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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 7, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>i'm robin witon a little chilly outside your door right now so grab the cket as you're heading out john tribal our meteorologist has a look at the forecast talking to a foggy chilly all the y definitely want to bundle up before getting out therth morning. we do have a cool start to the day but it will be another nicand comfortable finished ahead of us. so yeah, also could. show that these ones fogs a good test of patience for everyone,
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both because you have wait for it to clear and then you got to drive through it and sometimes that can slow things down a little bit. >>that'sikely to be the case this morning for a few spots as fog has settled in a bit lower than it did yesterday yesterday was hanging out or right above our bridges, not so much this morning so we are having a visibility impact in areas like the golden gate bridge up and down the coast and out even into theast bay up into the delta 2 fog will eventually make its way out afr what will be a foggy start it looks to be around 9 or 10:00am today. we really start to see some clearing. so likely to be just a bit sooner than yesterday but not quick is because it cleared. on tuesday moing if you remember that it was out before even knew it, fog or rn at the coast at times before staming right on back in into the eving tonight. and unfortunately brees is it going to be fshore kicking off quite enough to keep the marine layer out so we will have yet another foy morng. come friday morning tomorrow just the trend that we're getting used to 40's and
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50's for your current temperaturescross the day much li yesterday. no 30's were in the 40's for the north bay you n think the fog fo that napa 48 drees petaluma 46. we saw the fog streaming onn through the north bay lt night and a really wasted no time in making for a foggy evening for those of you up fuher north. temperatures compared to yesterday kind of little bit warmer weome ap a occurred in liverme are actually 2 degrees cooler than athe same points on your wednesday morning yesterday from the 40's and 50's we're at right now eventually to some 6070's and even a few 80's on your forecast, i've got the details on what to expect for this thursday all still to me back to europe and all right, thank you john, let'check in on traffic now just spotted somhing i was reading the chp logs they're saying that there's a heavy. >>foadvisory for the whole 80 corridor hayworth and fremont that. usually issue a fog advisory for that ea so that just lets you know how did this is this morning so
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keep that in mind. we're checking out the golden gate and you're looking good here taking see the tower it's fog over here 20 minutes novato to san frcisco. so did not forget those headlights the richmond sandra fell we're looking good west bound 5.80 is wide opepicking up quickly here at the tolls but it's been a quiet commute so far a very quick night minute trip to make it to the north bay. more fog at the bay bridge here at the tolllaza traffic looks good. it's smooth drive across the upper deck continuing through downtown no problems on the skay. continuing over to want to o our 2.80 looking good at 7 minutes and a foggy san mateo bridge commute here fog like that of course it se means reduced visibility across your span so use extra caution, space yourselout make sure those headlights are on 12 minutes here off to the peniula will take a look at some more bridges and dve times coming up in just a bit. and after almost a dozen suspicis fires. those fires
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were all reported at new wall park in concord investigors are trying to figure out who did this who is responsible kron four'gayle ong has more. >>haven't been big but it's the number of them that has vestigators looking for suspects. fires broke out in and ound f new help park in concord the atest early tuesday morning. e pattern here concord police y the fies have been set at different times othe day mostly late at night and want to know late at re was >>actuay the the firefighters came down the street in and we're up to the ramp over here to go put it out. happening in the park full of trees and dry brush directly adjacent to residential neighborhoods we walked the tra down to the park quite a bit. >>i've seen the area wre where was burned and it's within probably 50 yards of 2 of the closest house down ther >>the affted areas are the grassy field south of bell drive and melody drive, firefighters say the fires
