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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 8, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>>and police in the east bay bust a statewide criminal operation involving stolen cell phones and other electronics 8 men face charges tonight in connection with the illegal ring good evening. everybody, i'm pale more and i'm grant lotus in tonight for ken wayne fremont police say one local store was at the center of this operation where the stolen goods were. >>bought and sold to people in other countries kron four's dan thorn live tonight in fremont he has more on this operation that was busted police say dan.
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>>the detectives say they were working on this operation for months i it all started out as an effort to curb auto burglaries that turned into a major electronics tampering. a major electronics fencing operation has uncovered and broken up by fremont police items seized by investigators included iphones and millions of dollars worth of other electronics. the 7 month operations center downpour spend wireless in hayward. investigators learned the store was the largest electronics pence for stolen property in the bay area. the investigators also learned the business was working with another wireless store in southern california. >>i'm curious to know it's a chain stores and you knor how far this goes like are there other. why are the stores also stolen devices in the east bay michael class and free quincy plaza where tor spin wireless has its store front. >>the entrance was boarded out
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friday night class and says he never noticed any shady dealings at the store but says he never leaves any electronics in his car. what i've heard about this particular parking lot is a tense take a break ins, sometimes in my a lot of smash-and-grab so the car. >>police say most of the stolen phones were shipped to people in other countries such as china russia, iran, dubai vietnam, mexico and others october 25th, the investigation was busted wide open. when police arrested 8 men including these 4. they found $350,000 in cash, 1800 iphones and computers and for guns in their release on friday police say they hope this operation will help lower the amount of electronic staffs. throughout the region. fremont police for help by 9 other law enforcement agencies in this case and this operation also help stop.
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>>another million-dollar cell phone crime ring in september reporting live in fremont dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you, san francisco police are investigating an armed robbery reported near san francisco state university police say it happened at the bus stop at the north corner of winston drive in lake more said boulevard the victim said he was waiting for a bus about 5 30 this evening when a suspect approached him and robbed him of his backpack carried his personal electronic items, a person living nearby heard the commotion and tried to intervene. that's when police say the suspect showed a firearm and fired a shot almost hitting him. police say a second suspect was waiting in a blue four-door sedan they are now looking for 2 male teens wearing dark colored clothes, happening now contra costa county's sheriff's office is investigating a man who was found dead at a park deputy say hiker found the body yesterday in a remote part of john henry johnson park. >>just south of pittsburgh.
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the body appears to have been there for some time the coroner's office is now trying to identified the man and figure out how exactly he died. meanwhile, san bruno police say this man stole between 25 $35,000 from the parkside middle school music boosters. while volunteering as that programs treasure. officers issued an arrest warrant for michael mann well yesterday and well turned himself in to day. >>the race for san francisco district attorney's tightening up again with 92% of the vote now counted. there is a new leader in the ranked choice voting contests kron four's dan kerman reports. >>sudden turn in the race for san francisco district attorney's as of friday, they have counted an additional 26,000 votes and now chase dean has taken the lead over suzy loftus leads are now buy a 156 votes in the ranked choice voting contest since i've been here these are the at this point in the county.
