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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>we are following breaking news this evening, san francisco mas a new district attorney's someone who had been hvi criticized by the mayor and the pole officers association, thanks for joining us tonight at 8. i'm jr stop and i'm justine waldman inter district attorney's sy loftus has conceded. >>meeting public defeer
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chase will be taking the job this afternoon to dean took the lead with 50.72of the vote. loftus was close behind and with 49. percent of th vote. kron four's dan thorn is live for us now in san ancisco at a victory party for the new d a. >>hey justine and jr so ayou said teen after 4 days of ballot counting. he is the victor in the san francisco district attorneys race. we're here at el rio tonight this is that mission district of san francisco. pretty good crowd that seems to be a coming here right now they're obviously geing drinks inside and. chase a routine right now is in transit from new york back to san francisco. so we're expected to see and hear from him shortly as he arrives here in the city. as you mentioned loftus she conceded this afternoon in a and graduated duty in on this viory in a statement she said tuesday to make this transition. smooth
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and immediate obviously butina was viewed as one of the most progressive in this race and 's the victor here tonight, so there's a lot of happy faces. >>well thank you so much the ad and we talk about this for district attorney ernie and it really d come down to the wire nd we're only talking about after the choice the ranking system only a couple 1000 votes. but this is somebody. if you could expand on at the may and police officersssociation was against. we do want to move on we lt and there are going to work in getting his shot back up for when the new district attorney's does a arred this afternoon interim district attorney's suzy loftus conceded with the following statement sayg she's grateful for the chance to run
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and serve as district attorney ernie loftus says it's then an honor to lead the officshe cares deeply about and that even though she didn't win the race. she won the support of many san franscans who are demanding that our city work re effectively together to build safety. she finished her statemenwith a congratulations to ase abboud dean saying she will work to ensure a smooth and a media transition. >>another big election result announced today in san francisco dean preston has declaredvictory becoming district 5 supervis in a statement, he id today is a victory for all san franciscans seeking boulder answers for the challens facing r city. he goes on to y that he is eager to begin rving the city as soon as possible thais word worth noting thatoth mayor london breed's picks for the selectionds opponent valley bro and in turn da suzy loftus did not win in both cases more progressive candidates. we'll have more on
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our website for dot com. now to another big story we are following for you tonighan officer-iolved shooting leaves one man dead in sa jose we do know hat no. >>officers were hurt in that shting kron four's gayle ong is on the scene this evening, gae. what is the latest out there, i knothe highway was shot at one point. >>yeah justine and jr the hiway is still shut down and half a mile away from 85 south over by saratoga avenue and this is on t saratoga side so it is started as a vehicle stoppe a passenger who is the man who died and he was the back when police got in contact with that vehicle. he had provide are produced a handgun according to police. so here's some video of the scene you see the vehicles over on the shlder of 85 this happened on nth of winchester boulevard so at this ti, north of winchester boulevard and saratoga avenue are closed off. what we do
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know is that the officer fired athe suspect and shot him once the suspect died at the scene. the driver was not injured, buhe is they are being questioned by homicide detectis that it is still an it. moments ago. d right by highways still closed off.e heavily per police presence with homicide detectives this still coming through the evidence now back here live we do know that the officer will be beat aced on paid administrative leave we do expect to hear more about this icident on tuesday. police chief we're live in saratoga gayleong kron 4 news. thank you gayle, let's take a live look outside right now as we talk about our very thick blanket of fog. s a >>and the citof san francisco tonight where lee make out the top of the sales first houthe bay bridge. >>when the shot that is we're joined by meteorologist brisa rodriguez say no i actually broke out the winner jaet a couple of days ago,
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it's been chilly here in the city, it's been really chilly mere noticing the return of that cool sea breeze pushing in at low and high cloud cover out there right now so thick fog bank. >>as you head outside not just our downtown san francis where the san francisco coastline but also along the east bay shoreline as well, here's a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley and i am traing plenty of high cloud cover, but it's the dense low clouds and fog that have actually brought us some dense fog advisories for the last coup of mornings and this morning was no exception and i'm expecting muc of the same even for your sunday morning because as fast forward through sunday morning and even shortly before your w lunch time hours still tracking some fog but expect better clearing and lifting by around 10 o'clock in the morning. so so far the national weather service out of the bay area office holng back on issuing any dense fog advisories. but all certain keep you posted. throughout our newscast tonight a 08:10pm in case they do during the overnight hours. current wind speeds out there right
