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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 5, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>>darya folsom and i'm james fletcher it would be the finest hour for one for the fog to hopefully it'll work that's going to take a while the fog it's like taking over the bridges this morning, so it's hard to see which equals heavier traffic. >>it's not turning out not yet a lot of fog advisories for bridge is still open. >>and for good reason i guess yeah yesterday we had the little testify and today it's full fledged it decided hey time to move back in half there we've been fog free so much lately you are seeing improvements at the golden gate bridge. those of you driving across the bridge are now just looking down at the fog instead of driving right through it, not so improved in a few other spots though, so in some areas, yeah, you're definitely looking at clear skies now berkeley being one of those spots and other spots still be wary that you'll be encountering it and when you do visibility is pretty well right now we're in the 50's and even 60's berkeley you're
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at 60 degrees that sunshine. it's helped to warm me up fairfield 63 degrees currently wall saint helene and petaluma tumor spots that are still holding in the 40's even with the sunshine that you have overhead 60's for your highs at the coast including san francisco while oakland and san jose back to the 70's today, a lot like yesterday, i've got the rest your forecast ahead, robin. >>thank you john checking in on the bay bridge at least we can see the 80 over crossing now earlier was just socked in fog you can even see the traffic here. it's definitely backed up it is not improving. it's slow from the maze which includes shore 5.80 the nimitz busy on the upper deck but under 20 minutes to make it into san francisco, just keep in mind. there's a special fog advisory for the bay bridge. we're checking some numbers highway for its going down 21 minutes antioch to concord but the nimitz rolling south still the same almost an hour from to 38 to 2.37 will look at some more freeways and drive times coming up darya james things a lot robin 9 oh one
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and the big story this morning we're learning more about one of the 5 5 people was killed at a halloween party in renda the latest victim identified as a father of 2 from or in city. >>29 year old javelin county there's a picture of him. he was against mention one of the 5 gunned down at that party. one close friend that we spoke with says she last saw him earlier that halloween day taking his kids out for trick or treating. friends and family now struggling to make sense of the violence. >>i'm heartbroken because we lost 1, one of our own in our community i think in that there was one person the fact that in no was a mass tonight in november cow disease. he was this at the wrong place at the wrong time. >>county leaves behind 2 small boys 1, 6 year-old man. one years old a go fund me page has been set up to help support those kids and you can find a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com. >>and as you may know that party was held at a house that
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was rented on air bnb son our end a is talking about doing something maybe even banning short-term rentals will be. >>brainstorming a number of ideas at their meeting tonight. kron 4 sarah stinson live in a red in front of one of the memorials that's been set up. sarah. >>yeah i just spoke with said one of her in this council members dentist, amy told me that they will be considering a number of options in his opinion the things that these air bnb rentals where there's no hose who basically just going to a head they came home that you have rented on air bnb that should be banned and because he says. as many people as you want even though the city's ordinances you can only have a map maximum of 13 people. dennis space as maybe this ordinance is a working you can see behind to me the more is still out here, there's flowers there candles these pictures of the victims a lot of people stopping by 2. look at this and kind of just pay their respects. also a dentist fay said is that this
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is not common for. and it was the 6 to 8 years ago, you know this is his last check and he said that this is just completely shocked the entire area people just not used to having this kind of tragedy in orinda now you're looking at video of the deadly halloween party that killed15 people and injured others and police say i will one point there's a 100 people at this rental house when shots rang out the manhunt is actually still going on right now for the killer. the killers who opened fire at this party at the air bnb first reports of noise complaints by nearby neighbors. and then police received reports of a shooting now 3 police 3 people died on scene and 2 people later died at the hospital from their injuries. so now rent is trying to do something to make sure this doesn't happen again so i talked to a lot of people here in the downtown area of
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orinda we heard from one man last hour who said yeah we should make some kind of an maybe banning short-term rentals will stop this from happening again. talked with another man. and you'll hear from him in just a moment who basically says he thinks that we should take a step back i can maybe not ban it, but trying to restrict it. >>think it's a reactive measure often times societies have been crash. and sometimes we overreact i think there's some validity to managing air bnb but 2 apply a broad swath. a lot of income for many people to rely upon it in the city is not predict. >>debates, the future of their relationship with their and how they manage it. 10 tonight, they're going to discuss that but until then this seal they're being he is also changing some policies an effort to crack down on party houses take a look at this
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statement that says starting today we are banning party houses and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorized parties and get rid of abusive host in guest conduct, including conduct that leads to the terrible events we saw in orinda though still unclear how the company will define a house party or how they will even restrict this because. in this case with the air bnb in orinda they said they're going to have about 12 people at the house for reunion and the long haul what happened is they had 100 people there for howling party so how will they restrict this one the person can just lie, and that is what they will be discussing. tonight's meeting with city council hearing are end we'll be talking about what they can do. in making sure that this doesn't happen, but a lot of people are saying in this is an anomaly it does not have happened here every day and so. it too they have to figure out what's best for their town. there's also concern on it for into has enough police officers because of the time in which they responded to the
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event was me a lot that they're going to be talking about tonight. the meeting will start with a moment of silence for the victims who did die on that halloween night. you want to attend it is at 7 o'clock. >>and a south bay mothers behind cars after drowning her 2 year-old daughter. in the bath tub gilroy police were called to the home by the mother she called him on sunday. and that's when they went into the home and found the child in the bath tub she was taken to the hospital where she died. police actually found the mother marcia month-long go about a mile away. neighbors say they're upset and disgusted. >>literally didn't.