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this is the closest fred i've seen as you know he had trailed loftus by 2200 votes on wednesday and by 879 votes on thursday, but now as i mentioned he is in the lead by a 156 votes so we've got about time. 15,500 more ballast to bring into the account so looks like we'll have a final count sometime mid to late next week. but the head of elections says they will likely not certify this election for another 2 weeks that san francisco city hall dan kerman kron 4 news. >>time to switch gears now take a peek outside get a check on that 4 zone forecast for a high say the weekend the week. and you know looking good this week a lot of folks along the coastline this weekend not hardly seen the sun at all on the places in the bay area 70's and some 80's that fog is making his way back on shore again begin to fill inside the bay. i'm
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very thin there. but boy it has been persistent co-signed neck at the temperatures there at the beach is very chilly. low to mid 50's for highs all week long, but there's a glimmer of sunshine coming your way live out near the coast. i'm going to see a little more sunshine coming in your direction in the san francisco just a patchy fog begin to make its way in otherwise just a beautiful shot out there for you tonight as we're getting ready what looks like a very nice weekend ahead. high pressure continues to sit over the state is beginning to slide a little further to the east now so with that being said the ridge may be showing signs of finally breaking down after being very persistent over the last 2 and a half weeks or so that that's going to finally we get enough to bring some more clouds away but not this weekend we're going to see a lot of sunshine at some patchy morning in the early hours tomorrow. sea breeze blowing right now to 7 miles per hour in a san francisco is calm and oakland coleman hayward also call into san jose. so temperatures we have to get chilly in spots again you've got that patchy fog and a very chilly 49 degrees in pacifica
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right now 50 in half moon bay, 53 in alameda 51 in hayward 49 in dublin 51 and clear skies in the concord 47 in the napa valley and 50 degrees in petaluma overnight tonight we're going to see increasing low clouds inside the bay along the coastline patchy dense fog early on then becoming hazing and mild. still cool along the coastline. but i think we'll see a glimmer sunshine toward the beaches tomorrow and then a whole lot more sunshine with thase offshore winds kicking in as we head in towards sunday. air quality in the still a are looking or moderate amounts of pollutants still some of the smoke from the kincade fire lingering in our skies and that is just because that ridge has been so dominant, we haven't seen much mixing from the wind at all you see right there, although storms lined up out the coastline just can't make its way through but a sign of things changing is this a kind the ridge axis kind us to begin to shift a little further to the east tomorrow and sunny going to remain dry monday looks like it will remain dry as well again those offshore winds looking like they're going to kick in as we head in towards sunday that will clear out your skies and make for some pretty nice
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weather. around the state are looking into 70's up and down the san joaquin how of los angeles tomorrow about 89 degrees on the toasty side there 86 degrees in san diego about 61. in the monterey bay. 60 in downtown san francisco. but there is a hint that we could see major shift in the weather pattern will keep our fingers crossed, there's a slight chance of showers just a tease ahead in the 10 a 10, nothing real major, but this may be the beginning of a change that could lead to more storms headed our way at least in the 2nd half of the month, we'll check that out the minute something to get it started something to get me excited. thanks a so this time. i asked silence. >>today marks one year since the deadliest wildfire in california history. the camp fire ripped through paradise last year killing 85 people
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destroying nearly 14,000 homes. today people in paradise came together and held a moment of silence for 85 seconds one 2nd for each person who lost their lives. and this is video of the town one year later you can see on the video here the large areas leveled by the flames, fewer than a dozen homes have been rebuilt. reporter saucier a toss all looks at the rebuilding efforts in paradise. >>we had just my has been set at manufactured homes. we had just finished that. >>he had literally put the last single on the car. last year and then the fire hit the next morning and everything was gone. >>in one day. >>the day that saw the morning sky and paradise turned black in force hundreds to run from flames. >>85 lives lost in that devastating process thinking back on the campfire a year later.