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now sustain your 20 miles per breeze puhing in that low fog bank out there we have seen pretty breezy conditions with gusts upwards of 25 miles per ho less time downtown san francisco, making temperatures looking feel certainly cooler than what they actually are already cooling dowin the 40's for those of you in the north bay widespread 5s everywhere se in the bay area and not oy that but i'm also tracking this winter spare the air alert went into effect today. it is going to continue through your sunday burn any would from now not until then just because of these moderate amounts will continue through tomorrow as well so just keep that in mind and it is veteran's day weekend. i'll have your full veterans day forecast because so parade will start as early as tomorrow for parts of francisco. more coming up in my full weekend outlook and even your veterans day monday coming up in just few minutes back to you dr. justine. >>thank you so much will tonit alameda county authorities are king for your help finding a missing
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man his name is tryi shang yang, his chinese and speaks no elish, the 66 year-old left as castro valley home early this morng around 7.30 and has not been heard from after he went a walk. he was wearing a green polo, puffy jacket anblue ski pants alameda county sheriff's deputies say he is 5 feet inch and a 130 pounds with brown eyes and white hair just him. >>it's an outrage and it's the gun for political purposes, it's done to mobilize votes. >>happy nters and landlords from the city of berkeley tonight after the mayor. how e community forum to discuss potentially removing criminal background ches from rental applications. city officials say it's a move to prevent homelessnessnd lower the recidivism rate but the kerr and andome former landlords are sing that the proposal nes a little bit more work.
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kron 4 small bello has our story. >>when you get ready to t married. you know you scrutinize well, u know what a tenanit's almost like getting married that person mighbe in your life for the next 20 years. and so you you really rutinize the very >>you know who rent to 40 year berkeley landlord jim smith is unimpressed with the fair chance access to hoing and public safety legislation put rth by the city. the ordinance would remove most rental units barring for berkeley landlords from conducting em think it's quite interesting. >>when they can't even come up with a hardumber during a community forum saturday smith wasn't given a solid answer when he asked how many of beeley's homeless were facing the issue because of their criminal history. >>jon jones, the 3rd though says he's live currently live in and what i would conser to substandard housing.
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jones says the proposal would still allow lards to reevaluated tenants employment verificaon and cks personal references he hopes getting rid of the criminal backgrou box will en more doors. >>do we use fear to use that personally continue to enge in this behavior or do we look the full body of work what a person has done since they've been released the association though still isn't convinced. >>and feel the ordinance needs to be reworked. i think there's a lot of opportunity the for us to look at it re closely and to make decisions based on sort of a tear decision as opposed to thisblanket all or nothing. the legislation is pected to be sent to the ful council in ely 2020 in berkeleknow al bello kron 4 news. >>are decommissioned its first legacy car on fridato help make space for an arriving fleet. a future trains. the bart train car 2528. also called felicia we into full service in 1995. i've but is
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now this pile of metal on your screen. the bart train retired in 2014, is estimated to have traved about 2.2 million miles as new trains are added storage becomes limited for older car, ours. felicia was one of 10 cars sold to schnitzesteel in oakland to be shredded valuables will also be recycled. no by >>all right. we do have some good news for deo ga lovers university is like cal berkey and you talk helping graduates go pro in e-sports the esports industry is boomg not just for expert fortnite players and software billion dollar industry this year suddenly there high paying jobs and esports for administrative and support rolesyou and was among the first hools in the country to build a speciazed ports pgram in 2016someesports professionalplayers will they make anywhere from one to
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5,000 a month. theighest paid league of legends players can earn. about $15,000 month and that does not even include counting. prize money. >>14 fraternities are suspended at san diego state how the university says a student died after leaving a frernity party. >>and a major develoent in the colorado. prick phrase e the disrbing piece of evidence investigators sa they found. >>anup next north bay businesses are in the early stages of recovering from the kincade fire. we visited a winery in wisor where the owner me try my reallyig chicken sandwich combo with
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four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank y. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at .99. welcome back to kron 4 news. >>news at a business is st down during the kincade fire are working to reopen kron four's felipe should all vited a when a winery in windsor today. it house firefighters from across the stateuring the fire battle. the owners say without them, the property would not he survived. as he drives around his mily owned property taking note of the damage done to know te-blue estate wiry and vineyards in windsor jared stn says he feels fortunate and not burdened of the 710 acres of land probably out 60% of a property's saw some form of fire grasand brush burned out house near the neya managers home went down inlames, some furniture was destroyed, t nothing that can't be replaced. most
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importantly the winery's suive in extreme lee fortune and i mean. >>this is the heart of the operion ifhis were to ever gotten smoke damage. got a fire in he it would have. >>shut us down stein d his business partner david mccluskey say almost all of their grapes were harvested bere the fire meaning the wine is fine, whever wasn't pied was left on vines are on the ground for the animals to eat most all structures and decks are still standing because stein says firefighters were determined to save them all the way around this deck from every cornerhere's charring under the actual would. >>and that basally means that the firefighters were here while it was burning were able to get it out before damaged anything that we had a pair of the day stein and everyone on e property were evacuated was the same day fire crews showed up they ended up making camp here turning the winery office into a command center doubling as a dorm by crews of guys up here.