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>>i know the family the mother and only lived there for 2 months and she kept yourself. >>attention now to another big story pg any it's under investigation now for potentially causing 7 fires that broke out last month here in the bay area. firstly the california public utilities commission is looking into pg e's potential involvement in the cause of the kincade fire. the big one up in sonoma county the report shows the company was aware of a transmission outage near the geysers when the fire broke out back on october 23th, cal fire crews found a what appeared to be a broken jumper cable on one of the transmission towers. as of this morning, the kincade fire is now 84% contained after burning more than 77,000 acres and destroying a 174 homes. the commission is also looking at the utility's involvement in potentially causing 2 fires in lafayette, one of them destroyed part of the lafayette tennis club. that fire was on october 27th. fire marshal says pg e power lines
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in his mind did caused that fire and then in east contra costa county fire officials there have determined pg e's equipment. in fact sparked 2 fires. this one as you can see was a power lines sparking before a fire erupted on gateway wrote on bethel island and then not too far away and oakley another fire broke out as well and we're also learning that pg e is looking into whether its own equipment in martinez may have caused this fire. this one started on october 27th as well. coco fire officials say it was caused by power lines and a transformer. and also the south bay to eyes are on pg any further possibly causing a fire that destroyed a home and damaged several others. this one also on sunday october 27 that was that really windy day and this scene was on parker street and maryland avenue the milpitas fire department says that there ps evidence of a downed power line and they're working now to determine if it was the wind or branch that brought it down. neighbors say they heard a small explosion, some popping sounds before the fire broke out. allison
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there's a pop in the power goes out. and then i get a. >>and then it converse with second there's a second pop and the power goes out again and stays out and that's what i hear my girlfriend ya. crab they fire the flames are just going like 60 miles an hour up in the year. >>an amber you're flying down towards this way in my house come to the women's movement south. again that was that really windy day when pg turned off power across the region, however, this part of pitas. >>turned out was not impacted by those power shut-offs and >>29th answer questions about all of those shut off last month in northern california district court judge set the deadline to get answers. the judge wants to know about the possible cause of the fires and the number of properties and homes that were destroyed. meantime folks who had destroyed property from the last round of power of fires that happened before pge declare bankruptcy. they now have until december 31th the deadline is extended to file a
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claim lawyers for the victims said that they were traumatized is struggling to get on their feet they were unable to file the claim in time for the original october deadline, so peach and he's agreed to the extension and now it has to be approved by a judge at the p g has set aside more than $8 billion to pay wildfire victims as part of their bankruptcy plan. >>we'll take a quick break but still ahead a disturbing story 9 people, including children killed in an ambush attack in mexico are going to tell you what happened and here from family members and then details on an ex nfl player who pleaded guilty to rape in san diego. he's now facing more than a decade in jail. the big day for the bay area as voters head to the polls on this election day we're live with a breakdown of the big races happening in san francisco. and yet another chilly morning behind us temperatures today will be yet again be comfortable in the midst of it all you've got some fog out there, i'm talking at all in your forecast.