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>>it's such a make sure because we're so grateful that at the same time every few minutes you want to burst into tears feel such a mix or so blast. the healthy to be able to come back that that's even an option for us. >>rebuilding isn't a concept everyone can even consider in the last 2 weeks insurance got the goats back into the exact same kind of home they were in a year ago. but it didn't cover the shopping garage once on their property, something friends are helping the family resurrect now while their neighbors on either side are returning. hundreds of others have committed to reclaiming their lives here. >>rebuilt is paradise of this morning one year later. >>rebuilt than any other disaster area in the whole country ever has been a year
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afterwards. we actually have. homes that have been totally rebuilt. have occupancy permits and people are back in them as of today we have received 488 building applications. we have issued 324 days. so just to put that in perspective in a normal year. we do 5 to 10. >>it was an easy well we don't want to let go. one is to get a permit. now now. >>and it still be great. >>so it's very tonsil reporting there meanwhile, the camp fire has also helped to reshape emergency management across the state kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala sat down with the director of the cal oh yes to talk about. lessons learned from the fire. >>don't just so rapidly. hello. yes, director mark ghilarducci reflecting on the state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire. he says the campfire highlighted the importance of situational awareness and staying on top of dangerous weather patterns we need to know where they're
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at so that we can preposition assets. for weekend in pre vacuity areas he says this new sense of awareness helped in pre evacuations for the recent kincade fire. so that firefighters could focus more on the fire as opposed to search and rescues you don't want >>oh we're doing and you don't want to a mass when there's not you know a legitimate threat. so that's where that situation awareness that good intelligence crosses over in the past as you know, we says we didn't have that great situation awareness and we went out in front of the event that people being we were pre positioning resources to the degree that we are now. it was more reactive. this is a much more proactive approach and i think in that it's it's more life savings. >>the chaos of the campfire was made even more complex by utilities pg e has admitted to sparking it well cell service providers had poor connections
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ghilarducci says the issues with the genie speak for themselves right now with the company in bankruptcy and under intense government scrutiny he says his agency is pushing for stronger equipment from telecommunications providers, especially with utilities intentionally cutting power to limit their chances of starting a fire they need to step up and make sure that that is as resilient. np>>and what i call public safety great feeling something that's going to withstand the kind of threats that exist. it's got to be much better than what we've been seeing i also asked the director if there's been any changes in the interaction between the federal government and the state at this emergency level. >>he says there's politics and there's operations he says in the space of emergency management they've had no problems reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>we have continuing coverage on the one year anniversary of that camp fire coming up tonight at 1030 a first look at a new memorial park set up that is now open in paradise about to open and a trip back to campus for dozens of students in paradise and what's being done to reopen
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their school that was damaged in that camp fire. and we'll introduce you to a bay area student who launched a science project to help fight wildfires. >>in sonoma county people who live in hillsborough to finally getting back to normal and the whole city was evacuated for a week after that kink a fire broke out that fire. they destroy some homes and businesses in the general area kron four's gayle ong. >>was at the city's official welcome home party. >>again that these wildfires are the new normal. well folks here are just happy to see this tight knit community getting back to normal. >>get back together. >>the city of healdsburg celebrated its welcome home party friday night at its >>i did go minors lot 11 this town and together mass of people pulling for each other is really meat your neighbor more and some people down the street which is really nice to the city also had a chance to
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celebrate halloween. many residents did not celebrate after being forced out of their homes for weeks. >>i'm thankful that they rescheduled following i think only children can do that and many came back to no power or heat due to pg e's planned power shut off day really in all the spirit, getting that were so disoriented not knowing what day we're all. hearing after being evacuated 4 or 5 gai's >>so it's just great to be back in town and we love this town the theme of this party. >>was all about gratitude plenty for the firefighters police officers and the incredible outcome. no lives lost in the kincade fire. there was a chance to thank first responders in person roads were closed off at the plaza so people can enjoy the event the fire destroyed homes and structures in healdsburg but the community vows to stay strong and welcomes all to come visit this small town in california's wine country. >>we're ready to go. bring them in the towel they care of everybody in. >>there's more events scheduled back here at the
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plaza sunday afternoon, one of them. they're hoping to get a large group photo with people holding homemade thank you signs for the first responders and agencies who helped with the kincade fire. reporting from healdsburg gayle, ong. >>meantime 3 students at sonoma state university face charges tonight, they are accused of going on a stealing spree during the kincade fire. police arrested daryl reams jose rubio and women paxton last month days after the spreading flames forced officials to evacuate the north bay campus. when the campus reopened 2 dozen students found their rooms have been broken into and their belongings were missing. >>i knew there's security here and stuff so i don't i don't know like how that could happen but you know i face was her they prepared for like the fire and 7 on the par. like a month ago the power went out and when that happened late day. let us know just like a few hours of ration often even in life there are people that were like acting kind of crazy.
