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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 6, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>daria full said i'm james fletcher we are midway through the week on this wednesday morning looks like another foggy start to see what kids even understand tune in. >>because you use. really event i stay like this how tough it is to know what we like to say look it up to a look at. and whether traffic to start the hour. >>good morning traffic is okay so far it's picking up filling and quickly, but no major trouble spots which is update the drive time. ok little fuzzy out there. >>definitely fuzzy this morning, guys and maybe even more fuzzy than yesterday was fog sticking with us for quite a long time this morning. you are seeing fog above the golden gate this morning though so there is your positive impact from the fog now really impacting your bridges as much as yesterday because it's sitting right above if you look really close. you can see that foggy layer has just above bridge level so at least your drive across bridges a smooth, but
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visibility is impacted in areas, especially our hills like in half moon bay santa rosa and at times the hills above oakland and hayward fog makes its or treat through the morning, you'll start to see some clearing but it really doesn't dip are all the way until just before noon, fox stays put at the coast and that's going to keep temperatures for coastal areas, a little cooler and then it pushes back in overnight, setting us up for a 3rd a foggy morning in the rome come tomorrow morning, 40's and 50's for your current temperatures, this is a warmer start to the morning than yesterday was still need that jacket though for the north bay. it's the most noticeable difference, no 30's for you novato at 46 right now while berkeley and oakland. each in the 50's later today expect a range of temperatures from the 50's at the coast in some spots to some upper 70's to low 80's for inland areas. i'm tracking were headed next in your forecast robin. thank you john a quick peek at the bay bridge traffic which is much heavier and how we're checking 80 west. >>this line is officially through the bottom of so yeah it has reached that point is spilling over to 5.80. it's
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spilling over to the east shore freeway but still quiet and 11 minutes to make it in if you are taking want to want to get to san francisco looks good from the peninsula to downtown and then no problems for 2.80 daly city to downtown san francisco. i am just getting word of a new crew bash on the amendments also we'll take a look at that coming up in my neck support james darya. >>robin the results are coming in now following election day with the have this off year election which featured some important races iy a few hot issues as well in san francisco mayor london breed keeps her seat 68%. >>the vote giving her a four-year term, but the san francisco da's race is still too close to call this morning. san francisco voters rejected that overturned of the ban on vaping so vaping that benz stands. also they're willing to pay more for uber lyft voters approving a tax sohn rideshare companies are.
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>>right so that was a quick overview now to dive into some more details specifically about that race for district attorney ernie of san francisco. we have 4 candidates vying for the job and right now it's down to just 2 that are locked in a pretty tight race, let's take a look at the numbers right now. >>at this point interim da suzy loftus has the lead and this is after the 3rd. of ranked choice voting. her opponent public defender bowden is right behind trailer. less than 300 votes. mayor breed appointed loftus is interim da last month after george gascon his resignation and that was a controversial decision that some protested. say that breed appointing a candidate she endorses gives law leftist an unfair advantage. the topsto take candidates. here's what they have to say and there's definitely still. >>a lot of room for movement in these numbers the margins are close. so i'm eager to see or final number myself, but we did expect to win. we had a
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tremendous amount of confidence we saw in the poll that was released and we saw it in our interactions every day with voters across the city i've been running this campaign for over a year and built a coalition of. >>8 members of the board of supervisors everybody san francisco elected to send a sacramento, everyone from the firefighters to the janitors. >>so i've run a really tough campaign to make the case to san francisco that on the right choice. >>well the winner will likely be announced today or tomorrow at the latest after all the ranked choice votes are counted. >>another big story out of the election, the vaping ban and san francisco standards does yeah that's the way the voters went down they rejected the measure that was looking to overturn. >>the ban on the sale of vaping products with kron four's will tran live at city hall with the latest on that story. well. >>the voters turnout james and ari overwhelmingly to keep that ban in effect by 80%. so now this band because it's not going to be overturned we'll
