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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 7, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>yes, i'm sorry a false and i'm james fletcher we've got lotso chat about this morning about that traffic on the weather front lot of fog out there and i guess it caused issues earliethis morning for that people in the spare and that's right on the highway for bypass i have a head-on collision and son all that resultein a fatality in the bridges are covered in fog to we can't help but think that >>you can see is right. and it's going to be that way all morning saysit is yeah definitely through your commute so a good reminder o take it slow down. >>we also this morning drivg into work and you will too so you want to plan a little extra time in advance just to getourself to work do it safely slow down as you do get out there you can see the nse fog that's hanging out below the berkeley hills right here. it is subtle the right down into the bay. high pressure up above us is air to
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sink and that is just pushing it down right into the bay this morningand that's why it's so thick for many of us your bridges have been problematic as have many other routes across the bay area we'll see fog clearing late this morning really after your commutes over with after which point we dhave a really nice day ahead of us into tonight and tomorrow morning thgh fog streams back in so do expect another iact from dense fog on into your friday morning as well so today definitely 2 very different situationfoggy and cool the start with 40's and 50's by the afternoon. it's abundantly sunny and above average as far as temperur go with highs back into the 70's for most of theay. robin. thank you john. >>off to the bay bridge toll plaza checking your drive in san francisco. it's pretty backed out there. we have a long line cash lanes fast track lanes spilling back be on wt grand and now now it's to the body reached may so has that point slow from 5.80 slow from sure you're averaging 12 minutes to make it in heading over to seminole
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a major accident now under investigation on city streets, not the freeway. but it's a pleasant and son all road as you roche 84, which is niles canyon. crews are investigating a fatal crash was ahd on collision. so that's going to impact yo commute if you use 84 or 6.80 are you trying to get there that accidenblocking the far right lane, 6.80 itself not bad. approaching signal 23 minutes and growing total to make it out of frent daria thanks a lot robin 6 oh 2 and pelosi will be in san ncy francisco celebrating the groundbreaking. >>of the new 14 acre park. top of the tunnels sitting t as it looks ahead and finish for so long because they wer always intending to put a park up there now finally. >>they'r1 doing a cropper sara stinson live this rning in the percent of good morning sara. >>goodmorning that's right here the presidio you can see where that construction site will be. action after the groundbreaking event today in
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just a few hours actually can see some of the construction trucks up he. they're ready to roll with take a look at this maso you n see or is this new 14 acre park will be over the tunnels in the presidio love those this beautiful place will have 360 views of the bay in san francisco. 25 years ago these tunnels were built by city leaders and planners because ey had to replace the seismically unsafe highway to the golden ga bridge. as you recall they did so with these tunnels and they've been anning to build thipark. now we're heading into that xt phase where construction will begin to build. this park you can see in the renderings on your screen. at it will look like it's designed by the same for. a new york city hi highline trail of every to ever seen that beautiful beautiful area. the project wiost million is being funded largely s philanthropic contributions from generous community donors. these are people who really want to see this area
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flourish and it's going to be an area where people can connect to the outdoors and they hope at will provide some stress relief from urban likkind of feel like here. the escaping the city. e park will connect the person you all the way down to crissy fild anding include trails an interactive spaces for kids and families know this groundbreaking starts around 9 30 this morng some will be here and will be a brg it to over morning news but then as it continues on kron on for now on live in san francisco sarah stinson kron news. >>all right. thank you sarah. 6 oh 4 right now. >>oakley is in danger of being damaged majorly of an earthquake would hit the worry kron four's will tran actually on that story for ts morning at oxford elementary. >>with morand that so they're worried this building could suffer some serious damage shod a big one strike com. o of course living in earthquake country, especially
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in berkeley with the hayward fault that everybody susceptible but we talking about kids. >>and hundreds of people inside when a major earthquake hits because we all know it should happen over thnext say 3 decades and they want the school district to get on board and start renovationsn the school district tually was going to do it last year, but they held f on it and now the report says something needs to be done. let's show yo a picture of the hayward runs throughout this area in fact day runs underneath. you see berkeley's footll field which is only a couple of miles from this location in oxley ementary sits on top of that the fear is when a major earthquake hits th building is already old andt sits in the middle of a hill, so there'sill above hill below and if this neighborhood crumbles it'll be very difficult fofirst responders to geto as quickly as they would like to to get to the kids so they would want the