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>>the university expel all 3 of the students and they were arrested. from the kincade fire is hurting businesses that were not physically damaged in that fire. he's so moreau said near calistoga is a county away from the origin of the kincade fire and yet that winery has been struggling to attract tourists and business since the flames started last month. the owner says some tourists have canceled reservations in recent weeks believing that the castle was in fire danger. >>we were just starting to get back to the numbers of visitation and sales that we have are mundane and then the terror fired started very caring can fire at an hour up and down to get. >>the unfortunate it would be unfortunate if he had to consider cuts to his business if tourism does not fully recover in a few months. >>in the south bay local and federal officials are it up
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over whether or not to close down read hillview airport in san jose as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now the federal aviation administration is telling the county don't do it. >>accepting new federal grants for read hillview airport the first step to closing the embattled general aviation facility here in east san jose. but in a letter to the county. the f a a recently wrote we strongly oppose the closure of read hillview airport. the f a a would like for the board to revisit the airport functional importance and consider alternatives that would enhance airport safety concern burns, not surprised by the letter was county roads and airports director harry freighters. >>not at all i mean i think that the federal aviation administration is interested in the in the operation of the aviation system in the united states and retail use a part of that that we have a responsibility to the community to evaluate whether or not it's the right for santa clara county.
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>>the f a a letter argues that closing read hillview would adversely impact other area general aviation airports which are already physically constrained. and may find it difficult to absorb air traffic currently served by reed hillview again very frayed is oh no not at all there's a robust series the airports in this area. >>the the just to name a few watsonville salinas san carlos livermore hayward there's a number of airports in the bay area. although it was here first. >>the airport is now surrounded by homes a school and a shopping center. neighbors complain about noise. the f a letter itself was also critical of signage and other safety measures that are not up to its standards. despite the fda's expected opposition the county will likely continue to explore other uses for the airport and it's possible closure. >>and we expect to go and have some community meetings in december and january and then
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take that land use plan to the board in february of 2020. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>grieving loved ones put their pain into words remembering one of the victims of the halloween party shooting in orinda plus former new york city mayor michael bloomberg throws his hat into the presidential ring and guess the commander-in-chief talking and next people around here feel the pain at the pump oil refineries are trying to recover from local come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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starting at $4.99. >>most all of us do not need a reminder by gas prices across the bay area are expensive are so expensive right now the app as prices are just above the $4 mark kron four's justine waldman finds out when we will see a cost break at the pump, time. have started to make changes to their routine. because isn't gets better mileage gas prices are above $4 a gallon for regular across the bay area. >>triple a's gas tracker have. the high numbers are making drivers feel as they say pain at the pump. tells kron 4 news the reasons prices jumped this fall.
10:24 pm
>>henry's took longer to recover from outages. now the companies are switching to the winter blast to doing routine maintenance 2 facilities, this costs applied to diminish will demand remained unusually an unexpectedly high for this time of year. >>i spoke with aaa over the phone to find out. prices will drop. >>increases and cork the hydrants are. >>as drivers wait to see prices go below $4 hopefully next week. >>i don't think we have a lot of choices. >>according to triple a is low
10:25 pm
supply and high demand that puts pressure on prices so with the upcoming thanksgiving holiday coming up when so many people hit the road. it is unclear right now which direction prices will go. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>we continue our coverage of the campfire one year later coming up a look at the new memorial park that will soon open in paradox what's it's different though that's gone viral on social media, a man is handcuffed after eating on a bart platform. why he is calling the incident discrimination and we've got some patchy fog moving in right now, but could we soon see a couple of raindrops are going to che
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>>i see what i call my skin color. this is the video that has gone viral. this man here with the had on was cited after he was. >>found eating a sandwich on a bart platform that was earlier this week, bart says so you were not allowed to eat. their trains or at their stations but this man says he was being targeted because of the color of his skin kron four's michelle kingston has more from the bart station where this happened. >>steve foster says that he knew he wasn't allowed to eat on the bart train, but had no idea he couldn't eat on the bart platform. he says he walked by plenty of people monday morning eating and he believes that this officer singled him out. this bar