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begin in january. according to the people behind measure prop c they knew that the ban was in effect and was approved back in june but they were hoping for a compromise meaning that to allow people to buy vaping products and brick and mortar stores on a limited supply not just that those stories but online but voters decided that was not the case, especially with all the headlines of the past couple of months with a vaping deaths across the country. so now according to the people the voters of san francisco, the band will be an effect from now all the way until it officially begins in january jewel which is the san francisco vaping company they knew about this the band which is why up until recently they prompted about million to try to get prop c to be passed by the voters but then over the past couple of weeks they backed off their support. president trump. he's also
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trying to implement a limited ban on certain vaping products as well had prop c past and they became a limited ban. it would have allowed people to buy usda approved products in san francisco. but now that is not going into effect you cannot buy vaping products in san francisco, or even online and we're talking 9. us data usda vaping products which are not approved as far as safety for the use and for the people of san francisco. back to you, thanks a lot. well. >>6 oh 6 in san francisco voters want more affordable housing and they're willing to pay for it prop 8. passed with 69% of the vote. it is a million bond to fix and build affordable housing in san francisco to help low income residents. seniors and teachers, it's considered to be the biggest affordable housing bond ever for the city. >>uber and lyft drivers are about to get a well a little more expensive fares in san
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francisco. we have 66% of voters approved proposition d which now as a tax to ride share companies and the likely pass that on to you the writer kron 4 sarah stinson is talking with writers this morning and we'll have a live report from her coming up in the next half hour so stay tuned for that and in the meantime make sure that you keep up with the late up to the minute details of the election results coming in from all of the bay area counties that had elections yesterday just go to kron 4 dot com we've got all the results there for you just click on the your election local election headquarters. >>in the east san ramon soccer club coach is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman who used to play soccer for kron four's christina takes on that story for us this morning. in san ramon christina. >>yes, i'm live here at the san ramon police department were officers recently arrested that man before allegedly assaulting one of his former players that was great take a look at a picture of him that we're going to put this picture right on the
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screen of that gentleman his name is luke and a and again tamarin police officers arrested him after there was a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly assaulting one of his former players. now police tell us that the 18 year-old woman was house sitting for her former coach just over a week ago. they say and i got home early one morning while she was still in his home. and that's when he allegedly made contact with her without her consent. police say anna performed multiple sexually acts again without her consent now and it was then arrested the day before halloween and is now booked into county jail in martinez and it is the director of operations for the san ramon fc soccer club and with the former assistant women's coach at doherty valley high school. the football club released this statement. we want to assure you that we took these allegations very seriously upon learning of his arrest we took immediate action the shriner was placed on administrative leave with no contact with any player and had no presence at any club
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facilities, including all fields and our facilities again that's from the sam ramon football club. now this case is still under investigation, reporting live here in san ramon christina teatro kron 4 news, thanks a lot. christine, a. >>so still ahead on the update on the kincade fire and a new look at some of the damage to homes. we'll have more video for you plus a possible sighting of an escaped prisoner shuts down a motel in monterey county will have the full story. john and it is a cool and foggy start to what will be a a warm and sunny afternoon for most areas at least your forecast is ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area pretty busy at the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west already stacked up way back from west grand so heading into san francisco plus i'm tracking problems on 80 and the nimitz i'll have details coming up.
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>>now taking a look at the weather. >>that like i said i'm getting used to chilly mornings may fog and then nicely with us can say, but sunny sunny, yeah, you know what we can handle the sunny afternoons for sure, but this chilly mornings have been a community chorus. yeah, less chilly for the north bay were in the 30's up there really the past 6 or 7 mornings, it's called his parents to watch on kron. >>why is it wrong. they give
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looks a little like it outside we are definitely warmer than yesterday was with a fog more present than it was yesterday too you can see that fog is sitting right above the bay right now alcatraz not in at the bay bridge not in it. so you are seeing a smoother commute over your bridges but as you head into the hills that's where you're going to be running into some of our fog year conditions and some of her lower visibility to sear just going to be running into it. a different spots than you did yesterday novato santa rosa oakland, all these areas falling below a mile for visibility at times today with half moon bay holding on to the fog well into the afternoon ahead, so it'll be a coastal fog kind a day while our inland valleys are
