aware of a downed line in the neighborhood that day. but it's not clear what caused the line to fail in a statement to kron 4 news, the utility said pg e submitted an electric incident report regarding the milpitas fire. the information provided is preliminary the genie is continuing to investigate genie. >>had sent the beginning of august. they say they're going to trim the tree in the backyard and the bamboo keep
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it away from the power lines. >>but they never showed up milpitas fire inspector eric emanuel says he has yet to determine if the line was down by the wind by a tree branch by faulty pgd equipment or by something else video and still pictures shot by neighbors show firefighters battling the wind driven blaze, which damaged 7 other homes when the roof on this home caught fire neighbor, jake janet's fought it with a garden hose and the flames are just going like 60 miles an hour up in the air. >>and amber's are flying down towards this way in my house come to the women's >>the jenny had killed the power across the region that day because of high winds. but this part of milpitas is not considered a high risk area. >>but then this is the alternative you know, and it's like well. if that's this is the alternative that i much rather have the unpopular rolling outages, you know, there's got to be a better way. >>in milpitas rob fladeboe kron 4 news. well community
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immigrants city is mourning the loss of a man who died in the shooting at a halloween party in orinda. >>29 year-old javelin county is one of the 5 people gunned down at that party. one close friend says achieved saw county earlier that day halloween he took his kids out trick or treating, friends and family are still struggling just to make sense of the violence that took so many lives. >>i'm heartbroken because we lost 1, one of our own in our community. i think in that there was one person the fact that in no was a mass tonight in november cow disease. he was is at the wrong place at the wrong time. >>will county leaves behind 2 small boys one is 6 years old the other is just one a go fund me page has been set up to support his children. you can find a link to that page on our website kron 4 dot com. of the moments that are bart workers saved a man who just fell onto the tracks. he's
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being called a hero but he tells us and he was just doing his job kron four's kelly has more. >>i don't feel like it was anything special honestly that's what i'm here for it was right after the raiders game sunday evening when the man fell into the track way transportation supervisor john o'connor who was there helping with crowd control says he saw it happen from the corner of his eye and rushed in to pull the man out or is down there were all young and the crowds same page it out of the track way. what i looked i saw the headlights i saw him. >>uses light make it. you know, i got lucky in it just happened another passenger caught this heartwarming video. o'connor hugging and he pulled to safety the 24 year bart veteran says he doesn't consider. >>what he did her he says he was just doing his job. >>i'd like to think that anybody else stand there would have done the same thing i was god put me there for a reason right, i guess. we've got to
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go home hopefully cares cancers. a new scene be a young man. got a lot of life they all say it's a good one. >>bart officials say the young man who has yet to be identified did not appear to be injured as a result of this fall, but they do say he was severely intoxicated and needed to be transported to a local hospital for his own safety. o'connor says he and. >>the man he pulled from that truck weight did exchange a few words the young man thanked him o'connor's response to him was to pay it forward maureen kelly on for news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a win for the warriors after new chase center in san francisco out. and here's a live look outside almost forgot about the market, errol there it is at least can see the bridge this morning we were talking about the flaws i could really see the skyline. driving in much it will soften fog so as the golden gate, so some of you, waking up to chilly and foggy conditions but john trimble
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says it will clear will tell you exactly when coming up.