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>>literallylept here slept on the dais slept in any nook an cranny th could find the crews were grateful for e hospitality leaving thank you notes behind before they le. >>stein's family made the entire property available to them. >>tting them fill their engines up with water from e pawns team leads were also able to monitor fire activity from the summit a think do for and being so sensible being able to get around her operty in. fight the fires isuch great quantities as they did and the feeling.tein says is mutual fire crews have since cleared out power was restored to the property sarday. and now theocus turns to maintenance what we're really looking for us to good rains. the first one that just kind of get a little bit the staff moved aund in the second wanto kind of clean everything up the plan is to reseed and regroup hopefully reopening to the public in mth or so and get back t what notre who is kwn for stellar wine paired with tranquility in windsor felipe to call kron 4 news.
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>>it has now been one year since e woolsey fire in southern cafornia today, many families who lost their kara fun storm talked to g. several homeowners who lost a was everything to fi out how they're woing to rebuilt. >>once saw the horses going out i realized that's proy the time to leave so we did and within about 3 hours our house was burned to the ground windy wagner cromwell's family night of the 1900 home the woolsey fire. >>8 of her neighbors homes along cragdrive burned too. now one year later most lots remain empty, but some homeowners have moved back in our bees are nowill finally emissions come back took 7 months to get a power pole they also have to pvethey had safe drinking water but once they clear those hurdles. the family tackled rebuilding, they discoverethey were under insured and that the permit in planng process would take time on top of that there was lead toxicity in the charts oil had to be dug out it's like a fl-time job that
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is given. >>to you when you need your around. >>i that are not a don house at her family's home used to be right nextdoor when i first is i can pick should house index again really believe but ashet back on their feet we're not is helping our neighbors do the that made it through the fire her massage table to art a charable stress. relief effort for fire survivors. jude and his m tell us that community support. that's why they're still here with plans to rebuild just holdin together is strong. bovo such a hardship in being able to sathat we've able to go that. me it means thatt kind of means a victory for me. >>look outde right now here is the golden gatbridge as we talk about our 4 zone forecast but we don't see a lot of fog. when we're showing the city osan francisco's dance. cloud cover low fog
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bank rightund downtown san francisco. we did notice some pretty gusty westerly winds. >>around 25 miles per hour o less and daytime highs today, a little bit warmer more than yesterday but still a few degrees below average for downtown san francisco at 63 degrees. oakland just warming up to 61 degrees and livermore degrees. so you need microclimate forecast below average alg the coast in the bay. but nearly 5 to 10 degrees above normal for most of our intior valleys like livermore concord in santa rosa, warming up into the mid to uppr 70's. so if you like the heatead inland, especially during the afternoon because it is going to beretty toasty down that warming trend is going to continue all weekend long ormtracker 4 rig now tracking that thi fog bank out there right now downtown san francisco near that sales out the tip of the sales make force tower just because of that fog ing starting to roll its way through the bay area. temperaturesut there right now widespread 50's but for you those of you in the north
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bay tracking widespread upper 40's ght now for napa sienna rose and abbado everyone else on the low to miand upper 50's and overnight lows tonight once again going to be on the chilly side, widospread low to mid and upper 40's, but downtown san francisco d oakland, a little bit milder for y in the low 50's a wake-up planner forecast is going to show another very cloudystart could even see another dense fog advisy issued during the oveight hours through about 10 o'clock for your sunday morning and then mostly sun skies buyer noon lunch time hour and thanks to that ick clearing. we are going to notice, warmer temperatures tomorrow comred to the days when the mid 60's along the coast along the bay in the low 70's and ierior vaeys, warming up into the 80's 70's and even some low as we wntown san francco 65 degrees oakland in the low 70's and plenty of sunshine for those oyou in san jose, warming up into the mid 70's livermore 79 degrees santa rosa though warming p into the low 80's and let's take a sneak peek at you