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starting off clear and shouldn't see any fog even into the afternoon now high pressure is built up across the region, this is sending any chance of rain that we have well to our north up into canada eventually dropping down into other parts of the country where it is 2 below right you will be looking at this switching up though in a matter of a couple of weeks it does look that this high pressure does show signs of weakening. it will happen this week or weekend nor really into next week either. but next weekend a lot of long-range forecasts are now showing that we could start to see the potential of some light rainfall pushing in into mid november. so it will be a dry start to the month we're still going to see plenty of dry weather ahead of us. but there may be a sign of a switch up happening in a matter of about a week and a half. temperatures today at the coast will be in the 50's and 60's waller inland areas actually warmer than yesterday. you can blame those cool temperatures at the coast and are slightly cooler day today on the bay on the fog is going to stay with us longer than it did yesterday. campbell in san jose, each 76
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for your daytime highs while milpitas at 77 east bay temperatures in the 70's double and you're close to 80 degrees today that's warmer than yesterday. well cooler than yesterday in oakland berkeley and richmond, where you'll only be in the 60's yesterday were 70's again that's a fog and ocean air having its impact on you back in ville fairfield 2 of our spots in the 80's will santa rosa warmer than yesterday just shy of 80 degrees. thursday friday and saturday some of our warmer days an offshore breeze is going to take effect that should result in less fog come friday and saturday temperatures next week remain just above average conditions remaining dry and sunny and those forecasts just remains comfortable besides those chilly mornings. rob. >>checking in on the traffic which is getting a much heavier now we're off to the richmond sandra fell this time and you're back up here spills. i'd say right around richmond park way so that's where it's going to start it's going to continue through the tolls getting on to the span but after that just west of the toll plaza. that's when you'll start to see the
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traffic improved the bay bridge 80 west traffic, not improving its filling back through the maze mostly through the bottom of the mesa pretty crowded coming in totally expected for this time of mourning, but at least it's trouble free at 12 minutes off to fremont street. we do have a trouble spot coming out of the layout motorcycle accident 80 west, tennessee street, see a tree has issued a traffic alert was a deal with that. the backup is growing heavy from 37 by the time you get up to 7 80 and the car keen as richard doing 5. but that motorcycle accident is holding a lot of folks back so it's going to make you late if you use it and then it slowly being hayward to 38 to whipple. that's what we have a crash trapping up and then south of whipple continuing into union city fremont milpitas the rest of your church will be fine. here's a stretch. we're checking out one oh one morgan hill to san jose jen from said martine avenue approaching cars. a little pocket between 2.80. and that's because of some earlier crashes so 18 minutes
6:17 am
here not bad morgan hill to 85 in san jose james. >>very much rob and time now 6.16 we have a quick update on the can kate fire in sonoma county. it's now 86% contained. here's a look at the damage that was left in the wake of the flames. the fire burned nearly 78,000 acres destroyed more than 300 structures. 174 of those were homes. firefighters are hoping to have full containment by this thursday. all the evacuation orders have been lifted the of people in healdsburg getting their first look at what's left of their homes forcefully to call was there. >>smoke and flames replaced by contractors clearing the road. what's typically a 15 minute ride along leslie road for jason diedrich to reach his uncle's property in healdsburg stretching closer to 45 minutes. well crews shuttle debris to make the roadways safer. for people to pass through pair on whether the and a. >>it's just devastating. we met diedrich uncle richard to 48 and his wife latanya last week while they were seeking
6:18 am
help at the sonoma county fairgrounds in santa rosa, i'm not doing well. >>us senators diedrich returned to his uncle's property tuesday. >>one of several trips. he's made since evacuation orders were lifted like it is down to the sanders and. rival at the family home was engulfed by the kincade fire. though the barn and a storage unit we're essentially unscathed the house and at least a dozen vehicles were destroyed up and drive wages, comer. >>the bands you think the places say be care about this tpo and you're popping here and she didn't they it on. >>ran to the drinks as the water levels of his uncle's 2 ponds are significantly lower now compared to when the fire started he believes fire crews use the water for airdrops several neighbors managed to keep their homes in part diedrich says with help from the 2, 4 years water and yet
6:19 am