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kids to be removed from the school as early possible the school district knows about this. thy said that they will keep the kids throughut the school year for this year and then next year move them to another year. ironically according to the state requirements the school here meets all the requirements added the safe but even the state and the hool boardrealize is that it's better to move them. they were going to do this last year and spend millions of dollars renovations but they held off on itt but it looks like renovations will begin after e end this school year school should star jam in about 90 minutes from now, d of course we'll get reaction from the parents and the teachers very conrned it looks great on the outside, but it is an old building and ve susceptible. 2 major damage when an earthquake hits wow that's ok. thank you very much out. >>time is 6 oh 6 also in the news this morning richmond police have arresd a student for bringing a gun to school and there's a picture oft. the gun was brought to summit
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tennell pious school yesterday, someone spotted it told school offials who then contact police the schools placed on lockdown police ended up finding that gun in the teens backpack. so that teen has been arrestedsome a pious school serves students fr 7th through 10th grade so all those students potential danger but again they have the person in custody in the weapon as well. lice are breains and burglaries in r coma, at least 3urglars were caught on surveilnce video breaking into a car in front of one home with kron fo's taylor per second now with reaction from neighbors. >>very shocking no surprise tht they did that many that breains and one in one night. shattered along el camino yao after dozens of cars were broken into or out. morning, according to call police but the thieves didn't stop there. surveillance ceras on c street in a nearby neighborhood captured the crimina going after even more cars, some people in a stolen vehicle. >>orly dumped a stolen vehicle
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up at the end of the street and en they part to cross the street and broke into another car stole some money out of received knock on the door around 2 o'clock in the come police ficer came and told me that there a break in my car. i went out there i looked at the through some some things missing some money hadn't are not he said a few other car's i got hit also in the area. >>louis good telly is one of the many victims from tuesday morning's rash of break-ins he says this is the first time this has ppened in the 15 like feel kind of. n c street >>you know i'm just not to the and her team you heard myids going about it kind of felt that you know there are kind of read about it our own family basically it's shock about it call police say they're looking for 3 suspects. >>2 of them seen geing in and out of the car in this video. police tell me they believe the suspts are related to dozens of more car break ins in daly city and in the unincorporated ought more area i think it's kind of brazen that you kno
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>>especially nowadays with so many people have video camer. now if your car was broken to or you have surveillance video of suspicious activity ppening in tuesday morning contact the coma pice department in coma taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news. >>6 oh 8. >>police are also cracking down on auto burglaries in alameda investigators are going undercover in shopping eaerlot of cars have been hit. fo example, here's a guy who was caught traveling at south shore center. his face has been blurred out by the police but they say that he was in the parking lot watching customers looking to see if the was anything left in cars and they say that he electronics and other laptops sauce alone lido man faces child charges. the marin county sheriff'sffice got a tip about him sending and receiving pictures of nude children an online chat group and they arreed nicholas richards he had obscene imag they say of minors on his devices. and
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concord police arrested this man for possessing child pornographer his name is preston brumley lice say that brumley volunteer with children in the concord community and they're afraid thercould be more victims. on the peninsula palo alto police arrested a man right here for exposing himself to another man in a parking garage. the man they arrested his name is and noli this happened monday nig along pastor drive the n another man called the police and said that this man apoached him d asked him for a second act them south and police when they arrested him they say they fnd metand cocaine in his pockets. >>the kron 4 morning news, new details in the tragic attack on an american family in mexico will take a look at the ime scene coming up in a moment and most a dozen fires have be reported in one east bay park will tell you why police say they all look suspicious. ande've seen foggy mornings all week but this rning as having the greatest impact on your drive
