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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 6, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PST

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♪ tonight, a bomb found on angelina jolie's set as she bears all in a new interview. why she says ex brad is holding her back from living how she wants. plus we've got matt damon on ben affleck's recent relapse. then meet keanu reeves girlfriend. then anna faris is rocking a huge rock. what we know? then cindy crawford's daughter, her "snl" romance goes
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coast coastal. then bahamas week continues. >> we're ready to make a splash. welcome, everyone, to "e.t." in the bahamas week. we're here all week. it's another day in paradise here at the beautiful baha-mar resort. >> so much fun on the way. but we begin with a major scare for angelina jolie and it happened on the set of her new movie. >> a forced evacuation. an unexploded bomb left over from world war ii discovered. an explosives expert called to the scene. angelina and her co-star richard madden safe. this is what one report claims happened on the set of "eternals." the marvel movie is shooting here in the canary islands. here's what et learned about the incident. an unidentified object was found on set where second unit filming was taking place. it was inspected and deemed safe. no cast members were present at the time. angelina with her blonde wig has been shooting the film since august. >> playing a super hero puffs you up a little bit.
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makes you feel more empowered. >> it does. you get the outfit on and you're feeling -- then you see your kids and the way they look at you, like what are you doing? >> speaking of angie's kids, the 44-year-old working mom is opening up about them and life after brad. jolie goes nude, covered only by shear fabric and then green couture gown for the new issue of "harper's bazaar." angie mentions her quote, visible and invisible scars and although she doesn't say brad's name she seems to take a dig at him when talking about wanting to live overseas, quote, i would love to live abroad and will do so as soon as my children are 18. right now i'm having to base where their father chooses to live. angie also hints that her divorce has been hard on the kids, quote, they have been through a lot. angie's wild side comes up a lot in the interview. she talks about this tattoo on her arm that says a prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages. she says she got it when she was 20 and it reminds her that,
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quote, the wild within me is all right and part of me. listen message to all the kids out there. once upon a time every mama had a wild side. that's a good thing. >> really? mom? well there's another big star giving us a glimpse into his private lives. this one is blowing people's minds. keanu reeves hit the red carpet and he wasn't alone. holding hands, fingers locked, an adoring gaze, keanu's blue carpet arrival has everyone wondering -- who's the mystery woman stepping out with the internet's boyfriend? well, here's what we know. her name is alexandra grant. she's a 46-year-old l.a.-based artist and she's actually been seen with keanu before. in fact, they've known each other for years. keanu and alexandra are business partners. they co-founded a publishing company and they've even written two books together. the couple arrived at the lacma art and film gala fundraiser on saturday where an eye witness tells "e.t." they were smiling
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and having a good time with a friend during cocktail hour. at one point alexandra handed her a phone and asked her to take a photo of the couple. later the two were hanging out with will ferrell and his wife chatting for several minutes before heading into the tented pavilion for dinner. so why haven't we noticed keanu's girlfriend before? they kind of keep their relationship low key. three weeks ago the pair was spotted having a three-hour dinner together in l.a. arriving in keanu's porsche and leaving out the back door. as for reactions -- keanu the internet is happy and sad. keanu recently finished filming on "bill and ted face the music." >> it's a cool story for the guys and their families and where they're at. it's moving and funny. i love those characters. more couples news -- is anna faris engaged? certainly looks like it. scope out the giant rock on that finger. the 42-year-old and her new
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bling spotted out at a pacific palisades grocery store nearly five months to the day after ex chris pratt tied the knot with katherine schwarzenegger. >> i'm here to pick up my husband. >> anna met her cinematographer man of two years, michael barrett, on "the overboard" remake. a month before she and chris announced their split, faris told us this on set. >> it's been the best filming experience of my life. it really has. >> reps wouldn't confirm an engagement, but it wouldn't get in the way of co-parenting with chris. >> our goal was to have, like, group thanksgiving dinners together. next, blake's sweet, gwen shout out. >> i've had gwen as my best friend and i can see the effect that it has on somebody, the way she helps you to believe in yourself. >> last night shelton's words to team gwen contestant rose about gwen slayed "the voice" coaches. >> i guess i'm gonna cry over here. >> that was beautiful. >> that was very sweet. so sweet. my god. >> we're still waiting for blake
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to put a ring on his girlfriend of four years. >> couldn't be happier. obviously that's gotta lead somewhere, but i promise you, we won't break the news in any grocery store trash magazines. and finally cindy crawford's daughter kaia's second public date with pete davidson. yesterday in malibu, the super model who just turned 18 in september looked super close with pete leaving a sushi dinner date. they were just seen together in new york 13 days ago. the "snl" star definitely has a type. he's dated two other celeb daughters, cazzie david, larry david's pride and joy, and andie macdowell's daughter margaret qualley. >> then there's chip and joanna gaines. check out joanna looking gorgeous on the magazine. >> she's amazing. chip said he wants child number six. just this morning matt damon
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sat down with lauren zima talking about ben affleck. >> he's looking great. he's feeling great. we've been working on a screen play. >> you told us about a fight you were in as kids. >> little 5'2" ben affleck tackled this dude off me out of nowhere. i was a junior and he was a freshman. that was a big moment. this guy will put himself in a bad spot for me. >> was that a moment you knew i got a friend for life? >> definitely. i mean one of many moments. it wasn't just -- it wasn't like "step brothers." >> did we just become best friends? >> yep. >> our own matt cohen held down the premiere just fine solo. leave it to not one, but two
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oscar winners, matt damon and christian bale, to shut down hollywood boulevard and send hearts racing in the process. >> you came off "vice" and you came into "ford v ferrari" and you made an unbelievable transition physically. what was your regimen like? >> eat less, do more. that's it. i had to fit in those cars. they're small cars. it's tight. >> how pumped were you to get behind these beastly cars, put pedal to the metal a little bit? >> i've done some of that stuff in the past for the jason bourne movies and it's -- it is really fun. but you have to, i think, unless -- i don't think i can get away for a week to do a driving course unless it's like explicitly like i'm forced to do it by the studio. it's hard to get a hall pass for that long. >> you can't just be like, come on, honey, i'm taking off? >> well, it's really important, but wait i read the script. you don't really drive in the movie. well, i know, but it's kind of in my past i did. let's turn to last night's "dancing with the stars" and the heart breaking elimination.