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>>and i'm starting to see a slight improvement for your drive into san francisco check out some of the fast track lanes are thinning out a little bit carpool lanes look good too so. it's okay heading into san francisco about 15 minutes for your
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. >>i'm 14 on this tuesday morning we're seeing a lot more fog out there this morning and that has affected your travel on into work this morning, especially on over your bridges fog is hanging
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out very low right over the bay and its very dense where you're seeing it. golden gate bridge has been one of those spots a has had an impact and you're still seeing it impacting visibility across the roadway. a spot in the bay that had been seeing fog that a sense really cleared out and quickly is berkeley look at this nice and sunny for you and temperatures have risen quickly under that sunshine. you're now sitting at 60 degrees. so a big difference in just the past 30 minutes, fog of still hanging out for spots right on the bay, including the san mateo bridge in portions of the bay bridge. so be mindful as you make those crossings. it will last for much longer though sunshine is to make its return. all that the coast are going to notice a cooler day today partly because of that fog a marine layer that will be persistently hanging out with those of you closer to the coast. fog makes another push in through the golden gate tonight so expect another foggy one tomorrow morning. high pressure sits overhead one of the reasons that fog is actually really dance. it's being pushed right on top of the bay by some sinking some
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citing air due to the high pressure as we make our way through the remainder of the week you're likely to see less fog into thursday friday and saturday mornings as that marine layer will be replaced by some hot war mainland air that is actually going to result in some warmer temperatures too to close out the week so today and tomorrow very like one another another foggy start tomorrow morning then into the weekend ahead of us you're going to see more of that summer like weather pattern that we had been seeing over the past few weeks, 60's for today's daytime highs at the coast cooler than yesterday due to that increased fog an ocean influence for the bay itself highs in the low to mid 70's. so a little cooler than yesterday not a huge difference though for san jose a 2 degree drop in temperatures from where you were 24 hours ago, taking you to 77 today, east bay temperatures all in the 70's in the low 70's closer to the bay while upper 70's further inland. one 80 left in this forecast that's for you in fairfield napa and sonoma at 78 each well 60's out along
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the coastline. tomorrow temperatures a lot like today tomorrow really is just a carbon copy of today weather wise thursday friday and saturday though that's where we see the switch and we'll be seeing highs a little warmer and skies. a little clear robin all right, thank you john still waiting for the fog to lift and clear on the san mateo bridge. it's been a. >>tough to arrive here across the span this morning with reduced visibility, making it extra heavy from hayward to the peninsula, hard to see the traffic that we can see the drive time right and it's still high at 34 minutes over to one oh one, it's lifting here at the bay bridge toll plaza that's great news. we can even see. check out the fast track lanes they are getting a little bit better. but yes, you are still backed up. yes, it does stretch through the maze and yes, this is going to continue for at least 2 more hours so under 20 minutes, but has not completely panned out yet want to take you over to 6.80 because you're heavy in both directions. i have a crash last year southbound at stone valley so northbound it's crawling out of danville
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southbound it's adding to all of that heavy traffic out of wannacry pleasant heal and concord because you're stacked up from 2.42, so 31 minutes now with the crash included from highway 4 out to danville that little hiccup in your way, here's another one north to 80 monte heading into los altos hills that is keeping the traffic extra slow you're backed up through 85 in cupertino you were already heavy out of san jose. so that new accident in los altos hills, adding to the drag of traffic, 35 up to 40 minutes to make it from san jose to cupertino darya james. thanks a lot rob and selection day around the day voters are deciding on a number of poor important races in san francisco indeed, including the race for mayor. >>a vote on the city's vaping ban is also on the ballot attacks on rideshare companies on a whole lot to consider all eyes are also on the districts attorney's race after the mayor. >>appointed her pick as the interim just weeks before today's election kron four's will tran standing by with more on the controversy. the
9:19 am
sort of bubbled up as a result of that decision will. >>it came out of nowhere. the reason being because all of a sudden george just cohn quit his position as longtime district attorney ernie and then went to los angeles hoping to have that same position so that created the vacancy and instead of appointing somebody within the office who had no political aspirations, instead. mayor london breed a points to one of the is on the ballot. today in fact that voting started about 2 hours ago little more than 2 hours ago, so they're off to a running start in front of san francisco you can see this is one of the places where you can drop off your ballot. if that's what you wish. take a look at your screen. these are the candidates hoping to be san francisco's prosecutor. bodene leaf doubt who we interviewed at seven-thirty he was not happy with that saying that it basically gives suzy loftus one of their opponents, a
9:20 am
