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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>>vote your voice we're following the results of today's biggest races thanks for joining us on election night at 10, i'm ken wayne that i'm grant lotus in tonight for pam moore we've got your local election headquarters proud to be that we're following the races that matter to you crowd for scattered heenan standing by now live with our political analyst michael yaki to break down what is going on captain michael take it away. >>yeah well we've been watching some of the big races and san francisco are ken and grant and that includes the mayor's race. and i'm a look at those numbers if we can
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mayor london breed know not a lot of suspense here she was elected in a special election in june of last year after the death of mayor ed lee and they're finally some number she's expected to when of course but the bigger question will she be able to bring political allies and friends so long will she be able to influence other races and we're beginning to get some idea that will necessarily happen. let's look at district 5 supervisor. there's one board of supervisors spot up for grabs. it is basically a special election for the seat of supervisor valley brown and brown is one of those a house of the mayor. she was handpicked by the mayor to serve in the seat after breed was elected. she's not running for a full term, but and again, i know these numbers are really early michael bodeen preston hes got a bit of a lead oppressed and describes himself as a democratic socialist, pretty far to the left even by san
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francisco standards he had been considered a major challenge for and he is. showing strongly at least so far he wants things like free bus service for everybody, 10,000 units of affordable housing within 10 years. but michael let's look at the race for san francisco. district attorney ernie. no incumbent that's a first in a 100 years because of the sudden resignation of george gas cone it might be the single most interesting race risi and again we know it's early and it's really tight, but bourdain is the us slight lead amendment. they're basically it's a virtual tie, but the fact he is doing that well might be of concern to suzy loftus. the mayor handed suzy loftus your job of interim mean i don't know how much of an advantage it really gave are as i said before this that she can put it on the ballot. >>it's hard to get in on the mail at this point. but what's interesting is that you're starting to see the shape of this race turning to take place the first set of numbers we had and were vote by mail that tends to skew a little more conservative and you such
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a suburban teen actually. at about 16,000 votes now he is in the neck in the first round of votes that came in from the actual voter for phoning precincts. he was he outperformed suzy loftus a 15,000 to about 12,000 votes. that's that bodes well for him. but let's but this all in context. remember we're dealing with ranked choice voting. despite the fact that there are only about say 700 votes apart great with him in the lead. there are 36,000 votes still split between leave gouge and then to talk and where and when those 2 if these trends continue those to start to drop out or drugs first, where those second place go do they go to susie, they go to change to that's going to determine the race this is shaping up as a classic san francisco progressive moderate race in service co. but remember this is a district. it skews more
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progressive yet so we'll have to see how this goes as the night goes on and again we've been talking about the fact to choose a birdie and has been running on a reform platform. >>arguing that locking people up doesn't fix anything a public defender who basically wants to keep people out of jail and prison as much as possible focusing more on things like rehab and left us who at this. time of course is the interim d a. she's a former prosecutor she's used to really really brief time as interim d a to create a task force to prevent car break ins. she also killed a program that divert a dui cases to lower these are among the races that we will be watching. early i would say early surprises. i was a early but again it we have to look at the fact that election day votes tend to skew more progressive. >>we have to see again with the rangers 20 how they come out district 5 for example, only 36 votes. that separate the 2 that for the top 2. but there are 568 votes still left
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out there for grabs when the when the other to drop out which will be in the next round so let's see how this happened what went on in the winter when they do the first full count. so let's see how this goes but again if i'm she's a routine. i'm liking my chances right now, but it's going to depend on where nancy tones votes and where leave doubts road if they can't climb up in the next few has the votes start coming in. you know that's going to determine how they raised and really in full chart and we'll be back we'll talk about the handful san francisco, a propositions among other things and of course we'll be watching these races. >>grantham can all right catherine michael thank you very much. >>one of the most talked about races here in the bay area as we were just mentioning is the race for the san francisco district attorney's kron four's j r stone live tonight at the churchill bar in the upper market section of the city. that's where suzy loftus as a watch party in jr against susie supporters. our liking where the numbers are heading
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right now. >>you know it's almost like watching a football game. we talk about somebody and i want to go to the video because there's been a busy day. which is somebody who's back by the bay that was actually a that is. she has made cleaning up
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this. >>i've been running this campaign for over a year and built a coalition of 8 members of the board of supervisors, everybody san francisco elected to send a sacramento, everyone from the firefighters to the janitors so i've run a really tough campaign to make the case to san francisco that on the right on tuesday today. they're going make that choice and i hope on their choice for san francisco's d a. >>and jason to the who. the police officers association there's a catch. suzy loftus
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tell me why you support well, the city is at crossroads right now the district attorney's office plays a role parties, it's we're suffering from the creation of our living standards i came home the other day to my home in
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the inner richmond there was someone shooting up 2 doors away and never seen that before someone was ejecting what drugs the look the that up and take the needle with you. we can't we don't have time to chance on the someone like mister radical ideos quite frankly they're going to be counterproductive. this idea is that you don't have cash bail. the site is you don't prosecute misdemeanors. this idea is that the dui drivers get a free pass. havoc in the city if you think what we're suffering 3 now which is property property crimes. car break ins. there's only going to escalate to dean wins district attorneys. are split police out there. true and
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also he's tied in twos progressive values were city's been very they give out both his background what he intends to do with certain exceptions he seems to say i want to from allies lot behavior. and mass incarceration everyone trending mass incarceration, the answer is not to free passes. the rapists free passes to people that all and simply prosecute first 3 homicide. the best of luck but i'll tell you avoid. it's going to be a long night and ranked choice voting hopefully will win thank you so much chris. we're going to do our best.