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were not big. but the number of them is significant and the fact that it's been 12 of them. >>i'm in a very sht period of makes it awfully suspicious. the contra costa county fire protection district now joined by congress police in this investigation of possibl serial arson in this conquered >>investigators are looking into all possible leas anyone with information is asked to call con buyers arson tip line and policreporting from concord get along kron 4 news. police in richmond arrested a student for bringing a gun to school. hers a photo of the gun that gun was brought to smit humble pie a school that would have happened reported the gun to police all the schools and placed on lock. police found the gun in the teens back pack an he was arrested summit humble pie a school serves students from great 7 through tip. now we now have a mug shot of the game. my mother who adtted to drowning her 2 yearld in a bath tub marci monta longo was arrested sunday mornin
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after she called 911 about a drowning. police found the toddler dead righthere in the bathtub filled with water. there's a photo right there want a longer was arrested just outside of her home while to police arrested. himself to another man in a parking garage. now this happened monday night right along called 911 saying that another maapproached him and asked him first us x act. and then in only was arrested police so found mass and cocaine in his pockets. sir just ross the mexican border near tijuana kron four's rob fladeboe has more. >>free for about 72 hours since their escape sunday from the monterey countjail in salinas the 2 fugitives hands and feet in cuffs arrived back here at thcounty jail about
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1230 wednesday afte their capture just after midnight at the xican border. >>the news is they've been a. foound in both arrested. >>commander john thornburg said deputies got a tip that 2 escees were in mexicnear teal wanna once we receive that information notified a customs border protection agency. >>and they were able to locate them trying to walk back into the country 21 year-old ntos fonsica and 20 yearld jonathan salazar. >>escaped y sunday after cuing hole in the ceiling of through a tch into a part of d the ail that was under construction, where the was no razor wire on the fencing did they have help on the outse will find out everything weossibly can about. >>how did they get from everyone know howhey got from salinas de mexico. we'll do everything we can to figure that out a manhunt for the 2 men led deputs to surround a motel and marina on tuesday after receiving a tip that jothan salazar was holed up
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there. mister cells are in a motel signed ba judge to go in and t get them. unfortately last night he wasn't there. >>salazar and fseka both grew up inalinas and had been in custody since 2018. both men are facing murder allegations in separate cases, one with other olent charges. >>as to why they would be trying to come into the country after making it cross the border. >>they i wish i knew the answer to that question and i do not kn right now salazar d fonseka will not be facing some additional charges in connection with their escape. the sheriff's office says it is beefed up security in that area and that funds a ken salazar will no longer be housed tether in the same unit insalinas rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>well better news, the king cake fire in noma county is now 100% contained. it was a tough battle and broke out last month burning more than 77,000 acres keep in mind of structures and sonoma lake and
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e counties so far evidence points to pg e's equipment potentially be responsible for starting that fire. well since wildfires have been creating big ges problems for people in california. state legislators should f returto the capitol for a special session. right now ey're scheduled to return about call me house the power to lawmakers back. >>early so he can do that but he'snot planning to do so reaction among lawmakers remains divided. >>it should take thought and you got to think through these issues that we culd be doing that right now. and we don't necessarily have to wait. >>informations first feel free. >>well leaders of both chambers say that they're in contact wi the governor and a committee of senators will meet on november 18th for an oversighhearing on power shut-offs. speaker nancy
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pelosi will be right re in san francisco to cebrate the groundbreaking of a new 14 acre park on the presidio so it's called the presidio tunnel tosandals said right onop of the tunnels, there. these are artists rendering of what it will actually look like but it will offer new amenities that have play spaces. they'll a walking path, a garden for you there the project costs a 110 million dollars not cheap at all with a lot of that money coming from donor it will take 2 years to build with an opening celebratn planned for 2021. nancy pelosi will speak at 9 30 this morning and we'll cover it. we will cover it will be there in a live report. >>next phase of the impeachment inquiry against president trump. it's happening next week, we'll have the latest update there. nd man killedt a halloweeparty in the east bay isbeing remembered this morning we'll ar from his family coming up. and you won't be alone in the next time you use it elevator at a bart station. the latest on bart's elevator attorney.