running start a tacit endorsement relatively popular mayor in san francisco and that that gives her an unfair advantage and then there's also nancy tongs all 4 are looking to be district attorneys for san francisco. bodene he's been criticized over the past couple of weeks by police officers and their association claiming that if he becomes district attorney ernie. he would be soft on crime. >>or statements and their mailers or hate mail their lives their dishonest and they're classic your mongering designed you know blow dog whistles and get people scared rather than focusing on the real issues, the police officers association has fought every single effort to reform police conduct and the criminal justice system for decades there on the wrong side of this issue just like they have been for years. >>according to dow to we talked to a little bit earlier he says that the mayor could
9:21 am
have weighted actually even to appoint somebody today. >>meaning. >>that this position doesn't actually kick in for the next couple of weeks or so the mayor told him that she needed to fill the position immediately but she said that she could have appointed somebody after they win tonight and then start that this a position of district tarting tonight as opposed to a couple of months from now that way would be fair to everybody but it seems like people are taking high road saying at least at 7 o'clock this morning. it's still 0, 0, as far as the score and of course everybody gets to vote and so 8 o'clock. >>and don't forget by the way to download the kron on app from from your app store and will be giving you. coverage on the updates as they come in with a different election results and also all the other ballot measures in issues for san francisco in around the bear there as well on our website at kron 4 dot com see of those 2 tools to stay in touch with how a measures that
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are impacting your community fair today we'll find out. break down how apple plans on spending that 2 and a half billion dollars that it's committed to helping with the housing crisis around the bay. >>shockingly become all too. and the last decade with the rise of social media people have taken the liberty hosting more videos online showing control parents going out the bounds in use sports games media reports have cited alarming parental behaviors of parents yelling. there's a clear salting which is referees players for the pair. a staggering 70% of parents admit that they've gotten angry at their child sports games. it starts out with apparent monitoring behind a coach or referees back but a few other parents are to pipe in before you know it yelling and susan escalates and do
9:23 am
it's become a toxic you sports culture in crisis with erratic behavior. some parents who can't seem to control their emotions. sunday's parents or even coaches themselves and drive their kids to tears are ge announcer: 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. it's an
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epidemic fueled by juul with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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another big story this morning. we're following new details about apple's 2 and a half billion dollar pledge to help fix the bay area's
9:26 am
housing crisis. >>it's been 30 years since california consistently met its target for new homes to keep up with population so we're way behind and now apple's pledging at least a billion dollars to go towards brand of building new very lower low income housing, another billion will be used for first time home buyer mortgage assistance. so great news for them and a 300 million of that will be a donation of apple owned land in san jose to be developed for affordable housing and then the final 200 million will go towards public private partnerships with housing trust silicon valley and destination home. >>this is the type of investments that we need to continue to build. >>homes that are affordable. >>and we'll be working to get more help more families housed more service providers up to the capacity that they need to be to meet the increased demand. we're ready to go and we just needed another part of to step into the fold and really make a significant contribution. >>well apple isn't the only tech company to make a
9:27 am
commitment like this we've had facebook and google both recently making billion dollar pledge is as well. >>and in sacramento is recovering after a metal bar fell and impaled her it hit her in the leg while she was riding in a car on the highway she was sitting in the passenger seat of this car. and driving behind a big break. it's on highway 99 and a metal bar bout's there's the bar bounced off the highway when through the engine compartment and into the passenger side and into her leg. so we you can see. >>are coming through the floor for there in front of lot of the big you know so they were driving my guide. so he took it out. her husband, she's in stable >>isn't that. she's are. >>right even blurt out all that scary that even oh god. >>ok to the tourniquet they'll see a yeah, good news, though she's going to be our actions in stable condition. 9.27
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still ahead. on the ex nfl player who pleaded guilty to rape in san diego facing more than a decade behind bars now welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. traffic for the late rulers now. it's looks a little bit better compared to the last hour the fog is more of a problem than the actual traffic. so check the bridges the drive times are still pretty high. >>well if nobody got it a piece of metal in the leg i
9:31 am
would consider it. >>day yeah. >>compared to that it is and we can do a little yeah, it's pretty dense fog to where you're seeing it right now we're only seeing it in a few limited spots unfortunately, our bridges have been some of those spots so as robin will tell you that has affected travel this morning. if you look out into the distance here from timber on. >>you can see that the golden gate bridge is one of those areas where that line of streams through a lot of us in the bay, i have been looking at skies like this all morning long including you in marine county where skies have been clear throughout the morning you're seeing less and less of that dense fog as the hours roll on and it will eventually burn off it is taking its time now right now we're in the 50's across the bay with oakland at 54 san francisco, nice and warm at 57. most of san francisco is fog free at this point you head out to the bay bridge near still seeing some patches of it though timber on your at 53 and say only know what a warm up for