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like pea soup by the way too. >>now y do you. but green peaces that is tough play out. 5 they have e best and you can buy cans of it bring it now i don't want tat i don't want orea soup now, and they go together so well. chance toave. this is nice and warm and it's like cool. i ke the this nice right so there's mount diablo whatever spots that the fog that is really just sit and verdense across the bay this morning. and another mountain that is kind of a s island this n bruno peek race here and not usually a view that we see, but hey this is really nice that's your view ove this fog that has settled right into the bay, so a lot of our mountain tops across the bay or above this foggy layer that's a sign of what's going on here. that fog is being pressed down by high pressure which is resulting in sinking air and
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that is why this fog so dense and why it is causing you problems as you're driving into work see i take it a little slower this morng just give yourself that extra time to get to work. you won regret it, i know all of u saw the fog as we're driving in from 09:00am to 10:00am f will clear out we have a clear aernoon before and even wagner morning, it's looking likely into tomorrow, how dense that fog is tomorrow morning remains to be seen, but far as future cast is concerned it does look to be spreading across a lot of the bay foyour friday morning o. high pressure is in place the blame the high on the fog and also blame the high pressure on why we haven't seen rain and so long it's been pushed up well to our north. there are signs that towards the middle of the month we could see high pressure brking up enough that hey there cod be some rainfall on its way by the time we work twards the 15th 16th of november, 40's and 50's for most of your current teperatures say holy know around the upper 30's, currently into the afteoon. wewill rise into the 50's and 60's for coastal spots and 60's and 70's elsewhere in the bay should be seeing in the
6:16 am
80's on the map today, a pretty similar day asked yesterday really with a foggy start setng us up for what will be a beautiful and romfortable afternoon ahead of us can't complain aboutid 70's in the south bay north some upper 70's, inland. these temperures are well below average for thistime of year well above average i should say for inland spots, 10 degrees above average it's our coastal areas that are average, telling you just w wide of a teerature range. we are looking at and it's definitely something that we're going to hold in your forecast ahead of us we're going to continue to see fog in the morning tomorrow sunshine during your afternoons and skies main nice and dry through the weekend into next week. an we're going see temperatures still above averageto upper 70's to low 80's for your average highs. robin >>thank you john back to 92, checking e drive across the san mateo bridge very owded very fgy no major issues right now that you're looking atrough. to the peninsula and off the highway one oh one. west more fog 80 here too. back
6:17 am
upust continues to gro spilling back into the oakland maze what we exct that during this time of morning, your drive 15 minutes which is really good but still crowded so get out there early carol if you can that's the way the ticket to are getting through without a major delay or wait like the ca players in the fast trackers we're checking in on the eastay we still have a major accident here rking its in sevle this is for the pleasanton sunni-ruled and it's right between 6.80 and niles care and looks like they're going to close it down on both in anthey're investigating a head-on collisionright there on the pleasanton son all roadside so if you take 6.80 and maybe normally dump off at coop and don't do that because it's going to be shut down if ou're trying to acces84. niles canyon to stay on 6.80 and take that 84 niles canyon accidents ted of koopman because they have it blocked off there on city seets. i think that is putting more pressure on 6.80 right because it's closer in you get off so it's backing you up ort. to the backup southbound out of
6:18 am
dubl south 6.80 slows from the dublin interchange all the way up to koman but looks good after that you're good on the don bden 5. i want to want to quick 6 minute trip brisbane to san francisco. james. >>all right rob, thank you. back to the ne at 6.17 wil go to the east bay where in one neighborhood. they're on edge after almost a dozen suspicious fires were set those fires all reported in parker new hall park in concord it's an area thas got a lot of trees of course dry brush. the fires have been set different times of day mostly though late at night and early in the morning, the latest fire happened early tuesday mornin >>there was wanto know late at actually the the firefhters came down the street and and we're up to the ramp or here to go put it out a scene that where where was burned and it's within probably 50ards of 2 of the closest house down there and the fact that it's been 12 of them, i'm a very short period of makes it awfully suspicous.
6:19 am
>>police and the contra costa county fire protection district are ivestigating these fires as possible arson. >>gilr mother who drowned her 2 year-old daughter in the bath that their home are seat monta longo was arrested sunday morning, she's the one who called 911 and told police about the drowning and what she did and when they wt to the home. she wasn't even there they found the toddr with water and she was led arrested a little ways away fm her home. in national news, the funeral for the victs of a brutal massacre in mexico will take place today. >>vestigators are still try to figure out who carried out the attack and why matt rivers takes us now tthe crime scene in mexico.