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>>to the kron 00:04am morning news, the time for 43 good morning we've been here all morning ways. we just have to wait for the fog to just get out of the way yeah and it's going scoot up pretty quick
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today it's going to cooperate some of those days you like to see the fog sticking around and specially after some hot weather was true. we're kind of we're ready for some more sunshine. we got really spoiled. this weekend. we did the weekend was beautiful. yes, it was and we actually do have another nice one ahead of us ok too. after the fog that we are seeing right now it's going to clear midmorning so what you're seeing over berkeley and san francisco, currently which is this you from the berkeley hills isn't going to look this way for too terribly long it's already pretty evident. >>how thin that foggy layer as you can see some of the city lights below so yeah, it's not going to stick around for much longer we are going to see abundant sunshine today after what is definitely a chilly and in some cases a foggy start 40's and 50's for your current temperatures across the bay with oakland at 46 currently novato napa your 41 timber on at 51 regardless of where you're at definitely get your jackets in hand as you are stepping outside the door. now we are going to see an offshore flow kicking into
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gear that brings a lot of bad memories to people's minds when those were talking about offshore winds we're not going to see any major wind events but we are going to see a shift in wind direction that is going to result in some warmer temperatures come the start of the weekend and a lack of fog come the start of the weekend. so we are seeing some fog right now we're going to see it again tomorrow morning but likely into friday and saturday are going to have a couple of fog free mornings and a noticeable rise in temperatures for coastal areas. today we are going to be in the 60's at the coast, thank you to that marine layer and that fog that we are seeing this morning. a little cooler than yesterday well 70's for air bayside areas with saying carlos at 74. redwood city at 73 woodside at 75 south bay temperatures still in the upper 70's not much different than yesterday. campbell in san jose each at 77 low to mid 70's, right alongside the day with upper 70's for east bay inland valleys. we only have one 80 on the map today and that is for you and fairfield very
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close in vacaville up to 79 binnish at 78 novato your peak today at 76 degrees. so as offshore flow kicks into gear on thursday and friday again it's not going to come along with any major wind events but a breeze here and there what you will see our temperatures on the rise taking us back into the low 80's come thursday friday and saturday before we cool off again into sunday and monday of next week. robin. >>all right, thank you let's check in on your early morning commute get on out there because the traffic is filling in of course getting busier by the minute. we're checking the bay bridge, 80 west and now we have a longer line in the cash lanes on the right hand side starting to stack up toward the end of the lot. and i'm just getting word of a new accident here to see west 80 at toll lane number 3011 actually that will be over to the left looks like they've already cleared it. but it was a non-injury accident that just popped up there. 9 minutes here to make your way into san francisco. we don't lie when the crashes pop up in the may quickly clear we just don't want the ones that linger and stick around right.
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here's a 92 the san mateo bridge a little busy a little crowded as expected. but overall a nice commute to the peninsula over to the richmond sandra fell now now it's getting a little busy in your cash lanes on the left side here 9 a great trip across the span. just a minor way here at the toll plaza we're taking a peek traffic tracker check out 5.80 maybe that's a part of your commute 5.80 west. livermore to the dublin interchange that's only 10 minutes the nimitz doing fine rolling south. i don't see any issues for south 6.80 so if you're rolling out of dublin son all out to fremont that's off to a fantastic start and then to 37 also looking pretty good westbound it's 6 minutes that is pretty quick from 80 over to one oh one we'll check some more drive times coming up. now let's talk about the for years. aim at the new chase center in san francisco. yes, it has. without trayvon so yeah, it's possible. it was a golden state's young players, the young guys that
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stepped up against the portland trail blazers all right so let's jump into it. we're in the 4th. here's how the lead. but he also draws a 5. klay thompson like that yeah, he's they're lacking in from the sideline. >>then with 2 minutes left in the game. this with 36 points and 13 rebound somewhat. 27 to one 18. her first victory at the chase center feels good. let's head to houston tomorrow night to face james hart. >>and are seeing a silver lining finally to the rough start of the season tickets are much cheaper for cain's of the new chase center. kron four's dan thorn spoke with some fans who say finally finally we can afford and we can go now. >>fans have not been thrilled, but the rough start to the warriors season, but now they're getting a chance to see their favorite team in their brand new home and at a reasonable price.