9:32 am
you here in the 30's this morning our last spot in the 30's now you're at 62, san francisco will peak at the end the upper 60's depending on what neighborhood you're talking. oakland and san jose both in the 70's just a touch cooler then yesterday was. >>all right. thank you john still waiting for the fog to lift on 92 if you're about to head over to the san mateo bridge to this is what you're going to have to deal with the dense fog across th span chp issued an advisory and we can see why it's been tough this morning and just not lifting here at the tolls 32 minutes off to one oh one. we're checking the bay bridge 80 west into san francisco very slow here at the toll plaza also getting word of a new accident. whenever i hear a crash year it's hard to spot because you have so many cars but just getting word of a new crash involving a big rig in a car. so that's not going to help you are still backed up through the maze and a quick peek at one oh one another foggy trip 31 minutes novato to san francisco james darya
9:33 am
>>a former nfl player from california now headed to prison. we have ex nfl tight end kellen winslow junior, pleading guilty now to rape just hours before he was set to go to trial and he now faces more than 18 years in prison, eric richards is live in san diego with more good morning. yeah good morning to you guys i live here from san diego, you know this was a huge shocker. >>for pretty much everyone in the courtroom and keep in mind until yesterday kellen winslow junior had pleaded not guilty to every charge into you heard. the judge come into the courtroom asking him if he wanted to change his plea and he really appeared to struggle with that decision. >>after you don't want to use i said we have jurors out there waiting. and it involves you have a new wait you're right to a jury trial for me to her except this plea. >>bombshell in the courtroom right as opening statements were set in kellen winslow junior is re trial. the former
9:34 am
nfl player was being retried on a charge is spending more than a decade in stemming from 5 accusers. he pleaded guilty to 2 of them raping an unconscious victim and felony sexually battery. >>no less than 12 years. and no more in 18 years is that your understanding of the plea agreement. >>family as soon as possible. >>this was a plea deal that could result in up to 12 to 18 years in state prison. instead of a possible life sentence. the 36 year-old was convicted in june of forcible rape misdemeanor indecent exposure. and lewd conduct counts involving 3 women. but jurors had deadlocked another sex-crimes charges. prosecutors say none of the 5 women actually knew each other, but their accounts had common details and similar physical descriptions of the suspect. >>the fact that had that courage to come forward and speak with law enforcement and
9:35 am
testify to all the things that he had done well facing all of these cameras. i it was important to to make sure that that truth was heard it was important to me to make sure that he was held accountable for each one of those crimes. >>meanwhile, drfense attorneys say they are setting up for the sentencing hearing with an argument that repeated brain injuries could have been responsible for the sexually violent behavior. >>once you have a traumatic brain injury you might look at top kind of normal to. that wind shear tested for that and you have those cognitive impairments it really impacts you're good trying to and that's what we're going to be showing to the judge. >>so he is expected to be sentenced in february and again on the table we're talking anywhere from 12 to 18 years, but ultimately that decision is up to the judge reporting live here in san diego will get back to you in san francisco. >>all right eric, thank you very much for the update. 9.35. >>6 american children and 3 american adults were killed
9:36 am
they were shot in mexico tragic story a lot of people wondering what went on here they're all on their way to a wedding apparently when they were attacked. >>we have matt rask on that he spoke to a relative the family talk more about what happened. >>it's beyond difficult to describe the heartbreak one feels very one of the morning all of them at the loss of loved ones and to step in and protect their citizens. taylor langford was born and raised where it all happened more than a 1000 miles south of salt lake in a small town below the southern border, nearby the space they saw the smoke. and went up to see what was going on in the first sign of tragedy the charred remains of a car that lankford says belong to his cousin romita. >>she says she and 4 of her children, including baby twins were inside when they were ambushed shot and then burned alive, this is for the record. need aed for my grandchildren are burke. shot a helpless families are man. innocently killed down there. these are us citizens langford says his
9:37 am
other cousin christina who was in a separate car was also killed. but her baby somehow survived this was an attack on families, women and children langford and his wife laura are among several family members in utah who waited anxiously throughout the day for any hint of good news. >>sadly a lot of the kids are wounded and shot. news only got langford says his aunt donna was also killed along with several of her 9 children, it's not just. >>got caught in gunfire place of their own time this was. this is a whole new level of cartel violence. >>amazingly though some managed to escape and alert others most them around or down based they don't know what else to do. >>they don't they're terrified. they're waiting for help from the government waiting, hoping. frank the heartbreaking news will lead and as of this point it's not over. >>worst worst we still don't know what's going to happen next.