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>>lcome back to the kron 00:04am morning time now for 13 good morning and thanks for winup with us if you have not peaked outside a walk outside yet. it a little cold. it's a little foggy. >>that's what we expec in november early is what we have expected this week sfar and we're keeping with therend. >>iwas a so nice and warm and how it's foggy in colby
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right we should expechey you know what the good thing about with e weather that we have right now many fogging colder have been beautiful. rnoons again call whether it's a nice chanceto practice for fall and then get back to normal here look ouide add san francisco right now sitting under some of that fog th has been persient. >>it's sitting lower this morning than it wayesterday so you're seeing more of a commute impact back to the new work because it was low fog and really low cloud cover d some a low fog yesterday as opposed to this fog which is just annterim right the on top of the bay wi have that visit visibility impact a timethis morning in areas like san francisco nta rosa. down along the shore of the bay are going to see that as ell into the afternoon, beautiful weather before it streams back in tonight. yet another foggy morning to ck off the day tomorrow for friday morning as for your
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current temperatures, definitely jacket where the 40's and 50's a lot like yesterday was oakland and alameda each at 52 right now you've got berkeley a 48 the right at 50 degrees. now as we work our way through the day today it's going to be a silar set up to yesterday high pressure is in place that's going to help to rua result in some sinking air so you're going to see cloud cover and fog all all the way out along the coastline and enougto be streaming in this morning before the a daytime heating does eventually burn it f for the bay itself. any chancef rain still being sent to our north up into canada. but as i was talking to you about yesterday. we do see the pottial in long range forecast here of a bit of aswitch up to occurred not this weekot next week but arou the 15th or 16th of november. it's looking likely that we may bseeing a system strong enough to help nudge out that hi that we could actuly see some rain around the corner but that's still a long ways away. but just talking about the ossibility of a pattern change that could break up what has beenuch dry weather laty, 60's and
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50's for coastal temperatures today will be in the 60's and 70's right alongside the bay redwood city in palo alto again think the g for that. campbell 75 today while s jose at 74 east bay temperatures solid 70's for you there's a few 60 though like in berkeley oakland and richmond. a lot like yestery and again because of that fog that's going to be persistent. vaville and fairfield very close to the 80's not quite there though while santa rosa in petaluma each also in the mid to upper 70's. taking a look at your next 7 days tomorrow and saturday that warmer than oday will be as we work our y into next week do expect mperatures to remain above average. we're going to see continually dry sks and really not a whole lot of chan next week. but we could see those changes coming towards the mile of the month. robert r. that we want to check in on traffic and see if the conditionshe roads are changing we have a crowd here at the bay bridge toll plza now your cash lanes are packed on the right de, it's
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backing up to the end of the lot. but so far it's been a great trip across upper deck through downtown. no problem on the skyway 3 looking good 7 mktes here to make it off to fremont strt. i'm just getting word of a new accident on the sanateo bridoe. this is westbound on the high rise are coming off the high of the high rise like the decline ortion. so on the foster city side looks like an acdent here with no injuries but we have the right lane blocked. 's foggy to that activity may be a little hard to see is you'e driving across the spa so be extra cautious here 12 minutes off to one oh one. we're checking the richmond sandra fell a you're doing fine if you have to take 5 of the westbound it's a great shape. so far no problems no crashes know stal 8 minutes off to one o one, here's a pic of traffic tracker looking at more mbers checking the commute on highway 4 which is off to a great start your at 14 or make that 13 minutes heading west foc one 60 out to 2.42 when you maket over to 2 42 6.80 south both are doing just fine. that's looking good too but remember seat says. nimitz on the to hayward union cy
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and fremont so there's a special advisory there which we don't see very often right and then one ohne looks good so far leaving the south bay 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park. to a certain san francisco bart station there will be someone there to help you out the transit agency expanding the elevator attended program kron four's haaziq the news has re. >>bart passengers will now find elevator attendae around the clock at the embarcadero montgomery street ations in san fransco. >>this means that someone is in the elevator. every night of the day that this station there, providing a ho's in welcoming presence making sure that there is no bad behavioin particularly important to peoplei have no choice but to use the elevator, someone for instance in a wheelchair. >>the ing that we hd these
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attendance in the air because even for safety iues. it's a good tng. >>another that big here at the montgomery street station, his bart's first-ever platform gate expenses this will allow like should make pecial needs a roux to take the elevator directly down to the platform level without having to first vigate through rush hour commuters to buy a ticket. >>impose my eerience it's because like i said it will save time an it's more convenience this would be no they have mobility problems sometimes the move a little slower. >>ficials say the elevator to the program is also providing employment opportunities for members of san frcisco based urn outcomes that is dedicated to helping folks improve their lives by assisting others. >>actually appreciate everything aund me has done for me put me in a position where i can flourish they grow as well take care of myself my family.