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>>affordable for sure yeah we got tickets for about 2530 bucks a day this was anthony ready and change ice first game at the chase center. they want to take advantage of the warriors slow start by scooping up some cheap tickets online. >>first-time happy 2530 other fans found some nice deals as well we've had about 75 for lower level in the recent years but has pretty see on the street, the fans anticipated a surge in pricing months that he move from oakland to san francisco however injuries to practically the entire starting 5 has been a double edged sword to lower prices, fans may not get to see step clay or dream and play. but they can at least afford to check out. the new digs. >>they made the mood as to what i knew was going to be expensive with all the traffic that corporations to it's on this painful for this moment, the time being that it was cheap enough to afford to come. reporting in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>the 100 vegetable products
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are being recalled because of listeria concerns the recalled packages have a sell by date of november, 1620 19 and include some varieties of man and still monte and trader joe's now so far there have been no reported illnesses would make sure you check your fridge and see if you have that in there. before your money this morning thanksgiving is still a few weeks away right but there's already a holiday shopping forecast. and it's looking very cheerful for retailers. brad conway has more. >>grow as much as 4.2% compared to 2018, reaching a possible high of billion that's according to the national retail federation. a critical time for retailers with november and december sales, counting for 20% of annual sales, victim rise is good news for retailers. they
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saw a small increase of only 2.1% last year. the nrf flames 2018 is tariffs. >>and the uncertainty over a government shutdown but this is also good news for job, seekers the nrf expects retailers to hire more than 5. to help with the high demand this holiday season. experts credit the rise in holiday sales to job growth and higher wages, and it's not just brick lnd mortar store seeing soaring sales. the nrf forecast fines on. are expected to increase as much as 14% to nearly $167 billion. for consumer watch. brad conway. >>peak outside we're checking in on the airport's a little bit of fog. and the north port of any major issues of course, we'll check for delays will check your traffic and weather coming up after the break.
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>>welcome back 4.54 on this tuesday morning more fog today than we've seen in a long time across the bay area. it's not going to stay around for too long though it's a very thin marine layer, so it's going to burn off quickly and areas like berkeley, what you're seeing right now that will have plenty of sunshine up already by midmorning today's daytime highs a little cooler than yesterday is not seeing so many 80's on the map just 60's and 70's. tomorrow we're going to keep with that and
4:55 am
lot more sunshine a little fog to start the morning for the week ahead and you're going to see a big change and that's going to result from some hot dry air from our inland areas just being pushed out a little bit closer to the coast. no major winds along with it but it will help temperatures to rise back up into the 80's and a noticeable warm-up for coastal areas. robin. >>all right, thank you let's check in on traffic just a reminder to be careful driving in the fog out there this morning. some of you waking up to clear conditions. some of you waking up to some dense fog and it's not fun driving through here at the bay bridge you're fine but the backup is growing that line is getting longer and longer spilling out just beyond 8.80 over crossing, but a quiet are coming in 92 is busy it's been busy since the start of the broadcast. a little crowded on the flat section but 13 minutes to the peninsula. and here's or foggy golden gate reduced visibility across the span so us headlights and wipers should be on 20 minutes novato to the toll plaza.
4:56 am
during the monday night football games about life stadium, the cash and you know just started casually trotting down the field right in the middle of the 2nd quarter, you know just out for a stroll and then the pace quick. picks up with several troopers tried to catch it call the police call the cops here in violation game resumed after the cap just left. through the tunnel like it never happened. no word if the troopers actually caught or arrested. >>reading news a big day for the bay area as voters head to the polls calls for election day. we are live with the breakdown of the big races happening right here in san francisco. plus an east bay city is considering banning air bnb after a deadly shooting at a halloween party will have the latest on that coming up.
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robin. >>no hot spots we don't want to do right the bridges are filling and quickly sought to bridge track and just be careful driving in the fog sums, you know spots are nice and clear right place is pretty dense and for me. it's scary driving to the faa specially on the coast. when i got to family and from san leandro to oakland covered in fog over my house completely clear so patchy yeah it's a more than we've had in weeks guys, it's sitting right on top of the bay right now and even though it is a very good marine layer and it's going to burn up really quick. >>it is enough to be blocking out the view so you just as robin was saying just slow down a little bit as you are driving into work golden gate bridge as you would expect on a foggy morning, one of our fog year spots. but it has spread even further south and on into san pablo bay too. so one of our fog year mornings that we've talked about in some time as for temperatures were in the 40's 50's for most spots we are seeing a couple of 30's now and for you in napa


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