it is who are left to rebuild this terrible, you know the way it all came down because i expected to see you. okay so now it's a period you know and the >>entry into a appear cook and some but not not today, one horses missing otherwise all other family livestock is accounted for. >>and the family is still whole that's enough to keep them strong in healdsburg felipe should all kron 4 news. >>well dub nation is coming together to help families affected by the kincade fire monday night's game against portland. raise $10,000 for united way of the wine country for kincade fire relief the warriors are on the road they're going to take on the houston rockets tonight. we'll keep you covered on that, but they did but they could monday night trying to raise some funds for victims. the city of a >>is considering banning short-term rentals after that deadly halloween party. it happened at an air bnb in
6:20 am
orinda here's the meeting last night it started with a moment of silence for the 5 people who were killed in that shooting at the home on lucille way, the owner of the home took the listing off of the air bnb but people in our end a some of them want to all all of the homes that may be ready air bnb off they want syria, sleet, they have to think changed in just ban rentals altogether. i understand where they have to come over karen player people have to look and they just haven't their own home. >>anybody anybody that has a party understand. >>i feel scared. were not a hotel community an air bnb does not belong here endangers all of us. a big operation is underway in the east bay too we're moving on to the next story now. operation underway in east bay they want to clear out a homeless encampment. take a look it's a 4 acres of
6:21 am
wood street in oakland and this is just about a mile away from city hall. the goal of the cleanup is to convert the area into a safe place for people to park there are v's and people are currently living in this area. they would get first dibs in take. >>the many are fees that are on the streets in west oakland and put them in a safe, the regulated space for the public to city and access to water and sanitation site management security uncharted waters so we have more unsheltered people that we've ever seen of all all along the west coast. and we have to try to use new solutions. >>this project is a partnership between the city and the person who is the land is going to lease it to the city for free oakland open a similar site like this just a few months ago. it's 6.21 and still ahead. the popular teen app tick tock is coming under scrutiny for possibly giving away user information to your kids use and one person is
6:22 am
arrested for that massacre in mexico that killed 9 american 6 of them children. plus pg e executives responding to the threat of the state taking over the utility. and a live look here at the traffic rolling across the san mateo bridge will be back with weather and traffic too. ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ are you ready?
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>>we are back at 6.24 national news, we have big tech back in the hot seat on capitol hill, but this time it wasn't facebook instead it was the new popular video app tick tock. that is being accused of exposing millions of americans private data to foreign entities during yesterday's hearing the chinese own platform, declined to appear insisting that american data is safely secured in the us but many political leaders, they are buying it. >>should have been here today. but after this letter to this committee. they must now appear under oath to tell the truth about their company and its ambitions and what they're doing with our data. the threat isn't just a children's privacy is threat to our national security. >>meanwhile democratic leaders say the us should work with other countries to develop security solutions. others argue can't be trusted also they're asking to appear.
6:26 am
yesterday's hearing was apple and as many believe that they too have opened the door for chinese cyberattacks the company says the invite was too short notice for them to prepare properly to attend. >>the trump administration has long been trying to get rid of the so-called flores settlement, i'm alexander only known in washington. coming up, i'll tell you about their new strategy for trying to get rid of the rules that dictate how to care for migrant children. >>san francisco, viewer, voters approved a new tack max that will cause for rideshare writers a lot more money will tell you mo you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. >>today middle of the road on both fronts i in the middle it's not great. it's not bad. but there is a crash on the nimitz that's wrapping up we'll check in on 80 rolling through hayward. >>and then the fog to it just depends where you are if you're getting that a lot of it yeah definitely all right on top of the day for inland valleys, all you've got to sunshine right now, but not so much for the golden gate bridge. nor many of our bridges like yesterday though we're was blocking out the view of your bridges you still do have a pretty smooth commute, traveling right on top of the day. it's what you head up into the hills that you will have some visibility issues. moon bay and santa rosa seeing visibility below a mile right now and fog is going to stay put at the coast for bayside areas that will gradually burn off through the
6:30 am