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veterans day monday forecast because i am tracking monday to be the warmest day of the next 7 could see widespread low 80's as you make your way inland upper 60's a even some low 70's along the coast. thanks to that afternoon sunshine and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast. we areoing to see a gradual cooling trend after our veterans day monday, slight chance of rain on friday, but models are trendg drier as i speak, so don't expect much if any out of friday's event and then a bit warmer for the 1st half of next ekend chair justine back to you thank you so muc >>theresa will coming up an assistant district attorneys red after refusing to pursue a sex-assault case by houston police say the prosecutor was more concerned with the victims immigration status th the crime. >>and 3 upstate w york studes are arrested after alledly planning to attack
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 an assistant district attney ernie in houston was fired friday for refusing to pursue a sex-assault case. houston police say the prosecutor was more conceed with the victims immigrion status than the crime. maina explai how the police union help resolve this controversy. that has now received national attention an assistant district attorney ernie with the harris countya's office fired after legedly
8:26 pm
sex-assault victims refusing to file charges on the suspect. case when joe gamaldi with the houston police officer union went to the media tuesday. he said on halloween night an hpd officer witnessed a dwi suspect karl bonnar expo himself and pull anoth inmate toward him that victim yeed out for helpbut the mall the ss when the hpd officer spoke with the john denholm at the da's office. he was more interested in the vicm's immigration status insteaof the sec's assault incident. soon ater denholm was reassigned pendg an ternal investigation. but as of friday, he was let go. honor is now charged with dwi and o sex-assault as it turns
8:27 pm
out. >>does this ticket or need an home he actually did buy a attorneys got the most total dale says he contacted the da's ofce and was told. >>this should have never happened and will never hpen again at thend day. >>they've count on peopl being afraid and we don't want to be afraid a sentimenhim all e agrees with and hopes the immigrationcommunity is not discouraged by this isolated incident. >>new piece of evidence police say could ange the case. from the las vegas area has been und in california where policfound her by chance. >>during a routine check. suspended after a student dies
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>>14 fraternities at san diego state university have en suspended after the death of a student. >>the 19 year-old suffered a head injury when he fell out of his bed. school officials believee had attended a fraternity event that night. anthony pure has he story. >>it was on the 6th flooof this residence hall. the dylan hernandez fell off his bunk bednd hit his head wednesday
8:31 pm
friend. it was a 6 foot drop that led a head injury. the friend sa she came over put him back in bed that night. and en she checked on thursday morng. dyn was foaming at the mouth. hilips were purple hi skin yellowi she ve him cpr until emergency crews arrived they want theorst thing that ev >>died correct.ethan zanis lives othe same floor he matt dillon on the first day of the school year and became good friends and we had a l of things in common than people thk of it like play video games. he played basketball outside a numerous amountf times we played spite ball, the university believes dylan came from a fraterny event thnight he fell off his bed as result they've suspended the interfraternity council and the 14 houses associated to the ifc. >>these will be suspended until the university decides what stepst will ke next. >>however, the susnsion does not affect the united strong ready and frateity councils at san diego state.
8:32 pm
>>state new york, 3 middle schoolers are charged in connectn to a potential assault at their school. authorities say thetudents were moved from a middle school just north west of roester and will not be allowed back until there has been an investigationnto quote. appropriate and threatening messages unquote. those messages were sent on a gaming appcalled discord and several social media platforms and the investigion will be conduct by the school district local authorities and the fbi. >>it was a student student threat that happens. every day and probably every school district in america. ut you know because of our threat assessment team because of our aggressive ture of handling these we definitely you know going on this planet we was stopd any attack that wou possibly happen n school. >>in a statement issued on for friday new york's governor credited school officials and local law enforcement officers for they'll roll in stopping the plot.