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but there was reason to celebrate too and keltie knight was in the middle of it all. >> we finally got the moment we've been waiting for all season. the judges gave out their very first ten. >> 10! >> what's your reaction to having the first perfect score of the season? >> oh, man. honestly cloud nine. i just feel like it's a mountain top moment. >> oh! >> 10! >> we saw 10s across the board for you. >> it's just a perfect night. i had my parents there. i had my kids there. >> but the big shocker came when ally ended up in the bottom two despite her perfect score. >> like what is happening? >> i don't know. maybe people think, oh, she's got three 10s. she's good. we don't need to vote, you know. >> along with ally on the chopping block, "the office" star and fan favorite kate flannery. she was ultimately sent home by the judges, a decision they didn't want to make. >> i'm absolutely confused and a little irritated. >> it's disappointing to see people go home like this week after week and sean is staying in. yeah. i'm a little frustrated. i'm a lot frustrated. >> you know what, we came. we did our best.
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the show is slightly baffling from time to time and i think we're just -- people vote, ya know. that's all we can do is dance. >> still we had a little consolation prize for kate. a message from her former "office" co-star john krasinski. >>ou kidding me? >> kate, you are crushing. keep going 'cause i think you're going all the way. that's what she said. okay, bye, guys. >> we even got a that's what she said. >> that's what she said. >> johnny k., he's the best. oh, my gosh. >> next week is my favorite week they have ever had on "dancing with the stars." boy band, girl group week. emma bunton from the spice girls and joey fatone from nsync are guest judging and i have to say kevin and rachel, back to you and bye bye bye. did you get it? nsync joke. >> thanks, keltie. keltie has boy band jokes. you got sharks, kev. >> don't worry. i got you covered.
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i've become the bear grylls of the bahamas. the real bear is on tonight. the big star secrets he uncovered along the way. >> it's hard to hide in the wild. then how sterling k. brown keeps up his six pack. >> see how much hard work he's putting in. plus tim mcgraw. >> i was lazy in my life. >> from this to this. how he lost 40 pounds. >> only "e.t." is at my gym in nashville. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs.
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. we are now in the baha-mar grotto and you can see we're surrounded, or at least behind us, is a lot of exotic fish and turtles in the aquarium and i have to believe, rachel, this is a lot more peaceful than what bear grylls goes through. >> yeah, exactly, kev. bear is pretty much the only person that gets stars to wild out with him. >> bear, hold on seriously. >> do you have another pair of >> we've taken so many amazing people. julia roberts. >> thank you and good night.
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>> this season we just had channing tatum for the second time. >> what do you think of his outdoor skills? >> we were skydiving together and he hadn't done that before. big smile and straight out that door and you can see him like tumbling. just pull and then we're into it. >> stars seeking that once in a lifetime experience this season include brie larson and super model cara delevigne. >> i don't know whether i was more afraid that the ground was gonna fall beneath me or that my hair didn't look good on the camera. >> i literally meet them when we come in to pick them up in a helicopter or whatever and then we're straight into it. >> aside from the adventure, we always look forward to bear's camp fire chats so we can hear celebs baring their souls. >> i usually don't like talking about my brother on tv. >> i saw my mom for the first time in years yesterday. >> i was caring less about the work and waiting more for the weekend.
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>> as divorces go i would say it was one of the better ones. >> i imagine like when you're faced with fear in real life in a real element, it probably allows you to open up like never before, you know? >> well i think it's hard to hide, isn't it, in the wild. it strips all of us a little bit kinda there and it's a good thing, you know. that for me is a great privilege to be alongside some of these amazing stars, hearing about their journey, but also being on a physical journey together. >> the new season of "running wild with bear grylls" airs tonight on national geographic. speaking of physical journeys, tim mcgraw is going to open up about his exclusive to "e.t." >> you lost 40 pounds. that number is bananas. >> yeah. >> his total body transformation that required a lot of love and space. >> i don't want to get myself in trouble here. then sterling k. brown reveals his sexy six pack. >> i hope you enjoy. >> we're impressed.