10:29 pm
officer holding on to steve foster's backpack in telling him that eating on the bar platform is against the law. >>you are detained you're not free i've done nothing wrong. hard as i amount of time for for this video shot by foster's girlfriend goes on for more than 2. >>10 minutes, foster gets frustrated at times often yelling at the officer and swearing, obviously upset with what's going on. >>so miss on the only. >>2 trains passed by before the officer called for backup ben foster is put in handcuffs. >>so much that is set to be worried about stuff like that. >>bart released a statement on friday that said in part that foster was cited for eating which is a violation of state
10:30 pm
law and that he was lawfully placed in handcuffs for refusing multiple times times to provide his name there's. >>so much more the park police can really be doing rather than citing some of rudy a sandwich that's ridiculous to me these use really can is because he was clearly an attack when a minority it was it was not an attack on a guy who was breaking the law. >>foster says he hopes bart officers learn and from this since spend more of their time taking care of more pressing issues. >>you can see battles and the like. has some ideas. the time we're seeing that don't. on the as a guy in the south side. >>in pleasant hill, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>tonight, an open man who was killed in renda halloween shooting is being remembered as somebody who help others in his community that has family tonight is talking about what they say they feel was a slow
10:31 pm
police response that night the victim's family opening up the crowd for says he quit you. >>as this memorial of candles cards and flowers continues to grow for the 5 people gunned down during a halloween party at an air bnb other in debt. >>the victim nephew >>here inside this church in oakland, the family of 29 year-old javin county is reflecting on him being some blood who loved to help others to hardworking young man very smart straight. a student arafat and he's to help me in the community with helping with the homeless people. >>coupled with the veteran. to do some children. he did a lot of things with our immunization. >>that was going to miss someone that was important not only to his mom and to all of us here that he had a great heart to >>the police department should have responded. >>over the city leaders tell
10:32 pm
kron 4 that night. officers were providing mutual aid only hold that they should call with dispatch received the first call about noise at the halloween party. javelin carol ferguson jones explains why she feels that explanation is unacceptable. >>they headed on that initial call. the point it would have disbursed. did not respond owners could have called it was so much. in a situation that could have big correct it but didn't and now they're all they could have done it, but it's still not gonna bring jobs back it's not gonna bring ashley on a back is still not going to bring most other young man the women back to the >>javelin counties family will be hosting a vigil for all of the are in the shooting victims right here at the morning star baptist church sunday. there were 17 at 02:00pm. >>it led you to the front for news. >>after 13 months a historic
10:33 pm
light house is now back open to the public the 149 year-old point reyes lighthouse underwent a million restoration. this light house is historic it wants guided ships into the foggy san francisco bay, the restoration included disassembling more than a 1000 crystal pieces from the original fresno live lenses then claiming them and putting them all back together the light house was built in 1870 and it receives about 400,000 visitors every year. >>alright turning our attention now to the weather and that light houses in the fog lawrence for yao along the coastline this weekend has been very cold. >>in spots as much as plus 20 degrees. cooler. and some spots inland as we have some 70's in a tea shop of alice in a fog is again for me outside the scene inside the bay now becoming more did well to find as we head through the evening hours we'll see that early tomorrow morning when we wake up in fact and the cool out
10:34 pm
there right now you've got the fog and apple checking in at 50 degrees will be dense in spots a late tonight early tomorrow morning so watch out if you're traveling 45 right now in about a 45 in santa rosa, 45. in the napa valley and 48 degrees right now in oakland. i long range forecast for that looking for a drop trying to get something cranked up here high pressure holding on saturday looks good sia any chance of rain well to the north and then as we get into sunday that looks fantastic too you'll notice. the snow began a drop in the central part of the country they are going to be in the deep freeze as we head into this next week but we've got a big ridge of high pressure here just slow to break down and finally we see a little swirl off the coastline and some clouds moving in about the middle of the week. and there you go we've got another cold front but a dying cold fr.nt that is going to be moving through as we head into friday morning. there's a slight chance we could be talking about a couple of scattered light showers not going to be much at all but hoping that opens the door 2 more a significant weather change as we head in toward the end of the month. so that being said, here's your tenant
10:35 pm