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>>bart board director janice lee says the elevator attded success at cic center of how street stations were key ctors in expanding the program really reducing the number of complaints we were stearing possibly when is this program. francisco has a kron 4 news. n >>another big story that we're folwing for you this morning we're learning new details in the attack that killed 9 family members in mexico. the survivors of thattack are still recovering from their injuries. not arrow has the test. chdren killed on monday nd were. >>we're still looking for swers and and praying for answers, it's a struggle to understand whthey were ambush a criminal groups 3 car convoy traveling between sonora and chihuahua mexico. officials are worng to piece together exactly whahappened. mexican thorities say a susctho was arrested on tuesday was not involved in the massacre. no other arrestsave been made. >>that's a level of barbaric
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behavior charts i don't even know whe the world we could ever tolerate. possibly be so sick. >>the victims are dual u s mexican citizens from a mormon community inexico. survivors from the attack told family mbers that bullets rained down from rrounding lls as several of the young children under attack did whatevethey could to survive. >>what they went through what hey perience i don't. we don't have the capacity just imagine what these children went through wat few details ar known. >>the weapons used we 2 to 3 remington rifles us made guns over 200 bullets were found at the scene and local cartels are the focus on invetigation. mexico's president has formed a commission to investigate the murders and president trump haoffered to assist in the investigation for now all the family can do wait and mourn those they lost. >>there's not words in english language to describthe emotions of what it feels like to see it and the thoat. >>in tucsonrizona, i'm not here romero.
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>>news a series of car break-ins and burglaries now under investigation in the east bay we'll have more on is story coming up. pic outside like to check in on current conditions out there the big story this morning chili and and foggy outside your door to grab a jacket we'll be back with the hollywd mite after the break.
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>>welcomback to the kron 4 morning news from thanks for stayg with us it's time to check in on those entertainment headline. at returning to the david daniel has that and more this morning's hollywood minute. >>marriage story traces the breakup of a coupleho still love each other star scarlet johansen says filmmaker noah baumbach makes everyone in it relate abul know it esn't judge any of his characters and you sort of feel when you watch it like. the's that a bit of all. it kind of in nice you know i think that. effects people deeply when th see stuff like that that they can it's a kindof a part of themselves. marriage story is now in theaters and debuts on netflix december 6th. the godfather part is back in theaterfor it 45th
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anniversary. the only sequel to best picture winneto also win the top academy award will scre at more than 600 us theaters on november, 10th 12th and 13th checkathom evts dot com r showtime. the creators of this spinal tap the classic metal mkumentary have settled their lawsuit over the film soundtrck. >>harry shearer chstopher guest michael mckean and rob reiner had sued universal musi group claiming they've beecheated out ofroyalties under the deal universal will keep distbung spinal recordgs and the creators will eventually receive the rightsime to cue up at tab classic. give me some money in hollywood. i'm david and. >>and then you notice that it's pretty foggy out there to bcareful driving around we'll check ore traffic and weather after the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news coming up on 4th. and thanks fowaking up with us checking in on the forecast now before you hit the do headoutside there's some things need to kno >>just a couple of tng the biggest thing this morning is that fog right it's back with a and talking about the traffic impact on you and it sure is having that this morning sterday it was going to sing right about those smth sailing it was not fun to look at you're commute was
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fine texture. this morning. it's having that impact down yeah, it is with us and you are going to be seeing it as you're driving ito work or director kevin was telling me yet fog lights on the car keen as bridge.robin was talking about it on her commute so you will be seeing it really all across the bay area this morning. it is dense and it is sitting right there on the bay, so you do have impact on your bridges and on roadays up into the hills of the east bay su as here in berkeley, so give yourself that extra time to get to worki'd say this ishe thickest fog we've seen all week we are seeing an invisibility pact at times this morning in san francisco santa rosa in the hills of the east b up and down the pinsula, so yeah just give yourself that comfort room as you'redriving into work this morning to not have to worry so much about your slowdown as we move into the afternoon fox gointo stay put along the coast in some spots and then it's going to push back inland overnight tonight, setting us up for yet another foggy morning co tomorrow on


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