6:20 am
>>aushed on monday side this r. 5 people lost their lis 30 year-old ready t miller. the 12 year-old a 10 year-old and to 8 month-old ins they were shot and on fire you can car was lit that's why when their family members came here. and the reason why investigators were here today governmt says they want to figure out whoid this but rhaps the most important question is why the mexican government is pointing to where we are where we're standing right now as one of the most dangerous ars for drug trafficking in thentire world drug cartels have been fighting each oter and
6:21 am
killing each other over one of the most lucrative drug smuggling routes for only about a 100 miles from thes border for years now and perhaps the government says this was a case of mistaken identity. cartel mistaking this car for other rival cartel with the family is saying is that because they are part of the comnity of hundreds of people that live this area that may be the cartels targeted them on that have been floated around that that is something e family has been saying regardless though we don't know yet one thing i want to point out look where we are. everyone in this attack died 7 children were able to make it out d by a 13 year-old boy who helped save his siblings by hiding them and going across this area to try and go find help the walk for over a dozen miles in a rough the unforgivg terrain. it was in half to that we call the road before but seeing it here on the ground is something else just an incredible scenes here.
6:22 am
>>all right ba closer to home here we havemourners that are continuing to show up at a memorial outside of the home where 5 people were killed at a halween party in orinda and since then. air bn has been king some significant changes to its services that was ain a somethg broke out at an air bnb rental and so to start now air bnb ys it's gng now verify all 7 million listings on their platform and also provide a guest guarantee of and those listings doesn't meet theio accuracy standards air bnb is also launching a 24 7 hotline for customerand beginning on november 15th, they'll expand their creenings of high-risk reservations to hp identify and top unauthorized house parties. now 6.22. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. a lot of fog out there. the commute is slowing down as a result more from ron and result more from ron and john in ju a moment. ahoyy! (excited squeal, gigglingpantg) gotcha!
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>>california say lawmakers are calling on facebook to comply with the state's investigation privacy laws. attorneys general javier becerra announced to the action in san ancisco. we have. >>spring of 20 been looking into allegations that facebook violated california law by among other things deceiving privacy practices. enting its serious allegations. when you nsider the personal
6:26 am
information that we all supply to facebook every >>the sarah says his office . wants to know which at cops were given at access to user data e state is also looking r are communications between facebook executives including mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg the sarah says facebook's response tthe subpoena so far has been inadeqte. >>we'llake a quk break it's 6, but still ahe the ncade fire is full contained eat news and now students from school in windsor, heading back class will have an update in a live report. so t oakland raiders getng ready for its prime-time game tonight against the chargers we'r going hear from quarterback derek carr and his thoughts derek carr and his thoughts old haa tae so richgame.
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she can en pick her payment an so it's easy on her budget and helife. usaa. what you're madef, wre made for. usaa those 2 maybe because of thatrobin yount reduced visibility and a number of spots e bridges some of our streets in the east bay through the valleys very dense and a fatal crash and son all that's working right now it's all talk about it all okay. >>this is going to be something that hangs around like on a morning into the afteron. so afternoon is actually going to be crystal clear 9 to 10:00am is when it shoulclear out so it's going to clear to that our yeah it's gonna be there for your morning commute. so you definily want to slow down this morning. this is your view above the fog from our sutro tower looking down at san bruno mountain ce you head into the fog. this is what it's looking like ou there you're seeing the golden
6:30 am
gate amidst that those ry foggy conditions this morning, another view have the signature tower right there there's your view of the fog from berkeley right here a sitting above it currently so fog isettled down right into the bay this morning. it doesn't take a lot to be above it that showing you just how much high pressure is eally resuleing in sinking air and why that fog is so thick, it's right down there with us you're going to be drivg right through the midst of it this morning so give yourself that extra moment or 2. as you get on to the roads just to make sure thayou're not having to rush through some low visibility there you go by the ternoon ahead of us it is cryal clear back to another nice one ahead of us and then into tomorrow morning back into what will byet another foggy morning, it looks like tomorrow could be just as foggy as this one is so that's something to note for your friday morning commute too, 40's nd 50's are your current temperatures across the bay doublin concord pacific all in the 52 now ile oakland and alameda 47 only one spot in the