and the weekend looking great a good weekend to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and the very mild temperatures away from the coastline, even warm inland. then will cool things down more clouds coming our way toward the middle of next week slight chance of showers by next friday. thank you laura, so we want to show you this picture, this is a rendition of the new memorial park it will soon open in paradise. >>and designed to honor the 85 people who were killed in last year's camp fire and the city unveiled the renderings today at a memorial ceremony and reporter doug johnson was there as bagpipe players reflected on the day that they thought would be the last one in paradise. >>a year before the camp fire karen at inbox started playing the bagpipes you county started she say pipes in your home. she's live in paradise is retiring here from santa cruz county in 2012. every
10:36 pm
2018. she was told to evacuate. she didn't grab photos documents. >>interestingly one of the first things i grabbed it out of the fire was my big time someone >>soon after she left. believe this. hard to i mean part of it still seems like know this didn't really help. >>either due to other members of the scottish the others just look. >>fan director with his life for 17 hours. always parker says the fire stop within a few miles of his house. >>on for those we're not so lucky. it's a song they performed at the groundbreaking for going up in
10:37 pm
paradise to honor the dead. first responders who saved countless others, mocs as playing the instrument she say for others, it's cathartic. >>i call it my happy place. like a nice diversion from what. >>she believes today's milestone is a signal paradise can she says these cords almost project paradise is resilience. through for us an optimist. he has survived the first year. >>year moving forward, you know. we're going to rebuild my house among 11 plan was. >>doug johnson reporting there and ice adventist academy is one of 18,000 structures burned and in the campfire the school is still closed today, but today students return to campus for the first time since the fire for the past year they've been going to a
10:38 pm
school in chico junior stacy weisner says she was in the band room when she learned that the fire would eventually take over her home as it was roaring through paradise. >>we were and in our principal walks in and kind of told us like you know you might want to go home or not now school. and in like 10 minutes later he came in again and he was like you need to go home need to evacuate are packing up. >>the school still does not have electricity or water but school officials say if things go according to schedule their paradise campus should be open by next school year. >>well, this is a great story, a high schooler is working to help fire crews and first responders who worked during wildfires wildly smart drug for is vicki liviakis introduces us to the teenager who invented this robot. >>and are you down and the senior freeman has go from saying look california. watching the new scene at the paradise wildfires. it was like. i got to do something not just a clothing drive or
10:39 pm
something of money how can i help these firefighters at the search and rescue teams. i went out on the fire department asked them what they need and then kind of tale address system towards that and where is huge on was location this last object 90 used a canon camera over here we detect like high concentrations of the gas isn't safe to go into an environment that's what this mainly is we this helps them is instead of having a human going into these has been situations you have this amazing robotic system actually go in there and help alexey what's going on serving the environment like where's the jake you're looking for. let's say you're looking for don, your tea something like that this robot can go in there and sort of human the object is a very winter and you have it says a warrant for her invention, not to mention a celeb in her own right and forbes. she named as the top 20 best and brightest students in america, that was what's next. you could say that ferrari a dozen the sky's the limit yet. in national news tonight, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is in
10:40 pm
the race for the white house to file to run in alabama's 2020 democratic presidential primary today. >>to meet the state's early filing deadline. back in march. bloomberg said that he would not run for president despite leaning toward it for months, but he began to rethink that decision in part he says because he does not believe any of the current candidates are positioned to defeat trump. vice president joe biden and president trump both reacted to the news today. >>with regard to michael bloomberg i welcome in the race. michael's a solid guy. >>he's not going to do well but i think is going fight next but he doesn't have the magic to it well. >>alabama primary is on super tuesday which is march the 3rd that's the same day as the california primary bloomberg's and pfizer says that bloomberg plans to skip the nation's first 4 nominating contests. >>attorneys general in staffers for nearly a dozen
10:41 pm
states are expected to gather next week in colorado to discuss an antitrust investigation into google's advertising practices. it is one of the first face to face meeting since texas attorneys general ken paxton open the probe into google in september attendees it monday's meeting are expected to discuss procedural matters like how to divide the work of the investigation and share responsibilities. analyzing the tech industry for anti competitive behavior. >>from ivy league to wall street and then on to the streets of los angeles. yale graduate, who has been homeless for 10 years is getting a second chance at life with help from a fellow >>just ahead in sports what exactly is a professional score. that was a nice shot d'angelo russell career night for him. but is it enough. come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99.