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>>all right jr we look forward to hearing from a both of those candidates as the night goes on our election night coverage continues, we're heading over to manny's in the mission district tonight, they just wrapped up an election watch party there that the party was there to build excitement for the 2020 presidential race is well as to follow what's going on right now kron four's taylor secchi. >>has been there enjoying the people in the festivities she joins us now live taylor how we do it. >>well as you can see many is has just shut down and things were winding down as we're starting to see more of those results trickle and people are getting a better idea and which way these polls are leaning now the owner many here says that again tonight was in just about these local elections, but they're also about the primary race don't addition to the celebrations many was also celebrating the first year in business here manny's and they also what
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they called an anti trump party here now again. so much so many events going on here at manny's and it's been a political hub for the last few months hosting several campaign stops to be watch parties and more. again they're streaming tonight's election results while also they hosted earlier 6 presidential campaign representatives are here to make sure that people were registered to vote. well several local activists also talk tonight about the importance of being politically engage in active. now again owner manny's and many locals till says tonight is all about looking ahead to change. well the the da raising everyone's talking about those 2 races we >>all the propositions that are pretty exciting so will be screening. the results of the election all night. we have folks coming from a couple of the other campaign parties here to speak. we have 12 different speakers from all over the city and so we're trying to provide an opportunity for people to watch the elections but also to celebrate that is important our
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>>different exciting. >>well things might be closing down here. but of course we're still waiting those a role results for the rest of the night so the night is not. and even though it's winding >>taylor the sec eli for us said many is and we even heard from many. yeah, which is kind of cool rise step outside and show you the embarcadero traffic winding down a little bit the bay bridge and some changes afoot. >>yeah i some good changes. we don't want to see that big ridge of high pressure here for everyone to get a little rain in here today looks a little more promising. i think. >>but you still see that fog out there right now kind of some cool shots tonight is that fog is a kind of been about as we've seen the low clouds some dense fog and see not a real thing clear but is right near the surface and certainly that could be an issue a late tonight early tomorrow morning, especially near the coastline and even
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inside the bay. i think that's going to fill in just a bit throughout the night tonight back to looking out toward a the airport in san francisco you see that fog there in the distance, no delays being reported at sfo but certainly some of that ground fog could cause some issues by tomorrow morning if you're catching a flight are expecting some of the in and these temperatures today down in san francisco today a little bit below the average of 64. well, the average in oakland is 70 today, 73 in san jose, 79 in livermore that we saw some 80's still some warm weather in london, the concord and santa rosa, but so what if you live near the coastline. highs they're only hovering in the 50's and yet that a patchy dense fog flirting with the coastline. all day long little bit of a sea breeze now that's just enough to bring that fog ever so slowly back into the bay tonight so start to fill in just a little bit otherwise it's calm in concord calm in livermore right now just a light breeze in the pacifica but that fog kind of persistent along the entire california coastline you can see there all the way up from eureka down the point conception that fog continuing
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that bank fog and that on shore flow high pressure still sitting over head. so no threat of any rain just yet. temperatures yeah, it's cool out there in spots you have 40's out toward the coastline with the fog. 52 degrees in palau to 51 in dublin now 52 degrees in livermore 56 in tehran, 48 in nevada 50 degrees in petaluma and the cool 47 degrees in santa rosa. still we'll see mostly clear skies inland tonight, the fog not going to be reach all the way to the interior valleys, otherwise patchy dense fog near the coastline and just inside the bay tomorrow, we're starting talk about some hazy sunshine by the afternoon. keep you cool right along the coastline that strong ridge of high pressure going to stick around and for some that means we're not seeing the mix in the atmosphere to get rid of that smoke from the kincade fire so still some hazy conditions all around the bay area along the coastline. that big blocking ridge of high pressure still sending the jet stream well to the north all the way up into canada. so tomorrow again we're talking about above normal temperatures away from the coastline. you're going to be looking at 60's and 70's again