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what about his "this is us" co-stars? >> i feel slightly creepy. i'm his mom. ♪ >> closed captioning provided by -- can you heal dry skin in a day?
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welcome back to entertainment tonight, everybody. only we are here in nashville right now here with my buddy tim mcgraw talking to you about what made you decide to get in the best shape of your life. 'cause if you haven't noticed, the man's fit. he really is. what did that for you? what made you decide i gotta get right? >> i mean, really it was my daughter seeing my face on a movie screen and saying, dad, you need to do something. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> that kinda hurts me. >> yeah, it hurt me too, but motivated me at the same time. >> 52 years old and abs for days. it was the 2008 movie "four christmases" that caused tim's daughter gracie to give him that wake-up call about his health. >> conner, go get us some beers man. >> was it just the musician's lifestyle that got you like was it something else that made you
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just kinda let it go? >> i was just pretty you know, lazy in my life. ♪ she don't need to hear that she's a gene on a throne ♪ >> did faith tell you before or after get it together before your daughter said -- >> she said it before. >> before? >> yeah. she said it before, but -- and, you know, you're always with your partner. you're always -- there's always sort of a relationship of like you need to do better. i need to do better. you know, we're both being selfish, all those things. i don't want to get myself in trouble here. >> tim shows off his 40-pound weight loss in his new fitness book "grit and grace." his advice, start small, but dream big. >> just, you know, say i'm gonna walk ten minutes at 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. you do that for ten weeks and i guarantee it'll lead to something else. >> we met up at his nashville gym, true-mav. >> all the other country artists are building bars and i'm building a gym. >> i was honored when tim asked me to moderate at an event for his new book. and one of tim's tips -- >> do you do cheat meals? >> i do. chicken and dumplings is my go-to. the last time i made chicken and
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dumplings my wife married me when i gave them to her. >> and tim's book "grit and grace" is out today. it's good. >> thank you. well let's send it back to the bahamas. >> thanks, tim. so working out also seems to be a priority for the men of "this is us," especially for mr. sterling k. brown as leann found out. >> the internet is blowing up, like, he has his shirt off, showing everybody what's going on? >> yeah. we've seen that. what is it, "men's health"? whatever the manage seen is. i was like i feel slightly creepy. >> you're his mother. >> i'm his mom. >> but you see how much hard work he's putting into it and -- >> yes, and i appreciate it. how healthy he is. >> how healthy he is. yes, yes, yes. me too. >> between takes sterling works on that six pack doing a little boxing. >> when he does this in between takes on set, what are you doing? >> i'm probably sitting somewhere eating something, looking at him like what's he doing? >> trying to ignore him. >> no.
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>> justin and i -- like any time we do a scene together, in inevitably people wind up on the floor doing push ups. >> how do you guys stay loose on set in between those scenes? 'cause it still gets really heavy on the show. >> oh, man. >> candy, we laugh. >> we do. we get candy when we need it. ♪ i'm missing you like candy >> it's like milo and i will look at each other and it's like snack time? snack attack. >> i don't think i've ever seen you wear a sports coat on the weekend. >> what are you talking about? i always wear a sports coat. >> that's a little speak peek at what happens tonight on "this is us." but another behind the scenes secret? milo's been directing which has been tough for his tv wife. >> she nailed it. >> i was nervous. i was like i wanna give you what you want and what you want from this scene. >> no. you nailed it. oh, my god, no. it was beautiful. everybody did. and more tv news -- we have your first look at the new series from "the amazing race" host phil keoughan. >> this is a way of honoring all the hard working men and women who keep the country going. they wear those calluses on their hands as a badge of honor.
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>> the reality competition show is called "tough as nails." auditions happened this morning in new york. >> there's one young woman here, her name is lissette. that woman is good tv. >> i'm a welder. i weld circles around the boys. kick all their butts. show them who i am. show up. show out. >> and of course there's burpees. >> you gotta get three eight minutes. it may not sound like very long, but trust me, it is. >> i was happy with 102 in eight minutes especially in cowboy boots, you know. >> the prize is good. nothing better than cash money. trust me these people are here to win. >> we have clearly made our way out into the water. you can't come to the bahamas without getting into it. >> the beaches are beautiful at a baha-mar. which reality star got a harley davidson for christmas and crashed it in the same day? is it mike the situation, kris jenner or paris hilton? >> the answer is next.
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tomorrow on "e.t." our meghan mccain and joy behar exclusive. >> she's a gem now. >> i trust being on air with you which takes time which is why they shouldn't be firing either of us soon. >> tomorrow on "e.t." which reality star got a harley davidson for christmas and crashed it in the same day? >> that would be kris jenner. >> she should have got one of these. it's one of the coolest things you can do at the baha-mar resort. >> i love them too. i'm going to take off. >> let's go, girl. >> here we go. >> good night, everybody.
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>> later. ♪ it's more than a bag, it's an afternoon together they'll never forget. let imagination out of the bag with ziploc. sc johnson disney's frozen 2, in theaters november 22nd. rated pg
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