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>>in australia, a 3rd person has did as an president of brush fires burn across the state of new south wales. police said the body was found in a burned out home after fire swept through earlier this afternoon. more than 1000 firefighters are baling 5 emergency level fires and dangerous conditions at least 7 other people remain missing. one of thoseilled was found inside a vehicle while the other had died in the hospital while being treated fosevere burns burns prelimiry reports estimate that at least a 100omes have been destroyed in the firesso far well 30 years ago today cracks across the soviet bloc led to the toppling of the berlin wall. e moment is remembered as the symbolic end of the cold war. today,german chancellor angela merkel spoke at a church service and reflected on th event. she then laid a candle at a morial for victims of communist violence. in
8:34 pm
colorado jury is in the trial patrick phrase e have now heard a week of testimony, he's accused of killing his fiance and the mother of child kelsey breath in his 2018 phrase e is also accused of soliciting a woman he was dating krystal lee kney to help him carry out the crime. now on friday a childhood friend of frazee's testified describing disturbing moments phrase he madabout arrest. liz go rd has more. >>the fbi searched patrick frazee's property multiple time timethey first went to the home in early december, 2018 a went back days later after frazee's mistrust talked witholice. an agent testified that information provided by chris a leak. let the fbi to uover a burn mark and ultimately what they believe is a tooth in the search to find answers about what happened to kelsey berretthis is the only video police have released to the public. it's the last known images showing her alive
8:35 pm
walking into a safeway in woodland park on thanksgivg day. we arned in court law enforcement obtained other videos critil to this case. surveillance deos from november 24th 2 days after thanksgiving were play in court. the first video shows county at a sonic drive-thru in woodland park. it matches up with her story at she picked up food and brought it to phrase e another video later that day shows the same r she was driving a black volkswagen pulng into a conoco gas station florissant that's the gas station where kenny says she met up with phrase e andn the video frazee's pickup uck pulls in and he fills up a red gas can there's one more video the prosecution wanted thjury see it showed a bloodhound named radar icking up the scent of a decomposing human body inside a barn on a ranch where phrase, the least the righto graze his cattle. >>the phrase he has pled not ilty this week a he took a plea deal and is testifying as
8:36 pm
part of that agreement. >>a texas family is honoring special veteran in their life while planning his one100th birthday party. and i'm tracking dense low clouds and fog for your saturday night and it is expected continue through sunday morning. more on that and your microclimate sunday forecast >>and still ahead a woman kidnapped from the los vegas area is ne and ♪ (vo) i know what you're tnking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just esn't have enough range. it will neve survive the winter. charng stions? good luck finding one of those. so, mayban electric car isn't for you afteall. or, is it? ♪
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>>welcome back a woman who. >>it was reportedly kidnapped from the los vegas area was found in southern california earlier this week she was discovered by chance during a routine check by airorce police officers from the edwards air force base carla wade has the story. >>ighbors in north las vegas pointed us to this facebook page saying it belongs to 51 ar-old stanley lawton, who appears to also go by the name th rouge a he or big too sweet and frequently posts about his musical ambitions. >>he's just one of those family peop he's got a lot of kids he's gofamilies got a lot of peole friends that would actually area expect this from and according to the fbi lawton and his daughter, the 22 year-old shouldaja ph a lot and were takennto custody in california. >>ty're acsed of kidnapping a woma ey knew at a business somewhere in los
8:40 pm
vegas. in addition to kidnapping they face multiple other charges, including attempted murder,rape and robby. all emming from the 5 days police say the pair held her against her will at a california home, sexually assaulting her and beating her before andoning her in the deset near edwards air force base. >>after being held in a room for so long and just left there with no food, no water and the part of the fact she was found just dung a route check so she's very lucky to be alive. >>neighbors say police were seen pouring over th north las vegas he for evidence tang out guns and a comput. >>why ishat it's modeling you now it's freshly like has had 2 doors down the line, showing anything to happen. >>neither has a criminal record here in nevada. but stanley lot and habeen in court veral times over custody issues neighbors say he has several children. the
8:41 pm
sheriff's department said that the alleged victim whose is very lucky to be alive. she was taken to the hospital for trement and is now back home. >>real vetan is celebrating his one 100th birthday we'll tell you about the major militaryhief and his family. ju can my se be firm?