morning. stay with us longer than it did yesterday and as i mentioned just a minute ago our inland spots, not seeing any fog whatsoever that will result in warm temperatures inland and cooler conditions of the coast today. fog makes another appearance into tomorrow morning too so 3 mornings in a row with fog for your morning commute. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures, it's a slightly warmer morning that it was yesterday at this time for clear at 50 degrees fully how at 49 no 30's on the map this morning. so that's a nice relief is you get out there. still keep the jackets on hand though, later today, 50's and 60's at the coast. well 70's and 80's further inland. so wide range of temperatures and a lot of that does have to do with whether you're seeing fog this morning or sunshine this morning. robin focusing a lot of brake lights to john as they head to work crossing bay area bridges, especially on the bay bridge. >>the drive here is stacked up from the maze 5.80 coming from the east shore freeway all of your connectors are pretty slow and that's normal and typical for this time of
6:31 am
morning right at least you don't have any problems or crashes or stalls, you're good at 13 minutes after fremont street. but check out the nimitz normally we have commute traffic rolling south in addition to that crash wrapping up near whipple that's in the 2 left lanes so that's pretty more pressure on the nimitz makes its solid from 2.38 so 53 minutes and growing from to 38 to 37 more slow downs coming up james darya. and let's talk about results after election day now it's an off year election that featured a lot of races that are important and some hot button issue yeah i want to start off in san francisco. we have that race for mayor. >>and mayor breed was reelected 68% of the voters. >>have approved her for another full four-year term this time, however, the san francisco district attorney's race is still too close to call we have interim da suzy loftus she's taken the lead now recently in this 3rd round of ranked choice voting public defender chess a boat and that is right behind her though
6:32 am
trailing by less than 300 votes so again too close to call. we've got san francisco voters rejecting a measure that wanted to overturn the city's ban on fay ping products. so there's that and we also have an approval now million in a bond for affordable housing so we've got that approved by voters as well. >>another big story is the uber and lyft 10. yes, voters approved they're willing to spend more and san francisco and get that money that's right the taxes on the right, you're companies themselves, which course that cost is going to passed on to the writers with kron 4 sarah stinson. >>at sfo were hey guess if you fly and that is the of all you're going to be feeling. yeah slamming road. >>where is this money going why is it was it was going on in the money. >>it's going to transportation and transit agencies both for the county and the city which talking to people out here. people are a little they're still waking up the most and say it actually goes to the center city is so congested and that's great but people
6:33 am
are saying it's not going to really impact them, it's only going to be a few cents here and there and then if you are going to the airport all the way from san francisco. it will cost you a little over dollars so this proposition d though it pass asked by 66% that's all it needed a 2 thirds vote. most rides within the city will be taxed 3.2 5% as we said earlier, it's being tax the company was passed on to the writers that works out to about $0.30 more for a look at $10 ride, an average price and in san francisco. but if you're writing to the airport that will cost you a little over a dollar more share rides will be tax 1.5%. those will not apply to taxis or private cars property was backed by mayor london breed in the board of supervisors with the hope to raise $30 million for transit improvements as i was saying money will be divided by the county and the city to add more things like bike lanes a lot more money uni's budget. i spoke with riders are saying this isn't much
6:34 am
more be paying bud. again, they're wondering you know is the money and you can see a difference because as you know driving in the city were you being in a rideshare can be very hectic because it is so congested there with all the bikers. pedestrians we've seen definitely an uptick in people. pedestrian versus car accidents and that is because there's just so many people in san francisco, so we're going to be live all morning long to talk to riders see other feeling about this. now they'll have to pay more starting 2020 for now live at sfo sarah stinson kron 4 news. ok, thank you sarah. >>and we have a complete up to the data and mitt at a lecture results for you. the race is on our website at kron 4 dot com you click on the your local election headquarters. under the news tab. >>on the peninsula now san mateo county board supervisors is banning the sale of all c e cigarette products in unincorporated san mateo county this ordinance is one of the strictest anti vaping
6:35 am
laws in california and this all after the cdc has confirmed 37 vaping-related deaths across the country and that number continues to rise. p g's. >>responding to the threat of a state takeover ceo bill johnson along with other executives and lawyers representing fire victims in the bankruptcy case met with governor newsome the governor wants to get the company out of bankruptcy as soon as possible and now some state local officials want a government takeover of pg e's equipment pg e seo doesn't think that's a good idea. >>i think it >>pg e's come on or scrutiny
6:36 am