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10:45 pm
different backgrounds, but sean pleasants case is truly unique it's not someone else's problem, there's a problem we all could face. >>the 52 year-old had been a high school valedictorian got a degree from yale worked on wall street and became the owner of his own business before it all fell apart any wind up homeless on the streets of l a koreatown our story seemed to hit a nerve. i started reading it in just 2 years. >>tim hershman could not sit still, especially after learning his encampment was mere miles away from her home, hollywood a tourney also a yale grad began to formulate a plan your lawyer, you're not a homeless advocate. why you decided to get involved with this. >>because i'm a human being how could i not i live in l a. someone who is a year behind me in school. >>so on a sunny september afternoon she headed to koreatown feeling an obligation to help someone she considers one of her own you don't have to bring any foods don't have to bring any
10:46 pm
toiletries fast forward 20 days later. moving day as sean along with his partner david say goodbye to the streets after 10 years. >>on this day today we will leave the streets hopefully forever. >>tim arrange for them to stay in a guestehouse on a posh states. soon the have a place of their own with section 8 housing, she's an angel. you have air conditioning this all the comforts of life television internet it was that life isn't real because we get the of one's at some point. >>so it before than in and it's over. >>turns out it was just the beginning we're. but it's not all fairy tales. years on the street contributed to a powerful drug addiction. rehab is a must. kim is facilitating it's tantamount it's a term that my credibility behind along the way they've been documenting the journey a global yet sean's goal to become a powerful voice to
10:47 pm
combat the homeless crisis and become worthy of his new lease on life. there are people watching the story saying guy's been given another chance. and i sure hope it doesn't blow it i do too i'll buy don't. i'm sure they don't help for their sake that they don't lose their footing because though experience a little worse times that i thought i personally is there any chance. you wind up back on the streets i hope they'll not dan simon, cnn, los angeles. >>but for pleasants wrote a note to be included in and the next installment of yale's alumni magazine in the node he's asking the campus community for help in terms of advice or real goods and services so he can stay on track. >>to buy making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment. >>almost as megan of a almost
10:48 pm
ahead this until that over time, yeah they and couldn't get enough rebounds and i just googled professional score. >>not a lot came up as it relates to basketball in the nba. but that's why mark is here. it really is an awkward time you know to be a warriors fan you're trying to get to know all these young guys out there and it's frustrating area because you're used to seeing the warriors make so many big plays but. >>it's a growing process right now now the warriors in minnesota. the second stop of a 3 game road trip. >>it's been a week where you don't know who's going to be in the starting lineup for the warriors but tonight and all star back in the mix and he put on a show d'angelo russell on the floor after missing the last few games with an ankle injury. 23 year-old getting final seconds of the 3rd range one from way beyond the arc warriors of 6 professional score, russell sit on a tear 30 seconds to go. 4 years up to splashes one right in front of a car anthony towns. >>he scored 14 straight in the final minutes of the force
10:49 pm
kept hanging around seconds to go war up to. game tied at one 10 forces overtime extra period for a summary. another 3 ball. off a career-high 6 52 point performance. was minnesota kept making shots to weekend's top of the key. the drills to try to put the wheels up for lee a 40 point county for him warriors fall one 25 1 19 despite the magical night from brussels they moved to to oklahoma city. other top story a's 3rd baseman matt chapman calling in hardware for his work in the hot corner known in the second season in a row is the american league play glove winner. that's remarkable campaign for the 26 year-old leading higher position in a number of categories, including fielding percentage and defensive runs saved. he also did a ton of damage at the plate. 36 homers and 91 r
10:50 pm