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and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. withcan it helpnumber 360 smarkeep me asleep?oth ablutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snorin no problem..nd done. keep you will it help mee. keep up with h? yup. so, you can really prise better sleep? not promise. prove.and w, dr veterans day weekend special, save $1,000 on the new sleep mber 360 special edition smt bed, now only $1,799. us, 0% interest for 36-months. ends monday. >>as we get closer to veterans day wch is on. one veteran in texas is celebrating his one 0th bihday, and it's
8:44 pm
just now recognize for an icon chief munt better late than never right well putting together his birthday elebration is family found out. >>that he had been part of the invasion of normandy just go wiley has their story. >>i >>ys it's not. >>often you get to meet someone who's 100 you look i'm just a teenager re. century living through 18 presidents, the civil rights movement and the dawn othe digital age lucian baskin is living history. there's one piece even his family just rently leard, tony wait a minute. i see itwow i've never realized only when his family was gathering pictures and putting together a buyer a graffiti for his one 100th birthday this did they learn baskin an army veteran was pa of the invasion oformandy and body talked about it fewer than 400,000 world war 2
8:45 pm
veterans of e 16 million who served are still alive, acrding to the us department of veterans affairs except for some b knees baskin is healy and blessed to be a. in june 1944 >>at the same people ld a. then as temple did people know >>to get useto he made it through the invasion way with his battalion to belgium and germany. this was the day they were to return to the us. skin would later marry twice have 2 children work for the government and retire as a salesman at houst photogrhy store photography was his path fashion today his niece is so proud of all the parts of the storyf his life she continues to learn. she encourages families to ask questions of their older sit baskin just e able to pay encourages
8:46 pm
people. >>to say thank you use in that one day whesomeone funny me and say thank you. >>and next monday. it makes me feel the us for us alone and see that you are the natio >>for of ents all across the bay ea to honor our veterans tomorrow, san ancisco is hosting the 99 annual veterans day parade starts at 11:00am the parade willake place on the embarcadero and north. >>i hope so too taking a live ok outside on the saturday night you can see all all of the car and it made their way to san francisco for us i doubt on t town meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now is look at our forecast r that. >>yeah, it's looking great. i mean we're going to notice by 11 o'clock thatow clou
8:47 pm
cover. >>we're beginning to live so mostly sunny skies. so make sure to dress in layers upper 50's around that time. wind speeds will be light to breezy about 10 miles per hour or less so that's the good news right there. golden gate bridge. we are noticing a lot of high cloud cover but dense low clouds and fog not really impacting downtown san francisco. it is patchy at best. coming in waves depending on how strong those westerly breezes are right now to 6 miles visibility in downtown san francisco. but the poorest those of us, half moon bay visibility at or near 0 make sure to drive sfely and don't forget to turn on those low beamsecause we are going to notice the low cloud cover becomthicker and more widepread during the overnight hours we could even see another dense fog advisory issued for your sunday morning. stmtracker 4 though showing very dry conditions, plenty of high clouds making its way throught the coastal areas of the san francisco shoreline and we are notici upper 40's for the north bay, whites for low to mid and upper 50's for everyone else
8:48 pm
with chilly temperaturesin the 40's once again for most of the bay area. but we're microclimate suny forecast we'll show quick clearing and with that extra sunshine, slightly warmer tempatures e right about where we should be for downtown san francisco, warming up into the mid 60's also half moon bay, 64 degrees lo70's for burlingame south san francisco, those 62 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs so wind speeds will be light a breezy to start the day and even into the afternoon around 15 miles per hour r less. redwood city 71 degrees, widespread 70'for those of you in the south bay, san se 75 degrees santa clara 71. peters warming up io the low 70's hayward 72 degrees and as we make our way inland into the interior valleys of the east bay livermore flirting with a tease but 79 degrees for you walnut creek upper 70's as well. oakland 71 degrees and even into the north bay 70's 80's for most cities. napa 76 degrees in sonoma, warming up
8:49 pm