9:38 am
>>well as matt rascon reporting mexican officials say because the area where this happened is so remote that's actually slowing down their efforts to try to find the killers but work keep you updated on the story. we are getting word though from the president this morning. he is reacting to this horrific attack you could see the tweet on your screen. he said in essence it's time to wage war on the drug cartels and in his words wipe them off the face of the earth. has been a chilly and foggy morning up to this point at least are starting to see skies clearing out temperatures have certainly been on the rise of the late show. >>they're in so the 60's right now it's 61 degrees. i'm talking your forecast ahead. and the traffic is improving to in some spots. we're checking the richmond center fell busy here from. >>right around castro to the toll, so that's
9:39 am
shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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9:42 am
foggy start to the morning. come tomorrow wednesday morning. robin. >>thank you john, it looks a little better here at the bay bridge toll plaza, i know we had a fog advisory in place but it was sticker earlier and can even see the 80 over crossing. now we can see it and yeah, the traffic still slow but this is an and it's backed up through the maze but check out the fast track lanes and the carpool lanes that's where you're getting your improvement sell 15 minutes to make it off to fremont street drive times look okay heading to san francisco 17 minutes from brisbane to 80 14 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco. daria thanks a lot. >>as the young guns get a win at the worriers new home. was it mean when a black hat crosses the goal line touchdown. is in the fall of the dog goes on the field plus wh
9:43 am
9:44 am
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>>on this tuesday morning. it's a makes a very sunny and very foggy and there's really not a lot in between the golden gate bridge, one of our very foggy spots has been persistently foggy through the morning. you'll get your dose of sunshine later on. what you're looking at and berkeley is some very sunny conditions but that wasn't always the case she woke up to some fog earlier. it has cleared off for most of our inland areas in areas right above land even right above the bay. what you're saying is that fog being very stubborn though our bridges hanging out or right
9:46 am
there in the center of the bay right now and then right through the golden gate. it will last forever you do have sunshine later on, but as you're crossing bridges, it is causing you some part problems with low visibility. later on fog streams back in through the golden gate so we have another foggy morning to start the day tomorrow on wednesday morning. high pressure is in place right now that's resulting in the sinking air. that's pushing the fog right on top of the bay and why it is so dense where you're seeing it. this high pressure will eventually result in the return of an offshore flow which had been resulting in major wind events this time around that's not looking likely. what it is going to do though is result in temperatures rising as warm dry air from our inland areas slowly gets pushed out towards the coast replacing fog with some drier and warmer conditions as for today and tomorrow foggy start sunday finishes after that we send shouldn't see as much fog during our morning hours come the weekend just around the corner but into the afternoon today, 60's for your highs that includes golden gate park sunset district mission
9:47 am
district just a range of 60's cooler at the coast as you'd expect. on terror right at 60 today with half moon bay at 6860's and 70's from brisbane to burlingame and then further south from there it's auld 70's for the south bay today, not as warm as yesterday but pretty close. campbell in san jose each at 77 cupertino santa clara in milpitas at 76 each east bay temperatures a range of 70's with lower 70's closer to the bay higher 70's closer to our inland spots, just one 80 left in your forecast today. that's in fairfield vacaville at 79 santa rosa in petaluma each 78 for highs. tomorrow, a carbon copy of today very similar foggy start sunday finish temperatures the same thursday friday and saturday a bit warmer as that offshore breeze kicks in robin. >>all right. thank you john for checking out the north bay and what's left of the commute we have a little bit of crowding for southbound one on one traffic there it is that right before 37 it continues through may. but picks up by the time you read sandra fail,
9:48 am
reaching the golden gate yet the fog of still there it's been there all morning making it tough to see across the span so when you put all that together 30 minutes from highway 37 to the toll plaza, the bay bridge traffic, 80 west, yes, it's improving somewhat you'll notice the 80 over crossing is standing out fast track lanes are clearing out a little bit and the carpool lanes look good but the backup here overall does continue to stretch through the maze we get it in stretches and right now it's 12 minutes, but just don't be surprised if it goes back up you get out there you go. it's heavier now she said it was improving well we get the slow traffic in waves and picks up it slows back down as more folks hit the road usually the late commuters we're checking in on 5.80 livermore to dublin that's looking good at 12 minutes and then as 6.80 is improving a lot 18 minutes so far rolling south from dublin to fremont and pretty thick on to 37 west. milpitas to sonny bill. >>i don't know for versus the curse. and i guess it really