b i. >>now let's talk some 40 niners after being on hiatus for the last few years we can now welcome back. the niners seahawks rivalry so many great moments between the 2 franchises that man has been one of the central figures before helping the niners to their best start in nearly 30 years, richard sherman broke many hearts in the bay area responsible for the tip that led to the interception in the nfc title game and in 2014. he pulled up a chair at levi's for thanksgiving feast. but despite that the history. he's not getting sentimental about a reunion. >>games division game so it's definitely more me 4 that respect because division games you got it you got to win if you want to you know if you make the playoffs. you have a home and you got to win your division. so it's definitely pull in that respect but but to me that does bode. >>the game kickoff just after 5 monday night now to the silver and black what a show at the colosseum between the raiders and chargers thursday, the oakland office didn't
10:51 pm
provide many big plays but stepped up in the most significant of all. >>it's a minute ago rookie sensation, josh jacobs, an 18 yard, go ahead score. then the defense yielded philip rivers with him for 7 on his final drive capped off interception from karl joseph reversed the 3rd pic of the night the raiders also out in their second straight win after is derek carr, >>november that means something and you get a home crowd that's like that this is exactly what we get we talked about coming off our feet 1800 a road trip bit come home play games. that matter we need our crowd and they've been there. you if you just watch the opposing where beckham having to communicate. you know everyone on every single play has to be on their side for the play fails. >>and oh yes, a frustrated, philip rivers, we always seem to see that it finally we'll give you a snapshot of what's in store this weekend in the prep ranks tomorrow in san francisco, the undefeated sarah pond race facing 72 sing
10:52 pm
ignatius tom brady's alma mater with an opportunity to be our rain chance of the west catholic athletic league. grant him now we wait we got 49 ers seahawks cut. >>give me that big game all right one of those old-school games are like we saw fact few years ago something else russell wilson. he's fun to watch. thanks mark all right let's check in with >>now unlike and your weekend weather. yeah, we got a lot of things going on around the bay area little ice skating have a little blues ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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>>up next the news continues on our 24 7 streaming service called kron on its commercial free, which is great sent us a hernia standing by in our newsroom with what we are working on for the news at 11 heist in us. >>hey pam, so thousands of stolen phones have been sold illegally overseas through a cell phone store right here in the bay area. police were able to recover thousands in cash and merchandise. coming up, but on kron on at 11, we'll tell you how police were able to take down this illegal operations all right thank you and make sure and download the kron on app to get 24 7 commercial free local news coverage. >>well check out this can start to her i mean i feel like that to the time that had the half time like performance of i don't know basketball
10:56 pm
game that this is in canada. it's down during his time with his shovel swordplay. >>we're not sure if he's a star wars former color guard performer or just a fan of sores but he is definitely. >>handling things on this routine and lawrence is you know. >>recreational i think marijuana is that right could be totally doesn't really being related to that the suggestion is that you think do you think lot of i notice they didn't have any friends. you know not to be close to that guy wielding around that a shell that's for sure. this weekend we've got a lot of stuff going on if you want some fun free events here you go how about a little ice skating union square to get you in the feeling of the season. that's right. it is not too far away now, and they're offering free ice skating lessons in a 30 to 9 30 tomorrow morning. you want to get there about a 15 though that we need to check in some sunshine and some fog, some
10:57 pm
chilly eyes and some cool temperatures to go along with that to have all the snow bomb ski and snowboard vessel that is going to be in santa clara, lots of sunshine there. also warm temperatures go along with that to some mid 70's, but they should be a great event there and dia de los live jazz and blues festival, starting at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in oakland grab a jacket will be cool. and yes the children's winter festival that is going to be a walnut creek. yeah they're going to be ice getting for free from 11 to 1 o'clock. thank you for being with us tonight. thank you thank everybody.
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