for its role in recent wildfires and recent power shut off. the governor is hoping to broker a deal. >>can get pgd out of bankruptcy as quickly as possible. another idea. >>would be to turn pg me over to customers and make it a giant. >>custer customer owned co-operative san jose mayor sam liccardo is for that you think is the best way to the utility to emerge from bankruptcy by creating a customer owned utility. will first be able to. >>ally in the financial interests of the company with the public interest and secondly we'll be able to create a company that has access to capital markets that will be critically needed for this utility to get back on its feet. >>the mayors of san jose oakland, sacramento, and about a dozen other city signed a letter that was delivered to the p u c if passed the customer owned utility with
6:37 am
said its own rates and customers would pay back the debt through their monthly energy bills. >>well santa rosa police officers recovering after getting hurt in a hit and run crash. it happened along sonoma highway tuesday morning. basically what happened is police say the woman was speeding. appyrently lost control of it right over correct and when the officer went up on to the center median to try to avoid crashing with her. that officer ended up crashing into a tree. the woman was arrested more than an hour later. the search continues for 2 inmates who broke out of monterey county jail. that one point yesterday police thought they trap one of the inmates jonathan salazar inside this motel 6 along monterey bay. they surrounded the building and evacuated everyone but it turns out he wasn't there. police say salazar and santos for second broke out of jail by cutting a hole in the ceiling which you can see there in the photo. at the time of their escape they were awaiting trial for murder. in the east bay, a 17 year-old was shot and killed and another teen hurt after a shooting in antioch police say they received calls about a
6:38 am
shooting in the area of hillcrest avenue in bellflower drive. shortly after more calls of shots fired were reported near point a re a court and moral drive that's about a mile away from the first shooting the 2 men were seen running away on foot. one of the teens and of dying at the hospital the other is recovering. also in the news, a man is dead after a shooting in south sacramento that shooting happened at around 6 o'clock near a park off of highway 99. deputies found a woman and a man with gunshot wounds that man died after going to the hospital, a 3rd victim, another woman was also taken to the hospital. no details have been released about the shooter. >>a suspect is arrested in monday's massacre of an american family in mexico now the biggest question behind the attack was the family targeted with audio romero now in tucson arizona with the story. >>true heroism and bravery is what we're learning this morning about the children involved in that attack a 13
6:39 am
year-old boy rounded up his injure siblings hit them in a bush from the cartel and then walked 14 miles to find help and the injuries are gruesome an 8 year-old boy shot in the jaw and leg and a 7 month old baby shot in the chest. >>grandchildren made it out. >>a day after members of the mormon family were gunned down in mexico. authorities there say they have made an arrest. the terrain general for the neighboring state of chihuahua didn't disclose what the suspects involved in might have been that says a newly formed drug cartel could be behind the massacre. >>october of this year was the hot most violent month. in modern mexican history also which means that level is rising, it's not descending. >>murders 3 mothers and 6 children is just the latest horror in a region known for cartel violence. the group was traveling in a caravan near the family's ranch just south of the us border when their
6:40 am
vehicles were riddled with gunfire, one catching fire several children managed to escape hiding in the bushes for hours. >>13 year-old boy was able to reach the community after being lost is what everybody was saying for several hours in he let everybody know where the other 5 children were all 5 of them were injured those children are being treated at arizona hospitals as the family grapples with what's next. >>so late last night a relative told cnn that she believes this was an orchestrated attack by the cartel against her family and retaliation for voicing their anti violence movement but we're still waiting on official word from officials and tucson arizona, i'm romero reporting. >>on the kron 00:04am morning news, the raiders they're prepared for a tough matchup at home with a divisional rival the la chargers we're going hear from quarterback. derek carr. and what we're
6:41 am
seeing today is a foggy and cool start to the day no 30's on the map but it is cool enough for your jackets as you're stepping outside. >>i'm talking the rest of your forecast ahead. >>and the line is growing on 80 heading into san francisco are checking out the bay are checking out the bay bridge traffic, ♪ are checking out the bay bridge traffic, ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>it's 6.43 out there and. our live shots are looking nice. that's pretty cool what you
6:44 am
get above the out of one day when we have flying cars and it will be beautiful but for now. >>we have to enjoy our web cams view from the center here very nice. the fog is hanging out across the bay. therets mount diablo in the distance though for those of you in land. now looking at the fog this morning just a beautiful sunrise. but for those of you closer to the bay and the coast you're going to be hanging out in these clouds for a while this morning our going to be holding on to fog it longer than we did yesterday it's more wide spread to all across the bay and then all across the coast. inland areas, you're free from it this morning and you're going to remain that way through the day as we push through the latter part of the morning, this is 08:30am right here very dense still for the north bay and up the coast while starting to show signs of breaking up in the east bay hills by the time we move towards 1115 fog still hangs out right across the day. all those skies clearing up for a few spots, you'll notice, fog hanging out all day long at