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probably upper 70's in the valleys fog continuing along the coastline. and that looks like on a long-range we're going to start to see change. i think as we get into not the end of this week, but possibly the end of next week. and of course to cover that we've got your only 10 day forecast in the bay area let you know expecting any rain coming up a few minutes fingers crossed double play. thanks a developing story in the east bay, the city of orinda is considering a change. >>for short-term rentals that's after that deadly halloween shooting at a discussion is mainly because the shooting happened at an air bnb property kron four's michelle kingston was at the meeting that she says scott pretty heated. >>we heard from quite a few people tonight some concerned residents who do not want air bnb inner renda and others who say they want to keep air bnb here and believe that there is a solution. >>over and a city council meeting on tuesday started with a moment of silence for
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the victims of the deadly halloween shooting at an air bnb on lucille way. >>mark taylor. >>it was standing room only inside the meeting many coming out to say how they felt unsafe and are afraid of the renters said some air bnb properties in the city. i feel scared. >>were not a hotel community an air bnb does not belong here endangers all of us many people also took to the podium to talk about how they support short-term rentals in a renda. >>and here is not the solution will form. >>police chief david cook says 24 investigators are working on this unsolved case. >>this has
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>>the property owner has removed the listing from air bnb the city council will vote on their short-term rental ordinance set a later date. michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the genie executives are now responding to the threat of a government takeover of the utility's ceo bill johnson along with some executives and lawyers representing fire victims in the company's bankruptcy case. that was governor gavin newsome today newsome set up the meeting at the capitol in an attempt to give company out of bankruptcy sooner. it also comes as some state and local officials say they want a government takeover of the company's equipment. pga pg e c e o says he doesn't think those are good ideas. the genie is under constant criticism and now in
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this proceeding for its role in the wildfires, it's also under scrutiny for intentionally shutting off power to millions of customers several times last month. the governor says he hopes to broker a deal between the groups major changes can happen until genie is out of bankruptcy. >>and several mayors from the bay area and beyond have now signed a letter calling on the california public utilities commission and governor newsome to seriously consider turning pg into a giant customer own co-operative san jose mayor sam liccardo leads this charge and he says the best way for pg need to emerge from bankruptcy is to become a customer owned utility. >>by creating a customer owned utilities will first be able to ally in the financial interests of the company with the public interest and secondly we'll be able to create a company that has access to capital markets that will be critically needed for this utility to get back on its feet.
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>>the mayor's office says a letter calling for a customer owned co-operative was delivered to the public utilities commission today signed by the mayors of oakland sacramento, and at least a dozen other cities in california. the letter cites recent wildfires and raises the alarm about how pg might emerge from bankruptcy. it calls on the pc to consider the customer owned idea it could avoid shareholder dividends and save ratepayers billions of dollars in financing system upgrades and other costs. the coalition's plan calls for selling $50 billion in bonds to finance a buyout the customer owned utility. would see its own rates and those same customers would pay back the debt through their monthly energy bills. >>coming up a possible sighting of an escapee shuts down a motel in monterey county. well the latest on the manhunt for 2 murder suspects
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straight ahead. >>plus firefighters say they're almost done containing the kincade fire burning mostly in sonoma county. why one family believes their property. help to fight the fire that destroyed their home. >>and a former soccer club coach is in jail tonight accused of sexually assaulting a ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. on the sleep numberhe v360 smart bed.le can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now only $1,799. only for a limited time. >>san ramon soccer club coach is accused of sexually assaulting a former player.