9:49 am
should read this book if i keep using the cover but the warriors finally one adam home for the first time in the new chase center they beat the blazers one 27 won 18. maybe the curse is reversed. i don't know these new guys names, yes, but number one gets the steel, i know that step. >>curry's brother. clay like that play like that check this out. i know his name but he's good he finished with 36 points and 13 rebounds. >>came and he doesn't look like a rookie at all from the first day of practice, looked like somebody who's been really well prepared for this. what surprised us i think is to just a shooting. touch a show tonight i didn't expect 4th reasonable. but he's just playing with great confidence he's out there. you know leaving a can do it every
9:50 am
every play down. >>and a 2, 5, the warriors are far from hot. but they are having a fire sale. you don't have to spend that much to get to know the new players, some fans said they pages 30 bucks to see that game last night win or lose you cannot beat that price. and if you don't have a horse in the race or a cowboy or a giant, maybe you are rooting for the cap. during monday night football. yards for a touchdown. >>the black cat is at the other end of the field. >>these are know that it was last thursday that was hollering monday night football is a little bit late now he is sitting and looking if you look >>they said if they find an adult you know get them a good home. >>i think maybe it was good luck for the cowboys because they were behind and of winning. but that forecasts.
9:51 am
>>they had been flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct all that dancing in the end, yes, and here's a little so hugh i think he was scared, but could be worse it could be finer look at this dog loose on the field. >>high school football game in utah, beginning of the season and the crazy thing is while he was running loose and. it is hard to follow that story but i will attempt to carry a i got. first thing i did the little eagles. i filled her up you know at the charging station because i don't have a plug in my garage, yet. my house has no outlet that come into work and i see this out as for sale in the u k looks normal on the outside. it's fully wired. look at the wall.
9:52 am
trish's training center. james you know spiderman i don't understand he would need. >>why man reads on the ceiling sure for him it plot. a funny right was okay, i don't know if the royals have converted to electric cars but i do know they're trying to save the environment and maybe save face by flying commercial prince harry was spotted that just barely you could and the partition hit in premium economy as he was flying commercial both ways from london to tokyo to go see a match areas with some of the players megan stayed behind this time because remember she flew by the way commercial to new york to see serena at the us open flying commercial
9:53 am
supposed to be no better for the environment, the private and makes a better since they. for taking for private jet trips in 11 days while they were campaigning or the environment. it was soon also they checked the box and where you can pay more for carbon offsets i'll check that box just like 20 bucks extra the prince is flying premium economy caught. >>but if they still have their own bathroom. you can tell beca
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>but the news never stops on kron our 24 hour news service we've got to well bella bella saddam o ne of stand by with a look at what's coming up, hey guys. >>there it's election day so we are breaking down the key races and issues that you'll find on your ballot plus coming up at 1130. an exclusive interview with the california secretary of state alex padilla and what they're doing to safeguard our election process. yeah and are in the city council's meeting today to talk about a possible temporary ban on short term rentals following that deadly shooting at an air bnb house party we've got them so much more throughout the day james darya thanks we'll see you then. >>all right now to my favorite video of the day this is that surveillance video showing the moment that a bart worker saved a man who fell on to the tracks all seems to show close watch to a warning yellow strip and then there's the guy teetering teetering up the falls on to the track. and then the bar deploy grab some food. that was with them polls
9:57 am
and and yeah, it's amazing. >>and the fact that he was like do my job, well, you know what everybody could have done what he did. and it it was just it was he that because everybody didn't do it. they were standing there. he just said he hopes you know maybe that guy it is bound for greatness and he was there for the reason the state is like john o'connor. >>all right that's it for us, thank you so much for watching of course our kron on coverage continues here in just a few minutes, we'll see tomorrow.
9:58 am
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