6:45 am
the coast. so that's going to keep temperatures down into the 50's and 60's for some of our coastal areas. well we actually see a few 80's on the map for some of our inland spots and then tomorrow morning you'll be seeing it streaming right on back in making for the 3rd foggy morning in a row on into your thursday, high pressure is still in place across the region, so this is still going to keep us dry really any chance of rain is being sent to well to the north. eventually a landing down into the nation's midsection. just night here in the west coast, especially not california. we remain dry through the weekend and on through next week to you can see how those showers get sent further to the north out towards the east. what we do see into the end of next week though on into the end of next weekend, especially is this high pressure beginning to show signs of breaking up and that could result in a window opening for some showers towards mid november. but we're still staying dry for the time being and that's definitely true today on through the rest of the week, 50's and 60's for coastal
6:46 am
areas that include san francisco today, marina and sunset district 58 golden gate park at 61 today 50's in pacifica and montero well 60's and half moon bay elder not and daly city 60's for those of you from burlingame to brisbane definitely cooler than yesterday you can think the fog and marine influence for that foster city 69 well, redwood city palo alto each at 71 woodside you'll be at 73 today. south bay temperatures mid to upper 70's. campbell, san jose in cupertino egypt, 76 for your highs east bay temperatures. a range of low 70's from the site side of the bay and union city cooler than yesterday at 71. 2 warmer than average temperatures warmer than yesterday's temperatures for inland valleys, dublin in livermore each just shy of 80 degrees at 79 each while the creek 77 while oakland berkeley and richmond fall back into the 60's after year 70's yesterday and as i mentioned faa going to stay with you longer than it did yesterday. yeah vacaville and
6:47 am
fairfield each in the low 80's, well upper 70's continue. in santa rosa and petaluma tomorrow friday and saturday, some of your warmer days of the forecast tomorrow afternoon an offshore breeze will kick into gear. this should help to subdue fog at least a bit come friday and saturday shun see it as widespread as we are this morning. sunday monday and tuesday of next week we're keeping the trend going a warmer than average conditions. cold mornings but nice sunny and comfortable afternoons. robert thank you john off to the san mateo bridge we go because we need to check in on westbound 92. >>we have this line herebwest of the toll plaza continuing on the flat section all all the way over to the high rise before it starts to pick up for you. so go ahead and leave now it's still under 30 minutes to the peninsula. but the backup, it's definitely growing in the drive time is on the rise. same here 80 wesson to san francisco, your jam. we've had a couple minor issues. they were quickly cleared. so 12 minutes as a great average off to fremont
6:48 am
street richmond sandra fell stocked up your be on richmond parkway for the cash payers and the fast trackers but not a bad trip so far heading into the north bay, quiet hot spot free and 12 minutes for your drive out to want to watch want to take you back to the nimitz because we have a crash that's wrapping up. i talked about it earlier 80 south and whipple that's clearing from the 2 left lanes so that's why it's solid from to 38 and wide open. after the crash. after whipple union city fremont milpitas continuing south it looks great only 51 minutes. that's good for the nimitz and then we've got a couple of accidents on one oh one, leaving downtown san jose one still wrapping up around sent a mosque. so it's jailed from gh downtown san jose 61 minutes to make it up to menlo park. the rest of the very doing fine 6.80 the nimitz and 17 all in pretty good shape. so far james started. thanks a lot. ryan is 6.48 national news, the trump administration has been fighting to and do the rules that dictate how us
6:49 am
immigration treats migrant children who enter the country illegally. yeah we've got our washington correspondent alexander lemon explaining now the administration's. >>new strategy. >>the executive director of amnesty international usa margaret wong says that during a visit to the border, a couple of weeks ago the director of the office of refugee resettlement jonathan hayes unexpectedly flew to the border to meet the humanitarian delegation, he believes that the flores rules and regulations don't apply our shelters, the director of the office of refugee resettlement reportedly told amnesty international are does not run detention centers. that's why he believes the rules don't apply to his agency in might be a better detention than what cbp offers on what i saw is but they don't have a choice but in a statement responding to my questions the department of health and human services said that amnesty international got it wrong. hhs says the flores settlement does apply. but hhs
6:50 am