into the mid 70's as well with low 80's expected for those of you in santaosa, some more than 10 degrees above avege unique microclimate forecast as wtake a look ahead at the xt 7 day outlk. monday on veterans dayll be the warmest day we are going to notice some offsho wind starting sunday night through monday and that's what's going to help warm us up for our veterans day monday and clear out that marine layer. it will be patchy at best for your monday morning. but fortunately those offshore winds not going to be like what we exrienced last month when that can kade fire really spread quickly. any windusts that we do see will be around 30 miles per hour or less but am tracking pretty dry conditions. some rain trying to make its way into the forecast on friday. but it looks to be drying out as i speak so enjoy that nicearm up forhe 1st half of next weekend. >>golden state warriors in action tonight, they have lost
8:50 pm
2 in a row tryingo turn around and come out of oklahoma city with the way early on we go alex. d 23 points on the night that ight side ain willie cauley-stein the little hawk that's 2 points they're hanging arod late first warriors going righde again bustolen i have a new will he take it the distance nice little slam dunk. theoklahoma city off of a rebound you can see the ball. cks it to the right side. gallon our drains the 3 warriorsid hang around to make a run late in the game. lose this 114 to one oh 8 that their 3rd d straight loss also d angelo russell. the cal golden bears in action this evening as well they have lost 4 in row after winning their first 4 games trying to tu around there losing ways 1st quarter not in a minute into the game. he's gone for 7
8:51 pm
yards that is touchdown. cal jumps that early but on what many would call routine extra point. by washington ste george hicksould run right into the end zone for 2 points. we've got ourselves a game.ate 1st quarter modster looking right side. he's got a man. of the 15 yard line that would then set this play out playing action role. and he's in the end zone can i would go up 13 to after an extra point they go on to win this game. 33 to 20. stanford in boulder taken on colorado down 10 to 6 in the 4th kj castello looking and 5.
8:52 pm
nobody's going to touch hi79 yards to the house stanford and fronts. buffalo's with the ball steven montez's he's going right side looking for his man always not. as against the cardinal. alty and with 2 seconds left. 37 yard field goal is good and th that stamp or losa 16 to 13 they'v now. biggest college footbalgame in the land happeni down in tusk a loose abama. lsu in town to take on alabama. president trump in attendance with the first lady for this game 1st qrter we go. the action, he's got his man on the right side. he's in the end zone for the fit touchdown again, lsu still early the second. to1 and
8:53 pm
th is spos we'll
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>>welcome back tkron 4 news will a huge turnout for a great cause today inan francisco that car. >>oz raising awarene and funds to find a way to end alzheir's diase close to 4,000 people showed up. fog by san francisco's ferry terminal for the walk to an all me first event today raised over million. the offde disease is the most common form of dementia ths is cleay not could flip it to the right one. anyway,it's that most cars and form of dementia affecting memories thought process and behavior walker's all shared storie experience with alzheimer's disease holdinflowers to represent if they are caring for someone with disease or other tre in memory of someone who died. this huge turnout to organizers means that the walk was a big success. >>people to know that their services out there that they c access but also that they can join the movement to
8:57 pm
defeat alzheim's and the more people the better we need to be last and and we need to raise awareness and raise the necessary funds to make a difference. >>this was the emcee of the event today. the cause personal to him. higraham mother died from alzheimer's t summer after a long battle with thdisease. also versus these is the 6th leang cause of death in the united states of effects more than 5 milln people. 16 million family hammerson fred, and it's also provide care for people with the disease which is also a huge part of it trying to raise more awareness, eradicate the disease. all right we'll see you again for more news tonight at 10. me try my really big chicken sandwich combo with
8:58 pm
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for just the second time in teamhistory...the 49ers are the only n-f-l team that still has a perfect record."i have a lot of confidence in our guys and who they are just as people and stuff. i haven't sensed them any different right now than they were in week 1 in rms aying attention to what's outside.but outside, the hype is heating up.especially for the nextgame...the seattle seahawks on monday night football"every week is impoant, but this one should be fun""prime time on monday night and it doesn't get any betterhan that"we'll talk that game and awhole lot and ld zone."ght's all-new red welcome to


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