6:31 am
30's. that's insane halina at 38 degrees right now ter on we're talki 70's for your highs are really comfortable one just give urself that time toet to work this morning with the fog other than that really not too many problems in the recast ahead of us robertthank you john and we have some special fog advisories from chp. >>becausof how dense it is for people traveling across one on one, the golden gate 20 minutes novato tsan francisco. but they've issued a special f advisory here too there's one for the benicia bridge and there's one for the nimitz we don't see that very often right for the nimittraveling through hayward union city and frent so yeah, i'm john said be era careful here too but i'm back interview with the bay bridge toll plaza you officially and from the bottom of the maze, but a great trip on the upper deck and a fatal crash. josh has northbod pleasanton son all road shut down between niles canyon and the coupe minutes, a head-on collision that still under investition. so if you come from 6.80 to not accident
6:32 am
koopman just continue over to 84 and use that instead back to you darya james. and there's growing outrage among some people after a controversial anti police chant to brokout the san francisco da candide. >>bowden's election party yeah in fact there's video which showsity supervisor sandra lee. if you are starting the a profanity-laced chant agnst poce officers association will have some of that for you coming up on for his chair stone reports. >>theido has been talked about nationally due to the fact that a san francisco supervisor started one of the chance. they should be ashamed of themselves tony montoya president of t san francisco police officers association firing on all cylders wednesday night in reference to what happened the district attorney's candidate chase au dean's election ght party. one where san francisco supervisor sandra lee fewer
6:33 am
started a profanity-laced chant agnst the police officers association. all of which was caught on video on staged in attendance with that supervis. 2 other cuent san francisco supervisors. matt haney and hillary ronen also former servisors david caos and shame cam it's very disturbing liki said as election officials they should remain above thfray. >>they should be mindful of what they say because when they do speak, people looking them as being a reprentative of the entire city d county of san francisco. so because of the amount of f bombs dropped in middle fingers, given we have chosen not to show the video well haney ronin and fewer didn't respond to our request to talk. chase didn't shy away saying there's an obvious divide between poli and the communi here is his take on the profanity-laced chant start by supervir fewer, i wasn't in the room when those chance chance i've heard about it afterwards. you know i don't
6:34 am
support neck and a language and i'm looking forward to rollgp my sleeves on day one and beginning to rebuild that trust desperately need to ve our communities trust law enforcement and i think we can see really clear from those protests and from those chance that the's a long way to go. i'm committed to working with everybody in san francisco to rebuild that trust fewer did write a letter apologizing for the language she used. >>but saying that her commes were directed towar leadership ofhe p o a not th20 plus officers in san francisco. montoya says he does not buy that. >>you know first of all i don't accept her non-apology because that's what it was, i'm she's just trying to backpedal from whatshe said i mean we all know that her rds have meaning there iso once and when she says the peel away. she is making reference to thpolice officers association, those are the nk and file men and women of the police department she and say this is about tony montoya to say this is about the p waves like a leadership.
6:35 am
s wasery explicitly said peel away and s says el away that's what she's referring to. >>that was j r stone reporting for us this morning montoya id as thahe has not talked with the supervir since all this happened. but didn't write her a letter. time now is 6.34 and it uld be another week before we learn who the san francisco district here are the current numrs member yesterday was still a close race will look at it now. distct attorney's suzy loftus maintains just a slight lead still all over chase a bone 51% to 49%ow as the ballots are still being counted and there are yet about 70,000 ballots. 2 counts including 57,000 mail in ballots. >>afar as the vote by mail ballots are concerned and are you worried that will be done by friday. the remainder on saturday that will art the provision about coming to the count on rday will probably finh up with st the provisionals by next wednesday.