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police say luke and sexually assaulted an 18 year-old woman last sunday at his home officers say the victim was house sitting for and at the time and has served as director of operations for the san ramon fc soccer club, the football club released this statement tonight that reads in part. mister and was placed on administrative leave with no contact with any club players and had no president at any club facilities, including all fields and our facility. >>a santa rosa police officer is at home recovering tonight after getting hit in a hit and run crash police say the officer was traveling eastbound. in the number one lane of sonoma highway this morning. when a white hatchback that was speeding at the time over corrected. the officer veered up on to the center median to avoid the hatchback and crashed into a tree. police found and arrested the driver of the hatchback more than an hour later officers say the woman behind the wheel initially denied her involvement, a false alarm today in the search for these 2 murder
10:25 pm
broke out of the monterey county jail on sunday. >>today investigators thought one of the inmates jonathan salazar was at this motel 6 in marina near monterey. officers surrounded the building evacuated everyone inside they did not find salazar police say salazar and santo's fun se cupp broke out of the jail by cutting a hole in the ceiling at the time of their escape they're awaiting trial on murder and other felony charges. a final goodbye today to a fallen sheriff's deputy in el dorado county. >>friends colleagues and family gathered in roseville to honor the life of brian ishmael many of them describing him as positive hardworking. the 37 year-old was ambushed and shot to death last month while he was out on a call about reports of marijuana theft, 4 people have been arrested in connection to his death. >>is your local election headquarters coming up we continue to follow election results from around the bay area also coming up, new
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report finds more than 700,000 people moved out of california just last year. what's driving them away from the golden state. and we see some patchy fog out there right now little thick in spots could we see some
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>>one day a one-time that everybody is stops and really says with each other. call that before they go back to
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war. >>to be the change that we want to see. >the traditional it's like puppy the that dogs first election lot of familiar faces there led by former san francisco mayor willie brown, living legend really as he hosted the annual election day lunch, a free lunch should john's grill we all as de mer kron 4 is your local election headquarters. we continue our coverage with. >>cats are heated and michael yaki. >>yet we are we've been watching cannon graham some of the propositions in san francisco. and we'll look at some of the early numbers for
10:30 pm
those proposition a this tackles part of the city's, huge housing crisis. it would authorize san francisco tissue. million in bonds to finance affordable housing projects across the city it will have to end up with a 2 thirds majority in order to pass and you're seeing here. michael 69% yes down that way and so seemingly on its way. ok proposition see if approved props he would overturn the city's current ban on the cigarette sales and vaping products end. it's been a little confusing to people but bottom line a no vote on c would uphold the ban. it would take effect in january and again it appears to be on its way michael as you put it and proposition d this is the one that would. in order to i raise money for upgrades to public transit. it could mean repairing roads and providing more muni buses and trains could they say improve pedestrian safety. it would tax your way times but
10:31 pm
apparently people are deciding that the extra cost is probably worth it. but my collects takes a majority for this one to vote. yes and it looks like it's it's so. >>may be on its way to doing that. but the da's race that is arguably one of the more colorful and interesting races of the night, you're looking at the latest numbers. chase abou dean is a pretty much neck and neck with suzy loftus remember locked us is the interim d a chosen by the mayor, but chase somebody had a good showing michael. >>i think that this is going to be a very interesting race. not to get too walking analytical but this is all about how you how the first person drops out where their votes transfer to win the ranked choice voting. a san francisco. so there there's a couple indicators i'm looking at one. in the first go round of election day votes. mayor
10:32 pm
mayor breed captures 60% total which i think is a good indicator that the moderates. the progress of the moderates are coming out to vote. that's good news for loftus because that would tend of that would tend to say that and she chose for what you're going to be heavily skewing toward her. and the question is when leave italy if these trends continue and we've got which is a first win to be eliminated. his votes would have to skew very heavily toward 2 dean to keep him. to to be to belle him to victory because if tony as the next person to drop out. i think those votes are going to go very heavily that makes sense but i have another question. >>you know chase somebody has been blasted in recent days by the san francisco police officers association. boudin a famously running on a reform platform, he doesn't really think locking people up achieves a lot and that's sort of streamlining what he's saying, but he doesn't want cash bail is a public defender. he wants to keep people out of prison. so did
10:33 pm
the fact that the police have been blasting him with these last minute ads might that. today had made made people angry. >>it may have it may have made his base more activated. but the same time depending what the turnout in this election is we still don't know what the turn it is the same voter election center will not tell us how many people actually turn out. but if turnout is not is not say that 5060% level. that's not going to be good news for for for, but again it it that may help activate his base and skew that a little bit. but i think that term strong numbers are indicator that the p o a may have had an impact because she is the most law and order candidate and these of it all comes down to 2 races for not paying too much attention to what the last mailers you got and what your impressions are of of where these people stand on that spectrum when you go to and bottom line we've been saying this we might not know tonight or at least until much
10:34 pm
later. >>who actually comes out on top of me race for d a but can a grant will be talking about this and a lot of other things coming up at 11 and on so michael will be joining me them so back to you. >>katherine michael thanks very much. we're also following some of the major paces across the country, kentucky, virginia and mississippi here held contests that could be seen perhaps as tests of the impacted impeachment and president trump's political power are and are going in state that the won by nearly 30 points in 2016. the race for governor between republican governor the incumbent that bevin on the left and the democratic challenger tourney general andy bashir on the right and despite a president trump rally in kentucky just last night supporting bevin bashir is leading in all polls and has or in the results. it has claimed victory in the race.