says it believes the settlement does not specify a 20 day rule for holding migrant children. the statement also said certain flores rules do not apply to providers housing unaccompanied migrant children been a top objective of the administration. >>the say they should not be bound by any rules guiding the humane treatment of children. >>senator jeff merkley of oregon says the rules set by the florida settlement require appropriate nutrition medical care and living conditions for all migrant children why. >>what anything but a very evil administration oppose these basics for the humane treatment of children. >>legal challenges continue on exactly what the flores settlement requires in washington. alexandra, the mount. >>and they're preparing for a home game against the los angeles chief chargers tomorrow night yeah it will be a dihisional matchup with the chargers it's important for the when you talk about the playoffs because the raiders are currently leading the chargers in the afc west and
6:51 am
when would certainly help extend that lead just a bit. but they are fully aware that the chargers are kind of on a roll after beating green bay, this pass on to your question wait that >>the green bay to get first downs to from the move the ball set that points you know the demand that's pretty good right. the offense is pretty good right and their defense is is that good right and so we have our work cut out for us that's for sure. want to get lost in all this and we lost to them twice last year right week. we need to get this when we need make sure we handle this and take care of business. >>does he sound like he's trying to convince himself right right you know him say lies just trying to get everybody prepared that we use because there be any good chargers killed the packers and aaron just 26 to 11 so he knows what's coming up tomorrow night 5 20 at the coliseum and as for the undefeated san francisco 49 ers the. >>current best team in the league in the nfl right now
6:52 am
they do have a divisional game as well be hosting the seahawks on monday night football always so sure and i just you know, so weird that and to see him there well for him to be making a yeah. well hopefully he'll play with this much fire acree always does yes look for good things from him else it so we've got that coming up here just a bit take a listen. got to got to beat the seahawks were at home so we have the home team advantage the home-field advantage with the crowd. everything else kick off monday night at levi's short turn around how tough coming up next. >>more people are saying goodbye to california. why why leave.
6:53 am
welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
6:54 am
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>>back 6.55 on this wednesday morning fog definitely something that we're seeing across most of the bay really it's our inland areas that are free from it. but if you're near the bay, this is what you're saying and for san francisco's airport that does mean a delay it's not a crazy one, but hey 37 minutes is enough to such a back a little bit this is your view from berkley also in the midst of the fog so do slow your commute down as you're driving into work today. 50's at the coast for some of our daytime
6:56 am
highs you can think some of the fog and marine layer for that well our inland areas which are sunny right now will be in the 80's this afternoon for a few spots. tomorrow we're starting off the morning with yet another dose of fog before a warm and sunny afternoon. and the weekend ahead after that actually looking even warmer some of our hottest of days will be friday and saturday. robin. >>all right, thank you john over to the bay bridge for checking the drive and it's heavier now backed up through the maze solid coming from 5.80 up from the 24 split and jam on the shore freeway as well through berkeley. reveals or up to 12 minutes and growing into san francisco. here's a look at some numbers and they are going up the nimitz dealing with a crash in hayward to the south and whipple 50 minutes out to 2.37 and 6.80 busy to 26 minutes from the dublin interchange to fremont. >>6.56 the time coming up in the next hour we're getting a look at some of the results from this year's election will have a live breakdown of the big races and the propositions
6:57 am
and east bay soccer coach is arrested for sexually assaulting someone who used to play on his team will have ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪'cause no matter how far away for you roam.♪ys.♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ the united states postal service goes the extra mile to bring your holidays home. >>yes, i'm darya folsom that i'm james fletcher we got lots to chat about this our weather and traffic will be a one of the things we start well, you hopefully right.
7:00 am
>>roads are just ok. we've had some accidents, new ones are still coming in, but no major trouble spots right now sort of have a monet water lilies in the desk there you see that. someone has screenshotted paint to us. yeah, it's definitely pretty on sure above the clouds but what you're in um yeah and that's a pretty is kind of gray, but very nice a firmer center camera right here looking out towards arson you're part of the bay which is mount diablo and surrounding inland areas which are starting off your morning without fog. >>obviously that's not the case for areas closer to the bay where fog is going to stay around longer than it did yesterday. it will burn off into the afternoon though, so we will be set up for some sunshine this afternoon except for the coast, where you will see fog more so than not even on into your afternoon hours as we make our way into tomorrow morning another dose of fog streaming back in so just something to note as you do plan out your commute eventually into tomorrow too may want to consider low


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