6:36 am
>>both candidates real statement saying that they're optimistic aboutheir chance loftis says that she is glad that her ranked choice voting lead has ineased bowden says he's pleased the majority of san francisca so far have lected h as their first choice, nobody can see it. >>the santalara police department has solved a half-dozen cold case mders within the last decade, but there are still about 6 more. they need to solve and while the majority of these cases have shelves full of boxes with evidence they stl need your help. >>ere's a cold cases knows the years that take her. >>even if they feel that is is culmination of several small pieces can end up to being a larger piece for us which can fit into puzzlewe have nothing to hide with these cases because we're at that point whe we are asking for the public's help. >>and t department has now posted details on their
6:37 am
facebook page and they're hoping maybe that will bring in some fresh leads maybe even a suect confession which wod be huge in solving thes cases, there's also a cash reward for any information leading to an arrest in the 6 cold case murders. now to the north the kincade fire sonoma county is finally 100% contained. it broke out last month'burning more than 77,000 acres it destroyed over a 174 hes in sonoma lake and napa counties. investigators still looking to see if pg e's equipment is responsible for starting that fire. >>now it's 6.37. the winds are schools are finally going to get back to class day now thathat fire is fully contained and hopefully things now starting to back to normal which everybody desperaly wants kron four'shristina tater alive at windsor middle school with the story. christina. >>winds are has actually been under evuation for weeks a lot of the students have not been in their normal routine for quite some time and in just a few hours and really
6:38 am
probay just about an hour you can imagine hundreds of students coming right back here to windsor midde school and actually they're going to have some guesses well we're going to have fir responders here helping welcome the children back into school definitely an effort after to welcome these kids back after these firefighters have been battling the blazethat when lmost all throughout their city, let's go ahead and take a look at some the devastation that winter went through and this is very much deja vu move for a lot of the families that live up here in the county cause of course the tubbs fire came through e same area just 2 years ago, and then also though we have some great footage of nter families coming back repopulating their homes and coming back ain to try to restore that normalcy so you know they've gone through a lot of emotion mentally physically spiritual in the st few weeks so todais going to be a really big paay for thstudents as they go ahe and return to school but as we're back here live again i wa to tell you all students will be fillg this area quite soon buses coming back into session because all wint unified school district is back in
6:39 am
session today first responders will be at most of the schools to welcome those stents back so be a lot of pomp and circumstance here today reporting live in windsor chstina teatro kron 4 news >>i thank you christina 6.38 right now. and football the oakland raiders to get ready for that big prime time game tonight at the coliseutaking on their division rival. the los angeles chargers the raiders how loss to the chgers. some fact the last time oakland onit was 206. the charges were still in san ego. raiders quarterback derek carr, one is to m. how eat philip rivers is. >>as o of the best to ever play this game. the has not to twist it so many times people always does look athen's and say well thiguy has more. brakes. it's a tm sport. definitely one of the best there was one of the smartest ever play this game. >>they pueverything on his
6:40 am
shoulders tohat year in productive. there's just crazy. >>becausmaybe the only one to the best quarterback rs is to add ever play the game a little much if they end up beating that only tom brady right now. the kickoff is at 05:20am tonight at the coliseum and so you can expt a lot of affic around. >>the young warriors are getting a crash course on how difficult it is to play on the road. >>the james harden is the best. and we were too bad the rriors guard. off e bench 20 points someone to keep an eye. scout we talked about him yesterday 19 points in this game.ut james harden was just too much. he finished with 36 points too much beer. this 3 hour event re. the
6:41 am
timber wolves tomorrow night to see what they do all righ coming up, but 6.40 here we'll take a break. >>ahd you won't balone the at a bart station in san ator francisco will have the latest on e. bart systems elevator attendeprogram. plus negotiations arender w that could hopefully bring into an ad now the legal dispute over the oakland a's and the new ballpark super can't get that nstruction gog and everyone's talking about the fog this morni because it has been causing problemfor everyone heading to work low visibility something we're looking at youforecast is ahead. >>you know folks tell games sometimes especlly when it's foggy so do not do that space yourself out make sure the headlights are on ur drive into san francisco from the oakl
6:42 am