10:35 pm
some are calling it still too close to call but. many of the cable networks are calling the share the apparent winner get a democrat appears to won the governor's race in kentucky. that is big and in the ruby red state of mississippi democrat attorneys general jim hood faced off with republican lieutenant governor tate reeves says they're on the right to be that state's next governor reeves is the projected winner, there and in virginia a huge win for democrats. they flipped control of both the house and senate whech were narrowly controlled by republicans, virginia used to be a pretty strong red state and it became a a swing state in recent years and with these results. it is firmly blue at least for the moment. it's a big surprise for some. >>it has been shifting that way in recent years going back to win barack obama was elected president there i let's check the weather in the
10:36 pm
bay area we've got some fog popping up in parts of the bay, yeah and you want to some dense fog out there can is we're going to see that fall kind of settling in along the coastline and inside the bay are seeing some and out there right now so certainly if you're commuting early on tomorrow morning. maybe renee's some dense fog in the bay in the coastal areas tomorrow morning watch out for that early on this bill is really could be next to nothing in a as you can see that fog city right on the surface. temperatures getting pretty chilly in spots to you've got 46 nevada 47 now in santa rosa 48 in half moon bay with that patchy fog. still clear to san jose at 5752 degrees in livermore all right what we've all been looking forward to is getting some rain back into the bay area had that huge dome of high pressure sitting over head that blocking ridge, but it's going to hold on through thursday looks like some pretty nice weather in fact maybe a little bit of an offshore component to the winds on thursday friday, looking nice too. we get you to the weekend you've got some plans go to it looks like another dry weekend around the bay area, plenty of sunshine
10:37 pm
both saturday. and sunday in fact so the temperatures will be running as much as 10 maybe 12 degrees above the average over the weekend to now as we head into next week things begin to change you see this long frontal system again that tries to approach a ridge of high pressure begins to fall apart is a moves through, but it's going help the weekend that ridge somewhat and then we start to see some more storms lined up after that there's some hand in the even longer range forecast models that after we get through the following weekend. the maybe finally something punches to possibly on that monday, a flea about the 17th or so something punching through the bay area so keep your fingers crossed right now in the tent and looks dry right through the weekend. and right now looks dry. well in the next week too. sure could use the rain that's right politics may influence your decision to call california your home recent poll by u c berkeley institute of governmental studies found that have. >>half of california voters have thought about moving out
10:38 pm
of the state with republicans and conservatives being about 3 times as likely as democrats and liberals to consider putting california in the rearview mirror. >>i feel like people come here, you have to live the california lifestyle but day sometimes is to lay back for for individuals, you know, or 2 to liberty or liberal for every if that's the word. and so people relies and light. it just freaks them out as a dog is like this paradise life stout. >>this comes as new census data finds more people are leaving california then are moving in the data says just under 700,000 people moved out of california last year. while about half a million moved it. >>so where are they going the lone star state topped the list of places said ex californians moved to last year. texas followed by arizona washington, nevada and oregon.
10:39 pm
>>the healdsburg family finds their home destroyed by the kincade fire. but their neighbors houses are still standing how they believe their property help to save the neighborhood. and his forces sharks try to make a turn around and get their first win for the first time in 6 games. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft.