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>>all right 6.24 righnow. looks like a scene out of yeah looks los like a out of come >>my money out if this was all the way and i an it would be really approprie they'll cheer. ian christmas or at least things it was sto says say no. yeah the rest of the country is dealing with ow. you know we've got the fog i guess we can handle the fog ght, even though the rest of
6:45 am
the country is frigid we're just getting through some low vibility. this morning so really all you've got to worry about on thursday morng is slowing it down you definitely are going to enunter low visibility in san francisco out into e east bay where you're seeing om above from the berkeley hills here just how dense that fog a subtle dinner right into the day and fothose of you in the south bay, san jose, not that you'd be able to tell if i didn't tell you can't see any of the downtown builngs there in a distance because fog is also very thick for youn the south bay right now so visibility being impacted across most of the bay this morning there are few of our inland valls that are free of the fog but most of us definitely not so free of it. afternoon hours we start to see some skies clearing out this is by 09:10:11am you do have some lingering patches of fog across the bay itself but really by this point we're getting that suhine again so afternoon ahead looks nice sunshine. e before fox stream is back in again tonight and t looks to be just as dense and psibly problematic. for
6:46 am
your morning tomorrow, has been so far this morning. now high pressure resulting in sinkg air that's compressing father right nt to the surface. and why so many of us are seeing visibility issues. what else is high pressure doing thas helping to keep us dry and a little bit more mild than w usually are any chance of rain beinsent to the north and then eventually puing down into the rest of the country which is daria just mentioned dealing with rain and snow, especially that snow because temperatures have been so cold for t rest of the 48 as for temperatures today, 40's and 50's forour current temperatures, oakland and alameda each a 52 held to some tually pretty mild conditions because of that fog trapping a lot of that he closer to the surface. so we're t off to a super frigid start but cool enough fo a jacket. later on today, keep the jacket on at the coast with 's and 60's for coasl areas as fog will remain at the coast through the day. afternoon sunshine areas which is the rest the bay you've got 60's and 70's
6:47 am
upper 60's in redwood city in palo alto mid 70's for the south bay today with san jose at 74. while the east bay, a range 70's low 70's right next to the bay with upper 70's further inland oakland berkeley and richmond upper 60'sor you a lot like yesterday was yacht bill in with a each up to 77 along benicia whle sandra fell up to 70 degrees. here's a look ayour next 7 days not a stay warmer than average we we stay dry, even hough there is a chance of rain working its towards e middle of cast the month. robin thank you john we're heang over to the richmond center fell bridge where your life. mine is growing on 5 of us how 's already stacked up from arena. marina to the tolls you're just going on the brakes there. alright after the pay gates that'when traffic is going to pick up and then it's ing to be a great drive across the span but slow leading up tohe toll plaza as you drive through that dense fog out there that's covering a lot of ou bridges right, the bay bridge 80 st jam froover crossing right there, spilling
6:48 am
back to the maze the e sure all of your connectors are pappa that's just how it goes completely normal at 14 minutes to accident under investigation right now was a head-on collision and soon all cy streets plsanton son all road northbound is closed between koopman right here and 84 right here which is niles canyon. if you travel on 6.80 don't get off a coup because you going to run right into that closure to stay on 6.80 over to $ kang and it had that way, here's a look at 6.80 solid from dublin into signal, 3rd 31 minutes and growing to make it over to the fremont side of 6.80 p e source find solace 24. no problems for the nimitz 13 minus for that trip to down town oakland james all right. thank you very muchobin. >>the transit agcy we're talking about bart has expanded its elevator attend a program to 2 new stations in downtown san francisc concourses icmi you it's takes a look. bart passengers will
6:49 am
now find elevator around the clock. >>at the embarcader montgomery street stations in san francisco. >>this means that someone is in the elevatorevery night of the day that this stati is open. somebody was in there providing a welcoming presence makig sure that there is no bad behavior inthe elevator. that's particularly important to people. i have no choice but to use the elvator, someone for instance in a wheelchair. >>the thing that we hathese attendance in e air because even for safety issues. it's a good thing. >>another the big here at the montgomery bart's first-ever platrm , his passengers with specl needs w like should make a roux to ke the elevator directly down to the platform level witht having to first navigate through rush hou commuters to buy like i said it will save time
6:50 am