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too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. >>the kincade fire is now 86% contained this is a look at
10:42 pm
some of the damage left behind from that wildfire that burned through so much of sonoma county also a bit of lake and napa counties cal fire says the fire burned nearly 70,000 acres now has destroyed 374 structures. 174 of those are homes the fire also damaged 60 structures, 35 of those were homes. firefighters hope to have the fire fully contained by thursday tonight people forced to flee their homes in healdsburg our survey their properties since evacuation orders have been lifted from forcefully to call checks in with the family that lost almost everything. >>smoke and flames replaced by contractors clearing the road. what's typically a 15 minute ride along leslie road for jason diedrich to reach his uncle's property in healdsburg stretching closer to 45 minutes. well crews shuttle debris to make the roadways safer. for people to pass apparel on whether the and a. >>this is devastating we met diedrich song richard to 48 and his wife latanya last
10:43 pm
week. >>while they were seeking help at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa, i'm not doing well. >>2 us senators diedrich returned to his uncle's property tuesday, one of several trips. he's made since evacuation orders were lifted like it is down to the centers and. rival at the family home was engulfed by the kincade fire. though the barn and a storage unit we're essentially unscathed the house and at least a dozen vehicles were destroyed up and drive way to comer. >>the bands you think the place is a bk about 50 p o and you're popping here and you and on. >>aren't you rick says the water levels of his uncle's 2 ponds are significantly lower now compared to when the fire started he believes fire crews use the water for airdrops several neighbors managed to keep their homes in park
10:44 pm
diedrich says with help from the to 4 years water. and yet it is days were left to rebuild this terrible, you know the way it all came down because i expected to see you. >>okay so now it's appearing know. the entry into a appear cook and some but not a a not a day one horses missing otherwise all other family livestock is accounted for. >>and the family is still whole that's enough to keep them strong in healdsburg felipe should all kron 4 news. >>dub nation is coming together to help the families affected by the kincade fire chase center tweeted today that last night's warriors game raised $10,000 for united way of the wine country for kincade fire relief. the lawyers play the portland trail blazers last night pulling out their first win of the season in san francisco. >>to buy making it easy to it access all your favorite entertainment.
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>>hockey tonight, sharks have a lot of talent but have one a lot recently trying to get off the schneid they got off the schneid. happy to hear that he is i didn't notice night was not told us now here they were on the schneid and now you know tonight could be get there now. >>probably don't want to be on the exactly yes, it's been been a bad start to the year to the warriors not the only playoff team from last year doing with early season struggles schardt center tonight on a fall. >>5 game losing streak and last place in the western conference peter de boer and company host of the blackhawks at the take one of the original 6. second period. one of the charts, a vendor kate, chases down a loose talks. he has speed to burn short-handed score off the breakaway 2 zip san jose, this is 3rd stanza tomas hertl speedo romo here sic move for the gulf a 3 goal sharks lead. cut the deficit to a goal late pull the goalie
10:46 pm
timo meier takes advantage the empty net. >>the ice is the game's final 4, 2, sharks get back into the win column. next up the minnesota wild thursday. in san jose now to the nfl after we get a monday night game with the biggest talking point is a catch. >>running on to the field. we get a matchup that's one of the most important of the year 49 ers seahawks monday night this team is gaining strength at a light practice today. now no official word on the status of mike mcglinchey joe staley and cow use check. but there is great optimism of the will be in action. one drawback. tight end george kittle didn't practice so we'll have to monitor that situation. but let's hear from a glenshee and how the niners have made it work in the trenches for the last several weeks. >>those are 2 starting tackles and still have the option.