anit's morconvenience mission would be no th have bility problems sometimes. >>move a littlslowerhan other people fire officials say the elevator to the program is also providing employment opportunities for mbers of san francisco based are but now comes that is dedicat to helping folks improve their lives by assisting others. >>actually appreciate everything me has done for me when we in a position where i can flourish they grow as well takeare of myslf family. >>bhawaj director janice lee says the elevator attended street statis were key of how factors in expanding the program. >>really reducing the number complaints we were just hearing possibly when is this program. they span. >>in san francisco has it that on for >>6.50 and negotiations are under way that could end th legal dispute over the oakland a's and a new ballpk if certain conditions are met the city of oakland could wind up opping the lawsuit that's been her earl to the ans for
6:51 am
a new waterfront stadium. the lawsuit against the county of alame. and the issue is that there half of the ts to sell coliseum te to the team for million. the team is planning to build affordable housing and retail on the site says it's an important part of the plan that would allow them to build a new privately financed ballpark at howard teinal. the city of oakland sued arguing. the county shou have offered to plot to all of that plot to oakland first they should have first ds now local business leaders want oakland to drop the lawsuit and they're afraid that these could pass pack up and move. our sports tea. >>and it really injure the economy. they're open economy. thatust makes common sense to work with thr orgazation and the bill that economic development opportunity that we helped now's nothe time to go courtroom, now's not the time
6:52 am
to be fiting each other that's come tother and make this happen. >>even as a lawsuit is opped their still opposition to the a's ving to the waterfront businesses at the port of oakland believe that a ballpark will get ithe way of their operations. >>here's a quick check of the big board this morning as we're watching wallstreet and as expected the dow up considerably here out 20 minutes into the trading day up almost nearly 200 points on ws that china and the us are not only getting closer to at lea getting the trade war settled, but in the meantime they both agreed torop the existing tariffs that have been in place and so wall street reacting positively that news more on the numbers as they velop throughout the day. >>i was like slow motion light see that she was people looking at me telling chains coming change is coming. >>coming up in the xt hour, the man rescued from the bar tracks as a train barreled for the first time we're going
6:53 am
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>>back 6.55 on this a very foggy thursday morning. this is sfo you can't tell much what it looks like out there because thatog is so dense. you don't even show you these, but yeah it's very delayed, you can expect that already san francisco well over an hour for your delay in oakland actually checking in with that ttle it delay to at 30
6:56 am
minutes due to that dense fog, san jose might actually be showing up on this map to in a few minutes because you also have some very dense fog. it is with us all this morning and resulting in some very low visibility as you drive to work. temperatures haven't been too bad. we're in the 40's and 50's we can handle that just get your light jacket on and give yourself that extra moment or 2 to get to work. robin. >>alright, thank you john yes, thafog is covering some of our bridges our major freeway city streets as well so be extra careful out there. 92 foggy and ow th's the combination this morning, 31 minutes here from hayward over to the peninsula. but that is comptely normal here at the bay bridge here chrisfalling from the bottom of the maze, but a great trip onhe upper deck and we're fog at the richmond sandra fell you're backed up beyond marina, but a great drive across the span daria thanks a lot rob. >>finally getting to gback to school for the first time since t kincade fire. and house speaker nancy pelosis in tell you re about why she's ow
6:57 am
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carnival choose fun >>thursday i'm darya folsom and out james fletcher so at 07:00am let's get you caught up on weather traffic before we t to the headlines and here is tough talk about on that front where you're going
7:00 am
to see it's covering the ard burgess the freeway city streets as well very dense this morning. >>that makes it a tough drive in most spots and we'll check in onhe bridges and a fatal cras and son all that still blocking as well. first let's 0 in on that fog is delaying everything thisorning guys from flights to drives to work. >>it's uh something you want to plan on asou're making your way out of the house visibility is being affected all across the bay. it's not st our astal areas. you in san jose you even further inland are looking this dense fog now it's siing on into the bay you can see some of our hill such as san bruno mountain here sticking out of the fog. that's because we have high pressure overhead now high pressure results and sinking air. so what that's doing is it's pressing all all that fog right down into the bamaking it very dense and that's what you're driving through and why this ability is so affected for areas right inside the bay on up into san pablo bay, the delta and then especially out along the


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