10:47 pm
>>now to the raiders no off days for the silver black they have to jump right into their prep for their thursday night meeting with the chargers the hope is they can get some of their reinforcements back on the offensive line trent brown and romney hudson out on the field for today's walk through hope here we go maybe they're out there. and they were both limited the match up with aliens enormous to stay in the playoff hunt and after a 2, 5, star the bolts starting to find a rhythm back to back wins highlighted by defensive performance that shut down. >>the green bay to get first downs to from a move the ball set that points man that's pretty good right. offense is pretty good right. there are differences is that good right and so we have our work cut out for us that's for sure. i
10:48 pm
want to get lost in all this and we lost to them twice last year right the week. we need to get this when we make sure we handle this and take care of business. >>and finally college basketball season gets under way and will open with a new era for the count. golden bears mark fox taking over for cow facing pepperdine in the opener 1st half on drink. kelly gets the feet inside hours a day, 16 points 10 rebounds off the bench for the bears down with the break. 2nd half men brantley saddled with early foul trouble exploded for 18 of his game high 25 in the second the bears 52 points in the half 8771. the sea mary's gaels opening their year against wisconsin. go right over time a it's beautiful switch up and under step through jails up by 1, 4 seconds left saint mary's ask you know hit by 2 they missed
10:49 pm
the free throw, wisconsin, it's off the court a last second 3 to win. when you know to 6563. the 20th breaking details. if you look at sports know schneid for the gaels of that compared to right start the year off with the win it needed for the 49 ers as well they keep rolling shy free all right, yeah. they were get off the schneid the weather department that's for sure for guy says we're going to see some changes coming our way in fact. >>maybe even a little chance for rain all the way will try for rain all the way will try and pinpoint welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour. hey, shaq. it's a 30 second tour. no man it's like... now it's 26. welcome aboard. ocean! skyride. mini golf. relax! relax! relax! you take this man to be your husband? i do. married.
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no time for basketball. pool. carnival. choose fun.
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>>election night coverage continues right now san francisco district attorney's canada chase and bodene is speaking, this is live in the city, let's listen in. >>are visiting my parents in jail and then in prison for years and then for decades. is still in prison today. he may never get out. now here with us today are 3 of my parents. my biological mother. my
10:53 pm
biological mother who served 22 years in prison. my adoptive parents who raised me as one of their 3 sons after my biological parents don't arrest him. hello i was a baby i was an infant when all this have not remember it right, but and i was lucky in many ways i wasn't physically injured one killed the way that some people tragically were that date. my life was destroyed my life as it was at that point in time as a one year-old. i was traumatized. there was statement was shame and it was anger. it was not a good start to life. and i was certainly not supposed to be here on this stage today celebrate. and that's i had
10:54 pm
opportunities all along we second chances and privileges that most children with incarcerated parents will never dream of and most children whose parents have been killed my crime will never dream i was lucky. despite it all. over my life when i've come to know personally and professionally in all these years i proudly serves the san francisco public defender. and just how broken. our criminal justice system my life's work since i was in grade school has been fighting for criminal justice reform and so i decided a year ago to run for district attorney's it was routed, not in political ambition. but in a lifetime of experience. remember the goals the goals and ambitions and a lot of
10:55 pm
talk about how we set out to accomplish in the first step. we were inspired by and we are part of a national movement rooted in community and redefining our relationship with law enforcement in our understanding of the time public safety from boston to philadelphia from chicago to louis. we are building a movement that redefines public safety. >>the redefine how we keep our community safe for everyone not just for the rich and powerful. there is a broad recognition across the country. and we know voters in san francisco, we're on the same page that the status quo tough on crime war on drugs approach is not working for anybody. and so we have to build a movement so we join
10:56 pm
forces with people who are out there doing the work for with people who knew. >>by listening here to chase one of the candidates for district attorneys in san francisco. he is the most progressive of the 4 leading candidates and he currently is just ahead in the latest results to come in not all precincts, reporting but he has a slight lead on suzy loftus who is the interim da right now so we'll follow this race all night and have the latest tomorrow morning on the kron 00:04am morning news. that's right we'll keep numbers posted at kron 4 dot com as well as check in now a sports car don't want you guys to get some dense fog showing up outside tonight that may be an issue early tomorrow morning you see some of the developing out over the bay right now. >>and loss of the coastal sections now overnight lows going to be chilly in spots. we've got some 30's and 40's in the forecast early tomorrow morning. and then by day enjoy some beautiful sunshine again, some of that hazy sunshine in and around the bay lot of 60's 70's inside the bay. some mid
10:57 pm
upper 70's and some of the valleys but along the coastline and grab a jacket is going to stay cool there that dense fog and a hug the coast. almost all day long temperatures they're going to be low, maybe the upper 50's in the warmer spots like apple bay. that yes you can attorney and we're looking for some rain unfortunately, no rain in sight right now high pressure overhead and that is going to bring with it dry conditions in the weekend well above normal temperatures 10 to 12 degrees above the average. late next week. some clouds start to move in maybe the next weekend. we start.
10:58 pm
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